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the brown angar, which yon will pleaee deliyer to him.

Aa the baga are very heavy the way they are pnt np, I have anthorized him to re-
pack them, and make him reaponaible for them till their arrival.

I nnderatand that a carga of brown aagar makea np three bags ; if that is so, and
they all have the aame nnrober, flfty more will have to be delivered yet.

Do me the favor to tell me if I am well poated; and, also, how much Hnerto

I remain, yonr affectionate and ainoere aervant,

J. A. Db Laonbl,


Haoibnda db La Abba, 19 March, 1867.
Mr. F. Si^ffDBLL,

In charge Du r tm g o 8Uoer Mimm, San Dimaa :
Dbar Sir: I aend by Mr. Edgar two Iba. beat black tea, at 1^.25. io a< cordaooe
with yonr reqneat. Bhonld yon require other tea of inferior qnality, tor aal*^, we can
aend it to yon ; bnt preanming that yon wished it for the honae, I aend this. I oonld
have aent by the ola man fh>m San Dimaa, bnt hearing that he had not delivered Bir.
Carr'a boota. I thought he might do the aame with the tea.'
I return alao the wire cloth, it not an i ting the parpoae.
Very reapectfully,

J. A. Db Lagnbu

Mazatlan, AjrrU 10, 1^67.
Wm. C. Rallston, Esq.,

Ckuhier Bank CaHf&mia :
Sib: I enoloae herewith duplicate drafta for Ave thousand dollara (gold coin) in
your favor a^inst D. J. Garth, esq., of N. T.

Againsc this amount I have drawn on yonr bank, in favor of Echenique, Pefka A
Co., of tliia place.
Please place the above amount, with premiuma, to my credit, and oblige,
Toura, reapectfully,

J. A. Db Lagmbl.

Tatoltita, Durango, Mo., Mag 6, 1807.
72 D. J. Garth, Eaqr.,

T)rea$wr9r La Ahra 8. M. Co. :

Toura of the 24th April waa received aome daya prevloua to the departure of GoL
De L., who will no doubt reach N. T. aometime prior to the reception of this. Col.
De Lagnel will, of course, give you a full and aetailed account of affaira aa he left
them, making it naeleaa for me to make any further mention of them.

Since hia leaving I have, aa far as I think safe, reduced the number of handaat the
minea, keeping onTv a anffloient number to ahow that they are atill being worked. I
have a light force in the Cristo; no improvement in the metal; a light force in the
La Lnz ; the metal about the aame. The La Abra, which we atarted on a month or two
alnoe, and which ahonld have been worked long ago, is daily improving, and I am in
hopea will yet give aome retuma. Mr. CuUina aeema quite aangnine in reference to it.

CoL De Lagnel will give yon an account of the mill and its work, which did notex-
•eed onr expectations. * The Col. waa to have nenttmm Ban Francisco on hia way

S. Doc. 231, pt 2 ^21

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


ihrongli ft eet of floreens much finer than the ones we had been naing. I expect them
down oy next steamer. The new screens may be a great improyement on the old
ones. At all CTents, I will give them a trial, and with the best possible advantage.

I have discharged the greater portion of tbe hacienda hands. The oven for roast-
jug the ore, which was commenced before the Col. left, is nearly completed. There
is no improvement in the difficulties which we havo had to contend with in reference
lo buying goods and getting duties reduced. In fact, instead of an improvement,
they are adding additional taxes. Col. De L. before leaving laid in a partial supply
of provisions for the rainy season. I have since iiought corn at a mceh lower price
than has been generally paid for it.

I start for the port in the morning^; while there will buy a light assortment of
^oods, which I must have; my intention is to buy sparingly of everything. If there
18 anything special which you desire a statenient'on, please inform me and send a leir
ter of instructions.

If yon have any papers which refer to the boundaries of the different mines belong-
ing to the CO., please send them out by earliest opportunity ; we may need them here.

Hoping that my next may be of a more cheering nature.
I remain, yours, with respect,

C. H. EzAix.

Mazatlan, May I7tk, 1867.
D. J. Garth, Esq.,

TVMMirer La Ahra 8, M. Co, :

Dear Sir: I arrived here on the evening of the 12th inst. The steamer not having
returned from Guaymas, on its return trip I had to.

