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D r . Edwards was elected Chaplain of the Chantry of S*. Nicholas Within the Walls.
Dublin, and was admitted and presented as Curate of the said Church ; he was


also Treasurer of Kilkenny, and Preb y . of Blackrath in that Church, and Chancellor
of Ferns. He was probably a Welshman who had migrated to Ireland during the
Commonwealth period. On 27 Oct 1 "., 1657, his dau r . Ann was bapt d . at S l . Michan's,
Dub: (Par. />'/.).

D r . Griffith Williams, Bishop of Ossory, also a Welshman, being probably
his friend, was his patron ; as was also D r . Rob*. Price (another Welshman),
B p . >f Ferns. With the Archdeaconry, D r . Edwards held the R. of Tamlaght-Ard.
On 1 May, 1672, he obtained a faculty to hold the R. of Coleraine [Connor]. He
also held the Rectory of Camus Juxta Bann (or Macosquin) from 28 Oct r ., 1672,
and probably died cir. Jan^. or Feb r >'., 168 5-.

1686, Rogkr Ford, collated 26 February, d d. Dublin, .Est. 1699 ; he also
held the Rectory of Langfield by faculty dated 29 June, 1686, and presented
Communion Plate to that parish. His will is dated 3 Aug'., 1717, and was proved
2 Sept r ., 1719. He died 19 Dec 1 ". In his Pet n . for a faculty he styles himself as
"Chaplain to the B p . of Derry." He was son of Rob 1 Ford, alderman of
Drogheda, and his wife Eliz th . [? Leigh]. His executors were his bros., W m . Ford
of Drogheda, alderman, and Rob*. Ford of Dublin, merchant. He married
"Judith," dau r of Dean Ormsby of Derry, and had nine children. He held
a lease in the Manor of Clothworkers, under Capt n . W m . Jackson, and another
in Dunboe, under the Bishop of Derry. He desired to be buried "at the
discretion of his executors." Probate was granted to his relict, Judith ;
she survived him until 1727, and was buried at Banbridge, Co. Down. The
Archdeacon's eldest son, Roger, was Preb- V . of Tassagard, Dublin, from 1737
until his death in 1756. Robert, the Archdeacon's second son, seems to have
settled at Drogheda. Edward, his third son, was elected a Fellow of Trinity
College, Dublin, in 1730. He was killed by a shot, fired from the College Park,
8 March, 1734. Another son, William, probably settled at Dunboe, as we find
him in the office of Churchwarden there in 1732.

Inscription on chalice and cover [Court hand]

"This Comiinion Cupe: and Couer belonges to y e parish of Dunboe, in y e
County of Londonderry, May 22, 1686."

Inscription on chalice and cover

"The gift of y e Rev d . Doct r . Ford, Arch n . of Derry, to the parish of Langfield,

Langfield lies at almost the furthest extremity of the Diocese from Dunboe.

1719, Joseph Rothery, m.a.

On 10 Nov r . , 1722, he was granted a faculty to hold also the R. of Aghanloo ; and
further, on 2 Oct 1 "., 1723, he was allowed to hold also the R. of Tamlaght-Finlagan.
He died in July, 1731, and on 11 th of that month was interred at S'. Andrew's,
Dublin (Par: Reg.).

1731, 17 Aug 1 ., Benjamin Bacon, a Fellow of T.C. Dublin. Installed by John
Gage, 21 Aug*. Son of Rob*. Bacon of Magilligan, Co. Londonderry, Esq. He
graduated b.a. Dub: 1722 ; Fellow, 1724 ; m.a. .-Est. 1725 ; b.d. Vera. 1732 ;
i). i>. Vern: 1740. He became R. Drumachose in 1727 ; in 1732 R. Desertoghill ;
in 1731 R. Clondevaddog (Raphoe), and was subsequently R. Tamlaght-Finlagan
and Tamlaght-Ard (his native parish). He resigned this dignity in 1736. The
following inscription is found on a silver flagon, in Court hand

" This belongs to y e Parish Church of Dunbon.

" The Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Bacon, Minister.

