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mications on lips.

Mouth: Grinding of the teeth, in sleep. The teeth
become loose and painful. Toothache at night, amel-
iorated by external warmth. Gums bleed and are
swollen. Whole mouth aphthous. Tongue brown and
dry, cracked, tip red, edges red, sore, blistered. Neu-
ralgia of tongue, burning pain. Taste bitter.

Throat: Inflamed. Ulcerated (diphtheritic), with
swollen sub-maxillary glands. Sense of constriction.
Pharynx paralyzed; swallowing difficult or impossible.
Burnii^ extending to the stomach. Spasmodic stric-
ture in oesophagus.

Stomach: Craving for acids and brandy. Constant
desire to drink, but takes very little at a time. Eruc-
tations. Hiccough. Kausea. Vomiting of food and

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Arsen. Album.] materia mebica. 47

drink as soon as they reach the stomach. The distress
in the stomach is not relieved by vomiting, but the
extreme irritability, burning and indescribable distress
continue* Inflammation and ulceration, with terrible
distress. In the pit of stomach, anxiety, soreness,
burning or internal chilliness.

Abdomen: Inflammation of the abdominal viscera,
enteritis, etc. Swelling; soreness; burning pains.
The region of the liver is sore. The spleen is en-

Eectum and Anus: Burning. Tenesmus. Protusion.
Haemorrhage. Piles, with burning pain like fire, amel-
iorated by heat.

Stool: Diarrhoea, thin, watery, generally scanty,
acrid, burning, with vomiting, coldness, prostration.
Evacuations frequent, small, preceded by intestinal
pains. Stools may be blackish and putrid, often in-
odorous, rarely 4ys^iit^ry-like. Stool rarely involun-

Urinary Organs: Burning when urinating, during
micturition; micturition rarely involuntary. Urine,
as a rule, scanty and hot, sometimes copious. Haema-
turia. Glycosuria. (Inflammation of the kidneys,
with scanty urine, burning micturition, dropsy, and
many associated symptoms of arsenic.)

Sexual Organs, Kale: Painful swelling of the sexual
organs, erysipelatous. Inflammation of the scrotum.

Sexual Organs, Female: Menstruation too early and
too profuse, rarely scanty and suppressed. Dark haem-
orrhages between the menses. Leucorrhoea copious,
yellowish, thick and corrosive. (Neuralgia of the
right ovary, with burning pains.)

Respiratory Organs: Attacks of suffocation after lying
down. Oppressed breathing from going up stairs, and
also in cold air. Dyspnoea when walking, or even after
turning over in bed. In the larynx a feeling of dry-

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48 A PRIMER OF [Arsen. Album.

ness. Voice tremulous, uneven; at times strong, at
others weak. Cough usually dry, < in evening after
lying down ; has to sit up, with contractive pain in the
region of the stomach and perspiration. Cough in the
evening caused hy sensation of smoke or sulphur fumes
in the larynx, < at night, has to sit up. Paroxysms
of coughing in the night, with sufiocation. Cough on
going into the open air, particularly tickling in the
larynx, as of suffocative fumes, < by drinking. Dry,
short cough in the evening, especially worse soon after
midnight. Haemoptysis. Asthma soon after midnight.
Must spring up out of bed, with very short, difficult
breathing, anguish, moaning. Cough generally < by
lying on back.

Heart and Pulse: Palpitation worse at night, with
great anguish, tremulous weakness. Palpitation after
a stool ; must lie down. Heart's action irregular, irri-
table ; pulse rapid, irregular and weak.

Heck and Back: Nape of the necb feels bruised or
sprained. The whole back is weak. Burning in the
back. Tearing pains, worse at night. Drawing pains
from the nape of the neck to the sacrum.

Extremities: Extreme weariness, or complete loss of
power. Twitching, convulsions of muscles, starting
on falling asleep. Contractions of muscles, both upper
and lower extremities. Tremblings. The pains in the
extremities are usually > by motion. The weakness,
by lying down. Tingling and numbness of the hands
and feet.