I succeeded in recovering the bullion which tbe authorities here took from Col. De
L., by the payment to the different government officers and getting it aboard steamer
of tbe sum of |247.00. I had either to pay the amount mentioned, or allow them to
retain the silver, its value being much more — there l)eing a large peroentago of gold
in it. I would, as a business transaction, have bought it back from them. Aside mm
this, mv desire to get it to N. Y. in its present stare, and the probability of its being
of much value to you, these motives induced the expenditure in its recovery. I have
it shipped by Wells, Fargo &. Co. ; valuation I gave |300. Expenses $15, to be paid
in N. Y.

Since being here I have bought lightly of dry goods and grocmes. My supply for
the rainy season will be enough, provided we work a limited number of hands. Not
knowing what may be your intention iu reference to working the mines, whether
with a large or small force, induced me to be on tbe safe side, and to make my pur-
chases as small as possible.

A day previous to my leaving Tayoltita, I spent a day at the mines. While at
the La Abra I picked up two or three nieces of ore, which was then being taken oat.
Made no selection. The evening before leaving the hacienda for this port, I aa*
sayed the several pieces. The assay was hettfr than previous assays of any ore on tbe
patio, giving me |:)7d iu silver and a large percentage in gold. It being very l»te in
the day before I got through melting down, was unable to get an accurate gold

The labor from which this ore was taken is improving and tbe vein widening ever
since it was first started on. In my next I can give you a more correct idea of tbe
La Abra metal, as by that time the different labores, which are now being worked,
will have undergone a better test.

The screens arrived by last steamer. I will start the mill — working the Crtsto ot« —
or if that will not pay, will work the ore that does as soon as I get back. I leave
this afternoon for tbe mines.

No news here of importance. Masatlan dull. Weather oppressively hot. It
73 is said the rainy season will commence earlier than usual, probably by end of
June. Please forward the inclosed letters.

Kind regards to friends.

C. H. K ^A»T

Mazatlan, Jume 13, 1867.
W. C. RaLLSTON, Esq.,

Cashier Bank of California, San FraneiBoo :
Inclosed nlease find my draft in favor of Bank of California, and on D. J. Oarth,
New street. New York, for three thousand dollars, which yon will please negotiate, and
place proceeds, with current rate of exchange, to my credit.

Unless the house which we do buisness with here, Echeniqile, Pefia A, Co., is m
need of money on San Francisco (which is not the ease this steamer), I find it <iifficult
to dispo^ of individual drafts.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


By next steamer yoa will maoh oblige me by sendiDg me, care of Echeoiqae, Pefia
& Co., of this place, a letter of credit or of deposit, or some paper which I can nego-
tiate, in sams of one thousand dollars each, to coyer the amoaut I draw for.

Colonel de Lagnel informed me by May steamer that when going through San Fran-
cisco he called upon yon, and what moneys he had with yon, had them trausferred to
my credit. Please let me hear ftom yon by next steamer, and oblige,
Yr. obt. svt.,

Aotg, Sup. La Abra M. Co.

Mazatuoi, June lllA, 1867.
D. J. Garth, Esq.,

Treawrer La Abra 8. M, Co. :
Dbar Sir : I avail myself of an unexpected opportunity to send a letter through
direct ; can only write a few lines, as the party who takes my letter is now in waiting.
I am down buying supplies for the rainy season ; will await the airiyal of steamer
from San Francisco ; sne is expected to-morrow. Everything at the hacienda is get-
ting on as well as can be expected. I will, of oonise, write you more ftiUy by steamer.
My principal reason for writing now is to inform you that I will be compelled to draw
tn yon by this steamer for three thousand ($3,000) dollars.

The steamer will leave (his port for S. Fco. on the 27tli, and will reach San Fran-
cisco about 4th or 5th of July. I will draw throush Wk of Cal. I am compelled to
have funds to lay in supplies ; have not enough on nand to do ao.

