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Copyright, 1901,


This book has been compiled to meet a demand
for a handy reference guide to the writings of
American authors. So far as the author knows,
there is no other work along similar lines, and it
was through the need of such a book that its com-
pilation was suggested.

As a wide range of entries in a limited space natu-
rally implies brevity, the author has endeavored to
recognize the fact by giving such items only as, in
his judgment, are deemed necessary.

The aim throughout has been to make for the
general reader a brief but comprehensive guide to
the authorship of the various writings in the great
body of American literature.

Valuable assistance in the compilation of the
book has been derived from the following standard
works of reference: AUibone's "Critical Dictionary
of English Literature and British and American
Authors," Appleton's " Cyclopedia of American Biog-


raphy," Adams's "Dictionary of American Authors,"
Duyckinck's '• Cyclopedia of American Literature,"
Stedman and Hutchinson's "Library of American
Literature," Stedman's " American Anthology,"
"Century Cyclopedia of Names," Harper's "Book
of Facts," Warner's " Library of the World's Best
Literature," Emerson's "Parnassus," Bryant's "Li-
brary of Poetry and Song," Dana's " Household
Book of Poetry," Richardson's " American Litera-
ture, 1607-1885," Tyler's " History of American Lit-
erature, 1606-1676," Tyler's "Literary History of
the American Revolution, 1763-1783," Watkin's
"American Literature," Pattee's "History of Ameri-
can Literature," Pancoast's " Introduction to Ameri-
can Literature," Eggleston's " American War Bal-
lads," Clarke's "Songs of the South," Nicholson's
"Famous Songs," Johnson's "Familiar Songs,"
Mitchell's " American Lands and Letters," " The
Bookman," " The Book Buyer," and many others.

L. H. P.
Brooklyn, 1901.




A. Gordon Pym. Prose tale. July, 1838. E. A. Foe.
Full title. Narrative of A. Gordon Pym. It is
a short story in twenty-four chapters. The first
portions of it appeared in the Southern Literary
Messenger, January and February, 1837.

Abbot Paphnutius, The. Poem. \'&10,u\ Scrihner's
Monthly for December. Helen (Hunt) eJackson.

Abbotsford. One of the selections of the "Crayon
Miscellany," q.v. Washington Irving.

About Old Story Tellers. Juvenile. 1877. D.
G. Mitchell (Ik Marvel).

Abraham Davenport. Poem. l^QQ,m. the Atlantic
Monthly for May. J. G. Whittier.

Abraham Lincoln. Ode. 1865. R. H. Stoddard.

Abraham Lincoln. Poem. Written April, 1865,
Xew York. W. C. Bryant.

Abram ]Morrison. Poem. 1884. J. G. Whittier.

Absalom. Poem. 1827, in the Christian Watch-
man. N. P. Willis.

Account of the Late War in England, 1689.
Nathaniel Byfield.

Across the Street. Poem. 1875, in the Atlantic
Monthly for April. T. B. Aldrich.

Ad Aniicos. Poem. 1876. O. W. Holmes.

Adams and Jefferson. Eulogy, delivered in Fan-
euil Hall, Boston, Aug. 2, 1826. Daniel

Adams and Liberty. Poem, patriotic. 1798. R. T.

Paine. First line : " Ye sons of Columbia icho

bravely have fought "
Adams, Life of John Quincy. Biography. 1858.

Josiah Quincy (1772-1864).
Address to Black Hawk. Poem. Edward Sanford.
Address to a Mosquito. Poem. Edward Sanford.
Address to the Armies of the United States. Poem.

AVritten 1782. David Humphreys.
Address to the People of Great Britain. A noted

State paper. 1774. John Jay (1745-1829).
Adelheid. Poem. About 1847. A. G. Greene.
Adirondack Stories. 1880, Boston. Philander

Adjustment. Poem. 1885. J. G. Whittier.
Admetus. Poem. 1871. Emma Lazarus.
Adsum. Poem. About 1871. R. H. Stoddard.

Written to the memory of Thackeray.
Adventures in Fairyland. Juvenile. 1853. R. H.

Adventures of Ann. Novel. 1886. Mary E.

Adventures of Captain Bonneville. Narrative.

1837. Washington Irving. A story of adven-
ture in the Rocky Mountains, full of thrilling

frontier pictures.
Adventures of Captain Horn, The. Story. 1895.

