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Indians in New England


No. X. -





Breaking Forth upon the Indians











I r

Clear Sunfhine of the Gofpel |



; I N


An Hiftoricall Narration of Godsv

Wonderfull Workings upon fundry of the

INDIANS, both chief Governors and Common

people, in bringing them to a willing and

defired fubmiffion to the Ordinances of

the Gofpel ; and framing their hearts to an

earneft inquirie after the knowledge of

God the Father, and of Jefus Chrift

the Saviour of the World.

By Mr. THOMAS SHEPARD Minifter of the Gofpel of!
Jefus Chrift at Cambridge in New-England.

Ifaiah 2. 2, 3. And it /hall come to pajje in the loft dayes, that the mountain of the
Lords houfe (ball bee ejiablijhed in the top of the mountains, and /hall bee exalted I
above the hills ; and all Nations fh all flow unto it. M |>

And many people /hall go and fay, Come ye and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord I \
to the houfe of the God ofjacob, and he 'will teach us of bis wayes y and we 'will 'walk :
\ in his paths : for out of Zion Jhall go forth the Law, and the word of the Lord from \ y.
Jerusalem. 7? f

\ London, Printed by R. Cotes for Bellamy at the three golden
Lions in Gornhill near the Roy all Exchange, 1648.






In High Court of Parliament

Right Honorable^

Hefe few fheets prefent unto your
view &Jhort but welcome difcourfe of
the visitations of the mo ft High upon
the faddeft fpedtacles of degeneracy
upon earth. The poore Indian People : the dif-
tance of place, (if our jpirits be right) will be no
leffening of the mercy, nor of our tbankefulneffe^
That Chrift is glorified, that the Gofpel doth
any where find footing ; and fuccefle is a mer
cy as well worthy the praife of the Saints on
Earth, as theyVy of the Angels in heaven. The
report of this mercy is Jirft made to you, who
are the Reprefentative of this Nation, That
in you England might bee ftirred up, to be



The Epiflle

Rejoycers in, and Advancers of thefe promi-
fing beginnings. And becaufe to You an ac
count is firft due of the fucceffe of the Gofpel
in thofe darke corners of the World, which
have been fo much enligtened by Your fa
vour, enlivened by Your refolutions, encou
raged by Your fore-paft indeavours for God,
& hope ftil being parts of Your felves, to be
further fbrengthned by Youre benigne afpetts
and bountifull influences on them.

The prefent troubles have not fo far obli
terated and worn out the fad imprejjions
which former times have made upon our fpi-
rits, but we can fadly remember thofe deftruEl-
ive defignes which were on foot, and car-
ryed on for the Introduction of fo great evils
both into Church and State; In order to
which it was the endeavour of the Contrivers
and Promoters of thofe defignes, to waft the
number of the godly, as thofe who would
never be brought to comply in fuch deftruft-
ive enterprifes ; which was attempted by
banijhing and forcing fome abroad, by bur-
thening and ajfliEling all at home. Among



thofe who tafted of the firft, I fay not the
worft fort of their cruelty, were thefe our
Brethren, who to enjoy the liberties of the
Gofpel, were content to fit downe, and pitch
their tents in the utmoft parts of the Earth,
hoping that there they might be out of the
reach of their malice, as they were aflured
they were beyond the bounds of their love.
God who doth often make mans evill of fin,
ferviceable to the advancement of the riches
of his owne Grace ; The moft horrid a6t
that ever was done by thefonnes of men, the
murther of Chrift, God made ferviceable to
the higheft purpofes of Grace and mercy
that ever came upon his breaft; That God
doth fhew that hee had mercifull ends, in
this their malicious purpofe : as hee fuffer'd

7~ 7 i n T 1 Afts 16. 30,

Paul to be calt into priion, to convert the 33 , 34 .
Jaylor, to be fhipwrackt at Melita^ to preach Aa * 2S ' 1 ' n
to the barbarians^ fo he fuffer'd their way
to be flopped up here, and their perfons to be
banifhed hence, that hee might open a paflage
for them in the Wildernefle, and make them
inftruments to draw foules to him, who had
been fo long ejl ranged from him.


The Epiftle

It was the end of the adverfary to fup-
preffe, but Gods to propagate the Gofpel ;
theirs to fmother and put out the light,
Gods to communicate and difperfe it to the
utmoft corners of the Earth; that as one
au/i faith of Paul^ his blindneffe gave light to the
luminado. whole tf^orld^ fo we hope God will make
their diftance and eftrangedneffe from us, a
meanes of bringing many near and in to ac
quaintance with him.

