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November, 1845. H. W. Longf ello\Y. First line;
" Somewhat back from the village street."

Old Clock, The. Poem. James Xack. Through it
runs a refrain : " Hei'e she goes — and there she
goes," which has given it its more popular title,
i.e. that of the refrain.

Old Continental, The : or. The Price of Liberty.
Story of the Revolution. 1846. J. K. Paulding.

Old Continentals. See " Carmen Bellicosum."

Old Cove, The. Poem. H. H. Brownell.

Old Creole Days. Sketches. 1879. G. W. Cable.
These first came out in Scribner's Monthly and
were afterward collected under above title.

Old Cruiser, The. Poem. 1869. O. W. Holmes.

Old Doctor, The : A Romance of Queer Village.
Storv. 1885. J. V. Chenev.

Old Dog Tray. Song. 1847-1850. S. C. Foster. So
popular did this song quickly become, 125,000
copies were sold in eighteen months.

Old English Dramatists, The. Essavs. 1892. J.
R. Lowell.

Old Esther Dudley. One of the selections of " Twice-
Told Tales," q.v. Xathaniel Hawthorne.

Old-Fashioned Girl, An. Novel. Juvenile. 1870.
Louisa M. Alcott.

Old Fogv, The. Poem. R. H. Messenger.

Old Folks Are Gone, The. Song. G. F. Root.

Old Folks at Home. A famous plantation song.
Published 1850. Written before the author was

who's the author? 185

twenty years old. S. C. Foster. He received

for this $15,000. First line : " Way down upon

de Swannee Ribber."
Old Friends and New. Short stories. 1879. Sarah

Orne Jewett.
Old Garden and other Verses. 1886. Boston.

IMargaret Deland.
Old Grimes. Poem and popular song. About

1820-1830. A. G. Greene. First line: ''Old

Grimes is dead : that good old man."
Old Home by the River, The. 1874. J. C. Dutcher.
Old Ironsides. Poem. Sept. 16, 1830, in the Boston

Daily Advertiser. O. AV. Holmes. This poem

was inspired by the announcement that the old

frigate Constitution was to be dismantled.

First line: ''■Ay, tear her tattered ensign doum!"
" Old Ironsides at anchor lay." First line of " Main-
Truck." q.v.
Old Kaskaskia. Romance, historical. 1893. Mary

Hartwell Catherwood.
Old Kentucky Home. See "My Old Kentucky

Old Landmarks and Historic Fields of Middlesex.

Historical colloquial rambles. 1873. S. A.

Old Love Letters. A one-act comedy. Produced at

the Park Theatre, New York City, Aug. 31, 1878.

Bronson Howard.
Old :Maid, The. Poem. About 1844. Amelia B.

Old Major Explains, The. Poem. About 1871.

F. Bret Harte.
Old Man's Calendar, The. Sermon. 1781. Ebenezer

Old Man of the Sea, The. Poem. 1858. O. W. Holmes.
Old Man's Funeral, The. Poem. 1824, in the United

States Literary Gazette, May 1. W. C. Bryant.

186 who's the author?

Old Men's Fears for their own Declensions. Tract.
1691. Joshua Scottow. This was a vigorous
protestation against the imagined degeneracy of
his age.

Old Mill, The. Song. T.D.English. First line :
" Here from the brow of the hill I look."

Old Navy and the New, The. Narrative. 1891.
Daniel Ammen.

Old News. One of the selections of " The Snow-
Image and Other Twice-Told Tales." Nathaniel

Old North State Forever. North Carolina State An-
them. AVilliam Gaston. First line : '^Carolina!
Carolina! Heaven's blessing attend her."'

Old Northwest, The : With a view of the Thirteen
Colonies as constituted by the Royal Charters.
Historical sketch. 1888, New York. B. A.

Old Oaken Bucket. Song. Written in the summer
of 1817. SaraueMVoodworth. This widely popu-
lar song originally appeared under the title of
"The Bucket." First line: ''How dear to this
heart are the scenes of my childhood."

