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cordyng to the deuowte rule, and doctryne, of holy Saint
Benedict, in vertuose exercyse, and study, according to
owr professyon and avowe ; ne yett in the charytable sus-
taining, comforting, and releiuing of the pore people, by
the kepyng of good and necessary hospitality. But aswell
we as others owr predecessours, callyd religiouse persones
within yowr said monastery, taking on vs the habite or
owtewarde vesture of the saide rule, onely to the intent to
lead owr liffes in an ydell quyetnes, and not in vertuose
exercyse, in a stately estymacion, and not in obedient hu-
mylyte, haue vndre the shadowe, or color of the saide rule


and habite, vaynly, detestably, and also vngodly, employed,
yea rather deuowred the yerely reuenues yssuing and co-
myng of the saide possessions, in contynuall ingurgitacions
and farcyngs of owr carayne bodyes, and of others, the
supportares of owr voluptuose and carnall appetyte, with
other wayne and ungodly expensys to the manyfest svbuer-
tion of deuocion, and clennes of lyuyng ; and to the most
notable slaunder of Chrysts holy euangely, which in the
forme of owr professyon, we dyd ostentate, and openly ad-
vaunte to kepe most exactely : withdrawing therby from
the symple and pure myndys of yowr graces subiects, the
only truth and comfort, which they oughte to haue by the
true fait]} of Christe. And also the devyne honor and
glory; onely due to the glorious maiestye of God Almighty,
steryng them with all persuasions, ingynes, and polyce, to
dedd images, and counterefeit reliques, for owr dampnable
lucre. Which our most horryble abhominacions, and ex-
ecrable persuacions of yowr graces people, to detestable er-
rours, and our long couered ipocrysie cloked with fayned
sanctitie ; we reuoluing dayly and continually ponderyng
in owr sorrowfull harts, and therby perseyuing the bottom-
les gulf of euerlastyng fyre redy to deuowre vs, if perseyst-
ing in this state of lyuynge, we shulde departe from this vn-
certayn and transytory liff; constrayned, by the intollerable
anguysh of owr conscience, callyd as we trust by the grace
of God, who wolde haue no man to perysh in synne : with
harts most contrite, and repentante, prostrate at the noble
feet of yowr most roiall maiesty, most lamentably doo
craue of yowr highnes, of yowr habundant mercy, to grant
vnto us, most greuous agaynst God, and yowr highnes,
yowr most gracious perdon, for owr saide sondry offences,
omyssyons, and negligences, commytted as before by vs is
confessyd, agaynst yowr hyhnes, and yowr most noble pro-


genitors. And where yowr highnes, being supreme hedd,
immediately next aftre Christe, of bis cburch, in this
yowr roialme of England, so consequently generall and
only reformatur of all religious personnes there, haue full
authority to correct or dyssolue at your graces pleasure and
libertye, all couents and religious companyes abusyng the
rewles of their profession. And moreouer to yowr high-
nes, being owr soueraygn lord and vndoubted founder of
yowr saide monastery, by dissolucion wherof apperteyneth
onely the oryginall title, and propre inherytance, as well of
all other goods moueable and vnmouable, to the saide mo-
nastery in any wise apperteyning or belonging, to be dis-
possessed, and imployed, as to yowr graces most excellent
wysdome shall seme expedyent and necessary. All which
possessyons and goods, yowr highnes for owr saide offences,
abuses, omyssyons, and neglygences, being to all men obe-
dyent, and by vs playnly confessed, now hath, and of long
tyme past hath hadd, iust and lafull cawse, to resume into
yowr graces hands and possessyon at your graces pleasure.
The resumption wherof, yowr highness neverthelesse, licke
a most naturall lovyng prince, and clement governour, ouer
vs yowr graces pore, and for owr offences, most vnworthy
subiects, hath of long season differred, and yet doth, in
hope and trust of owr voluntary reconciliation and amend-
ment, by yowr graces manyfolde, louyng and gentyll ad-
monyshments, shewyd vnto vs by dyuerse and sondry
meanys. We therfor consyderyng with owr selffes your
graces exceedyng goodnes and mercy, extended at all tymes
vnto vs, most miserable trespassers against God and yowr
highnes ; for a perfight declaracion of owr vnfeyned con-
tricion and repentance, felyng owr selffes uery weeke, and
vnable to obserue and performe owr aforesaid avowes and
promyses made by vs and owr predecessors, to God, and


