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Bozzaris," of which poem this is the first line.
At Port Royal. Poem. 1862, in the Atlantic

Monthly for February. J. G. Whittier. First

line : " The tent lights glimmer on the land."
At Rest. Poem. About 1856. R. H. Stoddard.
At Sea. Poem. About 1869. J. T. Trowbridge.
At Sundown. Poem. 1890. J. G. Whittier. This

poem is dedicated to E. C. S. (E. C. Stedman).

First line : " Poet and friend of poets, if thy glass."
At Teague Poteet's. Short story. 1884. J. C.

Harris. A sketch of the Hog Mountain Range.
At the Beautiful Gate. Poem. About 1868. Lucy


who's the author ? 17

At the Hacienda. Poem. About 1874. F.BretHarte.
At the Mercy of Tiberius. Novel. 1887, New York.

A. J. E. Wilson.
At the Sign of the Savage. Short story. About

1881. W. D. Howells.
Atalaiitis : A Story of the Sea. Poem in three

parts. 1832. W. G. Simms.
Atlantic, The. Literary periodical. 1824-1825. It

afterward became the New York Review, with

W. C. Bryant, editor.
Atlantic Essays. Miscellaneous papers, written

1858-1870. Published 1871. T. W. Higginson.
Atlantic JMonthly. A literary periodical, begun

November, 1857, with J. R. Lowell as editor-
in-chief. It was published by Phillips and

Sampson, the originators of the enterprise.

Many of the DiaVs old contributors wrote for it.
Atlantic Souvenir, The. First American annual

of a literarv character. 1826-1833. Edited

by H. D. Gilpin.
Atlantis : The Antediluvian World. 1882. Ignatius

Attorney, The. Novel. It first appeared in the

Knickerhncker Magazine, 1842, over the signature

"John Quod." J. T. Irving.
Auf Wiedersehen. Poem. 1854. J. R. Lowell.
Aunt Fountain's Prisoner. Short story. About

1888. J. C. Harris.
Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag. Juvenile. 1871-1879. Louisa

May Alcott.
Aunt Phillis's Cabin. This story was written as a

reply to " Uncle Tom's Cabin." Published 1852.

Mary H. Eastman. Fully 18,000 copies were sold

shortly after it appeared.
Aurelian : or Rome in the Third Century. 1868.

A popular historical novel. It originally ap-
peared with the title " Probus, or Rome in the

18 who's the author?

Third Century," 1838, New York, as " Letters
from Lucius M. Piso from Rome to Fausta, the
daughter of Gracchus, at Palmyra." William

Author of Bretraffio, The. Short Story. 1885.
Henry James.

Author's Farewell, The. One of the selections of
" Bracebridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. See

Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Conversational
essays in the form of a monologue, begun in
the "Atlantic Monthly in 1857. O. W. Holmes.
Although the "Autocrat" in its present form
began in the first number of the Atlantic, its
real beginning, as Holmes states, was in two ar-
ticles contributed some twenty-five years before
to the New England Magazine published by
J. T. and E. Buckingham of Boston. These
articles appeared in this magazine November,
1831, and February, 1832, with the title " The
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table," and they then
attracted but little attention.

Autumn. Poem. AYritten 1845. H. W. Long-
fellow. This poem was afterward included in
the collection entitled " The Belfry of Bruges."

Autumn. Selections from the journal of H. D.
Thoreau, by H. G. O. Blake, editor. 1892.

Autumn in the West. Poem. W. D. Gallagher.

Autumn Song. Poem. About 1867. Forceythe

Autumn Woods. Poem. 1824, in the United States
Literary Gazette for October 1. W. C. Bryant.
It was written, 1824, at Great Barrington,

Autumnal Reflections. Poem. About 1818. Sam-
uel Woodworth.

who's the author? 19

Ave Roma Immortalis. Studies from the chronicles
of Rome. 1898. F. M. Crawford.

Avery Glibun : or Between Two Fires. Novel.
1867, New York. R. H. Newell. The title
Avery Glibun (a very glib un) is characteristic.

