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Th. J. Bartholow.

Hacienda La Abra Silver Mnmro Co.,

TayoUUa, March 13, 1866.
Sellor Dn. Angel Castillo de Vallb, Durango :

Dear Sir: I wrote yon on the 21st February, requesting yon to send me, with as
little delay as possible, 7 cargas powder, i>,100 pounds; 8 cargas tallow, 2,400 pounds :
10 cargas flour, 3,000 pounds ; and having an opportunity to send you this letter, I
repeat the order, so as to avoid too great delay in the event that my flmt letter d[id
not reach yon.

In addition, if an opportunity occurs, 1 desire you to send me 4 cargas costale%,
12 arrobas each ; 1 box cigarroe dobles ; 1 box pnroe (8 in a bunch ) ; 5 cargas powder
(15,000 pounds).
Yoor fr'd,

Th. J. Bartholow.

All my machinery except about 10 cargas, which will be here to-morrow or next,
has been leeeived, as well as all the goods I purchased in Mazatlan. Considering
that these effects weighed over 80 tons, and all packed up, through a country in
a state of war, in less than three months, is quite good evidence of industry and
energy. B.

SttorDu. Jrcadio Larmga to Lm Akrm Siher MMma Co,

Not. 5. For 2piezasindiaaa0,t7.5O 15.00

'* 2doeeiiapaniieloe,|3.30 6.60

•• Icotence 62

21. ** IKpnlose 10.00

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Seiiar Dn. Jroodto Lareaya to La Ahra Silver Mining Co. — Continood.

. 1666.

Enexo 1. ** Libraza contia EobeqoraQ, Qaintana & Co 1, 502. 53

7. " 500 piea maches 16.00

20. '• 181 " a8ague,80« 144.80

Feby . 28. " pftgar M. Gray, por trai asague. &,c. , Mazatlan ^ Comaoobo . 10. 50

Soma .• $1,706.05



Novr. 9.Por effeotos 510.76

24. " " 971.69

Deer. 2. " " 42.50


Enero 30. "24" marobas 7.92


Bal $173.28

80 Tayoltita, Margo 14, 1866.

Sefior Dn. Aboadio Lareaya :
Conoaerdamente oon bub deceoB remito ^ V. factara de la cuenta que tiene V. oorri-
ente en este nesooiacion.

SoydeT^ ato. yS. 8.,

• Th. J. Babtholow.


261 Mr. Anmdh Sareaya to La Abra Silver MMng Co.


Not. 5. To 2 pieoes cbintz, at$7.50 $15.00

2 dozen bandkercbiefs, at $3.30 6.60

1 piece awning 62

21. 1 arrobe gunpowder 10.00


Jan. 1. To draft on Ecbeqnran, Quint<ina & Co 1,502.53

7. 500 feet matob rope 16.00

20. 181 ponnds quicksilver, at 80 cents 144.80

Feb. 28. Mr. Gray for freigbt of qnicksilver from Mazatlan to Comancbe 10. 50

Sum 1,706.05


Nov. 9. For goods $510.76

24. Do 971.59

Deo. 2. Do 42.50


Jan. 30. 24Bample8 7.92


Balance 173.28

Tatolttfa, Maroh 14, 1866.
Mr. Abgadia Saebata:
In compliance witb your wisbeB, I send yon yonr account witb tbis negotiation.
I am your attentive and sincere aervant,

Thob. J. Bartholow.

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90 Haoibkda La Abra Silver M'g Co.,

TayolUta, March 15, 1866.
SeOor D. Juan db Dayalos, iSkm JM#r .*

Dear 8m: In reply to yonr favor of 13th, beg to say that Messrs. Eoheqnrani
Quintana 4b Co. have sent me for collection a draft drawn by Sefior Dn. Oregorio
Blanco on yon for $656, and also one drawn by same on Sefior Dn. Francisco Torrero
for $611.96; these drafts I will send down by the first opportanity.

