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operaciones de su hacienda de beneficio. El torreno en cuestion forma una parte tel
terrene comprado por el uso esckisive de la referida compaliia quien quiarindo usalo

Sara otros objetos, ban utilisado por medio de una manuinaria mny costesa el agua
el rio en un modo mucho efiuas que antes, con facilidades abnndantes para beneficiar
todos lo8 metales que se sacan en el mineral de Tayoltita. . De modo que seria una in-
Joaticia ^ la compafiiade quitarle esta parte de su terrene. Ademas, nay una habita-
oion occupado en el mismo terrene y por esta rason esta denunciable seno con aviso de
ouatro mesea, pararestablecer, vender 6 arrendarlo, en caso que las razones ya es
84 puestos no son sufflcientes pare su completa ampara. Por tanto pido qne se
admite esta mi oposicion y que se anule el referido denuncio— decidiendo la
oueation lo mas pronto posible— protestando ser en Justicia y no de malicia. 8e sup-
lice tambien el presente en papel commun por no haber de sello que corresponds, pro*
testando, reponerio cuando haya.

Charlbs H. Exall,

Admor. La Ahra S, M, Co,
Bah DiiffAS, Notemker 26, 1867.

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CmzsN Prbvbgt of thm Dibtbict:

Herewith I make foimal opposition to the denouncement mad<x by C. Oaadalape
Soto on the 88th of October. 1H67, of the site of the old haoienday called Goad
alnpe, in the mineral of Tayoltita ; said gronnds being the property of i^e American
company which I represent, and which acquired them by purchase from Sefior Don
Angel Castillo del Valle, their last owner, and being now occupied by said company
in the necessary operations of its reduction works. The gronnds in question form
part of those purchased for the exclusive use of the company referred to, which, de-
siring to use them for other purposes, has utilized, by means of expensiTe machinery,
the water of the river in a manner much more efficacious than hitherto, with abun-
dant facilities to beneflciate all the metals which may be mined in the mineral of
Tayoltita. It would therefore be a great iniustice to the company to take from it ^
this portion of its property. Moreover, there is an occupied house on the same groand,
and for this reason it Is not subject to denouncement without four montJis' notice to
repair, sell, or rent the same, should the reasons which I have given not be sufficient
for the complete protection of the company. I therefore beg that yon will consider
this, my opposition, and annul the denouncement referred to, deciding the question
as promptly as fU>ssible, protesting in justice and not in malice. This is written on
common paper, because I have not necessary paper, but will replace it when I have


AdmMitraUnr La Ahra Silver Mining Campattjf.
San Duf ab, Nwembmr 28, 1867.

Sor. D. Macario Olvkras,

Gefe PoUHeo, delpMUdo de San DimoB :

Dbar Sir: I was in San Dimas on yesterday and honed to have the pleasure of
seeing yon, but was disappointed, as yon had not returned, and learned that yoa were
not expected until 23 inst. ; thought best to write you in regard to the denoanoement
of the hacienda Guadalupe by Sor. D. Guadalupe Soto, altho' I should have much
preferred to have talked ovet the matter with you.

On last Saturday D. Guadalupe put men to work on the hacienda grounds: this I
was confident he had no right to do until decision was given in his favor, on his de-
nonnceujent, and he was le^Uy put in possession. Accordingly I laid my complaini
before the Judge here (D. Nicanor Perez) who decided that Soto must suspend work,
but afterwards I learned that he told Soto to go and work, which be did andluui since
continued working. This should and ought not to be. The judge says that be has
heard nothing from you in reference to the matter, and nothing in reference to my op-
position. .Sor. D. Antoariza, gefe municipal, here on yesterday ; he is an old resident
of this section of the State and neighborhood, knowing intimately the former ownen
here, and also knowing everything in reference to the sale of the property — the two
haciendas and mines. He gives it as his apMan that the hacienda is not denounoe-
able, and that Soto should be ordered to stop work until the aifair is settled.

Soto cont«nds that he works by authority of an order received from yoa. This I
was very much surprised to hear, as by the mining laws four months from the date of
denouncement is given the owner, in which he may re-establiah, rent, or aell, and
knowing your knowledge of the laws, can not think you could have issued each an

Although I have no personal interest in this matter — being placed here by the com-
pany in charge of the mines haciendas — I can not allow any of them to be tftken with-
out using every lawful means in my power to retain possession of them. And in this
business I demand equal and exact justice, without fear or favor, and leave the matter
in your hands, with the request that you will protect me in all my legal righta and

Trusting that you will take proper and speedy steps to arrest this matter, I remain.
Yonr ob't s'v't,

Charuw H. Exalx,

Tayoltita, Deember 6f*, 1867. AdwCr La Akra JBU M. ۥ.

