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verses to this periodical, and the last canto of his
" Cow Chase," a satire, was printed in it the day
he was captured at Tarry town.

Rivulet, The. Poem. Written 1823, at Cumming-
ton. Published 1824, in the United States Lit-
erary Gazette, May 15. W. C. Bryant.

Rizpah. Poem. 1824, in the United States Literary
Gazette, i\Iay 1. W. C. Bryant.

Rizpah with Her Sons. Poem. About 1827. N. P.

Rob of the Bowl. Novel. 1838. J. P. Ken-
nedy. The scene of the story is in Maryland,
in the days of Calvert.

Rob Roy. Opera. 1893. H. B. Smith.

Roba di Roma. Miscellanies on things Roman.
1862. W.W. Story. These papers appeared in
the Atlantic Monthly, 1859, 1860, 1861.

218 who's the author?

Robert of Lincoln. Poem. 1855, in Putnam's Maga-
zine. W. C. Bryant.

Robin, The. Poem. 1871, in the Atlantic Monthly
for June. J. G. Whittier.

Robin Hood. Opera. 1891. H. B. Smith.

Robin Redbreast. Poem. George Washington Doane.
First line : " Sweet Robin, I have heard them satj.'"

'- Rock me to sleep, Mother." A very popular song,
written in the spring of 1859, at Portland, Me.,
and first printed. May, 1860, in the Philadelphia
Saturdaij Evening Post. Elizabeth Akers (Flor-
ence Percy). First line : ^^ Backward, turn
backward, O Time, in gourjlight."

Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep. Poem. About
1830. Emma (Hart) Willard.

Rockweeds. Poem. 1868, in the Atlantic Monthly
for March. Celia Thaxter.

Rocky Mountain Series. Popular series of juve-
niles. 1868-1871. Charles A. Fosdick (Harry

Rocky Mountains in 1812, and to Oregon and North
California in 1813 and 1811, Report of the
Exploring Expedition to the. 1815. John C.

Roderick Hudson. Xovel. 1875, Boston. Henry

Rodman the Keeper. Sketch. 1877, in the Atlantic
Monthly for March. Constance F. Woolson. In
1880 this was published in book form with
several other Southern sketches, embracing
"Sister St. Luke," " Felipa," " Bro," "King
David," "Up the Blue Ridge," "In the Cotton
Country," " Old Gardeston."

Rodolph. Poem. 1825. E. C. Pinkney.

Roger Malvin's Burial. One of the selections of
" Mosses from an Old Manse," q.v. Nathaniel

who's the author? 219

Rogers. Humorous sketch. 1878. Samuel L.
Clemens (Mark Twain).

Roland, The Story of. Juvenile. 1883. James

RoU-Call. Poem of the Civil War. N. G. Shep-
herd. First line : " ' Corporal Green ! ' the
orderly cried.''

Roll on, Silver Moon. Song. 1847. To Joseph W.
Turner of Charlestown, Mass., is generally
given the credit of bringing together the words
and music of this old song into its present form.
The air is of English origin. First line : " As I
strayed from my cot at the close of the day" It is
the first line of the chorus, ''■Roll on, silver moon,
point the traveler his way," which has given the
song its title.

RoUo Books, The. Juveniles. A series of twenty-
eight volumes. Jacob Abbott.

Roman Lawyer in Jerusalem. Poem. 1870. W.
W. Story.

Roman Singer, A. Novel. 1885. F. M. Craw-

Romance and Re very. Poems. 1888. Edgar

Romance of Dollard, The. Historical romance.
1889. MaryH. Catherwood.

Romance of Madrono Hollow^ The. Short story.
1871, in the Atlantic Monthly for September.
F. Bret Harte.

Romances and Realities. Tales, sketches, and
pa[)ers. 1872, New York. Amelia E. Barr.

Romany Girl, The. Poem. First appeared in No-
vember, 1857, issue of Atlantic Monthly. Ralph
Waldo Emerson. First line : " The sun goes
down, and with him takes."

