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Hardware, Tools, Cutlery.

1886* Shepardson, H. 8., ft Co.,

Shelbam Talb, Mass.— Diamond, pod«
and screw drhrcr bits, amil sets, giniets,
tool cases, etc H 68. a8o

1S87 DoQfflas Axe ManufSictnriac Co.,
Bostoo, Mass. — Axes, hatchets, adzes,
picks, etc N 67. a8o

18S8 Ptiffh, Job T., Philadelphia, Pa.
—Screw augers and auger bits, ^nowa
as an old established mami&cturer of
and bits; established 1774; a
nt of the Inrentor of the screw
_ These augers are known to all who
lae tbcm, as the old haad-oiade eager,
thereby gaining great durability. N
7S. 380

1888« Ernst ft Blterich, Jersey City,
H. J.— Took. N68. 980

1889 Cooard, A. ft I., Whitemarsh, Pa.
—Cast steel wood>l>orii% implements. P
71. a8o

1889» Bagta Savare Manufacturing
Co., South Shafisbury. Vt.— Boring ma-
chines, squares, and rules. P 78. 280

1840 Slmira Nobles* Manufacturing
0>., Etmir«, N. Y.— Carpenters' and ship'
Wrights' toou. N 71. 380

1140* Buck. Charles, MUbury, Mass.
—Edge tools. N 71. 380

1S41 Quint, 8. H., ft Son, Philadelphia,
Pa.— -Stencils, stamps, checks, tags, etc. ;
meialHc pattern letters, ibr raised letterins
cc castings, names, addresses, etc H
71 380

184 1« Genkinger, Adolph, Newark,
N. J.— Tools, etc N68: a8o

1848 Carter, Bdwd.. Troy, N. Y.—
Nickel-plated goods; planes, mechanics'
tools. P 69. 2S0

1842« Howell. 8. J., Oranae. Mass.—
Polishing lathes and wheek, tweeters,
saw frames. N 68. 380

1848 Stanley Rule ft Level Co., New
Britain, Conn.— Rules, lereb, squares, and
carpenters' tools. N 68. sSo

1843a HolUnd, James C. New York,
N. Y.— Self-threading sdrpcal and sewing
BMcUne needles, sail and packing needles.
F71. 380

1 844 BnHnga ft Spencer Co.. Hartford.
Coon.— Ihop foreings, macmnisis' smaH
tools, sewing atachinei^uttles. H7S. 380

1844a Bosaard, H., Philadelphia, Pa.
— Wstchmako^s slide rest. N 43. a8o

184f Bddy, Geo. M., ft Co., Brooklyn,
N. Y. — ^Fine steel bead saws and tempered
■ • N$7. »8o


1845a FrT*s Bookbinder's Stamp ft
Tool Manofiictory, Philadelphia. Pa.—
Stamps and toob fisr the embdnahment
of books. T 75. a8o

1846 Rose, Wm.. ft Bros., Philadel-
phia. Pa. — Bikklayeis'. plasterers',
mooldeis' and aaddkn^ tools. N7B. a8o

i Dooglasa Manufacturing Co.,
w York, N. Y.— Mechanics' tools, cut-
ting and boring implements. N 70. s8o

1847 Colton, Alfred J., Philadelphia,

Pa.-^Stsb- haad-iail planes and double-
^na.te..,carp«»t«' moulding plan«.