S. D. Ramon Gurrola,
Hacienda Sania Ana :
MuT SsfiOR Mio: Rt^cibi su grata de Yd. y de Dn. Jos< Rice con feeba del 9 de
Dicre. y mando con el arriero Bmeterio Camilo— 4S fraseos de A^oqne que eon por todoa
450 libras.

Sin mas para ahora soy de Yd. sn aff. y S S.

Tatoliita, JHort 10 ds 1867.

CHABI.B6 H. Ig^^y*.

AimfrLaAWm a. M. 0^

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853 Mr. Ramon Gurbola,

Haeimda Sania Aim:
Sir : I reoeived yoar favor aod that of Josepk Bice, dated on the 9th of December,
and I send with the moleteer, Emeterio Camilo, 6 flasks of <|aiokeilTer, weighing
altogether 450 lbs.

Without any more for the present, I am jonr affiDotionate and sincere serrant,


Adm^M»trai9r La AhraJsTM. Co,
Tatoluta, D^oemher 10, 1867.

34 Sor. Dn. Juan CAemxo db Yallb :

Dbar Sib : I take the ojpportonity of onr mutual friend, J. G. Rice, esq., i^
to Dnrango, to write yon again in ease my letter of dOth Norr. should not have reache

In mine of 26th ulto., I wrote stating that Guadalupe Soto had denounced the haci-
enda do beuefioio de Gnadakipe on the false grounds of abandonment. At the time
of the denonncement I had gone to Masatlan on business. As soon as I returned, and
heard of what bad been done dnring my absence, I entered a formal opposition, and
put it in the hands of tbo gefe in San Dimas (our head of legal affairs). I under-
stand he has since fbrwarded it to the i^oyemor for his decision thereon. In regard
to the grounds of denunciation whichhetook, that of abandonment, 'Mtis false."
85 It is true we have not used the hacienda for mU the operations of beneficiating

metal, but use it in connection with our beneficiating works of the hacienda
San Nicolas. Over the haciendik or rather a portion of it, there is a roof in good re-
pair, and in this part of the builaing there has always (and is now) been some one of
the employes living.

From appearances I think the authorities are in £iyor of Dn. Guadalni>e (or have
in some way committed themselves) and if possible will ipve him possession, which,
if done, will be doing my company great injustice, and gomg contrary to the laws of

The reason of the statement given above in reference to committal, is he, Soto,
seems so confident of success, and in addition has a force at work daily. Ton biow
the great ipjory the putting np of tahonas by the above-named party would do my
company, as of course, all the metal firom tois company's mines, and all the sur-
rounding mines, would be stblen and taken to him, and in fact there are many other
ways in which my company would suffer if he succeeds in getting possession.

Not having the titles, and not knowing whether the hacienda Graadalupe was in-
cluded in the pert* nences of the hacienda San Nicolas, when you sold the property to
my compsny, or whether they were sold separately — as two haciendas — I write, bcf^-
ging that you will give ine all necessary information on this subject, and if you can m
any possible way do anything with the authorities to induce them to render a decision
in favor of my company, and prevent possession being given to Guadalupe Soto, you
will be doing my company great service, and receive Uie thanks of
Your ob't serv't,

Chabuu H. Exaix,

^dfliV La Abra S. M, Co.
Tatoltita, Deoemher 5, 1867.

Sr. Dn. Migubl Labbnoa :

MuT Sr. Mio t Ameo : He reoibido sn carta de V. fecha de ayer, y la de los Sres.
Stosel. Bartwing &, Co., y siendo mi intencion de venir por aca he deferido deescribir
hasta llegar aqni.

Siento muoho que los Sres. Stoael, Bartwing y Cia. entendieron mal 1o que les dije
respeto tfeste negovio y le ban molestado 6 Y. otra ves con el.

Dentro tree o cnatro dias espero sallr para Mazatlan onando Jes vere & dichos
Sefiores y oreo poder aneglar el asnnto elloa satisfhctoriamente.
Soy de V. afina S. 6.

Chablbs H. Exall,

Adm'or La Ahra S. M. Co.
Sah DncAS, Knero If do 1808.


S53 Sellor Don MieuBL Labbicoa:

Dbab Sib and Fbdend : I have received your letter dated yesterday and that
of Messrs. Storcel, Bartning A Co., aod as I intended to oome here I have dateted
my answer until my arrivsT.

