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Federal offices » » 802

No. 812— making an appropriation for
the improvement of the tails of the Ohio
river and the Louisville and Portland

canal 802

No. 062 — to complete a water highway
from tide-water on James river to the
Ohio river at the month of the Kana-
wha 893

No. 1256-^or the relief of distillers of
spirits by the refunding and the repay-
ment of moneys expended or paid and
deposited by them torTice meters...680
No. 12|57 — to utilise burned timber on the
public lands in the States of Michigan

and Minnesota 681

No. 2958— relative to Schoolcraft's His-
tory of the Indian Tribes 4138

resolutions submitted by —
calling for information relative to the
security of life, person, and property
in Kentucky— [December 4, 1871].... 11
calling for information relative to the con-
dition of the Louisville and Portland

canal— [January 17, 1872] 441

recognizing as valid the laws passed for
enforcing the late amendments to the
Constitution— [Februarys, 1872] ....885

reports made by 2102, 8529, 8580, 4419

incidental remarkaby... 196, 199,^06,

874, 685, 974. 1128, 1165, 1167, 1271,
1887, 1898, 1774, 1777, 1781, 1811, 1841,
1842, 1958, 1959, 2046, 2047, 2103, 2105,
2217, 2274, 2275, 2299, 2401, 2402, 2427,
2480, 2508, 2671-, 2821, 2888, 2897, 2941,
2942, 8082, 8248, 8244, 8880, 8386, 3446,
8685, 3636, 3654, 3745, 3783, 3889, 8871,
8888, 3931, 3977, 3984, 4098, 4100, 4103.
4131, 4133, 4174, 4177, 4207, 4212, 4322,
4323, 4419, 4427, 4443, 4446, 4458, 4459
remarks on the apportionment bill... 187, 145
on the bill relating to wages and hours of

labor 228, 256

on the resolution to inquire into the Lonis-

iana disturbances 511, 615, 516

on the resolution relating to disorders in

the South 597, 598

on the resolution to draw for seats... ..835,

849, 850, ^4

on the bill to establish an educational

fund 860

(See Appendix.)

on the order of business 974,

1078, 1079, 2796, 2942, 3300, 3625,

8684, 8985. 4091, 4092, 4182, 4430

on the sul^ect of Tennessee politics, 1079,


Digitized by




SteveDSon, Job E., a Representative from
Ohio — Continued,
remarks on the bill to SQt apart lands for a
pablic park at the headwaters of the

Yellowslooe » 1244

(See Appendix.)

on the St. Croix and Lake Superior rail-

- • road bill 1278,

1301, 1802, 1804, 1812, 1830, 1382,

1698, 1699, 1718, 1720, 1721, 2481

on the Great Salt Lake and Colorado

River railroad bill 2138,

2139, 2621, 2648, 2646, 2647
on the bill to provide for the secarity of

4ffe on board steamers 2143, 2149

on the bill to secure the public lands to

actual settlers 2171

on the bill to encourage the planting of

trees on the public lands. 2868,2928

on the legislative appropriation bill. ..2872
on the right of the Committee on Printing

to report at anj time .2410, 2481

• on the river and harbor appropriation bill,

2448, 2461, 4817, 4434

on Texas Pacific Railroad bill, 2890,2891

on tariff and tax bill, 2946, (see Appendix^ )

3209, 3218, 8242, 3310, 3'111, 3312, 3340,

8400, 3467, 3460, 3607, 3609,3623,4099

on the question of final adjournment,

3623, 3624, 4137, 4188, 4189, 4444

on the bill to confirm certain entries on

graduated lands.., 3629, 3580

on the bill in regard to school lands in

Washington Territory 3630, 3581

on the Atchison and Santa F^ railroad

bill 8681, 8632, 3633

on Post Office appropriation bill,3672,3876

on the bill for the appoiotment of D. J.

