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saw Mr. Arriza, and asked for the history of the Promontorio, so long promised by him
and so long desired. He assnred me I should have it upon my return ; so, upon the
strength of his word, I inform you that it will be forthcoming. As to the existence
of the Guadalupe store in it is beyond my power of control ; it would never, or

for a long time, been established, had our hacienda continued to supply the wants of
their miners ; but a difference arising between the gentlemen respectively controlling
the interests of their companies here, the call upon us ceased, ana a store, as was then
necessary and inevitable, was determined upon. Such, at least, is what I learn.

To control it now is out of my power, 1 fear, tbo' means of convenience and interest
after awhile may be formed to correct this. It is, however, a small afi'air, as com-
pared with ours.

Please present my regards always to Mr. Hearn when you write, and accept for
yourself my thanks and best wishes.
Yonrs, respectfiilly,

J. A. De Laonbl.

46 Mazatlax, Mexico, Wh Augu9i, 1866.

Dear Sir: I avail myself of the first opportunity offered to notice your let-
ter of 3 June, inclosing no' iiication of a further assessment of one dollar per share upon
the stock of the Nuestra Sefiora de Guadalupe S. M. Co., held by the company that I
have the honor to represent.

The paper was not delivered to me until after the 20th of July (I think), as in con-
sequence of the high water and heavy rains prevailing at this season it became neces-
sary to send our letters dowu by a courier. It was therefore impossible to reply by
the return steamer of last month, as I would have wished.

The payment will be made in San Francisco, and to this end Mr. Garth, the treas-
urer of the La Abra S. M. Co., will be advised at once upon arrival of the steamer in
San Francisco.

I leave the payment to him, in San Francisco, as you suggest, and thus advise yoo
that no premature action may be taken in regard to the sale of the stock, as whatever
of delay there has been has arisen from natural causes, out of my power of control.
All previous dues or indebtedness have been fully paid by me, through the house of
Echegnrcn & Co., of this place, of which fact I presume your superintendent has
fully advised yon.
With respects,

J. A. Db Laonel,

Sttp't La Abra 8. M. Co.


Xra Sra de Guadalupe 8. M. Co,, San Franciaoo, Cal.

Mazatlan, Mexico, UMh Auguety 1866.
Gezttlbmbk : I inclose herewith the landing certificate asked for in your letter of
31st ulto., and am happy that I am able to do so by this steamer. •

The goods, you will recollect^ were purchased before my arrival here, by Genl
fiartholow, and I was not aware that anything had been neglected, else should have
sooner attended to it.

I believe there is a small balance due to your house for some purchases on Qeni B.'8
account, but I am not familiar with the details. Please advise me at your earliest
convenience, and believe roe,
Yours, respectfully,

J. A. Db Laokbl.
Messrs. Weil & Co.,

San Franmeco, CM.
(Across tb» face : ) Not sent.

Mazatlan, Mbzico, August 1% 1666.

Sir: I write you by this mail because Mr. Pfeiffer, in his letter covering notice o€
assessment, says, « Our pres'd't, Mr. Stoud, asks me to remark to you that he is ex .
pecting A letter from you in regard to the crushing of some of the ore of this company."

As remarked to you when in San Francisco, it would be of mutual advantage to
crush your ores, provided we had not enough of our own to work to advantage, t>i:Kt

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


that in the then inoomplete condition of the mill it was ont of the qnesdon to com-
mit myself by promiee or engagement to work it in any given quantity or at a stati'd

To my regret the mill is not yet complete, tbo' well advanced, and I trusl shortly
to be able to answer yon as yon desire, t^ut at the present moment it is not in my
power to do so.

I regret that yon were so mistaken in yonr viewH as to the necessity for farther
assessments. It has surprised me no less than it has been canse of regret that the
necessity for so constant and heavy assessments should exist.

