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Views of his Political Opponents. By Aristides. 8°,
sewed. 1804

^./<?153 Burr. Narrative of the Suppression by Colonel Burr,
of the History of Adams' Administration. Written by
John Wood. 'H°, sewed. New York, 1S02

/. -/^ISS* Burr. Correct statement on the above by John Wood.
8°, sewed. New York, 1802

/ ^154 Burr. Nine Letters on the subject of Aaron Burr's
Political Defection ; with Appendix by James Cheetham.
8°. New York, 1803


^>''155 BuRBiLL (G. II.) Oration delivered before Association
of Mechanics and Manufacturers, Providence, 1790 ; Bur-
ges (Tristam) Oration delivered before the last named,
1800, Providence, 180<>; Lathrop (John) Pronounced on
■July 4, 1798, Dedharn, 1798. 1 vol., half calf .

_Jal6(y BuTTiiiCK (Tilly, Jr.). Voyages, Adventures and Dis-
coveries. 16°. liosiioii, 1831

.^2457 Byfield (N.). Account ot the late Revolution in New
England, 1089. 4°, half morocco, gilt lop. Sabin's re-
print. New York, 1865

J". /^158 Byrd (Wm.). The Westover Manuscripts ; containing
the History of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and
North Carolina, &c. 8°, half ri horn eco, by BvafMreet.

Peter nhurg, 1841

//c7l59 Cabot. Memoir of Sebastian Cabot, with a Review of
the Maritime Discovery. 8°. London, 1832

xfdlQO Cadwalader (Gen. J.). A Reply to Gen. Joseph
Reed's Remarks on a late publication in the Independent
Gazetteer. 12°, half turkey morocco, hy Bradstreet.

Philadelph ia, 1783

./J^Ql Caldwell (C). Discourse on Genius and Character
of Rev. H. Holley. Portrait. 8°, boards. Boston, 1828

.7/162 California Broadsides. 8°, sewed. 1850

163 Casas (Las.). Istoria Obremssimarelatione dell' Indie
Occidentali di Monsig. Reverendiss. Conforme al suo
vero originale Spagnuolo. gia stampate in Siniglia. Small
4°, vellum. Extremely rare. Venice, 1626

J-./31Q4: Catalogue of John A. Rice's Library. 8°, half turkey.

K Y. 1870
Priced in peucil.

.//165 2 Catalogue of Library of Mr. R. W. Roche. 8°.

N. Y. 1867
/./ 2-166 Catalogue of Stock of Bartlett and Welford, sold at
auction, New York, 1852. Half calf .
Priced and named.

^ ^Jl67 Cathcart (J.). Letter to Admiral Vernon, concerning
Expedition to Cuba, 1744 ; Some observations on the
Assiento Trade, 1728 ; The Jamaica Association Devel-
op'd, 1757, &c. 5 Pamphlets.


//TOS Central Park Reports, lltli and 12tli. Illustrated.
2 vols, paper.

^Ji69 Certain Inducements to well minded People, who are

here Straitened in Estates or otherwise. 4°, half turkey,

large paper. N. Y. 1 865
50 copies printed.

v/^170 Chamberlin (E.). Chicago and its Suburbs. Ilhistra-
ted. 8°. 1874

Z. Z-'H^Tl Chandless (W.). a Visit to Salt Lake. Being a
Journey Across the Plains and a Residence in the
Mormon Settlements at Utah. Maps. 8°, cloth

London, 1857

/t^,(p <'172 Chapman's Companion ; containing Tables of Accounts,
Expence by the year, and simple Interest, with Husbandry
and Gardening for each month in the year, also Medicines
for several Diseases. 12°, half morocco.
Printed for E. Phillips in Charleston, South Carolina, 174S

17o Charleston (South Carolina). City Ordinances; col-
lected by Alex. Edwards. 4°, sheep. Ch(/rleston, 1802
/./c'174 Charlevoix. Histoire et Description Generale de la
Nouvelle France; avec le Journal Hist, d'un Voyage
dans I'Amerique Septentrionale. Maps. 2 vols, 12°,
calf. Paris, 1744

yj.o (p175 Cuegkley (John). Leslie's Short and Easie Method
with the Deists, Wherein the Certainty of the Christian
Religion is Demonstrated by Infallible Proof from Four
Rules. Together with the Speech of John Checkley upon
his Tryal, at Boston, in New England, for Publishing
the preceding. 3 Parts in one volume. 8°, new calf ex-
tra, gilt edges. Rare. London, 1738

A full account of the above will be found in Stevens' Nuggets and
S>4bin's Dictionary, vol. 3. pp. 557-'8.
Rice's copy sold for $30; Stevens prices the series at about $100.00.

