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should advance. If each member of the Clan will contribute only a
small amount, proportionate to his ability, it will greatly facilitate
the work. Many have helped — all can help more. There are plenty
of the minutes of the first meeting left and those of both meetings
will be sent on request, postage being enclosed. In the language of
the day







' The stroke of the Chief's gavel at 10:30 o'clock stilled the hum
of conversation and the half a hundred stalwart members of the Clan
MacKiulay who were present gave attention as the second gathering
of the Clan was formally opened. Mr. Florance Eatberly, President
of St. Andrew's Society, was presented by the Chief and welcomed
the Clan to Detroit and to St. Andrew's Hall which the members
placed unreservedly at the Clan's disposal. On behalf of the visiting
Clan, the Chief made a fitting response. These pleasant prelimina-
ries completed, the rolls of officers and of members were called. The
reading of the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed with, they
having been published, but were approved as published.

The deaths of Dr. John McKinley, Uhricksville, Ohio, Samuel
McKiuley, Jr., Los Angeles, California, and of John Ferguson,
Thamesville, Ontario, were announced with fitting remarks, Dr.
John McKinley had met with the Clan the year before and his ster-
ling worth and great force of character had then impressed his strong
personality upon the minds of those with whom he came in contact.

Letters of regret were read from Alexander McKinley, Clermont.
Iowa; Mrs. E. McKinley, Los Angeles. California; James E. McKin-
ley, Borden, Indiana; J. A. MacKinlay, Leith. Scotland: Rev. G. G.
McKinley, Joliet, Illinois: Col. Robert L. McKinlay, Paris, Illinois;
Dr. C. G. McKinley, Olaihe, Kansas and from James McKinley, Miss
Birdie McKinley and Mrs Sallie McKinley Fitch, of Vanceburg,

Following the reading of the letters, a Committee on Finance
was appointed consisting of
John F. McKinlay,
James E. McKinlay and
Dr. J. A. McKinley.

A Committee on Resolutions was thereupon appointed, consist-
ing of

John S. Goodwin,

Dr. Esdras Burns McKinley and

Archibald McKinlay.

Mr. W. E. W. MacKinlay, of Ottawa, Illinois, who has been
devoting considerable time to researches among the Scottish and
Canadian branches of the family, was introduced and read a paper,
replete with information concerning the early history of the Clan,
which was received with enthusiasm. After discussion of the paper
just referred to, on motion of Mr. Goodwin, Mr. W. E. W. McKin-
lay was made Assistant Historian with the more especial field of
research for data in the years preceeding 1700. On motion, the
offices of Secretary and Treasurer were divided and Miss Marie B.
McKinlay, of Paris, Illinois, was re-elected Secretary and Hon. John

F. McKinlay, of Detroit, Michigan, was elected Treasurer.

\ ■ The Committee on Finance reported that it had collected the

'- sum of $47.50. The report of the Committee having been accepted

and the Committee discharged, on motion the Clau adjourned to

two p. ra.


Immediately upon reconvening at two p. m. the Committee on
Resolutions made the following report:

Resolved: That the thanks of the Clan MacKinlay be extend-
ed to the St. Andrew's Society of Detroit for its kindness in placing
the Hall of the Society, through its President Mr. F. D. Eatherly, at
the disposal of the Clan for its annual Clan Gathering.

Resolved: That the Clan express its appreciation of the work
of Clansman W". E. W. MacKinlay in preparing his interesting and
valuable paper on the early history of the Clan.

Resolved: That the officers of the Clan, all of whom are pres-
ent in their places, are entitled to the thanks of the Clansmen for
their earnest and enthusiastic labors which have been so greatly con-
ducive to this successful and pleasant meeting.

Resolved: That the Clan MacKinlay extend its hearty thanks
to the newspapers of Detroit for courtesies received at their hands.


Archibald McKiulay,

Dr. Esdras Burns McKinley.

Upon motion, the report of the Committee was received and
approved and the Committee discharged. On motion, the Secretary
was authorized to print and issue the minutes of this gathering and
to accompany the same with a genealogical report by the Historian.