Tmsting that the arrangement witih New York for payments direct will be satisfac-

I remain, yonr oVd't 8erv%

J. A. Db Laonel,
Sup^tPt La Abra S. M, Co.


Freifi N. 8. de OMtuFpe M. Co., San Francisco^ Cat,

47 Mazatlan, Mexico, i6th August, 1866.

DKAJi Taylor: Pardon me for troubling yon with my affairs, but feeling
sore yon would do me the favor with willingness, Ihave not hesitated to ask it at your

Yon will greatly oblige me by sending the following telegram to David J. Garth,
No. 18 New street, New York :

''Fifth (5tii) assessment one dollar per share, on Guadalupe stock, payable imme-
diately. If desired please pay by transfer."

J. A. Db Laonkl.

Mazatlan^ Mexico, 16 August , 1866.
Dbar Sib: 1 avail myself of this opportunity to advise you of the receipt of your
two letters, one by this, and the otiier by former steamer, informing me of the receipt
of my drart and letters, of yonr action, and the amount of premium to my credit
in your hands.

I herewith inclose a draft (first and second) for ten thousand dollars on D. J. Garth,
of New York.

Please place to my further credit such amount of premium on said draft as pre-
yailinj^ rates of exchange allow, and advise me at your convenience.

Affainst the above-mentioned draft on New York I have drawn upon your bank for
the uke amount (ten thousand dollars), in favor of Messrs. Erhenigue, Pefia & Co.,
of this city.

I am, sir, yery respeotftilly,

J. A. Db Laonbl,

Sup'dH La Jbra S. M. Co.
Wm. C. Rallston, Esq.,

CatMtT Bank of California, San Franoi$eo, Cal,

Hacienda db La Abra, de Agotto de 1H66.
Sor. Jues V* Major delal^ Instancia San Dinuu :

Tengo el honor de acusar recibo de la cita que me euvi6 V. citandome para el dia de
hoi <eee Juzgado, por unademanda del Sdr. D. J. Ma. Loaza y on contestacion digo,
que me sera imi oeible hticer tal viaie por ahora, hallandoiiio baHtante enfermo de
oialentnras, que me ha tenido prostrado hace algunas dias.
Soy de Vd. a«o, S. S.

J. A. Dk Laonel.

HACiBm>A of La Abra, August 25fA, 1866.
To the Judge of the Ist inatanct of San Dimas :

1 have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the summons that you issued for my
Appearance to-day at this court, in the matter of a suit brought by Mr. J. M. Loaiza.
In answer allow me to say that it will be impossible for me to make that trip at pros-
ent, on account of my being sick with the ague, which has kept me in bed for some

I am, sir, yonr aflfiectionate and sincere servant,

J. A. Dx Laonkl.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC




Tattoltita, Agosto 31, 1866.


Bacieuda del Pilar Gavilantm :
EsTiMADO SkIYor Mio: Su grata del 24 del p. p. ll«go ^ mis iimiius, adjiiotocon
una pioroga las miuan de esta compa&ia y d la vw. otra para

Pnmiontorio y Accepta Vd. Sefi(»r Mio Uh •;ruciaH para lae

molest las y atenciou en el eumpUiiiienro do mis repitidon eiicar^^os y ospero qae con
la misma franqueza tratar^ conmigo en todo tiempo en que le pnedo Heivir.
Espero laego la cnenta de gaHtos qe estoy.

Sin mas por ahora, me qaedar^ ^ sas ordeues de Vd. hu afmo. S. S., Q. B. S. M.

Carjx)a E. Norton,
por ausencia del aamor.
M [Tnuislation.J


Tayoltiia, August :U«/, 1866.
Mr. Jesus M. C6rrola, Haoienda del Pilar, Gavilanee :

Mt Dear Sir: Your favor of the 24tli ultimo reached me a8 altio an extension
the mines of this company and at the same time another for Promontory and

Accept, sir, my thaukn for the tronblen and attention you have had in tlie fuitiUment
of my repeate<l requests, and 1 ho[>e that you will treat me with the same frankness
anv time that I may be useful to you.
I expect soon the ac't of expenses which 1 owe.