Old Pennsylvania Farmer, The. Poem. Bayard

Old Potomac Shore, The. Song._ G. F. Root.

Old Regime in Canada, The. Historical narrative.
1874. Francis Parkman. See also '* France and
England in North America."

Old Sergeant, The. Civil War poem. Forceythe
Willson. Written for the Louisville Journal,
Jan. 1, 1863. First line : " Come a little nearer,
Doctor, — thank you! — let me take the cup.'"'

Old Sexton, The. Song. Park Benjamin. First
line : " Nigh to a grave thai ivas neioly made."

Old Ship of Zion, The. Song. John Alfred Macon.
First line : " Oh, eb'ry thing's ready."

who's the author? 187

Old Soldier, An. One of the selections of " Brace-
bridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Old Song Reversed, An. Poem. 1871-1880. R.
H. Stoddard. This refers to his earlier " Flight
of Youth," famous for its line, '■'■And it never
comes again."

Old South, The. Social and political essays. 1892.
Thomas N. Page.

Old Story-Tellers. 1877. D. G. MitcheU.

Old Swimmin' Hole. Poem, in the "Hoosier" dia-
lect. 1883. James Whitcomb Riley. It origi-
nally appeared in the Indianapolis Journal, over
the signature " Benj. F. Johnson of Boone."

Old Ticonderoga : A Picture of the Past. One of
the selections of " The Snow-Image and other
Twice-Told Tales." ]SI^athaniel Hawthorne.

Old Town by the Sea, An. 1883. T. B. Aldrich.
A description of his birthplace, Portsmouth.

Old Town Folks. Story of New England village
life at a time just after the Revolution. 1869.
Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe.

Old Tree, The. Poem. About 1825. E. C. Pink-

Old Uncle Ned. Song, widely popular. 1847.
Stephen Collins Foster. First line : " There was
an old darkey and his name loas Uncle Ned."

Old Virginia and Her Neighbors. History. 1897.
John Fiske.

Oldport Days. Sketches. 1873. T. W. Higginson.

Oliver Goldsmith. Biography. 1849. Washing-
ton Irving.

Olivia Delaplaine. Novel. 1888, Boston. Edgar

Ollapodiana. Essays, observations, and anecdotes,
contributed to the Knickerbocker Magazine. Wil-
lis Gay lord Clark.

Omoo. Story of adventure. 1847. Her nian Melville.


On a Cone of the Big Trees. Poem. About 1871.
F. Bret Harte.

On a Travelling Speculator. Poem. Philip Freneau.

On Board the " Cumberland." Poem. 1864. George
Henry Boker. First line : " ' Stand to your guns,
men ! ' Morris cried.''

On Horseback. Travel sketches. 1888. C.D.Warner.
A tour in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennes-
see, with notes of travel in Mexico and Cali-

On receiving an Eagle's Quill from Lake Superior.
Poem. 1849. J. G. Whittier.

On the Capture of Fugitive Slaves near Washington.
Poem. 1845. J. R. Lowell.

On the Death of a Friend's Child. Poem. 1844, in
i\\e Democratic Reviewior October. J. R. Lowell.

On the Death of Joseph Rodman Drake. Ode. 1820.
Fitz-Greene Halleck. First line : " Green he the
turf above thee."

On the Freedom of the Will. Treatise. 1754.
Jonathan Edwards. This is generally admitted
to be his best work. Its full title runs, " A
Careful and Strict Inquiry into the Modern Pre-
vailing Notion that Freedom of Will is Supposed
to be Essential to Moral Agency."

On the Frontier. Collection of short stories. 1884.
F. Bret Harte. The collection contains : " At
the Mission of San Carmel," "A Blue Grass Pen-
elope," and "Left out on Lone Star Mountain."

On the Memorable Victory. Poem. First published in
Francis Bailey's Freeman's Journal, Philadelphia,
August, 1781."^ Philip Freneau. Refers to the
victory of Capt. Paul JoneS of the Bon Homme
Richard over the Serapis under Capt. Pearson.
Fought off Flamborough Head. Sept. 23, 1779.