Draper, an assistant surgeon in the

Navy 8802

personal and explanatory in reference to
the Ku Klux investigation in South Car-
olina 4023

on the Ku EJux outrages 4026,

4028, 4029, 4031, 4082, 4084

on the civil appropriation bill 4421,

4422, 4438, 4441, 4464
on the financial condition of the late insur-
rectionary States 4461

(See Appendix.)
Stewart, Frauds B., bill (H. R. No. 668) for the
relief of, postmaster at Altoona, in the
State of Peonsvlvania — [By Mr. Speer, of
referred, 196.

bill (H. R. No. 2978) for the relief of, post-
master at Altoona, Blair county, Penn-
sylvania— [By Mr. Foster, of Pennsyl-
reported and passed, 4418.
..3t|Birart, Thomas fi,, bill (S. No. 646) for the
relief of, and Alexander MoConn, of
West Virginia,
received from Senate, 3620 ; passed, 4320 ;
enrolled, 4436.
9^\^ny Edward, bill (H. R. No. 2066) for the
relief of H. C. Christopher, Q. W. Beard,
C. A. tJber, and N. N. Lumdin~-[By Mr.
reported ana passed, 1898 ; passed Senate,
.3399f enrolled, 3606 f approved, 3783.
St. John, Charles, a Representative from New

Yprk 8

leave of absence granted to. ..36, 3606, 4140
St Louis, George J., bill (H. R. No. 1209)
< granting a pension to — [By Mr. Moore.]
reported, 026: passed, 627 ; passed Senate,
' 1728; enrolled, 1806.
St. Louis, George W., bill (H. R. No. 1162)
granting a pension to, private in company
A, fifty- first Illinois volunteers— -[By Mr.
referred, 600.
Stoddard, Jackson, Lawrence, Greene, and
other counties in Missouri, bill (H. R.
No. 1830) for the relief of, in the mat-
ter of certain swamp lands — [By Mr.
ref^^rred, 1399.

42i> CoNe. 2d Sbbs.— S.

Stoddard, William, bill (H. R. No. 2028) for
the relief of, late assistant quartermas-
ter United States volunteers — [Bj Mr.
reported and passed, 1808.
Stone, Mary Jane, bill (H. R. No. 1201)
granting a pension to, widow of William
J. Stone, late second lieutenant thirty-
seventh l^entucky infantry — [By Mr. Man-
reported and passed, 625.
Storm, John B., a Representative from Penn-
sylvania 8

leave of absence granted to „ 678,

1190, 2694, 3830, 4213

petitions presented by ....783, 802, 887, 949,

1090, 1196, 1621, 1782, 2206, 2463, 3986

bills introduced by —

No. 610 — to prevent the enlistment in the

Army of the United States of persons

under the age of twenty^ one years, 66

No. 1098 - to pay ^^harles Heaton, for

his invention of defensive armor for

ships 497

No. 1864— ygran ting a pension to Sarah
Pugh, widow of George Dreher, de-
ceased, a soldier of the war of 1812, 829
No. 1412— granting pensions to certain
widows of soldiers of war of 1812, 849

No. 166$— to establish post routes 1186

No. 2144 — to repeal the income tax, and
to provide that the i*K upon incomes

for 1871 shall not be collected 2073

No. 2266 — granting a pension to the
minor children of David A. Arens,
deceased, late a private in company
E, eighty-first re^ment Pennsylvania

volunteers 2489

No. 2812-y-srantitig a pension to the
minor children of J[>avia Arens, late pri-
vate company E, eigbty-first regiment
Pennsylvania volunteers, deceased, 8648
No. 2968— establishing a post ronte in

