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full of Delight," etc.

Tenting on the Old Camp Ground. Song of the
Civil War. Written 1863. Published 1864 by
Ditson, of Boston. Walter Kittredge. First line:
" We'j^e tenting to-night on the old camp gi'ound."

Terminus. Poem. Published in Atlantic Monthly
for January, 1867. R. W. Emerson. First
line : " It is time to be old."

Terrible Tractoration, The. Poem, satirical. 1804.
Thomas G. Fessenden (Christopher Caustic).
This was, in general, a satire on the medical
profession, and in particular on the "metallic
tractors " of one, Perkins, by name, for the
application of galvanism in the treatment of
disease, especially yellow fever.

Texas, A Journey through : or A Saddle Trip on the
Southwestern Frontier. A noted volume of
observations made on a tour. 1857. Frederick
Law Olmsted.

Thanatopsis. Poem. 1817. W.C.Bryant. Writ-
ten in the summer of 1811, while living with
his parents at Cunmiington, Mass. Published
in the North American Review, September, 1817.

Thankful Blossom. A romance of the Jerseys,
1779. 1877. F. Bret Harte.

Thankless Muse, The. Collection of poems. 1878.
H. A. Beers.

That Lass o' Lowrie's. Novel. 1877. Frances H.
Burnett. A tale of mining life in Lancashire,

That New World. 1876. Sarah M. B. Piatt.

Their Pilgrimage. Novel. 1886. C. D. Warner.

Their Story Runneth Thus. Poem. Edition of 1880.
Abram J. Ryan (Father Ryan).

252 who's the author?

Their Wedding Journey. Romance. 1871, Boston.

W. D. Ho wells. This was his first novel.
Then. Poem. About 1860. Rose (Terry) Cooke.
Theodosia Ernest : or The Heroine of Faith. Novel.

1866. Amos C. Dayton.
Theology Explained and Defended. A series of

theological discourses. 1818. Timothy Dwight.

This is generally admitted to be his best work.

It ran through more than one hundred edi-
Theophilus and Others. Tales and talks. 1876.

Mary Mapes Dodge.
Theory to Out-Do England Without Fighting Her.

Essay. 186.5. Henry C. Carey.
" There are gains for all our losses." See "Flight of

" There is a land immortal." Hymn. AVritten about

1815. Thomas MacKellar.
" There is an hour of peaceful rest." Hymn. W. B.

"There is ever a song somewhere, my dear."

Poem. About 1887. James Whitcomb Riley.
"There is no death." Poem. 1872, in Appleton's

Journal, July 20. J. L. McCreery.
"There! little girl, don't cry." First line of "Life

Lesson, A," q.v. James Whitcomb Riley.
There'll Come a Time. Popular song. 1895. Charles

K, Harris.
There's a Xew Grave. Poem. About 1851. R. H.

There's Life in the Old Land Yet. Civil War poem

(Southern). First appeared in the Pdchmond

Examiner. James R. Randall. The author wrote

it when he was in prison. First line: *^By the

blue Patapsco's billowy dash."
There's Music in the Air. Song. 1847-1857. George

F. Root.

who's the author? 253

Thief in the Night, The. Novel. 1872. Harriet

Elizabeth Prescott Spofford.
Thine Eyes Still Shined. Poem. 1840-1847. R.

W. Emerson.
Thinking Bayonet, The. Novel. 1865, Boston. J.

K. Hosmer.
Thirty Years Ago : or The Memories of a Water

Drinker. Novel. 1836. William Dun lap.

This was dedicated to " All Temperance Socie-
Thirty Years' View, or A History of the American

Government from 1820-1850. A famous work

on the politics of the country. 1854-1856.

Thomas Hart Benton.
Thirty Years' War, View of the Primary Causes and

Movements of the. History. 1874. John Lo-

throp Motley.
Thistle-Drift. Poems. 1887. J. V. Cheney.
Thompson of Angel's. Poem. 1871-1874. F. Bret

Thora. Poem. About 1882. H. H. Boyesen. It is

contained in his " Idyls of Norway."
Thoreau, Life of Henry D. Biography. 1882. F.