Hoping this will not inconvenience you, I remain, respectfully,

C. H. ExALL,
Ac^g Stip. L, A. 8. M, Co.

Tatolttta, Julio 111* de 1867.
AiarJefe PoUHoode 8an lHma$:

MUT S9 Mio : 8u carta de el 10 del corriente fue recibido ayer tarde. Y segun sus
contentos yo no pensaba que guadaba respnesto y no tenia intencion de cootestarle.

Est4 mafiana ine avisado que el respnesto eraesparaba por Y. Sli. Y en respesto &
el compromise de ^ne hablaba V. era becho ciiando estnboen Mazatlan, tenia fherza
hasta que yo volviera y entonoes yo pudiera tratar con V. lo mejor qua pndia y en
cuanto si V. hubiera tomardo conooiraiento de las circun stancias y cansas que can-
saba el paralizacion del los trabi^os.
Mejores sentivos le hubiera mostrada ^ Y. que posible ^ hacer diferente.
He ofrecido ii los operarios toda las menas ^ partido por carga y algnnos eata ya
trab^Jtuidoydiciendo que eon este adamos entendidoamstosamente sobreeste asnnto.
Sin mas, soy su affectemo. serrador,

' Charles H. Exall,

Adm$tor. La Abra S, M. Co.
252 Tatoltita, July 11, 1067. «

To the PoLmoAL Chief of San Dimas :
Dear Sir: Your letter of the 10th instant was received last evening, and from its
contents I thought that no answer was expected, and I had no intention to reply to
it. This morning I was advised that the answer was expected by yon. Ingrespeot
to the compromise of which you spoke, it was made while I was in Mazatlan, to last
until I should return, and then I was to arrange with you as best I coold. And if
you had known the circumstances and causes which led to the paralyaation of the
works it would have been apparent to yon that it was not possible to do otherwise.
I have offered to the operatives all the mines, to be worked on shares by the carga,
and some are already at work, and desiring that with this there may be the most
fHendly understanding about the affair, I am, your most humble servant,

Charles H. RxALr*,
8upt. La Abra 8. M. Co.


73 Staiommt of ike oaek reodpis and eanemdUure aX ike hademda de La Abra TayolUia

in ike MiOaA o/ApHl, 1807.

Beo'dfrom J. A. de Lagnel in Tayoltita $171.73

" " " "Mazatlan 7.4:^.88

'' Cash sales during month 82.98

" W. S. Dmkee 2.00

" GuadpM S. M. Co 43.92

*« Expenses Trom W. & Dnrkee 10.00

«« J. d.Edgar 3.81


Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Statement of the otuih reoeiptt and expendUmres, etc — Continiied.


Paid house ezpenseB IB8.87

** Eoheniqne, Pe&a ^ Co., for md'ae $1,125.53

" J. B.MoUGr&Co 534.31

" C. H. ExaUon% 87L88

" A. B. Elder, bal'oe to l0t Apl 386.48

" J. J. Skinker on 9^ 38.09


Machinery and bnildinj^ :

Paid memoriaa donng mo 75.20

" B. Romero % lomher 6.00


Expense %g paid for lefg. silTer 6.75

" for recovering money taken tnm De L 237. 66

" " triptoMasatlan 76.37

" "postages 6.45


Danl SaUivan. balance in MI to 30th April 58.55

Stored for balances and brooms 3.56

Gnadalnpe 8. M. Co., for balance 10. 13

La Lnz mine m's during mo 84. 13

" freightonore 15.13


"Abra '' Do memo, daring month 143.62

N. A. Sloan, p'd on % 47.85

Geo. Cnllins, " " *• 4.00

Mais9^ " M. Avaloa 11.19

Mdse. % p'd Hnerta ft. on Panocha 8. 10

" Sandoval do * 146.00

" diff'nce in exchange .88

" formeats, etc 52.25

" R. Emerson 1.50

" bill of medicines 5.50

" Echenique, Pefia A Co 9.50

" " " forLaros !.. 2.50

" Bargero, com, beef, and onions 68. 35

** difference in com .66

'* dnties on goods fh>m MazatVn 3. 13

'* Tgno. Zorozteza, for candles 18. 88

" F. Rosas, for com 40.85


t4, 019.37

Balanoe on hand carried to May f3,689.95

InTayoltita 1,181.36

<' Masatlan with Echeniqne, Pelka & Co 8,508.59


Biaiement of the eaeh receipte and eamenditwres of the kaeienda of La Abra la 2kyoifltey

for the numih of Mag, 1867.

