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ture in Peru. 1895. C. F. Lumniis.

Gold Foil Hammered from Popular Proverbs. Prac-
tical suggestions on social subjects. 1859. J. G.

Golden Age, A Story of the. Juvenile. 1886.
James Baldwin.

Golden Dagon, The : or Up and Down the Irra-
waddi. 1853, New York. J. W. Palmer.

Golden House, The. Novel. 1891. C. D. Warner.

Golden Justice, The. Novel. 1886. W. H. Bishop.

Golden Legend, The. Poem. 1851. H.W.Long-
fellow. This is Part II. of " Christus : a Mys-
tery," of which '' The Divine Tragedy " is Part I.,
and " The New England Tragedies," Part III.

Goldsmith, Life of Oliver. Biography. 1819.
Washington Irving.

Gone with a Handsomer Man. Ballad. About 1873.
Will Carleton.

Good, Essays to Do. See " Bonifacius."

Good Lessons for Children. Poems. 1706. Cotton

Good Newes from New England. Narrative
(really a report) of the affairs of the Plymouth
Colony recounted to September, 1623. 1624.
Edward Winslow.

Good Newes from Virginia, Sent to the Council
and Company of Virginia Resident in Eng-
land. 1613. Alexander Whitaker. He baptized
Pocahontas, and solemnized her marriage to

who's the author? 101

Good Xews. Poem. 1872, in the Overland Monthly
for November. E. R. Sill.

Good News from Home. Ballad, of the Civil War.
P. S. Gilmore (Louis Lambert).

Good Night. Poem. C. T. Brooks.

Good Samaritans, The. Poem. 1867, Cincinnati.
T. B. Read.

Good Time Going, A. Poem. 18.58. O.W.Holmes.

Good Will to Men : Narrative. 1861, London.
E. P. Hammond.

Good Word for Winter, A. One of the essays in
" My Study AYindows," q.v. J. R. Lowell.

Goodbye. Poem. Written 1823. Published 1840.
R. W. Emerson. First line: ^'- Goodbye, proud
icorld ! Till going home.'"

Goodbye, My Fancy. Poems. 1891. Walt Whitman.

Goose-Quill Papers. Essays. 1885, Boston. Louise
Imogen Guiney.

Gospel for an Age of Doubt, The. Lectures to
Yale divinity students. 1896. Henry Van Dyke.

Gossip with Readers and Correspondents. A col-
lection of L. G. Clark's popular comments while
editor of the Knickerbocker Magazine. A selection
of these was published, 1852, in volume form, with
the title " Knickknacks from an Editor's Table."

Grace Truman. Novel. 1857. Sallie (Rochester)

Gradatim. Poem. About 1873. J. G. Holland.

Graham s Magazine. 1841-1858. This periodical
was, for a time, one of the most popular in the
United States. It succeeded the Casket. It
■was begun by G. R. Graham, and numbered
among its contributors Bryant, Cooper, Long-
fellow, Poe, and Bayard Taylor.

Grammar, Institutes of English. 1823. Goold

Grrammar of English Grammars. A noted refer-


ence book. 1850-1851, New York. Goold

Grammar of the English Language. 1795. Lindley

Grammatical Institute of the English Language

[In three parts : Part L (Speller), Part II. (Gram-
mar), Part III. (Reader)]. 1783-1785. Noah

Grandfather's Chair, Series of sketches for chil-
dren. 1841, Boston. Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Grandfather's Clock, INIy. Popular song. 1875.

II. C. Work.
Grandissimes, The. Novel. 1880. G. AV. Cable.

This was his first novel.
Grandmother Tenterden. Poem (^lassachusetts

Shore, 1800). 1872, in the Atlantic Moiithly for

January. F. Bret Harte.
Grandmother's Story of Bunker Hill Battle. Ballad,

historical. 1875. O. W. Holmes.
Grant. Personal Memoirs of U. S. Autobiography.

Grave by the Lake, The. Poem. 1865, in the

Atlantic Monthly for May. J. G. Whittier.
Gray Champion, The. One of the selections of

" Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Gray Chief, The. Poem. 1859. O. \V. Holmes.
Gray Days and Gold. Descriptive sketches of

journeys in England and Scotland. 1891.

William Winter.
Grayslaer. Novel. 1810. C. F. Hoffman.
Graysons, The. Novel. 1888. Edward Eggleston.

Founded on a legendary incident of Lincoln's

early life.
Great Carbuncle, The. One of the selections of

" Twice- Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Great Cathedrals of the World. Descriptive work.

