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1903. -'' ,

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FROM DECEMBER 1, 1902, TO MARCH 4, 1903.

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William P. Frye, President pro tempore, Lewiston, Me.


Home post-office.


Home post-office.

Aldrich, Nelson W __- -

Providence, R. L
Detroit, Mich.
Dover, Del.
Dubuque, Iowa.
Macon, Ga.
Gainesville. Tex.
Faulkland, Del.
Hueneme, Cal.
Nashville, Tenn.
Bentonville, Ark.
Indianapolis. Ind.
Versailles, Ky.
Manchester, N. H.
Kalamazoo, Mich.
Abilene, Kans.
Memphis, Tenn.
St. Paul, Minn.
Evanston, Wyo.
Butte, Mont.
Marietta, Ga.
Warrenshurg, Mo.
Dallas, Tex.
Springfield, HI.
Lynchburg, Va.
Marion, Ky.
New York, N. Y.
Hastings, Nebr.
Montpelier, Vt.
Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Newark, N. J.
Blackfoot, Idaho.
Elkina, W. Va.
Indianapolis, Ind.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Tacoma, Wash.
Franklin, La.
Lewiston, Me.
Concord. N. H.
Yankton, S. Dak.
Great Falls. Mont.
Ellsworth, Ui\
Cleveland, Oliio.
Devils Lake. N. Dak.
Linwood, Kans.
Hartford, Conn.

Heitf eld, Henry

Lewiston, Idaho.

Alger, RnsRell A, a

Hoar, George F

Worcester, Mass.

Allee, J. Frank

Jones, James K

Washington, Ark.

Alliflnn, Willi^Tn P

Jones, John P

Gold Hill, Nev.

Bacon, Augustus

Kean, John _

Elizabeth, N. J.

Bailey, Joseph W

Keams, Thomas.

Salt Lake City, Utah.
Sioux Falls, S. Dak.

Ball, L. Heisler

Kittredge, Alfred B..-

Bard, Thomas R

Lodge, Henry Cabot

Nahant, Mass.

Bate, William B

McComas, Louis E

Williamsport, Md.

■Rprry, Jftm^p H

McCumber , Porter J

Wahpeton, N. Dak.

Beveridge, Albert J _ __ . .

McEnery, Samuel D _

New Orleans, La.

Blackbnm, Joseph C. S

McLaurin, Anselm J

Brandon, Miss.

McLaurin, John L

Bennettsville, S. C.

Burrows, Julius C ._

Mallory . Stephen R

Pensacola, Fla.

Burton, Joseph R

Martin, Thomas S

Scottsville, Va.

Carmack, Edward W

Mason, William E

Chicago, HI.

Clapp, Moses E

Millard, Joseph H

Omaha, Nebr.

Clark, Clarence D

Mitchell , John H

Portland, Oreg.
Carroll ton, Miss.

Clark, William A

Money, Hernando D

may, A1pt?mi(1pt S

Morgan, John T

Selma, Ala.

Cocinrell, Francis M

Nplsnn, KriTitA

Alexandria, Minn.

Culberson, Charles A.. ^ ^

Patterson, Thomas M..

Denver. Colo.

Cullom, Shelby M

Penrose, Boies

Philadelphia, Pa.

Daniel, John W

Perkins, George C _ _

Oakland. Cal.

Deboe, William J

Pettus, Edmund W

Selma, Ala.

Depew, Chauncey M

Piatt, Orville H . . .

Meriden, Conn.

Dietrich, Charles H

Piatt, Thomas C

Owego, N. Y.
Marshall, N. C.

Dillingham, William P

Prltchard, Jeter C

Dolliver, Jonathan P

Proctor, Redfield

Proctor, Vt.

DTydpTi , John F .

Quarles. Joseph V

Milwaukee. Wis.

Dubo'l;*, FredT

Quay , Matthew S

Beaver, Pa.