Rookery, Tiie, One of the selections of " Brace-
bridge Ilall," q.v. Washington Irving.

220 who's the author?

Root Bound. Sketch. 1885. Rose (Terry) Cooke.

Ropewalk, The. Poem. "Written May 20, 1854.
H. W. Longfellow. This is one of the poems of
" Birds of Passage." Flight the First.

Rosalie. Poem. About 1813. Washington All-

Rosalie Clare. Poem. About 1842. C. F. Hoff-

Rosalie, the Prairie Flower. Song. 1855. G. F.

Rosalind Newcomb. First appeared as a serial in
Harper's Magazine, 1859-1860. Nora Perry.

Roseof a Hundred Leaves, A. Story. 1891. Amelia

E. Barr.

Rosedale. Play. 1863. John Johnstone Wallack

(Lester Wallack).
Roughing It. Sketches. 1872. Samuel Langhorne

Clemens (Mark Twain).
Roundabout Rambles. Sketches, juvenile. 1872.

F. R. Stockton.

Row upon the Stanislaw. See " Society upon the
Stanislaus." F. Bret Harte.

Roxy. Novel. 1878. Edward Eggleston.

Royal Adventurer, The. War ballad (Revolution).
About 1786. Philip Freneau. First line : ^'•Prince
William, of the Brunsicick race.'' Ballad refers
to the visit, 1781, of Prince William Henry (later
William lY.) to New York as midshipman with
Admiral Digby.

Royal Gentleman, The. Henry Churton (Pseudo-
nym of A. yV. Tourgee). This is the same as
" Toinette," q.v.

Royal Law of Love, The. Sermon. 1875, New
York. James McCosh.

Royal Poet, A. One of the selections in the
''Sketch-Book," q.v. Washington Irving.

Royalty. Poem. David A. Wasson.

who's the author? 221

Ruby's Husband. Story. 1868. Mary Virginia
Terhune (Marion Harland).

Rudder Grange. Story, full of humor. 1879, in
Scrihnefs Monthly. Frank R. Stockton. In
this he created the inimitable character Pomona.

Ruling Passion, The. Poem, delivered before the
Phi Beta Kappa Society, Cambridge. 1797.
Robert Treat Paine.

Running the Batteries. Civil War poem. Herman
Melville. First line: "^ moonless night — a
friendly one." The "Batteries" were those at
Vicksburg, April, 1863.

Rural Letters. Collection of letters and papers.
1849. X. P. Willis. It embraced " Letters from
Under a Bridge," " Open Air Musings in the
City," " Invalid Rambles in Germany," " Letters
from Watering Places," and others.

Rural Life in England. One of the selections in the
" Sketch-Book," q.v. Washington Irving.

Rural Studies, with Hints for Country Places. 1867.
Donald Grant Mitchell (Ik Marvel).

Ruth Elder. Novel. About 1831. John Neal.

Rutledge. Popular novel. 1860, New York.
]Miriam C. Harris.

Saadi. Poem. 1864. R. W. Emerson. First line :
'• Trees in groves."

Sabbath Evening Hymn. 1830. Lydia H. Sigour-

Sabbath Scene, A. Poem. 1853. J. G. Whittier.
One of the anti-slavery poems. First line :
" Scarce had the solemn Sahbath-bell."

Sabbath of the Year, The. Poem. W. L. Shoe-

Sacred Fount, The. Novel. 1901. Henry James.

Sacred Minister, The. Poem. 1773. Samuel

222 who's the author?

Sacred Poems. See "Scriptural Poems." N. P.

Sacrifice of Abraham. Poem. 1826, in the Boston
Recorder. N. P. Willis.^

Saga of King Olaf. Series of poems. H. W.
Longfellow. This series makes up The Musi-
cian'' s Tale of Part First of "Tales of a Way-
side Inn."

St. Elmo. J^ovel, which was once quite popular.
1866, New York. Augusta Jane (Evans) Wilson.