F. R. Stockton.
Adventures of Robin Day. Novel. 1839. Robert

M. Bird.
Adventures of Tom Sawver, The. Novel, juvenile.

1876. S. L. Clemens." " Tom Sawye'r Abroad "

is its sequel.
-SJsthetic Papers. 1849. Edited by Elizabeth P.

iEstivation. Poem. 1858. O. W. Holmes.
Afara, or the Belles of Broadway. Poems. 1829.

who's the author ? 3

MacDonald Clarke, an eccentric versifier, often

styled " The Mad Poet."
Afloat and Ashore. Novel. 1844. J. F. Cooper.
Africa and the American Flag. 1854. A. H.

Foote, Rear Admiral, U. S. N.
After a Tempest. Poem. 1824, in the United

States Literary Gazette for October 1. W. C.

After All. Poem. 1860-1864. William Winter.

First line : " The apples are ripe in the orchard.''
After All, Not to Create Only. Poem. Recited at

the opening of the Fortieth Annual Exhibition

of the American Institute, Sept. 7, 1871. Walt

After His Kind. Novel. 1886, New York. J. W.

Palmer. It was written under the pseudonym

of "John Coventry."
After the Accident. Poem. 1873, in the January

issue of Scribner's Monthly. F. Bret Harte.
After the Ball. Song. 1892. C. K. Harris.
After the Ball. Song. 1859, in the Atlantic Monthly

for July. Nora Perry. This popular song often

appeared under the title "Maud and Madge."

First line : " They sat and combed their beautiful

After the Rain. Poem. About 1859. T. B.

Aldrich. First line : " The rain has ceased,

and in my room."
Aftermath. Novel. 1896. A sequel to "The

Kentucky Cardinal." James Lane Allen.
Aftermath. Poem. 1873. H. W. Longfellow.

First line : " When the summer fields are mown."
Afternoon in February. Poem. 1845, in Graham's

Maffazine for September. H. W. Longfellow.

First line : " The day is ending."
Agatha Page. A parable. 1888, Boston. Isaac


4 who's the author?

Age of Chivalry, The. Mythology. 1858. Thomas

Age of Fable, The. A well-known work on mytho-
logical subjects. 1855. Thomas Bulfinch.

Age of Reason. Treatise. 1791-1795. Thomas

Aged Stranger, The. Poem. 1860-1868. F. Bret
Harte. First line : '" / ivas with Grant ' — the
stranger sa'id.'"

Ages, The. Poem. 1821. _ W. C. Bryant. This
poem was originally delivered before the Har-
vard Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Agnes. Poem. 1861. O. W. Holmes.

Agnes of Sorrento. A story. 1862. H. E. Beecher
Stowe. Begun as a serial May, 1861, in the
Atlantic Monthly.

Airs of Palestine. Poem. 1816, Baltimore. John

Al Aaraaf. Poem. 1829. E. A. Poe. A star, dis-
covered by Tycho Brahe, appeared suddenly in
the heavens, attained in a few days a brilliancy
that surpassed that of Jupiter, then suddenly
disappeared and has never been seen since.

Album Verses. Poem. 1857. O. W. Holmes.

Alderbrook. Collection of stories. 1816. Emily
Chubbuck Judson (Fanny Forester).

Algerine Captive, The: or The Life and Adven-
tures of Doctor Updike Underhill : Six Years a
Prisoner among the Algerines. 1799. Royall
Tyler. A narrative of fictitious adventures.

Algic Researches. 1839. H. R. Schoolcraft. This
work, together with his " History, Condition,
and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the
United States" (1851-1855) and the "Myth
of Hiawatha" (1856), were some of the chief
sources on which Longfellow drew for the " Song
of Hiawatha."

Alhambra, The. 1832. A collection of Moorish
and Spanish tales. Washington Irving.

Alice Lee. Song. About 1848. G. W. Bethune.
First line : " She's fresh as breath of summer

Alice of Monmouth : An Idyl of the Great War.
A poem. 1864. E. C. Stedman.

Alice of Old Vincennes. JSfovel, historical. 1900.
Maurice Thompson.

Alice Ray : A Romance in Rhyme. Poem. 1846.
Sarah Josepha B. Hale.

Alide. Romance in prose. 1874. Emma Lazarus.

All Here. Poem. 1867. O. W. Holmes.

All Quiet along the Potomac. See "Picket

All the Year 'Round : Verses from Sky Farm. A
collection of poems. 1880. Elaine Goodale
(Eastman) and Dora Read Goodale.

