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Separated, as I am, so widely, and often previpited from communicating in time with
San. F., the risk of forfeiture is constantly run, iuMdition to which I am unwilling
to shoulder the responsibility of disposiug of the co.'s property.

At the present time I do not think the amount of the assessment could be obtained
for the stock in the S. F. market, though I do not know, but hope to shortly ; there-
ft)re the choice seems to be to sacrifice what has cost $9,000 for a few hundreds, or to
continue sinking m«ney against your inclination.

At present the mine is, I may say, bare of metal. A few days before I left metal
had been struck again, but in so small a quantity an tm forbid much hope.

You cau not fail to perceive, therefore, now embarrassing is the trust you desire to
invest me with ; and I beg that my meaning may be understood, and that you will
either meet the calls direct or order the sale positively, as you may think best. I
send you a copy of a letter I was permitted to read. It gives more insight into the
intent of the Guadalupe Co. than anything I can say.

I now understand that the officers of that so. look directly to you in N. Y., for the
assessments ; please meet these or give positive instructions as to the disposal of your
interest to some trusty party iu Sau Francisco.

As I have already stated to you, all the mining property hiis been oovered by pro-
rogues np to January next. What will be the result of another application I can not
say; but should the worst come to the worst, a force, limited, can be put to work,
and this, with the Interval of some months before it can bo denounced, will, I Ifrust,.

serve our purpose.
59 The political condition changed quickly and quietly a few days since, the

French and Imperial forces retiring from this place and going down to San

Their final depart ure seems nigh, aud the ** sims^' are very much elated, of course. As

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


jet no ftathorities are installed. We are drajgging along in the dark, and hoping bat
not knowing that any advantage will be derived from the change of rnlers.

One thing appears clear, that we will not have to pay duties to Imperial oostoms
and then do the same to the Liberal officers.

Some entertain a hope and expectation that a more liberal policy, as respects the
.shipment of bnllion, will prevail, and that, as in the caHO of the large honses Ykert.
paying duties, a compromise for ome-half or third may be agreed upon.

I do not think so, however, and see only one of two ways, either to'ooin in the mint
and ship the coin, or to risk the whole.

I can not close nay letter without noticing what you say, in one of your letters lately
received, vix, that Dr. Hardy stated that the mill was nearly completed when he left,
and bat little remained to be done.

It only remains for me to say that either the Dr. failed in his observation sadly or
forgot what he saw.

The seasons are sufficiently well known to yon to render a description of the diffl-
cnlties nnder which we labored necessary.

Trusting that my action will meet with your approval, I remain y'rs, with respect,

J. A. DB Laonel, SttpI'd^L

Haciknda d£ La Abra, AWr 2G, 1866.

MUT SsROR Biie : Aoabo de reoibir hu appreciable fecha del 20 del corriente y me
apresare contestarsela, para asi tranquilizarle ^Y. relative ^ las sumas que le he

A^janta vease una carta de los Sies. Echeniqne, Pefia A Co. del 17 de Octnbre, en
la oual me avisen que hayan pagado ^ la casa de Echeguiren, Quintana y Cia., los dos

mil 7 pioo de pesos (la soma de s'cta con esta Hacienda en aquella fecha) de qae
aeusa V. recibo, en s. carta del 3 de Oct're p. pdo. Adenias me informen, qne paguan
tf s. preeentacion la suma de misprimeras o. sobre V. de $1,131.07, y la de $900, £ la

vez, esta ultima tuvo que aumentar hasta $1,100, haciendo asi un total de $2,231.07, el
oual estaba todavia en la casa oitada, de £., P. y Cia £ s. o. al salirme de Mazatlan
haoe ooho dias,no habiendose sido presentado ninguna L. de V. ^ la fecha.
Arrogle este negooio, & mi en tender, con la casa referidaen el mes de Agosto p* £d*.

2, snponia que ella asi entendio, y siento mucho la luala iiiteli^eucia que ha oausado
y. an mal rato. Sin mas deapaesdo avisarle do la evacnacion del puerto, por les
Imperialistas, qnederl( £ sus oroenes, oomo siempre.

J. A. DB Laonel, Admor,
8. 8. 8.,
8or. D. Amoel Castillo dr Vallr, Durango.


Hacienda of La Abra, November 26 de 1866.

Sir: I have Just received your favor of the '20th iuHtant, and hasten to answer it
in order to set your mind at ease as regards the sum I have drawn on you.