St. Mark's Eve. One of the selections of " Brace-
bridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

St. Twel'mo : or The Cuneiform Cyclopedist of Chat-
tanooga. Charles Henry Webb (John Paul).
This was a travesty on Mrs. A. J. E. Wilson's
"St. Elmo."

Salmagundi. Fortnightly periodical established
1806 by Washington Irving, in conjunction with
William, his brother, and James Kirke Paulding.
It aimed to be like the English Spectator, but
fell far below it in finish of style. It ran for
about twenty numbers and stopped in the midst
of success. The word Salmagundi is Italian, and
means " mixture," or " medley."

Sam Lawson's Fireside Stories. Sketches of New
England life. 1871. Harriet Elizabeth Beecher

Samantha at the World's Fair. Humorous sketches.
1893. Marietta Holley (Josiah Allen's Wife).
Wrote also " Samantha in Europe," 189.5 ;
"Samantha at Saratoga," 1887; "Samantha
among the Brethren," 1890; "Samantha at
the Centennial," 1878.

San Francisco. (From the Sea.) Poem. 1868, in
the Overland Monthly for July. F. Bret Harte.

Sanctum Sanctorum : or An Editor's Proof Sheets.
1870. Theodore Tilton.

who's the author? 223

Sandalphon. Poem. Completed Jan. 18, 1858.
H. W. Longfellow.

Sandpiper, The. Poem. About 1872. Celia Thaxter.

Sands at Seventy. Poems. 1888. Walt Whitman.

Sanitary Message, A. Poem. 1868-1874. F. Bret

Sant' Ilario. Novel. 1889. F. M. Crawford.

Santa Filomena. Poem, Published in the Atlantic
Monthly for November, 1857. H. W. Longfel-
low. First line : " Whene'er a noble deed is
zcr ought."

Sara Crewe. Story, juvenile. 1888. Frances H.

Saracinesca. Novel. 1887. F. M. Crawford.

Sarah, the Exemplary Wife : or Sincerity. 1802.
Susanna H. Rowson.

Saratoga. Play. Produced 1870. Bronson Howard.

Satanstoe. Novel. 1845. J. F. Cooj^er. This
story, the first of a series along the same line
of purpose, was written to denounce the anti-
rent doctrines which had attracted public atten-
tion about this time.

Saturday Afternoon. Poem, about 1829, in The
Token. N. P. Willis. First line : " / love to
look on a scene like this."

Saunterings. Reminiscences of a European tour.
1872. Charles Dudley Warner. These had
previously appeared in the Hartford Courant
and the Old and New of Boston.

" Saxe Holm " Stories. Two series of short stories.
First, 1874 ; second, 1878. Authorship of these
stories is generally ascribed to Helen (Hunt)
Jackson (H. XL). First series comprised: "Draxy
]\Iiller's Dowry," "The Elder's Wife," "Whose
Wife was She?" "The One-legged Dancers,"
" How One Woman kept her Husband," " Esther
Wynn's Love Letters." Second series : " A Four-


Leaved Clover," " Farmer Bassett's Romance,"
"My Tourmaline," "Joe Hale's Red Stockings,"
"Susan Lavvton's Escape."

Scarlet Letter, The. Novel. 1850. Nathaniel Haw-
thorne. This study in the subtle analysis of hu-
man passion has for its theme the blighting
power of a single sin. It was w^onderfully suc-
cessful, and placed Hawthorne at once in the
foremost rank of romance writers.

Scarlet Poppy, The. Short story. About 1884.
Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spoiford.

Scenes from Politian. See " Politiau."

School, The. One of the selections of "Bracebridge
Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Schoolmaster, The. One of the selections of
'• Bracebridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Schoolmaster's Assistant, The. An old and, in its
time, a widely used text-book on arithmetic.
1799. Nathan Daboll. He also began, 1773, the
compilation of the New England Almanac, q.v.

Schoolmaster's Dream. See "Teacher's Dream."

Science. Poem. 1762. Francis Hopkinson.

