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Kuow all men by the presents That i .John Donne of Fort
Pitt for and in Consideration of Thirty E'ght. pounds Lawful
Currey of Penusylv.aiia to me in han^i pai;! by Ale.xander Ross
of Foii, P;tt afoiojaid the icc>jipt v.-h::cof I do h:rcby a"!:-
nowledge have Granted Bargained Sold and Assigned and by
these piet^ents do Granc Bargain Sell and assign over unto
the aforesaid Alexander his lleirs and Af^signs, all my
Right Title and Interest to a certain Application made for me
or by me to the Land Oiflce of the Province of Pennsylvania
and an order for survey (No. ) in Consequence there the
surveyor General of the Province aforesaid for the foUovv -
ing described Tract or parcel! (if vizt Three hun-

dred acres of Land at a place commonly called the Bullock
penns at the niiio mile run on General Braddocks Road, and
adjoining the Labd.^ claimed by John Eraser, Peter RoUeter.
Conrad Winemiller & William Elliott Together -.vith all my
Right Title and Interest in the Lauds to be surveyed in pui-
suance of said application and Order with the Ap'.uirlenances
To hold tlie same premises into the said Alexander Ross his
Heirs and Assigns lo his and their proper u-e for ever. Sul)-
ject to all the said propretaries purchase money Interest and
Quit rent, due ami to become due for the same, with the Fees
of Office and charges attending the Surveying and Paucuting
the said Land In Witness whereof the said John Loniie hath
hereunto set his hand and Stal the twenty ninth day of Jan-
uary in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred
and Seventy. —
Sealed & IJelivcred

in presence of


ICnow all inr-ii by tl:c-<"- Pres.-nls tliat I Join Iiv.-ni" of Pitis-
burg merchant fur and in consideratiuii of Five Pounds Penn-
sylvania Ciirrei.c.v to iv.q in I bind ji'iid hy Alovander Ross of
s.ii'l place ilie "ii^fi iiit wli'^'iecr I do aciniDV.-It.ii-,- hav,' G''anteu

i forfeiti:d estates,

Bargained sold and assigned and by these Frefcenls do grant
Bargain sell and assign over unto the aforesaid Alexander
'Ross his HeiiG and assigns all luy Right Title and Interest,
to a cer'an ai.plicaticn made for me, or by me to the Land
office of the Province of Pennsylvania and an order of Survey
(N(J. 3G62) in Consequence Ih.ereof to the Surveyor General of
the said Province Dated July 25th, 1769 for three hundred
acres of Land on the waters of Sewickley, on the Xorth east
of Eraddoci;s Road Including thiee springs and on the path
that goes to Colo. Claphams, and all ray Right, Title and In-
terest in the Laud to Le Surveyed in Pursuance of said Appli-
cation and order, which I hereby warrant and defend with
the appurtenances against all and every Person, or Persons
unto the said Alexander Ross his Heirs and Assigns to his
or their own proper use for ever: Subject to all the Proprietors
purchase money, Interest, and Quit Rent, Due and to become
Due for the same, with the Fees of office, & charges attending
the surveying and Pantenting the said Land. In Witness
whereof the said John Irwine hath hereunto set his Hand
and Seal, this Twenty Ninth Day of July in the year of our
Lord, one thousand seven hundred and seventy three.

Signed, Seald. &
Delivered in presence of



Know all men by these Presents that I John Irwine of Pitts-
burg merchant for and in consideration of Five Pounds Penn-
sylvania Currency to me in Hand paid by Alexander Ross of
said place the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge have
Granted sold and assigned and by these presents do grant Bar-
gain, Sell and assign, over unto the aforesaid Alexander Ross
his Heirs and Assigns, all my Right Title and Interest to a Cer-
tain Application made for me to the Land Office, of the Prov-
ince of Pennsylvania and an order of Survey (No. 3450) in
Consequence thereof, to tlic F^urvoyor Genoial of the said
Province dated June Mfh, ITt^t. for three hundred acres of
land on the wc^t side of Yough river about four miles from
the mouth of Sewickley— and all my Right, Title and Interest
in the Land to be surveyed in pursuance of said Application
and order which I hereby Warrant and defend against all
and every Person or Persons with the Appurlenanees to hold
the Premise? unto the Alexander Ro.-s Iiis Heirs and
Assigns to his, or their own proper use forever: Subject to