"William Ford, Esq., } Churchwardens.

" William M'Clennon, \ June, 1732."


He died 2 ml May, 1772, and was interred in the old Church of Tamlaght-Ard,
on the north side, in front of the pulpit, on the 4 th of that month. A portrait
of the Archdeacon is in possession of the present Dean of Derry. I have also
seen some silver plate, once his.

The inscription on the tombstone runs thus "Here lieth the body of
Robert j Bacon, Esquire, who died the 21 Bt of January, 174^ | aged 88 years.
Also the Body of Hester Bacon, his wife, who died the 23 of December, 1750, aged
76 years. Also the Body of their son, the | Reverend Benjamin Bacon, d.i>., |
who died the 2 nd of May, 1772, \ aged 73 years. ] Also the Body of Robert
Bacon, Esquire, son to the Reverend j Doctor Bacon, who died the 17 of j August,
1760, aged 23 years."

Those on the stone being illegible, some of the above dates are taken from the
Parish Reg r .

Tamlaght-Finlagan (Sat, 31 Dec 1 ", to Tues., 3 Jan>'., 1769 Pue's Occurrences).
"Married at Glebe Hall, Co. Derry, Captain William Span to Miss Bacon, and
Dominick M'Causland, Esq., to Miss Mary Elizabeth Bacon, daughters of the
Rev. Benjamin Bacon, whose fortunes of 10,000 each are the least valuable of
their accomplishments. "

Dr. Bacon preached before the Irish House of Commons in 1740.

1746, 4 January, the Rev. Dr. Ben Bacon got 500L prize in the lottery for the
Lying-in Hospital, Dublin. Falke iter's Dublin Journal. He gave 501. of this sum
to the institution. lb: 3 Feb., 174' 7 : .

1736, Louis Sairin, n.r>., collated 14 May, and installed 21 August. He held
the Deanry of Ardagh and Chantorship of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, from
22 March, 172'i, and with those dignities this Archdeaconry. His faculty is dated
2 May, 1736. He died in September, 1749, and was buried at S. Ann's, Dublin,
on the 19 th of that month.

1753, 15 April (died), at Belfast, Mrs. Saurin, widow of the late Dr. Lewis
Saurin, Dean of Ardagh. Lundu)t Mag., pp. 226. He was of a Huguenot family,
and brother to the celebrated preacher, James Saurin. The Dean's son was Rev.
James Saurin, Vicar of Belfast, and his grandson was Dr. James Saurin, Bishop
of Dromore, 1819-42.

1749, Edward Golding, i;.a., collated 9 November, installed 1(5 November.
He had been R. Aghanloo from 1747, and resigned the Archdeaconry in 1761 for
the Rectory of Clonleigh, under which parish some further account of him may be
found. He was the friend of Bishop Barnard (of Raphoe and Derry), whom he
accompanied to Ireland.

1761, Thomas Barnard, d.d., collated 3 June. In 1769 he exchanged this
dignity with Lord Strangford, and became Dean. An account of him has already
been given. [See Deans of Derry.]

1769, Philip [Smythe], sixth Viscount Strangford, ll.d., became Archdeacon ;
he had been Dean of Derry from 1752. [See Deans of Derry.] He resigned the
Archdeaconry in 1774, when he became R. Langfield.

1774, John Stanlky Monck, ll.d., Dublin, Vera. 1768; Scholar Trinity
College, 1744. Uncle to the first Vise' Monck. Collated 8 Dec r . He had held the
R. of Drumachose from 1751 to 1768, when he became R. Lmgtield. In (Jet.,
1750, he married Miss Mary FitzPatrick. A tablet in the Church of Limavady is
thus inscribed "This stone was erected by their gratefull friend, Rob 1 M'Causland
of Coleraine, Esq r ., to the memory of D r . J n ". Stanley Monck and Mary FitzPatrick


his wife, who arc both interred near this place. D r . Monck was Archdeacon in the
Diocese of Derry, and for 2b' years Rector of this parish, where their characters
were so well known as to make any panegyrick unnecessary. John Stanley Monck
died 4 April, 1785, aged 03 years. Mary Monck died lb of April, 1780, aged (51
years. [Shranrahan, Architect, Cork.] A Paten at Dunboe has the following
"The gift of M". Monk to (.sic) Du n boe Church, December 20 th , 1785."

