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Yet, I managed to write to Mollie,

Lo ! her nymph namesake got the letter,
I, got a lesson for love's folly.

Years roll on, I write her again,

The letter was laid on a desk.
And forgot by her brother, when

It dropped in a crack, for a pesk.

Hope and fear in each heart was blended,
Love, famished and flickered anon.


Now, the mistake was almost mended,
Now, the lustre of love was gone.

A friend, our feelings not perceiving,

Was mashed on sight of my dear duckie;

Risking true love, to fate's retrieving,
I assent, his usher, unlucky.

The fates be praised! he was rejected.
And I was faithful to my friend,

Cupid still kept our hearts protected,
'Till love's propitious events blend.

Four years pass, of perilous war,
I was in tent, bivouac and fight.

Peace ruled again Rebellion's thor;
Probation is past, we unite.

Eight years of happiness was ours,
Love's lease of prosperity's lever;

Death's angel prevails with his powers,
The links of love and life, to sever.



Melpomene trills the air with melancholy story,

She presides with placid mien, o'er mellow Au-
tumn's glory:

Dissolves but to diffuse the clouds, to make the
welkin hazy;

She would usurp the sway of Sol, and mop his
pathway mazy.

With frosted fronds of melrose white, she strews
the earth each morning.

Lo! sparkling splendor, crystalline, fair nature's
face adorning, —

How charming sunset's fiery sheen, as he goes
down serenely.

How glorious, full moon comes up, with counte-
nance so queenly.

See laccine hued, sear forest leaves, how they
flutter falling, —

Ere life's lease tremor startles you, be sure you've
crowned your calling.



Ambition poison'd brilliant mind,
Courting corruption, power to find,
Prostituting honor's position,
And power, to pockets repletion.
Freemen's fi-anchise, in choice of rulers,
Bought with coin, by criminal doolers;
When men by gods, to downfall doomed,
They race round like a mad knight plumed.
Hark ! reason and reform, resonant.
For leal in the White House reponant,
A reign of Brutus and of bluster.
Shall not the realm of freedom fluster.
Ambition may a lesson learn,
Integrity will honor earn
When honest freemen see, alert,
Monopoly, is malapert.

Nature's work is as superior to Art's,
As the Creator is to the creature.

Imitative faculty by mind's charts.

Is the perfection of nature's feature. 1884.


LAWS. 1884.
I'm a strict and faithful constructionist
Of rules, by which society subsist.
Fidelity to law, its oaths and trust,
Gives expression in the life of the just.
A wholesome law is made some good to fence,
With delusive sentence of double sense.
Depravity disregards legal fetter,
Legal evasion makes it a dead letter; —
Evasion of law's a popular rule.
Regard law sacred, you're counted a fool;
The greatest peril to popular freedom,
Is nullifying law with wild will's besom.
*'Law was not made for a righteous man,"
Yet his rule of life, conforms with its ban.
The vicious and vile, for whom it was made
By cunning and craft, will its claims evade.
Some who profess to be law-biding men.
For gain, will spread its wax to suit their wen.
Lawyers, to Nemesis, will bend their knee ;
Twisting law, clear a culprit, for his fee.
Such clearing of culprits causes more crime,
Such lawyers'll clients for these, God's time.
We need fewer laws, better executed ;
Faithfulness on the part of those deputed.


A dead letter law on our statute books,
Shows civilization's disgraceful crooks.
Philanthropists who are most needed now,
Are teachers of reverence for law, I trow.
As reverence for law, is the sure foundation
Of freedom and equity, in this nation.
We cannot enact pure morals, in men.
Nor grow moral fruit, on immoral fen;
Man's heart must be cultured, all learn to laud,
The nation exalting rich grace of God.

Happiness here is never complete.

There's always a shadow to mar, —
Anticipation has a rich treat.

Enjoyment will quote below par.

