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light and thy truth, kt them lead and guide me; pour thy
Spirit upon me, put thy Spirit within me, to work in me both
to will and to do that which is good, and leave me not to
myself. Awake, O north wind, and come thou south, and
blow upon my garden; come, O blessed Spirit of grace, and
enlighten my mind with the knowledge of Christ, bow my will

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THE lord's SUPPER. 701

to the wiB of Christ, fiU my heart with the love of Christ, and
ooniirm my resolutiow to live and <iie witlh Him.

Work in me, I pray tiiee, a principle of holy love and charity
towards all men, that I may forgive my enemies, which by thy
grace I heartily do, and may keep up a spiritual communion in
f ahh, hope, and holy love, with all that in every place call on
the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Lord, bless them all, and
particularly that congregation with which I am to join in this
solemn ordinance. Good Lord, pardon every one that engageth
his heart to seek God, the Lord God of his fathers, though not
cleansed according to the purification of the sanctuary. Hear
my prayers, and heal the people.

Lord, meet me with a blessing, a Father's blessing at thy
table ; grace thine own institutions with thy presence ; and fulfil
in me all the good pleasure of thy goodness, and the work of
faith with power; for the sake of Jesus Christ my blessed
Saviour and Redeemer, to whom, with the Father, and the
eternal Spirit, be everlastii^ praises. Amen.


SoNC ov Solomon H. 3, 4. — I sat down under his shadow with great delight,
and his fruit was sweet to my taste. He brought me to the banquetitig-
day of his fierce anger.

O THOU infinite and eternal Majesty, the God and Father of
our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Father in heaven; vouchsafe
with an eye of favour and compassion to behold thy sinful
creature, who now falls prostrate before thee, in humble adora-
tion of thy distinguishing and nK>st undeserved gooodness to
the chiWren of men, and to me in particular, which I acknowl-
edge to have been such as beyond measure to enhance the guilt
of my offences against thee. With what sincerity, O Lord,
thou desirest the conver^on of sinners, the prosperity of thy
saints, and the happiness of all that are upright in heart, thou
hast abundantly discovered in the incarnation and death of thy
well-beloved Son, our most worthy Mediator and Advocate,
Jesus Christ: and in the rich variety of means which thou hast
kindly provided for the healing the manifold disorders of our
nature, and our c<mtinued progress towards perfection.

As for all these I bless and praise thy wise goodness; so, in
a particular manner, and not least of aU, for the institution of
the holy supper, which, coming recommended by the authority
of my bleissed Saviour, and bearing His name, as it was

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702 THE lord's supper.

appointed m honour of His memory, I desire ever to set a very
high value upon.

Being not only allowed, but invited, to attend this sacred
feast, I joyfully accept the invitation, htunWy trusting that thy
grace hath made me in some degree meet to partake of so
invaluable a privilege ; and entreating thee, that what is farther
wanting, in order to my conmiunicating with yet greater advan-
tage and acceptance, the same grace may siq)ply. O let the
blood of Jesus, thy Son, cleanse me from all sin; and His Spirit,
even that eternal Spirit through which He offered: Himself
without spot tmtx> God, enlighten, sanctify, and rouse my spirit,
naturally dark, depressed, and polluted I Give me understand-
ing in all thy preoepts, and help me to discern the meaning, and
to attain the ends of that holy ordinance for which I am pre-
parii^. Let the sacred fire, falhng from heaven, consume my
drossy affections, and kindle a flame of divine love in my
breast, never to be extinguished.

Grant, O Lord, that I may approach with the deepest sense
of my own meanness, unworthiness, and guilt; and with the
most exalted apprehensions of thy holiness and mercy, both
which thou hast so wonderfully displayed in the method of
our redemption by Jesus Qirist: that I may receive the pledges
of thy forgiving love, and the memorials of my Saviour's
bloody passion, with a Kvely faith, an abounding hope, with
gratitude unfeigned, and joy unspeakable; and may so feel the
attractive influence of His example, the efficacy of His death,
and the power of His resurrection, that I may have my whole
soul transformed into love ; be all kindness and charity to n*en,
and zeal for God and Jesus Christ ; may die unto sin, and live
unto righteousness ; be able to tread on all the power of the
enemy ; to deny myself ; despise the bfctndishments and tempta-
tions of the world ; have my conversation in heaven, and over-
come all opposition in the way to it ; and, finally, after having
loved, and served, and followed my Saviour, without seeing
Him, may be with Him, according to His own prayer, where
He is, to behold) His glory ; and, with all the heavenly multi-
tudes, ascribe blessing, and honour, and glory, and power unto
Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto (bhe Lamb for ever
and ever. Amen.

