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City in the Sea, The. Poem. It first appeared in
its revised form in the American Whig Review,
April, 1845. E. A. Poe. This poem was an
enlargement of its earlier form, i.e. " The Doomed
City" of the 1831 edition.

50 who's the author ?

City Legends. Ballads. 1889. Will Carleton.
City of Success. Poems. 1883. Henry Abbey.
City of the Silent, The. Poem. Delivered on the

occasion of the consecration of Magnolia

Cemetery, Charleston, Nov. 19, 1850. W. G.

Civil Government in the United States. A concise

study in the development of our government.

1890. John Fiske.
Civil War. Poem. Charles D. Shanly. See "Fancy

Civilization. Essay. 1870. R. W. Emerson. This

is one of the collection "Society and Solitude."
Civilization during the Middle Ages. History.

1883. G. B. Adams.
Clam, Sonnet to a. About 1818. J. G. Saxe.
Clara Howard : or The Enthusiasm of Love. Novel.

1801. Charles Brockden Brown. This was re-
printed in England with the title " Philip Stan-
Clari," the Maid of jNlilan. Opera. 1823. John

Howard Payne. In it occurs the well-known

song "Home, Sweet Home," q.v.
Clarel, a Pilgrimage in the Holy Land. Poem.

1876. Herman Melville.
Clay, Life of Henry. Biography. 1831. G. D.

Clay, Life of Henry. Biography. 1887. Carl

Clear Sunshine of the Gospel Breaking Forth upon

the Indians in New England, The. Tract. 1648.

Thomas Shepard.
Cleopatra. Poem. xVbout 1847. W. W. Story.
Clever Stories of Many Nations, in Rhyme. 1864.

J. G. Saxe.
Clift Dwellers, The. Novel. 1893. H. B. Fuller.
Clio. Play. AYritten 1877-1878. Bartley Campbell.

who's the author? 51

Clio. Pamphlet on the plan of Dana's " Idle Man,"
made up of essays and poems. The first part
was issued, 1822, at Charleston, S.C. ; the second
part the same year at New Haven, Conn. ; the
thh'd part, 1827, at New York. J. G. Percival.

Clocks of Rondaine, The. Short story. 1892. F.R.

Closed Gentian, The. Poem. 1872, in Scribner's
Monthly for November. A. D. T. Whitney.

Closing Scene, The. Poem. About 1867. T. B.

Closing Year, The. Poem. About 1848. G. D.

Cloth of Gold. Poem. About 1859. Boston. T.
B. Aldrich.

Cloud on the Waj^ The. Poem. 1860, in the New
York Ledger for February. W. C. Bryant.

Clouds on Whiteface. Sonnet. 1870, in the Atlantic
Moyithly for September. Lucy Larcom.

Cloven Foot, The. Burlesque adaptation of Charles
Dickens's "Mystery of Edwin Drood." 1870, New
York. R.H. Newell. ^

Clovernook : or Recollections of our Neighborhood
in the West. Series of prose sketches. First
series, 18.52; second, 18.53; third, 1855, "Clover-
nook Children." Alice Cary.

Clubs. Essay. 1870. R.W.Emerson. See " Society
and Solitude."

Clump of Daisies, A. Poem. 1827-1833. R. H.

Coast of Bohemia, The. Novel. 1893. W. D.

Cobbler Keezar's Vision. Poem. 1861, in the Atlan-
tic Monthly for February. J. G. Whittier. First
line : '■'•The heaver cut his timber."

Cockney, The. Poem. 1850-1861. J. G. Saxe.

Coeur d'Alene. Story. 1894. Mary H. Foote.

52 who's the author?

Coliseum, The. Poem. First appeared in the

Baltimore Saturday Visitor, 1833. E. A. Poe.

First line : "• Type of the Antique Rome ! Rich

Colonel Carter of Cartersville. Novel. 1891.

F. Hopkinson Smith. It was begun as a serial

in the Century Magazine, November, 1890.
Colonel's Daughter, The. Novel of military life.

1883. Charles King.
Colonel Starbottle's Client. Short story. 1892.

F. Bret Harte.
Colorado : A Summer Trip. Travels. 1867. Bayard

Columbia. National hymn. Timothy Dwight. It

was written when the author was army chaplain,

1777-1778. First line : " Columbia, Columbia, to

glory arise."
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean. Hymn, patriotic.

D. T. Shaw. First line : " Oh, Columbia, the gem

of the ocean! "
Columbian Orator. A well-known school book.

