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'J CM^hematicall : make flruKge Legs and

ces^ and in that phrafe of the fame Poet j

I Varic their Mouths as 'twere by Magic fpell,
\1 To figures ovali, fquarcj and Triangle.

J0I ' thefe impudent Sophifiers ajfaulted mee with
tfe tin^gloriom Humors, When I looked into
^\. - C 3 their

1 4 humen de Lumine^ or

thetrheans^ there wa^ m Room for mee • they
^ wfre fyJl of proud Thoughts, and dream* d ofx I"
certain Riotous Happnefs^ which mufl bet
mawtaw^d by my Exfences^ and Treasures, Ih
the interim, they did not consider that I wa^ ^^
fla/n and Jimj>le^ One that did not love Noifc. K'
iut a private Sweet Content, I have Euge- '"
pins found the smtich of my own Humor M
I have wtthall fmnd thy SxpcBations patient. ^^
thou canfl eajily believe^ where thou hafl Rea- i(
fon to thy Faith Thou hafl all this while fer4 i
i^ed Without PVages, 'amv u the time com to re- ^^
, > vem-d Thee, My love^ I freely give Thee, anc^ (•!
%With it thefe tokens^ -my Key, ay/d Scale, Tht^^

witnT)ifcretion, (tAsforthe Mjfteriesofthis "^
my Schoole^ thou hafl the Liber tie to perufe^'^^
them all^ there is not any thing here, but I wiU f\
gladly r eve ale it to thee, I have one Trdccepi lfi{
/ Jhall commend to thee, and this it is^ Toii ecu
mufi bee Stlect. Toufhall not in your rvritings bv
exceed my Allowances .- Remember that I lotl
Am your Love ^ and you will not make mee a ^
Troftnutc, B^^t becauf I wrfh you Serviced,, 'coif
hie to thofe of your own T^tfpofitton^ I here i^w
giveycu an Emblem.nicall Type of my San-k
cluarie , with a full Priviledge to publifh it, h
, Tf is IS all, and now J am g ing to that Jnvip- h,
hU Region , '^J^ 'h^^im tJ^^t *(^ » Let not that ^t


I A new Ma^icall Liqhty 8cc. i y

U^ rover h take f lace with jon ^ Out of Sight,
/jl WJt of Mind : Remember mee^ and bee Hci-p^y,


h Thefe were her JnfiruBiom^ which were no
i^a boner delivered, but fhee brought mee to a
,/;;Ieare, large Light ^ and here I faw thofe
;j. Things, which Imuft not fpeak of. Having
j^, ;hus diicovered all the parts of that glorious
n Labjri^th, fhee did lead me out again with her
■l lI^v^oi%m~b earns, her Light that went Shir^^
7, ,731^^ before us. When wee were patt the R^jcks
>(. )f Ntlu6, fhee fhewed mee a Secret St air e^
^j!f^/?,by which wee afcended from that Att^
\ md flowrie Vale^ to the face of this our Com-
Jj non Earth, Here Thalia ftopt in a mute Ce-
,^ :emonie, for I was to bee left all alone. Shce
,|{look'dupon meeinfilent fmiles, mixt with a
,/| pretty kind of Sadnefs^for wee were unwillmg
i»i :o part. But her Houre of TrAnjlation was
jj^rome , and taking (as I thought ) our laft
\ leave, fhee paft before my Eyes^ «^e?f "A/^>?, in-
\\o the ^/£ther of Nature.