Balance on hand brot. from April $3,689.95

Cash sales daring the month 103.60



Mdse. act. pd. Crisanta Hnerta, for com $34.37

'* Dnties on, case clganos 27.25

" Pedro Egeda, for com 36.00

" Ascencion Velazqaes, for com 29. 10

" L. Manaelos, " " 19.25

" Y. Manaelos, " " 18.56

" V. Calderon. " chilo 42.40

*' Crispin Rubio, " com 21.31

" Behrendt A. Co., boots and shoes 47. 50

*' H. BartniDg & Co., dry goods 20.00

•* J. Heymann & Co., « " 1.88

" J. Redo, " " 19.68

75 '* J. R. MoUer ^Co.,dry goods 19.60

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


SUUemmt of the ca$h recttpte and eoq^mdUurei, elo.— Continaed.

MdM. aot. pd. Careagad^Co. << << $145.62

** Animariu. medioines 19.88

" Coles, billstorage 3.26

" li^or belts and bat 7.25

'* Jaau Salasar. for com 45.23

*< Duties on goods from Masatlan 30.00

'* J. M. Sancbez, for onions 20. 40

'* JesQs Hayorga, for dried beef 25.25

«< Jesns Velasqnes, " oom '26.13

" CHstinoMefla, " " 24.19

" C. BalTOMle, '• •' 49.96


Honseexps. {laid for beef^ vegetables, and servants 26.56

LaAbrainine, '* memorias during montb 170.98

LaLusmine, " " " 101.86

Macb. and bnUding, " " " 101.69

C. H. ExaU 175.81

Wm. Carr ^ ,32

Jobn J. Skinker 186.38

Expense ^pd. forshipt. silver 9.50

" postages 2.50

Remitted WeU&Co 5L75

Pd. exps. trip to Masatlan 56.59

*< Correo from San Dimas .25


Qeo. Cnllins ^ 15.00

Jaa. Granger 241.50

A. O.Sloan 1.50

A.B. Elder 22.50

Mdse. ^ pd. M. Abalos 9.50

•* Jnlian Laies 12.50

*' Forlasosand blankets 6.00

" Exps. on road to and from Maaatlan 51.50


mil % remitted H. J. Bootb A Co., for screens 33. 07

Paidfreighton " 3.50


y. SandoTaly on^ aOO


Balanoeon liand carr'd to June .- 1,950.89

In Tayoltito 1,869.80

** Masatlao, witb Eobeniqne, Pefia & Co 81. 09


Simiememt of ike reeeipU amd expemHturee at the htufienda of La Abra in TawltUafor the

month of June, 1867.

Balanoe on band from May $1,950.89

Casb sales during montb 118.47

J.O.Rice 10.00


Borrowed from Ecbenique, Pe&a A Co. (for wbicb we pay 1 ^ a

montb) - 1,252.94



Paid C. H. ExaU : 21.44

" Jas. Granger 27.98

'' boose ex p% beet vegetable, and servants 23.62

Uu\e% paidM.Abalos 3.97

LaAbra mine " memoriae during montb 86.71

LaLu« " " " " " 65.00

ElArryan '* •« " " " 9.38

Macbinery and building " " *' 49.56

BlCristomine " " " 11.72

Mill ^ mo2o to San Dimas $L00

for making bags .60

A. Lecbaya 6.88

M. Contreras 1.50


Digitized by VjOOQ IC


8tmi$mmi of ik§ ooi^ reeefpU mnd eag^miditwrm, 0fo.— Continued.

