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J. A. De Lagnkl.
J. G. Rice,

Supdi. Durango S. M. Co.

Haciknda de La a bra,

Oetubre r> de 1^^G6.
Sefior D. Angkl (^azarrs, Gavilanee :

Mdt Sor. Mio : Hoy se me ha presen tado el arriero Marcelino Flores con una oart*
de Vd. f ha. 10 de Junio del corriente a&o y asi mismo me ha eutregado el recil>o ex-
pedido en la misoia fecha, por treinta cargas. Una fanega y nueve alniudes de main

cobrando cl dinero de su importe.
53 Como por su grata 5 de Jnnio V. me da ordeu de pagar al mencionado arriero el
maiz jrecibido i |9 carga, hoy lo hayo quedando a su disdosicion de V. el valor

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


de las oargas qae rae eDtrego £ 6" lo que le pagar^ porBoualtnenlo 6 d sn 6rdeii. E*
pago liecho fue de 1^7.87 qiiedando ea mi poder veintitres pesos quince oentavoe.
Sio mas por abora qu4*do de Yd. afmo. y S. 8.

J. A. Db Lagnbl,


Hacienda of La Abra, October bth, 1866.
Mr. Andrkw CAZARK8, GavilaM$:

Sir : The maieteer Marcelino Flores has handed me to-day your letter of the 10th
of June of the present year, and has also delivered to me your receipts of the same
uate for the thirty cargas, one hushel and nine almudes (one almnd is the 24th part of
a bushel) of com, and asked me for the value thereof.

As by your favor of June the 5th you order me to pay the said muleteer for the corn
that has been received at the rate of 19 per carj^a, 1 have done so to-day, leaving at
your order the value of the cargas which he delivered to me at the rate of six reals
(75c.), which I will pay to von personally or to your order. The payment made
Amounted to ^^7.87; remaiuing in my hands twenty three dollars and fitteen oents.
I remain your affectionate and sincere servaut,

J. A. De Laoxsl,


Haciknda dr La Abra, Octubre r> de 1866.
Sor. D. Anoel Castillo del Vallk, Durango :

MUT SOR. Mio : Con esta fha. he librado & sn contra, la can ti dad de dosoientos
setenta y siete pesos ochenta y siete centavos, y H favor de Marcelino Flores, valor
reoibido en maiz, por ouenta de D. Andres Ol&zares, de Oavilanes.

Eepero de la bondad de Yd. se sirvara pagaria & la vista y cagarla & mi contra como
lo tengo arreglado con la casa de Echeniqne, P6na y Ca. del comercio de Mazatlan.
Sin otro asnnto quedo de Yd. como siempre afmo. y 8. S.

J. A. Dr Laonbl,


Haciknda of La Abra, October 5, 1886.
Mr. Anokl Castillo dkl Valle, Durango :

Sir: I have to-day drawn against yon for the sum of two hundred and seventy-
seven dollars and eighty-seven cents in favor of Marcelino Flores, for valne received
in com and on account of Mr. Andrew G^^zaren, of Gavijanes.

I hope that you will bo kind enough to pay it at sight, and to charge it in onr ac-
oount, according to the arrangement made with the house of Echeniqne, Pefiadt Co.,
merchants of Mazatlan.

I remain your affectionate and sincere servant,

J. A. Db Lagnel,


Haciknda dk La .Vbra, 8 October, 1866.
Colonel C. E. Norton :

Dbar Sir: Not returning by the 30th of last month as you had intended, I am at
a loss to know whether sickness or accident has detained yon, therefore write to
know from yourself the true state of the case.

Your absence since the 30th Sept. has embarrassed me somewhat, as I desired to go
down t-o Mazatlan, but cannot until you return or I can make some other arrange-

I cannot believe that you do not intend to retnrn, but should such be the case
please inform me promptly, and it is but justice that I should be advised at once of
your movements.

It is of the firet importance that I should be enabled to go either to Mazatlan or
to Diirango, as my money here is exhausted and the people conscM^uently dissatisfied
and the work necessarily retarded.

If you intend to return, therefore I urge upon you immediate action, but if yon do
not, please be good enough to inform me.
Yours, with respect,

J. A. Db Laonbl, Supdt.

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54 Hacibkoa db La Abba,

TayoUiUt, H Octohar, 1666.
David I. Qarth, Eeq're,

Dreantrer La Ahra S. M. Co, :

Dbar Sir: The non-reoeption of my letteiB writteu last month has nadoubt oanaed
yoa some snrprise and nneasineM, bnt oaases beyond contrul operated to prevent the
mail matter, sent down by conrien, from reaching the port.

