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Mouse Trap, The. Farce. 1886, in Harper's
Magazine for December. William D. Howells.

Moving Finger Writes, The. Novel. 1900. Grace
Denio Litchfield.

Mr. Barnes of New York. Story. 1887, New York.
A. C. Gunter.

Mr. Blake's Walking Stick. 1870. Edward Eggle-

Mr, Cotton's Letter, lately Printed, Examined and
Answered. Pamphlet. 1644, London. Roger
Williams. This refuted the grounds of his ban-

Mr. Higginbotham's Catastrophe. One of the selec-
tions of "Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel

Mr. Incoul's Misadventure. Novel. 1887. E. E.

168 who's the author ?

Mr. Isaacs. Novel. 1882. F. M. Crawford. A
romance of India.

Mr. Potter of Texas. Story. 1888. A. C. Gunter.

Mr. Thompson's Prodigal. Short story. 1870, in
the Overland Monthly for July. F. Bret Harte.

Mrs. Bullfrog. One of the selections of " Mosses
from an Old Manse," g.v. Xathaniel Haw-

Mrs. Gainsborough's Diamonds. Story. 1878.
Julian Hawthorne.

Mrs. Judge Jenkins. Poem. 1870-1874. F. Bret

Mrs. Limber's Raffle: or A Church Fair and Its
Victims. Short story. 1876. William Allen
Butler. An arraignment of the morality of
church fairs.

Mrs. Partington, Life and Sayings of. Humorous
sketches. 1854. B. P. Shillaber. Wrote also
'• Partingtonian Patchwork," " Ike Partington's

Mrs. Peixada. Novel. 1886, New York. Henry
Harland (Sidney Luska).

Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands and Other Sketches. 1872.
Francis Bret Harte. The other sketches comprise
" How Santa Claus Came to Simpson's Bar,"
" The Princess Bob and Her Friends," " Iliad of
Sandy Bar," " Mr. Thompson's Prodigal," " The
Romance of Madroiio Hollow," " The Poet of
Sierra Flat," "The Christmas Gift that Came
to Rupert," " Urban Sketches," '• Legends and

Mummies and Moslems. Sketches of travel. 1876.
CD. Warner.

Municipal History of Boston. 1852. Josiah Quincy

Murders in the Rue Morgue. Prose tale. 1841.
in Graham's Magazine for April. E. A. Poe.


Museum of Foreign Literature. Periodical. Estab-
lished 1822. In 1844 it became " The Eclectic

Music in Camp. Civil War ballad. John R.
Thompson. First line : " Two armies covered
hill and plain."

Music of the Night. Poem. John Neal.

Musketaquid. Poem. 1840-1847. R.W.Emerson.

Must We then meet as Strangers. Song. George

Mutability of Literature, The. One of the selec-
tions of the "Sketch Book," q.v. Washington

My Ain Countrie. Poem. Mary Augusta L.

My Autumn Walk. Poem. 1865, in the Atlantic
Monthly for January. W. C. Bryant.

My Aviary. Poem. 1878. O. W. Holmes.

My Babes in the Wood. Poem. Sarah M. B.

My Bird. Poem. About 1848. Emily Chubbuck
Judson (Fanny Forester).

My Books. Poem. 1874, in Harper's Magazine for
October. John G. Saxe.

My Captain, O my Captain ! See " O Captain ! My
Captain ! "

My Child. Poem, 1840, in the Monthly Miscellany
for October. John Pierpont. First line : " /
cannot loake him dead!"

My Childhood. Song. 1852. Sarah Roberts.

My Country. 'Poem. 1887, in the Atlantic Monthly
for July. G. E. Woodberry.

" My country, 'tis of thee." First line of " Amer-
ica," q.v. Samuel Francis Smith.

My Cousin and I. Juvenile. 1879. Elizabeth
Stuart Phelps Ward.

My Double and How He Undid Me. Short story.

170 who's the author ?

1859, in the Atlantic Monthly for September.
E. E. Hale.