I notice yonr remark that yon have pnrchased some of my drafts on Messrs. Eche-
qnran, Quintana A. Co., and that yon desire to pay these to me on this %, which will
be entirely satisfactory, and yon can so inform sefior Dn. Franc'co Torrero.
Tonr ob't servant,

Th. J. Bartholuw.

En reepnesta £ la flAVoreoida de V. fecha 13 del corriente digo, qoe Jt» Sores. Eche-
qoran, Qnintana y Ca. me mandan colectar nna libranza girada por eJ Sor. Blanco
contra Yd. por $656, y al mismo tiempo una libranza por el mismo. Contra el Sor. D.
Francisco Torrero por |611.96, estas librancas las mandase con la primera opnrtnni-

Noticio & Yd. que qnedo entendido que Yd. ha comprado algnnas de mis libranzas
oontra Eohequran, Qnintana y Compa., las cnales segnn entiendo Y. decide pagarme
ODD ellas en este ooenta, lo que sera para mi enteramente satisfactorio lo mismo que
podra Yd. informar al Sefior Dn. Francisco Torrero.
Sn ovedte. servidor.

Haoienda La Abra Silyrr Mnmro Co.,

TayoltUm, March 17, 1866.


San Igno/dc :
Dbar Sir: The bearer of this, Mr. William Scott, ffoes to San Ignacio under my
instmctions to pay the taxes on the goods I have purchased to supply my miners and
laborers, which goods have been received here, on which I am informed through
several sources that you or some one else holding office under the Republic of Mexico
have determined to force from me as a tax upon these goods a tariff of sixty-five per
centum. I cannot believe that any officer of this Bipublio can be induced to perpetiate
such an ontrage upon a citizen of the United States^ the only Government on the globe
which recognizee ihie Bepuhlio Aud is giving it moral and substantial aid in her present
conflict wi th Maximilian and his European alUea, If such a tax as this is imposed upon
me I desire General Coronna to send here an officer empowered with written authority
to take of my effects sufficient to pay it, for I shall, if anything like this sum is de-
manded of me, put my goods and property under the protection of the flag of the
United StateSy and from under it I intend they shall be taken. At the same time I shall
offer no other resistance to any legal officer of the Mexican Republic than to enter my
solemn protest against it and appeal to my €k>vemment at Washington ; and, besides,
if this large tax is collected from me, 1 will be thereby compelled to dose up all my
business here, abandon my property, and return to the United States, for this course
will save more money for my partners and myself than to continne operations here
any longer under such enormous taxes. No business can stand such, neither in Mexico
oor in any other country in the world. My partners and myself have purchased a
haoienda and mines here, for which we paid cash $50,000.00 ; are now building ma-
chinery which will cost besides $65,000.00. This large amount of machinery will be
completed and operating in four months if I am not compelled to stop work on it by
these large taxes and restrictions, but, as before stated, if anything like such a tax
as sixty-five per centum is imposed upon my merchandize I had better at once abandon
my work, pay off and discharge miners, mechanics, and laborers, and of these I have
in my employ thirty Americans and one hundred and fiftv Mexicans (these latter

Mexicans are wholly dependent on me for their daily food), and leave the coun-
21 try nntil a time shall come when Americans (citizens of the United States) can

find that security and protection from the Republic of Mexico which they are
entitled to receive, and whicn the minister plenipotentiary of the Repubfio of Meaico at
Waehingtan (the capital of the United States) assured my company before we embarked
in this enterprise we shonld have.

Now, I am willing and anxious to pay any just and legal internal tax that the laws
of the Republic require, but as I have already paid at Mazatlan the import duties upon
my i^nods to the imperial authorities who occupy that port, there is no legal right or
justice in the officers of the Republic occupying the interior in demanding of me the
payment again. It is the misfortune of the Republic that it does not occupy the port
of Mazatlan, and certainly is not my foolt.