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I MD very sorry tbkit Measm. Storzel, Bartning A Co. misunderatood whut I Mid to
them TOHpecting this matter, and have af^aio troubled you with it. Within three or
four days I hope to aet out for Mazatlan, when I shall see those gentlemen, and I be-
lieve I can arrange tho matter satisfactorily with them.
I am, your most affectionate servant,

Charles U. Exall,
AdmiwUtrator La Ahra Silver Minimg Company.
San Dikas, January 12, 1888.

85 Sak DlMAS, DutanyOf Mex., Dec, 26, 1887.

This day received of Sr. D. Miguel Larenga, a draft of five thousand doll's ($5,000),
drawn b^ J. A. de Lagnel on D. J. Garth, esq.. New York.

Not being in any manner connected with or responsible for sai<l draft of $5,000, 1
refose to recognize it.

Charlks H. Exaix,

JdmV La Ahra 6. M. Co,

C. Jxne PoLfnoo, San DimoB^ Ditranffo:

Dkar Sir: This morning about 11 oVk Sr. D. Gicanor Peres came into the store
belonging to the hacienda, looked around, sainted us, and then walked into the store-
room adjoining the store, the time 1 was behind the counter, and seeing him in there
where no one was ever allowed without permission, I, in as polite Spanish as I was
master of, requested him to come out, and after he came nut I shut the store-room
door. He then asked me if I thought he was a rogue and wanted to steal. I told
him as well as I could, certainly not, and that the reason of my asking him out was
that no one was ever allowed in there without permission. He then stated that he

was there on official business, and wanted to see Matias (our ) who was at the

time working in the storeroom. I immediately called Matias oat, and he and the

then went outside of the store. A few minutes afterwards -he returned and

talked in a very excited manner, feeling himself much insulted. I told him nothing
was meant by what I had said, and he left and returned to .

At about 12^ o'ck. Just as our dinner-bell had mug, a moio brought an order from the
fudge, which I inclose. After we had eaten, Mr. Slone went up to see the judge.
86 He had collected around his house a number of men, and in the honse prepara-
tions had been mftde as if resistance was expected and force mtsht be required.
After setting into his room, I requested Mr. Slone to ask him, as I was unable to
ask htm myself, what was the business he wanted to see me on. He replied he
had been grossly insulted, and pushed out of the store, when he was on ofiloial busi-
ness. This I of course denied in a most emphatic manner, having acted only as before
stated. I then told him that in requesting nim to come out of the store-room I had no
intention of insulting him or hurting his feelings, but was simply enforcing the rules
of the hacienda in not permitting any one to go in the store-room without permission.
This he would not listen to, and persisted in saying I intended to insult him. I of
course did not, and, fh>m mv ignorance of the lauffuaee, could not argue the point.
After some time spent in talking to this effect, I asked nim if he bad gotten through
with me, as I^iesirod to return to the hacienda. He replied, yes, he had finished. Mr.
Slone and I then left, and bid him good- by. As we reached the corridor, he said he
never wanted to see me in his house, except on official bnsiness. To this I replied,
** Very well, sir," and turned to leave. He called me back, saline not to go ; if^I did
he would send a force after me, and they would shoot, and insisted on my return into
the house. I did so, without any remark. He then said I was his prisoner. I then
requested him to know what was to be done. He said he would put me in jail until
he could receive instructions from San Dimas. I remained passive, and he then gave
full license to his tongue, abusing me in the most violent language. Then and several
times I repeated my statement of the occurrence in the store. To this he psud no at-
tention, and treated me with utter contempt, and persisted in his intention of putting
me in Jail until he could hear from Sn. Dimas, and would listen to nothine that I
might say. After beiuff his prisoner for an hour, not bein^ allowed to speak to any
one, and being guarded, I asked if ue intended putting me in jail please to do so, as 1
had a headache, and wished to lie down. He then gave me permission to go to the
liacienda, hut to consider myself still his prisoner, and at his boose whenever


My dear sir. I have before given you as minute a Gtate of events exactly as they
oeoiured as ^ possible to write, and from which you will see that if I havo given
any cause to Dn. Nioanor to imagine himself insulted, it was done Ignorantly, as

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


DoUiiiig WM ftirtber firom my thoaghto than insulting him or hurting his feelings
in any manner, and I submit it to your Judgment whether I deserred the treatment
wMoh I have been subjected to, abused and insulted, without any provooation, and
have no redress left me. But for being a prisoner, I would come and see you in refer-
ence to the matter, but unfortunately necessity comnels me to write.

