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Lucky Lover. Romance. 1892. John Habberton.
Lucy Books. Juveniles, for girls. Jacob Abbott.
Lucy Hooper. Poem. 1811. J. G. Whittier.
Lucy Temple : One of the Three Orphans. Novel.

1828, Boston. Susanna H. Rowson. This is a

sequel to ''Charlotte Temple," q.v. It was pub-
lished after the author's death.
Luke. Poem. About 1874. F. Bret Harte.
Lulu's Library. Juvenile. 1885. Louisa M. Alcott.
Lumbermen, The. Poem. 1845. One of the

'' Songs of Labor." J. G. Whittier.
Lyon. Civil War Ballad. Henry Peterson. First

line: " Sing, hird, on green Missouri's plain."
Lyra. Poem. About 1852. Alice Cary.
Lyrics of Lowly Life. Poems. 1896. P. L. Dunbar.

Mabel Martin : A Harvest Idyl. Poem. 1875. J.

who's the author? 151

G. Whittier. The material of this poem first
appeared in the National Era, in 1857, under
title "The Witch's Daughter." In 1875 Whit-
tier enlarged and altered it to its present form.
First line: "/ call the old time hack: I bring
my lay."

Mabel Vaughan. Novel. 1857. Maria S. Cum-

McArone Papers. A series of miscellanies con-
tributed, 1860-1865, to Vanity Fair and other
journals. George Arnold.

McFingal. Poem. 1775-1782. John Trumbull.
A famous satire on the Tories, after the manner
of " Butler's Hudibras." The first canto appeared
in 1775, and the whole poem was completed in

McKinley, Life of William. Biography. 1896.
Murat Halstead.

McSorley's Inflation. Play. Produced Nov. 27,
1882, at Harrigan and Hart's New Theatre,
Broadway, New York City. Edward Harrigan.

Madame de Mauves. Short story. 1875. Henry

Madame Delphine. Novel. 1881. G. W. Cable.

Madison, Life of James. Biography. S. H. Gay.
1884. Boston.

Madison, Life of James. Biography. 1854. J.
Q. Adams.

Madison Papers, The. Collection of the writings
of James ]Madison, in 3 vols. 1840.

Madmen All. Comedy. 1847. W. I. Paulding.

Madonna of the Future, The. Short tale. 1875.
Henry James.

Madonna of the Tubs, The. Short story. 1886.
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward.

Madrigals and Catches. Poems. 1887. F. D.

152 who's the author?

Madrono. Poem. About 1871. F. Bret Harte.

Magnalia Christi Americana : or, The Ecclesias-
tical History of Xew England. 1702. Cotton

Mahomet and His Successors. Historical narra-
tive. 1850. Washington Irving. In two vol-
umes. Vol. I. sketches the life of Mahomet to his
death, a.d. 622. Vol. II. narrates the progress
of Moslem rule from Mahomet's death to the
invasion of Spain, a.d. 710.

Maid of Saxony, The : or, Who's the Traitor.
Opera, first performed at the Park Theatre, N.Y.,
May 25, 1812. It (the libretto) was written by
George Pope Morris.

Maiden in the East, To the. Poem. About 1837.
H. D. Thoreau.

Maidenhood. Poem. January, 1842, in the Southern
Literary Messenger. H. W. Longfellow.

Main Street. One of the selections of '' The Snow-
Image and Other Twice-Told Tales." Xathan-
iel Hawthorne.

Main Travelled Roads. Six Mississippi Valley
Stories. 1891. Hamlin Garland. The collection
contains : " A Branch Boad," " Up the Coule,"
" Among the Corn Rows," " The Return of the
Private," " Under the Lion's Paw," " Mrs. Rip-
ley's Trip."

Main Truck, The : or, A Leap for Life. Xautical
ballad. George Pope Morris. First line : " Old
Ironsides at anchor lay." In Morris's poems a
footnote states that this poem was founded " on
a well-known tale from the pen of the late
William Leggett, Esq." This explains why the
poem has sometimes been ascribed to William

Maine Woods, The. An account of a journey.
1864. H. D. Thoreau.

who's the author? 153

Maize, The. Poem. 1850-1855. W. W. Fosdick.
First line : " A song for the plant of my own
native west.'"