Science of English Verse. A study of the technique
of versification. 1880. Sidney Lanier. This
is a profound treatise, as scholarly as it is mas-
terly, in which the fundamental element of music
in poetry is developed with great skill.

Scottish Philosophy. Treatise. 1874. James

Scout, The. Romance. 1811. W. G. Simms.
This was originally entitled " The Kinsman : or
The Black Raiders of the Congaree."

Scribner's iSIagazine. Established 1887.

Scribner's Monthly. Magazine. Established 1870.
J. G. Holland, first editor. In 1881 it became
The Century Magazine.

Scriptural Poems. 1827, Boston. These w^ere

who's the author? 225

often spoken of as the " Sacred Poems " of N.
P. Willis, and comprised, among others, the
following : " Hagar in the Wilderness," " The
Sacrifice of Abraham," " Jephthah's Daughter,"
" David's Grief for His Child," ^^ Absalom,"
"Rizpah with Her Sons," "The Widow of
Nain," " The Leper," " Lazarus and Mary,"
" Scenes in Gethsemane."

Sculptor Boy, The. Poem. 1824. W. C. Doane.

Scurrilous Scribe, The. Poem. 1785-1795. Philip

Sea Bird's Song, The. Poem. About 1825. J. G.

C. Bra-inard.

Sea Change, A: or Love's Stowaway. A lyrical
farce in two acts and an epilogue. 1888. W.

D. Howells.

SeaLions,The. Novel. 1849. James Fenimore Cooper.
A story of adventures in the Antarctic Ocean.

Sea Song. Poem. William Ellery Channing (1818-).

Sea, The. Poem. About 1856. R. H. Stoddard.

Search for Persephone. Poem. About 1856. R.
H. Stoddard.

Seaside and the Fireside, The. Poems. Novem-
ber, 1849. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Contained : " The Building of the Ship," " Sea-
weed," "Chrysaor," "The Secret of the Sea,"
"Twilight," "Sir Humphrey Gilbert," "The
Lighthouse," "The Fire of Driftwood,"
" Resignation," " The Builders," " Sand of the
Desert in an Hour Glass," " The Open Window,"
"King AVitlaf's Drinking Horn," "Caspar
Becerra," "Pegasus in Pound," " Tegner's
Drapa," "The Singers," " Suspiria."

Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion in
New England. Sermon. 1743. Directed against
Whitefield and the Revival School. Charles

226 who's the author?

Seat of Empire, The. Sketches of travels in the

West. 1870. C. C. Coffin.
Seaweed. Poem. 1845, in GraTiani's Magazine for

January. H. W. Longfellow. First line :

" Wheyi descends on the Atlantic.'"
Sebastian Strome. Novel. 1879. Julian Haw-
Secret of Swedenborg, The. Essay. 1869. Henry

James, Sr.
See-Saw: or Civil Service in the Departments.

Novel, political. Cynthia E. Cleveland.
See that My Grave's Kept Green. Song. George

Select Party, A. One of the selections of "Mosses

from an Old Manse," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Self Culture. Address, delivered 1838, at Boston.

William Ellery Channing (1780-1842).
Self-Reliance. Essay. 1811. R. W. Emerson.
Selim, the Friend of Mankind. Tale contributed to

the Glauber Spa, q.v. James K. Paulding.
Sella. Poem. Written 1862, at Roslyn, L. I. W.

C. Bryant.
Selling of Joseph, The. Tract against negro

slavery. 1700. Samuel Sewall. This is thought

to be the first arraignment of slavery in America.
Seminole's Reply, The. Poem. Before 1867. G.

W. Patten. First line : " Blaze with your serried

Senator, The. Play. Produced 1889. David

Demarest Lloyd, with Sydney Rosenfeld.
Seneca Lake. Poem. About 1823. J. G. Percival.
September Gale, The. Poem. About 1836. O.

W. Holmes. Poem refers to the hurricane of

Sept. 23, 1815.
Septimius Felton : or The Elixir of Life. Romance.