Forecasting clouds, oft fret expectancy,
Hope will dicker for doubt's blind nag,

'Twixt faith and fortune, creeps discrepancy,
The cuisine proves a conscience gag.

See that crowd of bright, innocent boys!

With gladness glowing in each feature,
As they plan some sport for special joys,

As eloquent as H. Ward Beecher.


Eyes sparkling joys, a little too previous,
Impulse will not wait for next week.

Lost patience makes them pout and mischevious,
Fraying time with some fractious freak.

When anxiety its joys attain,

Impulse ignores propriety's laws,
The thorn that will prick and give much pain,

Is hidden 'mong vanity's haws.

See those sweet, ruddy, gossiping girls.
The halo of hope crowns each head.

Modesty's mantle, fondly them furls, —
On carnation flowers they've fed.

Yet shadows dance on their faultless features,
At thought of an ornament lacking,

Each sighs to eclipse other sweet creatures,
Happiest, after conquest, quacking.

FATE. 1884.

Mystery has marked my course.
From the cradle until now,

Conscience felt impellent force.
Faithful to my versant vow.


Oft had I my plans mapped out,

Barriers would intervene,
Changing chart, I set about.

Printing success in type sheen.

Friends would take a selfish view,
From their standpoint, never mine;

Censure, as they misconstrue, —
Work or wait, will win a whine.

If my act will please one friend,

It may give another pain,
Honest motives, Heaven defend.

From the vantage of the vain.

Oft the acts I had intended,

Heaven's events override,
On such events, acts depended

Grace of God, I make my guide.

WIT. 1884.

A glitt'ring grain of wit,

Express'd in sentence simple,
Will give electric fit.

Decorum's face will dimple.


To gild such grain of wit,
Con and hammer for credit,

The fool's cap will you fit, —
Less lustre more you spread it.

REFORM. 1884.

The sun of reform for freemen now rising,
Cheering the hope of honest yeoman's prising,
Shadows of sable corruption retreating,
Dreading the forces that caused their defeating.
The clouds of abuse now show silver lining.
Reflecting the light of honesty shining.
The horde of hungry Democrats, from fasting.
Are honest now, I hope it may be lasting.
If they forsake the gods of hojiest rulmg^
And with the gods oi mammon go to fool'mg,
Brave freemen will quench their altar fires burning;
The ''rascals oiiV they'll be engaged in turning.
Empires, not Republics, keep one class ruling,
Where honest men may pine and die, with puling.
The Union saved by blood of patriots vying.
Their Heritage made sacred, by blood buying;
Committing it to loyal honor, trusting.
It will not be tarnished by treason's lusting.


HOME. 1884.
Home! civilization's birthright !

The dearest acre of God's earth !
Where light first dawned upon the sight,

Ever tickles memory's mirth.

Adolescence must choose new home,
Which gains enchantment for the heart,

Trills the memory when you roam.
The dearest dot on Nature's chart.

Home! nursery of humanity !

Morality's mentor here reigns;
The cloister of Christianity,

True valor and virtue, here trains.

The life and peace of purest love,
Are nurtured in a christian home.

Refreshed with dew from Heaven above.
Sweet mercies come from Heaven's dome.

The best, the bravest and truest men.

That ever have lived on the earth,
Were guilty of greatest crimes, but then,

They^?ze/;^^</it,and passed through God's scarce.

1 84

This smsc of their inherent weakness,
Was the silver woof oi t\\Q\Y worth.

Gold warp of God's grace, giving meekness,
To the web of their life on earth.

Christians who claim orthodox profession.
As the ground of their hope and merit.

Are much in need of Christ's intercession,
Else, Heaven they cannot inherit.

When you hear a fault reproved, with courtesy

and grace.
Help conscience search and purge it out, while

there's left a trace.