1848 Pratt, iaa. T., ft Co., New York,
N. T.— Tool chests for amatnus or me-
chanics. N 68. 380

For Jasscs of exhibits, Indicatei Vy numbers

1849 Malti>y.Curtiae,ftCo.,NawYork,
K. Y.— Nail puUer. B 77. 380

I860 Kohler, Martin, Philadelphia, Pa.
— Knee-rest for tailors. N 70. 280

ISfil Carter, Henry, New York. N. Y.
— Moulders' and plasterers' tools. N70. 380

1888 Slnas. Philip, Baltimore, Md.—
Glaziers' diamonds, machinery for circular
and oval cuttlitg, eitgravers' poinu, carbon
tools. N68. 380

1888 King,Josiah,ft8on,NewYork,N.
Y.— Planes and tools for wood workers.
N71. 380

1864 Booth, John, ft Son, Philadelphia,
Pa. — Carpenters' tools and sundries. N
69. 380

1866 Barton, D.R., Tool Co.,Rochester,
N. Y.— Meclmnics' edge tools. N 70. 380

1866 American Shovel Co., Birming«
ham. Conn. — Shovels and scoops. P68. 380

1867 Johnson,Wm^HedenbergWorks,
Newark, N. I. — Carpenters' and other
mechanics* tooB and hardware. N 69. a8o

1868 Hampton. Chas. P. , Ardmore, Pa.
— ^Augers and bits. N 71. 380

1869 Ten Eyck Axe Manufacturing Co.,
Cohoes, N. Y.— Axes, carpenters edge
toob, etc. N 68. 380

1860 White. Wm., Newark, N. J.—
Axes, hatchets, adzes, bush hooks, stone
hammers, picks, etc.; carriage shaft-coup-
lings. P 71. 380

1861 Selaor, Geo., ft Co., Philadelphia,
Pa.— Hammers, edge and xailroad tools,
coffee mills, slaw cutters, tacks, aad nails.
N68. 880

1862 Star Tool Co.,Middletown,Cona.^
Machinists' and carpenters' tools ; squares,
beveb, gauges, standard steel rules, etc. ;
bKnd tnmmingi. These goods are of the
finest finish; the squares are perfectly
accurate and of different varieties, adapted
to the wants of workers in wood or iron ;
the rules are graduated on spring-tempered
sted, and are made only by this company.
P 67. s6e

1868a Qardam, William, ft Son. New
York, N. Y.— Index plates, dividing and
drilling machines. N 68. 380

1868 Snell Manufacturing Co., Pisk-
daleJf ass.— Augers, auger bits, aiia boring
amcnincs. P 71. 380

1864 Buck Bros., Riverlin Works, Mil-
bury. Mass. — Shank and sodcet firmer
chiiiiMs and gouges, plane irons, screw dri-
vers, nail sets, etc N 69. s8o

1866 Maydole, D., ft Co., Norwich, N.
Y.— Cast steel hammers. N 71. 380

1866 Foerster ft Kraenter, Newark,
N. J.— Tools. N68. 380

1867 Davis Level ft Tool Co., Spring-
fidd, Mass.— A4iusuble levels and plane*
and iron planes. P 71. 280

1868 DeWHt,Morrisoa,ftKel]ey.Phil.
adclphia. Pa.— Carpenters', millwrights',
gasmters', pomp, iad car builders ma-
chine and auger bits. These are the cele-
brated arrow brand for boring all kinds of
wood. P 71. a8o

1869 Shepherd ft Lloyd, Philadelphia,
Pa.— Sodes, glass cutters, lard presses, and
hardware specialdes. N 71. 380

1870 Rowland, B., ft Co., Philadelphia,
Pa. — ShovdSf spades, and aooops ; drain-
ing and ditching tools. N 71. a8b

Lt end of eatriss, see Clasiaficatioa, pp. 37-4^.