Elkins, RtfiphftTi T5

Rawlins, Joseph L

Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fairbanks, Charles W

Scott, Nathan B

Wheeling. W. Va.

Foraker, Joseph B

Simmons, Fumifold McL

Simon, Joseph

Raleigh, N. C.

Foster, Addison G

Portland, Greg.

Foster, Murphy J

Spooner, Jx^hn C

Madison. Wis.

Frye, William P

Stewart, William M

Carson City, Nev.

Gallinger. Jacob H

Taliaferro, James P

Jacksonville, Fla.

Gamble, Robert J

Teller, Henry M

Central City, Colo.

Gibson, Paris

Tillman, Benjamin R

Trenton, S. C.

Hale, Eugene

Turner, George

Spokane, Wash.
Kansas Citv. Mo.

Hanna, M.iTfr.s A

Vest, George G

Hansbrough, Henry C

Warren, Francis E,

Cheyenne, Wyo.
Cumberland Md.

Harris, William A

Wellington, George L

Hawley , Joseph R

Wetmore, George P

Newi)ort, R. I.

a Elected in place of Jamos McMillan, deceased.

Digitized by


Digitized by







Dattd B. Hekdebsoit^ Speaker, Dnbnqoe, Iowa.





Acheson, Ernest F .


Buffalo, N.Y.
Alfred, Me.
Wc^ Bay City, Mkh.
Fayette, Ala.
West Bend, Wis*
St. Louis, Mo.

Montrose, Cokx
Wilmington, N.C
New York, N.Y.
Neosho, Mo.
WashingtoavOle^ Ba^
Philadelphia, Pa.
Ludington, Mich.
London, Ey.
Chicago, 111.
Lawrmice, Eaas.
New London, Cod2W
Brunswick, Ga.
Natchitoches, La.
South Bend, Lid.
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
New Iberia, La.
Bhinelander, Wisu
Jonesboro, Tenn.
Searcy, Ark.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Pierre, S. Dak.
Lincoln, Nebr.
Augusta, Me.
Austin, Tex.
Gadsden, Ala.
Cleveland. Ohio.
St. Louis, Mo.
Westchester, Pa.
Marysville. Eana.
Chatham, m.
Corinth, Miss.

Cannon. Josenh G

Danville, HI.

Adams, Rolwrt, jr

OaDTon. A din B

Stillwater. R* L

ArlATiiRnTi, William

Cassel, H. Burd . «

Marietta. Pa.

Al^^xftn'l^^r, P« Alra 8

rjuminprli Am . Jol^n W - ... -

Coshocton, Ohio.

AllftTi, AtkhosL u.. .

Clark, Champ

Clayton, Henry D

Bowling Green, Mon
Eufaula, Ala.


Apliil , HMiry "R ^_

CocliTan . Chaflea F

St. Joseph. Mo.
Scrantda, Pa.

Babcock, Joseph W

Ball, L. Heislera

Cnrmftr, James P

Denison, Iowa.

Ball, Thomas H — .

Conrv. Josenh A

Boston, Mass.

nfLTilrliP^ , Jhhn H

Coombs, Frank L., .,

Napa, Cal.
MaiTfhali. Mo.

Barney, Samriel S . ^ ^ ^

Cooney, James ........

Bartholdt, Richard

Cooper, Hemry A

Racine, Wis.

Barttett, Charles L

Cooper, Sam B .— ..

Beaumont, Tex.

Bates, Arthnr L

Horlij^, John B

Detroit, Mich.

Beidler, Jacob A

OoTifHTis, Rolwrt G .^ ^.. . .

Tipton, Iowa.


Ow^iftH, William S

KaiiSBA C*<T, Mh.

D^llflTny, John P .

rh-AATn^^r/TlioiiiAf^ J

New York, N. Y.

T^lmnTit', Olw^nr H. P

Cromer, G^rge W

Muncie,' Ind.

BeTitnn , Mfpoenas Tt

Crowley, Joseph B .

Robinson, HI.