Dn. Nioanor intends writing to San Dimas, and wul of oourse ffivehis yersion of the
a£Eair. Please act on this immediately, as I don't care to be any longer under restraint
than possible.

Tours, most respeotftilly,


AdmW La 8. M. Co.
Tatoltita, JaWy 7, 1868.

Mazatlam, Ja/tey 24, 186a
D. J. Garth, Esq.,

Treawrer La Abra S. M. Co, :

Dkab Sib : I came down to meet steamer firom San Francisco, in hopes of reoeivinff
letters fix>m tou ; I received none, and now, being entirely out of funds and stock, and
being sued by ag'ts from Blc of California for the payment, have to let things
take their own course, as I am unable longer to protect your interests here. In pre-
vious letters I have given vou full and detailed accounts of affairs here, and such fre-
quent repetitions I find useless, and will simply state that I am doing nothing whatever
at the mines, and can not until I receive money to operate with I havn't means to pro-
test now ana they are liable to be denounced at any moment. Some months since I
wrote you for titles ; the Government demanded them ; they have not been received.

By December steamer I sent you a telegram ftrom San Francisco; no reply. The
parties I sent the dispatch to in S. Pco sent it on to New York. I am owin^ consid-
erable and no means ofpaying. What is your intention t Is it to let your interests
here go to the dogst Ton have either to do this or send money out to protect them.
If by next steamer I receive no assistance from yon, I intend leaving for the East. I
will go via Sui Francisco, will from there telegraph vou what further steps I shall
take. I have been doing everything in my power to keep the Bank of Cal. from set-
ting possession ; thus far have succ^ded, but can prevent them no longer, and fear
they will eventually have their own way. Bfr. Gullina (who is not the man he wm
represented to be) left by last steamer.

I have OEuy one man with me now ; am compelled to keep some one. Please
87 telesraph me in San Francisco, care of Weil A Co., immediately on receipt
of tnis. Yon can Judge by what has been done in N. Y. and sent to me whether
or not I may have left. Please let me know your intentions.


Please forward indoeed letters.

Tatoltita^ Feb^y 26, 1868.
Mr. Jamss ORAHen:

Sir : As circumstances are of such a nature as to compel me to leave for San Fran-
cisco, and probably for New York to inquire into the intentions of this company, I
place in your hands the care and charge of the aifoirs of the La Abra S. M. Co., to-
gether with its property.

You are invested nereby with all power confided to me, of course, acting in all your
transactions with an eye to the interests of the oompanv.

This will, to yon, should oocasiou require it, be ample evidence of the right pos-
sessed by yon to act in their behalf.
Yery respectfhlly,

Charlbs H. Exaix,

Adm^9 La Ahra 8, M. Co.

Tatoltita, 12 de Agotio de 1868.
Sor. D. Bbmioo Booha :

MuT Ssf^OR Mio: El cobro que se me hace, de |62.50, que la coiresponde pagar
cada mes ^ esta negociacion por las contribuciones impuestas por la Legislatura del
Estado la ha reconocido y la Jusgo Justo, pero como yo soy unicamente no encargado
por estar fuera del Ingar el Superindente. y como no hay ezistencia de dirmo ni de
efectos para poder pagar este impuesto. fifuplico l( V. se sirva eeperarme hasta el mes
de Novferobre que ee ouandodebe de venir dicha Snperte. y entonces seran pagados
las cantidades a que deba este n^gocio por esta contnbacion.
Su afmo S. S. Q. B. S. M.

SAimAQO Gramokr.

S. Doc. 231, pt 2 — 22

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


S68 Tatoltita, August 18, 1868.

Sefior Don Bbmioio Bogha :
Dkab Sir : I have received the coinmuiiication calling upon this company to pay
$52.50 each month for taxes imposed by tlie legislature of the State, and presume it
to be correct ; bnt as I am only acting in the absence of the superintendent, and as
there is no money nor effects to pay this tax, I beg you to wait nntil the month of
November, at which time said superintendent is to come, and then the sums due by
this company on account of this tax will be paid.
Tour most hnmble servant,

SAvnAOo Granobr.