Indeed a long time it was before God let
them fee any farther end of their comming o-
ver, then to preferve their confciences, cherijh
their Graces, provide for their fuftenance :
But when Providences invited their return, he
let them know it was for fome farther Arrand
that hee brought them thither, giving them
fome Bunches of Grapes, fome Clufters of Figs
in earneft of the profperous fucceffe of their
ifa^'io', ii, endeavours upon thofe poor out cafts : The ut-
ifa^'i 10 mo ft enc ^ s f ^e earth are defigned and pro-
Luke 10. 'i. mifed to be in time the poffeffions of Chrift;
And hee fends his Minifters into every place
where he himfelfe intends to come^ and take pof-



feffion. Where the Miniftery is the Harbinger
and goes before, Chrift and Grace will cer
tainly follow after.

This little we fee is fomething in hand, to
earneft to us thofe things which are in hope;
fomething in poffefjion^ to affure us of the reft
in promife, when the ends of the earth fhall
fee his glory, and the Kingdmes of the world
Jhall become the Kingdomes of the Lord and his
Chrift [ , when hee fhall have Dominion from Sea ^ " 2 ?*
to Sea, and they that dwell in the wilderneffe pfal - 7 2 - 8 > 9,
fhall bow before him. And if the dawn of the
morning be fo delightfull, what will the clear
day be ? If the jirft fruits be fo precious, what
wil the whole harveft be ? if fome beginnings
be fo ful of joy, what will it be when God
fhall perform his whole work, when the whole
earth Jhall be full of the knowledge of the Lord^
as the waters cover the Sea, and Eaft and
Weft fhal fing together the fong of the Lamb ?

In order to this what doth God require of
us, but that we fhould ftrengthen the hands,
incourage the hearts of thofe who are at work
for him, confliEling with difficulties, wreftling


The Epijlle

with difcouragements, to fpread the Gofpel,
& in that, the fame and honor of this Nation,
to the utmoft ends of the earth? It was the
defign of your enemies to make them little^ let
it be your endevor to make them great ^ their
greatneffe is your ftrength. Their enemies
threatned their hands fhould reach them for
evil, God difappointed them; And let your
hands reach them now for good; there
is enough in them to fpeak then fit
ohjSies of your incouragement, they are
men of choice fpirits, not frighted with
dangers, foftned with allurements, nor dif-
couraged with difficulties, preparing the way
of the Lord in thofe unpayable places of the
earth, dealing with fuch whom they are to
make men, before they can make them Chrift-
ians. They are fuch who are impreffed for your
fervicein the fervice of Chrift, c&nftand alone,
but defire to have dependence on you, they
feare not the malice of their enemies, but de
fer e the countenance and incouragement of
their friends; And fhal your Honors in con
federation of their former fufferings, their pre-



fent fervice, and reall defervings, help the day
of f mall things among them ; fhal you intereft
them in your affiftances, as you are interefted
in their affections, you wil thereby not only
further thefe beginnings of God by incourag-
ing their hearts, and ftrengthning their hands
to work for him, but alfo (as we humbly con
ceive) much add to the comfort of your owne
accounts in the day of the Lord, and lay greater
obligations on them yet more to pray for you,
to promote your counfels, and together with
us your unworthy fervants to write down

Yours humbly devoted in the fervice of the

Stephen Mar/hall John Downam tfho. Goodwin

Jeremy Whitaker Philip Nye Fho. Cafe

Edm. Calamy Syd. Symptfon Simeon A/he

William Greenhill William Carter Samuel Bolton.



Godly and well aflfe&ed of

this Kingdome of ENGLAND;

who pray for, and rejoyce in, the

thrivings of the Gofpel of our


Chriflian Reader,

F ever thou bad/I experience of this day of
power, thefe vifitations of Chrijt upon
thine own fpirit ; I fuppofe thee to be one
who haft embarqu'd many prayers for
the fuccefle of the Gofpel in thefe darke
corners of the earth ; to ftrengthen thy faith, inlarge
thy heart, and ajfure thy foul that God is a God hear
ing prayers: An account is here given to thee of the
conquefts of the Lord lefus upon thefe poor out- c aft s,
who have thus long been eftranged from him, fpilt like
water upon the ground and none to gather them. For
merly thou had, The Day-break, fome dawnings of
light, after a long and black night of darkenes, here thou
fee ft the fun is up, which wee hope will rejoice like
the ftrong man to run its race, fcattering thofe thick
clouds of darknej/e, and ihining brighter and brighter
till it come to a perfect day. Thefe few Jheets give
thee fome footing for fuch thoughts, and fome further
incouragements to wait & pray for the accomplifh-
ment of fuch things. Here thou mayft fee, the Miniftry
is precious, the feet of them who bring glad tidings
beautiful!. Ordinances dejired, the Word frequented