yowr graces noble progenitors ; and to employ the posses-
syons of yowr saide monastery, accordyng to the fyrst will
and intent of the oryginall founders. And to the intent
that yowr highnes, yowr noble heires and successors with
the true Christian people, of this yowr graces roialme of
England, be not from hensforth eftsones abused with such
feyned deuocion, and deuilysh persuasions, vndre the pre-
text and habyte of relygion, by us or any other, which
shulde happen to bear the name of relygyous within yowr
saide monastery : And moreouer, that the said possessyone
and goods shulde be no lenger restreyned, from a bettyr or
more necessary employment : Most humble beseechen
yowr highnes, owr most graycious soueraign lord and
founder, that it might licke yowr maiesty, for the dis-
charging and exonerating vs, of the most greuous bourden
of owr payned consciens, to the immynent parell and dan-
ger of owr dampnacion, that we shulde be in, if by persist-
ing in the state that we now rest in, we shulde be the lett
of a more godly and necessarie imployment : graciouslie to
accept owr free gifts without coercion, persuasion, or pro
curement, of any creature living other then of our volun-
tary free will, of all such possessions, right, title, or interest,
as we the sayd prior and couent hath or euyr hadd, or a sup-
posed to have hadd in or to our sayd monastery of North'
ampton aforsaide. And all and euery parcell of the lands,
aduousons, comodytes, and other reuenues, whatsoeuyr
they ben belonging to the same. And all maner of goods,
jewels, ornaments, with all other manner of cattals, moue-
able and vnmoueable, to the sayd monastery in any wise
apperteyning or belonging, into whoes handes or possession
so euyr they ben come into, to be imployed,and disposed, as
to your graces most excellent wysedome shall seme expedy-
ent and necessary. And although, most gracious soueraign


lord, that the thyng by vs gyven vnto your highnes, is pro-
perly, and of right ought to be yowr graces owne, as well by
the meryts of our offences, as by the ordre of your graces
lawes ; yet notwythstandyng we eftsones most humble be-
seechen yowr highnes, graciously, and benevolently to ac-
cept owr free wyll, with the gyft therof, nothing requyring
of yowr maiesty therfor, other than yowr most gracious per-
don, with some pece of yowr graces almes, and habundant
charyte towards the mayntenance of owr pore lyving, and
lycence hensforth to Hue in such forme in correcting the
rest of our liffes, as we hope to make satysfaccion therby
to God, and yowr highnes : for owr hypocrasie, and other
owr greuous offences by vs commytted, as well againe his
Deite, as your maiesty. And for the more infallyble proffe
that this our recognycion vnto yowr highnes, is only the
mere and voluntary acte of us the said priour and couent
aforesaid, withought any compulcion, or inducement, other
then of owr propre consciens, we haue not only publyshed
the same, openly in the presence of your graces true and
faithful subiects, and seruants, Sir Wylliam Aparre,
knyghte, Richard Layton, doitor in the lawes, arche-
deacon of Buckingham, and Roberd Southwell, attur-
nay for the augmentacions of yowr graces most noble
crowne, yowr graces commyssyoners here, with diuerse
other that wer present at that tyme. And vndre this owr
present recognicion sealed with our couent seale, subscrybed
owr owne names; but also haue made sealed with owr
couent seale, and delyuered to the saide Roberd South-
well, to yowr highnesse vse, a sufficient and lawfull deade,
accordyng to the form of yowr graces lawes, for the posses-
sing your grace, yowr noble heires, and successors therof
for euyr, to be presented by him vnto yowr highnes, toge-
ther with this owr free recognicion and assent ; offering