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THE lord's supper. 703


JoHH vi. 54. 55. — Whoso eateth m^r flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath
eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh
is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.

O BLESSED and eternal Jesus, who gavest thyself a sacrifice
for our sins — ^thy body for our spiritual food — thy blood to
nourish our spirits, and to quench the flames of bell and lust ;
who didst so love us, who were thine enemies, that thou
desiredst to reconcile us to thee, and becamest all one with us,
that we might live the same life, think the same thoughts, love
the same love, and he partakers of thy resurrection and immor-
tality, — open every window of my soul, that I may be full of
light, and may see the excellency of thy love, the merits of thy
sacrifice, the bitterness of thy passion, the glories and- virtues
of the mysterious sacrament. Lord, let me ever hunger and
thirst after this instrument of righteousness; let me have no
gust or relish of the unsatisfying delights of things below, but
let my soul dwell in thee ; let me for ever receive thee spiritu-
ally, imitate thy virtues piously and strictly, and dwell in the
pleasures of thy house etenmlly. Lord, thou hast prepared a
table for me against them that trouble me ; let that holy sacra-
ment of the Eucharist be to nte a defence and shield, a nourishr
ment and medicine, life and health, a means of sanctification
and spiritual growth ; that I, receiving the body of my dearest
Lord, may be ome with His mystical body, and of the same
spirit, united with indissoluble bands of a strong faith, and a
holy hope, and a never-failing charity; that from this veil I
may pass into the visions of eternal brightness; from eating
thy body, to beholding thy face in the glories of thy everlasting
kingdom, O blessed and eternal Jesus. Amen.


LuKK xxii, 19. — ^This do in remembrance of me. Psalm cxxxvii, 5, 6. — If
I forget thee, O Jesus, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do
not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth : if
I prefer not thee above my chief joy.

O Holy and immaculate Lamb of God, who wert pleased to
suflFer shame and sorrow, to be brought before tribunals, to
be accused maMdously, betrayed treacherously, condemned
unjustly, and scourged most rudely, suffering the most severe
and most unhandsome inflictions, which could be procured by
potent, subtle, and extremest malice ; and didst choose this out
of love greater than the love of mothers, more affectionate

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than the tears of joy and pity dropt irom the eyes of most
passionate women, — by these fontanels of blood issuing forth
life, and health, and pardon upon all thine enemies; teach me to
apprehend the baseness of sin, in proportion to the greatest of
those calamities which my sin made it necessary for thee to
suffer, that I may hate the cause of thy suflEerings, and adore
thy mercy, and imitate thy charity, and copy out thy patience
and humility, and love thy person to the uttermost extent and
d^;rees of my affections Lord, what am I, that the eternal
Son of God should suffer ooe stripe for me ? But thy love is
infinite. And how great a misery is it to provoke by sin so
great a mercy, and despise so miraculous a goodness, and to
do fresh despite to the Son of God? But our sins are innu-
merable, and our infirmities are mighty. Dearest Jesus, pity
me, for I am accused by my own conscience, and am found
guilty ; I am stripped naked of my innocence, and botmd fast
by lust, and tormented with stripes and wounds of enraged
appetities. But let thy innocence excuse me, the robes of thy
righteousness clothe me, thy bondage set me free, and thy
stripes heal me : that thou being my Advocate, my Physician,
my Patron, and my Lord, I may be adopted into the union of
thy merits, and partake of the efficacy of thy sufferings, and be
crowned as thou art, having my sins changed to virtues, and
my thorns to rays of glory, under thee our head, in the partici-
pations of eternity, O holy and immaculate Lamb of God.


Lam. i. 12. — Behold and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow,
which is done unto me, wherewith the Lord hath afflicted me in the
house, and his banner over me was love.

Thou, my crucified Saviour, glory be to thee for causing
thy sufferings to be r<^stered in the Gospel ; there I have read
and remember the wonders and triumphs of thy Almighty
love, for which I will always adore and praise thee.