1785, Lewis Burroughs, collated 23 April, b.a. Dub. Vern. 1736 ; m.a. 1739 ;
b.i>. Vern. 1765 ; n.n. rEst. 1765 ; admitted Deacon at Lisburn, 20 May, 1744 ; he
had been R. Desertoghill from 1761, and had been previously p.c. of Derg. He
married Miss Mary Cane of Larabrian, Co. Kildare, and had a large family. [She
died at Bury, in 1800.] One of his sons, Newburgh, was subsequently Archdeacon.
D r . Burroughs died, cir. April, 1786. He was author of various poetical pieces,
and was an intimate friend of Fred k . Earl of Bristol and B p . of Derry.

1786, Clotworthy Soden, Sch.T.C.D. 1755; is. a. Vern. 1756. Collated
19 Sept 1 "., he resigned in 1795 for the R. Maghera. He had been R. Kilcronaghan,
1776-86. [See Maghera.]

1795, Newburgh Burroughs, m.a., second son of D r . Lewis Burroughs, Arch-
deacon, died in March or April, 1798. He married, in 1791, Ann Trevor, only
child of Isaac Bomford, of Tyrrellstown, Co. Meath, Esq., and had three sons and
a daughter, who all died unmarried. He had been R. Badoney (Upper), 1787, and
in Dec r . of that year was collated to Ballyscullen and Termoneeny R's.

1798, Trefusis Lovell, b.a., Prebendary of Aghadowey, 1790-8, collated
29 August. He resigned this dignity in 1813, and became R. S. Luke's, London.
He married in 1802, at Armagh, Miss Macan, dau r . of T. Macan, Esq.

1813, Thomas Tipping Aveling, b.a., collated 20, installed 23 Sept 1 '. He was
an Englishman, R. Aspley Guise and V. of Husband Crawley, both in Bedford-
shire. He was of Jesus College, Cambridge. He married Miss Mary Ann Martin,
and had issue. The Archdeacon died on 22 ml Sept 1 "., 1820. The name "Aveling"' is
sometimes written "Evelyn."

1820, Thomas Bewly Monsell, collated 16 Oct 1 "., installed 20 Oct r ., was
3rd son of W m . Monsell, of Tervoe, Co. Limerick, Esq. In 1829 he became
Preb- V of S. Michael's, in C h C h Cath 1 , Dub., and, in 1837, was elected to execute
the office of Precentor in that Church. He died of fever, 25 Nov r ., 1846, aged 61,
and was interred near the gate in his churchyard of Dunboe. There is a tablet to
his memory in the Cathedral of Derry. "Erected by brethren and friends who
loved himself, esteemed his worth, and benefited by his example. Whose love at
the same time, that it might more fully commemorate the unostentatious usefulness
of his character, endowed, with the sum of 200, the District Church of Fermoyle,
built by his Exertions."

1846, Benjamin Bloomfielo Cough, m.a. of Corpus Christi College, Cam-
bridge, son of the Dean [Cough] of Derry, collated 29 Dec 1 "., installed 1 January,
1847. He resigned for the Rectory of Urney, Sept 1 "., 1849. q.v.

1849, John Hayden, m.a. Dub: collated 24 Oct 1 ". He had been R. Comber
(Lower) from 1831. He died 10 March, 1855, aged 61, and was interred on the
north side of Dunboe Churchyard. He published a sermon in 1849, a pamphlet
on the Education Question in 1852, and a memoir of Rev. Alex 1 ". Ross in 1853.

1855, Arthur William Edwards, m.a. Dublin, afterwards b.d., a Prebendary
and Vicar Choral of Limerick: son-in-law of D r . W m . Higgin, B p . of Derry:
collated and installed 1 May. In the same year he had been collated to Fahan


(Upper) R. He resigned the Archdeaconry in 1860 for R. Tamlaght-Finlagan, and
in 1869 became Dean of Cork. He died at his Deanry 27 Feb., 1874, and was
interred in the Cemetery, Cork.