B. Sanborn.
Thoreau's Flute. Poem. lSQZ,mthe Atlantic Mont Jdy

for September. Louisa M. Alcott.
Thou and I. Poems. 1880. Theodore Tilton.
Thou Art the AVay. Hymn. 1824. George Wash-
ington Doane."^ First line: " Thou art the Way —

to Thee alone."
Thou, Saviour, from Thy Throne on High. Hymn.

1864. Ray Palmer.
Thou Wilt Never Grow Old. Poem. About 1868.

Ellen Clementine (Doran) Howarth.
Thou Who Roll'st the Year Around. Hymn. 1832.

Ray Palmer.
Thought. Poem. 1840, in the Dial. Christopher

254 who's the author?

P. Cranch. First line : " Thought is deeper
than all speech.""

Thought. Poem. About 1870. Helen (Huut)

Thoughts for a Young Man, A Few. Lecture.
1850, Boston. Horace Mann.

Thoughts on the Soul. Poem. 1827-1833. Rich-
ard Henry Dana.

Thousand and One Stories. 1857. Samuel G.
Goodrich (Peter Parley).

Thousand Miles' Walk Across South America:
Over the Pampas and the Andes. Travels.
1869, Boston. Nathaniel Holmes Bishop.

Three Bells, The. Poem. 1872, in the Atlantic
Monthly for September. J. G. Whittier.

Three Books of Song. Collection of poems. 1872.
H. AV. Longfellow. Contained " Tales of a
Wayside Inn" (Second Day), "Judas Macca-
bseus," and " A Handful of Translations."

Three Fates, The. Xovel. 1892. F. M. Crawford.

Three Hours : or, The Vigil of Love. Poems. 1848,
Philadelphia. Sarah Josepha (Buell) Hale.

Three Hundred Thousand More. Civil War ballad.
1862, in the New York Evening Post of July 16.
James Sloan Gibbons. First line : " We are com-
ing, Father Abraham."

Three Memorial Poems. 1876. J. R. Lowell.
These were : 1. Ode, read at the hundredth
anniversary of the Fight at Concord Bridge. 2.
Under the Old Elm, read at the hundredth anni-
versary of Washington's taking command of the
American armv, July 3, 1775. 3. Ode for the
Fourth of July; 1876.

Three Years of Arctic Service. Narrative. 1886.
Adolphus Washington Greelv. An account of the
Lady Franklin Bay Expedition of 1881-1881.

Threefold Destiny, The. One of the selections of

who's the author? 255

"Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Haw-

Threnodia. Poem. \d>^Q,mi\\Q Knickerbocker Maga-
zine for May, where it first appeared with the
title, " Threnodia on an Infant." J. R. Lowell.

Threnody. Poem. Written about 1842. R. W.
Emerson. First line : " The South-wind brings.''
This poem was a lament for the death of his
first-born child.

Throne of David, The. Popular religious romance.
1860, Philadelphia. Joseph H. Ingraham.

Through One Administration. Novel. 1883.
Frances H. Burnett.

Tide-Mill Stories, The. Juveniles. J. T. Trow-

Tides, The. Sonnet. Written Sept. 4, 1874. H. W.

Tiger Lilies. Poem. About 1874. T. B. Aldrich.

Tiger Lilies. Novel. 1867. Sidney Lanier.
Founded on his experiences at Lookout Prison,
in the Civil War.

Tilden, Samuel J., Life of. Biography. Theodore
P. Cook.

Tim, the Scissors Grinder. Harriette Newell Baker.

Time-Piece and Literary Companion, The. Peri-
odical. First number issued March 18, 1797.
Begun by Philip Freneau.

Times, The. Poem read before the Boston Mer-
cantile Library Association, Nov. 14, 1849.
John G. Saxe.

Timon's Soliloquy. Poem. 1867, in the Atlantic
Monthly for April. T. B. Read.