1 rementiber, O gracious Lord, how thou, who tboughtest it
no robbery to be equal with God, wast made in the fashion of
frail man — of the vilest and most contemptible of men, for
thou toofcest on thee the form of a very servant ; I remember
how many r^roaches and contradictions, blasphemies and per-
secutions, thou didst endure from a wicked and perverse gen-
eration; and all this to save us sinful men.

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THE lord's SUPFBft* HOb

I remember, O gracious Lord, how thou didst endure a most
bitter agony, and didst swieat as it were great drops of blood
falling to the ground ; how thou, who are God above all, blessed
for ever, wast treacherously betrayed and apprehended, and
bound as a malefactor, set at nought by Herod and his men of
war, denied by Peter, forsaken by all thy disciples ; and all this
to save us sinful men.

I remember, how thou, O God of truth, wast accused by false
witnesses ; how thou, whom all the angels adore, wast blind-
icided and buffeted, mocked and spit upon, stript naked and
scourged ; and all this that we might be healed by thy stripes,
and to save us sinful men.

I remember. Lord, how thou, that art the great judge of
heaven and earth, wast thyself dragged to the judgment seat,
and condemned; how thou, O king of heaven, wast crowned
with thorns, and oppressed with the weight of thy own cross ;
and all this to save us sinful men.

I remember, O blessed Saviour, how thou, who art the Lord
of glory, and the sole Author of life, wast put to a most igno-
minious deatli ; how thy hands and feet were nailed to a cross ;
how thou wast crucified between two thieves, and numbered
with the transgressors ; how thou hadst a potion given thee, to
imbitter thy very last moments ; and all this to save us sinful

I remember, O gracious Lord, how, when thou wert hang-
ii^ on the very cross, thou wast scoffed at and reviled ; how
infinitely then thou wast afflicted and bruised for our trans-
gressions, when the iniquities of us all were laid upon thy
shoulders; how thou didst then express an anguish greater
than all the torments of thy crucifixion, when thou didst cry
out. My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? And
how thou didst at last give up the ghost, and die thyself, that
we might live.

Was there ever any sorrow like that which my Lord and my
God endured for me? Was there any love like to that love
my Lord and my God has shewed to me ? O my Saviour, with
all my heart I love and adore thine infinite love and benignity
to sinners; with all my heart I lament and detest the hatred
and outrage of sinners to thee. Instill, O my God, penitential
love into my soul, that I may grieve for my sins, which grieved
thee; that I may love thee for suffering for us sinners, who
occasioned all thy griefs. O may I always love thee I O may

45— Vol IX.

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706 THE lord's supper.

I never grieve thee more! By the love of thy cross, O Jesus,
I live ; in that alcHie will I glory ; that above all things will I
study; that above all things will I value; by the love of thy
cross I will take up my cross daily, and follow thee ; I will per-
secute, and torment, and crucify, my sinful affections and lusts,
which persecuted, tormented, and crucified thee; tod if thy
love calls me to it, I will suffer on ttie cross for thee, as thou
hast done for me.

How illustrious and amiable were thy graces amidst all thy
sufferings! O thou afflicted Jesus! I admire and love thy
profound humility, unwearied patience, lamb-like meekness,
immaculate innocence, invincible courage, absolute resignation,
compassionate love of souls, and perfect charity to thine ene-
mies. Give me grace to tread in thy steps, and conform me to
thy divine image ; that the more I grow like thee, the more I
may love thee, and the nwre I may be loved by thee. Amen,
Lord Jesus. Amen.


Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty:
what, then, art thou thyself, whose power hath produced and
sustains, whose wisdom both contrived and directs, and whose
goodness crowns them all. I praise tfiee, O my Grod, from the
bottom of my soul, that having made of one blood all nations
of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and having deter-
mined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their
habitation, that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might
feel after Him, and find Himi, tliou hast, in tihe course of thy
providence, so ordered the circumstances of my birth and edu-
cation, that I should be a partaker of the grace of the gospel
from my earliest years, and know the wonderful works of God,
even those things which many prophets and kings desired to
see and hear, but could not. For all my powers and faculties,
as a reasonable creature, all the testimonies of thy paternal
care, all the effects of thy common bounty and goodness, in the
course of my life, I bless and magnify thy holy name ; but more
especially for thy distinguishing grace and mercy in Jesus
Christ, in whom, while I rejoice and glory, I cannot forget to
pray that aM mankind may enjoy the same happiness, and the
whole world know that thou hast so loved it, as to give thine
only begotten Son, that whosoever bdieveth in Him should not