1860, Charles Galwey,' b.a. Dublin. He had been R. of Lower Badoney.
Collated 17 Oct r ., installed 7 Nov 1 ". He resigned in 1873, and died in his 90 th year,
at the house of his son-in-law, Rev. Rich d . Bennett [now Dean of Raphoe],
Ballinascreen Rectory, 13 March, 1882.

1873, Edward James Hamilton, m.a. Dublin, R. of Desertmartin. He died
9 July, 1896, aged 77, and was there interred.

1896, Thomas Olphert, m.a. Dublin, R. Urney, succeeded. In June, 1897. he
became Dean of Derry.

1897, William Colquhoux, m.a. (Dublin), R. Glendermott. The present
Archdeacon, collated 27 June.

prebendaries of tbe Catbeoral Cburcb of 5. Columba.

The Chapter of Derry consisted of the Dean, Archdeacon, and three Pre-
bendaries namely, 1, Comber or Commyr ; 2, Moville ; 3, Aghadowy.

lprebeno of Comber.

1616, 16 Dec r ., Edmund Harrisox, b.d. (perhaps brother-in-law of Bishop
Downham), was appointed at this date to the contiguous Rectory of Banagher and
V. Dungiven, and probably to this stall, of which he was in possession in 1622.

1631, Charles Vaughax, m.a., instituted 6 Oct 1 "., afterwards d.d., son-in-law
of Bishop Downham, and possibly a member of the family of this name in Co.
Donegal. He died in 1668. Also R. Banagher and V. Dungiven.

1668, William Lightburxe, collated and installed 23 June. He became Dean
of Derry in 1670.

1670, William Smyth, m.a., Archdeacon of Armagh, 1669, and Domestic
Chaplain to Primate Margetson ; was collated by him to this stall 30 July, and
installed 2 August. He was perhaps Fellow T.C.D. 1663, and Treasurer of
Armagh 1667-9. An Archdeacon Smith was buried at S. Nicholas Within, Dub:
11 Feb: 167. Par: Reg.

1673, Roger Warixg, m.a., afterwards d.d., collated 6 Oct r . He was also
Preb: Rasharkin (Connor), R. Con wall and Aghanunshin (Raphoe), and Arch-
deacon of Dromore, fac. 16 Jan., 1682. He was a member of the family of
Waringstown, Co. Down. He died 1692.

1692, Robert Gourxey, collated 14 May. In 1704 he was Proctor in
Convocation for the Chapter. He died in 1734.

1734, Robert Dowxes, m.a. of Merton College, Oxford, son of D r . W ra .
Downes, B p . of Derry. He held this Prebend with R. Urney by faculty, dated
3 March, 1731. In 1740 he became Dean of Derry.

1740, Charles Talbot, 8th Baron Blayney, m.a. St. John's College, Cambridge,
collated 14 th , installed 23 August. He also held Muckno R. (Clogher) by fac. 13
Aug*., 1730. In 1750 he became Dean of Killaloe. Born 27 Jan- V ., 1714 ; ordained
at Clogher, 24 Aug 1 ., 1738 ; died 15 Sep'., 1761. His only son died 30 March,
1754. He was succeeded by his bro: Cadwallader as 9th Baron Blayney.

1761, Edward Ledwich, ll.d., collated 6 Nov r . R. Fahan. He was Vic.
Gen. and Archdeacon of Kildare in 1765, and Dean of Kildare in 1772. He died
22 June, 1782.

1782, Richard Waddy, m.a., collated 13 July, grandson of B p . Nicholson.
He had held R. Desertmartin, and died 21 Jan- V ., 1806, aged 84 (tombstone,
Comber). His son Richard Waddy was Curate of Comber, and died, aged 37,
24 Feb., 1799 (tombstone, Comber).


1806, Francis Goulds bury, m.a., Prebendary of Moville, collated 7 Feby.
He died 9 th , and was interred 12 Dec r ., 1830 (in his 64 th year), at Comber, where
his tombstone remains.