Timothy Titcomb's Letters to Young People. 1858.
J. G. Holland. These letters were signed Timothy
Titcomb, the pen name of J. G. Holland.

Timothy's Quest. Story. 1891. Kate Douglas
(Wiggin) Riggs.

256 who's the author?

Timrod, Life of Henry. Biography. 1873. Paul
H. Hayne.

Ting-a-Liiig Stories, The. A series of fairy tales
originally written for The Riverside, and pub-
lished in book form 1869. F. R. Stockton.

Tinkling Cymbals. A tale of New York. 1884.
Edgar Fawcett.

" Tippecanoe and Tyler Too ! " Political song, very
popular. About 1840. Alexander Coffman
Ross. It was written to the tune of " Little
Pigs." First line: " O^, ivhat has caused this
great commotion, — motion, — motion"

"'Tis but a little faded flower." Poem. Written
1869. Ellen Clementine (Doran) Howarth.

"'Tis said that absence conquers love." Song. Ap-
peared about 1830. Frederick William Thomas.

Titcomb Letters, The. See " Timothy TitcomVs
Letters to Young People.''

Titmouse, The. Poem. May, 1862, Atlantic
Monthly. R. W. Emerson. First line : " You
shall not he over-hold."

To a Blank Sheet of Paper. Poem. 1830. O. W.

To a Caged Lion. Poem. 1830. O. W. Holmes.

To a Caty-Did. Poem. About 1795. Philip Fre-

To a Honey Bee. Poem. 1786-1795. Philip Fre-
neau. First line : " Thou, horn to sip the lake or

To a Persian Boy. Poem. Written at Smyrna,
October, 1851. Published 1854. Bayard Tay-

To a Sea-Bird. Poem. 1868, in the Overland
Monthly for August. F. Bret Harte.

To a Waterfowl. Poem. 1818. in the North Ameri-
can Review. William Cullen Bryant. The
thought which inspired this came to him while

who's the author? 257

walking over the hills to Plainfield, Dec. 15,1816,
when his future seemed forlorn. It was at sun-
set, and the solitary bird travelling steadily on
suggested the lesson of faith that marks the
poem. It was written at Bridgewater, when he
was twenty years old. First line : " Whither,
^midst falling deiv."

To an English Friend. Poem. 1852. O. W.
Holmes. First line : " The seed that wasteful
Autumn cast."

To an Insect. Poem. 1831. O. W. Holmes.

To Canaan : A Puritan War Song. Poem. 1862.
O. W. Holmes.

To Have and to Hold. Historical novel. 1900.
Mary Johnston.

To Helen. Poem. 1836, in the Southern Literary
Messenger for March. Edgar Allan Poe. First
line : " Helen, thy beauty is to me."

To Helen. Poem. First appeared in the Union
Magazine, November, 1848. Edgar Allan Poe.
" Helen " was Sarah Helen Power, a daughter
of Nicholas Power, of Providence, R. I. In
1828 she married John W. Whitman, a lawyer
of Boston. First line : '^ I saw thee once — once
only — years ago."

To Labor Is to Pray. Poem. Frances Sargent

To Leeward. Novel. 1883. F. M. Crawford.

To j\Iy Companions. Poem. 1830. O. W. Holmes.

To My Mother. Poem. 1849, in the Flag of Our
Union. Edgar Allan Poe.

To One in Paradise. Poem. First appeared in the
Philadelphia Saturday Museum, March 4, 1843.
Edgar Allan Poe. First line : " Thou wast that
all to me, love."

To Rhea. Poem. 1843, in the Dial for July. R. W.

258 who's the author?

To Science. Poem. 1836, in the Southern Literary

Messenger for May. Edgar Allan Poe.
To the Dandelion. Poem. 1845. J. R. Lowell.
To the Defenders of New Orleans. Poem. About

1835. J. R. Drake.
To the Fringed Gentian. Poem. Written 1829 at

New York; published in the edition of 1832.