Making of New England, The. (1580-1643.) His-
torical manual, 1886. S. A. Drake. Wrote also,
of similar character, " The Making of the Great
West, (1512-1883)" 1887; "The Making of
the Ohio Valley, (1660-1837) " 1894; and "The
Making of Virginia and the Middle Colonies,
(1578-1701) " 1893.

Malbone : An Old Port Romance. Story. 1869, in
the Atlantic Monthly. T. W. Higginson.

Malmiztic, the Toltec. Novel. 1851, Cincinnati.
W. AV. Fosdick.

Man in the Boiler, The. Sketch. 1846-1848. C.
F. Hoffman.

Man in the Reservoir, The. One of C, F. Hoffman's
"Sketches of Society" contributed to the Liter-
ary World, 1846-1848.

Man of Adamant, The : An Apologue. One of the
selections of " The Snow-Image and Other
Twice-Told Tales." Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Man of Ninety, The. Poem. About 1788. Philip

Man of Uz and Other Poems. 1862. Lydia H.

Man the Reformer. Lecture read before the
Mechanics' Apprentices' Library Association,
Boston, Jan. 25, 1841. R. W. Emerson.

Man Thinking : or The American Scholar. Essay.
R. W. Emerson. Originally an oration delivered
before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, Cambridge,
Aug. 31, 1837. The new edition was entitled
"Man Thinking: An Oration." The oration
was also entitled the " American Scholar,"
under which it is best known.

"Man who frets at worldly strife. The." Poem,

154 who's the author?

from '• The Croakers," in the Xew York Evening
Post of March 19, 1819. J. R. Drake.

Man ^vho Married the Moon, The. Folk-lore stories
of the Pueblo Indians. 1891. C. F. Lummis.

Man with the Hoe, The. Poem. 1899, in the San
Francisco Examiner of January 8. Charles
Edwin Markhara. This widely known poem
was written after seeing Jean Francois Millet's
picture entitled '' The Man with the Hoe."

Man without a Country, The. Short story. 1863,
in the Atlantic Monthly for December. Edward
Everett Hale. The story of a man condemned
to pass the rest of his life at sea, on some
ship of the U. S. navy, and never to hear his
country mentioned. Everything he read was
inspected, and anything relating to his country
cut out.

Manassas. Civil War ballad (Southern). Catherine
A. W. ^Yarfield. First line : " They have met at
last — as storm clouds."

Maniac. The. Poem. 1819, Phila. G. S. Burleigh.

Mannahatta. Poem. About 1888. Walt Whit-

Manners and Customs of Several Indian Tribes
West of the Mississippi. 1823, Philadelphia.
A work of note in its day. J. D. Hunter.

Manners. Essay. 1814. R. W. Emerson.

Manners of the Time, The. Satire. 1762. Thomas

Manual of Historical Literature. Valuable criti-
cal reference work. 1882. C. K. Adams.

Manuscript, The. One of the selections of " Brace-
bride Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

MS. Found in a Bottle. Prose tale. 1833. E. A.
Poe. This tale won a prize of §100 from the
Baltimore Saturday Visitor.

Map of Virginia, with a Description of the Country,


the Commodities, Government, and Religion.
Capt. John Smith. 1612, Oxford.

Marble Faun, The. Romance. 1860. Nathaniel
Hawthorne. This story also appeared under
the title " Transformation." Its motif is the
transforming power of sin.

Marble Prophecy, The. Poem suggested by the
Laocoon group in the Vatican at Rome. 1872.
J. G. Holland.

Marcellus. Over this signature John Quincy
Adams (1767-1848) contributed, about 1793, to
the Boston Centiriel, a series of articles stanchly
advocating Washington's policy of neutrality.
This series was followed by another signed
'' Columbus," and by still another signed " Bar-
nevelt," arraigning the French minister Genet
in his attempt to Jacobinize America.