1886. F. H. Allen.

who's the author? 103

Great Conspiracy, The : Its Origin and History.

1886, New York. J. A. Logan. A review of

the causes which led to the Civil War and of

the war itself.
" Great God, Thy works our wonder raise." First

line of " Hymn Written during a Voyage," 1744.

Mather Byles.
Great Lawsuit, The. See "Women in the Nine-
teenth Century."
Great Remembrance, The. Poem. 1893. R. W.

Great Stone Face, The. One of the selections of

" The Snow-Image and Other Twice-Told Tales."

Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Great Supper, The. A long poem, popular in its

day, defending Calvinism. 1822-1854. A. G.

Great War Syndicate, The. Story. 1889. F. R.

Great West, The. A work of historical research.

1853. Henry Howe.
Greater Inclination, The. Short story. 1899. Edith

(Jones) Wharton.
Grecian Temples at Paestum, The. R. W. Raymond.
Greece and Russia. Sketches of travel. 1859.

Bayard Taylor.
Greek Emigi-ants' Song. Poem. About 1823. J.

G. Percival. First line : " Now launch the boat

upon the wave."
" Green be the turf above thee." First line of the

ode " On the Death of Joseph Rodman Drake,"

(/.K. Fitz-Greene Halleck.
Green Mountain Boys, The. Poem. 1836, in the

New York Mirror for November. W. C. Bryant.
Green Mountain Boys, The. Historical romance of

early Vermont. 1840. D. P. Thompson.
Green River. Poem. Written at Great Barrington,

104 who's the author?

Mass., 1819; published in Dana's Idle Man,
1820. W. C. Bryant.

Greene, Life of Natbanael. Biography. 1867-1871.
G. W. Greene.

Greenfield Hill. Pastoral poem. 1794. Timothy

Greenwood Leaves. Series of letters originally
contributed to the Min-or over the signature
"Grace Greenwood," and afterward issued in
volume form. 1849. Sarah Jane Lippincott.

Greifenstein. Novel. 1889. F. M. Crawford.

Grey Forest Eagle. Poem. About 1845. A. B.
Street. First line : " With storm-daring pinion,
and sun-gazing eyeJ"

Greyport Legend, A. Poem (1797). 1871, in the
Atlantic Monthly for September. F. Bret Harte.

Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Frank-
lin. A personal narrative. 1853. E. K. Kane.
This is the account of the United States Grinnell
Expedition of 1850, consisthig of the ''Advance,"
and the " Rescue," which set sail May 22, from
New York. The Second Grinnell Expedition
started from New York May 31, 1853, and
returned October 11, 1855. The account of its
hardships was published in two volumes, 1856,
Philadelphia, with the title "Arctic Explorations
in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, '54, '55."
This was also written by Dr. Kane.

Grist Mill, The. Poem. 1849, in the Knickerbocker
Magazine for April. R. H. Stoddard.

Grizzly. Poem. 1869, in the Overland Monthly
for September. F. Bret Harte. First line:
" Coivard, — of heroic size."

Groomsman to his Mistress. Poem. T, W. Parsons.

Grosvenor : A Tragedy. 1838. Sarah J. B. Hale.

Grouped Thoughts and Scattered Fancies. Sonnets.
1845. W. G. Simms.

who's the author? 105

Guardian Angel, The. Novel, begun as a serial
in the Atlantic Monthly, January, 1867. O. W.

Guendolen. Poem. 1872, in Scribner's Monthly/ for
November. Celia Thaxter.

Guenn. Novel. 1883. Blanche Willis Howard.
A story of artist life in Brittany.

Guerillas, The. Poem of the Civil War. S. T.
Wallis. First line: ^^ Awake! and to horse imj

Guerndale. Novel. 1882. F. J. Stimson. A
story of Guy on Guerndale's life told by his friend
John Strang of Dale (J. S. of Dale).

Guild's Signal. Poem. About 1874. F. Bret
Harte. William Guild was an engineer on the
Stonington and Providence Railroad. His
"signal" was two whistles to his wife. He was
killed in a disaster at Meadow Brook before he
could sound them as usual. The poem is full
of the heroism and the pathos of the incident.

Gulf Weed. Poem. About 1846. C. G. Fenner.

Gunboat Series, The. A popular series of juveniles.
C. A. Fosdick.

Gunnar. A tale of Norse life. 1874. H. H.