On the Righi. Poem. About 1873. Josiah G.

who's the author? 189

On the Ruins of a Country Inn. Poem. Philip

On the Suwannee River. Romance. 1895. Opie

One Fair Woman, The. Romance. 1876. Cincin-
natus Hiner Miller (Joaquin INIiller). Scene is
on the shores of the Mediterranean.

One-Hoss Shay, The. See ''Deacon's Masterpiece."

One I knew the Best of All, The. An autobio-
graphical tale. 1893. Frances H. Burnett.

One Night in June. Popular song. 1899. Charles
K. Harris.

One of Our Girls. Play. Produced 1885. Bron-
son Howard.

One Summer. Story. 1875. Blanche Willis How-
ard von Teuffel.

"One sweetly solemn thought." First line of
Phoebe Cary's " Nearer Home," q.v.

Only Waiting. Poem. About 1854. Frances Parker

Open Polar Sea, The. Narrative. 1867. Isaac
Israel Hayes.

Open thy Lattice, Love. Song. First appeared
1842, in Baltimore, Md. Stephen Collins Foster.
Said to be his first published song.

Open Window, The, Poem. 1849, in the Southern
Literary Messenger for November. Henry W.
Longfellow. First line: " The old house hy the
lindens'' The house referred to was the Lech-
mere House, Brattle Street, corner Sparks Street,
in Cambridge.

Opening of a Chestnut Burr. Novel. 1874. E.P.Roe.

Optimist, The. Poem. 1884. J. R. Lowell.

Oregon Trail. Historical narratives. 1849. Fran-
cis Parkman. Originally appeared as a series
of papers in the Knickerbocker Magazine, 1849;
afterward issued in volume with title " The Cali-

190 who's the author?

fornia and Oregon Trail," 1849, and in later
editions changed back again to title '' The Ore-
gon Trail."

Organization and Campaigns of the Army of the
Potomac. Report. 1864, Xew York. George
Brinton McClellan, geueral-in-chief of the Fed-
eral armies, 1861-1802. This report, submitted
to the War Department, and issued first in 1864,
was afterward (1887) published in a revised form
with the title " McClellan's Own Story."

Oriental Harp. Poems. 1826, Boston. Robert S.

Original Belle, An. Xovel. 1885. E. P. Roe.

Original Sin. Treatise. 1757. Jonathan Edwards.

Ormond: or. The Secret Witness. Novel. 1799,
Xew York. Charles Brockden Brown.

Ornithological Biographies. 1831-1839. John James
Audubon. 5 vols.

Orpheus C. Kerr Papers: Being a Complete Contem-
poraneous Military History of the Mackerel
Brigade. A series of humorous letters on the
Civil War and afterward. 1862-1868, New
l'"ork. R. H. Newell (Orpheus C. Kerr).

Orta Undis and other Poems. 1848. James Mat-
thews Legare.

Orthodoxy : Its Truths and Errors. Treatise. 1866.
James F. Clarke.

Other Girls, The. Novel, juvenile. 1873. Adeline
D. T. Whitney.

Other Side Letters. A series of articles, widely
reprinted, which were contributed 1876 and 1877
to the Steuben Courier. Guy Humphrey Mc-

Other Woman, The. Short story. 1891, in Scrib-
7ier's Magazine for March. R. H. Davis.

Otis, Life of James. Biography. 1823, Boston.
William Tudor.


Our Colonial Homes. Descriptive and historical
sketches of noted dwellings. 1894. S. A.

Our Country. Poem, patriotic. 1865. O. W.
Holmes. First line : " Our country ! Treason's
lorithing asp."

Our Country. History. 1873. B. J. Lossing.

Our Country's Call. War poem. 1861, in the Neio
York Ledger of Nov. 2. W. C. Bryant. First
line : '"'■ Lay down the axe,Jiing by the spade."

Our Friend from Victoria. Play. 1865. C. H.
Webb (John Paul).