1872, Boston. Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Serenade. Poem. About 1824. E. C. Pinkney.

who's the author? 227

The poem was written in compliment to Geor-

giana McCausland, whom he married.
Serenade, The. Song. J. G. Percival. First line:

'^ Softly the jnoonlight."
Serious Thoughts on Slavery. Essays. 1775. Thomas

Settler, The. Poem. About 1842. Alfred Billings

Street. First line : " His echoing axe the settler

Seven Deadly Sins, The. Sermons preached in Trin-
ity Chapel, New York City, during Lent, 1888.

Thev were published the same year. Morgan

Seven Letters to Elias Hicks. About 1830. Robert

Wain (1765-1836). These were extensively

read at the time they appeared.
Seven Spanish Cities and the Way to Them. Sketches

of travels. 1883. E. E. Hale.
Seven Stories, with Basement and Attic, The. Tales

of travels. 1864. Donald Grant Mitchell (Ik

Seven Vagabonds, The. One of the selections of

" Twice-Told Tales," q.v, Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Sevenoaks. Novel. 1875. J. G. Holland.
Seventy-Nine. Poem. About 1871. F. Bret Harte.
Seventy-Six. Poem, patriotic. 1835, in the Neio

York Mirror for May. W. C. Bryant.
Seventy-Six. Novel of the Revolution. 1822. John

Sexton's Tale, and Other Poems, The. 1867, New

York. Theodore Tilton.
Sforza: A Story of Milan. 1889. W. W. Astor.
Shadow of a Dream, The. Story. 1890, in Har-
per's Magazine for March, April, ]\Iay. AV. D.

" Shadows lay along Broadway, The." First line of

poem, " Unseen Spirits," q.v. N. P. Willis.

228 who's the author?

Shadovo's of Shasta, The. Poem. 1873, m the Over-
land Monthly for May. C. H. Miller (Joaquin

Shaker Bridal, The. One of the selections of " Twice-
Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Shakespeare, JNIemoirs of the Life of William.
Biograpiiy. 1865. Richard Grant White.

Shakespeare Ode. Delivered at the Boston Theatre,
1823. Charles Sprague.

Shakespeare. One of tlie selections of " Represen-
tative Men," q.v. R. AV. Emerson.

Shakespeare's England. Sketches. 1886. William

Shakespear's Plays, Variorum editions of. Exhaust-
ive and scholarly editions of Shakespeare's plays,
by Horace Howard Furness, which have become
widely known. First volume was issued in 1871.

Sharp Eyes : A Rambler's Calendar of Fifty-two
Weeks Among Insects, Birds, and Flowers. Na-
ture sketches. 1892. AVilliam H. Gibson. Many
of its articles previously appeared in Harper's
Magazine, accompanied with beautiful illustra-
tions by the author.

She Loves Him Yet. Song. About 18i0-1850.
Frances S. Osgood.

Shells and Shell Guns. Treatise. 1856. J. A. Dahl-
gren, made admiral in 1863.

Shenandoah. Play. Produced at Proctor's Thea-
tre, New^ York City, 1889. Bronson Howard.

Shepherd, The. Song. Translated from the French.
David Humphreys.

Sheridan's Ride. Poem. 1864. Thomas Buchanan
Read. Sheridan's army, as it lay encamped on
Cedar Creek, in the Valley of the Shenandoah,
was surprised at break of day by General Early's
Confederates, Oct. 19, 1864. Sheridan, twenty
miles away, heard the din of battle, rode to the

who's the author? 229

scene of action, and arrived in time to rally his

troops and turn a rout into a victory. First line :

'■'•Up from the south at break of day "
Sherman's in Savannah. Poem. 1865. O.W.Holmes.
Sherman's ]March to the Sea. Poem of the Civil War.

Samuel H. M. Byers. First line : " Our camp-fires

shone bright on the mountain.''^
"She's fresh as breath of summer morn." First

line of George W. Bethune's song, "Alice Lee,"

Ship-Builders. 1846. One of the " Songs of Labor."