OruTnpacker, ^gar P .

Valparaiso, Ind.

Currier, Frank tf


nnrtiJf, nhftFlflft

Topeka, Kans.
Tacoma. Wash.

Blackbnm, Spencw «.— .

Blftkeney, Al ^ A ......

HaIiI A , H^i-maTi b

Moxmt Horeb, Wis.

Boreing]^ Vincent «-«.-.-—. -

Dftlzell, JnhTi

Pittsburff. Pa.

Bontell, Henry S

Darragii, Archibald B

St. Louis, Mich.

Bowersock, Justin D .,.-—.-

Davey" Robert C

New Orleans, La.

BnwiA, PydTi^y J

Pavidson , James H .,

Oshkosh, Wis.

RrATirlAgpA, Fri^nlc B. «

Davis, Robert W

Palatka, Fla.

Brantley, WiMam G

Dayton, Alston G

De Armond, David A

Philropi, W. Va.

Breazeale, Phanor

Butler, Mo.

Brfcl*', Ahraham L

Deomer, Elias

Willi amflix>rt. Pa.

Bristow, Henry —,...-

Dick, Charles

Bromwell, Jacob H

Dinsmore, Hugh A ^-.-

Dougherty. John

Favetteville. Ark.

Bronssard, Robert F.

Liberty, Mo.
New York, N. Y.

Brown, Webster E

noTigiftfl, \ViiliiMn H .

Brownlow, Walter P

Dovener , Blackbam B

Wheeling, W. Va.

Bmndidge, Stephen, jr

nrapftr, 'W'illia^ Vt,

Bnll, Me IviUe

Driscoll, Michael E

Syracuse, NT Y.

Burgess, George F . ,._.

Dwighf., Jnhrx Wt <

liryden, N. Y.

Burk, Henry *-.—.-...«

T^'^'ly, Frank M

Glenwood. Minn,

Rnrlre, Charles H . .

Edwards, Caldwell

Bozeman, Mont.

BtiT-lrett, Elrner J

TClliott, WillmTn

Beaufort, S. C.

Burleigh, Edwin C

EmerflHTi , Tioni*? W

Warrensburg, N. Yt
La Crosse, Wis*

Burleson, Albert S -

Esch, John J ...,,. .

Burnett, John L - , ..„.-«..

Ev?*Ti«, Alvin

Ebensburg, Pa.

Burton. Theodore £ - _ -.

Feely, John J ,. . . ^

Chicago, HI.

Butler, James J. <<

Finley, David E

Yorkville, S. C.

Butler, Thomas S

Fitzgerald, John J

Brooklyn, N. Y.

naMftThAarl , Willi^i^n, A

Flanagan, De Wit* C./

FlATning, Williftm H

Morristown, N. J*

Caldwell, Ben F

Augusta, Ga.

Candler, Ezekiel S., jr

Fletcher! Loren

Minneapolis, Minn.

aReslKBed March 8, 190^ havine heen elected Senator,
ft Elected in place of Ruius K. Polk, deceased.
•Elected in place of Charles A. Russell, deceafled.

d Unseated February 88, 1908.

e Elected in place of Oeorge W. Ray, resigned.

/Elected in place of Joshua S. Salmon, deceased.

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Names and post-office addresses of Members and Delegates of the House of Representatives— Continxied,,


Home post-office.


Home post-offica.