The Epiftlc

and attended, the Spirit alfo going forth in power and
efficacy with it, in awakening and humbling of them,
drawing forth thofe affections of for row, and exprejfions
0/^tears in abundance, which no tortures or extremities
were ever obferved to force from them, with lamenting :
we read here, their leaving of Jinne, they for fake their
former evill wayes, and fet up fences never to returne
by making lawsjfo" the punifhment of thofe Jins wherein
they have lived, and to which they have been fo much
addicted. They fet up prayers in their families morn
ing and evening, and are in earneft in them ; And with
more affection they crave Gods blejpng upon a little
parched corn, & Indian ftalks, then many of us do upon
our greateji plenty and abundance. They reft on the
Lords day, and make laws for the obfervation of it,
wherein they meet together to pray & inftrutt one
another in the things of God, which have been com
municated to them. They renounce their diabolicall
Charmes and Charmers, and many of thofe who were
practitioners in thefe finfull and foul-undoing Arts, being
made naked, convinced and afhamed af their evill, forfake
their way, and betake themf elves to prayer, preferring the

[fa. 26. 16. Chriftian Charm, before their diabolical Spells : herein
tynS God making good that promife Zeph. 2. I i. I will famifh

Incantatio, al t k e Q O( J S o f the earth, (which he doth by withdraw-

mumtatio. . / / /

Jer. 8. 17. ing the worjhippers, and throwing contempt upon the
Eccles. 10. u.<worjhip] And men ihal worfhip me alone every one
from his place, even all the Ifles of the Heathens.

All thefe are hopefull prefages that God is going out
Ads 17* 30! * n hi* power and grace to conquer a people to himfelf-,
That he begins to caji an owning look on them, whom he


To the Reader.

hath fo long neglected & defpifed. And indeed God
may we! feek out for other ground to fow the feed of his
Ordinances upon, feeing the ground where it hath been
fown hath brought forth no better fruit to him ; he may
may well befpeak another people to himfelf, feeing he
finds no better entertainment among the people he hath
efpoufed to him, and that by fo many mercies, privi-
ledges, indeerments, ingagements. We have as many
fad fymptomes, of a declining, as thefe poor out c aft s
have glad prefages of a Rifing Sun among them. 'The
Ordinances are as much contemned here, as frequented
there ; the Miniftery as much difcouraged here, as em
braced there ; Religion as much derided, the ways of
godlinefs as much fcorned here, as they can be wifhed
and dejired there ; generally wee are fick of plenty, wee
furfet of our abundance, the worft of Surfets, and with
our loathed Manna and difdained food, God preparing
them a Table in the wildernes ; where our fatieties, wil
be their fufficiencies ; our complaints, their contents ;
our burthens, their comforts ; if he cannot have an
England here, he can have an England there ; & bap
tize & adopt them into thofe priviledges, which wee
have looked upon as our burthens. We have fad de-
cayes upon us, we are a revolting Nation, a people
guilty of great defection from God. Some fall from the
worfhip of God so their old fuperftitions, and corrupt
worjhip, faying with thofe in leremy, It was better with
us then now. Some fall from the doctrin of grace to
errors, fome to damnable, others to defiling, fome to
deftrucldve, others to corruptive opinions. Some fal
from proferTed feeming holynes, to Jin & profanenes ;


The Epiftle

who like blazing comets did Jhine bright for a time, but
after have fet in a night of darknes. We have many
fad fymp tomes on us, we decay under all the means of
nourifhment, are barren under all Gods fowings, dry
under al the dews, droppings Jhowres of heaven, like
that Country whereof Hiftorians fpeak, where drought

Siccitas dat lu- r . t . J , % r j \ ' n M , & 7

mm, imbres cauleth dirt, and ihowers cauieth dult. And what
pulverem. doth God threaten herein, but to remove the Candle-
flicks, to take away the Gofpel, that pretious Gofpel,
the ftreams whereof have brought Jo many mips laden
with blejjings to our jhoar, that Gofpel under the fhadow
whereof we have fate down and been refreshed thefe
many years ? where the power is loft, God will not long
continue the form, where the heat is gone, he wil not
long continue the light. TAe temple did not preferve
the lews when their hearts were the Synagogues of
Satan, nor Jhall any outward priviledge hold us up,
when the inward power is down in our fpirits. God
hath forfaken other Churches as eminent as ever Eng
land was : where are the churches 0/^Afia, once famous
for the gofpel, for general Councels, now places for Zim
tf/fc/Ochim, their habitation defolate? where are thofe
ancient people of the lews who were (fegulla micol
hagnamim] his peculiar and chofen people of al na
tions ? they are fcattered abroad as a curfe, and their
place knows them no more. And Jhall 1 1 el you? God
hath no need of us, he can cal them Gnammi, his people,
who were Lo gnammi, not his people, and them beloved,
who were not beloved. Indeed he hath held up us, as if
he had not known where to have another people, if he
Jhould forfake us, we have been a Gofhen, when others