The mozo gomg with the letters from this place to La Pnorta was bitten by a rattle-
snake and died at a cabin on the mountain, where there was no person capable of
bringinff me intelligence or of aiding him. Aboat a week sabseqaently I learned the
fiMt, and by sending recovered the letters, etc.

The papers 1 now send, hoping they will reach yon speedily and safely, bat fearing
that canses no less formidable ^ill again interfere.

Had the boy gone down he could not have entered Mazatlan, the military opera-
tions going forward preventing all communication with the city.

We are withont news, and wholly in the dark, having heard nothing for a month

The work is progreHsing, the flume is completed, and we to-day, for the first time,
let water on to the wheel, in order to dress the face of some pulleys, but the ditch
being inoomplete, the supply of water (drawn from the arroyo) was wholly inade-
(juate; the boiler is oomp'«ted and in position, and the ditch is pretty well advanced;
it is, however, a heavy piece of work, being iibout 2,000 feet in length that is to be
walledj and much of that passes over ground filled with huge bowlders that must be
blastea away before the walls can*be laid or th^ grade given.

From the river we shall have an ample supply of water, 1 think, though some work
mnst be done on the dam and upper part of the ditch to make it properly available.

Tlie La Lnz mine proving nn remunerative, and the small yield of ore being wholly
rebellions, I transferred the force to the Cristo, in which the metal has increased in
quantity and quality. It shows gold largely, and promises well, the mine being not
so well opened as the other, being newer, requires attention now, as it is, or appears
to be, the mine that will be looked to to supply the mills in great part.

I doubt whether your expectations will be ever realized respecting the looked-for
yield of metal from the mines, though Bufficient may be had to repay well, I trust.

The Gnaripamey property I have secured until next January oy prorogue, but I
doubt whether I will be able to cover it after that date, as I suspect certain parties of
being on the watch to denounce it, desiring to work it; therefore they wiU operate
to prevent the grant to me of further indulgence.

The Guadalupe (or rather the Concordiit is where they are working) mine is doing
poorly, the tunnel handsomely driven and work well done, but no metal A smaU
quantity at the mine is ail the result obtained, and I am led to believe that they will
suspend operations.

In this supposition I may be wrong ; have no authority for the belief, bnt give it
as I do the otner information, to put yon on your guard.

About the mill but little remains to be done, and were it not for the ditch, we could
speedily be at work. As it is, however, now that the walls have been so far laid, I
deem it best to carry the thing to completion, and put it in thoroughly good order
now, so that no after delays or suspensions may occur.

I am troubled exceedingly that better success has not attended my efforts, but the
rainv season has proven a sore trial to my patience and been a serious drawback.

I have striven to meet your wishes and expectations, and remt that my success
has not been commensurate with mv efforts to serve yon and to discharge my duties.

As to sending a successor, I deem it best to tell you now that no money could tempt
me to remain m the country longer than next Ist March.

The trials and the separation from friends, lack of association, and utter waste of
life, forbid the thought of longer continuance.

I speak now because ample time should be given to send out a suooessor.

As to subordinate assistance, that is not required.

With kindest regards to yourself and Mr. Ream, I remain yours, with respect,

J. A. Db Laokbl.

Hacibnda db La Abra.

Tayoltila, Mexico^ 8 Oof., 1856.
Mr. T. Lbmicbn Mbybr,

Hankers, etc., Sau FrafioUoOy Cai. :
Sir: By the July steamer, Messrs. Echeniqiio. P««nn «&- Co., of Mazatlan, forwarded
to you at my request fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500) iu coin, for John O. Kdgar,
together with a letter from me to him informing him of the transaction.

Tour acknowledgment fur the above amount ban beeu vshown to me by Messrs.

55 E., P. & Co., but as the party in -question writes that he has not received the

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


money, I address you simply to ask that yon will find him oat through the post-offloe
and set the mind of those interested at ease.
I am, very respectfully,

J. A. Db Laonbl,


P. S. — ^Please address me Messrs. Echentque, Pefia A Co., Mazatlan.

Hacienda db La Abra,

Sth October, 1866.
Messrs. Echbniqub, PbI^a & Co., Mazatlan :

Gbntlbmbn : X send kerewlih mail matter which I beg yon to dispatch as niarked,
carefully noting the charges for postage and express on each, bo marked, and send me
a memorandum of the charges, with t^ldress or name of each letter, that I may dis-
tinguish between private and public nostage.

The mail matter for the hacienda please send up, carefully wrapping it, and mak-
ing like memorandum of postage on each letter, naming ho as to distinguish them.