Avis. Poem. 1858. O. W Holmes. A true story.

Avitor. Poem. About 1871. F. Bret Harte.

" Away from earth my spirit turns." Hymn. 1833.
Ray Palmer.

Awkward Age. Novel. 1899. Henry James.

Aylmere : or the Bondman of Kent. Play, tragedy.
Written 1835. Produced May 24, 1841, Park
Theatre, New York. R. T. Conrad. In this
Edwin Forrest, the famous actor, played the
role of its chief character, "Jack Cade."

Azalia. Short story. Century, 1887. J. C. Harris.

Azarian : An Episode. 1864. Harriet E. P. Spofford.

Babes in the Woods, The. Poem. About 1874.

F. Bret Harte.
Babie Bell. See " Ballad of Babie Bell."
Babyhood. Poem. See " AVhat is the Little One

Thinking About?" '

Babylon is Fallen. War ballad. 1861-1864. H.

C. Work.
Bachelor Bluff: His Opinions. Essays. 1881,

New York. O. B. Bunce.
Bachelors. One of the selections of " Bracebridge

Hall," q.V.
Bachelor's Hall. Poem. 1731. George Webb.
Back Country Poems. 1892. S. W. Foss.
Backlog Studies. Essays, begun in Scribner^s

Monthly, July, 1871.
"Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your

flight." First line of " Rock Me to Sleep,

Mother," q.v.
Backwoodsman, The. Poem. 1818. J.K.Paulding.

20 who's the author?

Baddeck and That Sort of Thing. Travel sketches.

Begun in the Atlantic Monthly for November,

1874. C. D. Warner.
Balaam and His Master. Short story. 1891. J.

C. Harris.
Balaklava. Poem. About 1857. A. B. Meek.

First line : '' 0, the charge at Balaklava /"
Ballad of Babie Bell. l^em. 1856, Boston.

T. B. Aldrich. First line : " Have you not heard

the poet a tell."
Ballad of Bunker Hill, The. Poem. 1856, in Har-
per's Monthly Magazine for June. George Lunt.
Ballad of Lager Bier, The. Poem. New York

Tribune, 1859. E. C. Stedman.
Ballad of Mr. Cooke, The. Poem. About 1871. F.

Bret Harte.
Ballad of Sir John Franklin, A. Poem. About

1856. G. H. Boker.
Ballad of the Boston Tea Party. Poem. 1884. O.

W. Holmes.
Ballad of the Emeu, The. Poem. 1860-1868. F.

Bret Harte.
Ballad of the Oysterman, The. Poem. 1830. O.

W. Holmes.
Ballad of the Tempest. Poem. About 1818. J.

T. Fields.
Ballads of Good Deeds. Poems. 1872. Henry Abbey.
Banker's Daughter, The. Play. Produced 1878.

Bronson Howard.
Banner of the Jew, The. Poem. 1882-1888. Emma

Banner of the Stars, The. War poem (Civil War).

R. W. Raymond. First line: '^Hurrah! boys,

hurrah ! fling our banner to the breeze ! "
Barbara Dering. Story. 1892. Amelie Rives

(Chanler) Troubetzkoy.
Barbara Frietchie. Poem*^of the Civil War. 1863,

who's the author? 21

in the Atlantic Monthly of October. J. G.

Whittier. First line: " Up from the meadows

rich with corn."
Barclay of Ury. Poem. 1847. J. G. Whittier.

First line : " Up the streets of Aberdeen.''
Barefoot Boy, The. Poem. 1855. J. G. Whittier.

First line: "Blessings on thee, little man."
"Barnevelt" Papers, The. See "Marcellus."
Barnum, Life of P. T. Autobiography. 1888,

Barnum's Parnassus. A poetical squib which was

very popular. 1850. W. A. Butler.
Baroness of New York, The. Romance in verse.

1877. Cincinnatus Hiner Miller (Joaquin

Baron's Last Banquet, The. Poem. About 1847.