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If Mr. Soott can mako an eqnitable and Jost BettlemoDt with yon for the payment
of a fair and legal tax he is fnily empowered by me to do so; if, on the contrary, be
cannot, then he is instmoted by me to take a copy of this letter, which I have giyen
him for this pnrpose, to General Corrona and make the payment direct to him.
Tonr oVt serrant,

Th. J. Barthou>w,

HAonBia>A, La Abra Stlyer Mining Co.,

TayoUita, Mareh 17, 1666.
(Se&or £1 QtonOLAL Cobboka,

CoMwuuuUmg forcei of Bfpublio of Mtxioo, <» Smaloa :
Dkar Sir : I enclose yon herein a letter,' a duplicate of which I have forwarded to
Sefior £1 Administrador de Bentas, at San Ignacio. By reading this letter yon will n n
derstand the matter in controversy between thie officer and myself; and there is, there-
fore, no necessity of my repeating my arguments in that letter to yon.

Now, general, whilst I have not had the pleasnreof making your personal acquaint-
ance, yet I have for nearly a year during my residence in this country become well ac-
quainted with you from reputation, and entertain for you a high regard for the char-
acter yon have amongst a large majority of your countrymen, who have been living
under your rule, and I know that you cannot from your sense of justice permit the op-
* orations of my company, which are on a large scale, to be brought to ruin and com-
pelled to cease from the imposition of such enormous taxes as the officer at San Ignacio
threatens to impose upon me.

During the late revolution in my country I held for two years under the Govern-
ment of the United States the same rank and command which yon hold under your
Bepnblic, and as a brother soldier of a neigkboring andfrimdlff Bt^hlio I appeal to you
for justice, and I feel my appeal will not be in vain.

Mr. Scott, the bearer, wul give you such details regarding this matter as you may

Truly, your friend and oVt servant,

Th. J. Bartholow.

Hacixnda, La Abra Silver Mining Co.,

Tayoltita, Marok 17, 1866.
Messrs. Eghsquran, Quintana A> Co., Mazatlan:

Gbntlbiobn: I beg to acknowledge receipt of your favor of 9th inst., enclosing a
package of letters, which the ag't of Wells, Fargo &, Co. failed to deliver in time to be
forwarded by Mr. Loaiza, and also two drafts drawn by Gregorio Blanco ; one on
Fran'co Torrero for |611.96, and the other on Juan de D. Dabalos for $656, which, in
accordance with your request I. will collect and place proceeds to your credit.

I enclose herewith Spanish invoice, consul's clearance, and bill of lading for a lot
goods which came to me on the last steamer, which mv agent in San I^Yancisco has
again sent to me insteafl of to you, notwithstanding when I ordered the goods I es-
pecially called his attention to the matter, and requested him not to make the mis-
take again. I hope, however, duplicates of these papers have been sent to you. If
not, I fear Mr. Wilson's mules will have to return without cartas. If they do, I will
be subjected to a heavy expense and considerable delay. This is annoying, for in this
lot of goods are some tools and a circular saw, which I am daily in great want of.
T>uly, your friend, Th. J. Bartholow.

22 Hwmtf Sttktra GHimMUipo Miit^ng Co., in accowni with La Ahra Silver Mining Co.


March 2. To I, at flour $4.50

4. «• paper L50

" aurt rations, by Petrenilo's order 6.50

24. " paper 25

2a " sugar 1.00

29. " 1 shawl, per Juan Qonsales 10.00

a " cash 10.00

17. " do. paidPetrinUo 36.38

26. " do. handedyou ; 100.00

2a " do. for 6 cargas from Comaoho 60.00

Hacienda, La Abra Silver Mhiing Co., Tayoltita March 31, 1866.
Beoeived payment,

Th. J. Bartholow,


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Hacisnda, La Abra Silver Mining Co.,

Tayoliita, April <5, 1866.
Messrs. Eohxoubak, Quintana &, Co., MoMotlan :

Gbntlemsx : I be^ to advise yoa that I have oolleoted the two drafts yoa forwarded
to me on parties in San Jarvier ; amounts 1611.96 and $656— total, $1/267.96 ; which
snm I have passed to your credit.