Hardware, Tools, Cutlery,

1871 Yerke» ft Plumb. Philadelphia,

1 a. — fcUige touU, hammers : railroad, min-
ing, and blacicsmiihs' sledges. N 70. a8o

1372 Bailey, Leonard,& Co., Hartford,
Conn. — lienuh planes, try square*, bevels.
N 68. 280

1373 Mayo, M.
Plane. P 71.

C.» Boston, Man.—'


1374 Miller, Edward, ft Co. Meriden,
Conn.— N 48.
a Machine oilers.
6 Tinnen' hardware.



1375 Bemis ft Call Hardware ft Tool
Co., Springfield, Mass.— l^lachinists'iools.
Pr»- a8o

1870 Newton C. C. Dunkirk. N. Y.—
1 wisted drill ups, dies, and reamers. T
60. a8o

1377 Ives. W A., ft Co.. New Haven,
Conn.— Wood-boring implement5, bit bra-
ces. N 72. aBo

1378 Milla, E.,ft Co., Philadelphia. Pa.
—Braces, bits, bevels, screwdrivers, xpokc-
shaves, squares, and saw pads. P 68. 380

1379 Donaldaon, J. W., MaasUlon,
Ohio.— Block stamps for stamping gar-
ments for braiding and embroidery. P
^' 'a8o

1880 Bailey Wringing Machine Co.,
New York, N. Y. - AIeiallic bench planes
spokeshaves, box scrapers, etc. N 69. a8o

1 5 y ?*«in» Logan, ft Co., Binhing ham
lool Manufactory, liirmingham. Pa.—
Picks, mattocks, fire shovels, etc N 71 . a8o

1882 Crotaman, A. W., ft Son, West
Warren, Mass.— Carpenters' hand took
N70. afo

. New



1383 Nixon, Q. W. C,
N. Y.— Engravers' tools

1384 Ohio Tool Co.. Columbus. O —
Planes, screws edge tooU, plane iron*,
handles, etc. N 71. aSo

1385 Palmer. Wm. P., Berry atreet

^'^.^?*?*^ & ^'^'^ stWfu.'lLn \^!n:
Cisco, Cal.— Edge tools. All tools war-

eir« •


ranted of excellent cutting qualities
^- 280

Theodore, Philadelphia,
_^^ — Is and toob, nickel-plated
signs and numbere, steel stamps. T
^- 280

1386. Taylor, Thomas, cor. Eddy ft
* nendship streets. Providence, R. I ~

1385« Rue, .

Pa.— Stencils

box 991.— Bloodsti>ne burnishers. j..wu-
stonc biirnishers and reflectors made to

, P.O.

•rder. N 7,. ^

1387 Smyth ft Pennington.Paterson.N.
J.— Files -ind rasps N 69. ,80

1388 Whitney Manufacturtng Co..
bouih Ashburnam, Mass.— Tools used in
manufacturing chairs. W 50. ago

1389 Frai^Iin, Mrs. Esther P., Phila-

1390 Sandutk;
P7X. ,80

Sandusky Tool Company. 8an-
;kv. O.-flane, plane Irons Wh
H hand screws, chisel and file handles
^'- a8<i

. Hopkins, C, Waltham, Mass.—
Vatchmakers' tools. N 68. afo

l»92^Tw«r. John J.. Ne«^ York. N. Y.

m Carpcntcta' planes, wrenches, adjostable
clamps. ^^

^ Handcufli and police implements, pad-
locks. ' *^

1398 Harrison ft KeUogg. Troy, N. Y.

a Screw wrenches. ^gg

* ^'*«"' ^i""*^' japanned, and nickel-plated

malleable iron castings to order, in all

Varieties; extra refined air-fiimace irOm.

(Low freighu open all the year.) 283

1394 Wills, Edwin S.. Philadelphia.
Pa.— N 69. "^ *

a Tools. ,8^

6 Wood screws, etc. 284

1395 Miller's Falls Co., Miller's Falls.
iSia^. — P ^i. '

a Mechanics tools. 980

S Hardware. gg^

1398 Lloyd Supplee ft Walton, Phil-
addphia. Pa.— P 70.
« Hollow auger, spokeshave.
fi Locks



1397 Vatterlcin, John, Plalnfield, N
J— N69.
» Carpenters gauges.

6 Gate hardware.
1398 Lowentrant, P.,

Sons. Bridgeport,


- -_ , - ., Newark, N. J.