My Faith looks up to Thee. Hymn. Written 1830.
Ray Palmer.

My Farm of Edgewood. Sketches. 1863. Donald
Grant Mitchell (Ik Marvel).

My Garden. Poem. Published in Atlantic Monthly
for December, 1866. R. W. Emerson. First
line \ '■'- If I could put my ivoods in song." This
poem was enlarged from his poem " Walden."

My Garden Acquaintance. One of the essays in
" My Study Windows," by J. R. Lowell.

My Kinsman, Major Molineux. One of the selec-
tions of '"The Snow-Image and Other Twice-Told
Tales." Nathaniel Hawthorne.

My Lady Pokahontas. Historical romance. 1885.
J. E. Cooke.

My Life is like the Summer Rose. Poem. 1815.
Richard Henry Wilde. This song is part of
" The Lament of the Captive," a fragment of
an unfinished epic.

My Life on the Plains. Biographical narrative.
1874. George Armstrong Custer.

My Literary Passions. Autobiographical sketches.
1895. W. D. Howells.

My ^Maryland. A famous battle hymn of the South.
James Ryder Randall. It was written in 1861
at Poydras College, La., and first appeared in the
Daily Delta of Xew Orleans, April, 1861. First
line : '" The despot's heel is on thy shore."

My Mother's Bible. Song. 1844-1858. George P. Mor-
ris. First line : " This hook is all that's left me now."

My Native Village. Poem. 1826, in the United
States Review. John H. Bryant.

My Old Kentucky Home. Song. 1850. Stephen
Collins Foster. First line : " The sun shines bright
in the old Kentucky home."

who's the author? 171

My Partner. Play. 1878-1879. Bartley Campbell.

My Playmate. Poem. First appeared in the Atlan-
tic Monthly, May, 1860. J. G. Whittier. Writ-
ten under the title " Eleanor " ; first printed
under the title " The Playmate." First line :
" The pines were dark on Ramoth Hill"

My Psalm. Poem. 1859, in the Atlantic Monthly
for August. J. G. Whittier.

My Soul and I. Poem. ^ 1847. J. G. Whittier.

My Springs. Poem. Sidney Lanier. Lines to his
wife's eyes.

My Study Fire. Essays. 1890. Hamilton W. Mabie.

My Study Windows. Literary essays. 1871. J.
II. Lowell.

My Summer in a Garden. Sketches. 1870. C. D.
Warner. These delightful papers of amateur
gardening experiences first appeared in the Hart-
ford Courant in the spring and summer of 1870.

My Trust. Poem. 1880. J. G. Whittier.

My Winter on the Nile. Travel sketches. 1876.
CD. Warner.

My Year in a Log Cabin : A Bit of Autobiography.
1893. W. D. Howells.

My Young Master. Novel. 1896. Opie Read.

Myrtle and Steel, The. Song. About 1844. C. F.

Mystery of Marie Roget, The. Prose tale. Sequel
to " Murders in the Rue Morgue." November
and December, 1842, and February, 1843, in
Snowden's Ladies' Companion. Edgar Allan Poe.

Mystery of Metropolisville, The. Novel. 1873.
Edward Eggleston.

Mystery of the Locks, The. Novel. 1885. E.WMIowe.

Myth of Hiawatha, The. 1856. Henry Rowe School-
craft. Longfellow drew upon this source (among
others) for his famous '' Song of Hiawatha."

Myths and Myth-makers : Old Tales and Supersti-

172 who's the author?

tions Interpreted by Comparative Mythology.
1872, Boston. John Fiske.
Myths of the New World : A Treatise on the Sym-
bolism and jMytholog'y of the Red Race of
America. 1868. D. G. Brinton.

Nameless Nobleman, A. Romance. 1881, Boston.
Jane G. Austin.

Nameless Pain. Poem. About 1862. T. B. Aldrich.

Napoleon, Life of. Biography. 1855. John S. C.

Napoleon. One of the selections of " Representative
Men," q.v. R. W. Emerson.