I have at last, after meeting with almost extraordinary success in getting my ma«
ohinery and effects transported without loss or delay, and my works here ranidly
approaching to completion, met with a loss by the robbery of Mr. Scott, one of my
employ^ to whom yon will remember yon paid a short time since on my aceonnt
$1,000. This money, and a small amount besides, was taken from him the day he left
Mazatlin by six or seven armed men at a place on the road a few miles from Coma-
oho. The whole loss to the company is $1,178, and is lost, of conrse, beyond the
chance of recovery. Fearing occurrences of this natare, I have invariably pursued
the plan of not trying to transmit by any one messenger any very large sum, for I
have known it was involved in risk. In consequence of this loss I may have to over-
draw my account with yon to a limited extent, as I do not wish to draw a draft on
the company by the April steamer, but by the May steamer I will draw for ten thou-
sand dollars, which draft I will forward you in due time.

Messrs. Weil dc Co., San Francisco, of whom I purchased the tobacco which came
by the last steamer, request me to have forwarded to them the landing's certificates
of this tobacco to enable them to cancel their bond. This I presume is necessary,
from the fact that the article of tobacco pays an internal tax to the United States of
40 c's p*r lb., but if exported from the country the Government refunds to the exporter
this tax ; hence the request of Messrs. Weil A Co. Please attend to this matter for
those gentlemen. AH the goods forwarded by Mr. Wilson came to hand in good or-
der, and all I had purchas^ came except one bag dried peaches and one bag dried
pears. Please take oare of these until I can send for them.

I shall order by the steamer of the 16ch instant a lot of flour and some few other
things from San Francisco, which will be consigned to you, and I will again try to
get the Spanish invoices and bills of lading inclosed to you instead of to me, as was
the case with my two last shipments.

My work here is progressing very well. Some delay has occurred from sickness of
some of my mechanics. Ague and fever is quite prevalent here. All of us have been
more or less affected by it. Our water-wheel is completed, the battery is built and
set up in its place, and nearly all the other wood wook is fiuished. The stone work of
the mill walls are partially built on this stone work. We will build brick walls ; are
now burning a kiln of 85,000 brick for this and other pnrposes. Our iron work is a
little behindhand, but I am trying hard to get it up, and hope to do so soon.

Our pile of ore is now increased to fully, if not over, five hundred tons.
Tour friend,

Th. J. Babtholow.

Haodbnda, La Abra Silvbb Mining Co.,

TayoUilay Mexico, Jp^l 10, 1866.

Messrs. Wbil &, Co., San Frandseo :

Qbntlbmen : Tour favor of February 27th came to hand by the March steamer ;
but as this hacienda is distant nearly one hundred and fifty miles from Mazatlan,

there was not sufficient time to answer by return steamer.
23 Herewith please find draft (original and duplicate) of my firm, Bartholow &,

Bro., in your favor on Messrs. W. P. Converse & Co., New York, for one thou-
sand dollars (gold coin), which please pass to my credit, with current rate of ex-
change for the balance that will be left in your hands, after paying my account to
you, 1 will draw for to pay some other bills I am owing in your city.

I have written to Messrs. Echeguran^ Quintana dc Co., Mazatlan, to forward you
the landings certificates as you request m your letter.

One of my employ^ who is a very large man, cannot get clothing here sufficiently
large to fit him, and I will thank you to purchase and forward by Wells, Fargo &,
Co/s express to me, to the care of £cheguran, Quintana & Co., Mazatlan, as follows :

One-half doz. linen shirts 15J inches neck, 44 inches breast, 24 inches in the arms ;
and 3 pairs pants, one pair to cost about $10, and the other two strong working-panta,
to cost $7 to $8; size, 34 inches waist. 43 inches hips, and 36 inches legs; have this
paoka^ marked wearing apparel ana charge cost to my account.
70ur friend,

Th. J. Babtholow.