The Clan was addressed by Hon. Wm. M. McKinley, of Port
land, Indiana; Archibald McKinlay, Chief of the Canadian branch,
and others. On motion it was decided to raise the funds necessary
to prosecute the work of th^ Clan by fixing a membership fee of one
dollar and by making the annual dues one dollar. The amount
which would be raised by these rates was estimated to be sufficient
to pay the expense of publishing the minutes and the prelimiu.ir;.
"•ketches of the Clan.

The announcement being made that the St. Andrew's Society
expected to entertain the Clan in the evening with Scottish Songs, it
was ascertained that, as so many of the Clausman had previously ar-
ranged to leave for their homes on the early evening trains, not a
sufficient number would be present and it was therefore on motion
decided to extend the thanks of the Clan to the Society for its kind
offers for the entertaining of the Clan and to announce to it that the
Clan was compelled with regret to forego the proffered treat. On
motion the Clan adjourned its formal meeting and proceeded to the
river and spent the remainder of the afternoon in a delightful trip
on the water and a visit and drive through Island Park.

And thus endeth the second lesson.

Dr. L. D. McKinley, Marie B. AIcKinlay,

Chief. Secretarv.


JUST as a "starter" this sketch is prepared. It makes no pretense to anything more
than a preliminary, pointing out a few of the difficulties which lie in the way of
your Historian. Briefly, the Clan History is this:— The earliest ancestor of whom
we have record was Constantine Macduff Cl), Earl of Fife, who dates from about the
yea* A. D. moo. His son was Alexander (2), 2nd Earl, succeeded by Constantine i3>,
3d Earl. Here the line diverges, and we follow the second son of the 3d Earl, who was
Seach (4), or Macintosh. Four generations later Farqnhar Macintosh ..«> was 5th Chief and left
a son Angus (9), who fought at Bannoehburn in 1314. Angus left a son Ian (10), who was suc-
ceeded by his son Gilchrist til). Then came in regular descent Shaw Mor (12), James (13), AJUs-
ter Ciar Macintosh il4), Farquhar Macintosh (15), Donald (16), Finlay (17). This last married
twice. His second wife's children were known as Farquharson. By his first wife he had
four sons, the eldest William, who were called MacKiulay. Finlay (17) fell at the battle of
Pinkie in 1547. For this account of the first 17 generations of the family we are indebted to
W. E. W. MacKinlay. Assistant Historian. The descendants of Finlay <17i settled at " The
Annie" (Gaelic for "The Ford of the Stag") near Callander, Perthshire, Scotland about A. D.
1600. One of these was the ancestor of John MacKinlay, born about 1645 at Tne Annie. This
John had three sons, the eldest, Daniel, born hXO: the second, James "The Trooper," and
the third, John born 1U79. The eldest son Daniel begat John who begat Daniel who begat
John, born 1780, who was the father, among others, of Peter, whose son Thomas E. is the
father of William E. W. MacKinlay, of Ottawa, Illinois, the Assistant Historian.

John, born 1079, the third son of the John born about 1045, was the father of John who
was the father of John born 1748, who had, among others, Peter and Duncan, the former the
father of John P. whose sou, Hon. John F. MeKinlay, is Treasurer of the Clan. Duncan was
the father of Archibald, Chief of the Canadian Branches. The otherchildren of John born
1748) are the ancestors of the Morpeth and Ridgetown, Ontario, families.

The Scottish branches, however, are comparatively easy to trace and it appears that
.fames "The Trooper," second son of the John born about 1745, is the source of all our v.oes.
This man went to Ireland and took part in the battle of the Boyne, fought July 1, 1690, acting
as a guide to the victorious army of William III. Settling in Ireland, he is supposed to be the
ancestor of a large proportion of the Irish McKinleys. So much for the general sketch at
present. Taking up the emigrants to America, the oldest in point of years is given firsi and
is the ancestor of your Historian. It is well to note these things first.

About 17C0 a number of Scotch-Irish Presbvterians from Donegal. Ireland, settled in
York, now Adams County, Penn. A glance at the reap shows these Counties lying on the
North of Frederick and Baltimore Counties. Maryland, out of which Carroll County has since
been constructed Part of these Seotch-Irish Presbyterians went South Into the Maryland
Counties before 1~ca. The following are not wholly identified.

William McKinlev in Adams County, Penn. in 1741.