Narrative and Critical History of America. His-
tory. 1884-1889. Justin Winsor.

Narrative of Captivity, A. 1779. Ethan Allen.

Narrative of John Tanner. 1830, Xew York.
Edwin James.

Narrative of the Late Massacre, in Lancaster
County, Pennsylvania, of a Number of Indians,
Friends of the Province, by Persons Unknown.
Pamphlet. 1764. Benjamin Franklin. A vig-
orous arraignment of the assault by the " Paxton
Boys " on the Moravian Indians.

Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New
England, from the Earliest Settlement to the
Year 1677. First published 1677, Boston and
London. William Hubbard.

Nasby in Exile. Sketches. 1882. David Ross
Locke (Petroleum V. Nasby).

Nasby Papers, The. Humorous sketches, largely
political, which appeared from time to time, in
the form of letters, in the Toledo Blade. They
began about 1860, and continued until the close
of the war. They were collected and issued in
book form as follows : The Nasby Papers, Let-
ters and Sermons, Containing the Views on the

who's the author? 173

Topics of the Day, of Petroleum V. Nasby, Pas-
tor. 1864, Indianapolis. Divers Views, Opin-
ions and Prophecies of Yours Trooly, Petroleum
V. Nasby, Lait Paster in the Church of the
Noo Dispensashun. 1865, Cincinnati. David
Ross Locke.

Nathan Hale. Play. Produced Jan. 31, 1898.
William Clyde Fitch.

Nathan Hale. War ballad. Francis M. Finch. First
line : " To drum-heat and heart-heat"

Nation, The : The Foundations of Civil Order and
Political Life in the United States. Treatise.
1870. Elisha Mulford.

Nation, The. Periodical. Established 1865.

National Ode, The. Independence Square, Phila-
delphia, July 4, 1876. Bayard Taylor. First
line : "5'im of the stately Day"

National Press, The. Periodical. Commenced 1845
by G. P. Morris. It afterward (Nov. 21, 1846)
became the Home Journal.

Native of Winby, A. Short story. 1893. Sarah
Orne Jewett.

Native Races of the Pacific States. Historical Re-
searches. 1875. Hubert Howe Bancroft. 5 vols.

Nature. An essay in eight chapters (really essays)
which Ralph AValdo Emerson wrote in the same
room of the " Old Manse " in which Hawthorne
later penned his matchless " Mosses." It was
published September, 1836, and its eight "chap-
ters" comprised: 1, Introductory chapter; 2,
Commodity ; 3, Beauty ; 4, Language ; 5, Disci-
pline; 6, Idealism; 7, Spirit; 8, Prospects.

Nature. Essay. 1844. R. W. Emerson. One of
the "second series " of his essays.

Nature. Poem. About 1839. Jones Very.

Nature and Elements of Poetry, The. Criticism.
1892. E. C. Stedman.

174 who's the author?

Nature and the Supernatural, as Together Constitu-
ting the One System of God. Treatise. 1858.
Horace Bushnell.

Nature of Evil. 1855. Henry James, Sr.

Nature's Serial Story. Novel. 1844, New York.
E. P. Roe.

Naughty Brier Rose. Poem. H. H. Bovesen.

Naval War of 1812, The. 1882. Theodore Roosevelt.

Nazarene, The. Poem. 1884. George Henry Cal-

Near Home. Poem. 1858, Boston. "W. E. Channing.

Near the Lake. Poem. 1844-1858. George P. Mor-
ris. First line : ''''Near the lake where drooped the

Near to Nature's Heart. Novel. 1876, New York.
E. P. Roe.

Nearer Home. Poem. Written 1852. Phoebe Cary.
First line : " One sweetly solemn thought"

Necklace of Pearl, The. Poem. 1874, in Lippin-
coiCs Magazine for January. R. H. Stoddard.

Ned Myers. Novel. 1843. James Fenimore Cooper.

Negative Gravity. Shortstory. 1886. F.R.Stockton.