Allegra. Poem. 1843. J. R. Lowell.

Airs Well. Poem. 1850. J. G. Whittier.

Almanac for the Year of the Christian Account.
1687. Printed and sold by W^illiam Bradford
near Philadelphia. Daniel Leeds. This is
said to be the first book printed in Pennsyl-

Almanac for 1639. Calculated for New England.
Published 1639. William Pierce. Said to be
the first almanac published in the colonies.

Alnwick Castle. Poem. 1827. Fitz-Greene Hal-

Alone : A Tale of Southern Life and Manners.
1854, Richmond. Mary V. Terhune. This was
her first novel.

Alone. Poem. 1878, in LippincoW s Magazine for
January. Celia Thaxter.

Along the Way. A volume of short poems. 1879.
J\Iary M. Dodge.

6 who's the author?

Alphonso of Castile. Poem. 1840-1847. R. W.

Alpine Sheep, The. Poem. About 1855. Maria
(White) Lowell.

Amalfi. Poem. Written Feb. 8, 1875. H. W.

Amber Gods. Seven tales. 1863. Originally con-
tributed to the Atlantic Monthly. Harriet E. P.

Ambitious Guest, The. One of the selections of
" Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Haw-

Ambitious Woman, An. A novel. 1886. Edgar

Ambrose. Poem. 1848. J. R. Lowell.

America. National hymn. 1772. T. Dwight.
First line : '• God bless our native land ! "

America. National hymn. W^ritten at Andover,
Mass., in the winter of 1831-1832. S. F. Smith.
The air was taken from a selection called " God
Save the King " which the author found in a
German song book. It was first sung in public,
July 4, 1832, at the Park Street Church, Boston,
by Sunday school children. First line: "J/^
country 'tis of thee."

America, Commerce and Freedom. Poem. 1804.
Susanna H. Rowson. First line : " How blest a
life a sailor leads."

America Free or America Slave. Pamphlet. 1867.
John Jay (1817-1894), son of John Jay (1745-

American Almanac and Repository of Useful
Knowledge. An annual. 1830-1861.

American Anthologv, An. 1787-1899. Published
1900. E. C. Stedman.

American Archives. A compilation of thirty years'
labor, forming a documentary history of the


American colonies. It was begun in 1833.
Peter Force.

American Bards. Satire in verse. 1820. Robert
Wain (1794-1825).

American Biographical Dictionary. 1809. William
Allen. This work is said to be the earliest of
its kind in the United States.

American Biography, Dictionary of. F. S. Drake.
1872. It was incorporated in " Appleton's Cyclo-
pedia of American Biography."

American Biography, Library of. 1834-1838, and
1811-1848. Jared Sparks.

American Birds, List of. See "List of American

American Claimant, An. Romance. 1892. S. L.
Clemens (Mark Twain).

American Coast Pilot, The. A noted work on
practical navigation. 1796. E. M. Blunt.

American Comedies. A volume of plays, issued in
1847 by James K. Paulding and his youngest
son, William Irving Paulding. It comprised
"The Bucktails," "The Noble Exile," "Mad-
men All," and " Antipathies." J. K. Paulding
wrote the first. These plays were written just
after the close of the War of 1812.

American Conflict, The. History. 1864-1866. Hor-
ace Greeley.

American Democrat, The : or Hints on the Social and
Civic Relations of the United States of America.
1838, Cooperstown, N. Y. J. F. Cooper.

American Farmer in England : Walks and Talks of
an. An account of agricultural observations.
1852. F. L. Olmsted.

American First Class Book. A noted school reader.
1823, Boston. John Pierpont.

American Fish and Game Laws. 1886. Henry


American Flas^, The. Poem, patriotic. 1819, in the
N.Y. Evenimj Post of May 29. J. R. Drake.
First line: ^'-When Freedom from her mountain
height.'" It was originally pnblished over the
signature of Croaker ^- Co. The last four lines
of the poem were written by Halleck.

American Football. Treatise. 1891. Walter Camp.

American Herd Book, The. 1855-1863. A well-
known work. L. F. Allen. Wrote also " Ameri-
can Cattle," " Rural Architecture."

American Hero, The. Ode. Written October,
1775, at Norwich, Conn. Nathaniel Niles. It
was quite popular, locally, as a ballad.

American Ideals. Social and political essays. 1897.
Theodore Roosevelt.

American Independence. Oration. Pronounced
before the inhabitants of Boston, July 4, 1825.
Charles Sprague.