3.0(Xl^ Clark (Peter j. Defence of the Divine Right of
Infant-Baptism, being in reply to Dr. John Gill's Book.
8°, half morocco, gill^ gilt top. Boston, 1752

Presentation copy from the Author to Aaron Putnam.

177 Clinton. Memoir of De Witt Clinton ; with an Appen-
dix containing numerous Documents. By David Ilosack,
M. D. 4°, boards, uncut. New York, 1829


.J^178 Clinton (Sir Ilenry). Narrative relative to his Con-
duct clnrinc^ command of King's Troops in Nortli America.
8°, half bound. London, 1783

JJll'i^ Clinton (Sir Ilenry). Narrative relative to his Conduct
in North America, 1783. 4°. Philadelphia, 1865

75 copies printed in this style.

^.edl80 Clinton (Sir Henry). Observations on Mr. Stedman's
Historj' of the American War. 4^, sewed.

New York, 1864
Reprint of 1794 Edition. Fifty copies only privately printed.

^. iJl^A Coffin (Charles). I^ives and Services of Major Gen-
eral John Thomas, Colonel Thomas Knowlton, Colonel
Alexander Scammell, Major General Henry Dearborn.
12°. ■ New York, 1845

/'J182 Coke (E T.). Subaltern's Furlough : Descriptive of
Scenes in United States, Canada, New Brunswick, and
Nova Scotia. Map and illustrations. 8°, half calf.

London, 1833

183 Collection of Papers relating to the Present Juncture

of Aifairs in England. Nearly related to America. 4°,

old calf. 1688

Zl84 Colonel Drapers Answer to the Spanish Arguments,
claiming the Galeon. Pp. 38 1764

.^Jl85 Columbian Magazine for 1788. Plates. 8°, half sheep.

Jj_ <jol86 Common Sense : in Nine Conferences, between a Brit-
ish Merchant and a Candid Merchant ot America. 4°,
pp. 118. London, 1775

Jy^l Conduct of a Noble Commander in America Iiiipar-
tiallj Reviewed, with Genuine Causes of Discontents at
New York and Halifax. 8°, half morocco. London, 1758

JIj.coV^% The Conduct of the French with regard to Nova Sco-
tia, from its First Settlement to the Present Time. In a
Letter to a Member of Parliament. Pp. 77.

London, 1764
An extremely fine copy of a very rare pamphlet.

.^^9 Congress. Journal, May 10-July 28, 1775.

,7/r90 Congress. Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings
of the American Continental Congress, held at Philadel-
phia, 1774. 8°, half morocco. Boston, 1774



y^jl91 Congress. Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings
of the American Continental Congress, held at Phila-
delphia, September 5, 1774. 12°, half calf.

Providence., 1774

\ . /?192 Congress. Extracts from Yotes and Proceedings of
American Continental Congress. 8°, half nnorocco.

London., 1774

dS\^Z Considerations on the American Trade. 8°, pp. 31.
^ ' London^ 1739

^/l94 Considerations on the Policy, Commerce and Circum-
stances of the Kingdom. 8°, pp. 350. London^ 1771

./^195 Constitutions des Treizc Etats-Unis de TAmerique.
8°, calf. Philadelphia, 1783

. /^196 Continental Congress ; Votes and Proceedings of.
8°, pp. 82 London, 1774

.<^v/i97 Controversy between Great Britain and her Colonies
Ke viewed. 8°, pp. 207. London, 17C9

.//l98 Cooper (Thos.). A Reply to Mr. Burke's Invective
against Mr. Cooper and Mr. Wait, in House of Com-
mons, April 30, 1792. London, 1792

.^/199 Copies of Original Letters recently written by persons
in Paris to Dr. Priestley in America. Pp. 36. 3 copies.


y^200 CopwAT (George). Life, History and Travels of Kah-
ge-ga-ga-bowh, of the Ojibwa Nation, written by himself.
Portrait. 12°, cloth. Philadelphia^ 1847

. /J^Ol Cortes (Ferdinand). Letters and Dispatches ; in Ger-
man. 2 vols., 12°. Bern, 1779

■'/^202 Coxe (Wm ) Account of the Russian Discoveries be-
tween Asia and America. Maps. 4°, calf, hroTcen.