William McKivlfv, Private 6th Reg. Maryland Arty. (Probably the Carroll County
William, ancestor of Family V.)

Johx McKinley in Frederick Co., Md. (from York), Nov. 1764.
James McGixley, in Frederick Co., Md. (from York), Nov. 1764.
. John* McKinley's Will proved in Frederick Co., Md. in 1767.
Benjamin McKinley, in Frederick Co., Md. (from York) in 1771.
Elizabeth McKinley, m John McGalvain, December 3, 177S in Frederick Co , Md.
Margaret McKinley, m Jacob Frizzle, February 28, 1780 in Frederick Co., Md.

James McKinley (1), born in Ireland in 1708, perhaps a son of James "The Trooper,"
«ame to America before Revolutionary war. Lived in Penu., Baltimore County, or Baltimore
City, Md , Kentucky and Turtle Creek Tp, Warren County, Ohio. Was a Roman Catholic.
Died at the home of Eleanor Wiles Goodwin, his great-granddaughter, in 1812. This man
was possibly ancestor of Family III.

Only Child positively identified.
2 I Rodger, b about 1733 m Eleanor (?) Shaw.

Rodger McKinley (2), born in Ireland about 1733, married Eleanor (?) Sbaw. sister to
John Shaw (who had a family of 13 children). Lived in Penn ., Baltimore. Kentucky and
Warren County, Ohio. John Shaw and family accompanied him. Was in Warren County in
1S09 when his son-in-law's will, witnessed by John Shaw, was probated, but both Rodger and
John Shaw and family then disappear completely.

Only Child positively identified.
3 I Eleanor, b about 1767 m John Wiles.

Eleanor McKinley <3>, b about 1767, m John Wiles about 1786. Had eight children
Wm. McKinley Wiles, b 1787 in Penn., Eleanor, b 1789, in Baltimore while her mother was
"visiting her people," James b 1791, place unknown, Aiken Archibald, b 1797 in Kentucky,
John Shaw Wiles and remaining children born in Warren County, Ohio. John Wiles died m
1809 and his will mentions father-in-law Rodger McKinley. Eleanor Wiles m Samuel Good-
win 3 (Thomas •_', Thomas l) and their eighth child, Rev. William Rees Goodwin, 1). I), is the
father of the Historian. Martha, youngest daughter of John and Eleanor McKinley Wiles, m
Robert John and their only surviving son is Rev. J. P. D. .John, D. D , L L. D.. President De-
Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. After the first generation this family were Presbyterians
and Methodists.


McKinley (l» came from Scotland to Ireland about 200 or 225 years ago (was this

James, "The Trooper"?) S




I r







VI Daughter m Samuel ior John) Downey.

The daughter and her husband are said to have assisted in holding the fortifications in
Dublin against the Catholics at the time of the Catholic Insurrection. When was this?


McKinley (2). There is need of this generation, if above statement is trr.e. as the

next man, having son in 1757, eoulcl scarcely be a son of the Scotch Emigrant Is this m.iu
the James boru I7n>?

3 1 James (?) b m twice

James ( ?) McKinley (3) m twice. So far as known he had

Chili> by 1st wife

4 I William b 1757 m Hannah Rankin

Child by 2nd wife
II James
The latter settled in or near Philadelphia but his descendants have not yet been ascer-
tained. It is possible that there was an older brother David, b 1755.

William McKin ley (4"j born 1757 in Donegal County. Ireland, settled in Penn. '.York
County ?), m Hannah Rankiu, of Indiana Co. Penn. They lived in Westmoreland Co., Penn
and Trumbull Co., Ohio.

I Jane b February 7, 1797 or 8 m Benjamin Marshall

5 II John b September 23, 1801... m Mary Marshall

III Elizabeth b in Stephen Anderspa

IV William b in Hannah Brown

V Polly b ... m Robert Leslie

6 VI David b September 23, 1807., m Elizabeth Hull

VII Robert b in Sarah Price

VIII Mathew b m Abigail Seymour

IX Hannah b ni Henry Loutzenhizer

John (51 was the father of Hon Wm. M McKinley, of Portland, Indiana, w ho is the father
of Dr. Esdras Burns McKinley of Vaughnsville, Ohio.

