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W. C. Bryant.
Jupiter Lights. Novel. 1889. Constance F. Woolson.
Just Before the Battle, Mother. Song of the Civil

War. 1863. G. F. Root.
Justification by Faith. Sermons. 1652. Richard


134 who's the author?

Kaloolah, or Jounieyings to the Djebel Kumri: An
Autobiography of Jonathan Romer. 1849. W.
S. Mayo.

Katherine Lauderdale. Novel. 1894. F. M. Craw-

Katherine Walton : or The Rebel of Dorchester.
Historical romance. 1851. W. G. Simms.
This is a tale of South Carolina in the time of
the Revolution.

Kathrina: Her Life and Mine: In a Poem. 1867.
J. G. Holland. The story of a life struggle and
its fruits of experience. It went through many

Kavanagh. Prose romance. 1849. H. W. Long-

Kearney at Seven Pines. Civil War poem. E. C.
Stedman. First line: ^' So that soldierly legend
is still on its journey.^'

Kearsarge, The. Poem. About 1887. J. J. Roche.

Keenan's Charge. Civil War poem. G. P. Lathrop.
Refers to the action at Chancellorsville, Va.,
May 2, 1863. First line : " By the shrouded gleam
of the icestern skies."

Keep Cool. Novel. 1817. John Neal. It was
written as a protest against duelling, and was
originally called " Judge Not."

Kentucky Babe. Poem. R. H. Buck. First line :
'■'■'' Skeeters am a hummin' on de honeysuckle

Kentucky Belle. Poem. First appeared in Apple-
ton's Journal, September 6, 1873, with the title
" Told in a Farm-House." Constance F.

Kentucky Cardinal, The. Novel. 1895. J.L.Allen.

Keramos. Poem. 1877, in Harper's Monthly for
December. H. W. Longfellow. For this poem
on the potter's wheel, written when his attention

who's the author? 135

had been aroused by the new interest in ceram-
ics, he received ^ 1000. First line : " Turn^
turn my tvheel ! Turn round and round."

Kerr Papers. See " Orpheus C. Kerr Papers."

Khaled: A Tale of Arabia. Novel. 1891. F. M.

King Noanett : A Story of Old Virginia and the Mas-
sachusetts Bay. Novel. 1896. F. J. Stimson.

King of Folly Island, The. Story. Begun in
Harper's Monthly, December, 1886. Sarah O.

King Robert of Sicily. Poem. Written 1862.
H. W. Longfellow. It occurs in " Tales of a
Wayside Inn," Part I., q.v. First line : " Robert
of Sicily, brother of Pope Urbane"

Kingdom Coming. Civil War ballad, very popular.
II. C. Work.

King's Bell. Poem, narrative. 1863. R. H.

King's Missive, The. Poem. 1880. J. G. Whittier.
First line : " Under the great hill sloping bare"

King's Quest, The. Poem. About 1852. Caro-
line Atherton Briggs Mason.

Kinsmen, The: or The Black Riders of the Con-
garee. Novel. First published at Philadelphia,
1841. Republished as " The Scout," New York,
1854. W. G. Simms.

Kismet. Novel. 1877, Boston. Julia C. Fletcher
(George Fleming).

Kiss and Let's Make Up. Popular song. 1897.
C. K. Harris.

Knickerbocker, The. Literary periodical estab-
lished 1833, with C. F. Hoffman as first editor.
This was the first of the American magazines to
take definite form. It continued until 1858,

Knickerbocker's History of New York. See "His-
tory of New York by Diedrich Knickerbocker."

136 who's the author?

Knick-knacks from an Editor's Table. Sketches.
1852. Contributed to the Knickerbocker Maga-
zine. L. G. Clark.

Knight of the Black Forest, The. Romance. 1885.
Grace Denio Litchfield.

Knight of the Golden Melice, The. Historical tale.
1856, New York. J. T. Adams.

Knight of the Nineteenth Century. Novel. 1877.
E. P. Roe.