A. G. Greene.
Barriers Burned Away. Novel. 1872. E. P. Roe.
Barton's Experiment, The. Novelette. 1876. John

Base Ball Manual. 1874. Henry Chadwick.
Basic Outline of Universalogy. 1872. S. P.

Andrews. In this work he advocated the

use of a universal language termed Alicato. He

is said to have originated phonographic re-
Battle Autumn of 1862, The. Poem. 1862, in the

Atlantic Monthly for October. J. G. Whittier.
Battle Cry of Freedom, The. War song. 1861.

G. F. Root. First line: "Yes, tce'll rally round

the flag, hoys, ive'll rally once again."
Battle Field, The. Poem. 1837, in the Democratic

Review for October. W. C. Bryant.
Battle Flag of the Republic. A popular title of the

poem " Union and Liberty," q.v. by O. W. Holmes.
Battle Hymn of the Republic, The. 1862, in the

Atlantic Monthly for February. Julia Ward

22 who's the author ?

Howe. First line : " Mine eyes have seen the
glory of the coming of the Lord."

Battle of Charleston Harbor. Poem, Civil War.
About 1864. P. H. Hayue. First line: ''Two
hours, or more, beyond the prime of a blithe April
day." Poem refers to the bombardment of Fort
Sumter, April 7, 1863.

Battle of King's Mountain, The. Poem. 1880, in
Harper's Monthly Magazine for November. P.
H. Hayne.

Battle of Lake Erie, The: or Answers to Messrs.
Burges, Duer, and Mackenzie. 1843, Coopers-
town, N.Y. J. F. Cooper.

Battle of Lookout Mountain, The. Poem. 1861.
G. H. Boker.

Battle of Lovell's Pond, The. Poem. 1820. H. W.
Longfellow. This is said to be Longfellow's
first printed poem. It was published in the
Portland Gazette of Nov. 17, 1820, when he was
thirteen years old. First line: " Cold, cold is
the north wind, and rude is the blast."

Battle of Niagara, The. Poem. 1818. John Neal.
This poem appeared over the pseudonym of
Jehu O'Cataract, a nickname given to the
author by a club to which he belonged.

Battle of the Ivegs. Ballad of the Revolution. 1778.
Francis Hopkinson. First line : " Gallants attend
and hear a friend." Kegs charged with gun-
powder were floated down the river to harass
the British shipping then at Philadelphia. The
British discovered the presence of the danger
and, striving to destroy them, discharged every
available firearm at them as they floated down
the river. The humorous side of such a "bat-
tle " is amusingly told by the ballad.

Battle Summer, The: or Paris in 1818. Narrative of
personal observations. 1849. D. G. Mitchell.

who's the author? 23

Battle Summers, The. War lyric. Written Octo-
ber, 1863. H. H. Brownell.

Battlefields of Virginia. (Civil War.) 1867, New
York. William Allan.

Bay Fight, The. Poem of the Civil War. 1864, in
Harper's Monthly Magazine for December.
H. H. Brownell. The poem refers to the Battle
of Mobile Bay, Aug. 5, 1864. First line : " Three
days through sapphire seas ice sailed."

Bay of Seven Islands, The. Poem. 1882. J. G.
Whittier. First line: '■'■From the green Amesbury
hill which hears the name."

Bay Path, The. A tale of New England colonial
life. 1857. J. G. Holland.

Bay Psalm Book. A joint production by several
divines, principally John Eliot and Richard
Mather. Cambridge, 1640. It was a metrical
version of the Psalms of David for church use.

Beacon Lights of History. Lectures. 1883, New
York. John Lord.

Beatitudes, Sermons on the. 1718. Increase Mather.

Beatrix Randolph. Novel. 1883. Julian Haw-

Beau Brummell. Play. Produced May 19, 1889.
William Clyde Fitch.

Beauchampe : or The Kentucky Tragedy. Novel.
1842. Sequel to " Charlemont," q.v. W. G. Simms.

Beautiful Dreamer. Song. 1847-1849. S.C.Foster.