owr selffes most humbly vnto your highnes, to be at all
tymes redy to do from tyme to tyme, any other act or acts,
as by yowr highnes, and yowr most honorable councell shall
be of vs farther requyred, for the more perfight assurans of
this owr voluntary surrendre and gift vnto yowr highnes.
And fynally we most humbly, and reuerently,with habundant
teares proceedyng from our harts, having before owr eyen
owr detestable offences, submytt owr selffes totally to the
ordre of God, and yowr mercyfull and benygne maiesty,
most hartely beseching Almyghty God, to grant your
highnes, with the noble prince Edward your graces most
noble and naturall sonne, next vnto yowr grace the most
precious iuell, and chyfe comforte of this yowr graces
roialme, long to lyue among vs, yowr graces honorable and
deuoute procedings, which hytherto thorow yowr graces
most excellent wysdome, and wonderfull industry, assidu-
ally solycyted abought the confirming and stablyshying
mens consciens contynually vexed, with sondry doubtfull
opynions, and vaine ceremonyes, haue taken both good
and lawdable effecte ; to the vndoubted contentation of Al-
mighty God, the great renowne, and immortall memorie
of your graces hye wysedome and excellent knowledge,
and to the spyrituall weale of all your subiects. Datyd
and subscrybyd in our chaptre the first day of March in the
xxix yeare of yowr graces reign. By the hands of yowr
graces pore and vnworthy subiects :

Per me Franciscum priorem. Per me Iohannem Petto.

Per me Iohannem snbpriorem. Per me Io. Harrold.

Per me Tho. Smyth. Per me Tho. Barly.

Per me Tho. Golston. Per me Will. Ward.

Per me Rob. Martin. Per me Tho. Atterbury.

Per me Iacob. Hopkins. Per me Will. Foivler %

Per me Rich. Bunbei'y.




In the name of the highe Trinitie, Fader, Sonne, & Holy
Ghost. Amen. The firste daye of the monethe of Maye,
the yeare of our Lorde Godd m.cccclviij, and in xxxvj'*
yeare of the raigne of my soveraigne lorde kynge Henry
the Syxte, I Edmunde Mulso, knight, of our Lorde Gods
vysitation, weake, sycke, and feble in bodie; neuerthe-
lesse, of nolle, sownde, and clere mynde, and of sensible
witte, beinge honorid & thancked my Maker : I make and
ordeyne this my prnte testament and laste will, in maner
and forme that suethe. First, I bequethe & recomende
my soule unto Almightye God, my Maker and Sauior, and
to his blessyd moder virgin Marie, and all the companye of
heauen ; and my bodye to be buryed in the chappell of o'
ladye, in the churche of St. Mychaell, called Pater Noster
Churche, in the Ryall of London, besyde the tombe where
the worshipfull knight Herre Tancke lyethe buried. And
I will firste, afore all thinges, after y* my bodie ys buryed,
that all my debtes, in w ch of right I am bownde, be fully
contentid and payed, in discharge of my soule. Alsoe, I
wyll & ordayne, that myne executors under wrytten
make and ordayne, or do to be made and ordayned, in all
godly and honest wise, w th in the firste yere next after my
deceasse, a tombe of allabaster, in the place whereas my
bodye ys buryed, as ys aforesaid, w th an image ouer the
same tombe, after my p.son and degree, to be sett with
myne armes aboute the same, in all places therupon, wher
as myne executors shall seeme moste conuenient and ne-
cessarye. And I bequethe for the same tombe so to be