That I am peculiar, most men will admit.
The crazy-cap made for me seemed well to fit.
And I must still wear it all kinds of weather;
To climax condition, should put up a feather.
Conscious of rectitude, that time might reveal.
If opinion, concurrent with fact, would feel.
I have a due regard for public opinion.
If not prejudiced by some myrmidon's minion.


In life's stern service, I earnestly endeavor,
To merit approval of honest men ever.
If I see obstructions, not obvious to all,
To please some, must I o'er the obstacle fall?
A blind horse, contentedly feeding on clover
Once fell in a well, that had no cover over, —
Ignorance may be bliss, before catastrophe;
Too late information will give to folly, her fee.
Wisdom's never folly, with results for the test,
Though wisdom be afflicted by powers behest.


SNOW. 1884.

Gently flying,

Softly lying,
Myriads of snowflakes white.

Nature's busy.

Hoar-head's frizzy.
Scattering down, so soft and light.

Fall so gleamy.
Lie so dreamy.
Vestment of the whitest sheen.

1 86

Rest serenely,
Reign supremely,
O'er nude trees and seared green,

Hide demurely,

Filth securely,
'Neath your robe of beauty bright.

Pure and pretty,

Neat and netty.
Mantle of unsullied white.

The earth is bright with winter's bloom,
Fireside gladness drives away gloom.

Let reason rule the rudder,

Let honesty hold the helm,
Let sound sense steer the ship of state

Let righteous rule restore the realm.


Philanthropic William Penn,
Honor's truest type 'mong men;
Worth, expelled from wisdom's hall,
By bigotry's blighting gall,


On America's fertile acres,
Found a home for honest Quakers.
When he to friend or foe had spoken,
His word of honor, ne'er was broken.



Good traits in man's morals are ever retiring,
But vices, with vigils will show their desiring.
Beauty's blush on the cheek will get less attention,
Than a blotch or a boil, they draw on invention.
Splinters and snags are ever hunting for holes
In dress of pedestrian, who carelessly strolls,
True merit in mortals is never obtrusive,
While demagoguism is ever delusive. 1884.


Lincoln, the diamond rough,

Patriot of the purest stuff,

Moses to an enslaved race, —

Gave to freedom an honest face, —

Died a martyr for the right,

While washing Liberty white. 1884.



Principles were Webster's pride,
With talents, traitors defied.
Fame's orator of the age,
Statesman, counselor and sage, —
Brightest whig-star in the East,
Party's levitical priest. 1884.


Brilliant whig-star in the West,

Patriot loyal, statesman blest.

Genius with eloquence backed,

Loyal courage never lacked.

Clay and Webster, men too great.

To confine at helm of State. 1884.

Fortune's foundling ! son of Mars !
Fates furnished with success cars,
U. S. Grant by destiny,
Set the fettered U. S. free,
His head crowned with Honor's jewel.
Crown commensurate was dual. 1884.

1 89


Little man of giant mind,

Statesman rare, pacific kind,

Genius, patriotic stamp,

Honest freemen's guiding lamp,

When madness menaced Liberty,

His life he gave to warn the free 1884.


Shame! shame! freemen, shame!

Sullied honor, shame! shame! shame!

Ingrates, write your name,

Morris merited great fame.

He gave great wealth to make men free.

Died in prison and poverty.

Model man in every station !
Copy him all in this nation, —
Patriotism before pride,
Honors with duty abide, —
He rocked the cradle of Liberty, —
He nurtured a nation to be free. 1884.



Paradoxical man, as his knowledge grows,
The less in his own estimation, he knows.
When he knows the preface to practical worth,
He will reckon his knowledge of boundless girth,
The nearer his status would rate him a fool,
The less will he long for instruction at school.
The greater degree of knowledge he attains,
Reveals unexplored realms for research, he deigns,
One may preach and promulgate these facts with

Man's conceit, must have experimental course;
What great celebrity, from the summit of fame,
Cannot see in the past, folly stamping his name.
So, flourish adolescence in fancy's ideal.
But strive to store up in the mind what is real.