David (G) is living at Bluff ton, Oil iq. This family claims relationship with Governor Mc-
Kinley s family. The father of the two half brothers is said to have been James. The elder
brother was born 1757. As noted below, a James McKinley had son David in 1755. Perhaps
William and James of this family are younger brothers of David Noie, however, that David
was born in America while William and James are thought to have been born iu Donegal,


McKinley (t) born probably about 1708-10 in the North of Ireland. His son James

came to America at age of 12 with still younger brother William. Probabilities are that the
parent accompanied 'his children. Is he James McKinley b 1708 mentioned in family I, and
was Rodger another of these children? or is he the William .McKinley who was in York and
Adams Counties. Penn. in 1741?

Children, so far as known.
2 I James. . ..b about 1730 — m
5 II William ....b m

James McKivley f21 horn about 1730, crime. from North of Ireland at age of 12, and set-
tled in Penn. As his son David was born in 1755. James must have been born about 1730 and
have come to America about 1742. Was he the father also of William born 1757 and of James
mentioned next family above?

Child— Only one known.

3 I David b May 10, 1755 m Sarah Gray and Eleanor McLean


David McKinley (3> born m York County, Penn., May 1(5, 1755, m Sarah Gray and
Eleanor McLean, resided In York, Mercer and Westmoreland Counties, Penn. and Colum-
biana County, Ohio. Revolutionary Soldier. Did this man have younger brothers William
b 1757 and James?

Children by 1st Wife.

I William.. b December 6, 17S1 m Resided Mercer Co., Penn. d MayG, 1807

4 II James. .. b Sept. 19, 1783.... m "Polly" Rose ... " " " "

III Martha., b Sept. 16, 1785 m James Rose — " " " "

IV John b Nov. 6, 17SS m GiUon " " " "

V Sarah . . . b May 4, 1790 m

VI Stephen. .b Aug. 23, 1793.... m \\ Quillen (. «

r " )2 J^elson \

VII Rachael . .b May 10, 1795 m Barney Anderson " Lawrence County, Pent:.

VIII Esther .. .b Oct. 11, 1797 ra

IX Mary.. . b June 6, 1300 m

X Elizabeth. b m Daniel Boozle.. .Resided Lawrence County, Penn.

Mr. Foulk married one of the daughters above mentioned and Mr. Fonts married another.
Do not know which.

James McKinley (4"> of above family was father of William McKinlej and grandfather of
Governor William McKinley.

William McKinley (5), t.other of the immigrant James, is said to have settled in the
South, leaving among others a sou Stephen who had a son Stephen, who lived at Polksbor-
ough, Penn. in IS88, who had a son Rev. Russell A. McKinley, who in 1888 resided at Clear-
field, Penn. William (5) is also said to be the ancestor of John McKinley, Justice of the
Supreme Court, but see famdy IV.


John McKinley (1), a Scotch-Irishman, with his brother James, settled in Culpepper
County, Va. The descendants, if any, of James are not traced.

Only Child positively identified.
2 I Andrew b m Mary Logan

Dr. Andrew McKinley (2) lived in Culpepper bounty, Va., m Mary Logan. Was Sur-
geon in Revolutionary War. Removed to Lincoln County, Ky. and died in 17>6. If Governor
McKinley's family traditions are correct, then this man's father's name should be Wiiliam,
who came with James about 1742 from North of Ireland, instead of John, as his descendants
have it. Both unite in saying that he had a brother James, whatever his own name was.

3 I John b 1780 ra Juliana Bryan and Elizabeth Armistead

Judge John McKinley (3), b 1780 in Culpepper County, Va. Removed to Alabama in
1818. U. S. Senator 1826. Congressman 1833. Justice Supreme Court 1.837 until death, July
13, 1852.

I Andrew b October 10, 1817 m Mary Wilcox
II Mary....b ra Alexander Pope Churchill



William M. McK'nlf.y a> was a fanner in Carroll County, Maryland, where his third

child was born in 17iJ7. which would fix his birth at about 17-10. He died in Sullivan County
Tennessee, aged 03, no date of death obtainable. He was probably one of the York County,
Pennsylvania group and also probably the William McKInley, Private 6th Regiment Mary-
land Artillery in Revolutionary War, who received Land Warrant No. le'46.