Please pay to Dr. B. R. Carmen, U. S. consul ($176.89), one hnndred and seventy-
six dollars and eighty-nine cents. Be particular to receive the bill and reoeipt, and
forward it with the letters to me.

To Sor. D. J. y. de Larei^a please pay the sum of one thousand three hundred and
twenty-eight dollars and ninety-three cents.

I gave mm my acceptance for this bill . Please remember this, and secure the paper,
and send the receipt lor the amount to me.

Your own bill please pay, recollecting the deduction promised on aooount of oil and
vinegar lost ; one-half I understood you to agree upon.

I have drawn on you in favor of Tomas Husota for two hundred ($200) dollars, and
C. E. Norton for one hundred and forty-four ($144) dollars.

I further desire to inform you that I have drawn on Angel Castillo (already) for
eleven hundred and thirty-one dollars and seven cents, and will to-morrow still fur-
ther draw for some nine hundred dollars, more or less.

This I do upon the arrangements made with you when in Mazatlan, supposing, of
course, that a few dollars more or less than the two thousand will make no differ-
ence either to you or to him.

I shall probably be down this month if I can possibly do so.
With best respects,

J. A. Db Laonel, Sup^tn.

Mazatlan, 17 th Nov., 1H66.
A. Stoud, Esq.,

Preset N. Sonora de Qua^p^e M. Co^^ S'ln Francisco :

Sir: As our mill is ready wiih the exception oi lU» water, the ditch being yet in-
complete, I desire to call your attention to the arrangement, which yon seemed de-
sirous of making, viz, to crush your ores and beneficiato the same.

This I feel satisfied we will be able to do, and would very much like now to be able
to say for how much per ton the work could be done. Of course you will perceive
that such conclusions can not be arrived at until the mill is in operation, but the time
is near at hand when the information can be given.

In view of these facts, I beg to urge upon you the expediency of suspending all
operations, such as building or the erection of works that would call for additional
ontlajrs and assessments. The tax is a very heavy one upon our co., and I have been
surprised at the frequency with which the calls have been made, in view of the lim-
ited work being done and small expenditure, as I learn from the sup'd't.

Tour opinion, or rather conclusion, as to what I think of the value of the property,
is based on nothing said or written by me that I can possibly recollect.

I have been through the mines, have seen oZi, and while expressing no opinion, can
only say that no one is Justified in imputing to me either a high estimate of theW
value or otherwise.

Very respeotftQly,

J. A. Db Laonbl.

SupH La Ahra S, M. Ce.

(56) MAZATL4N, 18 Nov'r, 1866.

Messrs. Weil & Co.:
Gbntlbmbn : Pardon me for troubling you with a matter which concerns only our-
selves; but feeling assured of your readiness to oblige, I take the liberty of asking
your services so far as to inquire and inform yourselves as to the value of the stock

S. Doc. 231, pt 2 20

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


of tbo Nne^tra, Sefiora de Gnadalape 8. M. Co., situated (the mine^) near Tayoltita,

We owu a considerable amoant of this stock, and desire to know what can be bad
for it in San Pco.

I would also ask if Mr. Ahem, or a^y one of the jijentlemwn of your bouse, woald
accept a power ot jittorney and act to represent tiiis co. in its m<ietin<^s.

It is necessary tbat we shooldbe tbns protected, aud la^ain bring it to your atten-
tion, begging that you give me intelligence by the return stoamer.
1 am, very respectfully, y'rs,

J. A. De Laonkl,
Suf^d^i La Abra 8. M. Co,

Mazatlan, 18 Nav'r, 1866.
Mr. Mills:

Premdent Btmk of CtUifomia, San Franoi$oo :
Sir : I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of 31 August last, which
reacbed me on the 18th of last month, but outside of this place, and too late for an
earlier reply.

Mr. Exall, the gentleman who called upon you in company with Mr. Aberm, of
Weil & Co., informed me that he had spoken with you on tne subject of the pay m«'Ut
of the assessment then levied, and that yon stated it had been settled and paid.

Mr. Garth's recent letters to me informed me that he paid through yonr bank direct
by telegraphic transfer.

It therefore relieves me from the necessity of drawing on N. T. in yonr fkvor for
the amount involved.

If not too much trouble, and I not asking too much, will yon obli^ me by ascer-
taining what the stock of the Nuestra Se&ora de Guadalupe S. M. Co. is worth in your
city. (The mines are situated near Tayoltita, in Darango.) This last I mention t-o
distinguish it, as there are several of tho one name.