all the Proprietors inircha&^e money Interest and Quit Rent,
due, and to become due for the Same, with the fees of office,
and charges attending the Surveying and Patenting the said
Laud. In Witness whereof, the said John Irwine hath here-
unto set his liand and seal this Twenty Ninth clay of July, in
the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy

Signed, Sealed. &
Delivered in presence of




To his Excellency the President and the Honourable the
Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania.

The Petition of Mary Adams of Piltsburg humbly Sheweth
That her former Husband, The late Col. Eneas i\Iackay, some
years before his decease, became possessed of the Books and
papers of a certain Mr. Alexander Ross at that time a Citizen
of Pennsylvania, containing accounts and credits to the
amount of between four and five thousand pounds, Exclusive
of Landed property which was also very considerable.

That as soon as she had information of Mr. Ross being
Proscribed by the Laws for hi.s Treasonable proceedings
against it She immediately embrased the earliest opportunity
of giving such information as the Law direct to the x\gent3 for
the County of Westmoreland of that part of his property then
in her pofc;-espion as will appear by some Vouchers herewith

That in consequence of this information the agents call'd
upon and received of her the wliole property she taking a
rect. for the same and which was then considered to be of a
Valuable nature, cc^n.-isting cliieiiy of obligations and settled
accounts witli maiiv Reputable Persons th;tt it appears to her
that this busiiics.-5 has been conducted in a dark my.-ter:ous
and confuswl manner in pasing thro the Hands of the several
agents who have Ijoen succes.^fully appoindcd and that she
never could, upon appliialion to any of tlieni have the least
sati.-faction up'u 'h" .^p.bjcct.

That shr- i? \(:ry certain of several sums (if !\ronn-y being
rccei\ed l.y ilieru aii<l a pri-.-,umption of Mr. lluffagel liaving


sometime coiuiderable, as ihc bu.-5iness app aid to have fiually
.rested with hira Hud he appearing very active in the prosecu-
tion of many of the debtors.

That your Pettitioucr euiiceives she is justly inlitled to
such compcusaticn as the Law directs for her Fidelitj' and
care in discovering such a A'aluahle Estate. Wherefore she
humbiy Prays that Vv.ur Honorable Body will talce the Prem-
isses into consideraiion an<J uuLCt such inquiry into the Trans-
actions as will do juitice to the Uoverumeut and your Petli-
tioner, and she is duty bound will Pray


\yestnioreland County to

Per^ionally appeared before nie the Subscriber one of the
Justices of the Peace for the Commonvrealth aforccaid John
Donne ami l-.ciiiS duly sv.crn doth depose tiiat he Ivept the
Books of Alexander Ross at Fort Pitt from January 17G3 to
June 1772. constantly in his charge, that at Sundry Periods af-
terwards he also posed & revised said Books till in Midsum-
mer 1773 at which last period he firmly believes the said
Books were res'ilarly stated and particularly that a Consid-
erable sum, not less than one thousand Pcunds Stirling was
then due to tlic said Alexander Ross by John Ross of Phila-
delpliia, v.hich to the b< st of his recollection appeared at that
time ckavly so Slated on taid Alexander Ross's Books and
further sailh not.