Flood, Henry D,

West Appomattox, Va.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Saginaw, Mich.
Chicago, HI.
Burlington, Vt.
Chicago, m.
Elizabeth, N. J.
Westpoint, Miss.
Nashville, Tenn.
Charleston, W. Va.
Hamilton, Mass.
Atlantic City, N. J.
Albion, Mich.
Knoxville, Tenn.
Shelbyville, Ky.
Steubenville, Ohio.
Addison, N. Y.
Springfield, Mass.
Lynchburg, Va.
Montpelier, Idaho.
New York, N. Y.
Covington, Ky.
St. Marys, Ohio.
Peoria, 111.
Allegheny, Pa.
Reading, Pa.
Fall River, Mass.
Vevay, Ind.
Dawson, Ga.
Athens, Ohio.
Glenwood, Pa.
Ridgway, Pa.
Niles, Mich.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Brattleboro, Vt.
Northwood, Iowa.
Madison, Va.
Northfield, Minn.
Burlington, Iowa.
Boonville, Ind.
Dubuque, Iowa.
Rockville, Conn.
Vicksburg, Miss.
Waco, Tex.
Clarinda, Iowa.
Wilmington, Ohio.
Norwalk, Conn.
Mount Morris, HI.
Brazil, Ind.
Jackson, Miss.
Aurora, 111.
Lexington, Ga.
New Brunswick, N. J.
Huntin^n, W. Va.
Des Momes, Iowa.
Louisville, Ky.
Indiana, Pa.
Winfield, Kans.
Salisbury, Md.
Chippewa Falls, Wis,
Hillsboro, 111.
Spartanburg, S. C.
Yakima, Wash.
Warsaw, Va.
St. Louis, Mo.
San Francisco, Cal.
Mavsville, Ky.
Belleville, 111.
Dover Plains, N. Y.
Scotland Neck, N. C.
Roxboro, N. C.
Cuero, Tex.
Salisbury, N. C.
Lowville, N. Y.
Lawrence, Mass.
Troy, Ohio.
Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Richmond, Va.
Delphi. Ind.

Lanham, Samuel W. T.t*

Lassiter. Francis R

Weather ford, Tex.

Foerderer, Robert H

Pet(?rsl)urg, Va.

Belton,S. C.

Fordney , Joseph W ,

Latimer, Asbury C

Fnsfl, G*»<^Tgfi Kdmnnd

Lawrence, George P -

North Adams, Mass.

Foster, David J _

Lessler. Montatnie

New York City
Savannah, Qa.

Foster, George P

Lester, Rufus E -

Fowler, Charles N

Lever, Asbury F __

Lexington, S. C.

Fox, Andrew F

Lewis, Elijah B

Montezuma, Ga.

Gaines, JohnW

Lewis, Robert J

Lindsay, George H

York, Pa.

Gaines, Joseph H

Brooklyn, N. Y.

Gardner, Augustus P.«

Littauer, Lucius N

Gloversville, N. Y.

Gardner, John J

Little. Johns

Greenwood, Ark.

Gardner, Washington

Littlefield, Charles E

Rockland, Me.

Gibson, Henry R

Livingston, Leonidas F

Lloyd, James T

Covington, Ga.

Gilbert, George G

Shelbyville, Mo.

Gill, Joseph J-.-

Long, Chester I . .

Medicine Lodge. Kans.

Gillet, Charles W

Loud. Eucrene F

San Francisco. Cal.

Gillett, Frederick H

Loudenslagor. Henry C

Lovering, William C.

Paulsboro, N. J.

Glass, Carter &

Taunton, Mass.

Glenn, Thomas L

Mc Andrews, James

Chicago, m.

Goldfogle, Henry M

McCall, Samuel W

Winchester, Mass.

Gooch, D. Linn

McCleary , James T

Mankato, Minn.

Gordon, Robert B

McClellan, George B

New York, N. Y.

Graff, Joseph V

McCulloch, Philip D._- .

Mariana, Ark.

GrfthftTTi, William H ... . „ . . . .

McDermott, Allan L

Jersey C^ty, N. J.
Pa^^adena, Cal.

Green, HenryD

McLachlan, JaiQes. .

Greene, Wm. S

McLain, Frank A

Gloster, Miss.

Griffith, Francis M

McRae, Thomas C- ..

Prortcott, Ark.

Qr^ggn^ JftTD^s M -...,..-

Maddox. JohnW

Rome. Ga.

Grosvenor, Charles H

Mahon, Thaddeus M

Chamb(*rsburg, Pa.