Neighbor Jackwood. Story. 1857. J. T. Trow-

Nellie Braden. Novel. 1855. Annie (Chambers)

Nelly Bly. Song. About 1850. Stephen Collins
Foster. First line : ''Nelly Bly ! Nelly Bly ! bring
de broom along."

Nelly Gra^^ See " Darling Nelly Gray."

Nelly Was a Lady. Song. 1849. Stephen Collins

Nero : An Historical Play. Written in the summer
of 1872 and published 1875. W. W. Story.

Nests at Washington, The. Poem. About 1864.
John J. Piatt with Sarah M. B. Piatt.

who's the author? 175

Never Again. See " Flight of Youth."

Never or Now. Poem of the Civil War. 1862.
O. W. Holmes. First line : " Listen, young heroes !
your country is calling !''

New Adam and Eve, The. One of the selections of
" Mosses from an Old Mause," q.v. Nathaniel

New and the Old, The. Song. John K. Mitchell.

New Birth, The. Poem. About 1839. Jones Very.

New Day, The. Poem. 1876. R. W. Gilder.

New England. Poem. About 1820. J. G. Percival.

New England Almanac. Compilation, begun 1773.
Nathan Daboel.

New England Boyhood, A. Narrative. 1893.
E. E. Hale.

New England Canaan, The ; Containing an Abstract
of New England in Three Bookes. Printed 1637,
at Amsterdam. Thomas Morton. This was a
coarse work which ridiculed Puritan customs
and beliefs. Morton, " with his roystering
crew," settled at Mount Wollaston, now Brain-
tree, Mass., christened the hill Merry (Ma-re)
Mount, set up a May-pole there, and held revels
which became so offensive to the neighboring
Puritans that the pole was cut down by Miles
Standish and Morton was sent back to England.
Hawthorne's " May-Pole of Merry Mount " was
founded on this incident.

New England Charters, A Defence of the. 1728.
Jeremiah Dummer. This was published in
London when a bill to annul the charters of
the New England colonies lay before the House
of Commons.

New England Courant, The. Periodical, established
by James Franklin, 1721. Boston.

New England Firebrand Quenched. Pamphlet.
1694-1706. A bitter reply to Roger Williams's

176 who's the author?

pamphlet " George Fox Digg'd Out of His Bur-
ro wes," q.v. George Fox.

New England Girlhood, A. Narrative. 1889.
Lucy Larcom.

New England Legends. Collection of old stories
about Charlestown, Newburyport, Dover, Salem,
and Portsmouth. 1871. Harriet Elizabetli
Prescott Spofford.

New England Legends and Folk Lore. Collection
of sketches. 1883. S. A. Drake.

New England Reformers. Essay. 1844. R. W.

New England Tale, A. Novel. 1822. Catharine
M. Sedgwick.

New England Tragedies, The. Poem, dramatic.
1868. H. W. Longfellow. This is Part III.
of " Christus : A Mystery," q.v.

New England's Crisis. Poem, on King Philip's
War. Written 1670-1675. Benjamin Tomp-

New England's Dead. Poem. About 1832. Isaac
McLellan. First line: ^^ New EnglancVs dead !
New England^s dead ! "

New England's Memorial : or A Brief Relation of
the Most Memorable and Remarkable Passages
of the Providence of God, Manifested to the
Planters of New England in America. Annals.
1669. Nathaniel Morton.

New England's Prospect. Description, in verse,
said to be the first published account of Mass-
achusetts. 1634. William Wood.

New England's Salamander, Discovered by an Ir-
religious and Scornful Pamphlet called "New
England's Jonas Cast Up at London." Sermon.
1647. Edward Winslow.

New England's Teares for Old England's Feares.
Sermon. 1640. William Hooke.

who's the author? 177

New Ezekiel, The. Poem. 1882-1888. Emma

New Hampshire Gazette. Periodical. Established

New Haven. Poem, satirical and sentimental. 1809.
Samuel Woodworth.