John G. Whittier.
Ship in the Desert, The. Poem. 1875. C. H. ISIiller.
Ship of Earth, The. Poem. 1876. Sidney Lanier.
Ships at Sea. Poem. R. B. Coffin.
Shoemakers, The. Poem. 1845. One of the " Songs

of Labor." J. G. Whittier.
Shore Acres. Plav. Produced 1892. J. A. Heme.
Short History of Rhode Island. 1877. G. W. Greene.
Short Historv of the English Colonies in America.

1881. H. C. Lodge.
Short Sixes. Humorous stories. 1890. H. C.

Bunner. Wrote also "More Short Sixes," 1894.
Short Studies of American Authors. 1879. T. W.

Shoshonee Valley, The. Romance. 1830. Timothy

Siberia. Play. Bartley Campbell.
Siberia and the Exile System. This work, which

attracted world-wide interest, first appeared as

a series of articles begun in the Century Magazine,

May, 1888. They were afterward collected and

issued in book form. George Ken nan.
Sibyl Huntingdon. Xovel. 1869. Julia C. R. Dorr.
Sic Vita. Poem. 1841, in the Dial for July. H.

D. Thoreau.
Sicilian Vespers, The. Poem. 1828. J. G. Whittier.

230 who's the author?

Sick Bed, The. Poem. 1859, in the New York
Ledger. W. C. Bryant.

Sidney. Novel. 1890. Margaret Deland.

Siegfried, The Story of. Juvenile. 1882. James

Sights from a Steeple. One of the selections of
" Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Signal Fires : or The Trail of the Pathfinder. 1856,
New York. G. S. Burleigh.

Signs and Seasons. Essays on Nature. 1886.
John Burroughs.

Silence Dogood Papers. 1722, in the New England
Courant. Benjamin Franklin.

Silent .Melody, The. Poem. 1878. O. W. Holmes.
First line : " ' Bring me my broken harp,' he said"

Silent Partner, The. Novel. 1870. Elizabeth
Stuart Phelps Ward. It set forth the hardships
of cotton mill operatives.

Silent South, The ; [also] Freedman's Case in Equity
and the Convict Lease System. 1885. Three
papers on Southern topics, contributed to the
Century Magazine. G. W. Cable.

Silver Bridge " and Other Poems, The. 1866.
Elizabeth Akers.

Simple Cobler of Agawam in America, Willing to
help mend his Native Country, lamentably tat-
tered both in upper Leather and Sole, with all the
honest Stitches He can take. Satire. Written
1645. Published 1647, England, under pseudo-
nym of Theodore de la Guard. Agawam is now
Ipswich. Nathaniel Ward.

Simplicitie's Defence against Seven-Headed Policy.
Tract. 1646. Samuel Gorton.

Singular Life, A. Novel. 1895. Elizabeth Stuart
Phelps Ward.

Sinless Child, The. Poem. About 1841. Elizabeth
O. P. Smith.

who's the author? 231

Sinner Called, The. Poem. 1824. George W.

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. Sermon.
1741, Jonathan Edwards.

Sir Pavon and Saint Pavon. Poem. Sarah H.

Sir Rohan's Ghost. Romance. 1859. Harriet
Elizabeth Prescott Spofford.

Sister Years, The. One of the selections of " Twice-
Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Sisyphi Opus: or Touches at the Times. Poem.
1820. Robert Wain (1794-1825).

Six Nights with the Washingtonians. See " Tem-
perance Tales."

Six to One: A Nantucket Idyl. Novel. 1878.
Edward Bellamy.

Skeleton in Armor, The. Poem. First published
in the Knickerbocker, January, 1841. Henry W.
Longfellow. This famous poem originally had
marginal notes like Coleridge's " Ancient Mari-
ner," but they were abandoned when the poem
was reprinted in volume collection. First line :
" Speak ! speak ! thou fearful quest /"

Sketch-Book, The. 1819-1820. Washington Irving.
The first number, consisting of six sketches, was
published in 1819. The second and third num-
bers quickly followed. Their success was great
and instantaneous. The series was not finished
until September, 1820.