Sworn & subscriber ' . .

before me Nov. SOth, 17S4

Pittsburg, May the SG, 17S2

I rot you Sum lini a .f;o war in ir in formed you that I
have a nvunijcr oi I'apnrr. - il' nd.- l)r(i<ls & to a great a mount
the proporty of Mr Hoss ho li fi this and went to the Brit-sh
Sum years ay but a-^ 1 ha\e hi'! no an.-er from you i f'-ar my
Letr«- have mis Cairii d I ti;a' r.ropcr lu rii you a gan — I wod
be glad of a iiii from you h> '':.'' Tirst suf ui)])ortunely
I am -Sir yi'i;:- wrre
ui;ii;.-i •aiNt'iii

Islll. .1N(J PRO'-! KU


To his Excelleucy the Presideu'i and the Honorble the Su-
preme Execiuivc Council of Peun^ylvania

The Petition of Maiy Adams of Pittsburg Humbly Shew-

That her former Husband, late Col. Eneas McKay some
time before his decease became possessed of Books Bonds
Notes <S:ca ihe property of Mr. Alexr. Ross (then a citizen of
Pennsylvania) to a very considerable amount. Mr. Ross at
the time of puting: his property into the possession of Mr.
Mc kay gave him raid a Mr. Rn col full powe?- to Trarsar^t hi<=
business while absent— Mr. McKay dying the year following
the Book & Ca. remained in possession of your petitioner.
That as soon as information of Mr. Ross's being proscribed
arriv'd at Pittsburg— your Petitioner not being acquainted
with the regular mode required by Law for giving informa-
tion took the most early and rcadyest way she could devise by
informing Mr. John Proctor one of the agents appointed by
Council for Confiscated property in the County of Westmore-
land informing him in two Letters both of which was within
the time limited by Law of a Considerable property of Mr.
Alexr. Ross a proscrib'd person being in her possession re-
questing him to act as the nature of the case required, not re-
ceiving an answer to either Letter she wrote him a third but
received no answer. She then was advised to write to Coun-
cil on the subject which she did, nothing was don? in the
business for some years altho. she bad repeatedly inform'd
Gentlemen in power of the whole transaction— At length IMr.
Gallbraith and Mr. Huffnagle, the then agents for confiscated
property received orders from Council to take the whole prop-
erty into their possession, on their receiving the property
they gave your Petitioner a Receipt for it.

That your pctititmer conceives she is justly inliiled to such
compensation as the Law direct for hc-r lirjelity anrl care in
discovering ."-uch Valuable Estate. Wher.fore she humbly
pray that your Honorable Body will take th.-; premisses intc
Consideration and direct such inquirey into the Transaction
as will do equal to Government and your Petitioner and she
in duty bound will Pray.




Bond dated li^t May 1774 payable from William

Russell and Ivlalhew Ridley for £ S66 13 4

Bond dated SOtli Apl. 1771 payable from Dan
& Sam Hughs for 200 sterling

Bond dated Dth Jul) 1774, payable from William

Thompson for 256 11 4

two Bonds dated i:4 August 1775, payable from

C?i?.vles Sims for 478

Bond dated 20 June 1773, payable from Andrew

Robeson for 26 7 5

Bond dated 17 December 1773, payable from Ja-
cob Bouseman for 113 3 1

Penal Note dated 12 August 1774, payable from

Thomas Smallman & George Croghan for ... 224 7 2

Bond dated 10 December 1774, payable from

Alexander McKee 292 10

Note dated 15 July 1775 payable from George

Croghan for £280 15 1 Stirling Stir. 280 15 1

Penal Note dated 4 September 177G payable from

John ormsby for 61 8 3

Order from William Murray on Gen. Thompson

for £12 & accepted dated C July 1774 12

Bond dated 20 January 1770 payable from Gil-
bert Camrneron and David Scclt for 14 12 4

Mortgage dated 3d June 1774, pa>able from Da-
vid Rodger.^ for 225 6

Bond dated October 1772 payable from Conrad

Wiuemiller to Ros?; and Thompson for 23 1 2

Bond dated 10 Octoljcr 1772 payable from Conrad

Winemiller to Ro.'s and Thomp-un for 75

Note 28. Februar\- 1771 payable from Alexr. Mc-
Kee for 94 11 11

x.ote dated 10 Auynst 177t; payable from Alexr.