Lower Extremities: Unsteadiness when walking. Un-
easiness; cannot keep the legs still. Must move all the
time to get relief. Tearing pains at night, especially
towards morning. Stiffness, numbness, paralysis.
Cramps in the calves, worse at night in bed. (Edema
of the feet, with general exhaustion. The balls of the
toes are painful when walking. Swollen veins in lower
extremities, with oedema.

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Arten. lodat.} materia medica. 49

Skin: Eruptions of arsenic are generally dry, white
and scaly, painful with burning. Itching < by scratch-
ing. Ulcers, painful and burning; the scanty secretion
is generally offensive. A general tendency to pick at
roughened places in the skin until they bleed.

Sleep: Sleeplessness till 3 A. M., afterwards a dis-
turbed sleep, with dreams and startings in fright.
When lying awake at night, great restlessness and
tossing about. When asleep, frequent jerking and
starting up. When waking out of sleep finds it diffi-
cult for a long time to fall asleep again.

Fever: The febrile paroxysm is generally character-
ized by a short chilly stage, prolonged fever, and very
little or no perspiration. Shivering without thirst.
Wants to hover over the fire. Coldness of the surface,
with cold, clammy sweat. Shivering in the evening,
with tearing pains in the limbs and great restlessness.
Fever at night, as if dashed with hot water, with burn-
ing through blood vessels. With the fever, extreme
r^tlessness. Frequent drinking of small quantities of
water. Weakness. Persistent internal heat, worse
after midnight, with restlessness and anxiety; skin
^hot and dry. Sweat, especially of the lower extremi-
ties, often cold. Cold sweat on the face. Sweat some-
times offensive.


Vom: Clinical. Dryness. Valuable for violent, acute coryza,
with profuse, acrid discharge which is watery ; associated with sore-
ness in the nostrils, heat and burning, extending into the eyes,
headache and all the symptoms of violent, acute influenza. (A com-
bination and aggravation of the symptoms of iodine and arsenic. )

Cliest: Clinical. Pulmonary tuberculosis, with cavities in lungs,
hectic fever, etc. Chronic catarrhal pneumonia, with muco-purulent
expectoration, dyspnoea, night sweat, etc. Chronic put
abscess in the lung, hectic fever. Acute catarrhal pn(
caseous degeneration and fibrosis. Fibroid degeneratio
with inflammation and haemorrhage ; commencing ca
eral, many cases of pulmonary disease, pneumonia,
chronic, and various forms of phthisis pulmonaris ha\

Digiti zed by


50 A PRlif £R otr [Arum Triphyllnm.

the special indications l>eing great debility, nigtit sweats, eitlier after
the cavity is formed or when a cavity threatens to form, with a de-
cidedly cachectic condition of the patient. It seems probable that in
the Iodide of Arsenic we have found a remedy most closely allied to
manifestations of tuberculosis. It will be indicated by a profound
prostration, rapid, irritable pulse, recurring fever and sweats, ema-
ciation, tendency to diarrhoea, etc. It Is especially valuable in non-
tubercular phthisis.


An irritant poison, producing inflammation and irri-
tability of mucuous surface; a low type of fever.

Mind: Delirium, with picking at the lips or nose.

Head: Dull aching in the forehead or through the
head, with heaviness.

Nose: Soreness of the nostrils, which even become
ulcerated. The nose and lips feel as though chapped
by cold wind. The nostrils obstructed. Fluent
coryza; constant discharge from left nostril; discharge
thin, acrid, sometimes bloody, with great soreness of
the nostrils. Constant picking at the nose makes it
more sore. Pain at the root of the nose.

Face: The lips burn, are swollen and chapped. The
left articulation of the jaw is painful on swallowing.

Konth: Tongue cracked, burning, with rawness at
the root and in the throat. All of the soft parts of the*
mouth and palaleare sore and burning, painful when
eating or drinking. Salivation.