Marching Along. Civil War ballad. W. B. Brad-
bury. First line : " 21ie army is gathering from
near and from far."

Marching Througli Georgia. Very popular ballad
of the Civil War. Written soon after Sherman
began his famous "March to the Sea." The
great march commenced about Nov. 16, 1864.
H. C. Work. First line : " Bring the good old
bugle, boys.'"

Marco Bozzaris. Poem. 1825, in the Neio York
Review. Fitz-Greene Halleck. First line : ''At
midnight in his guarded tent." Marco Bozzaris
was a Greek patriot, born 1788, and killed near
Missolonghi, Greece, while leading an attack
on the Turks there, August 20, 1823.

Mardi : And a Voyage Thither. Story of adventure.
1848. Herman Melville.

Mare Rubrum. Poem. 1858. O. W. Holmes.

Margaret : A Tale of the Real and the Ideal, Blight
and Bloom. 1845. A story of old New England

156 who's the author?

days, intermingled with descriptions of nature.
Sylvester Judd (1813-1853).

Marion Darche. Novel. 1893. F. M. Crawford.

Marion Moore. Song. J. G. Clark.

Marjorie Daw. Short romance. 1873, in the At-
lantic Monthly for April. T. B. Aldrich.

Marm Lisa. Story. 1896. Kate Douglas (\Yiggin)

Maroon, The : A Legend of the Caribees. Tale.
18.55. W. G. Simms.

Marquis of Carabas, The. Romance. 1882. Har-
riet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford.

Married, not Mated. Story. 1856. Alice Cary.

Marse Chan. Tale. 1883, Scrihner's Magazine. T.
N. Page.

Marsh Island, A. Story. 1885. Sarah O. Jewett.

Marshes of Glynn. Poem. Written 1878, and ap-
peared in " The Masque of the Poets," 1879.
Sidney Lanier.

Martha. Poem. 1861. O. W. Holmes.

Martin Faber. Story. 1833. W. G. Simms.

Maruja. Novel. 1885. F. Bret Harte.

Mary Dow. Poem. 1832-1841. Hannah F. Gould.

Mary Garvin. Poem. 1856. J. G. Whittier.

Maryland, A Character of the Province of. 1666.
George Alsop. A rare work.

Maryland, My Maryland ! See " My Maryland."

Mary's Lamb. Poem. Sarah J. B. Hale.

Marzio's Crucifix. Novel. 1887. F. M. Crawford.

Mason and Slidell : A Yankee Idyl. Second paper
of the second series of the Bigloio Papers.
1862, in the Atlantic Monthly for February. J.
R. Lowell.

Masque of Pandora, The. Poem, dramatic. 1875.
H. W. Longfellow. This poem was adapted for
the stage, and produced in 1881 at the Boston

who's the author? 157

Masque of the Gods. Poem, dramatic. 1872.
Bayard Taylor.

Masque of the Red Death. Prose tale. 1840. E.
A. Poe.

Masquerade. Poem. 1866. J. G. Saxe.

Massachusettensis. Series of letters defending
England's policy in her treatment of the Amer-
ican colonies, written by Daniel Leonard over
the signature " Massachusettensis." These
letters were replied to by John Adams in a series
in rebuttal, signed " Novanglus," q.v.

Massachusetts Colony, Anno 1628, with the Lord's
Signal Presence the First Thirty Years ; A Nar-
rative of the Planting of the. Pamphlet. 1694.
Joshua Scottow.

Massachusetts, History of the Province of. 1764.
Thomas Hutchinson.

Massachusetts, its Historians and its History : An
Object Lesson. 1893. Charles Francis Adams,

Massachusetts Line, The. Civil "War ballad,
May 7, 1861. Robert T. S. Lowell. First line :
" Still Jirst, as long and long ago"

Massachusetts Spy, The. Periodical. Established

Massacre at Scio, The. Poem. 1824, in the
United States Literarij Gazette, June 1. W. C.