The president ol this co. is W. Stoud, a German, of yonr city, and the sec'y is Pfeiffer,
a German druggist.

With apology for thus troubling you, I remain y'rs, &c.,

J. A. De Lagnel,

Supdt. La Abra 8, M, Co,

Mazatlan, 18 Nov.^ 1866.
W. C. Rallston, Esq.,

Cashier Bank of Calif omiaf 8an Francisco :
Sir: I enclose herewith duplicate drafts on D. J. Garth, of New York, for seven
thousand dollars, which amount, together with ruling rate of premium, y ^a will
please place to my credit.

Against this amount I have drawn in favor of the house of Eohenigue, Pefia & Co,,
of this place, for four thousand dollars, an I also in favor of Col. J. McL. Taylor, U. 8.
commissary, San Francisco, for twelve dollars and five cents.

You will please advise me of the receipt of these pai>erH, and furnish me with a
statement of my account.
Very respectfully,

J. A. De Laonel,

Supdt. La Abra 8. M. Co.

P. S. — I omitted to state that I had also drawn on you in favor of David P. Belknap
for the sum of hfty dollan ($50.00).

J. A. De Laonel. .

Mazatlan, 17 tk No/r, 1866.
D. J. Garth, Esq'rc

TVeasurer La Aora 8. M. Co. :
Dear Sir : I have to acknowledge the receiptof your letters of tbe following dates,
viz, :U' July, 10th, *29th, and aist AuRUHt, 10' and 21' ol 8eptt'iuber, and letter of
57 introduction, all brought from Mazatlan and delivered to me by Mr. Exall at
Comncbo, thirty miles from thiH place, 'kbout tho 16' or 18' of October.
By the sttjamor of yesterday, 1 ri'coived your li^ttor of 18' September aud 10' and 18'
October, the letter of 10 October being handcMl t-o mt^ by Mr. (»eo. Cullins, who arrived
in the ** Panama " bteamer.

The letters of 2l8t September (one sent by mail, the other sent by express) have
both reacbed me, though with the interval of one month.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


The exprees letter came to hand by Mr. Exall ; the other oontainiDg Gen'l B.'sstate-
nient of %, arrived by yesterday's steamer.

I am infdrmed, however, of iDstances of as great or greater delay, on the part mf
the express co., and it is difficult to determine the point positively, tho' the presump-
tion must be always in favor of the express.

Your instructions respecting the above account will be duly attended to by me, and
information forwarded at the earliest practical moment.

Please, here, accept my thanks ior your anxiety on my account and efforts to assist
and relieve me.

I trust I appreciate your conduct at its true worth, and that I may be enabled to
meet your wisiies to the utmost soon.

I accept yonr high recommendations of Mr. £., and so far am mnch pleased with

I notice in yonr le^t^rs the expression of surprise that you do not or had not re-
ceived more frequent communications from me. It is but just to myself to say that
there being a mail monthly it has been my practice to write by every such oppor-
tunity. Writing mote frequently would not change the intervals between departing
mails, nor would it, as a general thing, bring yon more information, besides it would
necessitate the sending of a correo to the coast more frequently.

I was last down in August, being compelled to come, and made an ineffectual at-
tempt in October, but the military and political situation has been such for several
months that great difficulty has been experienced.

Unable to reach Mazatlan, I returned to the hacienda, and waited until thisoppor-
tnnity to come down.

Had nothing occurred to interrupt the work, I feel snre that at this time the mill
wonld be in operation, and the proofs at last being developed. Unfortnnately, I was
unable in Sept. or October to communicate with this place; and the ready money giv-
ing out at the hacienda, the workmen (not miners) refnsed to continue and left, thus
bringing the ditch-work to a standstill.

I tried in vain in the country to obtain relief, but the doubt and distrust of Ameri-
can co.'s is so great that I failed utterly, and am here on the same mission.

Yesterday I used every effort with the best houses, beginning withE. Q. &Co., but
could effect nothing. Lareaga I did not approach, because of his Jewish natnre, and
the fact that he wonld exact guarantees I could not give, and mortgages of the prop-
erty which I would be unwilling to execute.

Don Jnan Castillo has not yet arrived, tho' expected by ever^ vessel. Had he been
here I should have endeavored to effect some arrangement with him, but the &te8
were adverse, and I could do nothing.

Enclosed herewith you will receive % current for the months of September and
October; the balance of funds available at that date (31st Oct.) wafl^,542.04 ; but it
was inside of Mazatlan bud could not bo made available.