1797. Caleb Bingham.
Columbiad. Poem. 1807. Joel Barlow. In this

lengthy poem he incorporated much of his

"Vision of Columbus," q.v., and many of his

other poems.
Columbian ^lagazine, or Monthly Miscellany. Es-
tablished 1786, at Philadelphia.
'• Columbus " Papers, The. See " Marcellus."
Columbus, Pictures of. Poem. About 1788. Philip

Columbus. Poem. About 1838. Lydia H. Sig-

Come up from the Fields, Father. Poem. About

186.5. Walt Whitman.
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming. Song.

About 1859. S. C. Foster.

who's the author? 53

Comet, The. Poem. 1832. O. W. Holmes.

Comly's Speller. This spelling book was compiled
by John Comly, a native of Pennsylvania, and
had a wonderful sale in its day, reaching well
up in the millions. He was the author also of a
primer, a grammar, and a reader, all of which
were popular.

Commanders, The. Poem. 1887. G. H. McMaster.

Commemoration Ode. Recited at the Harvard Com-
memoration, July 21, 1865. J. R. Lowell. First
line : " Weak winged is song."

Common Sense. Pamphlet. 1776. Thomas Paine.

Common Sense in the Household. Manual of
practical housewifery. 1871, Xew York. Mary
V. Terhune.

Communion of Churches, The : or The Divine Man-
agement of Gospel Churches by the Ordinance
of Councils, Constituted in order according to
the Scriptures. Tract. 1665. John Eliot.

Compensation Essay. 1841. R. W. Emerson.

Compensation. Poem. 1840-1847. R.W.Emerson,

Complaining Millions of Men, The. Novel of social
conditions. 1893. Edward Fuller.

Complete Coiffeur, The : or An Essay on the Art of
Adorning Natural, and of Creating Artificial,
Beauty. By J. B. La Foy, M. D., Ladies' Hair
Dresser. 1817. Contained several of Samuel
Woodworth's poems.

Completion of the Bunker Hill Monument, The.
See " Bunker Hill Monument."

Concepcion de Arquello. Poem. 1872, in the At-
lantic Monthly for May. F. Bret Harte.

Concord Days. Papers on literary subjects, under
headings of the months from April to September.
1872. Amos Bronson Alcott.

Concord Hymn, The. Sung at the completion of
the Battle Monument, April 19, 1836, on the

54 who's the author?

occasion of the anniversary of the Battle of
Lexington. R. W. Emerson. First line: ^'- By
the rude bridge that arched the flood ."

Concord Ode. Sung in the Concord Town Hall,
July 4, 1857. R. W. Emerson. First line : '^
tenderly the haughty day."

Concord Ode. April 19, 1875. J. R. Lowell. See
" Three Memorial Odes."

Condensed Novels. Humorous burlesques on popu-
lar novels. 1867. F. Bret Harte.

Conduct of Life. Essays. 1860. R. W. Emerson.
Contains the essays : "Fate," " Power," "Wealth,"
" Culture," " Behavior," " Worship," " Beauty,"
" Illusions," " Considerations by the Way."

Conductor Bradley. Poem. 1873. J. G. Whittier.
Bradley was a conductor who lost his life in a
Connecticut railway accident, ]\Iay 9, 1873.

Cone Cut Corners. Temperance story of note. 1855.
Its title-page declared its author to be Beuauly,
which word was made up of the first syllables of
the real authors' first names, viz. Ben]2imi\\ V.
Abbott, ylustin Abbott, Lynmn Abbott, three

Confederate Flag, The. See " Conquered Banner."

Confession : or The Blind Heart. A domestic story.
1811, Philadelphia. W. G. Simms.

Confessions of a Frivolous Girl. Novel. 1880,
Boston. Robert Grant.

Conflagration, The. Poem. About 1744. Mather

Conflict of Ages. Theological essays. 1853, Boston.
The conflict is raged between good and evil.
It will not end with this life but, in the long
struggle of the ages, will eventually result in
everlasting concord. Edward Beecher.

Congressional Globe, The. Periodical. Established

who's the author? 56

Congressional Government. Treatise. 1885.

Woodrow Wilson.
Connecticut, The History of. Vol. I., 1797 ; Vol. IL,

1818. Benjamin Trumbull.
Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court, A.

Humorous story, burlesquing the manners and

customs of the days of chivalry. 1890. S. L.

Clemens (Mark Twain).
Connel and Flora. Song. About 1789-1791. Alex-
ander Wilson.
Conquered Banner, The. Poem. Written soon

after the surrender of Lee. Father A. J.