76 JohnJ.Skinker 134.75

Szpen8e%^ trip to Mazatlan $74.75

Postages 2.d4

Belt lost oontaining 10.00

'^— — — ^ 87 flO

A. B. Elder SlioO

R. Fonseoa, pdbal'cedne for lime 70.75

Mdse.^ ** moKO to Gill Osorio 1.50

** Mignel Vega for com 20.21

" Asoensio Baron 56.25

'* F.Romero for garoaosafi. 10.69

" 8. Manjares " hides 66.00

** for catting guaraches .62

" Gil Osorio for fr. from Mazatlan 100. 00

" Harper & Co. for solder 3.75

'< O.Rocb&Co. *' dry goods.... 328.00

" E. Seetier & Co., " " .... 14.23

« Redo Hernandez ^b Co., '* << .... 299.06
•' J. Heymann & Co., •' <• .... 12.75

" E.Neumann. " " .... 16.90

" J. R. Moller & Co., " " .... 34.04

" Behrendt & Co., " ♦' .... 9.00

" A. F. Stockfleth for powder 10.59

*' duties on goods from Mazatlan 79. 66

'• baker. 15.00



Bal'ce on band in Tayoltita 1.733.58

Statemmi of the indebtednen qf the kaeietida ds La Abra in TagoUia on Ui July, 1867.

July 1. Tbere was due to employ^ as follows:

A. O. Sloan, miner I4H6.25

A. B. Elder in cbarge of mill 181.01

Jobn J. Skinker 2nd " " " 7(j.l5

Wm. Carr, mason 217.90

Jas. Granger, bookkeeper 84.65

J. Carson, watchman 22..^)0

t 1,070.46

C. Sandoval, for charcoal deliv'd 46.59

Echenique, Pena A Co., for money borrowed (bearing int'st ®

12%perttnn.) 1,252.94

" " " bill mdse., 14 May due 14 Sept 264. :J8

" " *' " " 6 June " 60otr 577..38


Total $3,211.75

Hacirnda La Abra, Julp I3th, 1867.
D. J. Garth, Esq.,

Treanurer La Abra S. M, Co,, 18 New street, K. Y, :
Dear Sir : The letters and papers sent by Sr. Molina were received at the hacienda
on the 1st of the month. I had been advised by one of the members of the house of
E.P. A Co. of the movements of Sr. M. ; of his meeting with yon, Ac Think-
ing that you would not let so good an opportunity escape to send letters out, I sent a
mozo down to meet the steamer Colon (a small affair owned by Echequran A Co.,
which was sent over to Acapnlco to meet str. from Panama, and bring Sr. M. to Ma-
zatlan ). Thus it was that I got your letters at such at a n early date. As Col. de L. had
arrived, and of course given you a mioote and dotaile<l ac't of aflfairs here, I can't
say that the contents of year letter surprmed me tnucb. I am Horry that Col. de L.'s
drsft could not be paid, as its being protested I fear will injure the interests of the
CO. both in Mazatlan and San Francisco. All year previous letters to me were to fol-
low ont the Instructions given to Col. de L. I took charge of affairs at a time when

the expenditure of money was absolutely necessary to pnrcfaase supplies for the
TT rainy season. Col. deL. left me with oniy moderate means to buy these various

supplies; pay't of sundry bills which were coming due, and pay of the workmen

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


who had accoants of tliree. four, and six months' standing. (As I hail the money in
Mazatlan, deposited with £. P. A Co., and getting nothing for it, I settled "p all time
hills, getting a discount. ) After these varioas amounts were considered, 1 saw that it
was impossible to meet all obligations and hare a safflcient surplos to keep me in ofiera-
tion during the rainy season, as it was absolutely necessary jto have at the hacienda
^m -^^- to fifteen handred dollars. Under these circumstances I drew on you
through B'k of Cal. for $3,000. £. P. A Co., who have always bought Col. de IJb
drafts on you, did not want money on San Pco; I found it impossible to sell it to
other houses, so sent it to Mr. Balston, cashier B'k of Cal., with request to send me

negotiable paper for . This paper I conld, of course, easily dispose of anywhere.

On the strength of this draft I bought my g^oods, my bUl at E. P. & Co.'s amounting
to $577.38, 4 mos. The other bills, amounting to 9738.34, 1 bought Cor cash, which
E. P. A Co. settled. In addition to this I borrowed $500 cash to take with me to thu
hacienda. Before leaving Mazatlan I made other parchasee, making the whole
amount which £. P. &Co. settled forme (including the $500 borrowed), |1,252.94 cash.
This cash was lent and paid for me on my promise of payment by return steamer,
which is the one now coming. I informed yon by an early opportunity of my inten-
tion to draw. I had not then heard from yon in reference to CoL de L.'8 draft: did
not know it had been protested, which, if I had known, I certainly would not have
drawn. My draft will, of course, be returned by coming steamer. I wxote yon fully
when I was down last, informing yon of my doings.