New King Arthur, The. Opera libretto. 1885, New
York. Edgar Fawcett.

New Mexico David, A. Sketch. 1891. C. F.

New Moon, The. Poem. Written March, 1826, at
New York. Published in the New York RevieWj
March, 1826. W. C. Bryant.

New Organ, The. Poem. Will Carleton.

New Pastoral, The. Poem. 1855. T. B. Read.
This long poem comprises thirty-seven sketches
of domestic and rural life.

New Pilgrims Progress, The. Prose. 1828. J. K.

New Portfolio, The. Essays. 1885, in the Atlantic
Monthly. O. W. Holmes.

New Priest in Conception Bay, The. Novel. 1858.
R. T. S. Lowell. A clerical story.

New Rape of the Lock, The. Poem. 1847-1848.
J. G. Saxe.

New Roof, The. Allegory, embodying the argu-
ment of debate in 1787 convention of Pennsyl-
vania. Francis Hopkinson. His famous song,
" The New Roof : A Song for Federal Mechan-
ics," expressed its spirit in verse, many of its
stanzas ending with the refrain : —

" For our roof we will raise, and our song still shall be,
A government firm, and our citizens free."

New Views of Christianity, Society, and the Church.
Treatise. 1836, Boston. O. A. Brownson.
Notable for its negation of Protestantism.

178 who's the author?

New Year, The. Poem. 1839. J. G. Whittier.

New York, A Brief Description of the Province of.
1670. Daniel Denton. Said to be the first
printed account of the city and the state.

New Y^ork Gazette. Periodical. Established 1725.
First in New Y'ork City.

New York Gazetteer. See " Rivington's New Y^ork

New York, History of the Province of, from its
First Discovery to the Y^ear 1732. 1757. Will-
iam Smith. (1728-1793.)

New Y^ork, The History of the City of. 1877-1881.
A valuable work, the result of extensive re-
search. Martha J. Lamb.

New York Tribune. Established Nov. 29^1872, by
Horace Greeley.

Newburg Letters, The. These letters or addresses,
as they were entitled, were wTitten anonymously
from Newburg, N.Y., in 1783, by John Arm-
strong. They were addressed to the American
army, and detailed the complaints of the soldiers,
setting forth especially the chief one of arrears
of payment. They became famous, and were
generally spoken of as " The Newburg Letters."

Newes from Virginia: The Lost Flocke Triumphant.
Ballad. 1610. R.Rich. First Une: ^' It is no
idle, fabulous tale, nor is it faijned neices."

Newport Romance. Poem. 1868-1874. F. Bret

News, The. Poem. G. H. Clark.

Newstead Abbey. One of the selections of the
" Crayon Miscellany," q.v. Washington Irving.

Niagara. Poem. 1827-1848. Lydia H. Sigourney.

Niagara, The Fall of. Poem. About 1832. J. G. C.

Nick of the Woods : or, The Jibbenainosay. Novel.
1837. R. M. Bird.

who's the author? 179

Nicodemus the Slave. Song. About 1860. H.C.Work.

Night. Poem. About 1839. Jones Very.

Night Sea, The. Poem. Harriet Elizabeth Prescott

Night Sketches. One of the selections of " Twice-
Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.

" Night was dark and fearful, The." First line of the
well-known song, "The Watcher," q.v. Sarah
J. B. Hale.

Night Wind. Poem. About 1854. T. B. Aldrich.

Nights with Uncle Remus. Collections of Negro
folklore stories. 1882. J. C. Harris.

Nile Notes of a Howadji. Sketches of travel. 1850.
G. W. Curtis.

Niles' Weekly Register. Established 1811 by Heze-
kiah Niles.

No : A Story for Boys. 1886. Rose (Terry) Cooke.

No Love Lost: A Romance of Travel. Poem. Writ-
ten at Venice, and descriptive of a tourist's life
there. 1868, New York. W. D. Howells.

No Time Like the Old Time. Poem. 1865. O. W.