Our Home — Our Country. Poem. 1880. O. W.
Holmes. This poem was written for the semi-
centennial celebration of the settlement of Cam-
bridge, Mass., Dec. 28, 1880. First line : ''Your
home was mine, — kind Nature's gift."

Our Hundred Days in Europe. Sketches of travels.
1887. O. W. Holmes.

Our Italy. Sketches of California. 1891. C. D.

Our Moral Nature : Being a Brief System of Ethics.
Treatise. 1892. James McCosh.

Our Old Home. Series of sketches from notes
made during his consulate at Liverpool. 1863.
Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Our AVild Indians. Studies of Indian life. 1882,
Hartford, Conn. R. I. Dodge.

Out-Door Papers. Sketches. 1863. T.W. Higginson.

Out-Doors at Idlewild. Sketches, as the author
states, "Of an invalid retirement to the high-
lands of the Hudson, written in letters to the
Home Journal." 1885. N. P. Willis.

Out of His Head. Romance in prose. 1864. T. B.

Out of the Deeps of Heaven. Poem. About 1871.
R. H. Stoddard.

192 who's the author?

Out of the East: Reveries and Studies in New Japan.
1895. Lafcadio Hearn.

Out of the Foam. Novel. 1869, New York. J. E.

Out of the Hurly Burly : or, Life in an Old Corner.
Humorous sketches. 1871. C. H. Clark (Max
Adeler) .

Out of the Old House, Nancy. Ballad. About
1873. Will Carleton.

Out of the Question. Comedy. 1877, Boston.
W. D. Howells. It originaliy appeared in the
Atlantic Monthly^ March and April, 1877.

Out of the Silence. Poems. 1897. J. V. Cheney.

Out-of-Town Places : A Revision of Rural Studies.
Sketches. 1881. D. G. Mitchell (Ik Marvel).

Outcast, An. Novel. 1861. F. C. Adams.

Outcast, The. Poem. 1836. S. G. Goodrich.

Outcast, The. Poem. About 1869. J. W. Watson.

Outcasts of Poker Flat, The. Short story. 1869,
in the Overland Monthly. F. Bret Harte.

Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy, based on the Doc-
trine of Evolution, with Criticisms on the Posi-
tive Philosophy. 1871, Boston. John Fiske.

Outre Mer. Prose sketches. 1835. H. W. Long-

Over-Soul, The. Essay. 1811. R. W. Emerson.

Over the Hill to the Poor House. Ballad. About
1873. Will Carleton.

Over the Ocean. Travels. 1871, Boston. Curtis

Over the River. Poem. About 1870. Nancy A.
W. P. Wakefield. First line : " Over the river
they beckon to me.''

Over the Teacups. Conversational essays. 1890.
O. W. Holmes.

Overland Monthlv. Periodical. Established July,
1868, with F. Bret Harte, editor.

who's the author? 193

Ox Tamer, The. Poem. Walt Whitman.

Pace that Kills, The : A Chronicle. Novel. 1889.
E. E. Saltus.

Pacificus. Over this signature Alexander Hamilton
wrote, in the summer of 1793, a series of letters
on neutrality, to which JNIadison replied in a
series of essays over the signature " Helvidius."

Paddle Your Own Canoe. Poem. 1854, in Har-
per's Magazine for ]\lay. Sarah Tittle Barritt
Bolton. First line : '■'■Voyager upon life's sea"

Pages from an Old Volume of Life, 1857-1881.
Collection of essays. 1883. O. W. Holmes.

Pain in Autumn. Poem. About 1856. R. H.Stod-

Palabras Carifiosas. Poem. About 1862. T. B.

Palatine, The. Poem. 1867, in Atlantic Monthly
for January. J. G. Whittier.

Palingenesis. Poem. l^Q^,'mihQ Atlantic Montlily
for July. H. W. Longfellow.

Palm and the Pine. Poem. About 1851. Bayard

Palmetto Leaves. Sketches of life in Florida. 1873.
Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe.

Pampinea. Poem. 1861, in the Atlantic Monthly
for January. T. B. Aldrich.