Massa's in de Cold Ground. Song. 1852. Stephen
C. Foster. First line : " 'Round de meadoivs am

Master Johnny's Next-Door Neighbor. Poem.
1871-1874. F. Bret Harte.

Master William Mitten. Story. 1864. A. B.

Mate of the Daylight, The. Short story. 1882, in
the Atlantic Monthly for July. Sarah O. Jewett.

158 who's the author?

Under this title, in 1883, a collection of her short
stories was brought, containing, among others,
" The Landless Farmer," " An Only Son,"
" Tom's Husband," " The Confession of a House

Mather, Life of Cotton. Biography. 1729. Samuel

Mather, Life of Cotton. Biography. 1891. Bar-
rett Wendell.

Matrimony. Play. Written in the winter of 1879-
1880. Bartley Campbell.

Matthew Caraby. Novel. Brought out by the Ab-
bott brothers under the pseudonym "Benauly,"
which pen name was made up of the first syl-
lables of their first names, benjamin; Austin;

Maud and IMadge. See " After the Ball."

Maud MuUer. Poem. 1854. J. G. Whittier. First
line : " Maud Muller on a summer's clay"

May Blossom. Play. After 1886. David Be-

May-Day. Poem. About 1819. R. W. Emerson.

May-Day, or Xew York in an Uproar. Comedy.
1787. Royall Tyler. It was produced in May,
for the benefit of the actor Wignell.

May-Day Customs. One of the selections of " Brace-
bridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

May Dreams. Poems. 1862. Henry Abbey.

May Evening. Poem. 1869, in Appleton's Journal
for May. W. C. Bryant.

May-Pole of Merry Mount, The. One of the selec-
tions of " Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel

May to April. Poem. About 1788. Philip Freneau.
First line : ^'■Without your showers."

Mayflower Compact, The. Written 1620. The
Pilgrim Fathers.

who's the author? 159

Mayflower : or Sketches of the Descendants of the

Pilgrims. 1849. Harriet Elizabeth Beecher

Meat Out of the Eater : or Meditations Concerning

the Necessity, End, and Usefulness of Afflictions

Unto God's Children. Tract. 1669. Michael

Medical Essays. 1883. O. W. Holmes.
Melanie. Poem. About 1835. N. P. Willis.
Mellichampe : A Legend of the Santee. Story.

1836. W. G. Simms.
Memoir of Josiah Quincy. Biography. 1825.

Josiah Quincy (1772-1864).
Memoirs of De Witt Clinton. Biography. 1829.

David Hosack.
Memoirs of John Lothrop Motley. Biography.

1879. O. W. Holmes.
Memoirs of the Life of William Wirt. Biography.

1849. J. P. Kennedy.
Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department

of the United States. Written 1809. Published

1812, at Philadelphia. Henry Lee (1756-1818).
Memorable Providences Relating to Witchcrafts

and Possessions. Treatise. 1689. Cotton Mather.
Memoranda during the War. Miscellanies. 1867.

Walt Whitman.
Memorie and Rime. Fragments from a journal.

1884. C. H. Miller (Joaquin Miller).
Memory. Poem. W. E. Channing (1818-)
Men of the North. Poem. John Neal.
Men of the North and West. War poem. First

appeared in New York World April 17, 1861.

Richard H. Stoddard. First line : ''Men of the

North and West."
Men, The. Poem of the Civil War (Southern).

Maurice Bell. First line : " In the dusk of the

forest shade"

160 who's the author?

Men, Women, and Ghosts. Collection of stories.