W. C. Bryant. First line : " Thou blossom bright

with autumn deic."
To the Mocking-Bird. See "Mocking-Bird."
To the Painted Columbine. Poem. About 1839.

Jones Very.
To the Pliocene Skull. Poem. 1860-1868. F. Bret

Toadstool, The. Poem. 1830. O. W. Holmes.
Tobacco and Alcohol. Treatise. 1868. John

Tobias Wilson : A Tale of the Great Rebellion.

Novel. Jeremiah Clemens.
Toiling of Felix and Other Poems, The. 1899.

Henry Van Dyke.
Toinette.' Novel." 1874. Albion W. Tourgee.
Token for the Children of New England, A. 1700.

Cotton Mather.
Token, The. An annual. Established 1829. Issued

until 1842. Edited by E. G. Goodrich. Some

of Hawthorne's "Twice-Told Tales" first ap-
peared in it.
Toll-Gatherers' Day, The. One of the selections of

" Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Haw^thorne.
Tom Sawyer. See " Adventures of Totn Sawyer."
Tom Thornton. Story, included in "The Idle

Man," q.v. Richard Henry Dana.
Tonelli's Marriage. Short story. About 1881. W.

D. Howells.
Tony, the IVIaid. Novelette. 1887, New York.

Blanche Willis Howard von Teuffel.

who's the author? 259

Too Late. Poem. Fitzhugh Ludlow.

Torn Hat, The. Poem. 1829, in The Youth's Keep-
sake. N. P. AVillis.

Tortesa : or The Usurer Matched. Play. 1839. N.
P. Willis.

Tour on the Prairies. 1835. This narrative is em-
bodied in the " Crayon Miscellany," q.v. Wash-
ington Irving. An account of a month's journey
from Fort Gibson, up the Arkansas, to a spot
near the present boundary of Kansas.

Toussaint L'Ouverture. Lecture delivered Decem-
ber, 1861, in New York and Boston. Wendell

Towhead. Novel. 1882. Sarah Pratt (McLean)

Town and Country Poems. 1856. R. H. Stoddard.

Tract to Prove that Indians are Descendants of the
Jews. 1660. John Eliot.

Tragedy of Nero. See "Nero."

Tragedy of the Unexpected, and Other Stories, The.
1880. Nora Perry.

Tragic Muse, The. Novel. 1890. Henry James.

Trailing Arbutus. Poem. About 1860. Rose (Terry)
Cooke. First line : '■^ Darlings of the forest."

Traits of the Aborigines. Historical poem of five
cantos. 1822. Lydia Huntle}^ Sigourney.

Tramp Abroad, A. Sketches. 1880, Hartford.
Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain).

Tramp Across the Continent, A. Sketches. 1892.
C. F. Lummis.

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp. Civil War ballad. 1864.
George Frederick Root. First line : " In the
prison cell I sit."

" Tramp, tramp, tramp, the boys are marching." The
first line of the chorus of "Tramp, Tramp,
Tramp," q.v.

Trancadillo. Song. Caroline Howard Gilman.

260 who's the author?

First line : " Oh, come, maidens, come o'er the blue
rolling wave"

Transatlantic Sketches. 1875. Boston. Henry

Transcendentalist, The. Lecture read at the
Masonic Temple, Boston, January, 1842.
R. W. Emerson.

Transferred Ghost, The. Short story. About
188i. F. R. Stockton.

Traveller from Altruria, A. Romance, in the Cos-
mopolitan Maqazine. November, 1892, to Octo-
ber, 1893. W. D. Howells.

Travelling. One of the selections of "Bracebridge
Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Travelling Bachelor, The. Novel. 1828. James
Fenimore Cooper.

Travels in a Treetop. Nature sketches. 1894.
C. C. Abbott.

Travels in Arabia. Sketches. 1872. Bayard Tay-

Travels in Greece and Rome. 1859. Bayard Taylor.

Travels in New England and New York. 1821-
1822. Timothy D wight.

Treadmill Song, The. Poem. 1830. O.W.Holmes.