Grow, Galusha A

Mahoney, William F

Chicago, 111.

Hall, James K. P.«

Mann, James R


Hamilton, Edward L

Marshall, Thomas F

Oakes, N. Dak.

Hanbury , Harry A

Martin, Eben W

Deadwood, S. Dak.

Hftfikins, Ki^^t.Tpdgft

Mayn^^Td , Hany L

Portsmouth, Va.

Haugen, Gilbert N

Mercer, David H

Omaha, Nebr.

Hay, James

Metcalf, Victor H.. . .

Oakland, Cal.

Heatwole, Joel P

Meyer, Adolph

New Orleans, La.

Hedge, Thomas

Mickey, J. Ross

Macomb, 111.

HpTTienway, J^mt^ A

Miers, Robert W

Bloomington, Ind.

Henderson, David B

Miller. James M

Council Grove, Kans.

Henry, E. Stevens .- ..

Minor, Edward S

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
Newcastle, Wyo.

Henry, Patrick

MondeU, Frank W

Henry, Robert L

Moody, James M.<

Waynesville, N. C.

Hepburn, William P

Moody, Malcolm A

The Dalles, Oreg.

Hildebrant, Charles Q

Moon, John A

Chattanooga, Tenn.

Hill, Ebenezer J

Morgan, Stephen _.

Oakhill, Ohio.

Hitt, Robert R

Morrell, Edward

Philadelphia, Pa.
Duluth, Minn.

Holliday , Elias S

Morris, Page

Hooker, Charles E

Moss. McKenzie

Bowling Green, Ky.

HopViTiq, Albert J

Mudd, Sidney E

Laplata, Md.

Howard, William M ._

Mutchler , Howard

Easton, Pa.

Howell, Benjamin F. .

Naphen, Henry F -

Boston, Mass.

Hughes, Jampq A . . , ...

Needham, James C

Modesto, Cal.

Hull, John A. T

Neville, William

North Platto, Nebr.

Irwin, Harvey S

Nevin, Robert M

Dayton, Ohio.

Jack, Summers M

Newlftndfl, FTaTiH.q Q

Reno, Nev.

Jackson, Alfred M

Norton, James A

Tiffin, Ohio.

Jackson, William H

Olmsted, Marlin E

Harrisburg, Pa.

Jenkins, Joh"n J ...

Otjen, Theobold

Milwaukee, Wis.

Jett, Thomas M

Overstreet, Jesse

Indianapolis, Ind.

Johnson. Josenh T

Padgett, Lemuel P

Columbia, Tenn.

Jones, Wesley L-_ - .-

Palmer, Henry W

Wilkesbarre, Pa.

JniiPs William A

Parker, R. Wavne

Newark, N. J.

Jov, Charles F

Patterson, George R

Ashland, Pa.

Kahn, Julius _

Patterson, Malcolm R

Memphis, Tenn.

Kftliofl. .Tjimfifl N

Payne, S^^reno E

Auburn, N. Y.

Kpm Fred prink .T

Pearre. Georcre A ._

Cumberland, Md.

"KPifrhsnm. .Tnhn H

Perkins. James B

Rochester, N. Y.

Kitchin, Claude

Pierce. Rice A

Union City, Tenn.

Kitchin, William W

Pou, Edward W

Smithfield, N. C.

Kleberer. Rudolnh

Powers, Llewellvn

Houlton, Me.

Kluttz, Theodore F

Powers, Samuel L

Newton, Mass.

KnauT) Charles L

Prince, George W

Galesburg. HI.

Knox. William S

Pugsley , Cornelius A

Peekskill, N. Y.

KvIp Thomas B

Randell, Choice B

Sherman, Tex.

Lacev John F

Ransdell, Joseph E

Lake Providence, La.

Lanib, John

Reeder, William A

Logan, Kans.

Landis, Charles B _ .