Knights of the Horse Shoe, The : A Traditionary-
Tale of the Cocked Hat Gentry in the Old
Dominion. 1845, Wetumpka, Ala. W. A.

Knitters in the Sun. Short stories. 1887. Alice

Knowing. See " Thought," by C. P. Cranch.

Konigsmark. Poem. 1869. G. H. Boker.

Koningsmarke, the Long Finne. Novel. 1823.
Its title was changed later (1835) to " Old Times
in the New World." J. K. Paulding. It tells
of the early Swedish settlers on the Delaware,
and, in a satirical vein, in the course of the story,
parodies Cooper's Indian, and Scott's '" Noma of
the Fitful Head " in " Bombie of the Frizzled
Head " (an old colored termagant).

Ku Klux. Poem. About 1890. Madison Cawein.

La Belle Russe. Play. After 1886. David Belasco.
La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West.

Historical narrative. 1869. Francis Parkman.

See also "France and England in North

Ladder of St. Augustine. Poem. Written 1850.

H. W. Longfellow. One of the poems of Flight

the First, " Birds of Passage."
Lady Annabel, The. Romance, once very popular.

1842, Philadelphia. George Lippard.

who's the author? 137

Lady Eleanore's Mantle. One of the selections of
"Twice-Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Haw-

Lady Jane, The. Novel, humorous, in rhyme.
1844. N. P. Willis.

Lady of the Aroostook, The. Romance. 1879.
W. D. Howells. It originally appeared as a
serial in the AtlanticMonthly, 1878-1879.

Lady or the Tiger ? The. Short story. 1884. F. R.

Lady Wentworth. Poem. Written 1871. H. W.
Longfellow. This is the second Poet's Tale in
" Tales of a Wayside Inn."

Lake Country Sketches. See " Castle Nowhere."

Lament of Anastasius. Poem. W. B. O. Peabody.

Lamplighter, The. Novel. 1854, Boston. Maria
Susanna Cummins. This story had extraordi-
nary popularity for a time.

Land Ho ! Poem. 1844-1858. G. P. Morris.

Land of Dreams, The. Poem. 1847, in Graham's
Magazine for January. W. C. Bryant.

Land of Poco Tiempo, The. Sketches of Life in
New Mexico. 1893. C. F. Lummis.

Land of the Lingering Snow. Nature sketches.
1891. Frank Bolles.

Landing at Plymouth, The. Speech delivered
Dec. 22, 1843, at the New England Society's
dinner in commemoration of the Landing of the
Pilgrims. Daniel Webster.

Landlocked. Poem. 1861, in the Atlantic Monthly
for March. Celia Thaxter. By many accredited
to be her best poem.

Lands of the Saracen, The. Sketches of travel.
1854. Bayard Taylor.

Landscape Gardening, Theory and Practice of.
1841. A. J. Downing.

Lanmere. Novel. 1856. Julia C. R. Dorr.

138 who's the author?

Lantern, The. Comic paper. Established 1852 by
John Brougham.

Laocoon. Essay. 1798. Fisher Ames. Written
to incite the'^ Federalists to oppose the aggres-
sions of France.

Lars : A Pastoral of Norway. 1873. Poem. Bayard

Last Blossom, The. Poem. 1858. O. W. Holmes.

Last Charge, The. Poem. 1864. O. W. Holmes.

Last Fare^Yell, The. Poem. 1820-1834. E. B.

Last Leaf, The. Poem. 1831. O. W. Holmes.
The poem refers to Major Thomas Melville (an
ancestor of Herman Melville, the novelist),
familiar to Bostonians, about 1830, as "The
Last of the Cocked Hats." First line : ^^Isaw
him once before."

Last Leap of Uncas. Poem. 1842, in Graham's
Magazine for August. Park Benjamin.

Last of the Foresters : or Humors of the Border.
1856. J. E. Cooke.

Last of the Mohicans, The. Novel. 1826. J. _F.
Cooper. This novel is the second of the series
of the "Leather Stocking Tales," q.i\, both in
point of time of story and publication.