Pan in Wall Street. Poem. 1867, in the Atlantic
Monthly for January. E. C. Stedman.

Pandora. Short story. About 1885. Henry James.

Panorama, The. Poem. 1856. J. G. Whittier.
First line : " Through the long hall the shuttered
ivindoics shed."

Paper City, A. Novel. 1878. David Ross Locke
(Petroleum V. Nasby).

Paquita. Play, produced, 1885, at the Fourteenth
Street Theatre, New York. Bartley Campbell.

194 who's the author?

Para Papers : or France, Egypt, and Ethiopia.

Travels. 18.58. George L. Ditson.
Parable, A. Poem. 1852. J.R.Lowell. First line :

"Afi ass munched thistles, while a nightingale."
Parable of the Ten A^irgins, Opened and Applied.

Sermon. 1660. Thomas Shepard.
Paris Papers, or Mr. Silas Deane's Late Intercepted

Letters to his Brother and Other Friends. 1871,

New York. Silas Deane.
Parliamentary Practices. See " Deliberative Assem-
Parlor Car, The. Farce. 1876, Boston. W. D.

Howells. It first appeared in the Atlantic

Monthly, September, 1876.
Parnassus. Collection of poems of American and

British authors. December, 1871. K. W.

Parrhasius. Poem. About 1837. X. P. "Willis.

Story of a slave put to death by torture, in order

that an artist might paint his agony.
Parson Turell's Legacy. Poem. 1858. O. W.

Partial Portraits. Essays. 1888. Henry James, Jr.
Parting and a Meeting, A. Story. 1891, in the

Cosmopolitan Magazine for December. W. D.

Parting Glass, The. Poem. About 1786. Philip

Partingtonian Patchwork. Humorous sketches.

1873, Boston. B. P. Shillaber (Mrs. Parting-
ton) .
Partisan, The : A Tale of the Revolution. Romance.

1835. W. G. Simms.
Passage to India. Poem. 1870. Walt "Whitman.
Passages from a Relinquished Work. One of the

selections of '- Mosses from an Old Manse,"

q.v, Nathaniel Hawthorne.

who's the author? 195

Passe Rose. Romance. 1889. A. S. Hardy.

Passing Away. Poem. 18i0. John Pierpont.

Passion Flowers. Poems. 1854. Julia (Ward)

Passionate Pilgrim, The. Short tale. 1875, Boston.
Henry James.

Past, The. Poem. 1829, in the Talisman. W. C.
Bi-yant. First line : " Thou unrelenting Past ! '■'

Patent Laws of all Nations. 1886. B. V. Abbott.

Path, The. Poem, written at Roslyn, L. I. 1863.
W. C. Bryant.

Pathfinder, The. Novel. 1840. J. F. Cooper. This
novel, the third in the series of the " Leather-
Stocking Tales," q.v., was the fourth in order of

Patience Strong's Outings. Story, juvenile. 1868.
Adeline D. T. Whitney.

Patrins. Essays. 1897. Louise Imogen Guiney.

Patriot Schoolmaster, The : or. The Adventures of
the Two Boston Cannon, the "Adams " and " Han-
cock." Juvenile. 1894. Hezekiah Butterworth.

Paul Fane. Novel. 1856. N. P. Willis.

Paul Felton. Prose work, included in "The Idle
Man," q.v. R. H. Dana.

Paul Patoff. Novel. 1887. F. M. Crawford.

Paul Revere's Ride. Poem. Written 1860. H. W.
Longfellow. This poem is The LandlorcVs Tale
in Part First of " Tales of a Wayside Inn." First
line : " Listen, my children, and you shall hear."

Peach Blossom. Poem. 1877, in the Atlantic
^fonthly for June. Bayard Taylor.

Pearl of Orr's Island, The. Story of New England
village life about the Coast of Maine. 1862.
Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe. It first ap-
peared in the Independent.

Peep at Number Five, A. Story of clerical life.
1851, Boston. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. This

196 who's the author?

story was very popular in its day. Its author
was the mother of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward.