Reeves, Walter

Streator, 111.

a Elected in place of "William H. Moody, resigned.
I' Sleeted In place of Peter J. Otey, deceased.

c Resided December 1, 1902.
d Resigned January 8, 1003.

eDied February 5, 1908.

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Names and post-office addresses of Members and Delegates of the House 0/ jBejprcsento^ives— Continued.


Home post-office.


Home post-office.

Reid, Charles C

Morrillton, Ark.
Bristol, Va.
Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Huntsville, Ala.
Brandy, Va.
Perryville, Mo.
Chelsea, Mass.
Baton Rouge, La.
Fort Wayne, Ind.
Madison, Nebr.
Keytesville, Mo.
Marengo, Iowa.
New York, N. Y.
Tyler, Tex.
Buffalo, N. Y.
Conway, S. C.
Baltimore, Md.
lola, Kans.
Hardin, 111.
Jefferson City, Mo.
Denver, Colo.
Alma, Nebr.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Houghton, Mich.
Texarkana, Tex.
Utica, N. Y.
Chicora, Pa.
Franklin, Pa.
Linden, Tenn.
Shelby, Ohio.
San Antonio, Tex.
Washington, N. C.
Hodgensville, Ky.
Murphysboro, HI.
Adrian, Mich.
Pontiac, Mich.
Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Grand Rapids, Mich.
CrossviUe, Tenn.
Paulding, Ohio.
Toledo, Ohio.
Albany, N. Y.
Tampa, Fla.
New Haven, Conn.
Ripley, Miss.
Aurora, Nebr.
Marion, Ind.

Stephens, John H

Vernon, Tex.
St. Paul, Minn.
Paterson, N. J.
Amsterdam, N. Y.
Bayside, N. Y.
Manchester, N. H.
New York, N. Y.
Salt Lake City, Utah.
New York, N. Y.
Chatham, Va.
ParksviUe, S. C.
Jasper, Ga.
Winona, Minn.
Lisbon, Ohio.
Demopolis, Ala.
Worcester, Mass.
Newbem, N. C.
Storm Lake, Iowa.
Tuskegee, Ala.
Natick, Mass.
Nya<5k, N. Y.
Columbus, Ohio.
Hillsboro. Oreg.
Frankfort, Ky.
Birmingham, Ala.
Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Zanesville, Ohio.
Salamanca, N. Y,
Baltimore, Md.
Geneseo, N. Y.

Norristown, Pa.
Clinton, HI.
Urbana, Ohio.
Rushville, Ind.
Mount Clemens, Mich.
Paducah. Ky.
Irvine, Ky.
Montgomery, Ala.
Carmi, HI.
Yazoo City, Miss.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Stockton, Cal.
Dallas, Tex.
Susquehanna, Pa.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Corydon, Ind.

RhPa, Willifini V

Stevens, Fred C

Richardson , James D

Stewart, James F * -

RirhaTdsoTi, Wmiam . . ... .

Stewart, John K

Rixey, John F

Storm, Frederic - .-

Robb, Edward

Sulloway, Cyrus A

Roberts, Ernest W

Sulzer, William

Robertson, Samuel M

Sutherland, George

Robinson, James M . . .

Swann. Edward ^

RobiTi<50'n. John S .

Swanson. Claude A

Rucker, William W

Talbert, W. Jasper

Rumple, John N. W. «

Tate, Farish Carter

Ruppert, Jacob, jr

Tawney , James A

Russell, Gordon ^

Tavler, Robert W

Ryan, William H

Taylor, George W

Scarborough, Robert B

Thayer, John R

Schirm, Charles R

Thomas, Charles R

Scott, Charles F

Thomas, Lot

Selby, Thomas J

ThompsoTi, Charles W"