— N 70. ^

a Mechanics' tools. a8o

» H.irdware. ,34

1399 Hart, Bliven. ft Mead Manufkc
tunng Co., New York, N. Y.— P 70.

« Carpenters' tools. ago

* Carpenters', saddlers', and carriage hard-
Waee ; goi« door bells. oft^

1400 Hotchklss's
Conn.— N 7a.

« Hand drills, saw sets, ^uitycombs. sSo

* Pruning shears. aSt
e Harness snaps, bull rings. .84

^^^} J^V^J^J}* Cutlery Co.. Beaver
Falls, Pa.-Table. pocket, and miscellan-
eous cutlery. Special cxhibitt, lat^e
carving knife and fork, nine and a hjdf
feet bng. cos.i*i5oo ; revolving knife, with
three hundred and sixty-five blades. N

, 70. ,81

1402 Barney. E. H., Spriagfiald, Mas*.
— aicaies, perforating stamp, show case
and counter combined. Barney ft Berry's
celebrated "Club All-clamp and Rmk
SkAtcs, patcnied 1859, i»66, 186S, 1871.
1 show the advant.igc of a screw fastening
lor operating damps on metaf-iopped
skates; also, originality of the d«W.
fine quality, workmanship, and finish. P
^- aZx

1403 Will ft Finck. San Francisco.
Cal.— California carving seu and cuUerv
bar tools. P 71. ^l

1404 Union Hardware Co., Wolcott.

>iJle, Conn.— Skates, skate straps, tool
*• wood turning, dog coUars, etc.

vuie. (


1406 Badfirer, BenJ _ ,, ^

Mass.— Razor strops.^ Leading styles)

F., Charleatown,

Genuine Kmcrsons," esublished 1810;

hoiivenir. ' for presen'taUon ; "German

«7»'j ^i'" n« "-extensible base;

„ So f,»"Pcr^uallty ;" " Patent X ;"



Hardware, Cutlery, Metallic Ornaments.

1407 PI


>7 Plorenc* Sewing Machine Co.,
~ tnce. MaM.— Skates. N 71. aSi

1408 Herder, L.. ft Son, Philadelpbia,
Pa.— Shears and scissors. N 69. 381

1409 Russell, John, Cutlery Co., Oreen
River Worlcs. New York N. Y.— Table
ctitleiy^butcher^*. hunters , painters', and
dru(gi5is' knives, etc. N 67. a8i

1410 Shipley. Howard W., Philadel-
phia, Pa.— Pocket cutlery. P 71. 281

1411 Scyoiour, Heniy. ft Co., New

York, N. Y.— TaiIors\ bankers', and
sheep shean, trimmeis, and scmors.
N 71. a8t

1418 Evans, W. D., ft Co., Philadel-
phIa, Pa. — Ra2or strops aod oilstone
hone. N 72. 281

1418 Meriden Cutlery Co., New York,
N. Y.—TaWe cutlery. N 69- a8x

1414 Holley Manufacturing Co., Lake-
ville, Conn. — Pocket cutlery. P 71. a8i

141 5 Lamson ft Ooodnow Manufisctur-
ing Co., Shclburoe Falls, Mass.— Table
aid butchers' cutlery. N 70. aSx