Enclosed please find a letter from Messrs. £cbeniqne, PcQa & Co., of the 17th ultimo,
wherein they inform mo of having paid to the house of Echeguren, Quintana A Co.,
the two thousand and odd dollars (the sum of their acoouDt with this hacienda at that
date), the receipt of which you acknowledge in your letter of the 3rd«ultimo.

They inform me besides that they would pay, on prosentation, tbe sum of my first
draft on von for $1,131.07, and at the same time that of $900, which latter had to be
increased to $1,100, making a total of $2,231.07, which is yet at your order, at the
house of £. P. &, Co., when I left Masatlan eight days ago, no check of yours having
been presented up to that date.

I arranged this matter last Augpst with the said honse, according to my belief, and
I supposed that they understood lA 00. I regret much this misunderstanding, which
has oaosed you an unpleasant moment.

Without anything more to say but that the port has been abandoned by the Impe-
rialists, I am, as ever at your orders, yoar sincere servant,

J. A. DB Lagnxl,


Mr. Ahobl Castillo del Yallb, Duramgo,

60 Hacienda de La Abra, 27 iA Nov'Tf 1866.

John Cole, Esq., Camaeho:
8ib: I send by the mozo Fabian Fi^aroa, the pack mule, with aparejo, etc., hired
from yoa a few days since for Mr. CuUms.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


The animal would have beeu retarned two days since, bat the arriero was sick and
could not go dowu.

Please acknowledge the retom of the mule, in a note, and send it back by the
bearer of this.

Very respeotfally,

J. A. DK Lagkbl.

Hacienda i>r La Abra, 20th Nav'r, 1866.
W. 8. DuRKSB, Vmtanag :

Dear Sir : I send by the mozo Jaan Acinegas the mail matter for yon delivered
to me by Mr. Stookfleth when in Mazatlan.

It would have been earlier forwarded, bat no one could be found until to-day to
take it.

The letters from yourself, Dr. Mo. (name forgotten ; but be has the opposite ha-
cienda to yours), and from Mr. Hopgood, at Bnona Vista, were delivered to Mr.

On a former occasion I arlvanced to the carrier one dollar on your ao., and to-day
do the same, in addition to which 1 charge you ten dollars as your proportion (with
the others, which yon will arrange) of the expenses of goin^ and coming on the two
occasions referred to.

Ver}' respectfully,


P. S.— 1 have agreed with the mozo for four (|4) dollars ; the balance of three dol-
lars you will please pay him.

J. A. DK L.

Hacisnda DK La Abra, 6tk Deotmher^ 186&
Mr. J. G. Bigs,

Suf^dPi Dwrango Uine$, 8tm Dimoi :
AuL : I send by your messenger the powder asked for in your note of to-day ; he
tases but two arrobas. as he has other articles to carry over.
Below please find bill for the two lots of powder delivered.

TkeDwrango 8. M. Co. to the La Ahra 8. Af. Co, Dr.

18 Nov. For 4 arrobas powder, at $10 $40

SDeo'r. "2 " " ,"" 20


Tours, respectfully,

J. A. Dk Laonkl, Suf^^U

Hacienda dk La Abra, Sth De&r^ 1866.
Mr. J. G. Rick,

Sup'd't Durango Mine*, San Dimoi :
Sir : I send by your messenger the powder asked for in your note of to-day ; he
takes but two arrobas, as he has other articles to carry over.
Below please find bill for the two lots of powder delivered.

The Dnramqo 8. M. Co. to the La Alnra 8. M, Co. Dr,

ISNov'r. For 4 arrobas powder, at $10 ^40

81>ec. "a *' " " " 20

Tours, respectfully,

J. A. Dk Laonxi^ Sugt^ePU

61 Haciknda dk La Abra, bth Dodemhre de 1866.

8or. D. J. M. GURROLA, Alcalde A/imieipaZ, Oamlanee:
8oR. MuY Mio : Con esta adjunto dos pedidos para la proroga de los minaa PrtMnoii-
torio, La Abra, Animes, Rosario, Los Inocentes, San AntoniOi y Saii Felipe, la prim^xm
del districto de Guarisamey y Irs d«)mas de este.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Por no baber llegado el correo de Darango ^ Sao Dimas, y los remores do Indios
por aqnel camino, me ha ovitado el poder onviarlos en su debido tieiupo & Darango,
adoude los iva despaobar aun ignorante de la autoridad conocida eo esta materia.

Le suplico ^ v., sor. iiiio, que se sirva atender & qne Ueguen estos docomentos ^
manos de la autoridad que los conoce, y por la via mas opportuiio ; y espero que las ra-
zoues espnestos los sesiuu satisfactorias, como bien conocidas, y sean oidos.