Without any more for the present, I remain your affectionate and sincere servant,

Carlos E. Norton,
III the abHenve of the Superintendent.

Hacienda de L\ Abra, 8epVr2f 1866.
J. G. Rice, Esq 're,

ffdcda del BalhuaeU, San Dimaa :
Dear 6ir : Col. De Lagnel has just arrived, having been detained on the road from
Mazatlan several days on acc't of swollen streams and other difficulties which this
season causes.

He sends by a "proprio" a package of mall matter, and requests me to say that
owing to the many expenses of the trip he expects you to bear yonr share of them,
as he did with you last mull.
The col. is well and sends regards.

Yours, most respectfully, Chas. E. Norton,

Bif order of the Supt

Amount of indebtednesa contracted by O'l Bartholow and remaining unpaid, 1866.

To whom dae.

Angel Castillo

Eohe^ren, Qaintan* Sc Co
Do. do.

Echeuique, Pefia & Co

Gea F. GiifBths

Juau Cazares

Guailalupe S. M. Co •.

Th. J. Bartholow

David Castro

J. V. Ilttrdv

George Catlins

W. A. Boardner

Carreaga St. Co

Lansing Haight

Henry Lowell

Weaver, Wooster A Co


James Cohlns

Edw'd Parker

James Grier


Wm. Wltto



P. Terralttig6r

On what account.



Paid by me.

UlUa for powder, tallow, tlour, etc.

'■ " dry gooils

For money overdrawn

'* groceries .

" money loaned

" powder, bill of Ap'l, 5 mo'a. .

' • asseHMDient and nutii«*y loaned .

" money loaned

" corn, bill of April

" money advanced .

** services uudm ney borrowed.

'* " as millwright

" bill of dry goods

" build 'g now si ore (contra^^t) . .

" services as mafton

" bill of flour. Ap'l . .

" services as carpenter .

** *' a» laborer

" bill of fuse. Ap'l

" services as blacksmith

" bill of corn, Ap'l

" 8«rvlct-H as carpenter


as laborer

as carpenter .


1,863. *'




1,000. "



755. 62



• 633.32



474 40

376. "


S27. 86

290. '♦


250, "


221. 84



Carried to foot of uextpage 24.170.46

I i It



310. • •

895^ 08
741- 50
350. 7(>
666 42


376. ••
346. 5*
250. ••


*Figiiree cnt off in original.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Hacienda de La Abra,

7 September, 1866.
Dkar Sir: Upi>n examination, tiiiding the bill you i)re«enr«<l t-orrect, I have writter
to Messrs. Ecbenique, Pe&a & Co., requt-siing them to pay you the sum of one hun-
dred aud «eventy six dollars and eighfy-nine cents.
49 You will oblige me by making out a formal bill, receipted, as I will need it

to file for reference. They will send it to me.
With best respects, I remain,

J. A. De Laqnel.

Sup't La Abra S. M, Co,
Dr. B. R. Carman, Mazatlan.

Hacienda de La Abra,

7 September, 1866.

Gentlemen: I send by the mozo Nicolas Aqnilar my letters, which you will please
forward by Wells &, Fargo's Express. The mail matter for the h*d'a please wrap
oarefblly up, and send by the bearer of this, with a note stating the postage charge
OQ each, as before.

You will oblige me by paying to Dr. R. B. Carman, U. S. consnl (|176.H9) one hun-
dred and seventy-six dollars and eighty-nine cents. Be particular to receive the bill
and receipt and forward it with the letters to me.

To J. v. de Lareaga please pay the sum of one thousand three hundred aud twenty-
eight dollars aud ninety-three cents.

I think I gave my acceptance for this bill ; please remember this, and secnre the
paper, and seud the receipt for the amount to me.

Your own bill please pay, recollecting the deduction promised on account of oil and
vinegar lost, one-half, I uudoi stood you to agree upon.