1830, Francis Brownlow, is. a. Magdalen Col. Oxford, R. Leek Patrick,
collated 22, installed .31 Dec r . He died at his Rectory, 20 Oct r ., 1847, and on the
27 th was interred at Comber. A member of the " Lurgan " family.

1847, Thomas Lindsay, R. Kilrea, collated 23, installed 24 Nov 1- . He died,
aged 65, 2 March, 1800, and was interred at Donoghenry, near Loughry, Co.
Tyrone, the seat of his family.

1860, 30 May, James Smith, m.a. Dub: R. Camus Juxta Mourne. He died
suddenly in Dublin, 1 March, 1870, and was interred in Strabane Churchyard.

1870, William Anderson, m.a., collated 24, installed 25 August. He had
served in the diocese of Raphoe. He resigned in 1872 for the Chaplaincy of
the Octagon Chapel. Bath, England.

Iprebenoartee of /ifcovUle.

1621, Robert Kene, m.a. He had held Camus Juxta Bann R. from 1616, and
with this Prebend held Culdaff R. He probably died in 1634.

1634, James Downham, admitted in September ; after the Restoration he
became Preb. Tynan (Armagh), and in 1667 Dean of Armagh. His will bears
date 18 .June, and was proved 13 July, 1681. He was youngest son of B p Downham.

1662, John Bunbury, m.a., collated 21 August ; he also held the R.'s of Donagh
and Clonmany, by fac>. 22 Sep 1 ., 1662.

1672, Robert Echlin, m.a., admitted Deacon in Jan r y, 1662, Priest 15 March
following. Collated and installed 28 June. In 1686 he was appointed Dean of
Tuam, by faculty dated 18 June, 1686. He held his Deanry and the R. Dunmore
[Tuam] and R. Drumragh in this diocese. With this Prebend he from 1664 to
1679 held that of Findonagh (Clogher). He was interred in the Cathedral
of S. Mary's, Tuam, where his monumental tablet still remains, and is thus
inscribed "Hie juxta situm est Rev di Viri Roberti Echlin decani Tuamensis,
quodcunque erat mortale : qui, die Passionis Dominic; parricidali servorum manu
extinctus est. Aprilis 18, a.d. 1712, .Etatis 72." In his petition for a faculty he
states "that he was for 20 years a laborer in y e Ministry, burthened with chardge
of several families besides his own, and desirous to show hospitality."

1712, Samuel Elwood, Sch.T.C.D. 1674 ; m.a. .Est. 1678. He had been
R. Tamlaght O'Crilly from 1680, and was perhaps Preb. Mayne (Ossory). He
resigned Moville on 17 March, 172'/.

1721, Peter Ward, b.a. Dub: V. 1700; m.a. .Est. 1703; b. and d.d. .Est.
1716. In Dec 1 "., 1729, he became R. Donaghmore.

1730, George Alcock, Sch.T.C.D. 1714 ; m.a. Mat. 1719 ; collated 17 June ;
born 1695, at Kells, Co. Meath. He held with this stall R. Moymet (Meath),
fac. 6 June, 1730. He was son-in-law of B p Downes of Derry and Meath, having
married his second dau r , Mary ; his eldest son was John Alcock, Archdeacon and
V. G. of Raphoe ; and his second son, George, was in 1782 Lord Mayor of Dublin.
Rev. George Alcock died in 1747.

1747, John Torrens, m.a. Dub., afterwards d.d. ; collated 15, installed 20 April.
He was V. Gen 1 of the diocese, and in 1772 became R. Ballinascreen. Son of
Thomas Torrens of Dungiven, Co. Derry.

1772, Sir Robert Pynsent, fourth Baronet of the creation of 13 Sept 1 "., 1687.
Collated 10 August. He held much Church preferment in the South of Ireland.
He died 11 Sepf. , 1781, when his Baronetcy became extinct. Moville Parish
was then divided, Upper Moville retaining the stall.