Noble Exile, The. Comedy. 1847. W. I. Paulding.

Nominalist and Realist. Essay. 1844. R. W. Em-

Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast. De-
scriptive and Historical Sketches. 1875. S. A.

Noon. Hymn. 1824. G. W. Doane.

Nooning. A poem which J. R. Lowell planned, but
never completed. It was his intention to gather
under this head many poems which he wrote at
different times, especially the following : " Fitz
Adam's Story "; "June Idyl," afterward renamed
"Under the Willows "; the description of Spring
in " Biglow Papers " ; " Voyage to Vinland " ;
" Pictures from Appledore."


Norsemen, The. Poem. 1841. J. G. Whittier.
North American Review, The. Periodical of wide

literary reputation. Established May, 1815, at

Boston, with William Tudor its first editor. To

November, 1818, it was issued bi-monthly, when

it became a quarterly and continued as such until

1877. It then became bi-monthly again to 1879.

when it was changed to a monthly, in which form

it has since been issued.
North American Silva. 1817-1819. F. A. Michaux.

An early work on the trees and shrubs of the

North American Silva : or A Description of the

Forest Trees of the United States, Canada, and

Nova Scotia, not described in the work of F. A.

Michaux. 1842-1849. Thomas Xuttall.
North Carolina, History of. 1812. Hugh Williamson.
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, East and

West Florida, Travels through. 1791. William

North Carolina State Anthem. See "Old North

State Forever."
North Shore Watch, The. Poem. About 1890. G.

E. Woodberry.
Northern Lights^, The. Poem. About 1873. B. F.

Northern Travel. Sketches. 1857. Bayard Taylor.
Northwood. Novel. 1827, Boston. Sarah J. B.

Norwood: or Village Life in New England. Novel.

1868, New York. Henry Ward Beecher.
Not Knov>-ing. Poem. 1869, in the Congregational-

ist. Marv G. Brainard.
Not of Her Father's Race. Novel. 1891. W. T.

Not Yet. Poem. 1861, in the New York Ledger of

Aug. 17. W. C. Bryant.

who's the author? 181

Notes on the New Testament. Commentaries, which
were very popular. 1848-1859. M. W. Jacobus.

Notes on the State of Virginia. 1787, London. Thomas
Jefferson. Originally made for M. de Marbois,
of the French legation in Philadelphia.

Nothing to Wear : or An Episode in City Life. A
very popular poetical satire which was first pub-
lished anonymously in Harper's Weekly^ Febru-
ary, 18-57, and afterward in volume form. AV.
A.Butler. First line: '^Aliss Flora M'Flimsey,
of Madison Square."

Nova Anglia. An elaborate poem in Latin, with a
paraphrase in English pentameter, descriptive of
New England. 1625. William Morrell.

Novanglus : A History of the Dispute with America
from 1754-1774. John Adams. These were a
series of political essays in the Boston Gazette,
1774, in reply to Daniel Leonard's "Massachu-

Novel, The : What It Is. 1893. F. M. Crawford.
November Boughs. Poems and prose papers. 1888.

Walt Whitman.
No-w and Then. Poem. G. H. Clark.
'•Now launch the boat upon the wave." First line

of J. G. Percival's well known " Greek Emigi-ant's

Song," q.v.
Nugae. Collection of poems. 1854. Albert Pike.
Nurse Crumpet Tells the Story. Short story. 1887,

in Harper's Monthly Magazine for September.

Amelie Rives Chanler Troubetzkoy.

O, Boys, Carry Me 'Long. Song, plantation. 1853.

S] C. Foster.
O, Captain ! My Captain ! Poem on the death of

Lincoln, 1865. Walt Whitman. First line : " O.

Captain! My Captain! our fearful trip is done!"
O, Lemuel. Song. 1858. S. C. Foster.

182 who's the author?

O, Little Town of Bethlehem. Poem. Written
1865-1866. Sung for the first time, Christmas,
1868. Phillips Brooks.