To the Reader.

have been an Egypt, a Canaan, when others an Akelda-
ma, the garden of God, when others have been a wilder-
nejje, our fleece hath been wet, when others have been
dry : But know, God hath no need of us, he can want
no people if he pleafe to call; If he fpeake, all the ends Pfal. 22.27,28.
of the world fhall remember and turn unto the Lord, i ^ IQ
and all the kindreds of the Nations fhall worfhip
before him. If he fet up his ftandard, to him fhal
the Gentiles flock, and the earth fhall be full of the
knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the fea.
It is not for need but for love that God abides with
England, and there is nothing out of himfelfe the incen- Amatdeus,non
tive of this love : there can be no reafon given why God^^ e f ^? fe
Jhould fence us, and fuflfer other places to lye waft, that Eft undeamat.
we Jhould bee his Garden, and other places a Wildernes, Au g-
that he Jhould feed us with the bread of Heaven, and
fuffer others to ftarve, men of the fame mould, his ofF-
fpring as well as we, and fuch (did he conquer to him
felfe] were likely to doe him more fervice, bring him
more glory then we have done. We fee fomething here
done in order to fuch a work, our Harveft is much over,
we fee little incomes, there we fee the fields are ripe for
harveft ; here the miniftry is contemned, there the feet
of them that bring glad tydings are beautifull ; we
have outlived the power and efficacy of Ordinances,
there God goes forth with life and power ; we can outfit
the mo ft fpeaking and winning difcoveries of Chrift,
there every notion, breeds motion in them ; the glory of
the Lord is much departed from us, there his rifing is
confpicuous and glorious. The blind man found it good
to be in the way where Chrift came : And who would be


The Epiftle

in ^Egypt when there is light in Gofhen ? Oh that

England would be quickned by their rijings, and weep

over her own declinings ! What a wonder is it that they

Jhould doe fo much, and we fo little, that they Jhould be

men in their infancy , and we fuch children in our

manhood, that they fo active, we fo dead? That which

was Hieroms complaint may be ours, O that Infidelity

mould do that which thofe who profeffe thenmfelvs

Heu! quod pra- belecvers cannot do! We have the light of former

JSd^^-AWfj but want the heat, knowledge abounds as the

ftitit fides. waters cover the fea, but we want the fait ; we have a

Ignis qui in pa- form r G JH ne fr e b u t want the power : And it wil be

rentibus fun / *' f >, . r r j

Colidus, in no- imal comfort Jhould God continue to us the form, and
bis Lucidus. ca ry to others the power, to fuffer us to waft our f elves

with unneceffary brangles (which are the fweat of the

times] and in the mean to cary the life and power of

Religion unto others.

Let thefe poor Indians Jiand up incentives to us, as

the Apoftle Cet up the Gentiles a provocation to the

Rom. 11. 14. _ * J 7 J 7 r j ^ j j. r r XT .

lews : who knows but God gave lye to New England,
to quicken Old, and hath warmed them, that they
might heat us, raifed them from the dead, that they
might recover us from that confumption, and thofe fad
decay es which are come upon us ?

This fmal Treatife is an EiTay to that end, an Indian
Sermon, though you will not hear us, pojjibly when fome
rife from the dead you will hear them. The main
Doctrin it preacheth unto all, is to value the Gofpel,
prize the Miniftry , loath not your Manna, furfet not
of your plenty, be thankfull for mercies, fruitful! under
means: Awake from your Jlumber, repair your decay es,


To the Reader.

redeem your time, improve the feafons of your peace ;
anfwer to cals, open to knocks, attend to whifpers, obey
commands ; you have a name you live, take heed you bee
not dead, you are Chriftians in mew, be Jo indeed :
leajl as you have loft the power, God take away from you
the form alfo.

And you that are Minifters learn by this not to de-

fpond though you fee not prefent fruit of your labors,

though you rim all night and catch nothing. God

hath a fullnefTe of time to perform all his purpofes.

And the deepeft degeneracies, & wideft ejlrangements

from God, Jhall be no bar or obftacle to the power and

freenejfe of his owne grace when that time is come.