1781, Francis Gouldsbury, Sch.T.C.D. 1734; b.a. 1735; previously R. of
Fahan, and subsequently of Langfield. Collated 18 Oct r ., and again 23 Dec r . He
resigned in 1797.

1797, Francis Gouldsbury, b.a. Dub: 1786; m.a. Vernis 1815. Son of his
predecessor. Collated 20 Oct r . He resigned in 1806 for the Prebend of Comber.

1806, John Beresford Hill, m.a. Dub. Collated 6 March. Second son of
Sir Hugh Hill, Bart. He also held, by faculty dated 3 March, 1806, R. Oughteragh
(Kilmore) from 1801-3. He was Preb. Clonmethan, in St. Patrick's Cath 1 ,
Dublin. He died, aged 40, 4 Dec 1- ., 1806. There is a tablet to his memory in
Derry Cathedral.

1807, Hon ble ~ Charles Knox, m.a. Dub. Vern. 1796. Brother of D r . W". Knox,
B p of Derry. Collated 21 January, 1807. He also held, by faculty dated 8 Jan ry .,
1807, R. Dunkerrin [Killaloe]. He resigned Moville in 1814, and became Arch-
deacon of Armagh. He died 30 Jan r >\, 1825. He held R. Urney, 1813-14, with

1814, John Molesworth Staples, b.a. Dub. /Est. 1796. Collated 26, installed
28 May. He also held R. Lissan [Armagh], faculty 16 May, 1814. Second son
of R l Hon. John Staples, and father of Sir Nathaniel Staples, eighth Baronet.
Rev. J. M. Staples died, aged 81, 4 April, 1858.

1858, William Miller Major, b.a. Dub: Veru. 1847; m.a. Vern. 1860.
Collated 8 May, installed 14 June. He retained his stall, but became Incumbent
of Culmore [Derry]. He died 27 Aug 1 ., 1894.

lpreben&artes of BgbaDowcg.

1622, Thomas Turi-in, m.a. He also held the R.'s of Clonleigh and of

1624, John Dowxham, collated 10 Dec r ., probably either son or brother of the
Bishop of the Diocese.

1628, William Vincent, m.a. He had held Coleraine R. (Connor) from 23
Sept r ., 1619, and with it held this stall by faculty granted 1 March, 1628; ordained
Deacon 15 Feb., 160?, and Priest 22 Feb. following both by John, B p . Colchester.
He probably died before 1640.

1640, Edward Synge, collated 3 August. At the Restoration he became B p .
Limerick, and was afterwards translated to Cork and Ross. He died 22 Dec r . ,

166y, John Blackman, b.d., ordained Priest 2 Nov r , 1657. Collated 13
March, installed next day. He was Proctor for the Chapter of Derry in the
Convocation of 1662. He was of Oriel College, Oxford, b.d., 2 Aug 1 ., 1660, and
ad eundem Dub: 6 Jan v ., 1661. Ordained Priest by Thomas, B p of Ardfert,
2 Nov r ., 1657. He was R. of Tamlaght-tinlagan, 1661.

166$, John Whitworth, m.a., collated 6 Jan y . In 1662 he was R. Camus
.Juxta Mourne and of Leek Patrick. On 5 March, 1664, he had a faculty to hold
this stall with the Prebend of Dundalk (Armagh).

166?,, James Harwood, d.d., presented by the Crown sed vacanti, 26 Feb- V .
He was R. Leek Patrick in 1662, and of Camus Juxta Mourne, 1663. He was
ulso Archdeacon of Glendalough [Dub.] 1660-7. The " Rawdon Papers" mention
him as Chaplain to the Hon Me . Thos. Wentworth. His will was proved in Derry
Consistorial Court, 1668.

1666, YiNCENTius EnuehaM, m.a. Cotton (Fasti) mentions him as Prebendary
at this date. [I have found no other notice of him.]

166;"}, Peregrine Palmer, collated and installed 7 Jan y . He also held
Tamlaght-Finlagan R. by faculty dated 26 January, 1669, and had previously


(from 1664) held II. Ballinascreen. He appeared at the visitation of 1679. His
ordination by the B p . of Ardfert took place on 3 June, 1648.