Last of the Valerii, The.*' Short tale. 1875. Henry

Last Sheaf from Sunnyside. 1853, Boston. Eliza-
beth Stuart Phelps. It was brought out under
the pseudonvm of "H. Trusta."

Late English Poets, The. Criticism. 1865. R. H.

Late Mrs. Null, The. Novel. 1886. F.R.Stockton.

Later Lyrics. Poems. 1866. Julia (Ward) Howe.

Latest Chinese Outrage, The. Poem. F. Bret Harte.

Latest Literary Essays and Addresses. 1891. J. R.

who's the author? 139

Latter-Day Warnings. Poem. 1857. O. W.

Latter Rain, The. Poem. About 1839. Jones Very.
Launcelot and Guenevere. Poem, dramatic. 1891.

Ricliard Hovey. It was later republished under

the title of "The Marriage of Guenevere."
Laura Lee. Song. About 1849. S. C. Foster.
Laurel Hill Cemetery, near Philadelphia, Lines

Written at. W. G. Clark. First line: ''Here

the lamented dead in dust shall lie."
Laus Deo ! Poem. 1865. J. G. Whittier.
Law and Practice of Bankruptcy, The. Treatise.

1869, New York. O. F. Bump.
Law, Commentaries on American. 1836. The-

ophilus Parsons (1750-1813).
Law, Commentaries on American. A famous work

of standard authority. 1826-1830. James

Law Dictionary and Glossary. 1850. A. M. Burrill.
Law of Business for Business Men. 1857. The-

ophilus Parsons (1797-1882).
Laws of Discursive Thought. Treatise on formal

logic. 1869, New York. James McCosh.
Lay of the Scottish Fiddle. 1813. J. K. Paulding.

Parody on Sir Walter Scott's " Lay of the Last

Lay Preacher, The: or Short Sermons for Idle

Readers. Essays in The Farmer's Museum

about 1795. They were published in collected

form 1797. Walpole, N.H. Joseph Dennie.
Lays of Love and Faith. Poems. 1848. G. W.

Lays of the Hudson. Poems. 1846. C. F. Hoffman.
Lays of the Palmetto. Poems. 1848. W. G.

Lazarus and Mary. Poem. About 1827. N.P.Willis.
Le Bossu. Story. 1832. Catharine M. Sedgwick.

140 who's the author?

This was one of the tales contributed to the
Glauber Spa, a collection of literary sketches
edited by K. C. Sands, and which had for other
contributors Bryant, Paulding, and William

Leah and Rachel : or the Two Fruitful Sisters, Vir-
ginia and ^Maryland. Description. 1656, Lon-
don. John Hammond.

Leap of Roushan Beg, The. Poem. Written 1877.
H. W. Longfellow. Occurs in "Bii'ds of Pas-
sage," Flight the Fifth, q.v.

Learn to Say No. 1856, Philadelphia. A. W.

Leather Stocking Tales, The. Series of five novels
in which the American Indian has been depicted
with a power that has put him in our literature
for all time, along with the inimitable ''Leather
Stocking or Xatty Bumpo." These novels are:
"The Deerslayer," " The Last of the Mohicans,"
"The Pathfinder," "The Pioneers," "The
Prairie." See also under the individual titles of
these novels.

Leavenworth Case, The : " A Lawyer's Story."
Xovel. 1878. Anna Katharine (Green) Rohlfs.

Leaves from Margaret Smith's Journal, 1678-1699.
1849. J. G. Whittier.

Leaves from the Diary of a Recluse. 1845, in The
Gift (an annual). Anne Charlotte Botta. Her
weekly receptions, which were of the nature of
salons, were notable events of the Xew York City
of her time.

Leaves of Grass. Collection of poems. 1855.
Walt Whitman.

Lecture on the Times. Address, read at the Masonic
Temple, Boston, Dec. 2, 1841. R. W. Emerson.

Lectures on Rhetoric. 1810. J. Q. Adams.

