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Bartley Campbell.
Fair God, The. Historical novel. 1873. Lew [is]

Wallace. A story of the conquest of Mexico by

Fair Harvard. College song. Samuel Gilman.
Fairy Land. Poem'. 1829. E. A. Poe.
Faith. Poem. 1869, in the Overland Motithly for

July. Edgar Fawcett.
Faith. Hymn. 1830. Ray Palmer. This hymn

was translated into a score of languages. First

line : " My faith looks up to Thee."
Faith Doctor, The. Novel. 1891. Edward Eggleston.
Faith Gartney's Girlhood. Juvenile. 1863. A.

D. T. Whitney.
Falcon, The. Poem. 1846. J. Pv. Lowell.
Falconberg. Novel. 1879, New York. H. H.

Falconry. One of the selections of " Bracebridge

Hall," q.v. Washington Living.
Fall of the House of Usher. Prose tale. About

1839. E. A. Poe.
Fallen. Popular song. 1896. C. K. Harris.
False Friend, A. Play. 1880. Edgar Fawcett.
Familiar Letters and Miscellaneous Papers. 1833.

Benjamin Franklin.
Familiar Quotations. Noted reference work.

1855. John Bartlett,

84 who's the author?

Family Meeting, The. Poem. About ISil. Charles

Family Servants. One of the selections of "Brace-
bridge Hall," ^.i". Washington Irving.

Fancy Shot, The. Civil War ballad. First pub-
lished in Once-a-Week, London, under title
"Civile Bellum." C. D. Shanly. First line:
^' Rijlemaji, shoot me a fancy shot"

Fancy's Show Box. One of the selections of
" Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Fanny. Poem. 1819. Fitz-Greene Halleck. A
satire on the manners of the time.

Fanshawe. Romance. 1828. Nathaniel Haw-
thorne. This was his first story, and was pub-
lished by him at his own expense. 8100. He
greatly disliked it, and afterward destroyed all
the copies he could get hold of.

Farewell Address to the People of the United States.
Sept. 19, 1796. George Washington.

Farm Ballads. Collection of poems. 1873. Will

Farm Festivals. Collection of poems. 1881. Will

Farm House, The. One of the selections of "Brace-
bridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Farm Legends. Poems. 1875. Will Carleton.

Farmer's Allminax, The. Published annually.
1869-1880. Henry Shaw (Josh Billings) . This
is a travesty on the old Farmer's Almanac, pub-
lished by the Thomases for many years. It had
a wide sale which reached up in the hundreds of

Farmer's Letters, The. A noted series of essays
which appeared in the latter part of 1767 in a
Philadelphia newspaper, vindicating with dis-
passionate logic the rights of the colonies.
They were issued anonymously, but were soon

who's the author? 85

recognized as the work of John Dickinson. In
1768 they were issued in London, and in 1769 at
Paris, in French.

Farmer's Manual, The. 1821. Frederick Butler.

Farmer's Museum. Literary periodical, published
at Walpole, N.H. 1793-1799; by Isaiah Thomas
and David Carlisle.

Farming. Essay. 1870. R. VV. Emerson. See
"Society and Solitude."

Farmingdaie. Novel. 1854. Julia C. R. Dorr. It
was published under the pseudonym of " Caroline

Farmyard Club of Jotham. Sketch of New Eng-
land life and farming. 1876. G. B. Loring.

Farrago, The. Series of essays on literature and
life. Written 1775. Joseph Dennie.

Farragut. Poem. 1890, in the Centw^y Magazine.
AV. T. Meredith.

Farrier Lass o' Piping Pebworth. Short story.
1887, in LippincoWs Magazine for July. Amelie
Rives (Chanler) Troubetzkoy.

Fatal Deception, The. Play, tragedy. Produced
1794, printed 1807. William Dunlap. It was
also known by the title "Leicester."

Fate. Poem. 1810-1844, in the Dial. R. W.