1869. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward.
Mercedes. Poem. 1883. T. B. Aldrich.
Mercedes of Castile. Novel. 1810. J. F. Cooper.
Mercy Philbrick's Choice. Novel. 1876. Helen

(Hunt) Jackson.
Merrimac, The. Poem. 1841. J. G. Whittier.
Merry Chanter. Short story. 1890, in the Century

Magazine, January-March. F. R. Stockton.
Merry Mount : A Romance of the Massachusetts

Colony. Novel, unsuccessful. 1819. John Loth-

rop Motley. This was his second attempt at

novel writing. Its failure caused him to turn

his attention to history.
Merry Tales of the Three Wise Men of Gotham. A

satire on Owen's socialism, on phrenology, and

i]iQ\Qg?i\ caveat emptor. 1826. James K. Paulding.
Messiah's Throne, The. Noted sermon. 1802.

J. M. Mason.
Metamora. Play, written for Edwin Forest. Pro-
duced 1829. J. A. Stone.
Metempsychosis of the Pine. Poem. About 1851.

Bayard Taylor.
Method of Divine Government, Physical and Moral.

Treatise. 1850. James McCosh.
Method of Nature, The. Oration delivered before

the Society of the Adelphi in Waterville College,

Maine, Aug. 11, 1841. R. W. Emerson.
Methods of Study in Natural History. 1863. J.

Louis R. Agassiz.
Metzengerstein. Prose tale. 1836, in the Southern

Literary Messenger for January. Edgar Allan

Michael Angelo : A Fragment. Poem, dramatic.

1883. H. W. LongfeUow.
Mid the Green Hills of Virginia. Popular song.

1899. Charles K. Harris.

who's the author? 161

Midnight. Hymn. 1824. George W. Doane.

Midnight Mass for the Dying Year. Poem. Writ-
ten Sept. 17, 1839, at Cambridge, Mass. Pub-
lished in the Knickerbocker, October, 1839, with
title " The Fifth Psalm." H. W. Longfellow.

Miggles. ShoA story. 1869, in the Overland
Montlily, July. F. Bret Harte.

Mikado's Empire, The. Studies and observations
of travels in Japan. 1876, New York. W. E.
Griffis. This is an authoritative work of note.

Miles Wallingford. Novel. 1844. J. F. Cooper.

Military Dictionary. 1810, Philadelphia. William

Militia Muster, The. Poem. About 1847. Albert
Gorton Greene.

Milk for the Spiritual Nourishment of Boston Babes
in either England. Tract. 1646, London;
1656, Cambridge, Mass. John Cotton.

Mill Mystery, The. Novel. 1886. Anna Katharine
(Green) Rohlfs.

Million £ Bank Note, The. Sketch. 1893. Samuel
L. Clemens (Mark Twain).

Millionaire of Rough and Ready, A. Short story.
1887. F. Bret Harte.

Mind Among the Spindles. A paper. 1849, Lon-
don. Harriet Farley.

Mineralogy and Geology. Treatise. 1816. Parker
Cleaveland, often spoken of as " The Father of
American Mineralogy."

Mingo. Short story. 1884. J. C. Harris. Sketch
of life in Middle Georgia.

Minister's Black Veil, The. One of the selections
of "Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Haw-

Minister's Charge, The : or The Apprenticeship of
Lemuel Barker. Novel. 1887, Boston. W. D.
Ho wells.

162 who's the author?

Minister's Wooing, The. Novel. 1859. Begun as
a serial, December, 1858, in the Atlantic Monthly.
Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe. By many
critics declared to be her best work. It is a
story of New England village life.

Minute Philosopher, The. An entargement of the
satirical poem, "Terrible Tractoration " (^.t'.),
by T. G. Fessenden.

Miracle of Padre Junipero, The. Poem. 1860-1868.
F. Bret Harte.

Miriam. Poem. 1870. J. G. Whittier. First line :
'' One Sabbath day my friend and /."

Mirror and Ladies' Literary Gazette. Literary
periodical begun at New York Aug. 2, 1823, by
George P. Morris and Samuel Woodworth. It
continued till Dec. 31, 1812, when its publication
was suspended. It was revived April 8, 1813,
with title of the New Mirror, which was pub-
lished weekly. Again its publication was inter-
rupted, and it became The Evening Mirror, a
daily, which began Sept. 28, 1811.

