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McKinley (0 supposed to have been born in Ireland, settled in Pennsylvania and

then removed to Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

Child— Only one known.

2 I Stephen . . . . b July -'3, 1799 . . . . m Dovie L. Koberson

Stephen McKinley f21 born July 23, 1797 in Cabarrus County. North Carolina. Married
Dovie L. Roberson and removed to Hardiman County, Tennessee and thence to Shive, Hamil-
ton County, Texas, where his children and grand children reside.


I John Roberson b 1325 m

II DavidS b 1823 m

III James Harvey b 1831 m Elizabeth Raesdale

IV Mary Ann b 1833 m^ Taylor *"*

V David Penil b..: 1836 m

VI Martha Lane b 1838 m Thomas Couuor

VII Margaret L b 1840 m

VIII Thomas M b 1844 m

IX Charles M b 184G m Anna Ragsdale^ ,


McKinley (l) and three brothers came from Ireland and settled in Virginia.

Names unknown.

Child— Only known.
2 I Charles Carson . . b m Nancy Wallace

Chabi.es Carson McKinlev (2) married Nancy Wallace: resided in Cpson Co'.inty,
Georgia. His son, Charles Wesley, resides in Axtell, Texas.

Child— Only known.

I Charles Wesley ...b Nov. 2, 133(3.... m Annie Susan


Samuel McKinley >n born and married in Ireland. Came to America before 1790.
Settled in Pennsylvania.


I Alexander.... b m

II John b m

III James b m

2 IV Samuel. b 17s . . in Mai tint Weldon

Samcel McKinley (%) was born in Ireland; was brought to America while a baby. Was
the youngest child; married Martha Weldon, of Maryland, in Washington County, Pennsyl-
vania, and removed to Kanawa River, Mason County, West Virginia. Died 1817. His family
then removed to Ohio and this branch of I he family has lost trace of the other branches.



I John Ba vies . . b ni Sophia Woodruff i,of Kentucky)

II Margaret b m Henry Bowman

III Nancy b unmarried

IV Bayard b 131(3 m Catherine A. Young

V Samuel b 1817 m Nancy Tigrett

Arthur McKinley (1) born in North of Ireland.

Child— Only known.

2 I John....b m

John McKinley (2i born in North of Ireland.

Child— Only known.
3 I James... b 1779 m Lettia Mclntyre

James McKinley (3i born and married in North of Ireland. Settled in Belmont
County, Ohio. Died Sept. 12, 1868.


4 I John ib Dee. 24, 1805.... m H Margaret Si n-Ciait

II Mary f (2 Letta Sin Clair

i 1 Hendershot

III William b March 11, 1814 . . ..m , L , -Graham

IV James b March... 1810... died Sept 1S44

V Sarah Ann b March — 1822

VI Robert b March.... 1824... died

VII Lettie b 1827. ...died 1860

Col. John McKinley t4> born Dec. 24, 180.3, in North of Ireland; married, first, Mar-
garet Sln-Clair, second. Letta Sin-Clair (sisters). Was Colonel Ohio State Militia for many
years. Was Ohio and Mississippi river captain. Died Jan. 19, 1804, at Sandy Springs, Ohio.

Children by first wife.

I Letta b July 14, 1831.... died

II Letta b May 13, 1832... in James Hi ner

III Elizabeth b Jan. 1, 1834.... died

5 IV James b April 9, 1837 ...rn Salome S Haywood

V Elizabeth b March 0, 1839.. m Capt. James timer

VI William Sin-Clair b Feb. 12, 1841. ..died

VII Sarah Ann b March 19, 1843 m James Brown

VIII Margaret b Feb. 11, 1845. ..m John Crawford

Child by second wife.
IX Emma Sin-Clair.... b April 19, 1803. .in J. G. Clements.

James' McKinley (6) and his family, John, Sallie McKinley Fitch and Birdie McKinley,
reside in V'ancebnrg, Ky.



Dotgald MVKixlay l< was born and married in Scotland: wife's name Catherine
Campbell. Resided Isle of Mull, Scotland. After death of Dougald his widow and children
eanie to America (about lSOi>, settling at North River, Prince Edward Island, where eldest

son, Donald, remained. Catherine married and settled in Prince Edward Island. John
moved to Miramielii, New Brunswick, married and settled there.