London, 1780

• ?•' 203 The Crisis of the Sugar Colonies ; in four letters to
Rt. Hon. Henry Aduington. 8°, pp. 222. London, '[d>0^

'"' '^04 CuMMiNGS (T. S.). Historic Annals of National Acad-
emy of Design of New York. 8°, cloth.

Philadelphia, 1865


,v/^205 Daulon (R. r. (■'liiudo). Kelatioii dc cc <|iii sY'st jjasB^
de plus Reinarqnable anx Missions des peres de la Com-
])ao:iiie de Jesus en la Nouvelle France, 1672-'73. 4°,
fhif/i. Cratnoifiy Press, New York, 1861

Large |mper; limited imprcHsion of 100 copies ; presentation copy
to M. Sobolewski.

/. O206 Dallas (R. C). Miscellaneous Writings. 4°, calf.

London, 1797

The author was a native of Jamaica, and uncle to G. M. Dallas.

J''. d?o207 Dana (Rev. J.). The Heavenly Mansions. A Sermon
preached May 14, 179.5, at the interment of Kev. Ezra
Stiles, President of Yale College. 8°, new half morocco,
gilt top, scarce. New Haven, 1795

^ ^2-208 Darien. a Short and Imi)artial View of the Manner
and Occasion ot the Scots Colony's coming away from
Darien. In a letter to a person ot quality. 4°, new half
morocco, gilt top. Rare. 1799

^2/209 Dakien. History of Caledonia; or, the Scots Colony
in Darien, in the West Indies ; with an account of the
Manners of the Inhabitants and Riches ot the Country ;
Diiblin, 1699. Together with a Defence of the Scots Set-
tlement at Darien, with an Answer to the S))anish Me-
morial against it ; Edinburgh, 1699. Atid also, a Defence
of the Scots abdicating Darien, including an Answer to
the Defence of the Scots Settlement there ; 1700. 3 vols,
in 1, 12°, calf. Most rare.

Formerly belonging to, and with the autograph of, Mervyn Arch-
dall, author ot " Monasticon Hibernica," and a celebrated Irish anti-

^/210 Davie (J. C). Letters from Paraguay. 8°, calf.

London 1805

J^ 211 The Day Breaking, if not the Sun Rising, ot the Gospel,
with the Indians in N^ew England. 4°, half turkey.

New York, 1865

. 7/212 Dayton (Jon.). Public Speculation Unfolded. 8°.
/ New York, UQO

J^ ca2lZ Deane (Silas). Address to the Free and Independent
Citizens of the United States of America. 12°, new half
morocco, gilt tops. Hartford, 1874

Very rare and interesting.



/./J214 Dkarborn (II. A. S.). A Sketch of the Life of the
Apostle Eliot. Plate. 'i° ^ kalf moroGCO, by BradsLreet.

Roxbury, 1850
^7«/2I5 A Defence of the Rockingham Party. Pp. 53. 1783

J^2I6 De Veacx (J.); Memoir of. By R. W. Gibbes. 8°.