Fate. Poem. 1868, in the Overland Monthly for
November. F. Bret Ilarte.

Fate. One of the selections of " Conduct of Life,"
q.v. R. W. Emerson.

Fate of Mansfield Humphreys. Story. 1884. R.
G. White. It was also published in Edinburgh
under the title "Mr. Washington Adams in

Father Abbey's Will. Humorous poem, very popu-
lar in its day. 1732, in the Gentleman's Maga-
zine for May. John Seccomb.

86 who's the author?

Father Abraham's Speech. A famous speech which
Benjamm Franklm in "Poor Richard's Al-
manac," 1758, put into the mouth of an old
man "Father Abraham." Franklin as "Poor
Richard" Saunders, pretended that the old man
had heard it at an auction.

Father Brighthopes. Story. 1853. J. T. Trow-

Father, The: or American Shandyism. Comedy.
Produced September, 1789. William Dunlap. It
was later published under the title " The Father
of an Only Child."

Fearful Responsibility, A. Short Storv. 1881. W.
D. Howells.

Feathertop : A Moralized Legend. One of the
selections of "Mosses from an Old Manse," q.v.
Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Federal Government, History of the. 1810, Boston.
Alden Bradford.

Federal Procedure. Treatise. 1881. O. F. Bump.

Federalist, The; or The Federalist Papers. These
were a famous series of essays on the Constitu-
tion of the United States, which were published
under the signature, first, of " A Citizen of Xew
York," but shortly afterward changed to
"Publius." Their first number appeared in the
New York Independent Gazette, October 27, 1787,
and they continued to be issued, semi-weekly,
for about a year. Of these papers it is estimated
that Alexander Hamilton wrote fifty-one, Madi-
son twenty-nine, and Jay five. In their col-
lected form they were first issued in 1788 by J.
and A. McLean, under title "The Federalist,"
the first volume appearing March 22, 1788, the
second volume May 28, 1788.

Female Patriot, The. Farce. 1894. Susanna H.

who's the author? 87

Female Poets of America, The. Compilation. 1848.

Pv. W. Griswold.
Female Quixotism. Novel, satirical. About 1808.

Tabitha Teuney.
Ferdinand, and Isabella, the Catholic ; History of

the Reign of. 1838, Boston. W. H. Prescott.
Ferns of North America, The. An authoritative

work on the subject. 1879. D. C. Eaton.
Few Memories, A. Autobiographical sketches.

1896. Mary Anderson (Navarro).
Fiammetta: A Summer Idyl. 1885. W. W. Story.
Field of the Grounded Arms, The. Poem. About

1827. Fitz-Greene Halleck.
Fifty Years with the Rod and Gun. 1880. Sports-
man's sketches. D. W. Cross.
Fight of Paso del Mar, The. Poem. About 1855.

Bavard Taylor.
Fire of Driftwood, The. Poem. Written 1848. H.

W. Longfellow. First line: "TFe sat icithin the

farm-house old"
Fire Worship. One of the selections of "Mosses

from an Old Manse," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.
"Fired the shot heard round the world, And." A

famous line from Emerson's "Concord Hymn."

Fireside Education. Manual for home instruction.

1838. S. G. Goodrich (Peter Parley).
Fireside Travels. Essays. 1864. J. R. Lowell.
First Families of the Sierras. See "Danites."
First Flowers, The. Poem. 1857. J. G. Whittier.
First of the Knickerbockers : A Tale of 1673. An

historical romance, popular in its day. 1848.

P. H. Myers.
First Ripe Fruits. Collection of tracts. 1803.

J. M. Mason.
First Settlers of New England, Genealogical Regis-
ter of the. 1829. John Farmer.

88 who's the author?

First Snow, The. Poem. About 1856. R. H.

First Snowfall, The. Poem. 1849, in the Ajiti-
Slavery Standard. J. R. Lowell. First line :
" The snow had begun in the gloaming.'"