1416 United States Steel Shear Co.,
West Meriden, Conn.~SoUd cast steel
scissors and shears. N 71. 281

1417 Miller Bro. Cutlery Co., West
Jlerideo. Conn. — Pocket cutlery. N

70. 981

1418 Heinisch*s, R., Sons, Newark.
N. J. — Tailors' shears, scissors, ana
triauninp. N 69. eSi

1419 Wiss, J., Newark, N.T.-Cutlery,
shears, andscissors, hand and pole pruning
shears. P 69. 381

1420 Plimpton, J. L., New York, N. Y.
—Parlor skates. P 71. 381

1481 Friedman ft Lauterjing, New
York, N. v.— Rators. P 70. 281

1482 Funke, Leopold, St. Louis, Mo.—
Knife with three hundred and sixty<six
blades. T 60. 381

1488 Robbins, Clark ft Biddle, Phila-

delphia. Pa.— Cutlery. N 43. a8i

1484 Gesswein ft Reichhelm, New
Yoric, N. Y. — PoUshing iuiplements and
materiab. N 70. 38r

1425 Northfield Knife Co., Nortbfield,
Com. — Pocket cutlery. N 71. 381

1426 Breeden ft Nelke, New York.
N. Y. — Spring scissois and shears. P

71. 88x

1487 Qoodell Company, Antrim, N. H.
—Cutlery and shoe knives. N 71. 381

1488 Marx Bros., New York, N. Y.—
Foldfaig pocket scissors. N 69. aSi

1429 Win slow, Samael, Worcester,
Man.— Skates. H 71. »8i

1430 Brady, Edward, PhUadelphia, Pa.
— U63,

« Metafbeoc fastening. s8t

t Modd of iron fort. 383

1481 WUUa, Aug. L., Philadelphia,

Pa.— Ice creeper. H 71. 281

1488 Peck ft Snyder, New York, N. Y.

-Skates. H 71. a8s

1488 New York Knife Co.. Walden,

N. Y.— Table, pea, and pocket cutlery.

N67 281

148 8« Louis, Julius, ft Co., Jefferson*

^'ne, Ittd.— UiUtonea. N 68. 283

Fot dassas of exhibits, indicated by numbers

14S4 Mitchell, J. B., Philadttl^Ma, Pa.

— Carpenters', engravers', opticians*, and
cullers' grindstones ; oiLitoi»es,raJ0r hones,
etc P 67. s8|s

1434a Boyd ft Chase. New York, N. Y.
— ^Arkaxuws and Wasnita oilstone. N 60.

1484^ Zucker ft Levett, New York,
N. Y.— Hard and soft rouge and composi-
tion for polishing metals. T 53. aSs

1435 Baeder, Adamson, ft Co., PhlUo
ddphia. Pa.— N 68.
a Sand and emery paper, emery doth,
emery, corundum, flint.


c Curled hair.
148 5<> Nittinrer, Edward, Philadel-

{itiia. Pa. — Quarts paste fot sharpening
;nives, etc. T 52. a8a

1435^ Tucker, Geo., New York, N. Y.-
Polishing compositions. N 68. 482

1485c White, T. R., Philadelphia, Pa.—
Sandilene, for cleaning marble, metal,
glass, etc. T 54. 383

I486 Harrison, W. H., ft Bros., Phila-
delphia. Pa. — Low and elevated firegrates,
fenders, fireplaces, etc. T 5a. 383

1436<* Garland, Beni., Philadelphia.
Pa. — iron bridge and fence railings. V
63. 383

1437 Dixoir. Thos. S., ft Sons, Phila-
delphia. Pa. — Grates, fendcis, fireplace
fittings, and gas logs. T 49. 283

1437' Manly, M. M., ft Son. Philadel-
phia. Pa. — Wrought iron hand rails,
mouldings, and bridge railings. T 60. 383

1438 Jackson, Wro. H., ft Co.. New
York, N. Y. — Grates, fenders, fireplaces,
fire irons, and fancy coal boxes. N 67. 383

1439 Lalance ft Grosjean Manufactur-
ing Co., New York, N. Y.— Stamped iron
aiTinary ware. T 68. .383

1440 Reybum, Hunter, ft Co.. Philadel-
phia. Pa.— weather vanes. N 6a. 383

1441 Tin Plate Decorating Co., New
YoHc, N. Y.— Decorated tin plates, boxes,
cans, etc. N 70. 383

1448 Miller ft Krips, 716 ft 71 8 Cherry

street, Philadelpnia, Pa.— Plain and or-
namental bronze; white bronxe, brass,
German silver, and zinc castings. Also,
sole manufacturers of bronze reliefs in a
new style of mounting; bronze relieft
made to order, irom life or photograph.
P 72. "83