McKee for 139 9 7

Note dated 2?A Ortobor 177! payaLde from

James Fowb r tvr 55 15

Note dated 29 Juno 1773 ijuyable fnjin Thos. Mc-

Britif; for 5 18 C

Note dr^ted 2S Juno 1773 p.i\ab!';' from Conrad

Wiiicmil'.or for 9 5 1

Note dated 2:^, (:• .May 1775, ii'ivable from Val-
entin'' T. Diilli.ii fi-r 5 15


Note dated 13 September 1774, payable from

Christian Miller and David Mclntire £12

Nolo dated 25 Aug. 1775, payable from William

Richmond for 11 15

Note dated 5 Aug. 1773, payable from William

Richmond for 10

Note dated 2G Feb. 1776, payable from John Con-

noly for 38 7 6

Note dated 31 July 1775, payable from Belsey

Gibson for 1 H 9

Penal note dated 12 IMay 1775 payable from Wm.

Harrisnu 19 3 2

Note dated 12 June 1773, payable from Jno. Fi'a-
sor for 12 19 1

Note dated 9 Feb. 1774, payable from Gilbert

Cammeroa for 2 10

Note dated I'J Tilar. 1773, payable from Peter

McCaughney for ^ 1 18

Bond dated 29 June 1773, payable by George Sly

for (not good) 11 6 6

Penal Note dated 3d July 1773, payable by Jos-
eph Clasin for (not good) 12 5 1

Note Doctor Samuel McKenzie dated 27 June

1775 for (not good) ' 17 13 11

Order William Buchaman dated 12 June 1769 ... 5

Note dated 13 September 1774, payable by Da-
vid Mclutair, 3

Note dated 18 Feb. 17G9, payable by B. Pelton

for (not good) 2

Note dated 24 June 1775, payable by Willm. Ed-
wards for (not good) 1 18 6

Note dated 8 Nov. 1774, payable by Laughlin

McClean 2

Note dated 12 Juno 1770, payable by Conrad

Winemiller ' 5 7 10

Note dated 30 May 1775, payable by John McGrud 2 12 7

Note date<l 31 May 1775, payable by By Barney

Wertner 7 9

Note dated 30 May 1772, jiayable by Philip Whit-

zel 3 10 5

Note dated 2 May 1771, payable by R. Mc-Don-

nald for (not gnod) 2 5

Note dated 3 July 1773, payaljle by Janits Royal

(not good) 3 7 4

10-, !.

jl::^; •■) ■ !.'!.;' •'

1.'-. ■!


Note dated IS Sept. 1775, payable by James Rob-
inson £3 10

Note dated 29 June 1773, payable by Philip Keiley

(not good) 21 17 9

Note dated 29 S^^pt. 1772, payable by Doctor Hand 68 5 10

Panel Note 1 Jany. 1774 payable by Thos. I'"'rencli

(not good) 3 15

Bond in the hands of David E?py attorney dated

1 Mar. 1774 payable by Nailor and George for 138 19 7

Account in tbe hand" of David E«py attorney
dated 1 Oct. 1773 payable by tLumas Mc-
Arnish & Ephraiin Hunter for 6 7 6

Account Robert ^^leCuIlough ^vith McKee & Rofcs
Bonds (&ca with Hands of Chas. Sims, at-
torney 15 3 6

Jacob Simmells Bond and acct. for 53

Robert ?kIcCul!ys order on Buttler for 13 17 6

John Swift for 2 10 5

Robert Blacks acct. for £3 16 Receipt Dated

27 August 1775 (not good) 3 16

Order date<l August G, 1771 payable by Henry

Montour for (not gocKl) 150

Order dated 20 July 1774, payable by Jno. Swa-

nen Doctor Coramoly for 6 9 4

Bond dated 24 Sej)t. 1772 iniyable by Hugh

Scott 30

March 10, 17S4. Received of Mrs. :\IcKay the before men-
tioned Bonds and Papers formerly the property of Alexander
Ross which .'^he has given, and discovered to us as Agents
for forfeited Estates for the county of Westmoreland for
which service wf do hereby promise to pay or cause to be
paid unto her the saidiMrs. McKay whatever sum the Execu-
tive Council of this State shall allow her for the service afore-
said agreeable to an act of "Assembly of this State in such Case
made and provided Kecvrd, at the same time Sundry Books
of Accompt and Drafts of Land.