I Martha b m Robert Allison

II Mary b m John King

2 III William b June 5, 1767 m Sarah Davidson

IV Isaac b m

V Ruth b m John Davidson

VI Samuel b m

William McKinley (2) b Junes, 1767 in Carroll County, Md. m Sarah Davidson. Re-
sided in Carroll County. Maryland; Sullivan County, Tennessee; Putnam County, Indiana
and Lucas County, Iowa, where he died October 5, 1850.


I Sarah b in Henry Sigler

II William. ..b 1801m Emily A. Kinsler

II I James b m

3 IV Samuel . .. b July 30, 1809 ..m Mary Dicks
V John b m Jane Kinsler

IV Melviua b m Jeremiah Liddiugton

VII Abner b m Polly Craddick

Samuel McKinley (3) was the father of Dr. L. D. McKinley, Chief of the Clan Mac-
R inlay.


McKInley (X) lived in Frederick Co., Md. in 1773. Came probably from York Co.,


Child only known.
2 I William... b 1773 m Christine Hoffman

William McKinley (2) b 1773 in Frederick Co., Md.,m Christine Huffman and removed
to East Springfield, ohi<>. where he died March 5, 1855. Mrs. McKinle> died in September,
1871 at the home of her son Dr. John McKinley (3), at Uricksville, Ohio.


I Eliza b m

II Margaret. ..b m

III William b m Cynthia Protsman

IV Adam b m Isabella Miller

V Isabella b m John D. Funston

• 3 VI Dr. John....b March 21, 1821.. m J *■ Elizabeth Morris

I 2. Dora Smith

VII Henry b m


Capt. John McKiN'LEr (1), born in the North of Ireland or perhaps himself a Scotch-
man, eloped with the young Irish heiress. Mary Conley "sometimes spelled Connelly. They
were married Oct. 10, 1763, in the city of Cork by Parson Paid Parish and came to Mount
Royal Forge, Maryland, betore May. 1769. Captain MeKinley removed to Western Virginia,
at mouth of Wheeling Creek. He was an officer in Revolutionary War. and in 173:2 he was
killed in Crawford's expedition against the Indians and his head used by the Indians as a

foot ball.


I Elizabeth. ...b April 25, 1767 .. m Newman?

2 II Thomas .. r.b May 6, 1769 m Sarah Stuart

III Harriet b June 29, 1771 ..m Randal Gibson

IV Frances b Oct. l, 1773 m David Gibson

V John b May 25, 177'J . . . . m

Elizabeth was born in Dublin, at Gravel Walks Probably married Newman and

settled in Louisville, Ky.

Harriet was born in Mount Royal Forge, Maryland, married Randal Gibson, son of
Gibson Gibson, Feb. 9, 1792.

Frances was born at the mouth of Wheeling <'reek. West Virginia, and married David
Gibson, son of Gibson Gibson.

John probably died young.

Thomas SfcKlXf.EV (2) married Sarah Stuart or Stewart Dec. 31, 1793, in Monongolia

County, West Virginia, and died June 2, 1830 He resided in Morgantowi: and in Harrison

County. West Virginia.

Chi i drsn.

I John b Sept. 28, 1794 ... in

II William b April 13, 1796.. .m Anna Stringer

III Jonathan D.b May 19. 179S .. in Elizabeth Rector

IV Thomas b March 23, 1800 .m Margaret Jones

V Elizabeth b April 15, 1802. ..m Nelson Hector

* 1 Elizabeth Washburn

VI Uriah b June 29, 1804... m • 2 Eli/.abeth Butcher

v I 3 Lucinda Amos

VII Alexander .. .b July 23, 1806..".. m Margaret McKiimey

VIII Edmund b May 3, 1810 in Caroline Reed

1\ Harriet b June 18, 1814.. m William IVrrill

X Juliet b Dec. 1, 1816.... m John Knisley

XI Albert G b June 4, 1819. ...in Melinda Blake


MrKiNi.F.v U). This is the ancestor of the Borden Indiana family of which only

Incomplete data has yet been received. . -

I Thomas ,

II William
III Jeremiah
2 I V James born 1790

James McKinley ■■:■ born in 1790, died in Clark County. Indiana, about 1SS5.