I have drawn on you in favor of Tomas Huesta for two hundred dollars ($200), and
C. E. Norton for one hundred dollars.
With respect,

J. A. de Laonel,

Sup't de La Abra S, At, Co,

Messrs. Echkmquk. Pe^Sa 6t Co.,


i'AYOLTiTA, Mexico, 7th September , 1866.
D. J. Gakth, Kmi'ic,

Treasurer La Abra S. M, Co,:

Dear Sir: A» promised, I send you full and complete statements of the liabilities
left unsettled by GenU Bartbolow, and of the moneys received and expended by me,
and of the property found at this place at the time of my arrival.

I have already informed yon that the gen'l would not consent to make the inven-
tory of property asked for by me, and it was not done until some weeks after I took
possession, I being absent, and having no one to do it before a proper assistant ar-

It was, however, carefolly compiled, and allowance made for the sales between 1st
Mav and the day on which taken.

The tools I received myself. You may accept these papers in full confidence, all pos-
sible care having been bestowed upon them. The account curreut requires some ex-
planation to reconcile what would otherwise convey an erroneous and injurious im-

You will observe that the sales (cash) for the months of May and June are large,
while afterwards they fall away to a few hundreds per mouth. The 'explanation lies
in the fact that all sales here under the old system consisted in cash sales, though foi
the most part the merchandise was paid directly over for the indebtedness incurred
towanls the miners and other workmen.

The result of this course was to swell the apparent receipts and disbursements of
cash. Now only t he amount actually paid in coin is considered as cash, and merchan-
dise is calle<l by its own name, while the same rule is observed in the matter of re-

As to your remark in reference to borrowing a few thousand upon the strength ol
good credit in Mazutlau, let me assure you that nothing can be done in that quarter.
But little confidence iM felt in American mining companies, and the present condition
of affairs enhanc4*H the doubt entertained.

Your c-oiiipany is about the last actively at work, the others having suspended foi
cause, aud waiting for something to turn up.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


I have asked, and know nothing can be had. In respect to the amonnte paid to
Mewrs. GriffithB, Hardy, and Bartholow by me just before their departnre from Masat-
Ian, you will find that the report then made to you differs some lew dollars from the

amounts respectively charged in the accompanying I^t.
50 This ditferenoe occurs because there were small amounts drawn, as shown by

the books^ prior to the final payment in Mazatlan, and of which I was not ad-

The explanation is made to avoid misconception. I would call your attention to
the account of the Ifia Sefiora de Guadalupe Co. At the time of General Bartholow's
surrender of the there was reported by him an outstanding indebtedness to

that CO. of $345.58 : whereas an examination shows that h credit of the umonnt of one
assessment (|550) nad been omitted from the account.

The amount of money paid by me to them appears large and unreasonable, but
nearly seven hundred dollars are borrowed money, to be returned to the sup'td't, who
has loaned it to our company (to Gen'l B. ).

I have paid two assessments since my arrival, amounting to eight hundred dollars,
in addition to which I have paid the small balance due. Subsequently I have received
notice of another for $550, payable in S. F. 31st July, and forfeited if not paid. Sale
to take place 1st August. Not feeling at liberty to pay further assessments, in view
of present state of affairs and jronr letters to me, I wrote to Col. John McLean Taylor,
U. S. commissary of in San Francisco, a telegram to yon, advising that yon

would pay by transfer if yon deemed proper. I also wrote to the officers of t^he oom-
panv in S. F.

The history of the Promontono mine I send herewith, this having only arrived a few
days since.

This, as all other mines we hold, is secured by prorogues newly obtained.

I am happy to inform you that tne mill is fast assuming shape and giving promise
of early usefulness.

The ditch we are getting along with very well, and the wall, a solid stone one, be-
ing well under way, and the old portion thoroughly repaired,

The place has a new appearance, although there are many improvements I would
like to make in time, after the work becomes self-sustaining.

The fall to the ditch is greatly less than I had been led to believe in the absence of
instruments, a recent partial survey giving me data for this opinion. It will, how-
ever, be found sufficient, I think.