Beautiful Isle of the Sea. Song. George Cooper.

Beautiful Ladder, The: or The Two Students.
Poem. 1881. Philadelphia. Sidney Dyer.

Beautiful Snow. Poem. 1858, in Harper''s Weekly
for November 27. John W. Watson. First
line : " Oh the snow, the beautiful snow ! "

Beauty. One of the selections of " Conduct of Life,"
q.v. R. W. Emerson.

Beaver Brook. Poem. 1849. J. R. Lowell.

24 who's the author?

Becky Sharp. Play. (Dramatization of Thack-
eray's " Vanity Fair.") Produced 1899 at the
Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York City. Lang-
don E. Mitchell.

Bedouin Song. Poem. 1854. Bayard Taylor.
First line : " From the desert I come to thee." It
was written October 29, 1853.

Bedtime Stories. Juveniles. 1873. Ellen Louise
(Chandler) ]\Ioulton.

Bee Man of Orn, The. Short story. 1887. F. R.

Bee, The. Poem. 1877, in Lippincotfs Magazine
for October. Sidney Lanier.

Beechenbrook. A story of the Civil War in verse.
1865, Baltimore. Margaret J. Preston.

Beecher, Life of Henry Ward. Biography. 1883.
Lyman Abbott.

Before Sunrise. Poem. 1872, in the Atlantic
Monthly for January. Celia Thaxter.

Before the Curtain. Poem. 1871-1874. F. Bret

Before the Rain. Poem. About 1859. T. B.
Aldrich. First line : " We knew it icould rain, for
all the morn."

"Before Thy throne with tearful eyes." Hymn.
1834. Ray Palmer.

Beginners of a Nation, The. History. 1896.
Edward Eggleston.

Beginnings of New England, The. History. 1889.
John Fiske.

Begum, The. Opera. 1887. H. B. Smith.

Begum's Daughter, The. Novel, historical, which
first appeared as a serial in the Atlantic Monthly,
1889. E. L. Bynner. It is a story of old
Knickerbocker days in and about New York.

Behavior. An essay. One of the selections of
''Conduct of Life," q.v. R. W. Emerson.


Being a Boy. StoiT, juvenile. 1877. C. D. Warner.

Beleaguered City, The. Poem. Finished Sept. 19,
1839. H. W. Longfellow. This poem is one of
the collection " Voices of the Night."

Belfry of Bruges and Other Poems, The. Dec. 23,
1845. '' The Belfry of Bruges " itself was first
published in Grahains Magazine, January, 1843.
H. W. Longfellow. This collection of poems
contains besides " Belfry of Bruges," " Arsenal
at Springfield," "Nuremberg," "The Norman
Baron," " Rain in Summer," " The Bridge,"
" To the Driving Cloud," " The Day is Done,"
" Afternoon in February," " The Old Clock
on the Stairs," " The Arrow and the Song,"
" Curfew," and others.

Belfry Pigeon, The. Poem. About 1837. N. i?.
Willis. First line : " On the cross-beam under
the Old South belW

Bell Ringer of Angels, The : And Other Stories, 1894.
F. Bret Harte. The collection also contains
"Johnny Boy," "Young Robin Gray," "The
Sheriff of Siskyou," " Rose of Glenbogie,"
" Mystery of the Hacienda/' " Chu Chu," " My
First Book."

Belle of Prairie Eden. A once poj)ular romance.
1844. George Lippard.

Belles of Williamsburg, The. Vers de Societe, 1777.
James jNIcClurg. Williamsburg was a capital
of Virginia until 1780, when the State's seat of
government was transferred to Richmond.

Bell's Biography, A. One of the selections of " The
Snow Image and Other Twice-Told Tales."
Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Bells of Lynn, The. Poem. Written July 29,
18.59, on hearing them at Nahant. H. W. Long-

Bells of San Bias, The. Poem. Finished March

26 who's the author?

