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[A Revision of



[A Revisj


The Dimensions of Intelligence (M.S. thesis, W.S.U., 1946)

The Social Dimensions of Personality (Ph.D. thesis, U.C., 1950)

The Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality (1957)

Multilevel Assessment of Personality (1957)

The Existential Transaction (1960)

The Psychedelic Experience (with Metzner and Alpert, 1964)

The Psychedelic Reader (ed. with Weil, 1965)

Psychedelic Prayers from the Too Te Ching (1967)

High Priest (1968)

Politics of Ecstasy (1968)

Jail Notes (1971)

Confessions of a Hope Fiend (1973)

Neurologic (with Joanna Leary, 1973)

Starseed: A Psy-Phy Comet Tale (1973)

The Curse of the Oval Room (197 A)

Terra II (with Joanna Leary and L.W. Benner, 1974)

What Does WoMan Want? (1976)

Exo-Psychology (1977)

The Game of Life (1977)

Neuropolitics (with Robert Anton Wilson and George A. Koopman, 1977)

Communication with Higher Intelligence (1977)

Changing My Mind, Among Others (1979)

The Intelligence Agents (1979)

Flashbacks (1983)

Mind Mirror (1986)


[A Revision of

An Extension Amplification









Falcon Press 1987 Los Angeles & Phoenix

2210 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 295 Santa Monica, Ca. 90403 (213) 821-3540

Copyright 1987 by Timothy Leary
All Rights Reserved

Published in the United States by

Falcon Press

First Falcon Press Edition, 1987

Third Printing

Manufactured in the United States

Library of Congress Catalog No: 76-56056

Leary, Timothy


[Revised as Info-Psychology]

A Manual on the Use of the Nervous System

According to the Instructions of the Manufacturers

ISBN 0-941404-60-9

Coordinated by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.
Layout by Linda Norlen & Clara Cohan

"The life of the prominent individuals within a generation cannot stand apart from the generation itself. If they are
the fish, the gene-pool is the liquid in which they swim. The generational sensitivity they share is far more significant
than the things that separate them."

Landon Y. Jones



"This is not going to be a volume of memoirs about my own life. Therefore I am not going to recount the truly
amusing details of my arrest, which was like no other. That night the SMERSH officers gave up their last hope of
being able to make out where we were on the map they had never been able to read maps anyway. So they politely
handed the map to me and asked me to tell the driver how to proceed to Central Intelligence at army headquarters. I,
therefore, led them and myself to that prison, and in gratitude they immediately put me not in an ordinary cell but in a
punishment cell."

Aleksandr L Solzhenitsyn

"We've got the greatest system in the world; we've just got to find a way to make it work."

Nelson Rockefeller

"(The emergence of Information Society) . . .is the central event - the key to understanding
the years immediately ahead. It is an event as profound as that First Wave of unchanged unleashed ten thousand years
ago by the invention of agriculture, or the earthshaking Second Wave of change touched off by the Industrial
Revolution. We are children of the next transformation, the Third Wave."

Alvin Toffler on the Cyber-Quantum Civilization


This book celebrates all

Evolutionary Agents

And Cyber punks

On This Planet and Elsewhere


Georges I. Gurdjieff

who reminded us to laugh
Aleister Crowley

who did the English translation
To Israel Regardie

who kept the Falcon flying high
To Thomas Pynchon

who gave us the American version
To William Gibson

first of our species to circumnavigate

the Info-World



Gibson has outlined the Cyber-Info

Society of the near future.


Run Ins With Timothy Leary, Ph.D.

By Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

My first run in with Tim Leary was in 1964 when, as an undergraduate, I studied social
psychology and personality theory. Leary and Coffey (circa, 1950) helped to quantify and clarify
the pioneering work of Dr. Henry Stack Sullivan, an Irish- American who had invaded the clinical
world of psychiatry with the notion that "personality" was a hypothetical construct which could
only be understood in terms of reciprocal patterns of inter-personal relationships.

Leary and Coffey first formulated a research model which contributed to the understanding of
personality. This led Leary and others to the development of significant new personality tests as
well as the dynamic and wholistic approach to psychotherapy best represented by so many
contemporary group and family therapies.