American Journal of Science. Periodical. Estab-
lished 1818. Up to 1846 it was a quarterly,
when it then became a bi-monthly, and continued
such until 1871, when it was issued as a monthly,
in which form it is still published. It is
the oldest scientific periodical in the United

American Journalism, Forty years of. 1877, Phila-
delphia. J. W. Forney.

American Lands and Letters. Literary sketches,
written in a most entertaining, chatty stvle.
1899. D. G. Mitchell (Ik Marvel).

American Literature, 1607-1885. Published 1886-
1889. C. F. Richardson.

American Literature, 1607-1765, History of. 1878.
M. C. Tyler.

American Literature. 1887. E. P. Whipple.

American Literature. Encyclopedia of. See " Ency-
clopedia of American Literature."

who's the author? 9

American Literature, Library of. An extensive
compilation of the selected writings of American
authors, edited by Edmund Clarence Stedman
and Ellen Mackay Hutchinson. Eleven vol-
umes. 1888-1890.

American Magazine, The : or A Monthly view of
the Political State of the British Colonies. Be-
gun by John Webbe, 1741, at Philadelphia.
Three numbers were issued.

American Magazine and Historical Chronicle. Pe-
riodical (monthly). Established September,
1743. Issued until December, 1746.

American Monthly Magazine. Established 1829
by Nathaniel Parker Willis. It continued about
two years, and then became the Neiu York

American Museum, The. Periodical. Established

American Ornithology. 1808-1814. Alexander
Wilson. It was continued and finished by
C. L. Bonaparte, and comprised nine volumes.

American Poetry, Specimens of. Anthology. 1829.
Samuel Kettell.

American Political Ideas from the Standpoint of
L^niversal History. 1885. John Fiske.

American Politician, An. Novel. 1884. F. M.

American Politics, The History of. 1879, New
York. Alexander Johnston.

American Practical Navigator. A well-known sail-
ing guide of standard reputation. 1800. Na-
thaniel Bowditch.

American Printer, The. A well-known standard
work on typography. 1866. Thomas MacKellar.

American Quarterly Review. Periodical. Estab-
lished 1827 and continued to 1837.

American Question, The. A series of Letters in

10 who's the author?

the London Daily Neivs, December, 1861, defend-
ing the Union cause. W. W. Story.

American Rebellion ; Reflections on the. Pamphlet.
1780. Joseph Galloway.

American Rebellion, The. Speeches. 1864. H.
VV. Beecher.

American Republic, The. A consideration of its
constitution, its possibilities, and destiny. 1866.
Orestes A. Brownson.

American Review, The. A Whig journal. Estab-
lished 1815. Its later title was the American
Whig Review.

American Revolution ; Observations on the. Gouv-
erneur Morris.

American Revolution, 1761-1783, Reader's Hand-
book of the. A valuable reference book. 1880,
Boston. Justin Winsor.

American Revolution, The. History. 1891. John

American Revolution ; The Literary History of the.
A standard work. 1897. M. C. Tyler.

American Scholar, The. Also known by title of
" Man Thinking or the American Scholar," q.v.

American Spelling Book. See " Grammatical Insti-
tute of the English Language."

American Taxation. Ballad of the Revolution.
See "Taxation of America."

American Teacher's Assistant. 1826, Charleston.
This is said to be the first work, of a compre-
hensive character, on arithmetic published in
America. John Mackey.

American Tears upon the Ruins of the Greek
Churches. 1701. Cotton Mather.

American, The. Novel. 1877, Boston. Henry

American Theatre, History of the. 1832, New
York. William Dunlap.

who's the author ? 11

American Village, The. Poem. 1845, Boston.
C. W. Denison.

American Weekly Mercury. Periodical. Estab-
lished Dec. 22, 1719, at Philadelphia, and ran
until 1747.^

American Writers. A series of articles in Biack-
icoocVs Magazine. 1824. John Neal.

Amir Khan. Poem. 1829. Lucretia M. Davidson.

Among My Books. Literary essays. 1870. J. R.
Lowell. A Second Series was issued in 1876.

Among the Hills. Poem. 1868. J. G. Whittier. This
poem was, in its original form, entitled " The
Wife; an Idyl of Bearcamp Water," and appeared
in the A tlantic Monthly for January, 1868. When
it was published in volume ^'Among the Hills,"
December, 1868, Whittier expanded the prelude
and the story. First line : '■''Along the roadside,
like the Jiowers of gold"

Among the Isles of Shoals. Beautiful descriptive
sketches, prose, which first appeared as a series
of papers in the Atlantic Monthly, beginning
with the issue of August, 1869. They were
afterward collected in a small volume, 1873.
Celia Thaxter.

