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split, with sudden lachrymation. Hacking cough <
cold air.

Extremities: Fine, thread-like pains, shooting (fol-
lowing amputations or injuries). Ulcers on the heel.

Fever: Flitting heat at intervals, irregular (associ-
ated with the acute catarrhal symptoms).


In large doses, Aloes produce a determination of
blood to the pelvic organs, which occasions haemor-
rhoids, uterine engorgement with increased menstrual
flow, sexual orgasm in men, etc. It increases the peris-
talsis of colon ; and increases the secretion of bile.

General: Belief from open air. Disinclination to men-
tal or physical effort.

Head: Frontal headache, dull, heavy, pressing down-
ward into eyes and nose ; must close the eyes.

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18 A PRIMER OF [Alstonia.

Hose: Bleeding in the morning.

Month: Taste metallic, bitter.

Stomach : Nausea, with the frontal headache; flatu-
lent distention and eructations.

Abdomen: Flatulence; weak, as if diarrhoea would
ensue. Soreness in sides. Over the liver, heat and
pressure. Feeling of a plug in pelvis, between symphysis
and coccyx, with urging. General feeling of fulness
and heaviness.

Eeotnm: Heaviness. Dragging as if to stool. Sudden
impulse to evacuate feces.

Anus: Haemorrhoids; swollen and sore. Sphincter
uncertain ; permits escape of thin feces with gas.

Stool: Diarrhwa; yellow, pasty or thin, sudden in
morning on waking and rising; cannot evacuate blad-
der without feces escaping. Dysentery; bloody, jelly-
like evacuations, followed by pain and soreness in the

Urinary Organs: Urine scanty, hot, dark, or even
bloody, with burning. Much mealy sediment.

Seznal Organs, Women: Uterus feels heavy, with a
sensation of a plug in pelvis. Uterine haemorrhage;
menstrual flow increased, dark and clotted,

Back : Sacral pain (alternates with headache). Heavi-
ness in sacrum > motion.

Skin: Jaundice; nruch crawling and itching (as in
jaundice). Furuncles with disordered liver.

The bark of this tree enjoys great repute in India for
the cure of malarial diseases, diarrhoea and dysentery
with debility. Recently it has been found valuable for
malarial anaemia, loss of appetite, feeble digestion, an
empty "gone'' sensation in the stomach, and sinking
in the abdomen (Dr. Dietz).


Very little can be said of the physiological action of

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Alninina. but particular attention should be directed to
a quite general catarrhal inflammation, characterized
by scanty secretions or dryness, and also to the para-
lytic symptoms, particularly of the lower extremities.

General: Weariness (especially from talking), uncon-
querable disposition to lie down. Tremulousness. In-
voluntary movements like palsy ; portions of the body
feel larger than normal ; general feeling of constriction
of internal organs. General aggravation in the after-
noon while sitting. General relief during moderate
motion, in the evening and in the open air.

Mind: Connected thought difficult. Memory weak.
Changing moods; depressed or peevish as soon as one
opens the eyes mornings.

Head: Vertigo on opening eyes in the morning. Con-
strictive headache.

Eyes: Squinting (both eyes), (paralytic?). Lids ag-
glutinated mornings ; burning, itching and dryness of
inner surface of lids ; upper lids difficult to raise as if
powerless ; feeling of adhesion of lids to eyeball. Photo-
phobia mornings on waking.

Ears: Purulent discharge; crackling in ears on chew-
ing; stitches in the ears; one ear red and hot in the

Hose: Nostrils sore, even ulcerated, with scabs. Tip
of nose swollen, with internal soreness and scabs. Nasal
catarrh with scanty secretion and obstructed nostrils;
diminished smell.

Face: Tension of the skin of the face as if white of
egg had dried on it. Nodules or boils on the face and

Month: Teeth feel elongated. Toothache on chew-
ing. Aphthous sore mouth, with increased saliva,
though the mouth feels dry.

Throat: Constriction on swallowing. Dryness. Feel-
ing of something sharp sticking in the throat. Difficult

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20 A PRIMER OF [Alumina.

swallowing of food. General relief from warm food
and drink. Throat worse evenings and nights ; frequent
clearing; dryness; rawness; feeling of a lump. The
oesophagus feels contracted ; pain as from a lump in the
middle of the chest after swallowing food.