Unfortunately, Leary is all too rarely remembered for his breakthrough research (perhaps
understandably by the general public given the insanity of press coverage) but even by other
psychologists who, while acclaiming his early work as brilliant, then dismiss him for "falling into
LSD". And yet it is this very work which led to such notions as relative and dynamic interaction,
and reciprocal relationships which permeate modern approaches to psycho-therapy. Leary's
dilation of Sullivan's ideas provides a quantitative profile of an individual's interactions across
various observable behaviors. These measurements can then be compared between raters,
(friends, doctors, self, etc.) and disparities explored and examined.

My second run in with Tim was in 1964-65 when I took 800 micro-grams of LSD, a dose
something more than recommended. I had a "trip" which lasted for over two days and was
flooded with information which ranged from Chinese slot machines in full color to space travel to
intricate personality maps and on and on. The "trip" left me confused and anxious and over the
years I began to hypothesize that all "neurosis" is a result of information shifts and overload.

Imagine the hunter-man facing the agriculture man and he facing the industrial man, and he in
turn facing the technological man. The mind-brain unit attempts to struggle with the new
information in various ways, some creative, some destructive. Regardless, the result is anxiety,
until a new model or formulation takes place. Frequently, whole civilizations collapse as they
"refuse" to accomodate the new info-tech which will inevitably transform them. Thus I concluded
that man is not in search of his soul as Jung postulated but in search of ways to integrate new
info-tech with old info-tech. Therefore, I discarded the notion of pathology and viewed anxiety
and depression as attempts to cope with minor and major shifts in reality models. This lead to
notions of semantic maps (which Osgood et. al. (1957) were kind enough to provide) and shifting
centers of interests (a form of coming together and moving apart at mutual points of information
interactions) and infinite peripheries (being open to expanding and new information or people).
Finally, years later, a new therapy [World View(s)] developed which I directly attribute to Leary's
social psychology and the flood of new data created by my LSD experience.

My third run in with Tim took place through Israel Regardie, the first author to sign with
Falcon Press. Regardie and I were working on The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic, when for
some reason Regardie decided to contact Leary. I was simply present when the conversation took
place over the phone. A tenative meeting was set up but before this could take place Regardie died.
Before his death he wrote of Leary, ". . .posterity, I am certain will have a finer appreciation of
what he has contributed to this world than we have today."

My fourth run in with Leary took place at the Los Angeles Airport. There was a hurried and
handsome middle-aged gentleman standing directly in front of me. He looked very familiar
although the last picture I saw of Leary was when he was 40ish. I accumlated the courage and
asked him if he was Tim Leary, he replied yes and I introduced myself as the Publisher of Falcon
Press. He said he would like to talk with me, but was in a hurry to catch his plane. We parted with
a smile.

Three years later in 1987 Leary and I finally sat down in his home in Beverly Hills and signed
the contract which led to the publication of this book as well as four others (The Future History
Series). Falcon Press is pleased to have the "Head Coach" aboard.


If you would like to read further on the New Age Conspiracy to elevate
Human Consciousness on this Planet and elsewhere don't simply ask your
book dealer to order the following titles Demand that He/She do sol They

The Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson.

The blew Inquisition by Robert Anton Wilson.

Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson.

Sex and Drugs by Robert Anton Wilson.

Wilhelm Reich In Hell by Robert Anton Wilson.

Coincidance by Robert Anton Wilson.

UnDoing Yourself With Energized Meditation And Other Devices by Christopher S.

Hyatt, Ph.D. Introduced By Robert Anton Wilson.

Angel Tech A Modern Shaman's Guide To Reality Selection by Antero Alii.

Introduced By Robert Anton Wilson.

An Interview With Israel Regardie His Final Thoughts. Edited by Christopher S.

Hyatt, Ph.D.

The Sapiens System: The Illuminati Conspiracy by Donald Holmes, M.D. Introduced by

Robert Anton Wilson.

Zen Without Zen Masters by Camden Benares.

The DownSide Of Up by Marian Greenberg.

Monsters And Magical Sticks by Steven Heller, Ph.D.