Ryan. First line : " Furl that banner, for 'tis

Conqueror Worm, The. Poem. First appeared in

Graham's Magazine, January, 1843. E. A. Poe.

First line : "Zo/ 'tis a gala night.'"
Conqueror's Grave, The. Poem. 1854, in Pw/nam's

Magazine for January. W. C. Bryant.
Conquest of Canaan, The. A rather heavy epic.

1785, Hartford. Timothy Dwight. It consisted

of eleven books.
Conquest of Granada, The. A historical account

of the overthrow of the Mohammedan power in

Spain, written with the charm of a romance.

1829. Washington Irving.
Conquest of Louisburg. Narrative poem. 1758,

Boston. John Maylem.
Conquest of Mexico, with a Preliminary View of

the Ancient Mexican Civilization and the Life

of the Conqueror, Hernando Cortes; History of

the. 1843, New York. William H. Prescott.
Conquest of Peru, with a Preliminary View of the

Civilization of the Incas; History of the. 1847,

New York. William IL Prescott.
Conservative; The. Lecture delivered at Masonic

Temple, Boston, Dec. 9, 1841. R. W. Emerson.

56 who's the author

Considerations by the Way. One of the selections
of " Conduct of Life." q.v. R. W. Emerson.

Considerations on Behalf of the Colonists. Pam-
phlet. 1765. James Otis.

Conspiracy of Pontiac, The. Historical narrative.
1851. Francis Parkman. See also '• France and
England in North America."

Constitution a Pro-Slavery Compact, The: or
Extracts from the Madison Papers. 1844,
Boston. Wendell Phillips.

Constitution of the United States of America;
History of the Formation of the. 1882. George

Constitution, Writings on the Federal. Collec-
tion of noted decisions by John Marshall, made
while he was Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court. 1839, Boston.

Consummation. Poem on the Atlantic cable.
1858. A. D. T. Whitney.

Contemplations. Poem, moral and descriptive.
1678. Anne Bradstreet. It has touches of a
genuine expression of the love of nature.

Continuity of Christian Thought, The: A Study
of Modern Theology in the Light of its History.
Boston, 1884. A. V. G. Allen.

Contrast, The. First American play ever acted by
a regular company of comedians, and the first
in which Yankee dialect was used. RoyaU
Tyler. It was played at the old John Street
Theatre in New York under the direction of
Hallam and Henry, April 16, 1786.

Convent, The. Poem.*^ About 1854. William Winter.

Conversations in a Studio. 1890. W. W. Story.

Conversations on Some of the Old Poets. Essavs.
1844. J. R. Lowell.

Convert, The : or Leaves from My Experience.
1857. O. A. Brownson.

who's the author? 57

Copperhead, The. Poem. About 1871. F.BretHarte.
Copyright, A Treatise on the Law of. 1847. G. T.

Copyright, Treatise on. 1879, Boston. E. S. Drone.

Its full title is " Treatise on the Law of Property

in Intellectual Productions in Great Britain and

the United States, Embracing Copyright in

Works of Literature and Art, and Playright in

Dramatic and Musical Compositions." It is a

standard work on the subjects treated.
Coquette, The : or The History of Eliza Wharton.

Novel, very popular in its day. 1797. Hannah

(Webster) Foster.
Coral Grove, The. Poem. About 1823. J. G.

Percival. First line : " Deep in the wave is a

coral grove."
Coral Insect, The. Poem. Before 1848. Lydia H.

Corda Concordia. Poem, read at the opening of

the Summer School of Philosophy, Concord,

July 11, 1881, and published in the Atlantic

Monthly, August, 1881. E. C. Stedman.
Cordelia's Aspirations. Play. Produced at Harri-

gan and Hart's Theatre, Broadway, New York

City, 1881. Edward Harrigan.
Corea : The Hermit Nation. A standard work of

travel and research. 1882. W. E. Griffis.
Corleone : A Tale of Sicily. Novel. 1897. F. M.

Corn. Poem. 1875, in Lippincotfs Magazine for

February. Sidney Lanier.
Corsair, The. A weekly journal. Established 1839,

by N. P. Willis and W. T. Porter.
Cotton Boll, The. Poem. About 1860. Henry

Cotton Kingdom, The : A Traveller's Observations

on Cotton and Slavery in the American Slave

58 who's the author?

States. 1861. F. L. Olmsted. This volume
summed up the results of his three former
tours through the slave states of the South,
i.e. "Journey in the Seaboard Slave States,"
'•Journey Through TexavS," "Journey in the
Back Country."