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THE lord's supper. 70T

perish, but have everlasting life. Hear, O most gracious God,
the prayers of thy faithful people for the enlargement of that
kingdom of truth and righteousness which thou hast set up
among men, that the religion of Christ may be professed and
practised in its greatest sunplicity. Grace be with all them
that love the Lord Jesus in sincerity ; may their ntunbers con-
tinually increase — ^their consolations abound — may the multi-
tude of them that believe be of one heart and one soul, and the
Church of Christ appear to be the school where immortal souls
are trained up for the more perfect worship, and the everlast-
ing felicity, of the heavenly world.

O let not thy grace be recdved in vain by me ! Let it not be
in vaia that I have been so fully taught the way of the Lord,
have had both external and internal assistances, and every sort
of encouragement, that I might abound in all the fruits of hcJi-
ness, which are by Christ to the glory and praise of God.
Forgive me, O merciful Father, that I have made thee returns
so unsuitable to thy great goodness towards me, to the vast
and numberless obligations thou hast laid me under, and the
repeated engagements I have taken upon myself. O forgive
me the coldness of my love, my sloth and inactivity, the little
proficiency I have made in the virtues of the christian and
divine life, with the advantage of so excellent a rule — so per-
fect an example — so free an access to the throne of grace —
such almighty aids — ^and the prospect of so glorious a reward.
And O may the consideration of thy readiness to pardon fill
me with an ingenuous hatred and detestation of all sin; and
may my abhorrence of sin, and care to avoid it, and all the
occasions of, and temptations to it for the future, be a satis-
iying proof, that all my sins are actually forgiven me through
the redemption which is in Jesus Christ, thy Son, whose death
I have been shewing fordi in His supper. And may the God
of peace, who brought again from the dead the great Shepherd
of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant,
make me perfect to do His will, fulfilling in me the g^ood pleas-
ure of His goodivess, and the work of faith witfi power. Help
me to carry in mind the design of one duty to dispose me for
another, and of all the instrumental duties of religion to b^et
and strengthen those exalted principles and habits of goodness
in my soul, by which it will be more and more ripened for the
life of heaven. By faith let me be able to see Him who is
invisible, and always to walk as in His presence, and be more

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708 THE void's suppex.

affected and influenced by the contefnf>lation of an absent
Savkmr, m every view of Him. While I snedkate on the
blessed Jesus, enduring the contradiction of sinners, and hum-
blin^g Himselff unto dseath, even the death of dbe cross, may I be
instructed what to expect in the present life, and after what
manner to behave under all the sufferings and afflictions of it;
and may a risen and an exalted Redeemer elevate my heart
above aU the vanities of this transitory state of things to that
faa4)py work}, whether He, my Lord, and Ae forerunner of all
the faithful, is gone, — tliat I may know Him, and the power of
His resurrection, and count all things but loss for the excellency
of the knowledge of Jesus Christ ; for whose sake let me be
willing to suffer the loss of all things, not counting my Hfe
dear to me, so I may finish my course with joy. Give me, O
Lord, to feel more of the mighty power of thy grace concui^
ring with the gospel of thy Son, to mortify every inordinate
desire, to confirm every good purpose, to purify and regulate
my affections, and to change my whole soul more and naore
into a divine image and likeness.

By that grace let me be enabled to trample on all the temp-
tations to sin, and to keep a conscience void of offence, both
towards God< and towards man ; that my love to tiiee may be
superlative, and, though not adequate to thy excellencies and
thy benefits, which it can never be, may bear some proportion
to my capacities ; that my devotion may be unaffected and fer-
vent, my resignation entire, and obedience cheerful, imiform,
and constant. To men let me be just and charitable, kindly
affectioned, ready to do good and to commimicate, as I have
ability and opportunity, carrying it towards aU with a mild, a
peaccaible, and christian spirit ; while, as to myself, I am sober-
minded, poor in spirit, and pure in heart ; and, though not free
from all mental irregularities, am yet gaining ground upon
them daily — opposing my inclinations as often as they oppose
my duty. Enable me to deny myself, and be ten^)erate in all
things, to bridle my tongue, and bbour to be an example of
patience, meekness, contentment, and to come behind in no
good thing, looking for the mercy of God unto eternal life;
that so, when I shall have done the work which thou hast
given me to do, and suffered all that thou hast seen meet for
the trial of my faith, and hope, and submission to thy will, I
may finally inherit the promises whidi thou hast made us in
Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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THE lord's SUPPEt. 709