Fisherman's Luck and Other Uncertain Things.
Outdoor papers. 1899. Henry Van Dyke.

Fishermen. Poem. 1845. One of the " Songs of
Labor." J. G. Whittier.

Fishers Boy, The. Poem. 1840-1844. H. D.

Fishing Song, The. Poem. About 1860. Rose
(Terry) Cooke.

Fitz Adams' Story. Poem. 1867, in the Atlantic
Monthly for January. J. R. Lowell. This was
one of the poems which he intended to incorpo-
rate in that larger poem " Xooning," which was
planned as far back as 1849, but which was never

Five Acres Too Much. A satirical reply (1869)
to " Ten Acres Enough," q.v. R. B. Roose-

Five Books of Song. Poems. 1894. R. W. Gilder.
This collection contains " The New Day." *' Lyr-
ics," " The Celestial Passion," " Two Worlds,"
" The Great Remembrance."

Five Hundred Dollars. Short story. 1887. H. W.

Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. Juve-
nile. 1880. Harriet Mulford Stone Lothrop
(Margaret Sidney).

Five O'clock Tea. Farce. 1887, in Harper's Maga-
zine for December. W. D. Howells.

Flag of the " Constellation," The. Civil War poem.
Written at Florence, Italy, May, 1861. T. B.
Read. First line : " The stars of our morn on our
banner home."

who's the author? 89

Flag of the United States, A History of the National.
1853, Philadelphia. Schuyler Hamilton.

Flag, The. Poem. 1860. Julia (Ward) Howe.

Flesh and the Spirit, The. Dialogue. 1678.
Anne Bradstreet.

Flight of the Wild Geese, The. Poem. W. E.

Flight of Years, The. Poem. 1830-1840. G. D.

Flight of Youth, The. Poem. About 1856. R.
11. Stoddard. It has been familiarly known
by the title "Never Again," from the last
line of its first stanza, '■'■And it never comes
again." First line, " There are gains for all our

Flip. Short story. 1882. F. Bret Harte.

••Floating away like the fountain's spray." First
line of a famous smoking song, "Smoking
Away," q.v. F. M. Finch.

Flock of Girls and Their Friends, A. Juvenile.
1887. Nora Perry.

Flood of Years, The. Poem. 1876, in Scrihner's
Monthly for July. W. C. Bryant.

Flora of the Northern United States, Canada, and
the British Possessions, from Newfoundland to
the Parallel of the Southern Boundary of Vir-
ginia, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the 102d
Meridian, An Illustrated. 1896. N. L. Britton
and A. Brown.

Florence Vane. Poem, in the Gentleman's Maga-
zine. 1839-1810. P. P. Cooke. First line:
" / loved thee long and dearlij."

Flower and Thorn. Poems. 1877. T.B. Aldrich.

Flower de Luce. Poems. 1867. H.W.Longfellow.
This collection was published, 1867, with the
above as the title poem which was written
March 20, 1866.

90 who's the author?

Flo^ver Fables : or, Fairy Tales. 1855. Louisa M.

Flower of Liberty, The. Poem, patriotic. 186L

Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Flower of the Family, The. Juvenile. Elizabeth

(Pavson) Prentiss.
Flower' Queen, The. Cantata. 1852. G. F. Root.
Flowers. Poem. Written Oct. 3, 1887. Published

in the KnickerhocJcer December, 1837, with title

" Floral Astrology." H. W. Longfellow. First

line : " Spake full loell in language quaint and

Flute and Violin. Short stories. 1891. James

Lane Allen.
Folks from Dixie. Stories. 1897. P. L. Dunbar.
Foors Errand, A. Xovel. 1879. A. W. Tourgee.
Footprints. Collection of poems. 1819. R. H.

Footprints on the Seashore. One of the selections

of " Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Haw-
Footsteps of Angels. Poem. 1839, in the Knicker-

hocker for May. H. AV. Longfellow. The first

title of this poem was "Evening Shadows."