Cottage love carols soft la-cavatina.
Fed on the fruit of love's verdant verbena,
Camis drest Venus, crowned queen with fair Vesta,
Gracious Juno presides at pure love's festa


Fertile love's charm, has its home in the cottage,
It softens the couch and seasons the pottage,
^Esthetic eyes may see little attraction, —
The home is hallowed by Heaven's benefaction.
Mansion-merged love, lives in florescent folly.
Its fashion-grown fruit, are berries of Holly,
Its glow-worm delusion, will lure to despair,
Will famish fidelity in the heart rare. 1884.

Confession of a wrong,

Will cultivate the soul.
Redression sings the song

That crowns at honor's goal.
Confession is deluding,

Redression non-including. 1884.

My son gave me his card on which was a lady's
hand holding two buds and one bloom of a beau-
tiful rose.

It is the mother's pleasing, painful duty.
To give to man the buds and bloom of beauty,
Lest he might idolize the innocent pearls,
Sharp thorns are set about the boys and girls,


Thej/;7>/^ of smiles and dimples, has sharp ^^/^^//^,
The source of sweetest charm, oft, patience galls,
To teach us they are fruit of Adam's fall.
For garnered glory, at the Master's call. 1884.


Each triple alliance for generating good,
Of Divine, angelic or rare humanhood,
Charity or love — essentially the same.
Has most golden-glory attached to her name.
Love, in its pure essence, devises a plan.
Angelic devotion will waft it to man.
Spirits, the meekest in mortals, applies it.
To rescue the perishing ones that prize it, —
Charity, Mercy, Welcome, Sisters, combined
To liberate sad souls that sin had confined.
Building a station, with stairway to Heaven.
Welcome gives tickets in gold-letters graven.

Charity and Mercy go out, hand in hand.
In by-ways of misery, a missionary band,
Compelling the halting, the lame and the blind
To come and be dressed for a feast to their mind.


When theyare cleansed, furnished and ready to go,
Smiling Welcome's free tickets, makes the face

The gateway is narrow and up golden stairs,
The way is resonant with angelic airs.
Their feast is the richest that love can provide.
Sense of enjoyment, forever satisfied,
Their souls are now tuned to Heaven's harmony,
Echoing the Lamb's praise to eternity. 1884.


Kindred spirits have connection,
Darling, your sweet debonair

Fills my heart with true affection.
In my mind's eye everywhere.

Rough is love's way, ruled by fortune,
Soul-sealed ties of golden link,

True to Cupid's frescoed cartoon.
Only severed at death's brink.

Sob out sorrow on my bosom.

Darling, it is leal to love,
Hide in my heart as a true stromb, —

Come, sweet soul, be my dear dove.


Make tnc home, for your devotions,

My poor heart of debris clear.
Tears of joy like healing lotions

Gloss our lives with love's veneer. 1884.


Sharp! you cutest little canine,

Can you know these lines are on thee?
Monkey-mischief natured, not malign,
Must I write with you on my knee?

1 cannot write else, with your teasing,

Your begging, your barking and whining,
Your eyes glisten, wistfully pleasing.

On my knee, you're pleased as when dining.

A terrible little terrier,

Where rodents are roaming around,
Your consummate mischief, merrier.

Where merriest mischief is found.

As big as a mastiff in showing,

When you make believe you are mad,

As playful as kittens, but knowing
The tricks of the cunningest cad.


Savage as a slaughter-house cur-let,

When strangers come straggling about,

Meekly dancing graceful minuet,
When dinner is late and in doubt.

Happy as humorous simpleton,

Whose cuteness has corraled a flea.

Never was cot of a monk or nun,

Cosy as my courted knee. 1884.


My Appetite and Will, are ever at war,
Past experience is Will's keenest weapon.

Will honored Appetite 'till demand proved a dor,
With Appetite controlled, Will commands

Appetite is human nature's engineer.