3 I Donald b 1783 m Mary McKiimon

II Catherine ...b m Melnnis

III John b m Clark

Donald, VcKinxay (2 > born 1788, married Mary McKinnon: was a farmer in Prince
Edward Island. Died 1869. Data furnished by Mary Ellen MeKinlay, wife of Rev. Dr. W. B.
Bradshaw, Hiawatha, Kan., daughter of Alexander $),


I Mary b Nov. 14, 1.S14 .. m Charles Howard

II Dougald b 1816... died in California, 1*49

3 III Alexander b Dec. 6, 1817. ...m Christina Doekendorfi

IV Allan b 1819 . . . . m Jane Cox

V John b .1821 m Catherine McKinnon

VI Catherine b 1823;. ..m Daniel Mureside

VII Ann b 1823 ...m Donald Matheson

- VIII Jessie b 1827. ...died

IX Margaret b lS29....m William Cummings

X Daniel b 1831. ...died


William McKinley il> born March 19, 1785. in London, England, settled in Philadel-
phia: marxied 1807, Margaret McMullen: was a merchant. His son, Rev. Washington Dawson
McKinley, of Warsaw, X. V, furnishes data.


I Elizabeth b rn Charles Vinton

II William b m

III John b m

IV Hcttie b m Dr. Albert Fricke

V Edward b m

VI James b m Elizabeth

VII Matilda b m

VIII Robert b m

IX Alexander b m

X Washington Dawson b Aug. 27, 1826.. m Delia S. Miller

XI Thomas Cunningham b ni

XII Charles Vinton b m

XIII George Sheaff b m


McKinley (1) lived near Castle Green, County Clare, Ireland.


2 I Son b m Nancy Gelasby

II Peter b m

III William b m

IV Daniel b m

McKinley (2) born near Castle Green, Ireland. Married Nancy Gelasby: settled

in Philadelphia, where his children lived, except John, who settled in Milesburg, Pa.
Mary's son, W. W. Furey, resides in Constantine, Mich.


I Mary b m Jeremiah Furey

II Rachel b m

III Daniel b in

IV Samuel b m

V Matthew .... b m

VI Andrew b ru

VII John b m

William McKinlay fl) came to America from Scorland.
Child— Only known.

2 I William.... b ...m

William McKinley (2) probably born in Ohio. Removed to Indiana.

3 I William— Eldest Son
William McKinley <3> resided in Troy, Indiana, where his daughter resides.

Only Child.
I Mary Retta


McKinlev (I) came from Scotland, settled in New York, married and raised a


Children— All known.

2 I George . . . . b m

3 n Richard ..b 17G4 m Rose


George McKinlev (2) settled in Canada and raised a large family.


Children— All known.

I George b in

II James b ra

III Joshua.... b m

IV William. ..b m

V Mary b m

Richard McKinley » 3 > born in 1764 ra New York State: married abont 1T90 Rose,

daughter of Col. James Ro 5 e Was soldier iu Revolutionary War at age of 13.


I Donald b in Rose

[1 Margaret b m Bone

III Garrett b m Jaekson

IV Nancy .b m

V Sarah b m

VI James b m

VII Jacobus b m

VIII George b m Elizabeth Scott

IX John b m Eliza Crose

4 X Simeon Rose.b 1811 ru Eliza Updike

XI Elizabeth b m Lyman Germain

XII Catherine b m Simeon Parsons

XIII Maria b.. m Robert Rogers

Simeon - Rose McKinley>'4i resided in New York. Elgin. 111., Iowa and Minnesota.
Had nine children of whom the fourth was Squire Simeon, father of Irving Squire McKiniey,
of Park Rapids, Minn., who furnished family data.


Willtam MrKi.vLAV (l) was born and died in Glen Lussa, near Campbelltown, Scot-
land, svhere his family had lived for many generations.


2 I Archibald . . . b m Agnes Campbell

II Niel b m

III William b m

IV John © m

V Mary b died young

Archibald McKixlav (•-»> married Agnes Campbell in Scotland and had eight children
of whom the youngest was

3 VII f James.... b Aug. 28, ISO? m Margaret Lang

James McKinlay .3. born Aug. 28, ISO", Campbelltown, Argyleslnr^. Scotland; removed
to America; married Margaret Lang Oct. .'9, L836, in Cincinnati, Ohio, ami died Sept.9, tSft}.