1691, Robert Gage, m.a., collated 25 March, 1691 (B p . King's V.B.), but he
is said to have been presented by the Crown 19 Jan y ., 1690. He had held R.
Ballyscullen from 1686. He died on 3 Nov r ., 1725.

1725, John Gage, m.a., son of his predecessor, collated 20 Nov r ., installed

3 Dec r . He died in Little Cuffe S 1 ., Dublin, January, 1763, and on 31 st of that
month was interred at S l . Peter's in that city. P. Reg. Mr. Gage married, at the
same Church, Feb., 1734, Miss Sussanna Johnston.

1763, Henry Barnard, ll.d., 2 nd sou of B p . W m . Barnard of Derry, collated

4 April. He also held, by faculty dated 6 April, 1773, R. Magherafelt (Armagh).
He resigned in 1787 for R. Maghera.

1787, Henry Bruce, b.a., collated 19 May. He resigned in 1795 for R.
Tamlaght-Finlagan. Mr. Bruce was created a Baronet in 1804, having succeeded
to his Irish estate under the will of Frederick, Earl of Bristol and B p of Derry.
Sir Henry Bruce died in Oct r ., 1822, and was buried at his seat, Downhill, near

1795, Robert M c Ghee. He had been R. Balteagh, 1777-82, and with this
Prebend held R. Desertmartin, by faculty dated 19 Sepf., 1795. He resigned
1 Sept r ., 1802.

1796, Trefusis Lovell, b.a., collated 29 August. He resigned this stall for
the Archdeaconry in 1798.

1798, Joseph Sandys, b.a., collated 29 August. He had held R. Kilrea from
1794. He held V. Laracor [Meath] with this stall, by faculty dated 11 Oct., 1805.
Mr. Sandys resigned Aghadowey, 31 Jan ry . , 1808.

1808, Peter Carleton, m.a., collated 29 February. He was from 1790 to 1808
Dean of Killaloe. He had also held V. Coolock (Dublin) [where he built the
present Church tower in 1791], by fac. dated 4 Feb., 1807. Mr. Carleton, on the
death of Dean Cradock in 1793, was presented by the Crown to the Deanry of
S*. Patrick's, Dublin. The Chapter, however, refused to admit him to that dignity,
and proceeded to elect a Dean "according to Antient Usage and Right." Mr.
Carleton resigned this stall in 1813, when he was presented to R. Killyleagh
(Down). He died on 24 May, 1825, aged 69, and was interred at Killyleagh.

1813, John Paul, b.a., collated 28, installed 30 July. He died 1831.

1831, Robert Hume, m.a., collated 21 Oct r ., installed 25 November. He
resigned in the next year for R. Leek Patrick, and was subsequently R. Urney.
He died 27 August, 1849, and was there interred. (Tablet. )

1832, Robert Alexander, b.a., collated 28 May, installed 19 June. He had
been R. Termoneeny, 1823-7, and R. Errigal, 1827-32. He previously served in the
army. His eldest son is the present Primate, and his second son was an Admiral
in R.N. Mr. Alexander was Domestic Chaplain to his son while B p of Derry.
He resigned his stall in 1869, and died on 11 May, 1872, aged 77, and was interred
at S'. Augustine's, Derry.

1869, Andrew Ferguson Smyly, m.a., son-in-law of his predecessor, collated
8 th , installed 19 March, 1869, by the Dean. He resigned Aghadoey for Drumachose,
but retained his stall. In both parishes he restored the churches. In 1884 he
became Dean of Derry and R. Templemore. On his lamented sudden death in the
present year, he was the only surviving member of the Chapter as constituted
under the Establishment of the Church of Ireland.


By Francis Joseph Bigger and William J. Fennell.

Clpan?b<2r- or

*5jpe- SoV^errair?-

HIS souterrain is situated in the townland of Mullanahoe, parish of Ardboe, in

the county of Tyrone, on the farm of James MacKeever, to whom we are

indebted for several kindnesses on the occasion of our visits. It lies on the

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