Treason's Last Device. Civil War ballad. E. C.
Stedraan. First line : " Sons of New England
in the fray."

Treasures in Heaven. Poem. John G. Saxe.

Treatise on the Religious Affections. A. 1746. Jona-
than Edwards. A theological work written in a
lighter and gentler style than his other writings.

Tree Burial. Poem. 18^2, in the New York Ledger
of August 17. AV. C. Bryant.

" Trembling before Thine awful throne." Hymn.
1822, in The Christian Spectator for April, at
New Haven. It was written about 1816.
Augustus L. Hillhouse.

who's the author ? 261

Trials of the Human Heart, The. Novel. 1795.
Susanna (H.) Rowson.

Trippings in Author Land. Sketches. About 1847.
Emily Chubbuck Judson (Fanny Forester).

Tristia Ecclesiarum. An account of the churches
of New England. 1745. Samuel Niles.

Triumph of Infidelity, The. Poem, satirical. 1788.
Timothy Dwight.

Triumph of Love, The. Poem. 1878. Ella Maria
(Dietz) Clymer.

Triumphant Democracy : or Fifty Years' March of
the Republic. Discourse. 1886. Andrew

Trouble on Lost Mountain. Short story. About
1888. J. C. Harris.

Trout Culture. Treatise. 1870. Rochester, N. Y.
Seth Green.

Truce of Piscataqua, The. Poem. 1860, in the
Atlantic Monthly for February. J. G. Whittier.

True George Washington, The. Biographical
study. 1897. Paul Leicester Ford.

True Grandeur of Nations, The. Oration. Charles
Sumner. It was delivered before the authori-
ties of the City of Boston, July 4, 1845.

True Relation of such Occurrences and Accidents of
Noate as both happened in Virginia since the
first Planting of that Collony, which is now resi-
dent in the south part thereof, till the last Return
from Thence, A. 1608, London. (Captain) John
Smith. A narrative account of the colony at
Jamestown. Notable as being the first book
written on this continent.

True Repertory of the Wracke and Redemption of
Sir Thomas Gates, Knight, upon and from the
Bermudas. 1610. AVilliam Strachey. It is
said that Shakespeare got the hint of the "Tem-
pest " from this work.

262 who's the author?

True Sentiments of America, The. Contained in a
collection of Letters sent from the Massachu-
setts House of Representatives to persons of
rank in England. 1768. Although the author-
ship of these documents has been widely de-
bated, it is generally conceded that most of
them were written by Samuel Adams.

True Story of Lady Byron's Life. Biography.
1869. Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe.

True Womanhood. Novel. 1859. John Neal.

Trumbull, Life, of John. Autobiography. 1841.

Trumpet Sounded out of the Wilderness of America.
A work against the Quakers. Printed by Will-
iam Bradford. 1699, New York. Daniel Leeds.

Trumps. Novel. 1862. G. W. Curtis. It origi-
nally appeared in Harper's Weekly, 1858-1859.

Truth Vindicated. Series of letters signed " Yin-
dex." About 1821. William Gibbons. This
work was a remarkably clear enunciation of the
principles of the Friends.

Truthful James to the Editor. Poem. 1871-1874.
F. Bret Harte.

Turkish Atrocities in Bulgaria. A noted series of
letters originally issued in the London Daily
News, and published in book form, 1876, at
London. J. A. MacGahan.

" Turn out more ale, turn up the light." First line
of " Dum Yivimus Vigilamus," q.v. Charles H.

Tuscan Cities. Sketches. 1885. W. D. Howells.

'"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through
the house." First line of Clement C. Moore's
'' Visit from St. Nicholas," q.v.

T'wrelfth of April, The. War poem. First appeared
in the Neio York World of April 16, 1861.
E. C. Stedman. First line: " Came the morning
of that day."


Twenty Years. Poem. 1871-1874. F. Bret Harte.

Twenty Years of Congress : From Lincoln to Gar-
field, with a Review of the Events which led to
the Political Revolution of 1860. 1884. James
G. Blaine.