Throat: Swelling of the left submaxillary glands.
Pain on swallowing, burning soreness, constriction.
The whole throat feels swollen and raw. (The throat
and nose symptoms are frequently associated, in vio-
lent influenzas or in diphtheria. The patient is con-
stantly inclined to pick at the nose and lips until they
bleed. The discharges become bloody and off'ensive.)

Stool: Watery, brown diarrhoea, with eructations of

XTrinary Organs: Urine copious and pale.
Bespiratory Organs: Hoarseness. Expectoration of

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AiaftBtida.] matebia medica. 51

much macus. Constant inclination to clear the voice.

Chest: The lungs feel sore. Burning pain and sore-
ness, particularly in the left lung.

Skin: Eruption like scarlatina, with itching, followed
by desquamation.

Fever: Creeping chills. Flushes of heat, particularly
of the fiEice. (Particularly adapted to low types of
fever, especially of the eruptive varieties.)


General Action: Pronounced on the nervous system,
producing symptoms like hysteria and chorea (globus
hystericus, flatulence, etc.). Experiments o«i healthy
persons, with large doses, have proved very uncertain.

Generalities: Twitchings and tremblings of muscles
in various parts of the body. Intermittent shooting
pains from within outward, relieved by touch, but not
affected by changes of position. General heaviness of
the body. Adapted to hysterical, nervous people, par-
ticularly with symptoms of chorea. It has been found
useful for various forms of syphilitic destruction of
bones, particularly of the tibia, characterized by
throbbing pains at night and some sensitiveness of
the inflamed part. In general, there is extreme sensi-
tiveness to external impression.

Kind: Great excitability and sensitiveness, yet with
complete indifference to everything. Hypochondriac
or hysterical restlessness and anxiety. Changeable

Head: General rush of blood to the head and throb-
bing. Pressing down in the sides of the head from
within outward. Similar pains in the temples and
forehead. Pains in the sides of the head, as from a
penetrating plug.

Eyes: Dryness. Burning in the eyeballs and pain
pressing outward. Pressure on the margin of the left
orbit. Dragging pains in the bones and supra-orbital

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52 A PRIMER OF [Aiafbtida.

region. (Boring pains through the orbits, or throbbing
pains at night > by pressure and by rest, indicate this
a remedy for neuralgia and also for syphilitic iritis
and other inflammations within the eyeball.)

Note: Pressure as though the nose would burst.
(Bones swollen and inflamed. Offensive purulent dis-
charge from the nose.)

Face: A tense, numb feeling in the malar bones and
bones of the face. Oppressive, numb feeling in the

Konth: Extreme dryness of the mouth, and burning,
extending into the throat.

Throat: A hysterical rising, as if a ball or somebody
rose up the oesophagus to the throat, constantly
obliging one to swallow, which affords temporary re-
lief. Spasmodic contractions of the CBSophagus; a feel-
ing as if peristaltic motions were reversed.

Stomach: A feeling of pressure after eating. A feel-
ing of distention. Pulsating in the pit of the stomach.
Indigestion caused by fat food.

Abdomen: Distention of the abdomen. Griping and
great flatulence. Pressing pains in the region of the
liver. Sticking pains from within outward in the
sides of the abdomen. Abdominal muscles contracted
into a ball. Flatulent colic.

Bectnm and Stool : Pain in rectum like a dull press-
ing outward. Ineffectual urging to stool. Diarrhoea
watery, brown, offensive, with a great deal of gas, af-
fording general relief.

Urinary Organs: Urine brown, of a pungent odor.
Spasmodic contraction of the bladder during and after

;anB, Female: Bearing down pains in the
elling of the external genitals.
7 Organs: A spasmodic tightness of the
lOugh the lungs could not be expanded,
oppressed, rapid, with small pulse.

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Asanui.] materia medica. 53

Heart and Pulse: Palpitation like a trembling. Pulse
small, quick and irregular.

Heck and Back: Stitches in the scapulae, muscles of
the back and loins.

Extremities: Twitchings. Painful throbbing in the
great toes. (Caries of the tibia.)