15, 1882. H. W. Longfellow. This poem is of
special note as being the last one which the poet
wrote. He died on March 24, 1882. First line :
" What smj the Bells of San Bias ? "

Bells of Shandon, The. Play. 1861-1868. Henry

Bells, The. Collection of juvenile poems. 1855.
T. B. Aldrich.

Bells, The. Poem. 1849, in Sartain's Uriion
Magazine for November. E. A. Poe. First
line : " Hear the sledges with the bells."

Ben Bolt. Popular song. First published 18-43,
in the New York Weekly Mirror. T. D. English.

Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ. Kovel. 1880.
Lew [is] Wallace.

JJenton, Thomas Hart. Biography. 1886. Theo-
dore Roosevelt.

Bernicia. Xovel. 1895. Amelia E. Barr. The
celebrated preacher Whitefield figures in this

Bethel. War poem. About 1861. A. J. H. Duganne.
First line : " We mustered at midnight, in dark-
ness we formed." Poem refers to Theodore
Winthrop, killed at Big Bethel, June 10, 1861.

Betrayal. Poem. 1875, in Lippincotfs Magazine
for December. Sidney Lanier.

Betrothal, The. Play. 1856. George H. Boker.

Betsey and I Made Up. Poem. About 1873. Will

Betsey and I are Out. Poem. 1872, in the Toledo
Blade and afterward reprinted in Harper's
Weekly with illustrations. Will Carleton.

Better than Gold. Popular song. 1896. C. K.

Betty Alden : The First-born Daughter of the Pil-
grims. A historical romance. 1899. Jane G=

who's the author ? 27

Between-Whiles. Short stories. 1887. Helen
(Hunt) Jackson. (H. H.) Contains " The Inn
of the Golden Pear," " The Mystery of William
Rutter," "Little Bel's Supplement," "Dandy
Steve," and others.

Beulah. A story, once quite popular. 1859, New
York. A. J. E. Wilson.

Beyond the Gates. Novel, really speculative essays
strung together hi story form. 1883. Elizabeth
Stuart Phelps AVard.

Bianca Visconti : or The Heart Overtasked. Play,
tragedy. 1837. N. P. Willis.

Bible and its Teachings, The. A little volume of
letters. 1850, Auburn. John Quincy Adams
(1767-1818). These letters were written from
St. Petersburg to his son, and were published
after his death.

Bible, Complete Analysis of the. 1869, Philadelphia.
K. D. Hitchcock.

Bible, Commentary on the. Widely popular. 1834,
Brattleboro, Vt. William Jenks. This was in
five volumes, and fully 120,000 were sold.

Bible, the Church, and the Reason, The : The Three
Fountains of Divine Authority. A theological
essay. 1892. C. A. Briggs.

Bibliolatres. Poem. 1849. J. R. Lowell.

Big Bonanza. Play, adapted from the German
Comedy " Ultimo." 1875. Bartley Campbell.
It brought a theatre of San Francisco a profit
of .$16,000.

Biglow Papers, The. A series of humorous poems
in Yankee dialect, purporting to be written by
]\Ir. Hosea Biglow, and edited with introduc-
tion, notes, glossary, and index by "Homer
Wilbur, A.M., Pastor of the First Church in
Jaalam and (prospective) Member of IMany
Literary, Learned, and Scientific Societies."

28 who's the author?

The first series, which ran in the Boston Courier,
June, 1846-181:8, satirized the jNlexican War
and its political makeshifts. The second series,
issued in the Atlantic Monthly, 1862-1867, lev-
elled their satire against secession and slavery.
Both series were issued in book form ; the fij'st,
1848 ; the second, 1867. J. R. Lowell.

Bill Xye and the Boomerang. Sketches. 1881.
E. W. Nye. Wrote also "Bill Xye's Blossom
Rock," "Bill Xye's Thinks," "Baled Hay,"
" Forty Liars," " The Cadi," and others.

Biographical Stories for Children. 1842. ISTathan-
iel Hawthorne. Contains "Benjamin West,"
"Sir Isaac Ne^^i;on," "Samuel Johnson," "Oliver
Cromwell," "Benjamin Franklin," and "Queen

Birch Tree, The. Poem. 1847. J. R. Lowell.