First line : " Wlien the hours of day are nuinbered."
Footsteps on the Seas. Poems. 1857. Adeline

D. T. Whitney.
For a Woman. Novel. 1885. Nora Perry.
For Charlie's Sake. Poem. Before 1867.' J. W.

For Congress. Play. Produced 1882. D. D. Lloyd.
For the Country. Collection of patriotic poems.

1897. R. W. Gilder.
For the King. Poem. 1874, in the Atlantic Monthly

for July. F. Bret Harte.
For the Major. Novel. 1883. Constance F.


who's the author? 91

Forayers, The : or the Raid of the Dog Days. Story.
1855. W. G. Simms.

Foregone Conclusion, A. Romance. 1875, Boston.
W. D. Ilowells. It originally appeared in the
Atlantic Monthly, July-December, 1874.

Forest Buds from Maine. Collection of poems.
1855. Elizabeth Akers.

Forest Hymn, A. Poem. Written 1825, at Great
Barrington, Mass. Published in the United
States Literary Gazette April 1, 1825. W. C.

Forest Rose, The : A Pastoral Opera. 1825. Sam-
uel Woodworth.

Foresters, The : An American Tale. 1792. Jer-
emy Belknap.

Foresters, The. Poem. 1809, in the Portfolio.
Alexander Wilson.

Forlorn, The. Poem. 1842. J. R. Lowell.

Fortune-Telling. One of the selections of "Brace-
bridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Forty-Nine : or the Gold Seekers of the Sierras.
1884. C. H. Miller (Joaquin Miller).

Forum, The. Periodical. Established 1886.

Found at Blazing Star. Short story. 1882. F.
Bret Harte.

Fount of Everlasting Love. Hymn. 1832. Ray

Fountain, The. Poem. 1839, in the Democratic
Review for April. W. C. Bryant.

Fountain, The. Poem. 1843. J. R. Lowell.
First line : " Into the sunshine."

Fountain, The. Poem. 1837. J. G. Whittier.

Fountainville Abbe v. Play. Produced 1795.
Printed 1807. William Dun lap.

Four Elements, The. Poem. 1650. In it, water,
fire, earth, air, argue as to which is most im-
portant. Anne Bradstreet.


Four blasted Catboat, and Other Truthful Tales.
1899. C. B. Loomis.

Four Monarchies, The. A history of Assyria, Per-
sia, Greece, and Rome, in rhyme, and founded
on Sir Walter Raleigh's " History of the
World." 1650. Anne Bradstreet.

Four Seasons, The. Poem. 1650. Of agricultural
character. Anne Bradstreet.

Fourth of July Ode. 1799. Roy all Tyler.

France and England in Xorth America. A series
of historical narratives, begun 1864, finished
1892, including, as separate volumes, the fol-
lowing : " Pioneers of France in the Xew
World," "The Jesuits in North America," "La
Salle and the Discovery of the Great West,"
" The Old Regime in Canada," " Count Fronte-
nac and New France under Louis XIV.," " A
Half Century of Conflict," " Montcalm and
Wolfe." " The Conspiracy of Pontiac," al-
though issued in 1857, is really a sequel to
these works. Francis Parkman.

Francesca da Rimini. Play, tragedy. 1856. G.
H. Boker.

Franklin as a Man of Letters. Biography. 1887.
J. B. :McMaster.

Franklin, The Boyhood and Youth of. Oration.
1829. Edward Everett.

Franklin, Eulogv on. 1792.. William Smith (1721-

Franklin in France. Biographical sketch. 1887-
1888. E. E. Hale, in collaboration with his
son, E. E. Hale, Jr.

Franklin, Life and Works of Benjamin. Biogra-
phy. 1836-1840. Jared Sparks.