Stomach: Appetite variable; aversion to meat; dis-
tress after eating potatoes. Craving for chalk and
other indigestible substances. Nausea; faint-like
mornings^ while talking. Heartburn and acid eructa-
tions. Vomiting, with a hacking cough. Constriction
extending to chest and throat.

Abdomen: Seems to hang down, heavy, when walk-
ing < afternoon. Sticking pains from below upward.
Cutting pains > warmth. Lead colic. Soreness over
the liver, extends to pit of stomach on stooping.
Stitches in the region of inguinal ring (has relieved
strangulated hernia); the pains extend up to the chest.

Stool: Scanty, dry in small bits. The rectum seems
dry, inactive and constricted. Excoriations and bleed-
ing after a hard, dry stool. Strains to evacuate the
bowels and bladder.

Urine: Cannot urinate without straining at stool. Urine
usually copious and pale, evacuated with burning.

Sexual Organs, Men: Increased sexual desire, followed
by loss of power. Emissions while straining at stool.
Numerous troubles after emissions.

Sexual Organs, Women: Menstruation early, short,
scanty ; preceded and accompanied by colic. Leucor-
rhoea, before and after the menses, corrosive, trans-
narent. albuminous, profuse.

Organs: Dry hacking cough, from tickling
b (elongated uvula) or irritability of the
rly morning (sometimes sudden in the
ising the voice. Cough sometimes loosens,
ly be expectoration after coughing morn-
q,t times associated with dyspnoea, vomit-

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Ambra.] materia mbdica. 21

ing or even involuntary escape of urine. Sudden
hoarBenesS; not relieved by clearing the larynx, es-
pecially afternoons and evenings. Constriction of chest
(see under stomach also).

Back: Pain as of a hot iron thrust through the lower
vertebrae. Bruised pain in the small of the back while
at rest.

Upper Extremities: Paralytic heaviness of the arms.
Pains tearing; or as of a hot iron, from shoulder to
fingers. Gnawing beneath the finger nails, which are

Lower Eztremitiet: Heaviness with rigidity and numb-
ness, staggering. Insensibility of the nates, of the sole
of the foot, of the heel. Tearings extending through
the whole leg to the toes.' Tension.

Skin: Tension. Rhagedes. Itching in the evening.
Nails brittle.

Bleep: Sleeplessness fore part of night. Sleep un re-
freshing with anxious dreams.

Fever: Chilliness even by the stove, internal.


This substance formerly had considerable reputation
as a remedy for various "nervous" complaints, but of
late it has been used very little. The provings seem to
show that its old reputation was well founded.

Oeneralitiet: Tearing pai||^, especially in the joints,
mostly one-sided. Cramps and twitchings of muscles.
Feeling of numbness all over in the morning. Useful
for old persons, or for sickly-looking people. The
symptoms arise during sleep and are > by rising. Relief
on slowly moving in the open air and on lying on the
painful part.

Mind : Difficult to think or understand. Vivid fancies
which cannot be got rid ot Melancholia. Especially
nervous in the presence of strangers.

Head: Rush of blood to the head. Vertigo in the

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22 A PRiMBR OF [Ambra.

open air, with weakness. Tearing pains. Dread of
becoming crazy from headache ("every other day,"
Boenninghansen). The hair falls out and the scalp is
sensitive on touching the hair.

Eyes: Pains as if the eyes had been too tightly closed.

Ears: Koaring and whistling; one-sided deafness.

Hose: Epistaxis, mornings in bed, or during the

Face: Jaundiced hue. Flushes of heat. Spasmodic
tremblings and twichings of the muscles of the face
and lips.

Teeth: Tearing toothache (probably neuralgic), shift-
ing about, aggravated by warmth, ameliorated by cold
(compare coffea). Bleeding of the gums.

Mouth: Great dryness and insensibility, especially in
the morning on waking. Fetor from the mouth.
(Painful swellings under the tongue. Eanula, B.)