Lectures to Young Men on Various Important Sub-

who's the author? 141

jects. 1844, Indianapolis. H. W. Beecher.
These subjects embraced "Idleness," "Dissipa-
tion," "Dishonesty," "Gambling," "Popular

Led-Horse Claim, The. Story of mining life. 1883.
Mary H. Foote.

Lee, Life of Robert E. Biography. 1871. J.E.Cooke.

Lee, Life of General Robert E. Biography. 1868,
Atlanta, Ga. J. D. McCabe.

Lee to the Rear. Civil AVar poem (Southern). J.
R. Thompson. Poem refers to the occasion
when General R. E. Lee in the Wilderness Cam-
paign of 1864 tried to lead an assault in person,
and the troops raised the cry " Lee to the Rear ! "
First line : '■'■ Daicn of a pleasant morning in May.''''

Leedle Yawcob Strauss. Poem, humorous. 1878.
C. F. Adams.

Left on the Battle-Field. Poem. About 1865.
Sarah T. B. Bolton. First line: ''What, was it
a dream ? am I all aloneV

Legend of Brittany, A. Poem. 1843. J. R. Lowell.

Legend of St. Mark, The. Poem. 1849. J. G.

Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The. One of the selec-
tions of the "Sketch Book," q.v. Washington

Legend of the Delawares, A. Poem. 1872, in the
Nero York Ledger, November 9. W. C. Bryant.

Legendary, The. Periodical. Established 1828.

Legends of Charlemagne : or Romance of the Middle
Ages. 1862. Thomas Bulfinch.

Legends of New England in Prose and Verse.
Series of tales. 18;U. J. G. Whittier.

Leicester. Play, tragedy. 1794. William Dunlap.
It was also known by the name of " The Fatal
Deception." This is said to be the first Ameri-
can tragedy which was regularly produced.

142 who's the author?

Leisure Day Rhymes. Poems. 1875. J. G. Saxe.

Lenore. Poem. It originally came out with the title

" A PiBan," in 1831. Appeared in its revised form in
the Pioneer, February, 1843. E. A. Poe.

Leonatus. Poem. About 1851. R. H. Stoddard.

Leonor de Guzman. Play, tragedy. 1856. G. H.

Leper. The. Poem. About 1827. X. P. Willis.

Lesson of Life, The. Poem. 1847. G. H. Boker.

Let us Alone. War ballad. About 1863. H. P. H.
Brownell. Written in satirical reply to an anti-
war outburst.

Letters and Social Aims. Essays. 1875. R. W.

Letters from New York. Series of letters contrib-
uted to the Boston Courier, and afterward issued
in volume form. First series, 1843; second,
1844. Lydia M. Child.

Letters from Palmyra. See " Zenobia."

Letters from Under a Bridge. 1840. N. P. Willis.

Letters of a British Spy. 1803, in the Richmond
Daily Argus. William Wirt. There were ten
of these which purported to be papers left by a
member of the British parliament at an inn,
while travelling in Virginia.

Letters of a Traveller in Europe and America. 1852.
W. C. Bryant.

Letters of Mrs. Abigail Adams (wife of President
John Adams). Edited by C. F. Adams. 1840.

Letters on Campbellism. About 1815. Thomas

Letters on Silesia : Written during a Tour through
that Country in the Years 1800 and 1801. Series
of descriptive and statistical letters published first
in the Portfolio, collected and issued in book
form 1804, London. J. Q. Adams (1767-1848).

Letters to Arthur Young. 1801. George Washington.

who's the author? 143

Liberator, The. Anti-slavery Journal. Established
Jan. 1, 1831, by W. L. Garrison, editor.

Liberty and Necessity, Dissertation on. 1725, Lon-
don. Pamphlet. Benjamin Franklin.

Liberty and Property, The Excellent Privilege of.
Pamphlet. 1687." William Penn.

Liberty Bell, The. Poem. 1862. W. R. Wallace.

Liberty Song. Ballad. 1768, in the Boston Gazette,
July 18. John Dickinson. First line : " Come
join hand in hand, hrave Americans all.''