Guy. Poem. 1840-1847. R. W. Emerson. First
line : '■^Mortal mixed of middle clay."

Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia. Romance. 1834.
W. G. Simms.

Gypsies. One of the selections of "Bracebridge
Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Hadad. Drama. Written 1824, published 1825.

J. A. Hillhouse.
Hagar, a Story of To-day. Novel. 1852. Alice Gary.
Hail Columbia. National song. Written in the

summer of 1798. Sung for the first time, 1798,

106 who's the author?

Chestnut St. Theatre, Philadelphia. First line:

^^Hail! Columbia, happy land!" The music of

the song was first known as "Gen. Washington's

March," later " The President's March." Joseph

Half an Hour Before Supper. Poem. 1872, in the

Atlantic Monthly for September. F. Bret Ilarte.
Half Century of Conflict, A. Historical narrative.

1892. Francis Parkman. See also "France and

England in Xorth America."
Hall of Fantasy, The. One of the selections of

"Mosses from an Old Manse," q.v. Nathaniel

Halleck, Life and Letters of Fitz-Greene. Biography.

1894. J. G. Wilson.
Hallo, My Fancy! Poems. 1887. C. H. Luders

with S. D. Smith, Jr.
Hamatreya. Poem. 1840-1847. R. W. Emerson.
Hamilton, Life of. Biography. 1882. H. C.

Hamilton, Oration on the Death of Alexander. 1804.

J. M. Mason.
Hammer and Rapier. Novel. 1870. J. E. Cooke.
Hampton Beach. Poem. 1843. J. G. Whittier.
Hancock, Life of General. Biography. J. W.

Hanging of the Crane, The. Poem. 1874, in the

New York Ledger of March 28. H. W. Long-
fellow. Robert Bonner gave $3000 for the

poem. First line : " The lights are out, and gone

are all the guests."
Hannah Binding Shoes. Poem. About 1868.

Lucy Larcom.
Hannah Jane. Poem. 1882, Boston. D. R.

Hannah Thurston. Novel. 1868. Bayard


who's the author? 107

Hans Breitmanivs Part j, with other Ballads. 1868.
C. G. Leland.

Hans Brinker : or The Silver Skates. Story of life
in Holland. 1876. Mary Mapes Dodge.

Hans Pfaal, Adventures of one. Prose tale. 1835,
in the Southeryi Literary Messenger for Jnne.
E. A. Poe. Story of a trip to the moon.

Happiness of America, A Poem on the: Addressed
to the citizens of the United States. 1786.
David Humphreys. This contains a versifica-
tion of " AVashington's Farewell Address to the

Happy Dodd : or She Hath Done What She Could.
Story. 1878. Rose (Terry) Cooke.

Hard Cider Melody, A. Political squib. Edward

Hard Times Come Again No More. Song. 1854.
S. C. Foster.

Harlequin of Dreams, The. Poem. 1878, in Lippin-
cotfs Magazine for April. Sidney Lanier.

Harp of a Thousand Strings, The. W. P. Brannan
(Vandyke Brown ) .

Harper's Bazar. Periodical. Established 1867, with
^lar}^ L. Booth, editor.

Harper's Cyclopedia of United States History. 1876.
B. J. Lossing.

Harper's Monthly. Magazine. First of the illus-
trated magazines. It was begun 1850.

Harper's Weekly. Periodical. Established 1857.

Harpe's Head, a Legend of Kentucky. 1833. James

Harry Guy, the Widow's Son, a Story of the Sea.
Poem. 1848. S. J. B. Hale.

Harry H arson : or The Benevolent Bachelor. Novel.
It first appeared in the Knickerbocker Maga-
zine, 1813, over the signature, "John Quod."
J. T. Irving.

108 who's the author?

" Hartford Wits, The." See " Echo, The."
Harvard Commemoration Ode. J. R. Lowell. See

" Commemoration Ode."
Hasty Pudding. Humorous poem, in three can-
tos, written January, 1793, at Chamberry,

Savoy, and dedicated to Martha AVashington.

It was published 1796 at New Haven. Joel

Hat from the Earliest Ages, A History of the. 1817.

J. N. Genin.
Haunted Hearts. Story. 1861. Maria S. Cummins.
Haunted House, The. One of the selections of

" Bracebridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.
Haunted Mind, The. One of the selections of

''Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Haw-
Haunted Palace, The. Poem. First appeared in

the Baltimore Mtiseuyn, April, 1839. E. A. Poe.