Fever: Creeping chills over the body. Flushes of
heat in the face, without thirst, but with anxiety and


Oeneral Action: Nervous erethism; pains, muscular
spasms; prostration.

Generalities: Extreme sensitiveness of all the nerves.
Scratching on linen, or even thinking about it (he feels
himself constantly obliged to). Causes disagreeable
thrills and seems to be intolerable. A general feeling
of lightness of the limbs; when walking one seems to
be floating in the air. (Many troubles seem to be
relieved by washing the face in cold water.)

Kind: Inability to think; thoughts vanish as though
one were going to sleep. HI humor. Sadness, with

Head: Pressing outward, pain in the forehead, with
nausea, excited by every effort of the mind. Attacks
of one-sided pain at 5 every afternoon.

Eyes: Painful dryness and burning of the inner sur-
face of the lids. A feeling of coldness in the eyes.

Clinical. Conjunctivitis, witli stitches in the corners of the eyes.
Inflamed, watery eyes. Burning as if from brandy in the eyes in the
evening in the house, with constant lachrymation. The inflammation
of the eyes feels better in cold air, but sunlight and wind cannot be
tolerated. The eyes feel stiff.

Ears: Pressive tension at the opening of the auditory
canal. Hearing diminished.

Stomach: Eructations, disagreeable. Heartburn, with
sour eructations ; seem to set the teeth on edge. Vio-
lent, empty retchings, which < all troubles. Vomit-
ing, with anxiety, and great nervous tension.

Digitized by VjOOQiC

54 A PRiMEB OF [Asclepias Comnti.

Abdomen: Griping pain in the left side, extending to
the baek. Sore pain over the region of the spleen.
Violent colic, with vomiting.

Stool: Soft evacuations, with strings of reddish
mucus. Slimy diarrhoea, tenacious, with blood.

Clinical : Evacuations thick; black blood during stool. Diarrbcea
of undigested food, especially of potatoes. Cutting colic precedes
the stool. Prolapsus of the rectum during stool. Stool followed by
pressure, with discharge of white, tenacious, bloody mucus.

Sexual Organi, Female : Clinical. Menstruation too early and last-
ing too long, consisting of black blood- Menses ushered in by vio-
lent pain in the lumbar vertebra, so that she can scarcely breathe.

Bespiratory Organs: Difficult breathing, with stitches
in the lungs, or with a feeling as if one were breathing
in a sack. (Cough from irritation in the trachea, with
free expectoration of mucus. A sensation of con-
striction of the trachea, with short breathing.)

Neck and Back: Cramp in the neck. A feeling as
though the neckband were too tight. The muscles of
the nape of the neck feel bruised. Bruised pain along
the back when standing or sitting, > by lying.

Extremities: Drawing pain in the joints, wrists and
fingers. Persistent pressing down in the hip < by
stepping. Cramps in the thighs. Weakness in the

Sleep: Falls asleep late in the evening on account of
surging of blood.

Fever: Chilliness and shivering, without thirst. Al-
ternations of flushes of burning heat and cold. Sweat
of sour odor, especially in the axillae.


Generalities: It seems to increase the secretion of
urine, of mucus from the bronchi, and also perspira-
tion. It has been found useful in a few cases * of
dropsy, consequent upon disordered kidneys or heart.

Digitized by VjOOQiC

Aielep. Tuber.] materia medica. 55

It has also been prescribed for the intermitting press-
ing-down of the nterus, especially during pregnancy.


Greneral Action: Cathartic. Myalgia, particularly of
the intercostal muscles; perhaps also inflammation of
the pleura.

Head: Dull headache, forehead and vertex < by mo-
tion, > by lying. Convulsion and vertigo, general
debility and dim vision.

Stomach: Nausea. Pains, heavy pressure, burning.

Abdomen: Much rumbling and flatulent colic.