/•JiSlill Dewees. a History ot the Life and Services of Capt.
Samuel Dewees; a native of Pennsylvania and Soldier of
the Revolutionary and Last Wars, &c. By John Smith
Hanna. Portrait. 12°, half turkey, (jilt top, by Brad-
street. Baltimore, 1844

/.yj218 DiARio General De Todo lo Sacedido en Espana desde

! que salteron las dos Armadas de Galeones, Fleta destos

Keynos, para los de la America, &c. 12°, boards. Madrid

2. sTc 219 Diaz del Castillo ; Capt. B. The True History ot the
Conquest of Mexico. Translated by M. Keatinge. Map.
4°, boards. London, 1800

c 0220 Diaz del Castillo. Memoirs containing a True and
Full Account of Discovery and Conquest of Mexico and
New Spain. Translated by J. S Lockhart. 2 vols, 8°,
doth. London, 1844

/.Jy221 DoBsoN (J). Chronological Annals of the War, from
/ its beginning, 1750, to the Present Time, 1760. With an
Introductory Preface, a Conclusion, and a General Index.
Portrait of Gen. Wolfe inserted. 8°, half turkey mo-
rocco, anoit, hy Bradstreet. Oxford, 1763

Z'yf^222 Doddridge (Joseph). Logan, the Last of the Race of
Shikellemus. A Dramatic Piece. 4°, half turkey.

Buffaloe Cfreek, Va., 1823

£. o -223 DoMENECH (Abbe Em.), Seven Years' Residence in
the Great Deserts of North America, 58 Wood-Cuts.
3 Plates of Ancient Indian Music, and a Map. 2 vols.,
8°. London, 1S60

224 DouoLAss (Fred.) ; Narrative of the Lite of. Portrait.
12°. Dublin, 1846

225 Drake (S. G.). Old Indian Chronicle; being a Col-
lection of Exceeding Rare Tracts written and published
in time of King Philip's War. 4°, new half morocco,
extra, gilt top. Boston, 1867


//o226 Drama. Sketches of Mr. Matliews' Celebrated Trip
to America. Comprising a Full Account of his Admir-
able I^ecture on Peculiarities, Characters and Manners,
tfec. With 8 original Comic Songs, &c. 4 Colored En-
gravings by Cruikshank. 8°, new half morocco^ (flit top.

London^ n. d.

/ Z'>^227 Drowne (Rev. T. Stafford, Rector of St. Raul's). A
Commemorative Discourse, delivered on the occasion of
Celebrating the Completion of the Tower and Spire of
the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn. With Illus-
trative Historical Notes. 8°, new half morocco^ gilt top.

iVew York, 1868

/ OC22S DuDLEiAN Lectures, delivered in Harvard College. By
Abiel Holmes, 1810; Andrew Eliot, 1771; John Pierce,
1821; W. E. Channing, 1821; Reuben Puffer, 1808 ;
David Osgood, 1802 ; John Mellen, 1799 ; Samuel Ha-
ven, 1798 ; Timothy Hilliard, 1788 ; Nathan Fishe, 1796.
1 vol., 8°, half moroccOy extra, gilt top).

X, ^z229 Eager (S. W.). An Outline History of Orange County,
with Enumeration of the Names of Towns, Villages,
Rivers, &c., Local Traditions, &c. 1 2°.

Newhuryh, 1846-'47

_2.c<?230 Eastwick (E. B.). Venezuela : Sketches of Life in a
South American Republic. Map. 8°, cloth, new.

London, 1868

.^«r231 Edwards (President). The Excellency of Christ; a
Sermon preached at Northampton. 16°, pp. 55. 1780

ilr232 Elliot's Washington Pocket Almanac, 1830. 18°, half
morocco. Washington, 1830

233 Ellis. Sketches of Bunker Hill Battle and Monument.
12°. Charlestown, 1851

,2/234 Ellis (G. E.). Authentic History of the Bunker Hill
Battle. 16°. Charlestown, 1851

/J235 England and America Contrasted, by a Cotton Manu-
facturer — Narrative of the Expedition to and Storming of
Buenos Ayres, 1807 — The Hudson's Bay Question, 1857 —
Letters from Sussex Emigrants who sailed for Upper
Canada in 1832 — What shall we do with the Hudson Bay
Territory ? 1866, &c. 19 pamphlets.