Throat: Secretion and hawking of gray mucus, with
a sensation of scraping, and also at times retchjng and
vomiting. Sore throat after a draft, with shooting into
the right ear. Tickling causes a cough.

Stomach: Convulsive eructations, sometimes sour,
usually tasteless and gaseous. (Aggravated from milk.)
Violent hiccough from emotional causes.

Abdomen: Internal coldness, especially one-sided.
Flatulent distention after every meal. Pain in the
hepatic region, amelioratea by lying on it.

Anas and Stool : Itching and crawling in the anus and
rectum. Ineffectual urging to stool, aggravated by
presence of people. Constipation. Blood with a stool,
that may not be hard.

Urinary Organs: Frequent micturition at night, urine
copious. Urine turbid, sediment brown, odor sour.

Seznal Organs: Excessive itching and even burning
of external parts, particularly of women. Erections ,
with numbness. Heat and soreness of vagina; labia

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Ammon. Carbon.] materia^mbdica. 23

swollen. Menses too early and profuse, with labor-
like pains. Disposition to hsBmorrhage between the
periods from slight causes, mental or physical. Dur-
ing pregnancy numerous nervous reflexes; hiccough,
bloated abdomen, pruritus vulvae, cough, etc.

Eespiratory: Spasmodic, dry cough, accompanied by
violent eructations or hiccough. Cough at night from
tickling in the throat. Hoarseness, caused by an ac-
cumulation of gray mucus in the larynx;. Respiratory
oppression in chest and back. Asthma, in nervous
women or old men, wheezing, palpitation and pre-
cardial oppression.

Extremities: The arms feel heavy, as if paralyzed,
they " fall asleep " easily, especially when lying on them;
articles drop from the haaids. The legs also get numb
and heavy. Pains through the arms like hot irons.
(The tips of the fingers shrivel.) Cramps in the calves.
Burning in the soles.

Skin: Skin (and mucous membranes) inclined to be
dry. Itching and burning, without evident cause

Sleep: Restless, disturbed by dreams, by twitchings;
nervous chills.

Chill and Fever: Frequent chilliness. Febrile flushes
or simple flushes of heat, without rise of temperature.
Sweat of one side (the one affected). Sweat on abdo-
men, on thighs. Sweat after midnight.


Spirits of Ammonia and Carbonate of Ammonia are
powerful but transient cardiac stimulants, very similar
in action to Alcohol; they also increase the reflex
activity of the spinal cord and even induce convul-

(The Muriate of Ammonia has, however, quite a
difierent action).

When the secondary effects of Ammonium carb. are

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24 A PRIMER OF [Ammon. Carbon.

studied it will be observed that there is a well-defined
tendency to disorganization of the blood and numerous
indications of defective nutrition, similar to scurvy,
dark fluid haemorrhages, waiting of muscles, ulceration
of the gums, looseness of the teeth and finally a low
type of recurrent fever.

. Oeneralities: General emaciation with a haemorrhagic
tendency. Haemorrhages thin, dark. A general scor-
butic state. Bestlessness. Weakness. Extreme sensi-
tiveness to cold. Gonstant desire to stretch. Bruised
feeling of the flesh. General right-sided character of
symptoms. Aggravated in evening at 3 A. M. (Urae-
mic convulsions).

Mind: Listless, difficult to think. Stupor (in scarla-
tina, diphtheria, etc.).

Head: Fulness or throbbing, bursting headaches,
especially in forehead and vertex. The brain feels
loose. Chronic headache with nausea, aggravated by
walking in the open air. (In low types of meningitis,
especially in eruptive diseases, with cyanosis; of tem-
porary use).

Eyes: Burning. Vision dim, with flickerings. Pho-
tophobia. Muscular weakness. Yellow spots before

Ears : Hearing difficult but painfully sensitive. Paro-
tid gland swollen.

Hose: Tip seems full of blood on stooping. Nose
bleed, dark, thin. Stoppage at night. Sneezing.
Coryza dry, then fluent, with acrid liquid from nose,
burning. Nostrils raw.