Stool: Evacuations thin, extremely fetid, preceded
by rumbling in the bowels. Evacuations containing
flakes of mucus, as though the intestines had been

Bespiratory Organs: Dry cough, with constriction in
the throat ; cough causes pain in the forehead and ab-
domen. Respiration painful at the base of the left
lung. Pain is extremely sharp and shooting down-
ward, becomes cutting > by breathing and coughing
> by bending forward. The intercostal spaces tender
to pressure, with darting pain, close to the sternum;
the pain shoots over to the right side. Sharp cutting
pain behind the sternum < by breating and by moving
the arms.

Extremities: Rheumatic pains in the joints, espe-
cially in the large joints; shooting pains in the shoul-
ders and thighs and knees (particularly left knee).

Skin: Eruptions, papular, vesicular, pustular, on
various parts of the body.


Oeneral Action : Diuretic, sometimes emetic. It de-
presses the heart and increases the nasal and bronchial
secretions. (Compare Convallaria and Squills.)

Digitized by VjOOQiC

56 A PiuMEB OF [Aanun.

Hose: Coryza, with profuse discbarge, thin, whitish,
foul, frequent sneezings.

Urinary Organs: Frequent micturition, with fine
stitches in the orifice of the urethra. The urine, at
first, increased in quantity, afterwards, diminished.
Inflammation of the bladder, with discbarge of pus
and mucus. Expulsive power of the bladder weak,
retained urine almost ammoniacal.

Heart and Pulse: Palpitation of the heart, with op-
pression of the chest. Irregular, weak pulse, acceler-


Oeneral Action: At the present time there is great
diversity of opinion concerning the physiological
action of gold and its salts. It is, however, safe to say
that connective tissue generally is affected. Its action
on the mind is decided and peculiar.

Generalities: General over-sensitiveness to pain and
cold. Need fresh air. General orgasm of blood, with
violent palpitations. Bruised I)ain in the head and
limbs. Paralytic, tearing pains in the joints, especially
in the morning on waking, or if the parts become cold.
Pain < by lying, > by rising.

Mind: General disgust at life; suicidal tendency.
Anguish, increasing to attempts at self-destruction.
Becomes violent on the least contradiction. Quarrel-
some; irritable; melancholy. Longs for death. Im-
agines he cannot succeed in anything; wishes to be
alone. Weeping mood; thinks his friends have for-
saken him. Apprehensive, caused by a noise, fear of
persons intruding. Alternations of laughing and
weeping. Religious melancholy.

Head: Violent rush of blood to the head, with heat.
General bruised pain < by mental effort. Vertigo on
stooping as of whirling around, or afi if one would fall
to the left; must lie down, < on the slightest motion.

Digitized by VjOOQiC

Aanun.] materia medica. 57

Pain in the bones of the skulL (Bony tumor on the
vertex, with boring pain.)

Eyes: Tensive pain in the eyes, so that vision is diffi-
cult, > by closing the eyes. Eyes feel weak, with
pressure ; feeling of sand. Lachrymation. Pain press-
ing from above downward in the right eye. Burning
heat in the inner canthi, with sticking and drawing.
Double vision. Half vision. The upper half seems
covered with a dark cloud. Only sees the lower half
of objects.

Clinical: Most violent inflammation (ulcerated cornea); extreme
photophobia, with violent pain in the bones, extending down into
the face.

Ears: Roaring. (Offensive discharge from the ears.)
Caries of the mastoid process.

Hose: Nostrils ulcerated, agglutinated, painful. The
nose internally is sore, the nasal bones and adjoining
parts painful to touch. Foul odor from the nose.
Discharge of offensive matter. Smell very acute.

Month: Toothache from drawing air into the mouth.
Ulceration of the gum, with toothache and heat in the
head. Foul odor from the Tuouth. Taste putrid or
bitter. (Caries of the hard palate.)

Throat: Stitches on swallowing. Submaxillary
glands swollen, painful as if bruised.

Stomach: Immoderate hunger or thirst. Heavy
pressure in the stomach at noon.

Abdomen: Rumbling. Flatulent colic. Burning in
the right hypochondrium, with cutting. Incarcerated
flatulence in the left ribs, with lancinating pain.