Los ultimas cambios politicos me ba depado, como dicbo/eu ignurancia & quien
disijir mi solicitud, y por lo tauto molesto a V. como varios veces antes, suplicandole
prcstarse ^ ella, y e»pero saber de V. los costos inourridos, asi como cuenta debida
ya. para oubrirlos.

Sin asanto mas, por abora, sirvese V. dispensar la molestia de S. S. S.

J. A. Dh Lagnkl, Admor.

P. D. — Sirvese V. dlr^ir los docamenton. por saber el titulo de la autoridad compe-
tente. Yale.


Hacienda of La Abra, December 5, 1866.
Mr. J. M. GUBROLA, Municipal Alcalde, Chuoilauca:

Sir: I enclose herewitb two petitions for the eztensiou of the time to work the
mines Promontory, La Abra, Animas, Rosario, Los Inooentes, San Antonio, and San
Felipe, located the first in the district of Goarisamey and the others in this.

As the mail from Darango has not reached San Dimas, and there are rumors that
the Indians are on that roiM, it has not been possible for me to forward them In dae
time to Darango, where I was to send them, even without knowing to what author-
ity they were to be addressed.

I request you to please to see that these documents reach, by the most timely way,
the hands of the authorities to whom they pertain. I hope that the reasons stated
therein may be satisfactory (as being well known), and attended to.

The last political changes have left me, as I have said, in ignorance of the authority
to whom I should address my petition, and I therefore trouble yon, as I have done
several times before, b^s^ng yon to accede to my request, hoping that you will let
me know the expenses that this may entail on you, as also the accoant dae already,
so as to settle it.

Without any more for the present, be pleased to excuse the trouble of yonr sincere

J. A. Dr Laonel,


P. S. — Be kind enough to address the documents, as you know who are the proper

Hacienda de La Abra, lOik December, 1866.
J. G. Rice, Esq., San Dimae :

Sir: In accordance with your note of vesterday, I send the additional four arrobas
of powder asked for.« Below please And bill of same.

The Durango 8. M. Co. to La Abra 8, M. Co., Dr.
Deer. 10. For 4 arrobas of powder, at tlO $40

Please accept my thanks for your kind attention to my commission respecting the
boots. They arrived safeW.

Yours, very respectnilly,

J. A. De Laonel.

Tatoluta, 16 December, 1866.
Mr. J. G. Rice,

Sup^d't Durango Minee, 8an Dknaa :
Dear Sir: Please accept my thanks for your attention to the matter of the pro-
rogues Bought by me. Herewith I send new applications, drawn in accordance with

the prefect's instructions, and trust they will meet his approval.
68 Send these forward by the tirst opportonity to J. M. Gurrola, with the letter

to CaHtUlo r these, incloHed together, and directed to A. Castillo, Durango),
accompanied by the letter to Gurrola, asking him to send from Gavilanes to Du-
rango the packa^ forwarded.

Our ride last night was pleaHanf, notwithstanding a slight mistake of ours as to the
road aud consequent detention.

With kind regards, yours, etc.,

J. A. De Laonel.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Haciknda db La Abra, 15 Deffr, 1H66.
D. S. Garth, Esq're.

TreasHrer La Ahra 8. M, Co., Ifm York :
Sir : Enclosed herewith I send two papers, one a balance sheet drawn from Genl
B.'s ledger, the other an exhibit of receipts and expenditaree durin|[r his administra

The first column of figures in the balance sheet, of course, is taken from the ledger
of Gen'l B. as he left it ; the next colnmn represents credits which shoald have been
given, bnt which were omitted by Gen'l B. The column in red ink shows tbe out-
standing liabilitios on the 1st May. The footing from this last is carried to the head
of the $M page, and several accounts there addeid, these accounts having no place in
the books of Gen' I B., tho' memoranda left with me show the contracts to be his.

I arrive at the credits to be given to the workmen up to 1st May by means of cer-
tificates left with them by Geu'l B. at my request. Supposing that, as a matter of
course, you have the original of the statement submitted to me, I will endeavor suc-
cinctly to go over it, and point out its correspondence, or otherwise, with the t>ooks

First, as to the amount of cash received from the Co. by Gen'l B., I find that it agrees
with the books, provided a necessary correction be made. In deducting the $200
(January premium from Messrs. Echegnren, Quintana Sl Co., which is improperly
charged to me in the statement) from $102,17*2.00, the remainder is put down as
101,962 instead of $101,972, and again, in putting in a condensed form, to sum with
the overdrafts and outstanding debts, it is put as $101,902, instead of $101,972.