made, xl l sterlinge, or more, as yet neadethe, after the
discrection of myne executors. Allso, I bequethe all my
goods, Jewells, and ornaments, in any wise belonginge to
my chappell, for to serue at the aulter of our Ladie, in the
chappell abouesaid, for any tow prists there, for to synge as
hereafter followethe, as longe as they maye endure. Also, I
bequethe my ornaments and garments of clothe of golde
and veluit, in any wise belonginge to my bodie, to be
made in alter clothes, and vestments so made, I bequethe
to be distributed and disposed, by my executors, unto the
chappell of our Ladie abouesayd, and to the churches of
Miche Newton and Lytell Newton, in the shier of NorthU
after there beste discrection. Also, I will that mine exe-
cutors ordeyne and doe make an aulter clothe, and a
frounte, of white satin or damaske, with low curtaynes of
the same sute, w th my armes, which I bequethe unto the
auter of our Ladye at Pewe, Westmi7i r . there to serve as
longe as they maye enduer. Also, I bequethe, to be dis-
posed and distributed unto the sayd churches of Miche
Newton and Lyttell Newton, xx 1 sterlinge in bookes, Jew-
ells, and ornaments, after the best discrection of my exe-
cutors, Soo : alwayes that the p.sons and p.ishons of bothe
saide churches devoutly, every Sondaie, pray hartely God
for the goode estate and prosperytie of the noble prynce
Ric. Duke of Yorke, and of dame Cecyley his wyffe, and
for the souls of me and my fader and moder, and for the
soule espially of John JVashebourene, all Xtian soules.
Also, 1 bequethe to Wyllm. Mulso, my brother, XL 1 ster-
linge. Also, I bequethe to Margrett Langley, my syster,
xll sterlinge, and a standinge cuppe coverid of syluer.
Also, I bequethe to John Mulso, my nephew, xx* sterlinge,
and parte of my rayment and vesture longinge to my body,


after the discrection of my chosen Rychard Whettehey to
be dd to the same John. Also, I bequethe to Alice and
Margrett, daughters to the said Symon, xx te markes ster-
linge : that is to say, to every of them tenne markes ster-
linge. Also, I bequethe to Alyce Chamber, the dowgh-
der of Willm, cytyzen & mercer, whilst he lived, tenne
markes sterlinge. Also, I bequethe to Tluomas Tanner,
cytezen and scryvener of London, xl\ sterlinge. Also,
I bequethe to John Purfoote, late seruant to my saide
lord the duke, tenne markes sterlinge. Also, I bequethe,
to be disposed emongste my servants and mene, xxx 1 ster-
linge, after the discrection of my executors, as I have
mencyoned in a byll of pap. under my signe manuell. I
bequethe to him or hir, now on lyve, next of the blood of
the Candyshes, that laste hadd off the manor off Pentlow,
in possession before me and my feoffees, xl* sterlinge.
Also, I bequethe a C markes sterlinge, to be disposed and
distrybuted for my soule, and for the soules abouesayd; as
in massis to be songe, highe waies and brydges to be
amendid and holpen, and to poore people most needefull,
and in other wourkes of charytie and pyttie, to be done af-
ter the best discrection of mine executors. Also, I will
and bequethe, that all my lands and tenements, rents, and
seruices, w tb thappurtennes in Nassingtoii and Yarwell,
in the county of North*, shale remayne to my executors,
by them to be solde ; and all the mony of that same sale
comeinge, I bequethe to be disposed and distributed by my
sayde executors into the p.formeigne of my bequests, and
for my soule, and for the soules above sayde, and in espiall
for the soule of my son Walt, in works of charitie and
pittie, as is abouesaid. Also, I will and ordaync, that
myne executors, imediately after my decesse, sell my


manor of Ryckmonds, in Thackstedd, in the shier of Essex,
with the appurtennances, in the best wyse and the most
auailable proffitt that they can or maye ; and all the mo-
ney of that sale comeinge, I bequethe to p.forme and full-
fill the bequests in this my testament contayned : and yf
by any p.son now one liue, being next vnto the kyneredd
of the Rychemonds that last had the said manor of Ryche-
mond in possessyon before err yt came into the hands of
me, or any feoffees that woll bye the sayd manor of RycJie-
monds ; than I will that he haue it better cheap then any
other by xl markes sterling. Also, I will & ordeyne, that
myne executors, immediatlye after my decesse, sell my
manor of Greys, in the shier of Suffolke, w th thappurte-
nances, in the best wysse, and to the most auaile and pro-
fitt that they can or maye ; and all the monney of that
same sale comminge, I bequethe to fullfill and p.forme the
bequests in this my testament conteyned : and if there be
any p.rson now one lyve, beyinge next unto the kyndred of
the Greys that laste hadd the sayde mannor of Greys in
possessyon before yt came to the hands of me or my feof-
fes, that will bye the sayde mannor of Greys, with the ap-
purtenances ; than I will that he have the sayde mannor of
Greys bett. chepe then any other, by a C markes sterlynge.
Also, I will that myne executors, imedyatelye after my de-
cesse, sell th'advouson of the church of Candyshe, in the
saide shier of Suff. ; & all the money of that sale comeinge,
I bequethe to fulfill the bequestes in this my present testa-
ment contayned. Also, I will & inwardly desire, and praye
and beseech the most reverend Fader in God, and my
goode lorde Ttiomas archebishopp of Cant'bury, his bro-
ther my lorde Bourcher, & all my feoffees I straightly re-
quier w ch of great trust and confidence bene feoffees o en*