Stool: Constipation, evacuations hard, nodular.
(Nightly diarrhoea.)

Urinary Organs: Urine increased, pale. Urine some-
times turbid, like buttermilk. (Painful retention,
with dragging pressure on the bladder.)

Sexnal Organs, Male; Swelling of th^ right testicle,

Digitized by VjOOQiC

58 A PRIMER OF [Aumm Mur.

with tensive pain, as if brnised. Increased sexual
desire. Nocturnal erections and emissions.

Sexual Organs, Female : Symptoms of inflammation of
internal organs. Chronic inflammation of the uterus,
which is enlarged and prolapsed. Sensitiveness of the
vagina. Sterility, with depression of spirits. Vagi-
nismus, with hysterical symptoms.

Bespiratory Organs: Dyspnoea at night. Attacks of
suffocation, with constrictive oppression of the chest.
Need to take deep breaths.

Heart: Attacks of anguish in the region of the heart.
Drives one from place to place. Anxious; palpitation,
with a rush of blood to the chest.

Back and Limbs: Violent backache. Tearing in the
different joints. Paralytic weakness in the knees.

Sleep : Sleepiness at night, but restless sleep and anx-
ious dreams. Sleepiness after midday meal.

Fever: Sensitiveness to cold. General febrile shiver-
ings in the evening in bed, without thirst and without
subsequent heat. Coldness of the whole body, with
qualmishness. Orgasm of blood as if it were boiling
in the veins. Morning sweat.

Oeneral Observations: This soluble salt of gold is
sometimes preferred, though the indications are in a
general way similar to those of Aurum metallicum.
The nasal symptoms are similar and pronounced.
Note, in addition, haemorrhoids, with bleeding during
stool. Note the marked symptoms of the female
organs, heat, burning and yellow, acrid leucorrhoea.


Oeneral Observations: This preparation has been used
particularly for diseases of the female organs, as

Obstinate leucorrhoea, with spasmodic contractions of muscles of
vagina. Chronic mtritis and prolapsus. Induration of vaginal por-

Digitized by VjOOQiC

Bttdiaga.] matbria medica. 59

tion of uteros. Enlargement of uterns for fourteen years, twice its
natural size, entirely cured, uterus replaced itself. Induration of
ovaries, reaching as far as umbilicus. Cases of ovarian dropsy.
Ulcerations of neck of womb and vagina, resulting from inflamma-
tions and indurations. Cases of subinvolution, anteversion and pro-
lapsus, with greenish-yellow discharge. All these cases were cured
by internal use of the remedy, generally 3d trit It usually caused in-
crease of appetite.


Generalities: Soreness in the muscles and integu-
ments, as if beaten.

Clinical, This drug hss been found useful in some cases of indur-
ated and lymphatic glands, with a sluggish form of inflammation.
The parts become bluish or purplish, with great soreness of the flesh.

Head: Pain behind the eyeballs and temples, espe-
cially in the afternoon. Pain in the forehead, extend-
ing to behind the left eyeball, worse in the afternoon.

Eyes: Intermittent pain in the posterior portion of

the right eyeball in the afternoon. Pain in the eyeballs

which extends to the temples, is worse on turning the

eyes in either direction. The left eyeball becomes

sore, even on closing it tightly. The margins of the

lids become bluish, and there is blueness under the


Vote : Clinical. This drug has occasionally been found useful dur-
ing paroxysms of hay fever, with asthmatic breathing, associated
with paroxysms of suffocative couglL See Respiratory Organs.

Baspiratory Organs: Spasmodic cough from tickling
in the larynx, resulting in the forceful ejection of
viscid mucus from the bronchial tubes, which some-
times flies forcefully out of the mouth; worse in the
afternoon, sometimes associated with sneezing and
symptoms of hay fever.

Veek and Back: Btitches in the nape of the neck
< bending back and forward, with soreness and lame-
ness. Stitches below the right scapula, worse
throwing the shoulders forward, or on twisting

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