Twice-Told Tales. Collection of various stories
contributed to newspapers and magazines. First
series, 1837 ; second series, 1842. Nathaniel

Twilight, To. Poem. 1818, in the New York
Evening Post of October. Fitz-Greene Halleck.
This was one of his earliest poems.

'Twill Soon be Dark. Poem. tV. L. Shoemaker,

Twins of Table Mountains, The. Short story.
1879, Boston. F. Bret Harte.

Two Admirals, The. Novel, sea tale. 1842-
James Fenimore Cooper.

Two Angels, The. Poem. Written 1854. Pub-
lished, 1854, in Putnam's Magazine for April.
H. W. Longfellow. This beautiful poem was
written on the occasion of the birth of the poet's
younger daughter and the death of his friend's
(Lowell) wife. First line : " Two angels, one of
Life and one of Death J'

Two Angels, The. Poem. 1875. J. G. Whittier.

Two Bites at a Cherry. Short story. 1886, in the
Atlantic Monthly for January. T. B. Aldrich.

Two Brides, The. Poem. About 1851. R. H.

Two Cities. Poem. Written October, 1871. W.
A. Butler.

Two Graves, The. Poem. 1826, in the United
States Literary Gazette for August. W. C.

Two Little Confederates. Story, juvenile. 1888.
T. N. Page.

Two Loves, The. Poem. 1884. J. G. Whittier.

264 who's the author?

Two ^len. Novel. 1865. Elizabeth Drew (Bar-
stow) Stoddard.

Two Meii^of Sandy Bar. Drama. 1877, Boston.
F. Bret Harte.

Two Millions. 1858. Poem, satirical. William
Allen Butler. This poem was written for the
Phi Beta Kappa Society of Yale, and delivered
before it July 28, 1858.

Two Rivers. Poem, in the Atlantic Monthly for
January, 1858 R. W. Emerson. First line:
" Thy summer voice, Musketaquit.''

Two Rivulets. A collection. 1873. Walt Whit-
man. This included " Democratic Vistas,"
" Memoranda During the War," and " Passage
to India."

Two Salomes, The. Novel. 1893. Maria L. Pool.

Two Travellers, The. Poem, 1877, in the Atlantic
Monthly for Februarv. W. C. Bryant.

Two Villages, The. Poem. About 1860. Rose
(Terry) Cooke. One of her best poems.

Two Women. Poem. 1S77, in A ppleton's Journal, ior
January and February. Constance F. Woolson.

Two Years Before the Mast. Narrative. 1840.
Richard Henry Dana, Jr. An account of a
voyage, by way of the Horn, to California.

Typee. Story of adventure. 1846. Herman Mel-

Typical Forms and Special Ends of Creation. Trea-
tise. 1856. James McCosh.

Typography, The Practice of. A standard work on
the subject. 1900. Theodore L. DeVinne.

Uhland. Poem. About 1871. William Allen But-

Ulalume. Poem. First appeared in the Ameri-
can Whig Review for December, 1847. Edgar
Allan Poe.

who's the author ? 265

Ultima Thule. Poems. 1880. H. W. Longfellow.

Unc' Edinburg's Drowndin'. Short story. About
1887. T. N. Page.

Uncle Ned. See " Old Uncle Ned."

Uncle Remus : His Songs and Sayings. Sketches
of negro life. 1880. J. C. Harris.

Uncle Tom's Cabin. Novel. 1851-1852. Harriet
Elizabeth Beecher Stowe. This novel became
world-famous. It was first published in the
National Era ot Washing-ton as a serial, beginning
iu June, 1851, and running until April, 1852. It
was then published (1852, at Boston) in book
form and had a marvellous sale. Five hundred
thousand copies were sold in America in five
years. It was translated into fully twenty

Under the Breath. Poem. About 1882. Harriet
Elizabeth Prescott Spofford.

Under the Daisies. Song. Very popular. About
1877. Harriet (Tyng) Griswold.