I John b m

II Samuel b m

III Alexander.. . b m

IV William b m

V Daughter .'. ..b m Mr. ScotT, of Iowa


DtxcAN McKinley born 17tx> in Scotland: removed to Ireland 1780-90, to America 1790.
Married Rachel Hays in Scotland or Ireland. Lived in Berne, N. Y. and Clay, N. Y. Died


I b. ..." 1790.. died at sea

•i II Alexander b m

III Kobert b unmarried

3 IV John b m

a V James b -.m

C VI Thomas b m

7 VII William b m

8 VIII Hugh b ni

9 IX Jesse b m

X . . : b m

XI b m

" XII b m

The records of this family are being gathered by Eugene F. McKinley, Juno, Florida.
Alexander 12) had nine or ten children: lived in Pennsylvania. John (3) had three sons and
two daughters, one son, James (4;, living in Ohio. James (5) had a son Alexander. Thomas (6>
had son Charles and two daughters. William (7j had Richard W., Thomas Jefferson and
Alonzo. Hugh fSi had three sons and two daughters, two of his sons being Gilbert who had
Bion and Eugene F), and Hays, a physician of Kenosha, Wis Jesse i'9i had only one son,
Judson. Descendants of the three unknown children are George, John. Clifford, Frederics,
George and Roger.


John McKinley (1) probably was born and died in Ireland.

Child only known.

2 I Archibald. ...b tn

Archibald McKinley (2j was born in Ireland and died at Clermont, Iowa. His chil-
dren were all born at Ballycastle, County Antrim, Ireland.


I John b April 24, 1*29.. m Ellen McNamara.. Resided Clermont Iowa

II James b March 25, 1634. m Maty McNamara . " Postville, Iowa

III Daniel. b m , "

IV Michael ... b.. m " Colorado Springs, Colo

V Archibald ..b m "* , California

VI William ...b m " Chicago, Illinois

VII Alexander.. b m " Clermont, Iowa



MrcHABL (rBEKN MgKinxet . 1 1 lived iii Maryland. Not known when or where horn
or married. Wife's name Sarah Fonts. The Fonts and York County McKinley families also
intermarried. Perhaps Michael Green went from York County, Penn. to Maryland. Was
farmer. Removed to Russell County, Kentucky in I79t) aud died during war of 1S12, while

stationed at Fort Wayne, Iiul.


I James b Oct. 13, 1792 ni Diana Ballon

II William b in Mary Ann

III .John b m

IY Elizabeth. ...b m Shelton Ballon

V Green b m Barbara Belk

VI Solomon b m Anna Cain

VII Peter b m Jane Blankenship

VI If Nancy b in John Gaskinew

James McKinlev ^' bom Oct. 13. 1792. in Maryland, married Diana Ballou .or Batten )
in Russell County, Kentucky. She was born in Bankein County. North Carolina. He whs a
farmer and removed from Kentucky in 1S">0 to Putnam County, Missouri. I>ied .Tune 29, is::;.
Was in the war of 1312. His descendants reside principally in and around Rockville, Mo.


I Portney b ni

II Harriet b ISIS m Richard A. Jeffries

III Crittenden b m

IV Arcissa b 1824 m Davis F. McColiom

V Hazaiel b 1S2G ni Lucy J Jeffries

• VI Itegraphenreed P.i> ...1823 m Elizabeth Harmon

VII Stan dish b m

VIII Quintus b lS3f) m Sara J Crawford


Arthur MrKt.vi.Ev. born Feb- 6, 1809. in Washington Comity. Maryland. Probably a
descendant of one of the York County, Pennsylvania, family. Married Ruliammah Rowland.

Resided in Ham kand Fiintstone, Md., Belleville, (>., and Salisbury, Pa., and at Meyers-

ville. Pa., where his descendants reside.


I Daniel O'Connell ...h Nov. 18, 183-S .. ni .\ nn £ Newman

II Jeanette flayer . ..I> Sept. 4, 1838 m

III Henry Clay bOct.5, 1840 m I.ydia A. Beachly

IV Thoniasine h Feb. 14, 1847 in Edward McDowell

V Kerivn H b March 13, 1851 ...m Casper Wahl

VI Annie Halt b Jan. is, ix.-,7 m Elijah Fuller

VII Stephen Rowland, b Nov. 19, is.19 ni Etta Boyer


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