Face: Deathly pale; sometimes puffy. Freckles eas-
ily. Tetter around the mouth. Lips cracked in the

Mouth: Gums swollen, bleeding easily. Teeth loose,
elongated. Toothache, aggravated by biting on teeth,
worse evening on first going to bed. Swelling of in-

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Ammon. Carbon.] materia medica. 25

side of cheeks. Blisters on mouth and tongue. In-
creased saliva, sour, salt or foul tasting.

Throat: Sore throat, (right side worse), swelling dark
and bluish, feeling of a foreign substance, tonsils
swollen, sub-maxillary glands swollen. (Frequently
needed in low types of scarlatina, diphtheria, etc.)

Stomach: Great desire for sugar. Appetite quickly
satiated. Must drink while eating. Constant thirst.
Heartburn after eating, with scraping. Nausea and
vomiting of food. Stomach oppressed after eating,
with tenderness of pit of stomach. Cannot bear pre*^-
sure of clothes after eating.

Abdomen: Symptoms accompanying the flatulent and
acid dyspepsia, as above. Cramps, contractive, cutting,
tearing, largely from gas, accompanied by nausea,
waterbrash, followed by loose stool.

Stool: Constipation, hard nodular stool, with bleed-
ing. Diarrhoea, preceded and followed by cutting in
the abdomen.

Anns and Eeotnm: Hiemorrhoids. bleeding with a hard
stool. Itching piles.

Urinary Organs: Urine copious, depositing a red sedi-
ment. Micturition frequent, especially at night, even
involuntary during sleep.

Sexual Organs : Sexual desire increased ; involuntary
emissions at night.

Sexual Organs, Female: Pruritus vulva?, with swelling
and burning. Leucorrhoea watery, excoriating. Metises
too frequent, profuse, preceded by colic (often by diar-
rhoea); blood dark or black, acrid, clotted, causes burn-
ing on the thighs. Menses followed by bowel troubles,
especially straining at stool, colic, constipation.

Bespiratory Organs: Laryngitis, with collection of
mucus. Hoarseness. Dyspnoea, especially on ascending
or in a warm room. Dyspnoea at night, with palpita-

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26 A PRIMER OF [Ammon. Carbon.

tion, with dropsical symptoms, bloody expectoration,
etc. (Emphysema.) Cough dry, as from a feather in
the throat, aggravated at 3 A. M., with asthmatic
constriction in the chest ; .expectoration bloody or taste
of blood in the mouth. Cough from cardiac diseases;
especially valuable in pneumonia with a weak heart.

Chest: Internal oppression, as if filled with blood.
Stitches in left side, aggravated by lying on it.

Heart: Weak, pulse quick. Palpitation, with cough
and dyspnoea. (Angina pectoris.)

Neck and Back: Drawing pains from sacrum to nape.
Pain in back during menses.

Extremities: Tearing in the joints, ameliorated by
warmth of the bed. Inclined to stretch. -Falling
asleep'' when sitting.

Upper Extremities: Right arm very lieavy and power-
less, veins swollen, aggravated by washing in cold
water. (The skin of the palms peels oft'.) (Pains in
old sprains of the wrist.)

Lower Extremities: Bruised pain in tlie hip joint and
thighs. Jerkings in the knees. Restless legs. The
big toe is swollen and painful, aggravated in evening in
bed with swelling of foot. (Compare symptoms of acid
dyspepsia !)

Skin: A scarlatina-like rash over upper half of the
hroat and glands!). Itching and burning

leral tendency to sleep and even stupor,
conditions as well as gastric disturbances,
restless from dreams and startings.
illiness, in evening, when going to bed.
il with stupor; local in face, in great toe.
of exanthemata, coldness with a cyanotic
with stupor, etc.) Study Magnesia carb.

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AmmDn. Hur.] materta medica. 27


Ammon. mur. is extremely unlike Ammon. earb. (the
Muriatic acid seems to have overpowered the Ammonia
so far as pathogenetic effects go).

We find no stimulus, but prostration, a low typhoid
state; pronounced action on mucous membranes, par-
ticularly of the respiratory organs ; neuralgia.

As compared with Ammon. carb., Ammon. m. affects
more the left side, Ammon. c. the right side; though
Amm. mur. affects both sides.