The difficulties to contend with at this season in doing outdoor work, and especially
masonry, are many and great; but the work is going on, not having been su8]>ended
tho* delayed. In reference to the mines, I have to inform you that we are working in
the La Luz, El Cristo, and the Arrallon with the same force as before. The first of
these mines has not so far answered expectations, it yielding; but comparatively little
•aying ore, requiring great labor and expense to set it out. The better vein in the
'ancero or Crosscut was reached in my absence and promises well. The Cristo so far
gives better promise than the others, the metal abundant and good, showing largely
and well in the vein, and lowest tunnel now being driven to connect with a shaft for
draining and clearing the mine.

The work on the Arrallon is too recent to expect much return as yet, tho' the miner
in charge expresses the most lively expectations. He knows the mine and takes great
interest and pride in the prosecution of the work, and it having been attempted partly
because of this knowledge of its worth and capacity.

As yet the yield of ore from the mines does not fill the measure of our needs for the
mills, but I reduced the workins focre (it being costly) in June, fofr the sake of keep-
ing down expenses until the mill-work should be complete or nearly so. I deemed
it best to do so in view of the accumnlation of ore, now heavy, though at the same
time I did not know how large a part of it was worthlens.

I note your remarks about working rock less rich than thai treated by Castillo. In
reply I would inform yon that everything that is believed to contain enough to pay
for packing down and beneficiating is saved. I believe I have gone over the ground,
and siven yon a glance at the state of affairs in a general way.

With many thanks for your kind letter, I am, yours, with respeot,

J. A. Dk Laonkl.

Haooenda db La Abra,

H de Setietnbre de 1866.
Sor. D: Axdrrs Cazasies, Oavilanei :

EsTUCADO SkSok: Esta tiene por objeto solamente informarlc, que la cuenta que le
debo de mil pesos, valor de la polvora que le compre, esta ya para veneer el plaza,
yeatoi pronto pagaraela cnando guste mandame Yd. qnien la reciba, con el docnmento
oerrespondiente, por su pu esto entendido que el pago se verificani por oda 1. sobre


Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Daraogo, tf la orcla. del Sor. D. Jeans M. Garrola, segaa las instmocioDes de V por sa
carta del 8 de Mayo p^ pd®.
8oi de v. Sor nuo come spre., S., at*» S., etc.

J. A. Db Laonkl,


51 P. D. A^anto va anas ouales para Dorango, los ouales se sirve Y. enviar por
la via moB oportnno.

J. A. Dx L.

From Ecbngureu, Q. dt Co.


Hacucnda op La Abba, 8ept. Qthy 1866.

Mr. Andrew Casarbs, Gavilanes:

Dbar Sir : My object in writinff this is simply to inform you that the bill I owe yon
for a thonsand dollars, yalne of tne gunpowder 1 bonght of yon. is abont to expire,
and thai I am ready to pay it to yon whenever yon please. »9na somebody with the
necessary document to receiye it, with the understanding that the payment is to be
made by means of a draft on Durango, to the order of Mr. Jesus M. Gurrola, accord-
ing to the instructions contained in your letter of the 8th of last Bfay.

I am, sir, your attentive and sincere servant.

(Signed) J. A. Dk Laqhbl^ 8^t,

P. S. — I enclose you some letters for Durango, which you will please send the best
way yon can.

J. A. Db L.
From Echeguren, Q. A Co.

Hacibnda db La Abba,

8 de Septiemltre, 1866.
Sor. D. Anqbl Castillo dbl Vallb, Duramgo :

Sor. Mio : Con fecha de 6 de Julio p« pd<* deposite en la casa de los Sies. Eohe^ren
Quintana & Cia. de Masatlan, la soma de dos mil ouaranta y ocho -^ pesos siendo
esta el saldo debido ^ V. en aquella fooha.

Ahora, el 21 del pasado hize un deposits, en la misma casa, de la suma de dos mil
dosoientos diez y siete ^ pesos, valor de su faotura de 26 de Abril del presente alio,
con plazo de cuatro meaes asi con estos payos serrando nuestra eta.