Office of Garth, Fisubr A Hardt, Bankbrs,

18 Kew 9treet, New York, May lOtik, 1867.
Mr. Chas. H. Ezaix,

TajfoUUa^ HtKioo:
Dbar Sir: Our -last dates firom Mexico on 5th Feb'y last, when we had a letter
frMn Cot De Lagnel, at Mazatlan, informing vm that some delay had been met with
in getting the water on the wheel, and consequently in getting efficiently at work in
washing the ore, but that it was not serious and he hoped in a few da3rs to have every-
thing all right, and gave us some ground to hope for good results now very soon.
From a letter rec'd by Mrs. De L. we expected that the col. would have reached here
before this time, as it was thought that he would leave Mazatlan abont 10th March
last, and we have been awaiting further advices with much anxiety and interest.
We now expect by the next steamer, now nearly due, to see Col. De Lagnel or to hear
something further from him or you. In our former letters wo stated that in the
event of bis leaving Mexico we supposed that you would take charee of affairs, since
when we have given no further instructions on this point. Toucning the manage-
ment we have so fully gijon our ideas in former communications that we now have
nothing more to add. we tmst the dead expenses of building and machinery and
preparation for work have now been long since completed and tiaat a large amount of
good ores accumulated ready for work and that before this time have been benefici-
ated and the results proved to be satisfactory. I hope arrangements can be
88 made to export the bullion, as it would be greatly to our interest to do so, in-
stead of having to be compelled to have it coined, and so avoid loss and delay
at the mints in Mexico. The affairs of the company here are much embarrassed; a
few of the director have advanced all the money to carry on the operations and have
been nearly ruined by it, and are not able to afford any further aid from here, and
look anxiously to be reimbursed very soon, from the products of the mines, ana it is
hoped that your best energies will be exerted to afford relief. We learn that the
Guadalupe Co. intend to erect a steam stamp mill and that they have made further
assessments for this purpose. We have replied protesting against it and refusing to
pay, under the circumstances, as we are now informed even if we had the money we
should not pay any further assessments to this company. When you write next give
us full accounts and your views of this matter. We wish you also to write us very
fully each month, and also in furuinh us with detailed monthly report and aocounta
of your operations. &c. I wrote you in regard to the Gnarisamey property and au-
thorized yon to sell my interest in it if possible, and hope you will be able to do so.
Do write us fully all about what you are doing and of the prospects of the mines,

Yours, truly,

D. J. Garth, IV.

Offiob of Garth, Fishbr &, Hardy, BAincBRs,

18 Nm Street, New Tork, Mag 20, 1867.
Mr. Chas. H. Exall, TagolHta, Mexico:

Dbar Sir: I wrote as usual by last steamer, which left here on 11th inst. Ton
will see that Col. De Lagnel was expected by the steamer then about due, but he
Guled to come, and we are yet without any advices from the minei later than 5th Feb-

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


raary last, d«ted at MftMtlan. At that date we were advised that everything, after
loDg delay, was abont oomplete, and that we might soon look for good resnlts from
the enterprise, bat that the suppUes bein^ezbaosted, it was fonnd absolutely necessary
to draw on ns fbr $7,500. This draft arrived on 2d April last, and was paid by one of
the diieotors of the company, as it was considered that it was aurelg the last that wonld
be needed, and we expeotea to return the mouey by an early remittance of bullion
from Mexica You can judge of our sorprise and cha^in, when the last steamer
arrived, instead of bringing Col. De L. with some fruits of our works, a draft for
$5,000, gold, was presented for payment by Lees & Waller, drawn by De Lagnel, favor
Bank California, and dated 10th April last, and of which we had not received any
notice or advice whatever, and have not yet received any. As I had so often and
fully advised the superintendent of the condition of affaurs here and requested him
not to draw further, I was much surprised that he did so, and that without giving
any notice or reason for so doing. As i( was found impossible to raise the means to
pay this draft, it was protested and returned unpaid, aud you must make some pro-
vision for its payment when it gets back. I do trust that before that date you
will have plenty of means to do so. I would now acain repeat that I have made every
effort possible to raise money here and have failra, and I have advanced all I can
possibly do, and the other directofs have done the same: the stockholders will do
nothing, and it is probable the company will have to be sold out and reorganised. I
must again urge yon to use all possible dispatch in remitting ns bullion, and use the
greatest possible economy in working. Wo wish you to give us very full and par-
ticular accounts of amount of ore on hand and amount von raise daily; the number
of hands employed, cost, d^s., and amount crushed, yield, Ac., and the cost of bene-
fioiating, and also a regular monthly statement of receipts and expenses. In this we
earnestly insist on and hope you will not fail to do it. I expect Col. De Lagnel now

With best regards, I remain, very truly, yours,

D J Oarth TV
(Indorsed:) "D. J. Garth, May 20, '67, to C. H. E."

89 Office of Oarth. Fisher &, Hardy, Bankebs,

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