1448 Demuth,Wm.,ftCo.,501Broad.
way. New York. N. Y. — Show figures in
metal and wooa, meerschaum and brier
pipes ,with rubber and amber mouthpieces;
smokers' articles in general. P 69. 38-)

1444 Mott, 1. L., Iron Works, New
York, N. Y. — Founuins, vases, statuary,
settees, aquaria, aquarium fountains,
drinking fotmtains, candelabra, lamp pil-
lars, crestings. castings, railings, gates,
summer houses, band stands, stable fix-
tures, etc. N 54. 383

1445 Paxon, Comfort ft Co., New York,
N. Y.— Zinc monumenu. T 64 mtui pit'
tide. a83

1446 Woods, Sherwood, ft Co., Lowell,
Mass. — White lustral wire ware, compris-
ing an extensive line of household, table,
and fancy goods, such as fruit, cake and'
jewd baskets, tea and coffee strainers,
castors, toilet artides, etc. N 73. 383

at end of entries, sec Claasification^rPP* >7-45t

digitized by Google



Wrought and Cast Metal Work, Hardware.

1447 Ansonia Brass ft Copper Co..

Ansonia, Conn.— Bran and mckel-pUted
kettles. N57. 883

1448 Rohrmaa, J. Hall, ft Son, Phila-
ddphia. Pa.— Tea, coffee, and spioe cad*
dies ; water coolers and decorated japanned
tinware. P 70. 283

1449 HusBoy, C. Q., ft Co., Pittsburg,
Fa.-;-Copper sheet, circle, and bottoms ;

planished and ingot copj
ning rods, sheet di

copper Ught-

ketUes. N

7a. 283

1460 Champion Pence Co., Kenton,
O. — Wrought and malleable iron fence
and gate. The advantages claimed for
the champion iron fence are: ist — The
longitudinal rail is rolled in T shape,
thus giving the greatest lateral strength,
also horizontal strength, when put up in
fence, without bolts, rivets, or forging
whatever, leaving me iron as it comes
from the rolls. 2d — As the arched or
cylindrical form of the iron resists the
greatest strain, the pickets are rolled con>
cave, convex, with a flange on each side,
forming the strongest picket that can be
made from the same amount of iron. 3d —
The ornaments used, together with the
different connecting parts, are made of
refined malleable iron, or stamped from
wrought iron plates, and of any desired
form, and at one-tenth the cost of making
them at the forge. 4th — ^The pickets are
driven into the ornaments and paissed to
nearly the top of the picket, at tne rear of
the ornaments. There are lugs and clips,
which are clinched, combining ornament
and picket together, forming a strong and
duraMetop-head for the picket. 5th— The
fence is put together witn clips; these are
slipped on the T rail, and the sides of the
<Mmaroents form circles, or segments of
circles, thus rendering tnem adjustable to
any and all grades or an^es. 6th — ^The
panels are connected with a compound
clamp, which holds them firmly together,
at the same time allowing for the expan-
sion and contraction of the iron. 7th— That
we have in the combination of our rail and
picket the strongest and most ornamental
fence that can be made, from the same
amount of material. 8th— That we can,
by our adj'ustable posts, keep our fence in
perfect line; also, that we can set the
fence upon coping or stone walk of any
grade, the same as upon our iron founda-
tion. 9th— That we can pack the fence
for shipment, in compact bundles, and put
it upon the ground as conveniently as a
wooden fence can be put up. xoth— That
we manufacture the fence without the use
of any costly and cumbersome machinery,
being virtually made when the Iron comes
from the foundry and the rolls, s tth— The
base upon which the fence is set is of cast
iron, eighteen inches wide at the bottom,
and six inches at the top; twenty-eight
Inches In length, which is set in the ground;
upon this foundation is placed a wrought
iron post, acHustaUe front and rear, and
also sidjustable at the top, while at the
bottom it would be stationary, or mc0
90rsa. Upon this post we also adjust the
height of the fence. One of the beauties
of our invention is, that we make a fence
that looks light, yet strong and durable.
( OAuf State Building.^ 283