Now verily was I much troubled, and

^ bme what dilbrdcrcd, but compoiing my feif

^ IS well as I could, I came to a Cof of tJMjr-

^ Hes^ where refting my felf on a Flowrie Brril^^

41 began to confider thofe Thing? which I had

een. This Solitude, and Melancholie lludic

:ontinued not long, for it met with a very

"C 4 gratcfuii

16 uumen ae i^umme^ or A

gratcfull Intcnliption. I could fee Thalia 2iS r .t/<i
vverc at the f»^ of a La-^dskjp^ ib^T)what fa i/1
off, as wee fee fi^irs newlyr//?» .• but in a mo- ,;«
ment fhee was in the Myrtle s^j^i^i^G, featini 4
her felf bard by mee, I received from her thi ti
Difcourfe, JwouldnSt Eugcnius, hav;^ thah
ignorant of the tlnit'tc, and t^mncentration o\ w,l
Sciences, Jnthefafi^and more K-^<^ wing year. U
of the world , when Adagic was (setter ^ am (w
more generally tmderjioad^t he Profejfors of thi. m
^yirt divided it into three parts^ Elemeatall ii)j
Cceleftiall^ a^d Spirittiall, The Elemental y
part contained all the Secrets of Fhyfic^ the Coe-^
lefiiallthofeof Afirologie^and the Spiritftalikl)
thofe of Divinitie, Every one of thefe by itfelj jf?
was hut a Branch or Lim, hut being united al fc|
Ihree^ they were the Panders of the Science if«i
Now in thefe thy dayes there is no man canjhen k
thee any reall Phyfic^ or zAfirologie ^ neithei i
hdvethey any more^ than a Tong^and^Book'^t
Divinitie. The reafon of it is this ; Jn Procef h
of time thefe three Sciences ( which work^ nc [«;
monders without a mutuall ejfentiall Union ] wf
were by mif- interpret at ton difmemhred^ and fet ff,
iif^ft, fo that every one of them was held to bt k
0t Factiltie by it felf. Now <jod had vnited ^
thefe Three in one Naturall Subje[t, but ^
man hee feparated them, and placed thera in j?^
no gubjeCh^ but in his own Brain, there theji


A new Magkatl Lrght^ 8ccl 17

ii\?mained in "awards and, fan fie ^ net in Sublian'-
h Idl Elements^ and, Verttie, In this flate the
^^'ciences were dead and JneffettHall .. they
1^1 seldd nothing but Noyfe^for they were fe^a^
k'4ted'^ As if thofi fhouid*fi difmemher a
'^ Han, and then expeH: fome one fart of him
ifopt/d per forme thofe Aciions ^ which the
■If' \7h0le did, when he was alive. Thou doeflk^ow
t% \y very naturall Experience^ that out of one
'li '>pecificali Root there grow fever all different
i^ubfiances^ as Leaves^ Flowers ^ Frftit, and
'^l Ued ; So out of one tiniverfall Root, namely
4 he Chaos^ grow all Specificall Natuns^ and
fill heir J^dividualls, Now there is no true Sci'
(s\ nee or Know ledge ^ but what is grounded upon
i iC^iftble^ particular Sub (lances , or Hpon that
n. knfible tiniverfall Sub fiance^ out of which all
n ^Particulars are made. As for Univerfals in
kvhe zAhflralk ^shere are no (uch things, they
Ifldl re empty imaginarie WhymzSes^ for ^Abf^ra-
[i\ T:ions are but fo many Phantaflic Suppofittons^
n^onfidernow Eu genius, that all Jndividuals^
)» \ven ij[i>in himfclf^ hath nothing in him Ma-
jii erially^ but what he received from the mate-*
sk "iall Univerfall Nature. Confidcr again, that
ttti he fame Individiials are Reducible to their
k wfI^"P hyficall UniverfMl Matter^ and by Con^
\ « 'equence this tiniverfall matter hath in it felf
'h^ ^ he Secrets and A^yfieries of all Particulars ;
\u\ ' for

i8 Lumen de Lumine^OT j

for rvhtfttfoever includes the SubjeEt it felf^ in ^ i

eludes alfo the Science of that fubje^, % ^i

conclude .. In the firfl CM^tter^ the Divin, n

^ '^^ifdome is collected m a Generall Chaodicat wi

^> Center J but in the particfilars made of the firji m

^[^tt^ritti 4i[ferjed^a^^ I ij«

j^ere to a Qrcumference, It remains the) ,;,f

^ that the Chaos is the l[enter of all Sciences, tt h

^ yphich they may, and ought to be reducd , for i:

- it is the fenfible naturaliyi^^tn\xm Magnum w\

and under (jod th. Secondary Temple Oj ^

^Wifdome, Search therefore, and examine thi \\\

■^farts of this Chaos, by the Rules and InJlrU' in

ctions received, when I xvas with thee in thi '^

mineral Region, Drvell not altogether on tht ^

practice, for that is not the way to improve %r

it : be fur e to adde reafon to thy , Experience^ wf,

and to imploy thy mind afwell as thy hands ^ \,,

Labour to know all Caufes and their Effects \ i^

doe not onlyfludy the Receipt^ like that broy. \;.

ling frying Company , xvho call themfelvei n

(^'htmiflsy but are indeed no Philofophers, This u^

is all which I thinkefit to adde to my former ^^

Prefer iptions , but that which made me re^ iff

' turtle, was fomething elfe, and new thou fh alt ^

receive it , Thou haft heard fometimes I fup^ ^

pofe of the BerylUfttc part of Ol^^g^^ : have ^j

a care to apprehend me, and I will fhew the& pf,

^he Eoundation. Thou muft know the ftars \,

vck Ur- ,■ ^^..v^TXfj. can

A new Magicall Ltght^ &c. 1 9

\^ iij im-preffs no new Influx in perfeB comfleat
' ^ ioM^Sy they only difpofe, aiU in fome meafure
'^^irufthat influence ^which hath been former-
'[^ ' tmprejpd. It is mofi certain E^genius, that -'
W^g Afirobolifm takes -place without jomefre^ -
'\^ torn Corruption^ and Alteration in the Pa^
'^ 'eyit^ for Nature works not but in loofle ^moyft^
^)^ ijcompofled Elements, This T>iflemper pro^
P ^eds not from the flarS, but from the Con^
^™ ^arietie of the Elements amongft themfelvesi
' <5 1'henfoever thy fall om\ and work^ their awn
^'^Oiffoluthn^ then the Cckflidl Fire puts in
fn » reconcile them againe^ and generats flome new "'
^v'orme^ feeing the old one could confifl no Ion-
^/^ er. Obferve then that the Genuine Time of
'11 w^prefftons is, when the Principles are Sper -
t\ tatic and callow^ but being once coagulated ,
i > a per felt Body^ the Ttme of Stellification is '
'J tfl. Now the Ancient t^^agt in their
jUoJ^ ffeake of fi range Ajlrologicall Lamps^
"« m.iges^ Rings ^ and T^lates, which being m^d
'» t certatne Hours ^ would produce incredible^
w xtraordtmrio Effects, 7 he common Aflro^
'I- ger ,he takes aflons^or fa^fK peece of Met all ^
i\ gnres it with ridiculous CharaBcrs^ and then
f xpofeth it to the Planets^ not m an Alkemuft^
'■'^ ut 04 he dreams kimfelf^ he knows not how^
•'( ^^hen this is done^ all is to no purpofe ^ but
fi hough they fiile in their pra^rice , yet they
% believe

1 o Lumen de Lumine^ or \

hlieve they underfiand the Books of the Mi

gi well enough • Now Eugenius that thi l^r

may ft know vahat to doe, I mil teach thee . b^,

Example . Take a /ipe graitte of Corne^ th i2i

tshard^anddrie expofe it to the Sfin-bean- fld^

- £?.£j?^^^^'' ^^ ^^^^^ "^^Sfflly anSTii xpi '%

. be a drie graine for ever. But tf thou doe m

hiry it m the Earthy that the nitrojis Saltij i n

mojfiHreofthatElem£»tmaydijfolve it, tfjc^f-

the Shh Will worke upon it, and make it ffrin iff

and [pYout to anew Body. It ts juft thus wit\t\

the common Afirologer, he expofeth to th le'