feoffid in any of my landes and tenements, rents & seruices,
mannors & advousons, as of churches or chappells, w th
th'appurtenances, wheresoever they be, within the realme
of Englonde, or in any other place, that they make such
estates, feoffments, and releases thereof, to suche p.sons, &
in such convenyent and lawfull forme as myne executors
shall desyer, assoone after my deceasse, as myne executors
them thereto shall praye & requyer. Also, I bequethe
to Dame Elizabeth Mutton j pewe bason, and a peue ewre
of syluer, or a pewe pottes of hir choyse. Also, I bequethe
unto John Neuell, knyght, my black horse. Also, I be-
quethe unto John Otter fiue markes sterlinge. Also, I be-
quethe unto Robert Kolfey flue markes sterlinge. Also, I
bequethe to John Groue, scryuener, xl 8 sterlinge. Also, I
bequethe unto y e chappell and fraternitie of the Resurrec-
tion, in the churche of St. Nicholas, of the towne of Calace,
XL d sterlinge. Also, I bequethe to the reparation of the
same churche xxvj*. viiij d . sterlinge. Also, I bequethe to
the fraternytye and almes table in the same churche of the
Holye Trinitye, of the same churche, vj. viij. sterlinge.
Also, I bequethe fiue markes sterlinge to the makeinge of a
new glasse wyndow to my memory, to be made in our La-
dye churche of Calace, w th three images of the Holye Tri-
nitye, our Lady, and St. George, and my good angel pre-
sentinge my persone w th my armes. Also, I bequethe to
the hospitall of Callace, called the May son dyne, & to the
poore peoples fyndinge there, & to the relieuing of the
lazar-house, withoute the town of Callace, to be disposed
by the discrection of Richard Whyttvcell, xxvj*. viij d . ster-
linge ; also, to be dealte by the discrection of the same
Richard, to the prysoners in Callace, where mooste neede
ys, xxvj* viij sterlinge. Also, I bequethe to fryer James


Stope, to praye especyallye for me to God in his massys, by
a yeare, Lij s . iiij d . sterlinge. Also, I bequethe to the pryer
and couente of the fryers churche in Callace, that they spi-
ally have my soule recomendid to God, xxvj\ viij d . ster-
linge. Also, I bequethe Liij*. iiij d . to the reparation of the
churche of St. Peter w th oute Callace, and to the makeinge
of an auter clothe, and a frontell, stayned w th an image, or
the storye of St. Peter, and myne armes, & name of them,
to be made ; there to serue at the highe alter, in the honor
of God and St. Peter, as longe as it maye enduer. Also, I
bequethe to the makeinge of a challyce to the parryshe of
Bockarde, in the marche of Callace, where Doctor Sal-
mon ys parson, xx s . sterlinge. Also, I giue and bequethe
to Johanat of Fanne, at Thakestedd, xx tie markes starlinge.
Also, I bequethe to the chappell of ourLadye in the Woule,
in Callace, vj\ viij d . sterlinge. Also, I will and bequethe
that ccl. markes sterlinge of my moveable goodes, Jewells,
and ly velood, shale reraayne in the hands of my deare sis-
ter Margarett Langley, and of my cosen Rychard Whyt
well; and they to dispose the same some withoute any
mynyshing,defalcacon or abridgement of eny parte there of
in suche wyse as I have declared unto them my wryght-
inge, under my sygnett and sygne manuell, by me delyuerid
afore my menyall meny to the sayde Richard WJiyttwell.
Also, I will that my householde and menye shale be kepte
wholle and togyder fownden of my goodes by xv. dayes
nexte sueinge after my decease. Also, by this my present
testamente and will, I adnull & defeate my former testa-
ment and will that I made in Englonde, afore that I came
to Callace, and all the bequestes conteyned in the same,
bearynge date the tenth daye of the moneth of September,
in the yeare of dr Lord God m.cccliii, and in the yeare of