S. Doc. 231, pt 2 18

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Haodb^'da, La Arba Silver Mnnvo Co.,

Tayoltita, AprU 10, 1866.
Measn. Brodix A Co.,

Am iVwioiaoo .*

GKMTLBiaN: Inoloaed I hand yon my check in yoor favor on Messrs. Weil &, Co.,
for two hnndred and eighty-seven f^ dollars, the amonnt yon purchased of Messrs.
Conroy 4b O'Connor for the company and which yon say those gentlemen charged to

I am not mnch given to entering complaints, unless the canse is great, and I have
snch a complaint to enter aeainst yon ; it is Ihis : When yon shipped the pnlley which
Mr. Bordwell ordered^from Mazatlan to replace one that was broken, you forwarded
the bill of ladinff and Spanish invoice to me, instead of inclosing these important
documents to Messrs. Eohegnran, Qnintana dt Co., Mazatlan, the consignees, and
when I ordered the last lot of goods from S'a Francisco, the shipping of which I en-
tmsted to yon, I wrote yon specially with regard to this error and requested that
yon wonld not again commit it. Under these circumstances, feeling sure that you
would not, and wanting the goods badly, I started a train of mules to Masatlan to
meet the steamer on her arrival to get the goods up without delav, but imagine my
surprise at receiving a week after the departure of said train vour letter incRising the
bill of lading and Spanish invoice ; here was a pretty fix, the goods in the custom-
house in Mazatlan, my mules on expense, and the documents necessary to get the
goods out of the custom-house 150 miles from it. Had your intention not been called
to the fact it might have been excusable, as was the case the first time, but to com-
mit the same error again is^ to say the least of it, culpable neglect, and you ought be
made to pay the loss occasioned by it. .1 rcturneil the documents to Mazatlan by a
special messenger and got the goods passed and have since received them here.

I have ordered some flonr from Messrs. Weaver, Wooster 4b Co., and some fuse from
Messrs. Edw'd H. Parker, to be shipped bv the next trip of the Stephens, and I want
from Conroy 4b O'Connor 2 dozen Wright's mining picks, which you will get for me
and ship with these goods. Please try to make the shipment properly and send the
bill of lading and Spanish invoice to Echegnran, Qnintana A Co., and not in a letter
to me, directed to the care of this firm, as yon did twice before, as these gentlemen do
not feel theipselves authorized to open my letters. I have written to Messrs. Weaver,
Wooster 4b Co., and Ed. H. Parker, that yon wonld attend to the shipping, 4bc.
Your friend,

Th. J. Bartholow.

P. S. — ^Why has Conroy 4b O'Connor charged 2i per poand more for the hammers
yon purchased of them tiian they charged me for those I purcharedf I think they
ought to reduce them to the same price.


Hagddvda, La Abra Selybr MnoKO Co.,

TayoUUa, JpHl 10, 1866.
Edw^ H. Parker, Esq're,

San Arandtoo :
Dear Sir : Tour favor of FeVy 26th, enclosing invoice of fuse, nmonnting to $182,
came to hand by the March trip of the John L. Stephens, but not in time for me to
answer and remit by her return trip, as this place is distant 150 miles from Mazatlan

through a country possessing no mail facilities whatever.
24 Herewith I hand yon my check on Messrs. Weil 4b Co., of yonr city, for one

hundred and eighty-two dollars to balance mv account ; and please forward per
return steamer 30.000 feet dry safety fuse, $5 ; 10,000 feet donble-tape fuse, $14.
Messrs. Brodte 4b Co. are instructed to attend to the shipping of this fuse, as before.
I have tried the low-priced $5 fhse, and find it to answer a good purpose in a dry

Tonr friend,

Th. J. Bartholow.

Haoixrda. La Abra Silver Mining Co.,

TafoltUa, JpHl 10, 1866.
Meean. Weaver, Wooster 4b Co.,

Gentlemen: Tonr favor of February 26th, covering invoice of provisions, 4bo.,
amounting to $292.93. came to hand by the March trip of the John L. St&phmu, but
did not reach me in time to answer ana remit by her return trip, as this plaoe is dis-
tant 130 miles from Mazatlan, in a section possessing no mail f loilities whatever.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Herewith I hand yoa my check on Meesrs. Weil 4b Co., for two hundred and ninety-
two 1^ doHarSy to balance my said acccnnt. Yon will please forward by xetnm steamer
100 bags flonr, 98 or 100 poundN each, enclosed in gunnies ; flour of same quality 1
porohased of you in November. Messrs. Brodie A. Co. will attend to the shipping, as

Yoor friend,

Th. J. Babtholow.