As to the $200, 1 can only say that Gen'l B. turned over to me a check on the Bank of
California for $75 and $48 in coin, in Mazatlan, received from the Durango S. M. Co. :
with these two exceptions I received no money or credit from my predecessor. I hold
the acs. current — sent by his bankers, Mess. Echeguran, Quintana &. Co. — for the
latter part of 1865 and 1866 np to 12 May. In these tbe proper credits for January
and March premiums— $100 each — are duly given, and Gen'l B. derived the benefit
of them, tho' he omitted to place it in tbe cash-book until May.
It will be apparent that I cannot be held responsible for what I have not received.
Failing to take up these $200 premiums in his cash-book, the overdraft amounted
to $2,541 .67, whereas I had to pay $2,312.60 only as the balance due for overdrafts. See
note, page 2 of balance sheet.
This leaves a discrepency of $29, which I cannot explain, it not being my afEiair.
The dues to sundry persons overrun the amount stated in the paper submitted to
me, as shown in the Dr. side of the exhibit now forwarded to you.

The payment on J. Y. Hardy's- stock by Wilson, and T. J. B's stock, are duly noted
in their acs., and correspond.

With reference to the ac. of the Guadalupe 8. M. Co.,. you will perceive that Gen'l
B. acknowledges a balance due by his booKS of $345.58, whereas the true balance in
their favor was $895.58, arising thus: At the time of my arrival here three assess-
ments had been levied ; the first was paid by Gen'l B., and the Guadalupe Co. debited
for the amount, $550, but no corresponding credit for the assessment was given.

The second assessment was paid oy you, bv telegraphic transfer, in the winter; no
mention of that, as a matter of course, is made here, but there was a third assessment
duo when I arrived here, and credit was given for it only.

The credit omitted for the former or first assessment had therefore to be allowed
by me^ as the credit allowed that company was mostly for money borrowed from the
snp'd't, and it was in reality thro' mistake, ofhetting the borrowed money by the
payment of an assessment.

It will be observed that the individual accounts differ in some respects from Gen'l
B.'s statement ; this arises from the fact that the statement in drawn from the ledger
up to the :iOth Aprilf tho' Gen'l B. continued to hold the books, for settlement and bal-
ance, up to tbe date of his leaving, delivering them to me in Mazatlan.

During this period he made many entries which he had forgotten to take up or
consider, tho' a careful examination shows me that they were nis own transactions,
entered a little after date.
I trust that the papers forwarded will meet your approval.
I remain, sir, yours, with respect,

J. A. Ds Laokrl, Sup^tPt.

63 Mazatlan, December 31«t, 1866.

Mr. G. F. NoLTS, Coeula:

Sir Tour note of the 15th Dec'r was handed to me a few days since, at San Tgnacio,
as I passed that point on my way to this place.

I regret not having seen you, as it would have bwn more satisfkotoiy to have talked
over the matter of your employment, etc.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


At present I am not prepared to employ yon, bnt think it more than probable that
the Hervices of some one having your knowledge and experience will be needed.
Therefore, with a view to this probability, I should be pleased to hear from you again
on this subject, and to know wnat salary you would expect as amalgamator, ansayer,
etc., with charge of the mill.

You will understand also that I should prefer to know what testimonials as to
character and capability you possess, and would moreover have you informed of my
unwillingness to remove yon from your present position unless with the consent of
those interested.

Trusting that the above may meet your approbation, I shall expect and hope to
hear from you soon again.

With respect, I remain,


Mazatlan, Mo., 5M January, 1867.
Mr. D. J. Gabtu, TriHumrer La Ahra S, M, Co.:

Sir : I hasten to acknowledge the receipt of your three letters of the 1st, 10th, and
20th of NoYember, respectively, and in response will endeavor to place yon in pos-
session of all the necessary inlbrmation to enable you to judge of our condition and
prospects here.

In your lat«8t letter, the 20 Nov*r, yon there informed me that you can meet no fur-
ther drafts upon you; yet I had already, about the 17 Nov'r, drawn on yon as treas-
urer for the snm of seven thousand dollars.

I wrote to yon fully bv the same mail, and hoped to be able to send the letter via
Acapnloo, and thiis reach you before the draft. In this I was disappointed, and my
letters having gone via S. Francisco will reach yon at the same time that the d'H*
comes in for pavmeut. I trnst that, despite what you say, you will find some way to
satisfy the dratt, for if it goes to protest it will be of incalculable ii^ury to the best
interests of the co. To me the consequences of such a thing wonld be both mortify-
ing and most embarrassing, bnt to the comp'y's interests tney would prove far more

It is therefore that I urge upon your serious consideration the interest at stake, and
pray that a prompt settlement be given upon presectation.