The God-Spell Broken: A Study In Generic Humanity by Neil Freer.


Timothy Leary, Ph.D. has just signed with Falcon Press for the following titles:

Intelligence Agents
What Does WoMan Want?
The Game Of life

(Of course these books as well as many others are all by Falcon Press.)


To Falcon Press Edition; 1987

This book was written, a long, long time ago, in the period 1975-1976.

The subsequent twelve years have produced enormous changes in world consciousness, in
American Culture, in the information-psychological sciences and, to say the least, in my own

For example, when this book was written:

Richard Nixon was in the Oval Office, being replaced by Gerald Ford. Decriminalization of
marijuana had been recommended by Presidential commissions, and by the top medical/legal

I wrote EXO-PSYCHOLOGY while serving a long sentence in federal prison for possession of a
half ounce of the stuff. Taking advantage of this government-grant of undistracted time I
cheerfully involved myself in writing three books and in warily avoiding FBI assassination threats.

This enforced monasticism may excuse the wistful references to Aleksandr L. Solzenitsyn,
Giordano Bruno, Andrei Sakharov, etc. My caged status may partially explain the earnest
yearnings for extra-terrestrial flight, for O'Neill Space colonies and for bird-like escape from this
earth's heavy gravity-well.

Can you recall those starry nights back then when our very own Sky Lab hung above us in
bright high-orbit? The Washington/Cape Canaveral Shuttle had not been built, nor destroyed by
NASA communication breakdowns.

In our innocence we assumed that the Shah, with the help of the CIA, could establish a western
industrial culture in Iran. That Israel was a western-democracy. That Born-Again Christians
were pathetic, irrelevant kooks. How innocent we were back then.

How uninformed was I, not understanding several great insights which would, in the next wild
decade, clarify our expectations of the 21st century.

I had, for example, not read Great Expectations by Landon Y. Jones. This fascinating and
erroneously pessimistic book suggested that each decade of the last half of the 20th century
represents a stage or passage in the growing-up of the Baby Boom Generation, a cohort 76
million strong, twice as large as expected. This new species of Cyber-kids, encouraged by Dr.
Spock to think for themselves, trained by TV ads to become consumer gourmets of reality, were
the first generation to explore and inhabit the Info- World, the first cohort of humans to think and
communicate in terms of electron-clusters projected on screens, those shimmering, always
changing mirrors of public consciousness.

Nor had I, in 1975-76, read Alvin Toffler's The Third Wave or John Naisbitt's writings about the
post-industrial, post-nation, post-collective consciousness.

I clearly did realize that the smokestack, assemblyline, factory civilization was winding down in
smog, rust, and acid rain. And I was able to spell out the four most probable next stages of our
evolution as species and individuals.

5. Cyber-somatic: the individual managing hir own body, using new hedonic-aesthetic
technologies to pilot through the sensory world which can only be experienced by the registered
(imprinted) owner. The emergence of High-Tech Paganism.


iv Preface

6. Cyber-neurologic: the world of the brain which can only be experienced by the owner, the
individual navigating and re-programming hir own brain; using new electronic technologies to
create Info-worlds more tangible and natural and livable than the mechanical realities of the
industrial age; the emergence of Electronic-Quantum Paganism, High-Tech Humanism.

7. Cyber-genetic: the world of genetic consciousness which can only be experienced by the
individual deciphering and reprogramming hir own DNA, using the new micro-biological
technologies to harmonize with the Gaia Matrix to create new species; the emergence of Amino
Acid Animism.

8. Cyber-atomic: the individual deciphering and reprogramming atomic info-structures, piloting
the new nano-technologies for personal and species evolution.

Believe it or not, I wrote this book in the antiquated world of the rag-and-glue book, before the
arrival of Eve's Electronic Apple. Before Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had marketed the first
cyber-computer, the first personal knowledge appliance which allowed individuals to digitize
thoughts, process them, alter their molecular structures, communicate them on screens.

I was quite blind to the fact that the new young generation would grow up automatically
processing digitized thoughts on home electronic screens.

In short, I understood PSYber-world, but not CYBer-world.