Haoienda, La Abra Silyrr Min'o Co.,

TayolHta, April 10, 1866.
David J. Qabth, Esq're, New York:

Drab Sir : Since mv report of March 6tb, wherein I wr»/te you fully with regard to
my operations up to that date, I have no letters from either yon or any other member
of the company to reply to, as ncne came by the March steamer, therefore I proceed
to detail events and progress of the month past. Onr water-wheel is complete, ready
to receive the gearing, the wooden portion of the battery, composed of over sixty large
sticks of square timers, all of which are dressed, bolted together, and set up in their

g roper places, all solid and on an enduring foundation, and now ready to receive the
x>n mortar-bed ; the walls of the mill-house, that is the rook portion of them, are pro-
gressing, the one nearest to and running parallel with the river is completed to its
entire height : a portion of the side walls are up to a considerable height : these I will
cap with walls of brick and build cross- walls of same, and on the top oi all we will
erect brick columns to support the roof; have just burned a kiln of ^,000 American
brick for this and other purposes. The tail-race is graded by blasting for most of the
distance through large granite bowlders, and is ready for the walls and arch. We
have yet a little more blasting to do to get the floor of the mill down to a proper level.
You would be astonished to see the quantity of rock we took out of the foundation
and the d4hfi$ caused by tearing down Castillo's old works. Most of it will be used
in the new walls and in filliuji^ around the new battery. Besides, nearly all the tim-
bers which are required to bmld up foundations and supports for the pans, settlers,
and concentrators are dressed and ready to be set up. The pulleys, seven in num-
ber, with the exception of two of the smallest, are framed and completed: these two
will be flnished in a few days; in short, the carpenters' work is finely anead. The
blacksmiths' work is somewhat behindhand, and must bo so for some time, as we have
but one forge and only tools for it, consequently but one man can be worked to a good
advantage, but as our blacksmith ia a fast worker I think we can manage to get this
branch up in due time. Sickness to some extent has also impeded us, as at cufierent
times nearly every man on the hacienda has had ague and fever; then, of course, one
to two days' time lost by the party affected. I have had two attacks myself since my
return from California, and they have pulled me down in flesh considerably. Why
this country at this season of the year, where there has been no rain since last October,
ahonld engender ague and fever I am at a loss to divine, yet such is the fact.

Oar ore pile is regularly and steadily increasing: the stock on hand is between
550 and 575 tons, and hereafter £1 Cristo will stetKUly increase its yield, as we have
"stmok'' ore in the new tunnel; consequently the quantity taken out of the tunnel
will be in exoees, and in addition to what comes from the shaft in the upper works
this tunnel, which has not cost over |500, is one of the best investments the company
has made, lor all the ore detached in it can be taken out in wheel-barrows, thus dis-
pensing with the packing in leather bass, which is slow and expensive, when
S5 the shaft from above AaU be intersected with this tunnel, which will lay bare
and expose 75 feet perpendicular of the vein; almost any requisite amount of
ore can be obtained firom this mine. This intersection, Mr. Cullins thinks, can be
aooomplished in 8 months, and the beauty of it is the company is re-imbursed all the
time in ore for the outlay.

To give you a better idea than I could do by detailing the transactions in this letter
of one of the many difficulties I have to meet and overcome, I enclose you a letter
that I wrote to the collector of taxes at San Igpaoio, which explains itself. The re-
sult was, instead of paying taxes to amount of three or four thousand dollars, as was
demanded, we only paid about |30, and there was no necessity of troubling Gen'l Co-
rona with the matter. In consequence of the unsettbd state of the | country and the

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