^/236 An Enquiry into the Merits of the Supposed Prelimin-
aries of Peace. 8°, pp. 30 London, 1762

/^237 Entick (Kev. John). General History of Late War ;
containing its Rise, Progress and Event in Europe, Asia,
Africa and America. 5 vols., 8°, sheep. London, 1766

y. (?c;238 An Epistle trom Edward, an American Prisoner in
England, to Harriet in America. 4°, pp. 9, half turkey
morocco. London, 1779

(^/^9 EsQuissE de la Revolution de TAmerique Espagnole.
^\ half hound. Paris, 1S17

//^240 An Essay on the Art of Making Muscovado Sugar ; Ja-
maica, printed by Jos. Weatherby, 1775. Also, an Essay
on the Bilious or Yellow Fever of Jamaica, by John Wil-
liams, 1750. Small 4°, half hound.

. ^J241 Evans (Caleb). Letter to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley,
Occasioned by his Calm Address to the American Colo-
nies. 12°, pp. 24. London, 1775

\ <^2^4r2 Evans (Caleb). Political Sophistry Detected. In An-
[ • swer to Wesley. 12°, pp. 36. Bristol, 1776

\Jl.Jd2i3 Evans (Israel). An Oration at Hackiusack on Sept.

:' 10, 1780, at the Interment of the Hon. Brigadier Enoch

Poor. 4°, uncut Neiohury-Port, 1781

v^'^2<'244 Evans (L). Essays; the first containing an Analysis
of a General Map of the Middle British Colonies in
America. 4°.

Philadelphia : Printed by Franklin 4* Hall, 1755
Wight's copy of this rare piece sold for $40.

iS^^h Examination into the Conduct of the Present Admin-
istration, from 1774 to 1778. 8°, pp. 69. London

,(?'J246 Examination of the Commercial Principles of the late
Negotiation between Great Britain and France. 8°, pp.
100. London, 1762

.^1^47 Examination of Commercial Principles of late Nego-
tiation between Great Britain and France. 8°, pp. lOS.

London, 1762

248 Exquemeling. Histoire des Avanturiers Flibustiers.
Plates. 4 vols, 12°, calf. A Trevoux, 1744


/. /^249 Fanning (Colonel David); Narrative of. Givin^j an
Account of his Adventnret^ in North Carolina, from 1775
to 1783, as written hy himself, S"". nen' hdf morocco,
gill loj>, Sabi/i\s r>'/>ri/iL N<'V) York, 1805

/. OC7 250 Feuillee (L.). Observations Physiques, Mathcmat-
iques et Botaniques, fliites par I'Ordre du Roy sur les
Cotes Orientales de I'Amerique Meridionale et dans les
Indes Occidentales, depuis Tannee 1707, jusques en 1712.
Map and plates. 2 vols., 4°, calf. Paris, 1711-

/.C0251 FiNOTTi (Rev. J, M.). Bibliographia Catholica Ameri-
cana. Parti. 1784 to 1820. 8°. New York, 1S7 2

J^>^62 Fermin (P.). Historical and Political View of Colony
of Surinam. Pp. 149. London, 1781

/ /-2^53 Force (Peter). Historical Tracts relating to America.
Vol 4, 8°, cloth, uncut. 1846

0. Z^54: Franklin. A Bill tor the better RegulatiMi!; the
Nightly Watch within the City of Philadelphia ; and
for raising Money on the Inhabitants of the Said City,
for defraying the necessary Expences thereof. Foh'o, pp.
11. Half turkey morocco.

Printed by B. Franklin, Philadelphia, 1743

^0 0255 Fbanklin (Benj.). Autobiography, edited from his
Manuscript ; with Notes and Introduction, by John
Bigelow. Portrait. 8°, half turkey, gill top.
L. P. 100 copies prime 1. Philadelphia, ISH^H

i/r^'0256 Franklin. Conductor Generalis ; or, the Ottice, Duty
and Authority ot Justices of the Peace, etc. 8°, calf,
red edges. Philadelphia, 1749

Printed and sold by B. Franlilin, and U. Hall .

,Jw257 Franklin, Connecticut. The Celebration of ISOtli Anni-
versary of Organization of Congregational Church and
Society, October 14th, 1 868. fttap. 8°. 1869

/ 7/^58 Frajstklin (John). Narrative of a Journey to the

/ Shores ot the Polar Sea in 1-3 19-22. Maps. 2 vols., 8°,

half calf, new. London, 1824

v/^/0 259 Franklin. Short (T.). Treatise on Such Physical
Plants as are generally to be found in Great Britain. 8°,
calf, red edges. PluladelpMa, 1751

Reprinted and sold by B. Franklin and D. Hall.