O, Soft Spring Airs. Poem. About 1882. Harriet
Elizabeth Prescott Spofford.

O, Sweetly Breathe the Lyres Above. Hymn. 1843.
Ray Palmer.

O, Think Not that the Bosom's Light. Poem. A.
G. Greene.

O, Wrap the Flag Around Me, Boys. Civil W^ar bal-
lad. R. S. Tajdor.

Oak Openings. jSTovel. 1848. J. F. Cooper.

Oath of Freedom, The. Civil War ballad. J. B.
Hope. First line: "■Born free, thus ice resolve
to live.''

Observations on the Boston Port Bill. Pamphlet.
1774. Josiah Quincy (1744-1775).

Occultation of Orion. Poem. 1845, in Graham's
Magazine for November. H. W. Longfellow.

Ocean, The. Poem. About 1841. Charles Sprague.

Octave to Mary, An. Poem. J. B. Tabb.

October. Poem. 1826, in the United States Review
for October. W. C. Bryant.

Ode for the Consecration of Sleepy Hollow Ceme-
tery. B. F. Sanborn.

Ode on the Occasion of Decorating the Graves of the
Confederate Dead at Magnolia Cemetery, Charles-
ton, S. C. About 1860. Henry Timrod.

Ode to Fortune. Poem, from " The Croakers."
Appeared in New York Evening Post June 9,
1817. Halleck and Drake. First line : " Fair
lady with the bandaged eye ! "

Ode to France. Poem. 1848. J. R. Lowell.

Ode to the Departed. Poem. Written 1844, in
Cuba. Maria G. Brooks (Maria del Occidente).

Ode to Shakespeare. See " Shakespeare Ode," by
Charles Sprague.

who's the author? 183

Ode Written for the Celebration of the Introduction

of the Cochituate Water into the City of Boston.

Poem. 1848. J. R. Lowell.
Off Shore. Poem. 1862, in the Atlantic Monthly

for September. Celia Thaxter.
" Oh, a wonderful stream is the River Time." See

'' Isle of the Long Ago."
" Oh, Mother of a Mighty Race." Poem. 184:7, in

Graham's Magazine for July. W. C. Bryant.
"Oh, river far flowing." First line of B. F. Taylor's

poem. " Rhymes of the River," q.v.
" Oh, Susannah ! " Song. About 1817. S. C. Foster.
Ohio, Historical Collections of. A notable work of

considerable research. 1847. Henry Howe.
Ojibway Conquest. Poem. 1850. George Copway

(Kahgegwagebow). Wrote also the "American

Indian," a work of considerable note in its day.
Old Abe, the Wisconsin War Eagle. F. A. Flower,
Old Age. Essay. 1870. R. W. Emerson. See

" Society and Solitude."
Old Apple Dealer, The. One of the selections of

" Mosses from an Old Manse," q.v. Nathaniel

Old Bachelor, The. Series of essays modelled on

the Spectator plan, begun 1810, in the Rich-

mond Enquirer, and continued in it for some

thirty odd numbers, written by William Wirt

in conjunction with several of his friends,

among them being Dabney Carr, Frank Carr, R.

E. Parker, and Dr. Girardin. The papers were

published, 1812, in volume form.
Old Battle Ground, The. 1859. J. T. Trowbridge.
Old Bible, The. Poem. 1850, in the Knickerbocker

Magazine for January. R. H. Stoddard.
Old Black Joe. Song. 1860. S. C. Foster.
Old Burying Ground, The. Poem. 1858, in the

Atlantic Monthly for February. J. G. Whittier.


Old Chapel Bell, The. Ballad. About 1849. J.
G. Saxe. First line: '■'Within a churchyard's
sacred ground." In an edition of Saxe's poems
a footnote says that this ballad is a paraphrase of
a prose tale written by Alice B. Neal and pub-
lished anonymouslv as a German translation.

Old Church Bell, The.^ See "Old Chapel Bell."

Old Clock on the Stairs, The. Poem. Written

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