First line : '' In the greenest of our valleys."
Hawkeyes. Humorous sketches. 1880. R. J.

Burdette, " The Burlington (Iowa) Hawkeye

Hawking. One of the selections of "Bracebridge

Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.
Hawk's Nest, The. Poem. About 1871. F. Bret

Hawks of Hawk Hollow, The. Novel. 1835. A

legend of Pennsylvania. R. M. Bird.
Haworth's. Novel. 1879. Frances H. Burnett.
Hawthorne. Biography. 1879. Henry James.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel; and His Wife. Biography.

1881. Julian Hawthorne.
Haymakers, The. Cantata. 18.57. G. F. Root.
Hayne, Reply to. See " Reply to Hayne."
Hazard of New Fortunes, A. Novel. 1889. W. D.

Haze. Poem. 1810-1814. H. D. Thoreau.

who's the author? 109

Hazel Blossoms. Poems. 1875. J. G. Whittier.

First line : " The summer warmth has left the

Hazel Dell. Poem. About 1847. Thomas Buchanan

Hazel Dell. Song. 1853. G. F. Koot.
He and She. Dialogue. 1883. W. W. Story.
Headsman, The. Novel. 1833. J. F. Cooper.
Health, A. Poem. 1825. E. C. Pinkney. Written

in compliment to Mrs. Rebecca Somerville of

Heart and Hearth. Poem. 1867, in the Atlantic

Monthly for May. T. B. Read.
Heart of Maryland, The. Play. David Belasco.'
Heart of New England Rent at the Blasphemies of

the Present Generation, The. Tract against

the Quakers. 1659. John Norton (1606-

Hearts of Oak. Play. Produced 1878, at San

Francisco. J. A. Heme and D. Belasco.
Heart's Summer, The. Poem. Epes Sargent.
Heartsease and Rue. Collection of poems. 1886.

J. R. Lowell.
Heathen Chinee, The. The popular name of F.

Bret Harte's famous lyric, " Plain Language

from Truthful James," q.v.
Hebe. Poem. 1847. J. R. Lowell.
Hedged In. Novel. 1870, Boston. E. S. P. Ward.
Heidenmauer, The. Novel. 1832. J. F. Cooper.
"Heigh! Nelly, Ho! Nelly." First line of the

chorus of "Nelly Bly," q.v. S. C. Foster.
Height of the Ridiculous, The. Poem. 1830. O.

W. Holmes.
Heir to Millions, An. Novel. 1892. Edgar Faw-

Heiress of Red Dog, An. Short story. About

1879. F. Bret Harte.

110 who's the author?

Held by the Enemy. Play. Produced 1886, at the
Madison Square Theatre, New York City. W.
H. Gillette.

Helen Gardner's Wedding Day. Novel. 1867, New
York. Mary V. Terhune.

Helen Ilalsey : or The Swamp State of Conelachita.
A story of the borders. 1845. W. G. Simms.
This was afterward republished in INIunro's
Fireside Companion, under the title " The Island
Bride," 1869.

Helen's Babies. A very popular sketch of two chil-
dren. 1876. John Habberton. This story was
rejected at first, but sold 300,000 soon after it
was published.

Heliotrope. Poem. About 1860. E. C. Stedman.

He'll See It When He Wakes. Poem of the Civil
War (Southern). Frank Lee, First line :
" Amid the clouds of hatde-smoke." A letter from
his sweetheart, found on a dead soldier, at the
suggestion of one of the burial party, was buried
with him.

Helvidius. Over this signature, James Madison
replied in a series of essays to Hamilton's letters,
signed Pacijicus, on neutrality.

Henrietta. Play. Produced at the Union Square
Theatre, New Y'ork City, Sept. 23, 1887. Bron-
son Howard.

Henry Hobson Richardson and His Work. Biog-
raphy. 1888. Mariana (Griswold) Van Rens-

Henry, Patrick; Life, t!orrespondence, and Speeches
of. Biography. Begun 1804. Published 1817.
W. W. Henry.

Henry, Life of Patrick. Biography. 1817. Will-
iam Wirt.

Her First Appearance. Short story. 1891, in
Harper's Magazine for December. R. H. Davis.


Her Letter, Poem. 1869, in the Overland Monthly
for December. F. Bret Harte. First line:
"/'?« sitting alone by ihejire."

Heralds of Easter. Poem of Eastertide. 1887.
Dora Read Goodale.

Here She Goes — There She Goes. See

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