Among the Pines. A story of slave days. 1863,
New York. J. R. Gilmore (Edmund Kirk).
A notable story in its time.

Among the Trees. Poem. 1869, in Putnam's Maga-
zine for January. W. C. Bryant.

Amos Kilbright : His Adscititious Experiences.
Short story. 1888. F. R. Stockton.

Amran's AVooing. Poem. About 1854. Bayard

Amy Wentworth. Poem. 1862, in the Atlantic
Monthly for August. J. G. Wliittier. First line :
^'- 1 J er fingers shame the ivory keys.''

Anarchiad, The. A series of satirical poems con-

12 who's the author?

tributed about 1786 to the Hartford and New
Haven newspapers. They were published in book
form about 1861, and made a i>lea for an effec-
tive federal constitution. Lemuel Hopkins, with
Joel Barlow, Trumbull, and Humphreys.

Anathemata. Poem. F. B. Sanborn.

Ancient Prophecy, An. War ballad. Revolution,
about 1786. Philip Freneau. First line :" TFAeu
a certain great king, ivhose initial is G."

And Is there. Lord, a Rest? Hymn. Written at
Bath, Maine, 1813. Ray Palmer.

Andrew Rykman's Prayer. Poem. 1863, in the
Atlantic Monthly for January. J. G. Whittier.

Angels of Buena Vista, The. Poem. 1847. J. G.

Angelus, The. Poem. 1868, in the Overland Monthly
for October. F. Bret Harte. First line : " Bells
of the Past ivhose long-forgotten music."

Angler, The. One of the selections of the "Sketch
Book," q.v. Washington Irving.

Angling, The Pleasures of. Descriptive sketches,
delightfully written. 1876, New York. George

Annabel Lee. A Poem. First appeared in the
New York Tribune, October 9, 1849. E. A. Poe.
First line : " It loas many and many a year ago."

Anne. Novel. 1882. Constance F. Woolson. It
ran as a serial in Harper's Monthly, 1879.

Anne Boleyn. A tragedy. 1850. G. H. Boker.

Annette Delarbre. One of the selections of "Brace-
bridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Annie in the Grave-yard. Poem. About 1848.
Caroline Howard Gilman.

Annie Kilburn. Novel. 1888, in Harper's Monthly,
June-November. W. D. Howells.

Annoyer, The. Poem. About 1837. N. P. Willis.
First line : '■'■Love knowest every form of air "

who's the author? 13

Anti-apis. Poem. 1851. J. R. Lowell.
Antipathies. Comedy. 1847. W. I. Paulding.
Antiquity of Freedom. Poem, patriotic. 1842, in

the Kriickerhocker Magazine for February. W.

C. Bryant.
Anti-slavery Hymns. 1842. New London, Conn.

G. S. Burleigh.
Antony and Cleopatra. Poem. Written, 1857.

AV. H. Lytle. First line: "/ am dying, Egypt,

Appeal'for the "Old South," An. Poem. 1877.

O. W. Holmes.
Appeal in Behalf of that Class of Americans called

Africans. 1833. Lydia Maria F. Child. This

was a strong work which aroused great interest.

It was the first anti-slavery work to appear in

book form in this country.
Apple Blossoms. Poems. 1878. Elaine Goodale

(Eastman) and Dora Read Goodale.
April Day, An. Poem. Written 1824. H. W.

April Hopes. Xovel. 1887, in Harper\'^ Magazine,

P'ebruarv-Xovember, Boston. W. D. Howells.
Arab to the Palm, The. Poem. About 1854.

Bayard Taylor.
Arab Welcome, An. Poem. 1862, in the Atlantic

^^on1llh| for October. T. B. Aldrich.
Archbishop and Gil Bias, The. Poem. 1879. O.

W. Holmes.
Archibald jMalmaison. Romance. 1879. Julian

Arctic Lover, The. Poem. 1833, in the Knicker-

hocker Magazine for January. W. C. Bryant.
Arctic Vision, An. Poem. 1860-1868. F.BretHarte.
Ardis Claverden. Novel. 1890. F. R. Stockton.
Areytos : or Songs and Ballads of the South. Poems.