J^oo^QO Some Account of the Pennsylvania Hos-
pital. From its First Rise to the Beginning of the Fifth
Month, called May, 1754. 4°, tieiv half raorocco, (/lit to]).
Eare. ' PhUadelplna, 1754

Printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall.

The name of Benjamin Franklin appears down in the list of sub-
scribers for 25 pounds sterling.

<J't/§61 Fkee Thoughts on the Present State of Public Aflairs.
12^ pp. 102. " London, 1770

/ /^62 P'rench (B. F.). Historical Collections of Louisiana
and Florida. 8°, doth, uncut. New York, 1869

/o263 Frogek (T.). A Relation of a Voyage made in 1695,
'96, '97, on Coast of Africa, Streights of Magellan, Brasil,
&c. Illustrated with divers strange Figures dra^n to the
Lite. 8°, cal/. London, 1698

/ /2.264 Fulton (RobertJ. Life. By his friend, Cadwallader
D. Golden. Portrait. 8°, sheejj. I\^ew York, 1817

. 2/^5 Further Queries upon the Present State of the New
English Affairs. Bv S. E 4°, half turkey, large paper.

New York,l^Q^

.y^266 Garden (Alexander). Anecdotes of the American Re-
volution. Yol. 1, 4°, hoards. Brooklyn, 1865

.^^f^l Gee (Joshua). The Trade and Navigation of Great
Britain considered. 8°, pp. 164, London, 1731

o6^<'268 Gendron. Quelques Particular! tez du Pays des Hu-
rons. 12°. Reprint. Paris, 1660

•/^269 GiRARD College and its Founder. Portrait. 12°.

^ o t270 Glover. A Memoir of General John Glover, of Mar-
blehead. By Wm. P. Uphaui. Autograph letter and 18
portraits and plates inserted. Small 4°, half turkey mo-
rocco, by Bedford. iSalern, 1863

^ 6 271 GoDDARD (D. A.). The Mathers Weighed in the Bal-
ances and Found Not Wanting. Miniature 4°.

London, 1870

/T"^' 272 Godfrey (Thomas). Juvenile Poems on Various Sub-
jects. With the Prince of Parthia, a Tragedy. 4°, calf.

Philadelphia, 1765
A very rare volume of early American poetry.


,/^273 Go'iTFRiKD (J. L.). De Aanmerkinswaardigstc en
Aloinl)eroemde Zee en Laiidreizen dor Portuojeezen,
Spanjaarden, Engelsen en AUerhande Natien. 8 vols.,
folio,' calf. Leyden, 1727

Illustrated with numerous beautiful copper-plate-.
Tliis extraordinary work relates largely to the American posessions.
The plates are very fine.

^y^<'<^274 Gould (Jay). History of Delaware County, and Bor-
der Wars of New York ; containing a Sketch of the Early
Settlements in the County, and a History of the late
Anti-Rent Difficulties in Delaware. With other Histori-
cal and Miscellaneous Matter never before published. Bv
Jay Gould. 12^ pp. xvi, 42G, doth.

Keeny 8f Gould., Roxhury, 1856

This county history, by tiie celebrated "Jay Gould," is one of the
rarities of American literature. Nearly all of the copies were destroyed
by a fire at the office where they were printed. As a literary perform-
ance it is quite creditable to the talent of the author.

..l/§75 GowANS. Catalogue of Mr. Wm. Gowans' Stock of
Books. 5 parts on heavy paper.

/. /^276 Graham (Maria). Journal of a Residence in Chile
during 1822. 14 fine plates. 4°, half russia, uncut edges.
Fine copy. London, 1824

^.oc277 Gkenleaf (Moses). A Statistical View of the Dis-
trict of Maine. 8°, hcolf morocco. Boston, 1816

.a '^7'^ [Greenville (Geo.).] Regulations lately made concern-
ing the Colonies, and the Taxes imposed upon them, con-
sidered. Pp. 114. London, 1765

4/2/^79 Griswold (R. W.). The Prose Writers of America.
With Portraits. 8°, half turhey, gilt toj). London, 1847

Z. 2/28O Grove (Mr.), of Richmond. Letter upon, the Glorious
Success at Quebec, in which is dri^wn a E'arallel between
a Good and Bad General. 8°, new half morocco, gilt top.
Scarce. ' London, 1759

/ a-o 281 Hakluyt Society. Gerrit de Veers' True Descrip-
tion of Three Voyages by the North East towards Cathay
and China, undertaken by the Dutch in the Years 1594,
1595 and 1596. Edited by C. T. Beke. Maps. 8°, cloth.