When I received your letter by Sr. M. I was working the Abra, Cristo. Lnz, and
Anyan, a small force in each. Seeing the decided manner in which all nirther aid
for the present was refused and the iniunotion to cut down all expenses, necessitated
my stopping off the whole force from the mines. As I had only a short time previous
reiduced the cash payment from ^ to — (which occasioned a stop for 8 or 10 days, which
I was glad o^ as it was so much clear gain, and a little spat with the officials which
was gotten through without much trouble), I thought it best not to stop off immedi-
ately, but prepare the miners for the change. I let them work on one week longer,
and during that week informed them of my intentions. They said nothing offensive,
but of course were disappointed, as it wonld be a bad time for them to be without
work in the rainy season. Since stopping off we have been trying to make arrange-
ments with the men to work by shares and by the cargo. I have succeeded in get-
ting four miners to work by the cargo. They are working in the Arryan, and ^tnng
out some good metal. I hope to be able to keep them there ; by doinp so it will
secare the mine in every way. Fonr miners is all I had there before. Mr. Cul-
lins thinks that in a short time he will be able to get more men at work in the other
mines. We can do better with them when they are a little hungry.

Working in this way is mnch better and attended with the least expense. They
are proTisioned for a week and charged with what they get. What metal they get
out 18 assayed; if it assays an amount worth working (we pay them in goods a little
money now and then), about i its assay value. They, of course, will get out nothing
but good metal, if it can be found. Yon see, in this way we get the metal out free of
cost, buy it at one-half its valne, pay in goods, and make a handsome profit on thera.
As long as the men will work in this way (which they wUl not do unless they get
good metal) it will be our best way of working the mines. We must not expect them
to get out any amount, but what is gotten ont in this way will pay for packing down
fh>m the mountains. If I am not able to get men in the other mines I am privileged
by the mining laws of the country to stop working in mines 4 months in the twelve.
As these mines have been steadily worked over a year, lean safely take advantage
of the privilege. t

Mr. Stone, who no donbt Col. de L. has spoken of, is now out of employment. He
will remai n here for a time. I can give him something to do now and then. I am sorry
such is the case, as he is a good man in his position, and if the co. continues work it
would be well to keep him. Mr. Carr, the mason, Dani Sullivan, both of which I
have gotten rid of, in fact have reduced the force down to the lowest point.

Sunday 14.

Sincd the first of July I have been running the mill day and night, being thrown on
my own resources and having no way to get money except from the metal.

The retnms from the mill I will not be able to get for some days. I have had the
mill cleaned up and everything in shape of metal put in vaso to be melted. In
the morniug I start for Duran^o with what bullion I may have. I should like to be
able to give you results, but will not be able to do so, as the metal will not be out of
the vaso before late at night. I start thus early for Durango, hoping to be able to get
back in time to go to Mazatlan to meet steamer. What retnms i get for the little
silver I wul turn over to £. P. and Co. I hope to be able to get along for a time
78 at least without assistance, but if it can be gotten I would to know, for feur I
will not be able to keep t kings w ith what little I have or may be able to get from
the MS.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


The letter yon seem so dusiroua for me to answer has not yet arrived. I expect it
by next steamer; will answer it if I get down in time.

The rainy season has set in, althongh a ver^ mild one so far ; we had no rain of con-
sequence until 3d or 4th of this month : the river is j us t hieh enough to notice it. Our
dam holds good yet, but much of a nse in the river willsweep it away. The ditch
at the upper ena has been for some days overflowing : I fear before the season is
through that it will be nearly destroyed, or at least rendered useless, until heavy re-
pairs are made. It is a poor piece of work.

The officials are getting daily more troublesome ; their demands are all foolish and
very utHust, but we have to do the best we can with them and take things as quietly

iDclosed yon have a full statement of the cash transactions; I bad it made out as
clearly as possible.

I have Just gotten out of bed, having been confined to it nearly all day with severe

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