Promotive of general prosperity,
Until passion prescribes with legatee's leer,

And penal results, give Will-power verity.




Wreaths of smoky rhythm.
Smokers with me will agree to
Still smoke, though some men may veto.
Smoking soothes, if mild, —
When temper is riled,
And thought roaming wild,
Will tone down to serenity — oh.

When Sunrise makes you break rest,
Eat flannel cakes with great zest.

Smoking, certainly,

Cigar or tobie,

Tones the energy
For toiling after breakfast.

When you dine on wholesome food,
Adding pie or pudding good,
For crowning comfort.
Just buoy the front-port, —
Let tooth or gum court
A mild cigar, 'twill soften mood

When your daily toil is ended,
Weary way to tea is wended, —


Stomach satisfied,
Cosy chair supplied,
Soothing smoke betide,
Your honest friend has vended.

On a sultry, summer night.
When mosquitoes buzz and bite.

Cigar fumes will scatter

Them, ere they get fatter

On your blood or matter, —
Secure you sleep, free from fight.

When boreal blasts meet you,
And out of comfort cheat you,

Fix frogs in your throat.

Old Cough you will quote,

Rehashing by rote, —
Have tobie relief treat you. 1885.


Margaret, may our mutual good-will.
As this book, have rhythm and reason,

Refining love, resisting ill,

Granting aid to need in season.


As we mitigate woes that meet us,

Raise sad hearts with righteous leaven,

Emmanuel will surely greet us,

Trussell, with welcome to Heaven. 1884.


The careful, close observer, sees the spirit of each
act, —

His searching genius grasps the why, and where-
fore of each fact, —

His mind gets richest dividends from his discur-
sive eye, —

Each time he loads a log, he sees a better way to

Although the progress of this age is due the close
observer, —

Yet, he ,is sure to be the butt of fogy, stupid
fervor. 1885.

Experience! imperious teacher!

You always make men better or worse,
Better when true mettle tones the creature,

Where mettle's false, you make a finised curse.



Often honest, simple souls,
Duped by craft's deceitful roles.
Sneer and scoff at their best friend,
For his fervent whim.
Cruel is the callous arrow,
Hurled, the tender heart to harrow,
Rebounding, to source will trend.

And grave the fault grim. 1885.


A prophet will have honor, but never near his

home, —
His merit's more respected, the farther he doth

For "neither did his brethren believe at all in

The world's advice to Noah, — quit work and

learn to swim.
"Behold the dreamer cometh," we have him now

it seems, —
Joseph's brethren, slay him would and "see what

comes of dreams."


Thus, it always has been and ever will be the

'Till mind millennium's tribute, pays to Jesus'

name. 1885.


As the mortal charms, exterior,
Tan and tarnish,
As they must; —
Let the charms of soul, superior.
Glow and garnish.

With God's trust. 1885.


Virtue decomposed in trice,
Vegetates the rankest vice, —
Vice reformed, like gold refined,
Vivifies virtue, vigorous kind.

Formal emotions of sorrow or joy.
Are the froth and foam of fashion's alloy.
Tears from tender hearts well-spring sequestered,
Are glory's jewels in Heaven invested.


Recording angels write those tears of strife,
In lines of gold, within God's Book of Life.


Go with alacrity, at sweet Mercy's call.

When the devil's menace, could not drive at all.


After the buds, the roses bloom, —
Nymph buds give us gladness for gloom,
Narcissus, endowed with a soul
Immortal, growing for Heaven's goal, —
Embellishing the mortal bowl.

Lustrate the charms that enchant us, —
Alleviate the pains that implant us —
Unity, Heaven will grant us, —
Restore us to favor with God,
And cause us His great name to laud.





Merry heart runs all the way,
Goes full distance every day,
While sad heart stops at each stile,
Wearied with walking one mile.