1451 Berin Bros. Manufacturing Co.
East Hampton. Conn.— N 7a.
• Bell metal Icettles. 283

b Bells. 284

For location of objects , indicated by letter nnd figure, see Key to Notation, p. aj

digitized by

1462 Armbmster, Jacob H..PhiUdel-
phia. Pa. — Organ and sash wog^. ({7r-
gan^ Eatt Galleiy.) S84

1453 Yale Lock Manufacturing Co.,
Stamford, Conn. — Locks, ornamental
bronze hardware, post-office boxes. P
7a. a84

1458<> Bray, Edw. L., Boston, Mas««—
Balance spring curtain fixture. {East
Gallery.) S84

1454 Stewart ft Mattson, Philadelphia,
Pa. — Building hardware, locks, door
knobs and trimmings. N 69. 384

1454« Dexter Spring Co., Hulton, Pa«
— Carriage springs. T 60. 084

1455 Nock, Geo. W., PhiladelphU, Pa.
— Lodes sjsd padlocks. N 70. 284

1455« Cleveland Steel Horseshoe Co.,
Cleveland, O. — ^Steel horseshoes and bars,
hand shoe formers. T 59. 084

1456 Trenton Lock ft Hardware Co.,
Philadelphia, Pa. — Patent lever and
spring, with cominted bolt door locks,
latches, knobs, and other hardware. N
68. a84

1456a Adams, Wm. R. M., New York.
N. Y.— Door bolt and chain check. N
7S. 364

1457 Shannon, 1. B., PhiladelphU. Pa.
— Hand-made locks and building hard-
ware. N 7a. a84

1457a Smith ft fegge. Brldgeport,Conn.

— Padlocks, ha^ps, cnains, etc. N 70. 284

1458 Welltft Hope Co.. Philadelphia,
Pa. — Metallic show cards and advertising
signs ; decorative ^ass priming, etc P
7a. 084

1458/» Stafford Manufacturing Co.,
New Yoric, N. Y.— Stendl combinations,
machine cut alphabets and figures ; knr*
rings, checks, and badges. N69. ^4

1459 Corbin, P. ft P., New Britain,
Conn. — House trimmings and misnrilane*
ous hardware. N 7a. 064

1459a Brooke, E.ft Q., Birdaboro*. Pa.
— NaiU. T67. 984

1460 American Stair-Rod Co., Neiv
Yoric, N. Y.— Stair rods and suir carpet
fasteners. N 71. 384

1461 Stanley Works, New Britain,
Conn. — ^Wrought iron butts, iapamied,
bronzed, and plated; hinges, door bolu,
etc. P 71. a84

1461« Orbeton, W. W. 8., Boston,
Mass.— Screw braces and screw-brace
blind hinges. N 68. 984

1468 Qlobe Nail Co., Boston, Man.—
Machine-made horseshoe nails. N7X. 9A4

1463 Tuchfarber. P., ft Co., Cindnnati,
O. — Enameled iron show cards. P 78.

1464 Wiler, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa.—
Suir rods and plates. N 7X. 984

1465 Walton, E. S.. ft Co., Philadei*
phia, Pa.— Lock hardware and fine bronze
work. N 7a. a84

1467 Dunbar, Hobart, ft Wbidden.
South Abington, Mass.— Tacks, brads and
nails, steel shanks, hed plates, etc P
72. 984

1468 Hildebpand ft Wolf. Philade1phia«
Pa.— Trunk locks, padlocks, dead4atches,
door springs, etc. P 69. 984




Hsudware, Locks, etc.