The prospect at present is most mvorable ; the mill is in working order, the retort
and fnmaoes ready for the separation and preparation of the silver for market, and
the ditch so far advanced when I left that I exi)ect to find it completed upon my return.

The stock of ore is large, and, I believe, good, though that remains to be seen.

Of the success I have strong hopes, and the few rough notes on the back of your
letter, made by Col. Gilham, respecting the composition and class of ores, gives addi-
tional ground for hope.

I have jnst received application from a German metallurgist, said to be both com-
petent and reliable. I have written to him for testimonials, etc.

He has been in this country three years, and has worked as amalgamator at the
Dayton Mills, in Washoe or Nevada.

I am here for the purpose of securing socie articles needed for the store, to keep np
the st'Ock and meet the wants of our people.

Articles are scarce and prices high, because of a difference or diffionlty between the
merchants and the Gov't respecting the duties to be paid for the goods ordered, and
now in ships almost in sight. The condition of affairs is not satis&ctory ; people feel
no security, and some of the most wealthy are determined and preparing to leave for
Europe to remain.

Respecting what you say about the contraction of bad debts, large or small, I wonld
inform yon that I have endeavored to carry out your instructions. As to the amount
received from cash sales of mdse., it is very small, the number of people about Tay-
oltita being less than formerly.

As those employed by me receive two-thirds of their earnings in goods, they have
no great need to purchase more. Then there are other points witiiin striking dis-
tance which are endeavoring to attract the little trade there is, and so, between a
diversity of causes, the receipts of cash are very small indeed.

The Guadalupe Mine does not improve. When I left the hacienda the sup'd't of that
oo. had only four barreteros at work, and said that if the metal did not improve he

would reduce the force one-half.
64 I really think that the property is now without value, though what may be

hidden none knows.

I had written to Mr. Mills, presd't of the Bank of Cal., and to the hoii.<^ of Weil A
Co., asking that thev would inquire and ascertain market value of Gnadaupe stock,
if it had any at all

I have no reply from Weil Sl Co., but the Bank of Cal. sends me the following ex-
) se<ry of it is co., Mr. Pfeiffor, says there is none of this stock for tale

tnct: ''The

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


that he knowH of; on the last a88es.snieut which wa8 levied on same, some of it was
advertised for Hale for assessments, but before day of sale it was all paid. He would
not say what it could be bouf^bt or sold for, nor would be say who the stockholderH
were, except that there were two or three who deld very larsely of the stock, some il
or 40U shares each. When asked what he would sell his st4)ok for, his reply was, " 1
would not sell at all, but would rather buy, if 4 could get it cheap." When asked il
the stock was worth 10 or $15 per share, he said he thought you could buy all you
wanted at those figures."

You will perceive how loosely these things are done where no interest exist'S to •
make oue guarded; from the preceding it is evident that it was known that I made
the inquiry, though it is true that another view can be taken of it.

Wbt^ther the company intends to build works, etc., etc.^ it is doubtful at any rate.
Tis true the letter 1 read, similar in character to the one you received, said bo, but I
find out here that the sup'd't is trying to sell the five-stamp battery which they have
had here for two years. Now, the battery is a portion of the machinery always needed
whether the system followed be American or Mexican.

I think that they might have intended to go ahead with the work a short time
back, but scarcely believe they would sell the battery if they intended to build, nor
can I understand the matter of going to work after the mine has failed to yield any-

The metal from this mine, beneficiat«d at Qnansamay, gave only about $56 to $60
per ton. You write to me in a suggestive way that does not at all uitn^t the object in

You advise me in an undecided manner to sell the co.'s interest in this stock, but
do not say so positively; and, again, 1 have no means of doing so save through letter
communication and third parties, strangers to me, in California.

Why not, as I before suggested, determine the question and duly authorize some
party of respectability to act as your agent and sell, giving necessary power of attor-

In Mexico I am really more cut off from sources of information or communication
with Cal. than yon are. You ought to take into consideration, too, the fact that I
am very loth to venture to dispose of your property. If the sale should prove accept-
able, all is well ; but if the property be sold fom song and the mine should ultimately
prove good, the blame would bo with me.

I give yon all the information I can gather. Yon are therefore as well informed as
T, and can instruct an ageut as readily as, or more so than I can. The property at
Gaarisaoiey is 'Hn status quo;" the works have caved during the last rainy season,
and I tho't of putting some men in and working upon it to restore it, so that yon
might get in, which is prevented now by the fallen mass.

Don Juan Castillo is here; will go in time to Durango, and proposes visiting

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