I had extensively explored the inner worlds of consciousness, navigated the limitless psy-
universe of the brain. But I had no access to and understanding of the Info-world, created by the
electronic technologies which were just about to change us from mechanical-book people to
quantum screen people. Home synthesizers. Computers. Audio digitizers. Video digitizers.
Compact Disk Interactive systems.

My high-tech ignorance in 1976 accounts for the over-emphasis on space colonies and
post-terrestrial psychology.

I did not realize that the first wave of Alien Intelligences which would teach me the quantum
language of the galaxy would be found, not out beyond the wall of the Van Allen belt, but would
appear in my own house in the year 1979 in the form of my Cyber-son Zachary piloting his way
around the info-space of video games and the asteroids, planets and constellations of data to be
explored in computer software.

In 1975-76 it seemed clear that life was leaving the planet and migrating to space-colonies
which the inhabitants would fabricate. These H.O.M.E.s (High Orbital Mini-Earths) would
obviously involve post-mechanical, post-national, neuro-electronic environments. But I did not
realize that the space-worlds could only be built and inhabited by those who had attained
Cyber-Quantum proficiency.

Exo-psychology now seems to me an important futique concept. But it places emphasis on the
rocket-ship hardware. The title of this book should be:


The Info-Worlds which our species will discover, create, explore and inhabit in the immediate
future are not to be reached from Canaveral launch-pads alone, but throughour computer
personal screens.

To explain these new ripples my current publisher/editors Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt and
Nicholas Tharcher have allowed me to re-write the first 16 pages of this revised edition. This new
beginning permitted me to start shifting the emphasis from "EXO" to "INFO".

From Space Habitats to Information Habitats.

After page 16 or so you, the reader, must translate and update my 1976 prose.

Many of the terms of Exo-Psychology seem a bit out of place in the slick, high-tech 1980's. To
update and clarify may I offer some translations?



The psychology of post-terrestrial existence.


The psychology of the post-industrial society. Precedes and complements Exo Psychology.


Thoughts packaged, stored, processed and communiated in terms of quantitative patterns. H 2

is the digitized (quantum) expression for lettered thoughts such as "wasser", 'Teau", "aqua",



The extra-terrestrial universe, the solar system, stars galaxies usually defined as material structures.


Our world, the galaxy, the universe defined and measured in terms of information. The quantum

universe of signals, bits, digital elements, recorded by, stored in, processed, communicated by

electronic knowledge technology, the human brain and its electronic extensions.


Oral, hand-crafted language. The creation of hand-made artifacts and tools. The paleolithic,

neolithic and tool-making (tribal) stages of human evolution which came after hunter-gatherer

and before feudal, industrial and quantum stages.


Early primitive stages of human evolution which precede space migration and attainment of

individual mastery of quantum technology. LARVAL humans are instinctively, reflexively tied to

collectives; they have not reached the cyber (pilot) states of auto-thinking. This term is

deliberately insolent and provocative. To label fellow human beings as belonging to primitive

stages of evoultion does not insure immediate popularity. This satirical usage reflects the author's

traditional, Celtic playful arrogance, here inflated by jail-house blues.


Humans who do not think for themselves. Human beings who belong to tribes, states, churches,

rigid organizations, nations, industrial societies. The stages which precede individual cyber-life.

This is another typical snide Sufi (Gurdjieffian) barb at people who do not think for themselves.

An "in joke" not appreciated by some. (Informative and funny references to DFs can be found in

the following Falcon Press books presented in the order of snideness, Undoing Yourself, Prometheus

Rising, Angel Tech, and Breaking the GodSpell.)


Stages of thinking which use digitized clusters of quanta rather than lettered words or vocal



All stages of human evolution which precede individual independence. Other synonyms:

member of HIVE, HERD, FLOCK. Usually used with satirical intent (See Undoing Yourself).


Stages which precede space-migration and cyber-quantum thinking.


The word "quantum" refers to a bit, an elemental unit. The word QUANTUM used as an

adjective indicates that the subject is defined in terms of numbers, clusters of digitized elements,

units of information.

vi Glossary


This is constrasted with the mechanical, material physics of Newton which concerned itself with

such issues as mass, force, work, energy.


Defines a universe made up of temporary clusters of info-units, elemental off-on, digital bits.