1469 Carr, Crawley, ft Devlin, PhlU-
delnhia. Pa. — Baflding, cabinet, carriage,
aad tadfflevy hardvare; malleable irmv
briM, and stael castings N 70. 984

1470 H«U's Safe ft Lock Co., Cindn-
aad, 0.~Baak and Ume locks. U 67.


1471 Wbftaker ft Skinn, Trenton, N.
J.— Iron chains, chuic naik. T 65. 384

ll72 0oald*s, M., Sons. 88 ft 8ft

Duane street. New York, N. Y., and 514
Commerce street, Philadelphta. — Stair
nxb, step plates, dog collars, tiphols-
tery, and tnink hardware. Manti-
frctnrers of italr rods, stair plates, doe
coOais, stepbdden, tmnk rirets, and aU
kinds of tniidt hardware; also, a general
line of upholstery hardware. Factory,
Newaik,N.J. N 71. 284

1478 Morton. Thoo., New York. N. Y.
—Sash chain and atuchments tor sus-
pemfing windows, doors, etc T 49. 984

1474 MaJlory^Whceler, Co., New Ha-
res. Conn. — -Door locks and knobs, pad-
kKks, etc N 69. 984

1471 Oajrlord Mannfaetvrinff Co.,
Qiicopee, Mass.— Cabfatet locks. N70. 984

1476 Union Mana&cturing Co., New
Britain, Conn.^Plaln sutd ornamental butt
lunges. N 69. 384

1477 Mersereau, W. T. ft J., Newark,
M. J.— Stairnxk and plates, dc^ collars
and nnudcs, bridle boots, ana uphol-
sterers' hardware. N 71. 984

1478 Marrin's Safa Co., New York, N.
Y.— Locks. H69. 984

1479 Bohannan, Wilson, Brooklyn, N.
Y .— BraMB spnng podlocks and car locks.
P68. 984

1480 Union Steel Screw Co.. Cleve-
land, O. — Bessemer sted wood screws,
widi samples showing stages ci manufiso-
tnre. T 59. 984

1481 Clark ft Co^ BuAdo, N. Y.—
Nidcel-plated builden' hardware. N
71. 984

1488 Van Wagoner ft WUliams, 82
Beekman street. New York, N. Y.—
Spring hinges Mid door sprinn of the
leading kinds, lor screen aiul other doois,
gates, etc. All articles of superior msno-
fiuWe. N70. a84

1488 Qong Bell Manafiictnrinc Co^
£MtU4inpton,€Qan.~Belb. P 7a. 9A4

1484 Roraer ft Co., Newark, N. J.—
Lodes for railroad switches, cais, prisons,
stoses,etc N 71. ' 984

1486 Cowell, J. J.« ft Co., Newark, N.J.
—Btnldefs' and trunk hardware. Manufac*
tnren of trunk aad bailders' hardware,
sash poUeys, trunk rollers, catches, han-
dle cans, stay hinges, clamps, etc. Ako
BaBeaUe and gray iron small castings. N
71. 984

1486 MIddletowfi Tool Co., Middle-
town, Conn. — Plane irons, harness snaps,
washer cuttets, hitching chains, plane-
aaken* hardware, etc. r 71. 9B4

148T Whipple, H.J. P., West Merideo,
Connw—J[)oor-knoh attachment. P68. 984

1488 McBacham, Daniel, Wilmington,

Del.— CssK Iron Centennial chain, each

liidc representing a State and giving the

GoveriMM^s name. Q 78. 284

Tor dasses of eahlbits, indicated by numbers

1490 Ttebottt, W. ft ;., New York. N.
Y.— Brass, gnhranizea, and ship chandlery
hardwate. li 68. 984

1491 Parker ft Whipple Co., West Meri-
deo. Conn.— Door-knob attachment and
adjustment. N 69. 984

1498 Thorn, Stephen S., 89 Oliver

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