Generalities: General weakness. Neuralgic pains,
tearing, burning, ulcerative. Tense feeling of muscles.
Increased mucous secretions.

(The head and chest symptoms are worse mornings,
the abdominal in the afternoon, the pains in the limbs,
the skin and febrile symptoms in tlie evening. — Bopn-

Mind: Irritable, especially in the morning.
• Head: Vertigo, ameliorated in open air. Heaviness
and fulness in the forehead mornings.

Eyes: Burning in the canthi, ameliorated by washing.
Vision weak, vanishing by candle-light. Floating

Ears: Sharp, neuralgic pains, outward, especially in
the open air. Symptoms of catarrhal deafness.

Nose: Sneezing. Discharge of clear water from the
nose, scalding hot. Obstruction. Smell impaired or

Face: Tearing pains in the malar regions. Burning
heat of the face in the house. Lips dry, cracked, with
raw places; corners ulcerated. Sub-maxillary glands
swollen, pulsating.

Month : Burning vesicles on the tip of the tongue.

Throat: Sticking on swallowing. Sore throat,
swollen tonsils, glairy mucus.

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28 A PRiicBR OF [Amm^. Hnr.

Stomaoh: Thirst, especially evenings. Bitter taste;
bitter regurgitations.

Abdomen: Colic; pains about the navel, in the hypo-
chondria, drawings in the groins, etc.

Stool: Hard, crumbling, covered with glairy mucus or
green, slimy diarrhoea, preceded by colic.

Anas and Beotnm: Burning in anus; itching soreness
in rectum.

Urinary Organs: Frequent micturition at night, but
urine usually diminished in quantity.

Sexual Organs : (Enlarged prostate.)

Sexual Organs, Female: Menses early and profuse, with
pains in abdomen and small of back. Flow often more
profuse at night, at times black and clotted. Leucor-
rhcea follows a pain around the navel. LeucorrhcBa
albuminous. Menstruation and leucorrhoea generally
accompanied by abdominal symptoms, jaundice, con-
stipation, sore liver, flatulence, etc.

Eespiratory Organs: Hoarseness, with burning in the
larynx. Cough, dry, in the morning, caused by tickling
in the throat (pharynx). Cough, dry, at night prevent-
ing sleep. Cough aggravated on lying on the back.
Cough very fatiguing, seeming to start from low down
in the chest. Cough becomes loose, with free expector-
ation, especially in the afternoon. Cough, with mucous
rales in the chest, in old people. With the cough, sore,
burning spots in the chest, or between the shoulders ;
great prostration, suffocation (but none of the heart
weakness and cold sweat of Tartar Emetic).

Neck and Back : Tearing pains in the sides of the
neck, extending to the clavicles. Stifihess, painful.
Pain in the small of the back, as if beaten, at night.
Bruised pain in the coccyx, at night.

Extremities: Tearings in the tips of the fingers.
Contraction of the tendons under the knee. Tearings

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Amyl Vitrite.] materia medica. 29

and olcerative-pains in the heels. Tips of toes painful.
Offensive perspiration of feet.

(Sciatica, pains aggravated by sitting, ameliorated
by lying. Various rheumatoid pains aggravated at
night in bed.)

Skin: Vesicular eruptions, becoming scaly.

Fever: Chilliness evenings at six and on waking in
fore part of night. Coldness between scapulae.
Flushes of heat, with red, puflfy face. Sweat after mid-


A volatile liquid producing, when inhaled, speedy
dilatation of the capillaries in the upper part of the
body — flushing of the face, heat and throbbing in the
head, rapid and tumultuous action of the heart — very
similar to glonoine (nitro-glycerine).

Generalities: Great desire for open air, which affords
relief. General trembling and weakness follows the
flushing of the head and face.

Mind: Anxiety as of impending danger.

Head: Throbbing and heat, a surging of blood. Feel-
ing of a band, tightly bound.

Eyes: Glassy, rolling (extremely protruded, as in
exophthalmic goitre, which has been relieved and even
cured by this drug).