Consequently the work on the ditch has been at a standstill, and I am now hasten-
ing to get back to again assemble a sufficient force to push it to completion.

Since the date above referred to, accruing engagements and current expenses have
absorbed the amount, and somewl^at more.

In the utter impossibility of obtaining aid here, I have, despite the tone of your
letters, drawn upon you for the sum of seven thousand dollars ($7,000).

I feel sure that you will experience no greater feeling of>annoyance in receiving the
intelligence than I do iu communicating the fact ; but after debating the thing long
and carefully, I am satisfied that it is the best course to pursue. Longerdelay in exc-
cnting the work would be most injurious, perhaps faital. The only obstacle to our
being actively engaged with the mill lies in the unfinished condition of the ditch ;
this can only be remedied by the use of ready money. I have therefore asked for it
from the only source to which I can look for assistance.

Do not lei the delay and cost already experienced cause you or others to lose heart ;
but bear awhile longer and give an opportunity to make manifest the value of the
metal and the mines.

In all my letters I have written with a view to avoid exciting false hopes and ideas
and think it but right so to do, although I know that a more flattering tone would
perhaps be more acceptable to many persons. I have done so because of several rea-
sons : First, becanse it was my desire t^ avoid giving rise to expectations which might
not be realized ; and again, because I did not feel sufficiently familiar with the sub-
ject to indulge too fre^j in comment.

As to the circumstance mentioned in your letter, that certain parties had stated
that the specimen ore had been ** salted '^ for my especial benefit and deception, I can
only refer you to the mention made of it in one of my letters, I forget which, but that
it was done purposeltf, is more than I am prepared to say.

If I understand the term. as used by miners, the facts are not as stated. It is,
58 however, true that, though I requested to have the 2d-cla8s ore of the Luz
mine crushed for assay, specimens were taken from the Ist-class pile and pre-
pared for my use, but I can not say that it was designedly done.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


As already stated, the oro has been and is being repicked, aud though a large quan-
tity is pronounced withont value, I do not accept it as gospel truth, but wiU satisfy
myself of the fact by trial.

The mill itself may be pronounced finished, the last touchcH being given when I

That there are faults in the planning iH evident, but the work had advanced too
far to correct it when 1 took charge. The best has been done; and if the American
machinery is what it is represented to be, we need have uo learu. If, on the other
hand, it does not fulfill all that is claimrd for it, tJien a few faults of design or execu-
tion will-make but little di^erence.

In getting into operation it will be my study to avoid loss or waste, and your sug-
gestions will be duly considered. 1 notice in your letters i4ie frequent use of the
terms '* bullion*' and ** bricks." Now you cau not be ignorant of the fact that the
exportation of bullion is totally prohibited, and coin shipped ouly alter paying duty.

Therefore, it is self-evident that tbe attempt to pass it to the coast for shipment
would involve a risk which no subordinate would bo iustified iu assuming.

I will inform myself to the utmost respecting all these noints, and am now doing
so, but before running any rifk with the coJ'b money , I must bo pontively and clearly %%-
9(ructcd iu writing to do so.

Heavy losses from above causes have happened iu this vicinity lately, showing
that the apprehension of loss is well founded, tho' it may be that it happens but

I know full well how much more satifaotory the bars would be than the coin, how
far it would go as an evidence of the true worth of the mine, and how ereat advantage
might be produced to the comp'y by having for exhibition aud use ; but what I have
said above will meet your approval I feel sure, and call out such directions or orders
as you may wish carried out.

In one of your letters you appear to think that I am or have been in Oalifornia ;
the facts are simply these: I received late in July the notice of assessment by N. 8.
G. S. M. Co., payable in August. Not beiug abie to reply by the July steamer, and un-
wiiJiug to pay further assessments without orders, I wrote to the president aud sec-
retary to gain time, and at the same time requested Col. John McLean Taylor, U. 6.
commissary at San F., to send you my telegram, which he did, signing my name as re-

By the October steamer I received from Mr. Mills, pres'd't B'k of Cal., a note cover-
ing your telegram to him, in which he asks me if I Vish the amount paid. His letter
bears date 31st Ang't, 186G. Mr. Bxall, who saw and talked with Uv. M. on the 4th
of October, tells me that the asscHHinent had been paid and the matter settled, and
your statement just received of the telegraphic transfer (consequent upon the receipt
of the secretary's letter) leads me t o understand that you have setlled the call. I hear
indirectly, having received uo notification, that another assessment is levied. I
write by this steamer to parties in San Francisco respecting the value and po$8ible
sale of this stock.

It is my desire to have you attend directly to this matter, as also of the assessments.

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