London. 1853


J^/0282 Hakluyt Society's Publications. A Complete Set of
these esteemed works, from the commencement to 1872
inckisive, comprieini; vahiahle Early Yoyages, Travels
and Geographical Kecords. 48 vols., 8°, handmmely
hound in neio half morocco^ extra, q'dt top, uncut.


The publications of tliis society are supplied only to subscribers, and
complete sets are not easily procured.

It is scarcely possible to overrate their importance in an American
library, as they nearly all relate to American topics. The foregoing
is an unusually fine set.

/. /^283 [Haliburton.J The Bubble ot Canada. By the author
of " The Clockmaker." 8°, half turkey, gilt.

London, 1839

7/^4 Hall (Capt. Basil). Travels in N^orth America in
/ Years 1827-'28. Maps. 3 vols., 12°, hoards,

EdwJjuryh, 1829
Tom Moore's copy, with his Autograph. Presentation copy from

/^85 Hall (Fr.). Columbia. Map. 8°, hoards. 1824

7, 1/^286 Hamilton (Alexander). Works ; comprising his most
important Official Reports and improved edition of the
Federalist, etc. Portrait. Vols 1 and 2.

JSfeiD York, 1810
With autograph " Thomas Moore. This I bought when in Amer-
ica. T. M."

0</'287 Hamilton. The Federalist, Continentalist and other
Papers. Portrait. Royal 8°, new half morocco, g-ilt top.

Philadelphia, 1865

288 Hanger (Geo.) An Address to the Army ; in Eeply
to Strictures by Roderick M'Kenzie on Tarleton's His-
tory of the Campaigns ot 1780 and 1781. 8°, half
morocco^ London, 1789

.7/289 Hare (R.). Experimental Observations, and Improve-
ments in Apparatus and Manipulation, &c. Illustrated.
^° , haJf turkey morocco. Philadelphia, 1836

^290 Hakgrave. Argument in Case of James Sommerset,
a Negro. 8°, half morocco. London, 1772

291 Harper (^R. G.). Observations on the Dispute between
the United States and France. Pp. 110 London, 1798
3 copies.




^. ec7292 Haukis ( John). Complete ('olleetloii of Voya<^es and
Travels, eonsistino; of above six linndred writers. Maps
and plates. 2 voh., folio, ealf. 1744-48

" As to Harris's Collection, lot any one inspect the curious contents
only of the first volume as (exhibited by Mr. Harris, in his valuable
('ataloa;ue of the Library of tiie Royal Institution, p. 200, and he will
not hesitate a moment respecting the importance of this work." —
I)i/><Hn\i Lih'ntrji Cornpdnioii, where it is quoted at £5 5.V.

./o293 Hartley (D.). Substance of a Speecli in Parliament
npon the State of the Nation, and the Present Civil War
with America. 4°, pp. 24. 1776

.v/^294 Hartley (ThoniasV Discourse on Mistakes concern-
ino; Religion, Enthusiasm, Experiences, ifec. 12° ^ polished
calf, extra, (jilt edgcx. Gennantown, 1759

Printed by Sower. Most of his books were used for cartridges.

^. 2-^295 Haven (C. C). Thirty Days in New Jersey Ninety
Years Ago. An Essay revealing New Facts in connec-
tion with Washington and his Army in 1776-1777. 17
Plates inserted. 8°, half turkey morocco, h/ Bradfitreet.

Trenton, 1867

•/To 0296 Hayman (R.). Qvodlibets, Lately Come Over from
New Britaniola Old Newofnndland. Epigrams and other
small parcels. 4°, morocco, extra, rare. London, 1628

Included is the translation of two epistles of Rabelais. The title

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