Planets a perfe^ compared Body^ and by thi sd

means thinks to performe the xMagicia?^ ii

Gamadta^ and marry the Inferior and Supt 'h

rior VWorlds. It muft he a Body reducd inti l \

Sperm J that tloe Heavenly Feminine moyfture W

which receives and retains the Imprejfe o^il

the ji fir all Agent, may be at Liberty, am fc

immediatly exposed to the tJMAfculine tire oj »

Nature, This is the ground of the Beryl, but^

you muft remember that nothing can beftel- t^

lifted without the joy nt Magnetifm of three k

Heavens \ what they are I have told you

elfewhere, and I will not trouble you with Re- J"?

petitions. When (lie had thus (aid. (he toot ;

out of her Bofonic, two miraculous Medals^ ^

not Mcfalltne, but fuch as I had never fcen, \\

neither did I conceive there was in Nature ]\


^ A new Magicall Li^ht^ &c. 2 1

th pure, and glorious Subfiances, In iny
i !gement they were two (Jlfapcall Aftro^
t w, but fhe caird them Saphtrics of the
tit and Moo^e, Thcfe Miracles fhc com-
% nded to my perufail, excufing her fell: as
iw ng fleepic , otherwiie fhe had expounded
k m for me. I looked, admir'd^ and wea-
/fij d my ieif in their Contemplation . Their
k mplexion Was io heavenly , tlieir coyitri-
m^ fee (6 myflermts ^ I did not well know ,
;»« at to make of them. I turn'd a fide to fee
\\ he was ihll a deep, but fhc was gone, and
fill s did not a little trouble me. I expeded
i Returnc, till the Day was quite fpent, buc
^f/ : did not appeare. At laft fixing my Eys on
wi it place, where fhee fometimcs refted , I
m :ovei*d certain feeees of Gold, which flie
5 1 left behind her, and hard by a faper
J itdi like a Letter. Theie I took up , and
> (j A^ the Ntght approaching , the Evemng-^
\i r tinn'd in the Wefl^ when taking my lafi:
]i vey of her fiowr'te pll(Tw^ I parted from it:

;r . ■ ■

Uf. ^^fiiy green Bank farewell \ and way ft thou wcare
I Sun hcums^ and Rofe, and Lilies all tbeyeare I
ly She il pt on Thcc : but needed not to ilied
^' t Goldj ^tivas pay enough to be her Bed.
:eii| Flow'rs are Favorjts : for thk Joy'd Day
11 f wen my Rivals, 4^ wf ^ Her did play.


2 Z Lumen de Lumine^or E

They found their Heav'n ^t hand, and in her Eys \ \i
lnjoy*d a Copie ofih(ir abfcnt skies
Their weaker paint didirith true Giorles trade,
^■fid miugl'd with her Cheeks, one 'ofie made,
^nd did net her fofc skin corifine their pride,
^nd with a skreen of^s'iik both Flowi *s divide^ ^
They had fuck' d W^^fom thence, andftdm her Heat
Bmrovp'd a Soul to malie themfchcs compleat.
happy Pillow ! "Chough thou art l.iyd even
vfiih Duft,/^; made thee up dmojl a H^^aven.
Her Breath rain^'d Spices, a'lideach Ambei ring
Ofbev brigf t locks slrew'd Bracelets o*y thy tpring.
That Earth's not poor, did fuch a Treafure hold.
But ihxiQZ inrich'd, with. Amber, 5picc, and Gold,