The decoding of the signals of the universe in the many dimensions of complexity. Whereas the

Newtonian universe was composed of apparently solid matter, the INFO UNIVERSE is made

up of data structures.


Inhabits data-space, lives in Info-Worlds.


A synonym for EXO-PSYCHOLOGY. Human thought and behavior described in terms of the

language of numbers, computers, icons.


Each decade of the 20th century has witnessed the emergence of information appliances and new

communication-art-forms which give humans increasing access to and control of electronic

(digital) information.

The quantum appliances include telephones, radio, phonographs, movies, television, portable

cassette players, CB radios, home synthesizers, compact disks.


The word CYBER comes from the Greek kubernetes, pilot. The Heisenberg principle demonstrated

that the observer determines (i.e. defines) the realities SHe confronts by the nature of the

observational technologies and the maps/models used for interpretation.


Is the individual who understands the Heisenberg principle and accepts responsibility for the

realities SHe defines and inhabits. This general principle of Self-Determination has been described

for millenia by Hindu-Buddhist-Gnostic-Sufi philosphers. Creative people, writers, artists, poets,

dramatists, inventors, innovators, shamans, intelligent magicians have, throughout the centuries,

understood this principle. They have used it to fabricate the glories of human culture and science.

However, the ability of CYBER PERSONS to create realities has been limited to symbols, icons,

myths, scripts, artistic and philosophic expressions. The Information structures we call art. Until

recently human ability to describe quantum realities could not extend to the material plane

because of techno-quantum ignorance. During the Pre-Industrial humans, from philosophers to

sultans to serfs, were helpless victims of techno-myopia. The Industrial era tremendously

advanced human ability to manage material reality, on the collective scale. It was only in the

Roaring 20th century that humans discovered that the universe is an Info-Structure to be

explored and managed by Intelligence, i.e., Cyber-Quantum proficiency to think and build with

clusters of digitized thoughts.


The individual accesses and pilots electronic knowledge technology for hir own personal

purposes. The traditional eight attitudes of philosophy can now be re-defined in terms of


1. COSMOLOGY: the theory of origins defined in Cyber or Collective terms.
QUANTUM COSMOLOGY: a theory of origins which can be expressed in scientific, quantum,
numerical form.

2. POLITIC: a theory of domination, control, freedom, submission defined either in terms of
Individuals (cyber) or coDectives.

Glossary vii

QUANTUM POLITICS: a theory of domination, control, freedom expressed in psycho-
geometric coordinates and digital language. See the computer software program MIND MIRROR.

3. EPISTOMOLOGY: the theory which defines truth (cyber-individual belief) and fact
(collective-social belief).

QUANTUM EPISTOMOLOGY: truth and fact expressed in digital language and quantum
physical descriptions.

4. ETHICS: the theory which defines good/evil (cyber-subjective) and virtue/vice (social-collective).
QUANTUM ETHICS: good and virtue defined in the astro-physical language of psycho-geometry.

5. AESTHETICS: a theory defining subjective-beauty and social-art, personal pleasure and
rewards from the collective.

QUANTUM AESTHETICS: Beauty, art, pleasure, reward defined in terms of numbers, digits,

6. ONTOLOGY: a theory about the nature of reality based on Cyber (personal) or Collective-
social attitude.

QUANTUM ONTOLOGY: a theory about the nature of reality defined in scientific,
technological, quantum digitese.

7. TELEOLOGY: a theory of evolution, devolution or stasis based on either Cyber-individual
or Collective-social attitudes.

QUANTUM TELEOLOGY: a theory of evolution, devolution, or stasis based on measurable
indices, quantitative patterns, geometries.

8. ESCHATOLOGY: a theory of endings, both cyber-individual and collective-social. A person
who is not in charge of hir own endings probably cannot fabricate a general theory of
evolutionary endings.

QUANTUM ESCHATOLOGY: a theory of endings based upon quantification, digitization,

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Online LibraryTimothy LearyInfo-psychology : a manual on the use of the human nervous system according to the instructions of the manufacturers and a navigational guide for plotting the evolution of the human individual → online text (page 1 of 14)