Two of the agenis for Forfeited
Estates for the County of 'West-

2t;ih MriV 1781 Jacob Wi:itz-1 pd Huff!.!. ,<:■ R. Galbrailh £li-
s ll-dl a'- due to Alexr. K' ?:.. as pr. rcct.


Bond or Note from Mr. Troop not entd. — Mary Troop paid
liiiiTr!]. and Galbralth the al)ove note v.ith Interest iu ihe
spring 84 — iJiJl-sT-dij.

the suppot^ed good debts amounts .£4350 14s 6-d.

I do Certify that during the time that I acted as agent for
the County of Westmoreland in the business of Confiscated
Estates, that I Received three Sundry letters from Mrs. Mary
Adams (late Mary :Mc-Kay of Pittsburgh) giving information
of the Books Papers & estate of Alexander Ross then a Pros-
cribed Tnitor to the State of Pennsylvania— That having
lossd or misslaid two of the said Letters I only llud the last
wrote one now in my possession which is without the limits
given by Law for giving such information; But that it is my
appinnion & belief, that either one or both of the said letters
so lossd or misslaid, was fully within the time limitted by
Law upon that occasion given under my hand tliis Glh of Jan-
uary 1790


Pittsburg Jan. 20th, ITCH.
May it please

your Excellency
Alexander Ross formerly a. Resident of this county, left it at
the Commencement of the War and left behind him a consid-
erable property which consisted iu lands Bonds and Book
Debts.— In Consequence of his being an Enemy to America he
was proscribed by Lane and his Estate confiscated — previous
to his Embarkation for Europe he deposited into the hands of
Colo. Encos :\IcKay all his valuable papers giving his full
power to act for him. -Some time aft-r :\lr. :McKay Died be-
ing iu the service of the United States, his widowed Mary my
now Mother-in Law, then took charge of said pap-^rs^-As
soon as she heard that said Ross's Estate was forfeited and
that thi.T State would receive advjintase by knowing what she
had in her possession of his she gave immediate Information
thereof to per.sons properly authorized to receive such informa-
tion and that within ihe lirnited Time Directed Ijy Law. All
the papers relative to this tion, togc-tlior with Mr.

McKrys Pcilion were laid before ihe Ilonble Council long
ago and lately put your I'^X'-ollericy's hands by Doctr.
John \Vill;ins one of lliat Ilonble Body for vhis County— Coun-
cil ha3 been plcascvl to .uive said potition one Reading ami laid
it ou the Table nothing more seems to have been done res-
pcctiMr? the :• arne. —


Your Excellency will see by those papers that this busine?t
has been piocraslir.ated lor a considerable Time, the reason
thereof is best knov\-n to that liespeclable Body who I am
satistied will do what is Right in the End. I have only to
add ou this Subject that I know your Excellency's principal
Delight is in doing good, and that your Love o£ Justice ex-
tends as well to Iiulividuals as the Publick, and that if on ex-
amining said authcntick \ouchers your Excellency finds the
Petitioners claim founded in Justice you will favor the same
and bring it to a speedy Issue and not othei"wise.

Permit me now^ J"i=t to add my sincere conyrataluiion ou
your Re-appointment to be our Governor. Long may your
Excellency Fill the Seat of Government and Enjoy the Bless-
ings of Health and Peace is the Real wish and prayer of your
Excellency's faithful Friend and most obdt. hble. servt.

His Excellency

Thomas Milllin, Esqr.

, , ,. ' Pittsburg. 28th July 1791


My son in law Col. S. Bayard informed me that he had re-
ceived a Letter from your Excellency lately in answer to his
respecting the Confiscated property of Alex. Ross which I
gave information of your Excellency was pleased to observe
that the largest sums due to that Estate were settled previous
to Ross's attainder and none but the small sum of three pounds
»-8 appeared unsettled.