1 I fSr^^^cJcJi ^W-^v^^^

/ - iA>aVV-a^ 'i-v-vhf. X<rcyxU* C^vxXv)

i)UH.Ul..AL JVLAGiCi^ TrPVb\

24 i^umen ae Lumtne^OT \

THis is that Smblcmaticall Mag. h
call Type ^ which Thalia delivery loi I
tomcintheinvifible Gmana. THdi
firfi and Superior part of it rfpiCii'
{t\\X.%^Q. ^JMomtdins o'i\\^z Moo?u The Ph j)i(
lofbphers commonly call them the CMomm
tains o^\ndta^Oi\\\\\Q{^Q. J ops giows their Ut
cret and famous Lunar ta. It is an Heri
ea(ictobefound,but that men are blind, fdeii
it difcovers it felf , and fiiines after m^ k
like l?earle. The Earrth of thele iJMomtaii i
is very red and /^yf"/- beyond all Expreffio. |f,
It is full or~CTyr}'f^aliiyic Rockjy which thai
Philofbphers call their 6"/^^/^, and their Stone k
Birds and Fjfl) (jay they) briiig it to then k
Of thefe CMotintains fpcaks ^alt the y^r^
bian^z moft excellent judicious Author. V^
de fili ad Monte s\ndi(fi^(y ad ['uvtma^ pta
^ accipeex eis lapides honor atos qui ItcjUefi^
unt m i^qua^ quando commifce^tHr ei^ Gc
my fon to the Adountains of I dia , and t
thdv QftarriesovCaver-'^s.znd takechence oi
freciotufio?^ef.^vj\\\ch diitolve or melt in w^
r^r, when they 2.ic ;ni^,^^'^d therewith. Muc
indeed might be fpoken concerning the ^
Afountains /if kw^cre lawfull to publiflith«
C^/?m^.(,buronethingI{hall not forbea
to tell you. They are very dangerous pJao
after Nighty for they are haunted with Fin
' ^^" "■"*"■ ar

d other grange ^j)paritwm, occafion'd (as
m told by the C^f^\1') by ccrtaine y/>/W/-/;
lich dMle lafcivioiijiy with the fj)erm of
* world^ and imprint their Xmaginations in
pioducing many times fantaflic, and mori-
ons GeneratioKs, The Accefle and Pilgri-
age to this place, with the Difficulties
lich attend them, are faithfully, and ma-
ierially deicribcd by the Brothers cf^. C.
le'ir Language indeed is very fimfle^ and
th moft men perhaps coKtsmftible .- Buc
fpcake finely vJ2lS no fart of their Defigne,
:ir Learning lyes not in the Thrafe , biic
the Senfe, and that is it, which I propofi
the Qjrifideration of the Reader,


26 Lumen de Lumine^ or

y^ Letter from the Bro
therso/R- C.

Concerning the Invifible ^ Ma
gicallMO UNTJ IME,
And the Treafure therein .

\y^ TMufquifque natura dcfydernt cf
„ I I Dux .-habere Aurecs ^ Argcntec
3^ ^"^^^ Thei'auros. & itiagnus videii coiai
5, Mundo. Deus an rem hxc omnia Crcavi|jp
,,ut Homo lis utatiir, Eorumque fit Dom:
3, nils. & agnofcat in illis fingularcm ejus Be
^jjiijatcm &: Omnipotentiam, Jpfi gratias a
„ gat, Eum honoret, 6c Jaudet. Nemo autei
5, vult hsEC omnia niii otiolis diebus, ^null
J, labore, & periculo praeciinte conquirerc ^^Jj
j,nequeexlococo confequi, in quo Deus iij^^j,
^,]a pofuerit : etiamque vulc uc quaerantu .j '
3, & Qj^iaruencibus dabit. Nemo vero vulc U l^^.
J, dem (ibi in illo loco quserere, & pr9pterc )J^,^
3, ctiam non inveniunnir. Siquidem a long ^"
„ tempore Via, & locus ad Hscc incogniti ^'
j^cftj & maximse parti abfconditus. Etian: J*!


A new Ma^ia/ILight^ &c. 27

vero Locum 5i Viam difficile Sc laboriofum

/it invcnirc, locus tanien di invcftigandus.