y e raigne of kynge Hem-y the Syxt, after the Conqueste
the xxxij th , and all other testaments and vvilles by me made.
As for my proper goodes and lyue lodde, yf eny be afore
this my present testament. Also, I will and specially re-
quier, that all the parsons that have any moueable goodes
or Jewells of myne, by wrytinge or other wyse, in there pos-
sessyon and keepinge, that they, and euery of them, make
delyuerance thereof to my executors, when they desyer
them. Also, I will that myne executors be rewardid, re-
compensyd, and allowed, for all manner of costes and ex-
pensys that they make, or shale make and dafer me in eny
wyse, in any of the matters and causys conteyned in this
my testament, and by the ouersight and knowledge of my
overseers wnder written. Also, I bequethe unto the Try-
nitie Table, w th in our Ladye churche of Callace aforesayde,
vj*. viij d . sterlinge. The resydue of all my goodes, cattails,
and debtes, whatsoeuer they be, in whose hands that they
be, after that my debts be payed, my body brought on
earthe, my bequests fullfilled and payed, and this my present
testament & last will in all wyses performed, I bequethe to
my executors underwrytten, they therwithe for to do dis-
pose and distribute for my soule, & for all the soules above
rehearsed in werkes of charytie and pittie, in maner and
forme aboue specyfyed, as they maye beste please God and
most profitt my soule. And over all this, as to the dispo-
sytion of my maner of Pentlowe, with appurtenances, in
the shier of Essex, and the advouson of the churche of
Pentlowe there, I will, requier, and hartelye praye all my
feoffees in the saide mannor of Pentlowe, w th th'appurte-
nances & th'aduouson of the same churche, and myne ex-
ecutors vnder wrytten, that they, or the more parte of them,
with th'aduise of learned councell, imediatly after my de*


ceasse, sue, purchase, and gett of the kynge, our soueraigne
lorde, his lers patents, to be made and hadd unto them
in all sufficyent and suer wyse, vnder his greate seale,
whereby that my feoffees or executors, or on or moe of
them, may haue power and auctoritye sufficient, after the
forme of lawe, to giue and graunt vnto M r . Thomas Ebo-
rall, p.son of the churche of S l . Michall, abouesaide ; and
to the wardins & keep.s of the goodes and ornaments of
the same church of S r . Michaell, and to their successors,
p.sons and wardins of the same church, w ch fpr the tyme
shalbe, for euermore, my said mannor of Pentlowe, w th th'-
appurtenances and advouson of the saide churche of Pent-
low ; and so therof that they establish mortise and fowunde
a chaunterie in the saide churche of S*. Michaell, and to
be cauled Mulso Chaunterie, for tow preists there perpe-
tually for to singe for my soule ; to have and to hold to the
said parson and wardins, and to their successors of p.sons
and wardins of the saide church of S l . Michaell for the
tyme beinge for evermore, vnder the maner & forme and
condition that followethe ; that ys to saye, First, I
will and ordayne the sd. p.son and wardins, and there
successors, parsons & wardins of the saide churche of
Saincte Michaell for the tyme beinge, of the reveneW
and profitts cominge of the saide manor of Pentlowe, and
th' advouson of the churche off Pentlowe, w th appurtenan-
ces, fynde tow seculer priests dailye & perpetually, for to

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