Nannie, remember that this life is fleeting,
And Spring must surrender to Summer's greeting.
Never neglect to cull Summer's fair flowers.
Nor fail to cultivate contentment bowers;
If troubles and turmoils cloud your true course,
Engage ready aid from infinite source.

Replenish the heart with holy affection.
Ennoble your life by happy connection.
Emitting love-beams from beauty's blue eyes,
Donaldson, Nannie R. any good man's prize.


The bursting bud of pleasure's promise
Will lure the heart and light the eye

Of all, except a doubting Thomas,
More than full flowered reality.



What is a dude^ do you ask me, fair cousin?
Describe the neat ninny, the thing called a
I might portray one, perhaps, of a dozen,

Whose finesse and folly, would fit the whole

Well, I must take a slim strip of Adam, —

After the Fall, of course, you must remember,

Worked o'er many times and fostered by Madam,
With faith in her success like frost in December.

His lama-legs encased in close-fitting cloth.
Which courts the skirts of a cutaway coat,

Disclosing a V of white linen, so loth

To be seen, it hides 'neath a knot at the throat,

The head of this dainty, demi-man charm.
Is full of vanity's languishing lore.

A sensible idea would sound its alarm, —

His crude comprehension would brand it a

To grow a mustache, is his great aspiration.
Pomatum and preen, soon trains a downy van.


The full-fledged dude with dignified elation,
Will pose for pretty maids to admire the man.

With switch cane in hand and knobby hat askew,
Flashy ring and fob-chain of pure yellow trashy

He struts where giddy susceptibles may view,
He notes in his memoirs the name of each

He meets his fair fancy, her love daggers drawn,
The masher is mashed into jelly, dead gone ^

He goes on his knees, implores fair imperious,
Up and go, papa's boot sometimes proves


Immortal emanation from Infinite God !
To animate and cultivate the human clod.

For His purposed glory.
Man's original body had beauty divine, —
In its halo of Heaven, God's image did shine; —

Says the Gospel story.

Man's soul by sin defaced, did forfeit perfection,
Sweating toil and sorrow, for his dire dejection,


In his world of woe.
A way is provided by Jesus' Redemption,
Which secures for soul's best efforts, exemption,

For glory to grow.

Sensation finds facts with nose, tongue, ears and

Reflection reports them with great enterprise.
(Some minds, like poor farmers, never applies
Rich factsthat would the mind's poor soil fertilize.)
To the court Inquiry, chief justice, Reason, —
Associates, Belief and Doubt masking treason.
Credulous Belief, is restrained for the proof.
By Doubt's ingenuity holding aloof
Rigid King Certainty must be satisfied.
Such facts must be adduced as proof can provide.
The witnesses pro and con are Right and Wrong,
With all the adherents that to each belong.
Sensation's scouts and detectives are working,
Far and near for facts, their duties ne'er shirking.
Suggestion, mentor, dictator-moderato, —
Heaven's minister to mortal mind, la Plato,
Sends conception beyond sight, through infinite

space ;
Originates ideas to improve the Race.
Each idea associates a relative host,


Which Memory has treasured from prior post.
Reason refines and formulates facts into law,
Procreates pure principles from the facts, raw.
King Certainty seals the creed for the creature;
God's image fully restored to each feature.

Diversity of gifts replenish man's mind,
A new idea thrown to an audience you'll find
Suggestion associates relative train of thought,
Diverse as experience and modified lot,
By gift, and faithful energy of each factor
Which, before the court of Inquiry, is actor,
With associate ideas of harmony or contrast,
Arrive at conclusions from the idea, at last,
Divergent, as are all the spokes of a wheel;
Yet, each to capacity and conscience, leal.

This accounts for conflicting religious creeds.
Which Folly keeps warring with pen, words and

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Online LibraryUnited States. Congress. House. Committee on InterEnabling the people of Hawaii and Alaska each to form a constitution and State Government and to be admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the original States → online text (page 6 of 7)