1846. W. G. Simms.

14 who's the author?

Argonauts of North Liberty, The. 1888, Boston.
F. Bret Harte.

Ariadne's Farewell. Poem. About 1874. Helen
(Hunt) Jackson.

Aristocracy. Play. Produced at Palmer's Theatre,
New York City, 1892. Bronson Howard.

Arithmetic, Intellectual. A noted school book.
1821. Warren Col burn.

Arithmetic, North American. 1834, Boston. Fred-
erick Emerson.

Arithmetic, Vulgar and Decimal. 1729. Isaac

Arm-chair, From My. Poem by H. W. Long-
fellow, written to the children of Cambridge
who presented him on his seventy-second birth-
day, Feb. 27, 1879, with a chair made of the
wood of the " Village Blacksmith's Chestnut
Tree." To this present seven hundred public
school children contributed. The idea of the
gift was due to E. N. Horsford and his wife.

Army and Navy Series. Juveniles. W. T. Adams
(Oliver Optic).

Army Hymn. Poem. 1861. O. W. Holmes.

Army Life in a Black Regiment. Sketches of the first
slave regiment (First S.C. Volunteers) mustered
into the U.S. Service. 1870. T. W. Higginson.

Around the Hub : A Boy's Book about Boston.
1881. S. A. Drake.

Arrah-na-Poke. Travesty on Dion Boucicault's
Arrah-na-Pogue. 1865. C. H.Webb (John Paul).

Arrow and the Song, The. Poem. Written Oct.
16, 1845. H. W. Longfellow. First line : " / shot
an arrow into the air"

Arsenal at Springfield, The. Poem. 1844, in
Graham's Magazine for April. H. W. Long-
fellow. First line : ^^ This is the Arsenal. From
Jioor to ceiling."

who's the author? 15

Art. Essay. ISAl. R. W. Emerson. This essay is

grouped with his first series.
Art. Essay. 1870. R. W. Emerson. One of the

collection, "Society and Solitude," q.v.
Art of Book-making, The. One of the selections in

the " Sketch Book," q.v. Washington Irving.
Art Out of Doors. 1893. Mariana (Griswold) Van

Rensselaer. This is a work on gardening.
Artemus Ward : His Book. Humorous sketches.

1862, New York. C. F. Browne (Artemus

Ward). Wrote also: "Artemus Ward: His

Travels among the Mormons. " 1865, New York.

"Artemus Ward in London." 1867. "Artemus

Ward's Lecture at Egyptian Hall." 1869. New

Arthur Bonnicastle. Novel. 1872. Begun as a

serial in Scribner's Monthly, November. J. G.

Arthur Clenning. Novel. 1828, Philadelphia.

Timothy Flint.
Arthur Mervvn: or Memories of the Year 1793.

Novel. 1800. C. B. Brown. A story of the

yellow fever plague in Philadelphia, 1793.
Artist of the Beautiful, The. One of the selections

of " Mosses from an Old Manse," q.v. Nathaniel

As a Strong Bird on Pinions Free. Poem. 1872.

AValt Whitman.
As it is in Heaven. Essays. 1891. Lucy Larcom.
As it was Written. Novel. 1885, New York.

Henry Harland (Sidney Luska). A Jewish

musician's story.
As We Go. Sketches. 1893. C. D. Warner.
As ^ye Went Marching On. A story of the war.

1885. G. W\ Hosmer.
As We Were Saying. Sketches. 1891. C. D.



16 who's the author?

Aspects of Fiction. A collection of articles about

novelists and fiction writing. 1896. Brander

Aspiring Miss De Laine. Poem. About 1871.

F. Bret Harte.
Astor, Life of John Jacob. Biography. 1865.

James Barton.
Astoria. A history of the fur-trading settlement,

Astoria, at the mouth of the Columbia River,

written by request of John Jacob Astor. 1836.

Washington Irving.
Astrcea. Poem. 1840-1817. R. W. Emerson.
Astraea : the Balance of Illusions. A poem, deliv-
ered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Yale.

1850. O. W. Holmes.
Astronomical Diary and Almanac. 1725-1764.

Nathaniel Ames. This was quite popular in its

day, and was a mixture of shrewd humor and

pointed philosophy.
At Greenwood Cemetery. A sonnet. 1898. W. P.

At Home and Abroad. Travel sketches. 1859-

1862. Bayard Taylor.
"At midnight in his guarded tent." See "Marco

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