Birds about Us. Nature Sketches. 1895. C. C.

Birds and Poets. Essays. 1877. John Burroughs.

Birds, Key to North American. 1872, Salem, Mass.
Elliott Coues. An extensive work.

Birds of America, The. 1830-1838. J. J. Audubon.
The prospectus of this great work was issued
in 1827. The work was published by subscrip-
tion in numbers, each part of which contained
five plates. The whole, 89 parts, 445 plates,
made four folio volumes, and the price of each
copy was $1000. The entire cost was fully
$100,000, and the undertaking proved a success.

Birds of Killingworth, The. Poem. 1863. H. W.
Longfellow. This is Poet's Tale in the first part
of " Tales of a Wayside Inn."

Birds of Passage. Collections of poems, in five parts
or "Flights." H. W. Longfellow. Fliglit the
First, 1863, contains, among others, " The Lad-
der of St. Augustine," " Phantom Ship," " War-

who's the author? 29

den of the Cinque Ports," "The Ropewalk,"
" Daybreak," " Sandalphon." Flight the Second,
1863, "The Children's Hour," "Enceladus,"
"The Cumberland," "Snow Flakes," "A Day
of Sunshine," " Something Left Undone,"
"Weariness." Flight the Third, 1873, "Fata
Morgana," " The Haunted Chamber," " The
Meeting," " Vox Populi," " The Castle Builder,"
" Changed," " The Challenge," " The Brook and
the Wave," " Aftermath." Flight the Fourth,
1876, " Cadenabbia," " Amalfi," " Belisarius,"
"Songo River." Flight the Fifth, 1878, "Re-
venge of Rain-in-the-Face," "The Leap of
Roushan Beg," " Haroun al Raschid," " A
Wraith in the Mist," and others.

Birthmark, The. One of the selections of "Mosses
from an Old Manse " (^q.v.). Nathaniel Haw-

Bison Track, The. Poem. About 1855. Bayard

Bitter Sweet. Narrative poem of New England
life. 1858. J. G. Holland.

Bivouac of the Dead, The. Poem (Mexican War).
Written August, 1847. Theodore O'Hara.
Composed for the occasion of the dedication
of a monument to Kentucky soldiers who fell
at Buena Vista. First line : " The muffled
drum's sad roll has heat."

Black Cat, The. Tale. 1843, in the U. S. Saturday
Post, Aug. 19. E. A. Poe.

Black Hawk, Address to. See " Address to Black

Black Hawk. Autobiography (dictated). 1834.
Indited by J. B. Patterson.

Black Mountain in Bearcamp Lake. Sonnet. 1870,
in the Atlantic Monthly for September. Lucy

30 who's thp: author?

Black Regiment, The. (Port Hudson, ^lay 27,
1863.) Poem. 1864. G. H. Boker. First
line : " Dark as the clouds of even."

Blameless Prince, The. Poem. About 1869. E.
C. Stednian.

Blanche of Brandy wine. A once popular romance.
1816. George Lippard. It is a story of the

Blandiord (Church, Petersburg, Ya. ; Lines Written
on the Walls of Old. Poem. About 1820.
E. L. Hening.

"Blessed are They That Mourn." Poem. Writ-
ten 1820 at Great Barrington, Mass. W. C.

"Blessed Saviour, Thee I love." Hymn. 1851.
George Duffield.

Blind Bartimeus. Poem. Written Xov. 3, 1841.
H. W. Longfellow.

Blind Bartimeus, or the Sightless Sinner. 18.59,
Xew York. W. J. Hoge. This had a wide
circulation, and was translated into many lan-

Blind Girl, The. Poem. Caroline M. Sawyer.

Blithedale Romance, The. 18.52. Xathaniel Haw-
thorne. This story was founded on his "Brook
Farm " experience.