Miss Blanche Says. Poem. About 1871. F. Bret

Miss Cadogna : A Romance. 1885. Julian Haw-

Miss Edith makes Another Friend. Poem. 1871-
1871. F. Bret Harte.

Miss Edith makes It Pleasant for Brother Jack.
Poem. 1871-1874. F. Bret Harte.

Miss Edith's Modest Request. Poem. 1871-1874.
F. Bret Harte.

Miss Gilbert's Career : An American Story. Novel.
1860. J. G. Holland.

Miss Low. Novel. 1888. E. P. Roe.

Miss Ludington's Sister : A Romance of Immortality.
1884. Edward Bellamy.

Mississippi Basin, The: The Struggle in America

who's the author? 163

with France, 1697-1763. A work of historical

research. 1895. Justin Winsor.
Mississippi, Recollections of Ten Years passed in

the Valley of the. 1826, Boston. Timothy

Mississippi Valley in the Civil War, The. History.

1900. John Fiske.
Mist. Poem. 1840-1844. H. D. Thorean.
Mistress of the Manse. Poem. 1874. J. G. Hol-
Mliss. Short story. F. Bret Harte.
Moby Dick : or, The Whale. Story of adventure.

1851. Herman Melville.
Mocking Bird, The. Poem. 1878, in LippincotC s

Magazine for July. P. H. Hayne.
Mocking Bird, To the. Poem. 1836, Philadelphia.

Albert Pike. First line : " Thou glorious mocker

of the world! I hear.''
Mocking Bird, To the. Poem. Written 1809.

J. R. Drake.
Mocking Bird, To the. Poem. Richard Henry

Wilde. First line : " Winged mimic of the woods !

Thou motley fool ! "
Modern Chivalry : or, The Adventures of Captain

Farrago, etc. 1796. H. H. Brackenridge.
Modern Instance, A. iSTovel. 1882. W. D. Howells.
Modern Italian Poets. Essays and versions. 1887.

W. D. Howells.
Modest Inquiry into the Nature and Xecessity of

a Paper Currency. Pamphlet. 1729. Benja-
min Franklin.
Mogg :\Iegone. Poem. 1834. J. G. Whittier.
Mollie Darling. Popular song. About 1860. W. S.

Monaldi. An Italian tale. 1851. Washington

Allston. It was written in 1821.
Money King, The. Poem. 1859. J. G. Saxe.

164 who's the author?

Monikins, The. Novel. 1835. James Fenimore
Cooper. A political satire.

Monsieur Beaucaire. Novel. 1900. Booth Tar-
kin gton.

Monsieur du Miroir. One of the selections of
" Mosses from an Old Manse," q.v. Nathaniel

Montaigne. One of the selections of " Representa-
tive Men," q.v. R. W. Emerson.

Montcalm and Wolf. Historical narrative. 1884.
Francis Parkman. See also " France and Eng-
land in North America."

Monte Cassino. Poem. Written Oct. 30, 1874. H.
W. Longfellow.

Monterey. Mexican War ballad. Charles Fenno
Hoffman. First line : " We were not many —
we who stood."

Montezuma. Historical narrative. 1880. Edward
Eggleston, in collaboration with his daughter,
Mrs. E. E. Seelye.

Monthly Anthology and Boston Review. Estab-
lished 1803. It continued until 1811.

Monthly Magazine and American Review. Estab-
lished 1799 by Charles Brockden Brown. It
died before the year was ended.

Monument Mountain. Poem. Written 1824, at
Great Barrington, Mass. First appeared Sept.
15, 1824, in the United States Literary Gazette.
W. C. Bryant.

Moods. Novel. 1865. Louisa M. Alcott. It was
her first novel.

Moods. Poem. 1875, in Lippincotfs Magazine for
September. Emma Lazarus.

Moon Hoax, The. Articles which originally ap-
peared (1835) in the Neio York Sun with the
title Great Astronomical Discoveries lately made
by Sir John Herschel, and which fictitiously pre-

who's the author? 165

tended to have discovered at Cape of Good Hope,
by a powerful telescope, that the moon was popu-
lated by human beings. They made a great sen-
sation at the time. Published 1859. Richard
Adams Locke.