Franklin, Life and Writings of Benjamin. Written
by himself. ^Nlore familiarly known by the
title " Franklin's Autobiography." It tells the

who's the author? 93

story of his life to the year 1757. It was begun
and the first five chapters written during a visit
to the bishop of St. Asaph at Twyford, Eng-
land, 1771. It was then laid aside, and after
an interval resumed in 1781 in France, laid
aside again and taken up once more, 1788-1789.
An edition of it (incomplete) appeared in
French, 1791, and an English edition from this
incomplete French edition was brought out in
England, 1793. Many .spurious and incomplete
editions followed. It was not until 1868 that
an authoritative edition appeared. In 1817 his
grandson, William Temple Franklin, brought
it out in a misshapen form in a collected
edition of Franklin's writings.

Franklin, Life of Benjamin. Biography. 1875.
John Bigelow.

Franklin, Life of Benjamin. Biography. 1864.
James Parton.

Free America. Poem. 1774. Ascribed to Joseph
Warren. First line : " That seat of Science,

Free Joe and Other Georgian Sketches. 1888. J.
C. Harris.

Free Love. Poem. 1842, in the Dial for October.
11. D. Thoreau.

Free Trade and Finance. Series of essays. 1779-
1785. Pelatiah Webster.

Freedom. Poem. 1848. J. R. Lowell.

Freedom in Brazil. Poem. 1867, in the Atlantic
Monthly for July. J. G. Whittier.

Freedom of the Will. See " On the Freedom of the

French Poets and Novelists. Critical essays on
Alfred de Musset, Gautier, Beaudelaire, George
Sand, and others. 1878. Henry James.

Fresh Fields. Essays on out-door subjects. 1884.


John Burrows. Delightful narratives of obser-
vations of Nature.
Fresh Gleanings : or A New Sheaf from the Old

Fields of Continental Europe. Travel sketches.

1847. D. G. Mitchell (Ik Marvel).
Fresh Hearts that Failed Three Thousand Years

Ago. Poem. 1860. R. T. S. Lowell.
Friar Jerome's Beautiful Book. Poem. 1864, in

the Atlantic Monthly for August. T. B. Aldrich.
Friar Pedro's Ride. Poem. About 1871. F. Bret

Friends : A Duet. Story, 1881. Elizabeth Stuart

Phelps Ward.
Friendship. Essay. 1811. R. W. Emerson.
Friendship. Poem. 1811, in the Dial for October.

II. D. Thoreau.
Fringed Gentian. See " To the Fringed Gentian."
Froissart Ballads, The. Poems. 1817. P. P. Cooke.
From Jest to Earnest. Novel. 1875, New York.

E. P. Roe.
From Ponkapog to Pesth. Sketches of travels.

1883. T. B. Aldrich.
Ftom Sunset Ridge. Poems. 1898. Julia (Ward)

Frontenac, or the Atotarho of the Iroquois. A

metrical romance of several thousand lines.

1819. A. B. Street.
Frost, The. Poem. 1832-1841. Hannah F. Gould.
Frost Spirit, The. Poem. 1830. J. G. Whittier.
Frozen Harbor, The. Poem. About 1869. J. T.

Fudge Doings : Being Tony Fudge's Record of the

Same. In forty chapters. Papers. 1854. D.

G. Mitchell (Ik Marvel). These originally came

out in the Knickerbocker as sketches, and were

afterward interwoven with, as the author states,

*' The shadow of a plot."

who's the author? 95

Fuit Ilium, Poem, See " Ilium Fuit."

Fun in a Green Room, Play. Written 1879. Bron-

son Howard,
Funeral Tree of the Sokokis. Poem. 1841, J. G.

Further Account of the New England Witches, A.

Pamphlet, 1692, Increase Mather.
Further Language from Truthful James. Poem.

1871, in the Overland Monthly for January. F.

Bret Harte.
Future Life, The. Poem. 1839, in the Democratic

Revieto for March. W. C. Bryant.
Future, The. Poem. 1846. W. A. Butler.

Gabriel Conroy. Novel. 1876, F, Bret Harte.

Gala Days. Sketches. 1863. Mary A. Dodge.