Shackleford, Dorsey W _ -

Tirrell Charles O _ -

Shafroth, John F

TnTnnlriTiH- Arthur S ^

Shallenberger, Ashton C

Shattuc, William B

Tompkins, Emmett

Tonffue.Ttomas H.*

Shelden, Carlos D

Trimble, South

Sheppard, Morris ^

Underwood, Oscar W

ShftTTiiaTi, Jam PR S

Vandiver, Willard D

Showalter, Joseph B

Van Voorhis. Henry C

Sibley, Joseph C

Vreeland. Edward B

Simfl, Thf>tns? W

Wft^hf^r, Franlr Ci

Slrilep, Wilh^m W

Wadsworth. James W^

Slayden, James L

Wagoner, C. R./

Wanger, Irving P . . . _ , ,

Small, John H

Smith, David H

Warner. Vesnasian __

Smith, George W

Wamoclr, Willin-'Tx R .

Smith, Henry C ^

Watson , James E . . .


Smith, Samuel W

Weeks, Edcrar

Smith, Walter I

Wheeler J Oharl^s K

Smith, William Alden

White, James B

Snodgrass, Charles E

Wiley, Ariosto A

Williams, Jamep R ,.

Snook, John S

Southard, James H

Williams, John S

Southwick, George N

Wilson, Frank E

Si>arkman, Stephen M

Woods, Samuel D ...t

Sperry, Nehemiah D

Wooten, Dudley G

Spight, Thomas

Wright, Charles F

Stark, William L

Young, JaTTiftfl H . . .

Steele, Gkorge W

ZenoT, WilliftTn T


Flynn, Dennis T..
Rodey, Bernard S .

Guthrie, Okla.
Albuquerque, N. Mex.

; Smith, Marcus A ._
Wilcox, Robert W.

Tucson, Ariz.
Honolulu, Hawaii.


Degetau Federico San Juan.

nDied January 81, VM\.

fc Elected in place of Rocse C. De GraflPenreid, deceased.

c Elected in place of John L. Sheppard, deceased.

d Elected in place of Amos Cummings, deceased.

« Died January 11. 1903.

/ Took his seat February 28, 1908.

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A. H. Xmery Elevating Ottniage

Amendment in Senate to increase appropriation for con-

straction of 2800.
Statement relatiye to (S. Doo. 188) 2784, 2780.

Abandoned Iditary BeeerrationB

Bills adjusting certain oonfliota concerning State school
indemnity selections in lien of school sections in (see bills
8. 5505; H. B. 14107).

Abandoned Property. iSRee Gaptubsd aitd Abandonsd Pbop-


Abbott, Chetier TT., increase pension (see bill H. B. 15889).

papers referred in Honse 205.
Abbott, Eliza B., increase pension (see bill H. B. 10428).
Abbott, Ellen O.

Besolntion in Senate to pay, indefinitely postponed 2026.

Besolntion in Senate to pay, referred 2800.

Abbott, James A,

Besolntion in Honse to pay (H. Bee. 848), passed 248, 866.
Abbott, Junius^ increase pension (see bill S. 6805).
Abbott, Lyman^ pension (see bill H. B. 15418).
Aber, Caleb, remove charge of desertion (see bill H. B. 16087).
Aberorombie, KeUet A.

Adjudicate claim (H. Bes. 862) , debated and passed 890, 2420.
Abingdon, Virginia

Besolntion referring claim of Protestant Episcopal Clhnrch
to (}onrt of Claims (S. Bee. 406), passed 2955.

** Abnormality of Man "

Besolntion relative to printing of Circnlar of Bnrean of
Edncation entitled, pweed 2864.

Abearokee Foreet Beserre. See Montana.
Absentee Wyandottea. See Indians.
Abstract of the Twelfth Cenana

Concnrrent resolntion in Honse to print (H. C. Bes. 91),
referred 2431.

Aooomac, Virginia

Besolntion referring claim of St. James Episcopal Chnrch
to Conrt of Claims (S. Bes. 406), passed 2955.

Aeootink Creek, Virginia

Joint resolution relative to improvement of (see H. J. Bes.

Aoee, Stiles L.f increase pension (see bUl S. 4957).

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