Under the Evening Lamp. Essays on modern Eng-
lish poets. 1892. R. H. Stoddard.

Under the Gaslight. Play. Produced 1867, at the
New York Theatre. John Augustine Daly.

Under the Lilacs. Juvenile. 1878. Louisa M.

Under the Northern Lights. An account of the
Arctic expedition of 1875 undertaken by Capt.
Allen Young, in the Pandora, to seek for the
remains of the Franklin expedition and, if
possible, to find a northwest passage. J. A.

Under the Old Elm. Poem read, 1875, at Cam-
bridge, INIass., on the hundredth anniversary of
Washington's taking command of the American
army, July 3, 1775. J. R. Lowell. See '' Three
Memorial Odes."

266 who's the author?

Under the Shade of the Trees. Poem of the Civil
War (Southern). Margaret J. Preston. First
line : " What are the thoughts that are stirring his
breast?" Poem refers to Stonewall Jackson,
whose last words were, " Let us pass over the
river and rest under the shade of the trees,"

Under the Snow. Ballad. 1835-1860. Robert

Under the Trees and Elsewhere. Essays. 1891.
H. W. Mabie.

Under the Violets. Poem. 1859. O. TV. Holmes.

Under the Violets. Poem. About 1859. Edward
Young. First line : " Under the violets, blue and

Under the Willows. Poems. 1868. J.R.Lowell.
The " willows " which gave the title to this
volume of poems made a favorite clump of
trees, beneath whose shade Lowell took great
delight. They were not far from Elmwood,
his home.

Underbrush Sketches. 1877. James T. Fields.

Undertow of a Trade Wind Surf. Humorous and
sentimental sketches. George Hunt Clark.

Undiscovered Country, The. Romance. 1880.
W. D. Howells.

Undiscovered Country, The. Poem. E. C. Sted-

Unexpected Guests, The. Farce. 1893, in Har-
pers Magazine, January. W. D. Howells.

Union and Liberty. Poem, patriotic. 1861. O.
W. Holmes.

"Union forever! Hurrah, boys, Hurrah! The."
First line of the well-known chorus of " The
Battle Cry of Freedom," q.v. George F. Root.

Union Forever, The. Poem. About 1865. Sarah
T. B. Bolton.

Union, The. Poem. About 1860, George Lunt.

who's the author? 267

United Netherlands, The. See "History of the

United Netherlands."
Unknown Way, The. Poem. 1846, in Graham's

Magazine for December. W. C. Bryant.
Unseen Spirits. Poem. 1843, in the New York

Mirror of July 29. N. P. Willis. First line:

" The shadows lay along Broadway ."
Unseen World, The. Essays. 1876, Boston. John

Until Death Us Do Part. Story. 1867, New York.

A. J. E. Wilson.
Untimely Thought, An. Poem. 1873, in the

Atlantic Monthly for January. T. B. Aldrich.
Unwritten History : or Life Among the Modocs.

1873. C. H. Miller (Joaquin Miller).
Upland and Meadow. Observations and Essays on

Nature. 1886. C. C. Abbott.
Upon the Hill before Centreville. Civil War poem.

George H. Boker. First line: "/7Z tell you

what I heard that day"
Upon the Mountain's Distant Head. Poem. 1829,

in the Talisman. W. C. Bryant.
Upper Ten, The. Play. About 1854, at Burton's

Theatre, New York City. Thomas B. De Walden.
Upshot Family,The. Poem, serio-comic. H.C.Work.
Urania: A Rhymed Lesson. Poem, delivered 1846,

before Boston Mercantile Library Association.

O. W. Holmes.
Urban Sketches. Short stories. 1872. F. Bret

Harte. They comprise, among others : " A Ven-
erable Impostor," "From a Balcony," "Melons,"

" Surprising Adventures of Master Charles Sum-

merton," " Sidewalkings," "A Boy's Dog."
Uses of Great Men, The. One of the selections of

" llepresentative Men," q.v. R. W. Emerson.
Utterance : A Collection of Home Poems. 1852,

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