Ears: Throbbing. As if the drum were forced out-

Face: Flushed and turgid. Feeling as if the blood
would start through the skin.

Throat : Constricted sensations ; collar seems too tight.

Sexual Organs, Female: Promotes menstrual flow and
is often beneficial for the results of suppression (or ces-
sation at the climacteric).

Eespiratory Organs: Chest oppresse<l, suffocated sen-
sation. •

Heart: Precardial anxiety. Tumultuous action.

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30 A PRIMER OF [Anaoardium.


The chief characteristics of this drug are found in the
mental and skin symptoms. The prevailing sensation
is that of "a plug." Botanically, chemically and
symptomatieally allied to Rhus tox. and Ailanthus.

Oeneralities : AVeakness or faintness with restlessness.
Paralyses. Pain as from a plug in various parts.
"Symptoms disappear during the mid-day meal."

Kind: Memory feeble or lost. Mental work is ex-
tremely difficult; can scarcely comprehend ordinary
conversation. Suspicious. Seemsto be pursued. Mel-
ancholia. Hypochondria. Hysteria. Seems isolated
from the whole world. Mental dullness and gloom
after sexual indulgence. Extraordinary desire to swear.

Head: Violent pain, as from a plug in left side, near
vertex. Pressure in temples. Pain in the occiput from
a false step or noises. Headaches, often ameliorated
by eating, but always aggravated by mental effort.

Eyes: Dull prensure, as with a plug on the eye-ball.
Vision dim, as if looking through mist.

Ears: Dull pressure on the tympanum. Canal seems
plugged up, aggravated by biting teeth together. Deaf-
ness, especially with defective memory.

Nose: The posterior nares seem plugged up. Soreness
in the nostrils. Illusions of smell or loss of smell.
Smells (illusion) burning tinder or dung.

Face: Pale, with sunken eyes. Tetter around the

Kouth: Foul odor, not noticed by the patient. Gums
bleed very easily. Vesicles in the mouth. Speech
difficult, on account of stiffness and swelling of the
tongue. Taste lost.

Throat: Tough mucus, obstructing the posterior nares.
Catarrh of the Eustachian tubes, with a feeling of blunt
plugs. •

Stomach: Feeble digestion ; melancholy after eating.

Digitized by VjOOQiC

Antim. Cmdum.] materia medic a. 31

A shattering sensation in the pit of the stomach on
every step after eating.

Abdomen: Flatulence. Thrusts. As if a blunt plug
were squeezed into the intestines.

Stool: Urging, with inability to expel the feces; *'the
rectum seems plugged up." Painful internal piles.

Sexnal ^Organs : Discharge of prostatic (or seminal
fluid) at stool, or after urinating.

Eespiratory Organs: Cough at night, shattering, spas-
modic, arresting the breath.

Chest: Pressing pain as from a plug in the chest.
Stitches in the region of the heart, extending to the
small of the back.

Back: Feeling of a heavy weight on sides of neck and
back. Nape stiff. Feeling of a plug in the spine.
Lumbago with painful stiffness.

Extremities: Dull pressing inward pains. (Vamp-like
pains in wrist and finger joints. Legs stiff as if bandaged,
restless. Treinbling. Paralytic weakness. Ankles
feel sprained.

Skin: Eczema with intense itching, mental depres-
sion, etc.

Fever: Chilliness, even in a warm room; chilliness
internal with external heat. ** Night sweats.''


The chief manifestations of this one are seen on the
digestive organs, with numerous general indications of
sulphur. The disposition is most characteristic.

Mind: Extremely fretful and impatient. The child
Ls cross if even looked at.

Head: Rush of blood. Bursting pains. Headache
from bathing (or after smoking). General tendency to
take cold from wetting the head. Headaches, associated
with disordered stomach.

Eyes: General redness, with sore margins of lids.

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32 A PRIMER OF [Antim. Cmdum.

Sticking pains. Dried mucus in the corners. Photo-

Ears: Dull hearing.

Nose: Nostrils sore, cracked, crusty. Pain on inhal-
ing cold air.

Face: Vesicles, forming yellow crusts. Corners of
lips and nostrils cracked and sore. Sub-maxillary

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