Gallatin, Life of. Biography. 1879. Henry Adams

Gallegher. Short story. 1891, in Scribner's Maga-
zine for August. R. H. Davis.

Galley Slave, The. Play. Produced 1879. Bartley

Gallic Perfidy. Poem. 1758. John Mavlem.

Gallows Goers. Poem. T. D. English. This
poem grew rapidly in popular favor at the
time (1845-1850) when the question of capital
punishment was widely discussed.

Gallows, The, Poem. 1842. J. G. Whittier.

Gandelfo. Tragedy. Richard Hovey.

Garfield, Life of. Biography. 1880. J. M. Bundy.

Garnaut Hall. Poem, narrative. 1865, in the At-
lantic Monthly for February. T. B. Aldrich.

Garrison of Cape Ann, The. Poem. 1857. J. G.

Garroters, The. Farce. 1885, in Harper's Maga-
zine for December. W. D. Howells.

Garth. Novel. 1877. Julian Hawthorne.

96 who's the author?

Gathered Leaves. A volume of prose contributions
to various periodicals. 1846. Hannah F. Gould.

Gates Ajar. Hymn. About 1872. Lydia Baxter.

Gates Ajar. Novel (really essays on the future life,
strung together on the thread of a story). 1868.
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward.

Gates Between, The. Novel (similar to " Gates Ajar,"
(/.v.). 1887. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward.

Gayworthys, The : A Story of Threads and Thrums.
Novel. 1865. Adeline D. T. Whitney.

Geehale. Poem. H. R. Schoolcraft.

Gems and Precious Stones of North America. A
description. 1890. G. F. Kunz.

General Average. Poetical satire on the sharp
ways of mercantile life. 1860. W. A. Butler.

General Gage's Soliloquy. Poem. Written and
published in New York. 1775. Philip Freneau.

General Magazine and Historical Chronicle for all
the British Plantations in America, The. Note-
worthy as being the first attempt to establish in
America a literary magazine. It was begun in
1741, by Benjamin Franklin, and was published
for six months (February-July).

Genevieve Ward. Biographical sketch. 1882, Bos-
ton. Zadel Barnes Buddington Gustafson.

Genius of Oblivion, The. Poem. 1828, Concord.
Sarah J. B. Hale.

Gentility. One of the selections of " Bracebridge
Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Gentle Annie. Song. 1847-1850. S. C. Foster.

Gentle Boy, The. One of the selections of " Twice-
Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Gentleman of Leisure, A. Novel. 1884. Edgar Fawcett.

Gentleman Vagabond and Some Others. 1895.
F. Hopkinson Smith.

Geography and History of the Western States : or
The Mississippi Valley. 1828. Timothy Flint.

who's the author? 97

Geography, Elements of. Early text-book. 1819.
Joseph Worcester.

Geography of the World. Pictorial. 1831. S. G.

Geological Madrigal, A. Poem. About 1871. F.
Bret Harte.

Geology, Manual of. Noted text-book. 1863.
J. D. Dana.

George Fox Digg'd Out of His Burrowes. Contro-
versial pamphlet. 1676. Roger Williams. The
title of this is a pun on the names of two
Quaker leaders, George Fox and Edward Bur-
rowes, against whom this controversial pamphlet
was written. Fox replied to it with the " New
England Firebrand Quenched."

George, Life of Henry. Biography. 1900. Henry
George (son).

George Mason, the Young Backwoodsman. Novel.
1830. Timothy Flint.

Georgia Gazette, The. First newspaper in the state.
Established 1763, at Savannah.

Georgia, History of. 1811-1816. Hugh McCall.

Georgia Scenes. Humorous sketches. 1835. A. B.

Georgia Spec, The : or Land in the Moon. Comedy,
in three acts. 1797. Royall Tyler. It satir-
ized a craze for wild speculation in the Yazoo

Georgia Volunteer, A. Poem of the Civil War.
]Mary A. Townsend. First line : " Far up the
lonely mountain side."