Cum vero Deus coram iliis nihil abicondi-

tumvelit, idco in hoc ultimo feculo ante-

quam judicium cxcremum vcniat , Dignis

hxc omnia iunc levelanda : uti fobfcure ta-

men hns, nc manifcfta fiant Indignis) in

quodam loco inquit ; Nihil eft Abfconditum,

quod non leveletur. Nos igicur a Spiritu ^^'^^* '

Dei a6ti, banc Dei Voluntatem Mundo an-*

nunciamus, uti etiam ip. Diveifis linguis a

Nobis fadum, & publicatum eft. Iftam

vero publicationem autnjajor parsciliim-

niatar, aut contemnic, aut fine Deo pro-

Tiifla ejus penes nos qu^uric, cxiftimans nos

llos ftatim Do6luros, quo modo Aurum

Ghimicum fit praeparandum, aut illis affene

magnos Thelauros, quibus poiTint coram

nundo pompole vivere. fi^ipctbiie, Bella

"^^^erere, Lucra exercere, helluaii, porare , in-

:ontinenter vivere, & in aliis pcccacis vi-

'^|amcommacuIarc, Qiias tamen omr.ia con-

"^'' raviafunt voluntati ipfius Dei. Hi exemp]a

^l :apere debebanc a d:ce?n z'lrgt' ill is

i^^' c\\XdS\xm cjHir?que Stolid^ a prudentibi'.s

^^^ Ileum petebant) effc mukum aliam ratio-

lo"! lem, dum nimirum opus fie, uc quilibec

yyo^rio labor e & ttudlo in Deo id confequa-

;ti3ii yxK, N<^s- camea illorum focicrum Animos

f P 2 ,;ex

28 humeri de \jiimne^ or

5, ex (ingulaii Dei gratia & Revelatione, etiaii
„ex iplorum fcripcis agnofcimus, aures no
5, ftras obturamus, & quafi nutibus nos obdu
„Gimus,ne Ipforum Boatus, & EjuJatus au
3, diamus . qui in vanum aurum clamant ""
,^ Atque hinc fit etiam quod multum Calum^
^^yiiarum dc Convniornm contra nos effun
,, dunt, qua: non curamus, led Dem luo tern

„ Poflquam vero Nos Veftrum "Duorm "^
5, Diligentiam, & ledulitatcm, quam in ver "^j
^^Cogmtione Dct ^ ^ Ldtione facrortim Bi^ .
„ hliorum impcndiris , jampridem ( quamvj 'J'
yjVobis infcientibus) bene icivimus, etiam < *,';
5, vejftro agnovimus fcripto , Nos etiam vc "
^,pr^ multis aliis millibus refponfo aliqui'^J
5,dignari voluimus, & vobis hoc fignificar»
„cxpermiflu Dei, 6c Spiritus San6li Admo"^^j
5, nitionc, f'^'

„Eft cJI/OiV^ fitus in medio T^rr^"^^'
„ vel Qntroorhis^ qui eft parvus & magntu ^^^
„ eft mollts , etiam fupra modum durm I "J^
^^Saxofiis 'y eft unicuique fro-pi?iqHPis, & /(£?«»''''
^^giyicjtms, fed ex Confilio Dei Invijibtlis, I »P^'
3,eo funt maximi Thefiuri ah(coYiditi^ que",™'
„ Mundus numeral e non poteft s Qui /z?<?^ ",
5, ex In vidia DiaboU ( qui omni tempore Dt «'^J
, Cjloriam, & Fdlicitatem Hominis impedit »"''
33 multum trncibm ^nimdibm^^ aliis >4JkB^