Count Frontenac and Xew France under Louis
XIY. A historical narrative. 1877. Francis
Parkman. See also " France and England in
North America."

Count Julian : or The Last Days of the Goth. 1815.
^V. G. Simms.

Counterfeit Presentment, A. Comedy. 1877, Bos-
ton. W. D. Howells. It originally appeared in
the Atlantic Month! ij, July-October, 1877.

Countess, The. Poem. ISQ'o, in the Atlantic Monthly
for May. J. G. Whittier.

Country By-vrays. Descriptive sketches of nature.
1881. Sarah Orne Jewett.

Country Church, The. One of the selections in the
•• Sketch Book," q.v. Washington Irving.

Country Doctor, A. Novel. 1881. S. O. Jewett.

Country Living and Country Thinking. 1862.
Mary A, Dodge (Gail Hamilton).

Country Lovers : or jSIr. Jonathan Jolthead's
Courtship with Miss Sally Snapper. Poem,
satirical, 1806. T. G. Fessenden (Christopher
Caustic). First line: "^ merry tale, I will

Country Printer, The. Poem. 1786-1795. Philip

Country Sleighing. Poem. E. C. Stedman.

Coupon Bonds. Novelette. 1871. J. T. Trow-

Courage. Essay. 1870. R. W. Emerson. See
" Society and Solitude."

Court of Fancy, The. Poem. 1763. Thomas God-

who's the author? 59

frey. It has suggestions of being modelled on
Chaucer's " House of Fame."

Courtin', The. A well-known selection, in verse,
from J. R. Lowell's " Biglow Papers," in the in-
troduction to the First Series, and afterward, in
a revised and enlarged form, in the introduction
to the Second Series.

Courtship of Miles Standish, The. Poem. Septem-
ber, 1858. H. W. Longfellow. Begun Dec. 2,
1856. First draft was finished March 22, 1858.
First line : " In the Old Colony days, in Plymouth,
the land of the Pilgrims."

Coyote. Poem. 1869, in the Overland Monthly for
Julv. F. Bret Harte.

Crater, "The. Novel. 1847. J. F. Cooper. The
scene of this story is laid on the shores of the
Pacific, in a Utopian community, where Cooper
set forth his theories of government.

Crayon Miscellany, The. A collection of sketches.
1835. Contains " A Tour on the Prairies,"
" Abbotsford," " Newstead Abbey." Washington

Credit System in France, Great Britain, and the
United States, The. A noted work on finance.
1838. H. C. Carey.

Creoles of Louisiana, The. A historical account.
1881. G. W. Cable.

Cressid. Poem. 1874-1886. Nora Perry.

Crime Against Kansas, The : The Apologies for
the Crime ; The True Remedy. Speech, in the
United States Senate, May 19 and 20, 1856.
Charles Sumner.

Crisis, The. Series of patriotic tracts. The first
number appeared Dec. 19, 1776, and the last,
April 19, 1783, when peace was established.
Thomas Paine.

Critic, The. Literary periodical. Established 1881.

60 who's the author?

Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British
and American Authors. 1859-1891. Samuel
Austin Allibone.

Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life.
An extensive treatise. 1861. W. R. Alger.

Critical Period of American History, 1783-1789.
1888, Boston. John Fiske.

Criticism and Fiction. Critique. 1891. W. D.

Croaker Papers, The. A series of satirical poems
contributed to the New York Evening Post from
March to June, 1819, and intermittently after-
ward, by J. R. Drake and Fitz-Greene Halleck.
They were signed Croaker ^ Co.

Crockett, David. Autobiography. 1834.

Cross of Snow, The. Sonnet. Written July 10,
1879. H. W. Longfellow. In this poem Long-
fellow beautifully refers to the memory of his
wife, Frances Elizabeth Appleton, who perished
by fire July 9, 1861. It was suggested to him
by seeing a picture of Mount Holy Cross in an
illustrated book of western scenery.

Croton Ode, The. Poem, written at the request of
the corporation of the city of Xew York. G. P.
Morris. First line : " Gushing from this living
fountain." The Croton aqueduct was finished

Crowded Street, The. Poem. 1843, in Graham's
Magazine for JNIarch. W. C. Bryant.

Crowing of the Red Cock, The. Poem. About
1888. Emma Lazarus.

Crucifixion, The. Poem. 1834. J. G. Whittier.