Liberty Tree. War ballad of the Revolution.
Thomas Paine. 1775, in the Pennsylvania
Magazine. First line : " /n a chariot of light
from the regions of day."

Library of American Literatm'e. See "American
Literature, Library of."

Library, The. One of the selections of "Brace-
bridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Life and Character of Napoleon Bonaparte. Bio-
graphical Sketch, in the Christian Examiner,
1826-1829. W. E. Channing (1780-1842).

Life and Death of John of Barneveld, Advocate of
Holland; With a View of the Primary Causes
of the Thirty Years' War. History. 1874.
J. L. Motley.

Life and Death of that Deservedly Famous Man of
God, Mr. John Cotton. Eulogy. Written at
Boston, Nov. 6, 1657. 1658, London. The full
title begins, " Abel being dead, yet speaketh : or
The Life and Death of that Deservedly " etc., as
above. John Norton (1606-1663).

Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, The.
1828. Biography. Washington Irving.

Life and Works of John Adams. Biography. 1850-
1856. C. F. Adams.

Life Beyond the Veil. Song. About 1875. H. C

144 who's the author?

Life Here and There. Sketches. 1850. N.P.Willis.

Life in the Iron Mills. Novel. 1861. Rebecca H.

Life in the Open Air. Sketches of travels. 1863.
Theodore Winthrop.

Life Lesson, A. Poem. J. W. Riley. First line :
'• There ! little girl, don't cry."

Life of . For works of biography with this title,

see under name of the individual.

Life on the Mississippi. Sketches. 1883. S. L.
Clemens (Mark Twain).

Life on the Ocean Wave. Poem. About 1849.
Epes Sargent.

Life Thoughts. Gathered from the extemporaneous
discourses of H. W. Beecher by Edna D. Proctor.

Lifetime, A. Poem. 1876. W. C. Bryant.

Liffith Lank. Travesty on Charles Reade's " Grif-
fith Gaunt." 1867, New York. C. H. Webb
(John Paul).

Ligeia. Prose tale. About 18:t0. E. A. Poe.

Light of Home, The. Poem. Sarah J. B. Hale.

Light of Stars, The. Poem. H. W. Longfellow.
Published in the January number of the Knicker-
bocker, 1839, with title " A Second Psalm of Life."
First line : " The niqht is come, but not too soon."

Light that is Felt, The. Poem. 1884. J. G. AVhittier.

Likely Story, A. Farce. 1888, in Harper's Magazine
for December. W. D. Howells.

Lilith : The Legend of the First Woman. Poem.
1885. Ada (Langworthy) Collier.

Lily and the Totem, or the Huguenots in Florida.
Series of sketches of the colonies of Coligni.
1562-1570. Published 1850. W. G. Simms.

Lily Dale. Song. 1861-1865. H. C. Work.

Lily's Quest, The. One of the selections of " Twice-
Told Tales," q.v. Nathaniel Hawthorne.

who's the author? 145

Lincoln, Life of. Biography. 1865. J. G. Holland.

Lincoln, Life of Abraham. Biography. 1890. John
Hay with J. G. Nicolay. It was first issued in
the Century Magazine, 1887.

Lincoln, The History and Personal Recollections of
Abraham. Biography. 1891. W. H. Herndon.

Lines in Pleasant Places. Sketches. 1874, Boston.
B. P. Shillaber.

Lines to a Wild Honeysuckle. See "Wild Honey-

Lines Written in a Lady's Album. Poem. Edition
of 1856. Daniel Webster.

Linwoods, The : or Sixty Years Since in America.
Novel. 1835. Catharine M. Sedgwick.

Lionel Lincoln : or The Leaguer of Boston. Novel.
1825. J. F. Cooper.

Lise. Poem. 1860-1888. Rose (Terry) Cooke.
First line: "/// were a cloud in heaven."

List of American Birds. About 1790. William

Literary Antiquary, A. One of the selections of
"Bracebridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

Literary Ethics. Oration delivered before the
Literary Societies of Dartmouth College, July 24,
1838. R. W. Emerson.