Germanic Origin of New England Towns, The.
Treatise. H. B. Adams.

Gettysburg Address. Delivered at the dedication of
the National Cemetery on Gettysburg battlefield,
Nov. 19, 1863, by Abraham Lincoln.

Gettysburg. Poem, delivered (1872) before the

98 who's the author?

Society of the Army of the Potomac at its re-
union, Cleveland, Ohio. E. C. Stedman. First

line : " Wave, wave your glorious battle flags,

brave soldiers of the North"
Ghost that Jim Saw, The. Poem. About 1874.

F. Bret Harte.
Ghost-seer, The. Poem. 1845, in the Broadway

Journal of March 8. J. R. Lowell.
Gift of Tritemius, The. Poem. Atlantic Monthly,

November, 1857. J. G. Whittier. First line :

" Tritemius of Herhipolis one day."
Gift, The. Poem. 1878, in LippincotC s Magazine

for November. Celia Thaxter.
Gifts. Essay. 1844. R. W. Emerson.
Gilded Age, The. Novel, satirizing society and

politics. 1873. S. L. Clemens (Mark Twain),

in conjunction with C. D. Warner.
Giovanni Sbogarro. A Venetian tale. 1820, New

York. It tells of piratical adventures. Peter

Ginevra da Siena. Poem. 1866, in Blackwood's

Magazine for June. W. W. Story.
Girls Who Became Famous. 1886. Sarah (Knowles)

Give All to Love. Poem. 1840-1847. R. W.

Give Me the Old. Poem. 1838, in the New York

American of April 26. R. H. Messinger. This

was suggested by Alphonso's (of Castile) saying,

" Old wine to drink, old wood to burn, old books

to read, and old friends to converse with."
Gladiator, The. Play. About 1830. R. M. Bird.
Glance from Behind the Curtain, A. Poem. 1843,

in the Democratic Review for September. J. R.

Glauber Spa, Tales of the. A series of literary

sketches, edited by R. C. Sands. 1832. Catha-

who's the author? 99

rine M. Sedgwick, Bryant, Legget, and Paulding

contributed to them.
Glimpses of Three Coasts. Sketches of travels in

California and Oregon, Scotland and England,

Norway, Denmark, and Germany. 1886. Helen

(Hunt) Jackson (H. H.).
Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan. Sketches. 1894.

Lafcadio Hearn.
Glooms of Ligonier, The. Poem, which had consid-
erable popularity in its time. 1759. Joseph

" Glory ! glory Hallelujah." First line of the chorus

of " John Brown's body lies a mould'ring in the

grave," q.v.
" Glory, Hallelujah ! " By this title several famous

battle songs beginning "John Brown's body,"

q.v. were familiarly known from the chorus

" Glory, glory, hallelujah ! "
Go Sleep, Ma Honey. Poem, first issued in the

Chicago Record. E. D. Barker. First line :

" Whipp'iviirs smgin' to de moon."
Goblet of Life, The. Poem. January, 1842, in

Graham's Magazine. H. W. Longfellow.
"God bless our native land!" See " America," by

Timothy Dwight.
God Save the State. Poem. J. S. Dwight.
God Save the Flag ! Poem, patriotic. 1865. O. W.

Godey's Lady's Book. Magazine. Established

1830. Philadelphia.
God^s Acre. Poem. Written Oct. 23, 1841. H. W.

God's Controversy with New England. Poem. 1 662.

]\Iichael Wigglesworth.
God's Protecting Providence Man's Surest Help in

Times of Danger. Narrative of adventure.

1699. Jonathan Dickinson.

100 who's the author?

Goethe. One of the selections of " Representative
Men," q.v. R. W. Emerson.

Gold Bug. Prose tale. 1843. E. A. Poe. With
this story Poe took a prize of f 100 in the spring
of 1813. It was published in the Dollar News-
paper of Philadelphia.

Gold Fish of Grand Chiinii, The. Story of adven-

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