A new mu^icau JLigm^ occ. 29

^^vihusrafaciyus circuindatiis eft, quse vtam
5, Homini reddunt dtfficilem^ & pertcubfam^
I „ ^ propterca hue ulque etiam ( quia Tern*
' ..ptisnondamell) ea via nee dum abOmni*
„ bus quaeri potuit, aut inveniri. Nunc vero
„ a Dignis (interim proprio cujufquc labore)
„Via invenienda eft. Ad hunc Montcm itc
„ Node quadam (cum ea C\t) longiffima^ &
„ obfcuriffima, & prsepirate vofmetipibs per
jfideles precationes. Infiftite in viam ubi
„Mons fit inveniendus, Quaerite autcm ex
I „ Nemine ubi via fit invenienda, fed fequimi-
„ni fideliter vcftrum Duftovem, qui le vo-
„ bis fiftet, 6c in itinerc vos offendet, vos veio
,, ilium non agnofcetis. Hie media no6le,
,j cum omnia tranquilla & obfcura funt, vos
,,adMontem adducct, led neceffe eftut vos
,j prsemuniatis animo magiio ^ heroico, ne
>, reformidetis ea, quse vobis occurrent, & re-
,,cedatis. Nullo gladio Corporali indigetis,
^, necaliisAi'iTiis, {cd Deum rolummodo in-
„ vocate Syncere, & ex Animo. Poftquam vi-
„ diftis Montem , primum Miraculum quod
„procedet, hoc eft. Vehemenciflimus &
„ maximus Vencus. qui Montcm commove-
' „ bit , & Rupes difcutiet. Tuuc vobis fe of-
! „ ferent Leones & Dracones , 6i alia Terri-
„ bilia Animalia, fed nihil hxc reformidate y
5; Eftotc ftabiks, 3: cavete ne rcccdatis, Nam
D 3 veftcr

20 ijiimm at^ i^ummc^ or

5jVeRef Conduclor qui vosconduxic, non per
„ii3ittec ut aiiquid Mail vobis fiat. Veruni
^Thcfaurus nondum c(l dete(^l:us, fed valde
5j^ropinquus. Hiinc Vcntum fequkur Terrx-
,, moms, qui abfol vet ca,qiK£ Vencus leliquit,
3, & a:quabit ea, Cavete tamen ne reccdatis,
,, Pofl TcriumoLiiui icquttur Ignis maximu§,
3, qui omnem Tcnel-lrem Materia ni coniuniet,
3, & Thefauium dcteget. vos veio cum videre
j,nequitis.„Verum poft hxc omnia. & fcirnengj
33 circa Tempus Matutinuni eric tranquilli-
3, tas magna, &: arnica, & vidcbitis ftellam
„Matutinam aicenderc, & Auroram afTiir-
'3,gere, 3c magnum Thefaunim animadvert
3, tetis : penes quern prxcipuum & exaCtifli-
3, mum eft fumma quardam Tindlura, qua
,,Mundus (<i Deo placeiet, & tantis donis dig- j
^^nusefTet) poffcc tingi, & in fummum Au
„ rum Coverti.

3, Hac Tindura utentes uti vos docuerit L
3j veflcr Condus!:"^or3 vos qu am vis Icnes, red- ^i^^
3,dct Juvenes, ^ in nuilo membro animad-
3,vcrtetis uUiim morbum. Penes banc Tin-
^,cturam invenieds etiam Margaritas, quasL^i,
,, ne quidem licet excogitare. Vos vero nihil j
^', capietis pro Autontate vefira^ led fitis con- .^
,tcnticum eo quod vobis Condu(!rlor com- J,
., municabit. Deo Icmper gratias agite pro
^jHoc^ & fummaai curam intcnditc^ nc coram i



A new MagicaU Lt^ht^ occ 3 1

mundo fuperbiatis, (cd Dono hoc re6le uti-
mini, ^in ca impendicc, cx\x Mundo func
contraria, ^ ica pofTidcte, qiiafi non habc-,
recis. Ducirc vitani Temperatam , & ca-
vccc ab omni gencre pcccati, alioqui hie ve-
ftcr Condudor a vobis ie diverret, 8^ pri-
vabiniini hac felicitace. Scitore enim hoc
ideliter, Qui Tindura hac abutitur, & non
vivic excmplariter, pure, & Syncerc coram
Hominibus, Bcneficium hoc amittct. &; pa •
um fpei reliable, quo itcrum id Recipere
poflic, &c.