Thanks be unto thee, Holy Father, Lord God Ahnighty, —
thanks be unto thee for the privilege which thou hast given me
of uniting with thy people, to commemorate die sacrifice of
the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, and for all the edification
and comfort thus given to me.

O that this solemmty may so deefdy and so permanently
aflFect my heart, as constantly to influence my future life. Let
the love of Christ now at length constrain me no kxiger to live
to myself, but to Him who died for me.

Pardon all in this service that was not right before thee.
All I do is defiled with sin ; but I oflfer every service unto thee
in the name of Jesus alone. I bless thee, through Him, for
whatever thy Spirit enabled me to do in any measure agree-
ably to thy holy will. But my whole hope and trust is in the
sacrifice of Christ Jesus, which I have been now commemorat-
ing, to atone not only for former transgressions, but for all the
failings and defects of my preparation and' performances even
at this solemn feast. Lord, spare me, and accept me on
account of that great propitiation for the sins of the whole

O that I may ever remember that the vows of the Lord are
upon me, and that I am thine, irrevocably thine ; and may I
walk from day to day as becomes a child of Grod, and an heir
of His glory.

Keep alive in my mind a constant sense of my weakness, and
my entire dependence on thy grace. May I now go forth to
my duties more humbled and more devoted, more watchful
against my spiritual enemies, and more determined to give up
all for Him who gave up His life for me.

Give unto me, I pray thee, this comfortable evidence of hav-
ing ha<l communion with Christ, — ^that my faith in Him for
supplies in all my way to heaven is manifestly strengthened, —
that I have the same mind that was in him, have become like
Him, am copying His example, and treading in His steps. May
I watch over my motives as well as my conduct, and do thou
deliver me from improper motives in doing outwardly good
works. May I also find in my growing experience more proofs
of my being a member of the mystical body of Christ, in that
my love to those that belong to Him increase, and tteit I can
make larger allowances for their infirmities, and more readily
do them self-denying services. Nor let my love stop short of

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710 THE lord's supper.

the divine pattern of Him wiio loved and prayed for His worst

O Lord, I woirid now, in the fuhiess of my heart, earnestly
pray for the coming of that time when all that bear the name
of Christ shall fulfil His dying precept, and thy table be
crowded with believing and joyful guests. O when shall all
the ends of the earth look to Jesus and be saved 1 Hasten it,
in thy good pleasure, O Lord; that Christ Jesus may be known,
loved, and obeyed in every land, and the Lx>rd's name be
praised from the rising of the sun to the going down of the
same. Thus glorify thy great name, fulfil thy gracious prom-
ises, and let thy kingdom be fully established, through Jesus
Christ, our only Redeemer. Amen.


P8Ai«M Uxxyi. 12, 13. — ^I will praise thee, O Lord, my God, with all my
heart, and I will glorify thy name for evermore. For great is thy
mercy toward me, and thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest

Lord, my God, and my FaAer in Jesus Christ, I can
never sufficiently admire the condescension of thy grace to me :
what is man that thou dost tihus magnify Him, and the son of
man that thou visitest Him ! Who am I, and what is my 'hou^,
that thou hast brought me hitherto; that thou hast brought me
into the banqueting-house, and thy banner over me hath been
love? I have reason to say that a day in thy courts, an hour
at thy table, is better, far better, than a thousand days, than
ten thousand hours, elsewhere ; it is good for me to draw near
to God. Blessed be God for the privileges of His house, and
these comforts with which He makes His people joyful in His
house of prayer.

But I have reason to blush and be ashamed of myself that I
have not been more affected with the great things which have
been set before me, and offered to me at the Lord's table. O,
what a vain, fooHsh, trifling heart have I ! when I would do

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