As I gave the first information respecting this furfiture I
still think it my duty to give such further information as
comes within my knowledge and which I can fuMy prove if
called upon in a proper manner.

I beg leave therefore to mention to your Excellency thai
several sums of money have been received by the late com-
missrs. and not accounted for to the public. And jnany sums
in this neighborhood yet ur.piiid one of considerable amount
(about SOO £) due from the E.-tate of the IJecea.-cd Genl.
Thompson, This was never settled or paid agreeable to the
declaration of this Expect rs. his soji George and Mother. —

Mr. G-eorge Thomp.son has lately advorlized all his Landed
property for sale and preparing to goe down the river next
fall. This debt may be worth looldug after before he goes.

1 would not v.i^h to dictaie to your Excellency but would
ju.=t observe tltat if a proinf pcrsuii was appointed in this
Covmtv to look into and make a ihnrouuh e.vaiulnalirin into


tfiis Estate I think that the Slate of Peuniylvanla would re-
ceive an advantage thereupon.

Some of the Commissrs. appointed were indebted to this
Estate and therefore I apprehend were careless about bring-
ing it to a close.

From these tew broken hints your Excellency will judge of
the best method to be pursued to get a true and just state-
ment of this forfeited Estate.

I am with the utmost respect

Your Excellency's most humble servt.




I do hereby Certify, that agreeably to a publick advertlfc-
raent dated December Sth, 17SS, the agents for forfeited Estates
in the County of Bedford did on Thursday the 18th day of
April last sell at Publick Vendue to James Woods of the
County of Cumberland a Certain tract of Land late the Estate
of Harry Gordon late of the County of Bedford divided inLO
two parcels, the one containing 1495 acres for the sum of two
Thousand and five pounds, and the other containing S25 acry.s
for the sum of one Hundred and Seventy Pounds he being the
Highest bidder — which said sumes cf two Thousand and five
pounds and one Hundred and Seventy pounds the said James
Woods hath paid unto my Hands witness ray hand ibis Elev-
enth Day of June A. D. 17S2—


'.n • .-..'i 1 T:



A Draught icv a Tract of Land situated ou tbe Middle Branch
of Franktown.

I ao hereby Certify (hat the above is a true Draught of the
land sold on Thurs-'lay the ISth. April last, late the property
of Harry Gordon and Bought by Ja^nes Woods of Cumberland
County for the sum cf oiie Hundred and Seventy Pounds,
which .said sum of one IJnn Irt-d and Seventy Pounds is paid
into my hand, i;y the said James Vrriods as will appear by my
Receipt to him for same in Corijunruon v.iih two thousand
and five pounds bearing ttva^ ihe llili Day of June last past
Witness my Inaid tbe ITlh day of July ITM'.




A Draught of a Tract of Land & Allowance situate two Miles
above Franktcwn survey May 17G2 for Richard Pecer by
Virtue of a "Warrant Dated IVIarch 17th, 1762 (in Part of said
Warrant) Returned into Secretaries Office 13th, September
1763 Warant for 2000 a.


I do lu'reby renify tl'.at the above is a ti'.ie Draught of the
i.and sold on (hurMlay ihe ISih April Last I, ate the proi'en.y
f'f L'arry Cioi'dfin and hon-iit by Jarnr-s Woods of Curnb' rland


Count3- for the sura of two Thousand aud five pounds which
said sum of two Thousand and five pounds is paid into my
hand by the said James Woods — As will appear by my Re-
ceipt to him for the same bearing date ye 11th Day of June
last past.

Witness my hand the 17th Day of July 17S2 —

Bedford April ISth 17S2.

Rec'd of James W00J3 fourteen Certificates, No. 219 being
thirty four Pounds and seven Pence.

No. 101. thirty eight Pounds eleven suillings & se\ea Pence
No. 39. forty three Pounds, sixteen shillings &. one Penny
No. 105. thirty eight Pounds, thirteen shillings & three

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