Thus have they defcribed unto m the
^ '\[m'^t of ^^4 the myfhcall Philofbphicall
■i^ V^/» .-which is nothing elfe but the htjrhefl
,d p//r^y? fart of the J'^r/^A. For the fupe-
)r fecret portion of this ELmer,t is He?//
ound,^ 2.\xA Ariflotle tejs his Peripatetics^
iciu quo Excelftor^ eo ^Divinior, It is the
ed-plot of tlit ^teryjall Nature^ the imme-
itf^cjfcllyd.ud Recipte^t oi' Henv:n^ whei'c
C^iinerals and Vegetables have their i^tf^r.r,
d by which the Avimal Ivtoncirchis is
\i-Maind, This^ Black 5'^- O
22 mortifies anri^<7£^f//£r^f the Invifjble ^
%ercuri of the j^'«"-f, and on the contrary "^
: Mercury kils and dtffolves the Saturn^ .-■
ifli i out of the Corraftion of >Si?^/? ihc Ci?^-



5 2 Lumen dc Lumine^ oif

tral^ti^CircHmferentidl Suns generat ^ tiet^''';
,,^Bodj\ Hence the Philoibphers dcfcribing thei
-Jlom^izW us it is Lafis niger^ vilis^ c^ f£tens
^ Atcitur Qrigo MhpAi^ CT* oritur ficut Ger- 1
mimyitia. As for the Epflle of the V rater ^'
mtie^ I fhall for Jatufuftiori of the ordt»ar\f
Reader, put it into Engliih . I know fomi
2)<?^^vj will think it no Advantage^ but thei iiw
they confefj'e their Ignorar.ce -, I can afTur'lic^
theni , The Stib]eB: is no where lb clearl k
iiif covered, and for^the firft_ abfiruie ^refarA <"
tion, there is no ^rivat Author hath w^^
i^/<?;^'<^ it, but here wee have it tntirely , ani k
withall moft fa'tthftilly defcrtbed, I confedi mt
indeed their InftruElion wears a cJ^^^j^, i W
fpeaks in Trop?s^ but very pUi^e and p^rr-z// (
c>%f , and the Svghjh of it is This, \

Every Man yiaturally de fires a Superi m
ority^ to have Treafkres ef Gold and Stiver [b
andto feeme Great in the Eys of the iVorl&K
CJQd indeed created all things for the nfe o Ff/
Aian^ that he might rule over them^ and ac V
h^ow/edge thcrci/i the fingular Goodneffe n
i-rad Onrnipotencie of God, give him Tha&k 'fi
for his Benefits, honour him and praife him fik
But there ts Ho njun lookj after thefe Thingi f
'Jtbrryvffi thin b) {pending hps dayes idely, tk


A new M^giuU Light ^ &c. 3 5

^ofild injoy them without any prezions labour^
Kd T)singer^ neither doe they look^ them out
ftktt place, where Gad hath treafurd them
p, who expels alfo that man jhould feek for '
hem there, and to thofe that feek , wHl he
\vcthm. But there is not any that labours
jr a T[offc(rioninthat^hcc^andtherfirethefe
liehes are not found : For the way to this
hcc,and thephcc itfelfhath been unkwmnfor \

long time^ and it ts hidden from the greatefi j

)art cfthe World. But notwithfianding it be \

ifficu/t, and laborious to find out this way and.
lace, yet the ^hcejhould be fought after, But it
• not the will of God to conceale any thing from
hofe that are his^ and therefore in this lafi
4ge^ before the Ftnall Judgement comes^ all
hefe things fh all be manifeflcd to thofe that
re worthy : zy^s hee H^jelfe ( though
bfcurely ^ lejl it fhould be manifejled to the

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