I William b Aug. 23, 1S37 died

4 II Robert Lang h July 14, 1839.... in Margaret A. McMurchy

III William James b Jan. 13,1842 unmarried

IV Warren b Oct. s, 1346 died June 30, 1849

V Isabella Agnes b Dec. 22, 1S49. . m Francis XL Prather

VI George Washington . . . . b unmarried

Hon. Hubert Laxg McKixlay (41 resides in Paris, 111., and is the father of XIarie B.
MeKiulay, the secretary of the Clan MeKiulay.


[This information, which comes while the pamphlet is in press, will probably prove of the
greatest importance in connecting the Irish branches. Mr. Patrick XI eKinley, of Freeport,
Kansas, writes that he is the sixth generation from the XIcKinley who settled in Ireland
from Scotland: that the immigrants landed at Fair Head. County Antrim, near Ballycastle;
that the Catholic branches clung to the names Patrick. James and John and the Protestant
branches were replete with Williams. Mr. XIcKinley will co-operate with your historian in
securing immediately the data of these early generations. See also Family X.]

XIcKixley (1) settled near Ballycastle, County Antrim, Ireland.

Child— Only known.
2 1 Patrick b m

Patrick McKixley >2) was a farmer; Catholic: born at Ballylaughan ; married arCush-
enden, both in County Antrim.

Child— Only known.

3 I Donald. ...b m

Doxald McKixley (3) born at Ballylaughan; married O'Hara.

Children— All known.

4 1 Patrick b 1754 m Alice Mc Henry.

II Donald b in

III Mary b in

Patrick Mckixley (4) born about 1754; married about 1794 Alice Mcllenry, daughter
of Michael .McHenry.


5 t Donald b 17fW m Annie McAllister •

U Mary b iras m Patrick Black

III Nancy b m Archie Darrough

IV Catherine, .b v . died

V Duncan — b m Mary Hamilton

Doxald McKixley i'5) born 179C: married 1832 Annie .McAllister, daughter of Archie
and Mary (McAuliy) McAllister; born 1809.



I Mary b June 1S34

6 II Patrick b Nov. 10, 1S35 m Margaret McCambridge

III Archie b May 1, 1S37 m

IV Daniel b 1S39 died

V Alice b 1S40 m Michael McBride

VI Annie b 1S42 m Xeal McVeigh

VII Charles b 1846 m

VIII Dennis b 1S-W m MaryMcKinley

IX Catherine ...b 1S47 died

X Lizzie b 184S m T. Camron

XI John b IS"" in <by 2nd marriage?)

Patrtch McKixley (<$) born Nov. 1C. 1S35, Ballylaughan, County Antrim, Ireland:
married July s. 1SG6, at Cushenden, Margaret McCambridge, born 1S43, daughter of John and
Mary McCambridge. Emigrated to America April, 1S73; resides at Freeport, Harper county,



I Ma y Ann b April 7. 1367 m Patrick Griffin

II Daniel Archie. b Jan. l. 1SG0 m

III Margaret Elizabeth.. b Nov. 12. IS70 ru

IV Alice Catherine b Mar. 17, 1S72 m

V John b 1S7:j died

VI Patrick b 1S75 died

VII Lizzie b Is77 died

VIII John Francis b Nov. 0, 1873 killed by accident


The foregoing sketch show-; plainly the unfinished condition
of the work. It remains for the members of the clan to add to it
promptly and accurately, correcting any errors. Please note also,

1st Full names, not initials, are risked for.

2nd. In filling out pedigree blanks remember that one page
belongs to each person born •*Mr'Kinley.'" That person's name
should be written at the head of the page, followed by the first name
of his or her father, (grandfather, great grandfather, &c, as far as
traceable. Do not forget this as it should appear on every sheet, or
it will be simply impossible for me to arrange the pages properly.
EXAMPLE: William McKinlky ( William, James, David, James).

There may be dozens of William MeKinleys in existance, but
there can be only one who is the son of William, grandson of James,
great grandson of David, and great great grandson of .James. Many
have failed to observe this rule, and the result is confusion and extra

3rd. The treasurer needs money to pay the printer's bill, a
prompt remittance of'daes will oblige him. By carefully attend-
ing to these three points you will greatly save the time and temper
of your Treasurer and Historian.

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