Literary Gazette. Established 1840, by James
A Id rich.

Literary History of America. 1900. Barrett Wen-

Literary Interpretation, Essays in. 1892. H. W.

Literary Landmarks. Series of papers which ajp-
peared in Harper's Magazine (later published in
book form) with the titles, " Literary Landmarks
of London, 1885 ; of Edinburgh, 1891 ; of Jeru-
salem, 1895; of Venice, 1896; of Florence,
1897; of Rome," 1897. Laurence Hutton.

146 who's the author?

Literati of Xew York. Literary and critical sketches.

1846, in Godey's Lady's Book. E. A. Poe.
Literature and Art, Papers on. 1846. Sarah Mar-
garet Fuller Ossoli.
Literature and Life. Literary criticism. 1849. E.

P. Whipple.
Literature of the Age of Elizabeth. Literary criti-
cism. 1869. E. P. Whipple.
Literature, Short Studies in. Essays. 1891. H.

W. Mabie.
Little Alabama Coon. Song. Hattie Starr.
Little Beach-Bird. Poem. About 1827. R.H.Dana.

First line : " Thou little bird, thou dweller by the sea."
Little Book of Profitable Tales, A. 1889. Eugene

Little Book of Western Verse, A. Poems. 1889-

1890. Eugene Field.
Little Boy Blue. Poem. About 1889. Eugene

Field. First line: " TAe little toy dog is covered

icith dust."
Little Breeches. Poem, dialect . John Hay. This

is one of his "Pike County Ballads," q.v. First

line : "/ don't go much on religion."
Little Britain. One of the selections of the "Sketch

Book," q.v. Washington Irving.
Little Brown Hands. Poem. Mary H. Krout.
Little Church Around the Corner, The. Song.

George Cooper.
Little Cloud, The. Poem. About 1830-1840. J.

H. Bryant.
Little Compton. Short story. About 1888. J. C.

Little Daffvdowndillv. One of the selections of

"The Snow-Image and Other Twice-Told Tales."

Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Little Foxes. Essays, written over the signature

"Christopher Crowfield." 1865. H. E. B. Stowe.


Little Frenchman and His Water Lots. Collection

of prose pieces. 1838. G. P. Morris.
Little Giffen of Tennessee. Poem of the Civil War.

F. O. Ticknor. First line: "Ouf of the focal

and foremost y?re."
Little Journey in the World, A. Romance. 1889.

CD. Warner.
Little Lord Fauntlerov. Story, juvenile. Begun as

a serial in the November, 1885, issue of St.

Nicholas. Frances H. Burnett.
Little Mack. Poem. About 1889. Eugene Field.
Little Men. Juvenile. 1871. Louisa M. Alcott.
Little Ones at Home. Ballad. Written 1856. W.

S. Hays. This was his first published ballad.
Little Peach, The. Song. About 1889. Eugene

Little Preacher, The. Juvenile. 1867, New York.

Elizabeth P. Prentiss.
Little Rivers. Series of nature sketches. 1895.

Henry Van Dyke.
Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories. Juvenile.

1890. Frances H. Burnett.
Little Tin Gods on Wheels. Satire. 1879. Robert

Little Tour in France, A. Series of sketches. 1884.

Henry James. These originally appeared in

the Atlantic Monthly, 1878.
Little Women. 1868. Novel, juvenile. Louisa

:M. Alcott.
Little Words of Kindness. Poem. 1841, in the

Portland Tribune of September 25. D. C. Coles-
Living Temple, The. Poem. 1858. O. W. Holmes.
Locusts and Wild Honey. Nature sketches. 1879.

John Burroughs.
Logan. Novel. 1821. John Neal. A story of

Indian life.


Long Ago, The. See "Isle of the Long Ago."

Long Look Series. Juveniles. Edward Abbott.

Long Run, The. Novel. 1886. Rose E. Cleve-
land, sister of Ex-President Cleveland.

Longfellow, Life of Henry AV. Biography, by his
brother, Samuel Longfellow. It is the best
biography of the poet which has been written.
Published 1886.