Pelayo : A Story of the Goth. Romance. 1838.
\V. G. Simms.

Pelican Papers, The. Satires. 1879, Kew York.
J. W. Gerard.

Pembroke. Novel. 1894. Mary E. Wilkins.

Pen Portraits of Illustrious Abstainers. Biographi-
cal sketches. 1881, New York. G. W. Bungay.

Pencillings by the Way. Travel sketches. 183.5.
N. P. Willis. These originally appeared as let-
ters in the Neio Yoi^k Mirror.

Penelope. Poem, in dialect. 1870, in the Overland
Monthly for August. F. Bret Harte.

Penelope. Poem. About 1860. E. C. Stedman.

Penelope's Progress: Being such Extracts from the
Commonplace Book of Penelope Hamilton as
Relate to her Experiences in Scotland. Travel
sketches bound with the thread of a story.
1898. Kate Douglas Wiggin Riggs.

Pennsylvania. A Brief Account of. 1682. Will-
iam Penn.

Pennsylvania, A Brief Account of the Province of.
William Smith (1721-1803).

Pennsylvania and New Jersey; An Historical and
Geographical Account of the Province and Coun-
trv of. 1698. Gabriel Thomas.

Pennsylvania, History of, 1776-1780. 1797. Rob-
ert Proud.

Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser. Estab-
lished 1781. This was the first daily newspaper
in the United States.

Pennsylvania Pilgrim, The. Poem. 1872. J. G.
Whittier. First line : " / sing the Pilgrim of a
softer clime.''''

Pension Beaurepas. Short serial. 1878. Henry

who's the author? 197

Pentucket. Poem. 1838. J. G. Whittier.

People I Have Met. Sketches. 1850. N. P. Willis.

Pepaeton. Essays on Nature. 1881. John Bur-

Percy's Masque. Drama. 1820. James A. Hillhouse.

Perfect Day and Other Poems, A. 1881. Ina Donna

Perfect Life, The. Sermons, posthumous. 1872.
William Ellery Channing (1780-1842).

Peril. Play. Bartley Campbell.

Personal Reminiscences of Carlyle. Biographical
essays. 1881. Henry James.

Personally Conducted. Travel sketches, juvenile.
1889. F. ,R. Stockton.

Peter Goldthwaite's Treasure. One of the selec-
tions of "Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel

Peter Parley's Almanacs for Old and Young. John

Peter Parley's Universal History. 1837. Nathaniel

Peter Patrick. Novel. 1887, Boston. Sarah Pratt
(McLean) Greene.

Peter Pilgrim. Collection of tales and sketches.
1838. Robert Montgomery Bird. This is note-
worthy for its early description of the Mammoth

Peter Rugg : The Missing Man. Sketch. It appeared
(1824-1826) in the New England Galaxy, and was
a great favorite in its day. William Austin.

Peter Stuyvesant's New Year's Call. Poem. E. C.

Petrified Fern, The. Poem. Mary (Bolles) Branch.

Pewee, The. Poem. About 1869. J. T. Trowbridge.

Phantom Ship, The. Poem. Written Oct. 11, 1850.
Henry W. Longfellow. First Ime : " In Mather's
Magnalia Christu''

198 who's the author?

Philip Nolan's Friends. Novel. 1876. E.E.Hale.

Philip of Pokanoket. One of the selections of the
-Sketch-Book," q.v. Washington Irving.

Philip the Second, King of Spain, History of. 1855,
Boston. William H. Prescott.

Philo : An Evangeliad. Poem of a didactic charac-
ter defending Unitarian doctrines. 1850, Bos-
ton. Sylvester Judd.

Philosopher Toad, The. Poem, satirical. Rebecca
S. Nichols.

Philosophic Solitude. Poem. 1747. William Liv-

Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded.
1857, London. Delia Salter Bacon. The first to
advance the Baconian theory of the authorship
of the plays of Shakespeare.