Cruise of the Mystery, The. Poem. 1886. Celia

Cruises with Captain Bob on Sea and Land. 1880,
Boston. B. P. Shillaber (Mrs. Partington).

Crumbling Idols. Essays. 1894. Hamlin Garland.


Crumbs from the Land of Cakes. Travel sketches
of Scotland. 1851, Boston. Peter Carter.

Crusade of the Excelsior. Novel. 18S7. F. Bret

Cry to Arms, A. War ballad. 1861-1864. Henry
Timrod. Fh'st line : " Ho, tcoodsmen of the
mountain-side ! "

Cudjo's Cave. Stor}^, juvenile. 1863. J. T. Trow-

Culprit Fay, The. A poem. Written August, 1816.
Published 1819. It describes with delicate fancy
the story of a fairy condemned to penance for
having loved a mortal. J. R. Drake. First
line: "'TVs the middle ivatch of a summer's night."

Culprit, The. One of the selections of " Bracebridge
Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Culture. One of the selections of "Conduct of
Life," q.v. P. W. Emerson,

" Cumberland," On Board the. See " On Board
the ' Cumberland.' "

Cumberland, The. Poem of the Civil War. Writ-
ten 1862. H. AV. Longfellow. First line: "^^
anchor in Hampton Roads ice lay.''

Curfew Must Not Ring To-night. Poem. Written
at Litchfield, Michigan, April 3, 1867, and was
first published in the Detroit Commercial
Advertiser, November, 1870. Rose (Hartwick)

Curiosity. Poem. Delivered 1829, before the
Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard. Charles
Sprague. By many admitted to be his best poem.

Currents and Counter-currents. A medical essay.
1861. O. W. Holmes.

Curse Entailed, The. Novel of slave days. 1856.
Harriet H. Bigelow.

Cyclopedia of Political Science, Political Economy
and of the Political History of the United States.

62 who's the author ?

A very valuable and authoritative work of
reference. 1881-1884. Edited by J. J. Lalor.
Cypress Tree of Ceylon, The. Poem. 1841. J. G.


Daisy Miller. A study. 1878. Henry James.
This character sketch set forth the follies of an
American girl who put at naught European
rules of propriety. The work was criticised as
being untrue to the American type.

Daisy's Xecklace and What Came of It. Story,
juvenile. 1857. T. B. Aldrich.

Damnation of Theron Ware, The. Novel. 1896.
Harold Frederic.

Danbury Boom, The. Humorous sketches. 1880.
J. M. Bailey (The Danburi/ Xeivs Man) also
wrote " Life in Danbury," 1873. " They All Do
It." 1877. " England from a Back Window."
1879. "Mr. Phillips's Goneness." 1879.

Dance to Death, The. Poem, dramatic. 1882.
Emma Lazarus. It represents the persecution
of the Jews in the twelfth century.

Dancin' Party at Harrison's Cove, The. Sketch.
1878, in the Atlantic Monthly for May. Mary N.
Murfree (Charles Egbert Craddock). This was
her first published story, and attracted immedi-
ate attention.

Danites in the Sierras, The. Story of a mining
camp. 1877. C.H.Miller (Joaquin Miller). This
was first brought out about 1871 in London with
the title of the " First Families of the Sierras,"
and its story was dramatized and produced
successfully as "The Danites."

Darby and Joan. Poem. About 1801. St. John

Darby's Return. An interlude. 1789. William

who's the author? 63

Darius Green and His Flying Machine. Poem. 1867
J. T. Trowbridge.

Darling Xelly Gray. Song. 1861-1865. B. R.

Darwinism and Other Essays. 1879. John Fiske.

Dashes at Life with a Free Pencil. 1845. N.P.Willis.

Daughter of Fife, A. Novel. 1886. A. £. Barr.

Daughter of the Philistines, A. Novel. 1883, Bos-
ton. H. H. Boyesen.

David Haruni. Story of American life. 1898. E.
N. Westcott.

David Swan. One of the selections of "Twice-Told
Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Davila. See "Discom'ses on Davila."

Day. Poem, About 1839. Jones Very.

Day Breaking, if not the Sun Rising of the Gospel
with the Indians in New England, The. Tract.
Published anonymously and accredited as the
probable work of John Wilson, of Boston.

Day Dream, A. Poem. 1861, in the New York
Ledger of January 5. W. C. Bryant.

Day in Melting Purple Dying. Poem. Maria
(Gowen) Brooks.

Day is Done, The. Poem. 1844. H. W. Long-
fellow. This well-known poem was written as
a proem to "The AVaif," in the fall of 1844.
"The Waif" was a little volume of selected
poems published at Christmas time, 1844. First
line : " The day is done, and the darkness."