Sketches from a Student's Window. 1841. Samuel
G. Goodrich (Peter Parley).

Sketches from Memory. One of the selections of
"Mosses from an Old Manse," ^.y. Nathaniel

Skipper Ben. Poem. I'^Qb, in tliQ Atlantic Monthly
for July. Lucy Larcom.

Skipper Ireson's Ride. Poem. 1857, in the Atlantic

232 who's the author?

iT/onfA/?/ for December. John G. Whittier. First
line : " Of all the rides since the hirth of time J^

Slain in Battle. Poem. 1865. Margaret J. Preston
in her " Beechenbrook."

Slave Singing at Midnight, The. Poem. Written
1842. H. W. Longfellow. First line : " Loud
he sang the psalm of David ! "

Slave States, A Journey in the Seaboard : With
Remarks on their Economy. 1856. A noted
work of observations made on a tour through
the slave states of the South. Frederick Law
Olmsted. This volume was made up of a re-
vision of letters previously sent to the Neio York
Times, with the addition of observation notes of
a second tour.

Slave, The. Richard Hildreth. See " White Slave."

Slave Trade, The : Domestic and Foreign. Trea-
tise. 1853. H. C. Carey.

Slavery Considered. Poem, anti-slaver}^, in blank
verse. 1775. Aaron Cleveland, the great-grand-
father of ex-President Cleveland.

Slavery Discussed in Occasional Essavs, from 1833
to 1816. Published 1816. Leonard Bacon.

Slavery in the United States, A View of. Written
in support of the Southern view of the institu-
tion. 1836, New York. J. K. Paulding.

Slavery, Miscellaneous Writings on. William Jay.
A collection of his various addresses and pam-
phlets on the subject. 1854, Boston.

Slavery on Morals and Industry, The Effect of.
Tract. 1793. Noah Webster.

Slave's Dream, The. Poem. Written 1842. H. W.

Slaves of Algiers, The. Opera. 1794. Susanna
H. Rowson.

Slaves of Martinique, The. Poem. 1848. J. G.

who's the author? 233

Sleeper, The. Poem. First appeared in the
Philadelphia Saturday Museum, March 4, 1843.
Edgar Allan Poe.

Sleeping-Car, The. Farce. 1883, Boston. W. D.
Howells. It originally appeared in Harper's
'- Christmas," 1882.

Sleepy Hollow. Poem. W. E. Channing (1818-).

Sleigh Ptide, The. Poem. About 1860. E.C.Sted-

Sleighing Song, A. Poem. About 1810. John
Shaw. First line : '' When calm is the night, and
the stars shine bright."

Smack in School, The. Poem. AV. P. Palmer.

Smith, Captain John. Biography. 1881. C. D.

Smoke. Poem. 1840-1844. H. D. Thoreau.

Smoked Glass : A Comic History of the Recon-
struction. 1868, New York. R. H. Newell.

Smoking Away. Song. Very popular. Francis
]M. Finch. First line: '^Floating away like the
fountain's spray"

Smooth Divine, The. Selection from Timothy
Uwight's " Triumph of Infidelity," q.v.

Snow, Beautiful. See " Beautiful Snow."

Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyl. Poem. 1866.
John G. Whittier. First line : " The sun that
brief December day."

Snow-Bound at Eagle's. Story. 1886. F. Bret
II arte.

Snow-Flakes. Poem. Written 1859. H.W.Long-
fellow. First line : " Out of the bosom of the

Snow-Image, The, and Other Twice-Told Tales.
1851. Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Snow-Shower, The. Poem. 1855, in the Knicker-
bocker Gallery. W. C. Bryant.

Snow Storm, A. Poem. C. G. Eastman.

234 who's the author?

Snow-storm, The. Poem. 1840-1847. R. W.
Emerson. First line: ^^ Announced by all the
trumpets of the sky."

Snowflakes. One of the selections of " Twice-Told

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