Habiendo arreglado con la casa de Echenique, Pefia A Cia. de Mazatlan, parapoder
girar ^ la casa de V.si fuese necessario, por la suma de dos mil pesos y he giiado i
uvor del Sor. de Jesus M. GurroUa, en la suma de nneve cientos cincuenta y tres iVt
pesos, y ^ mas el mismo le presenteri^ un L ^ mi £ivor girado por D. Miguel Lareaga,
por ciento cuaranta y seis -ffif pesos.
Sirvase Y. avisarme del reclbo de esta y de la acceptaoion de mis L.
Sol de y. Sor. mio oomo spre. S. ado. S., etc.,

J. A. Db Laombl,


Hacibnda op La Abra,

Sept Sth, 1866.
Mr. Angbl Castillo dbl Vallb, Durango:

Sir: 1 deposited on the Gtb of July last, at the house of Messrs. Echeguren, Quin-
tana A Co., of Mazatlan, the sum of two tnousand forty -eight ^ dollars, that being
the balance we owed you on that date.

We made on the 2l8t ultimo another deposit, at the same house, of the sum of two
thousand two hundred and seventeen ^ dollars, amount of your invoice of the 26th
of April, of the present year, payable at 4 months' time, settling up our account with
these payments.

Having arranged with the house of Echenique, Pefia d& Co., of Mazatlan, the way
of drawing on you, if necessary, for the sum of two thonsand dollarsu 1 have drawn a
check to the order of Mr. Jesus M. Gnrrola, for nine b^dred and fldtly-three -flft dol-
lars, and he will, besides, present you our check, to our order, drawn by Mr. Miguel
Lareaffa, for one hundred and forty-six i^V dollars.
Be pleased to advise me of the receipt of this and of the acceptance of our checks.
I am, sir, your affectionate and sincere servant,
(Signed) J. A. Db Lagnkl,


Digitized by VjOOQ IC


62 Hacienda db La A bra,

tith Septemher, 1866.
J. G. Rick, Esq're,

Supdt, DurangOf 8. M. :
Dear Sir: As Col. Norton will visit San Dimas to-morrow, I have requested hinr
tx> present to you the accompanying bill, and have authorized him to receive and re-
ceipt for the amount.

I also send a bill against Mr. Grassie, which you will please present to him for me,
or settle it if acceptable to all concerned. Col. Norton is empowered to receive this

You will pardon me, I tmst, for the seeming importanity, but having brought no
money from the coast since June last, I am very much in need of the money to meet
my current payments, and am compelled to ask for an immediate settlement.
With Kind regards for yourself, I remain yours, with respect,

J. A. De Lagnbl, ^iipl.

The Durango Silver Mining Co. to the La Abra 8Uver Mining Co,, Dr.

U^jf '66. For balance due as per G'l Bartholow's books $110.09

June 16. " cash from J. A. de Lagnel 600.00

July, *t«6. ** 2 bottles mustard 2.00

Aug., '66. '' expenseof oonrier toMazatlan 20.00



May, '66. By cash from Mr. Rice |6L89

May, '66. •* cash from Mr. Grassie 4a

" 2 trowels 3.50

" 1 arroba of wicking 25.00

" 25 oargas corn, at|l5 375.00

** sundries (nails and brooms) 6.50

" payments to Correo 1.00

** shareof expenses of Correo toMazatlan 20.00

" oaah 100.00



George Grae&ie to La Abra Silver Mining Co., Dr.

March. For merchandise (sundries) $20.00

»* " do. do 14.13

34 13

Tayoltita, 29 September, 1«66-
Dear Sir: I enclose herewith a receipt for the money la8t 8i*nt. On the 24 I re-
ceived from Guadalupe Soto thirty dollars on your account, for which a receipt in
Spanish was given. Both amonnts are to your credit, closing your account.
Accept my thanks for your promptitude, as it came just in season.
The private note is destroyed, and while thanking you for the information, need
only say that the report you heard is wholly groundless. I look into things and sat-
isfy myself.

Tours, with kind regards,

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