Philothea. Classical romance of the time of
Pericles and Aspasia. 1836. Lydia Maria Child.

Phoenixiana. Humorous sketches. 1855. G. H.
Derby (John Phoenix).

Phonography, Manual of. 1860. Benn Pitman.

Phyllis of the Sierras, A. Story. 1888. F. Bret

Physical Geography, Eclectic. A concise and au-
thoritative work. 1888. Russell Hinman.

Physical Geographv of the Sea. Treatise. 1855.
:\latthew F. Maury.

Piazza Tales, The. ' Collection of stories. 1856.
Herman ]\lelville.

Picket Guard, The. Poem. First appeared in
Harper's Weekly, November, 1861. Ethelinda
Beers (Ethel Lynn). This poem also appeared
later under the title " All Quiet Along the
Potomac." It had many claimants of author-

Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution. History.
1852. Benson J. Lossing.

who's the author? 199

Pictorial Field-Book of the War of 1812. History.

1868. Benson J. Lossing.

Pictorial History of the Civil War. History. 1866-

1869. Benson J. Lossing.

Picture of St. John, The. Poem, dramatic. 1866.
Bayard Taylor.

Pictures of Edgewood. Sketches. 1869. Donald
Grant Mitchell (Ik Marvel).

Pictures of Memory. Poem. About 1850. Alice Gary.

Piece of Land, A. Short story. About 1884.
J. C. Harris.

Pierre : "or The Ambiguities. Story. 1852. Herman

Pietro Ghisleri. Novel. 1893. F. M. Crawford.

Pike County Ballads. Poems. 1871. John Hay.

Pilgrim Fathers, The. Poem. Written for the
anniversary of the Pilgrim Society at Plymouth,
Dec. 22, 1824. John Pierpont. First line:
" The Pilgrim Fathers — where are theyV

Pillar of Fire, The. Popular religious romance.
1859. Joseph H. Ingraham.

Pills : Poetical, Political, and Philosophical. Satiri-
cal poem. 1809. T. G. Fessenden.

Pilot, The. Sea tale. 1823. James Fenimore Cooper.
This was the first of his many sea novels, and in
it he drew that strongly individualized charac-
ter. Long Tom Coffin, as clearly cut as Natty
Bumpo, of the " Leather Stocking Tales.''

Pilot's Story, The. Poem. 1860, in the Atlantic
Monthly for September. W. I). Howells.

Pine-Tree, The. Poem. 1846. John G. AVhittier.

Pine's ^Lystery, The. Poem. Paul Hamilton Hayne.

Pioneer, The. Literary and Critical Magazine.
Established January, 1843. Edited by J. R.
Lowell. Three numbers were issued. Among
those who contributed to it were Neal, Dwight,
Hawthorne, Poe, and Parsons.

200 who's the author?

Pioneers of France in the New World. Histor-
ical narrative. 1865. Francis Parkmau. See
also " France and England in North America."

Pioneers, The. Novel. 1823. James Fenimore
Cooper. This novel, in the order of publication,
was the first of the famous '* Leather Stocking
Tales," but in point of time of story, it is fourth
in the series.

Pious Editor's Creed, The. Sixth paper of the First
Series of the " Biglow Papers," q.v. J. R. Lowell.

Pipes at Lucknow, The. Poem. 1858. J. G.

Pique. Play. Produced Dec. 14, 1875. John
Augustin Daly.

Piscataqua River. Poem. About 1856. T. B.

Pit and the Pendulum, The. Prose tale. 1843,
in the The Gift. Edgar Allan Poe.

Plague of Darkness, The. Poem. 1824. George
\Y. Doane.

Plain Fishing. Short story. About 1888. F. R.

Plain Language from Truthful James. Poem.
September, 1870, in the Overland Monthly.
F. Bret Harte. This famous poem is more
familiarly known by the title " The Heathen
Chinee." First line : " Which I wish to remark."

Plain Talks on Familiar Subjects. Series of popu-
lar lectures. 1865. J. G. Holland.

Plain Truth : or Serious Considerations of the

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