Blood is Thicker Than Water: A Few^ Days
Among Our Southern Brethren. Sketches of
the New South. 1886. Henry Martvn Field

Bloody Tenet of Persecution for Cause of Con-
science, Discussed in a Conference between
Truth and Peace. Pamphlet. 1644. Roger

Bloody Tenet Washed and Made AYhite in the
Blood of the Lambe, The. Pamphlet. 1647.
John Cotton.

who's the author? 31

Bloody Tenet Yet More Bloody, by Mr. Cotton's
Endeavor to Wash it White in the Blood of
the Lambe. Pamphlet. 1652. Roger Will-

Blue and the Gray, The. Poem. 1867, in the
Atlantic Monthly for September. F. IVI. Finch.
First line : " By the Jioiu of the inland river."
This widely known poem was inspired by the
fact that the Columbus (Miss.) women placed
flowers, on their Decoration Day, on the graves
of northern and southern soldiers alike.

Blue and the Gray, The. Poem (Civil War).
Ellen H. Flagg. First line : " Two soldiers lying
iL'here they fell"

Blue Dave. Short story. 1884. J. C. Harris.

Blue Jackets of 76 : A History of the Naval Battles
of the American Revolution. Juvenile, popu-
lar. 1888. W. J. Abbot. Wrote also " The
Blue Jackets of 1812 " and " The Blue Jackets
of '61."

Blue Grass Region, The. Miscellaneous articles
descriptive of the life and manners of the coun-
try. 1892. James Lane Allen.

Bluebells of Xew England, The. Poem. About
1859. T. B. Aldrich.

Boanerges : A Short Essay to Strengthen the Im-
pressions Produced by Earthquakes. 1727.
Cotton ]\Iather.

Boar's Head Tavern, Eastcheap, The. One of the
selections of the " Sketch Book," q.v. Wash-
ington Irving.

Bobolink, The. Poem. 1835-1860. Thomas Hill.

Bohemia: A Pilgrimage. Poem. About 1860. E.
C. Stedman.

Bold Hawthorne; or the Cruise of the Fair Ameri-
can, commanded by Capt. Daniel Hawthorne
(Nathaniel Hawthorne's great-grandfather),

32 who's the author?

written by the surgeon of the vessel. This is a
noted colonial ballad. 1777.

Bonaventure : A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisi-
ana. 1888, New York. G. W. Cable. It con-
tains "Carancro," "Grand Point," "Au Large."

Bonifacius : An Essay upon the Good that is to be
Devised and Designed. 1710. Cotton Mather.
An abridgment of this work became familiarly
known as the '• Essays to do Good," which
Franklin declared had had great influence upon
shaping his life.

Bonnie Blue Flag, The. Southern song of the
Civil AVar, first sung 1861 at the Varieties
Theatre, Xew Orleans. By many authorities
ascribed to Henry ^IcCarthy; by other authori-
ties to Annie C. Ketchum of Kentucky. First
line : " We are a band of brothers and native to
the soil." First line of chorus : " Hurrali, hurrah^
for Southern rights, hurrah .'"

Book Lover, The : A Guide to the Best Reading.
1884. James Baldwin. A well-known and
valuable work, compiled with careful judgment.

Book of the Dead, The. Poem. 1882. G. H.

Book of the East, The. Poems. 1871. R. H.

Books. Essay. 1870. R. W. Emerson. See
•• Society and Solitude."

Booth, Edwin. Biography. 1893. William Win-

Border Beagles : A Tale of Mississippi. 1840. AV.
G. Simms. This is a sequel to " Richard Hur-
dis," q.v.

Borderland of Czar and Kaiser, The. Descriptions
and observations of travels in Germany and
Russia. 1894. Poultney Bigelow.

Boston Centennial Ode. See " Centennial Ode."

who's the author? 33

Boston Dip, The. Poem. About 1871. F. W.Loring.

Boston Gazette, The. Periodical. Established
1719. In 1741 it merged into The New Eng-
land Weekly Journal.

Boston Hymn. Eead in Music Hall Jan. 1, 1863.
Pv. W. Emerson. First line : " The Word of the
Lord hy night."

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