Moonlight Boy, A. Xovel. 1886. E. W. Howe.

Moorish Chronicles. An account of the campaigns
of Count Fern an Gonzalez of Castile and Fer-
nando III. of Leon. 1833. Washington Irving.

Moral History of America's Life Struggle, The.
1872. p. R. Locke (Petroleum V. Nasby).

Moral Monitor, The. Collection of essays which,
as a school reader, w^as once widely popular.
1801. Nathan Fiske.

Moral Uses of Dark Things. Essays. 1868. Hor-
ace Bushnell.

Morals of Abou Ben Adhem. 1875, Boston. D. R.
Locke (Petroleum V. Xasby).

More Wonders of the Invisible World. A reply
(satirical) to the " The Wonders of the Invisible
World" by Cotton Mather. 1700. Robert

Morgan and His Men, Raids and Romance of. 1863,
JNJobile. Sallie (Rochester) Ford.

Morituri Salutamus. Poem. 1875. H. W. Long-
fellow. This poem was written for the fiftieth
anniversary of the class of 1825 (Longfellow's
class) in Bow^doin College.

Morning. Hymn. 1824. G. W. Doane.

Morning Glory, The. Poem. About 1853. Maria
(White) Lowell.

Morning Light is Breaking, The. Hymn. 1831.
Samuel Francis Smith.

Morris, Life of Gouveneur. Biography. 1832.
Jared Sparks.

Mortal Antipathy, A. A psycho-medical novel.
1885. O. W. Holmes.


Morton's Hope: or, The Memoirs of a Provincial.
Novel (unsuccessful). 1839. John Lothrop

Mosquito, To a. Poem. 1825, in the New York
Review for October. W. C. Bryant.

Moss Side. Novel. 1857. Mary Mrginia Terhune.

Moss Supplicateth for the Poet, The. Poem.
About 1830. R. H. Dana.

Mosses from an Old Manse. Tales and sketches.
1816. Nathaniel Hawthorne. The "Old
Manse " is in Concord, Mass., and was built
about 1765.

Moth and the Flame, The. Plav. Produced Feb.
13, 1898. William Clyde Fitch.

Mother Goose for Grown Folks. 1860. Adeline
D. T. Whitney.

Mother Margery. Poem. About 1819. George S.

Mother Would Comfort Me. Song of the Civil
War. C. C. Sawyer.

Mother's Dream. Poem. Hannah Flagg Gould.

Mother's Wail, A. Poem. 1860-1873. Henry

Mount Vernon. Ode. Written August, 1786, at
]\lount Vernon. David Humphreys. First
line: ^^ By broad PotowmacFs azure tide.''

Mount Vernon Papers, The. 1860. Edward Ever-
ett. These comprised a collection of his ora-
tions, essays, and articles which he had written
for various lectures and periodicals, in aid of the
fund for preserving forever the estate of Mount
Vernon as a memorial of Washington.

Mountain and the Squirrel, The. Poem. R. W.

Mountain Heart's-Ease, The. Poem. 1869, in the
Overland Monthly for November. F. Bret

who's the author? 167

Mountain Pictures. Poems. I. Franconia from
the Pemigewasset, in the Atlantic Monthly,
March, 1862. II. Monadnock from Wachuset,
in the Atlantic Monthly, April, 1862. J. G.

Mountain, The. Poem. W. E. Channing (1818).

Mountains of California, The. Descriptions
of wanderings among them. 1894. John

Mournful Lamentation for the Sad and Deplorable
Death of Mr. Old Tenor. Poem, satirical.
1750. Joseph Green. It was written at Boston,

Mourt's Relation. By this name the journal kept
by William Bradford and Edward Winslow,
of the Mayjiower, was long known. It cov-
ered the period from November, 1620, the
day on which land was first sighted, to the
return to England in the ship Fortune, Dec. 18,

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