Longing. Poem. 1817. J. R. Lowell.

Look From Thv Lattice, Love. Poem. 1844-1856.
G. P. Morris.

Looking Backward, 2000-1887. Xovel. 1888.
Edward Bellamy. This widely known story
purported to be a forecast of government
socialism in the year 2000, into which the world
had developed by economic evolution.

Looking Glass for the Times, A. Ballad which
made an appeal for religious toleration. 1676.
Peter Folger, grandfather of Benjamin Franklin.

Lord, Thou on Earth Didst Love Thine Own.
Hymn. 1864. Ray Palmer.

Lord, With Glowing Heart I'll Praise Thee. Hymn.
1823. F. S. Key.

Lorgnette, The: or Studies of the Town by an
Opera Goer. 1850. D. G. Mitchell (Ik Mar-
vel). These papers, familiarly known as the
Lorgnette Papers, were issued first in weekly
numbers, then brought out afterward in book
form. They were light satirical sketches, like
the Salmagundi papers of Irving and Pauld-

Loss and Gain. Poem. Nora Perrv.

Lost Earl, The. Poem. 1888. J. T. Trowbridge.

Lost Galleon. Poem. About 1871. F. Bret Harte.

Lost Hunter, The. Poem. About 1845. A. B.
Street. First line: '■^NumVd by the piercing,
freezing air."

who's the author? 149

Lost Hunter, The. Story. 1856. J. T. Adams.

Lost Occasion, The. Poem. 1880, in the Atlantic
Monthly for April. J. G. Whittier.

Lost Tails of Miletus, The. Poem (parody). About
1874. F. Bret Harte.

Lotus Eating: A Summer Book. Series of letters
contributed during the summer of 1852 to the
New York Tribune, of a reflective, poetical, and
descriptive character, written from Saratoga,
Lake George, and Newport, which were after-
ward collected and published in book form. G.
W. Curtis.

Lotus Flowers. Poems. 1878. Annie C. Ketchum.

Louisburg: God's Wonder Working Providence for
New England in the Reduction of. Tract, in
verse. 1747. Samuel Niles.

Louisiana. Novel. 1880. Frances H. Burnett.

Louisiana Belle, The. Song. 1815-1846. S. C.

Love. Essay. 1841. R. W. Emerson.

Love Against Love, Poem. D. A. Wasson.

Love Among the Gamins. Poem. About 1877.
D. L. Proudfit (Peleg Arkwright).

Love and Liberty. Poem. Royall Tyler.

Love in a Cottage. Poem. About 1844. N. P.

Love in Idleness: A Tale of Bar Harbor. 1894.
F. M. Crawford.

Love in Old Clothes. Collection of stories. 1896.
H. C. Bunner.

Love in '76. Comedy. 1856. O. B. Bunce.

Love-Knot, The. Poem. 1874-1886. Nora Perry.

Love Rejected. Song. William Leggett.

Love Songs of Childhood. Poems. 1894. Eugene

Love Symptoms. One of the selections of "Brace-
bridge Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.

150 who's the author?

"Love, the leaves are falling round thee." Song.

About 1826. R. S. Coffin.
Lovers, The. One of the selections of " Bracebridge

Hall," q.v. Washington Irving.
Loves and Heroines of the Poet. Criticism. 1860.

R. H. Stoddard.
Loves of the Shell Fishes, The. Poem. Edward

San ford.
Loves She Like Me ? Poem. 1818-1825. Samuel

AVood worth.
Lowell, Letters of James Russell. Edited by C. E.

Norton. 1893.
Lower Twenty, The. Play. T. B. De Walden.
Loyal Little Redcoat, A : A story of child-life in

New York one hundred years ago. Juvenile.

1890. Frances O. O. Ide (Ruth Ogden).
Loyal Woman's No, A. Poem. About 1868. Lucy

Luck of Roaring Camp, The. Short story. August,

1868, in the Overland Monthly. F. Bret Harte.

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