Day of Doom, The. Poem. 1662. Michael Wig-
glesworth. This unique poem had in its day an
immense popularity. Its full title gives its
theme. "The Day of Doom, or A Poetical
Description of the Great and Last Judgement,
with a Short Discourse about Eternity."

Day of their Wedding, The. Novel. 1895, in
Harper's Bazar, Oct. 5-Nov. 16. W. D. Howells.

64 who's the author?

Day Which the Lord has Made, The. 1703. Cotton

Daybreak. Poem. ^Vritten 1857. H. W. Long-
fellow. First line : ''A wind came up out of the sea."
Daybreak. Easter poem. 1882. J. C. R. Dorr.
Daybreak. Poem. 1827-1833. R. H. Dana.
Daybreak. Poem. 1804. Susanna (Haswell)

Days. Poem. First appeared in Atlantic Monthly,

November, 1857, p. 47. R. W. Emerson. First

line: ^^ Daughters of time, the hypocritic days."
Days and Nights on the Battlefield, My. Sketches.

1864, Boston. C. C. Coffin (Carleton).
Days Oat of Doors. Essay on Natm-e. 1889. C. C.

De Bow's Review. Periodical. Established 184.5.
De Sheepfol'. Poem. 1882. Sarah Pratt (Mc-
Lean) Greene. First line: "Z)e 7Jiassa oh de

sheepfoV ."
De Willoughby Claim, In Connection with the.

Novel. 1899. Frances H. Burnett.
Deacon's Masterpiece, The, or The Wonderful

'•One-HossShay." Poem. 18.58. O.W.Holmes.

First line : " Have you heard of the wonderful

one-hoss shay."
Deacon's Week, The. A story. 1885. Rose

(Terry) Cooke.
Dead Cannoneer, The. See "John Pelham."
Dead Christ, The. Poem. Julia Ward Howe.
Dead Feast of the Kol-Folk, The. Poem. 1879.

J. G. Whittier.
Dead Letter. Poem. 1871, in Harper's Magazine

for November. J. G. Saxe.
Dead Master, The. Poem. 1871-1880. R. H.

Dead Ship of Harpswell, The. Poem. 1866, in

the Atlantic Monthly for June. J. G. Whittier.

who's the author? 65

Dead, The. Poem. About 1856. R. H. Stoddard.

Death and Cupid. Poem. 1850-1861. J. G. Saxe.

Death-Bed, A. Poem. About 1840. James Al-
drich. First line: "i/er suffering ended with the

Death Made Easy and Happy. Tract. 1701. Cot-
ton Mather.

Death of Absalom. See "Absalom."

Death of an Infant, The. Poem. About 1838.
Lydia H. Sigourney.

Death of Slavery, The. ' Poem. 1866, in the A tlantic
Monthly for July. W. C. Bryant.

Death of Stonewall Jackson, The. Poem of the
Civil AVar (Southern). May 10, 1863. H. L.
Flash. First line: ^'- Not 'mid the lightning of the
stormy fight."

Death of the Flowers. Poem. 1825, in the Neio
York Revieiu for November. AV. C. Bryant.

Death of AVarren. Poem. About 1849. Epes

Declaration of Independence, The. This famous
document, one of the greatest state papers ever
produced, was written for the most part by
Thomas Jefferson, who was chairman of the
committee of five (Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,
John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert R.
Livingston), appointed June 10, 1776, to draft
it. It was submitted to the Continental Con-
gress, July 2, 1776, and debated upon until the
evening of the 4th, when it was adopted. Jef-
ferson's original draft is given in Niles's Weekly
Register for July 3, 1813.

Declaration of Independence, A Compendious
History of the Signers of the. Nathaniel

Declaration of Independence, Biography of the
Signers of the. 1820-1827. John Sanderson.

66 who's the author?

Deed of Gift, The. Comic opera. 1822. Samuel
"Wood worth.

Deephaven. Novel. 1877. Sarah O. Jewett. This,
as the author states in her preface, is a story
of "out-door life and country people."

Deerslayer, The. Novel. 1841. J. F. Cooper.
This novel, the first of the series of the
"Leather-Stocking Tales" (q-v.), in point of
time, was the last one written.

Defence of Christianity against the Work of George
B. English, entitled, " The Grounds of Christian-
ity Examined by Comparing the New Testament
with the Old." Theological essay. 1814, Boston.
Edward Everett.

Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the

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