And you that are Merchants, take incouragement
from hence to fcatter the beames of light, to fpread and
propagate the Gofpel into thofe dark corners of the earth ;
whither you traffick you take much from them, if you
can carry this to them, you wil make them an abundant
recompence. And you that are Chriftians indeed, rejoice
to fee the Curtaines of the 'Tabernacle inlarged, the
bounds of the Sanctuary extended, Chrift advanced, the
Gofpel propagated, a?id fouls faved. And if ever the
love of God did center in your hearts, if ever the fenfe
of his goodnefs hath begot bowels of compaffion in you,
draw them forth towards them whom God hath fingled
out to be the objects of his grace and mercy; lay out
your prayers, lend your ajfiflance to carry on this day of
the Lord hegun among them. They are not able (as
Mofcsyi/W) to bear the burthen of that people alone,
to make provifion/ir the children whom God hath given
them; & therefore it is requifite the fpiritual community
C Jhould

The Epiftle, &c.

Jhould help to bear part with them. Many of the young
ones are given and taken in, to be educated & brought
up in Schooles, they are naked and mujt be clad, they
want al things, and muft be fupplyed. The Parents
alfo, and many others being convinced of the evill of an
idle life, dejire to be employed in honeft labor, but they
want inftruments and tooles to fet them on work, and
caft-garments to throw upon thofe bodies, that their
loins may blefle you, whofe fouls Chriji hath cloathed.
Some worthy perfons have given much ; and if God fh all
move the heart of others to offer willingly towards the
building of Chriji a Spirituall temple, // will certainly
remain upon their account, when the fmalleft rewards
from God, jhall be better than the. great eft layings out
for God. But we are making a relation, not a collection ;
we leave the whole to your Chriftian conjideration, not
doubting but they who have tafted of mercy from God, will
Tit. 9. 14. fc rea( fy to exercife compajjion to others, & commend you
unto him who gave himfelf for us, that hee might
redeem us from all iniquity, and purifie as well as pur-
chafe unto himfelf a peculiar people, zealous of good

Stephen Marjhall lobn Downam ^Tbo. Goodwin

ler. Whitaker Philip Nye Tbo. Cafe

Edmund Calamy Sy. Simpfon Simeon A/he

William Greenbill Williamet Cart. Samuel Bolton.





G O S P E L L,

Breaking forth upon the INDIANS
in New-England.

Much Honored and deare Sir,

Hat glorious and fudden riling of
Chrift Jefus upon our poore Indians
which began a little before you fet
faile from thefe fhores, hath not beene
altogether clouded iince, but rather
broken out further into more light
and life, wherewith the moft High
hath vifited them ; and becaufe fome may call in
queftion the truth of the firft relation, either becaufe
they may thinke it too good newes to be true, or be
caufe fome perfons maligning the good of the Coun-
trey, are apt, as to aggravate to the utmoft any evill
thing againft it, fo to vilifie and extenuate any good
thing in it : and becaufe your felfe defired to heare


2 The cleare Sun-Jhine of the Gofpel,

how farre fince God hath carried on that worke,
which yur owne eyes faw here begun ; I fhall there
fore as faithfully and as briefly as I can, give you a
true relation of the progrefTe of it, which I hope may
be a fufficient confirmation of what hath been pub-
limed to the world before, having this as the chiefe
end in my owne eye, that the precious Saints and
people of God in England, beleeving what hath been
and may bee reported to them, of thefe things, may
help forward this work together with us by their
prayers and prayfes, as we defire to doe the like for
the worke of Chrift begun among them there. I
dare not fpeake too much, nor what I thinke about
their converfion, I have feen fo much falfenefle in
that point among many Englifh, that I am flow to
beleeve herein too haftily concerning thefe poore
naked men ; onely this is evident to all honeft hearts
that dwell neer them, and have obferved them, that
the work of the Lord upon them (what ever it bee)
is both unexpected and wonderfull in fo fhort a time ;
I fhall fet down-e things as they are, and then your
felfe and others to whom thefe may come, may judge
as you pleafe of them.

Soon after your departure hence, the awakening
of thefe Indians in our Towne raifed a great noyfe
among all the reft round about us, efpecially about

*An inferiour Concord fide where the *Sacbim (as I remember) and

one or two more of his men, hearing of thefe things

and of the preaching of the Word, and how it wrought

*An Indian amon g them here, came therefore hither to *Noona-

town fo called, netum to the Indian Lecture, and what the Lord fpake


Breaking forth upon the Indians in New- England. 3

to his heart wee know not, only it feems hee was fo

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