Pennsylvania ...4203

joint resolution introduced by —

No. 77— relating to international arbitra-
tion 497

reports made by 1078, 4203, 4329

incidental remarks by 603, 836,

1166, 2178, 2734. 8627, 3666, 3686,

4136, 4208. 4322, 4823,4827, 4333

remarks on the bill relating to wages and

hours of labor 104, 218, 219, 221, 222

on the apportionment bill 138, 139

on the bill revising the laws relative to

mints, coinage, kc 322

on the bill to establish an educational

fund 667, 668, 866, 866

on the bill to reimburse William and Mary

College for property destroved ..948

on Post Office appropriation bill, 1842, 8674

on the bill to brovide for the security of

life on board steamers, 2063, 2112, 2143

on the order of business 2066, 2076

on the bill to abolish the franking priv

ilege 2841

on the legislative appropriation bill, 2340,
2347, 2874, 2879

on international copyright ..2410

on the river and hadoor appropriation

bill.« «2460, 2461, 2462

personal and explanatory 2817

on the bill relating to the Central Pacific

Railroad Company 2817

on the bill to encourage the planting of

tiees on the public lands 2927

on the Helena and Northern Utah rail-
road bill..... 2961

on tiie bill to amend the Uws relating to

pensions » ;. .:...3296,

S297, 3298, 8394. 3396, 8896

on the naval appropriation bill. 8397

on the tariff and tax bill 8460,

3618, 3617, 3669
00 the Dakota Qrtind Trunk railroad

bilL 3626, 3627

onbHi forreHefcf A. J. Clark. 3626, 3626
on the bill for the abolition or the frank-
ing privilege 4449

Story, James, bin (H. R. No. 2G09) appro-
priating money to, for the purpo.^e of

enabling him to perfect bis discovery and

patent known as the flexible ocean-
cable shield— [Bv Mr. Read.]
referred, 2886 ; referred anew, 3149.
Stoughton, William L., a Representative from

Michigan 8

petitions presented by 400, 976, 1224,

• 1279, 1346, 1782, 1818, 2279, 3098, 8696
bills introduced hj —

No. 672— granting a pension to Amos
FarKng, of Buchanan, Michigan 68

No. 673— for the relief of Asher A.
Spicer „ 58

No. 674 — to equalize the bounties of
koidiers, sailors, and marines wiio served
in the late war for the suppression of
the rebellion 68

No. 676— for the relief of 8eih M. Whit-
ler, late private of the fourth reginoent
Michigan infiuitry "58

No. 676— for the relief of Mary Perrie,
widow of George C. Petrie, late a
private seventeenth Michigan infantry
volunteers 68

No. 677 — ^to extend the time for filing
claims for additional bounty under the
act of July 28, 1866 68

No. 728— for the relief of Timothy Ed-
monds, late private ninth Michigan
cavalry 198

No. 729— for the relief of Samuel C.
Hodgman, late first lieutenant and
adjutant seventh Michigan cavalry. ..198

No. 1180 — to extend the time for present-
ing claims for additional bounty. »... 603

No. 1484 — making appropriations fur cer-
tain harbors in liichigan 970

No. 1486— for the relief of A. J. McLach-
len, of Bear Lake Mills, Van Buren
county, Michigan 970

No. 1486 — relating to the district ciurts
of Utah Territory 970

No. 1777— for the relief of G. W. Siand-
efer 1384

No. 1778— for the relief of Walter J.
Lee 1334

No. 1782— in relation to bounties 1836

No. 1902— for the relief of David Ser-
geant 1579

No. 2233— for the relief of Mary J. Cor-
coran, widow of Henry Corcoran, late
of the twelfth Michigan infantry... 2270

No. 2610 — to provide lor the sale of use-
less-arsenals, and the construction of
an arsenal for the manufacture of steel
guns for sea-coast defense 2886

No. 2838 — to authorize the construction of
a railroad bridge across the west channel

of Detroit river at Grosse Isle 8661

resolution submitted by —

calling for the proceedings of the military
commission in 1862 to inquire into the
operations of Major General D. C.

Buell— tMarch 1, 1872]„ 1334

reports made by 1333,

1334, 1386, 2843, 8168, 3974

incidental remarks by 147, 413,

603, 1174, 1384, 1684, 1723, 1909, 1969,

2713, 2714, 2716, 2749, 2766, 2886, 2886.

3221, 8280, 3338, 8976, 4102,4181, 4176

remarks on the apportionment bill ..141

on the Texas contested election — case of
Clark vs. Giddings 849

on the order of business. 093,

1160, 8219, 3074

on the bill relieving certain soldiers and
sailors from charge of desertion.... 11 89

on the bill to reimburse William and Mury
College for property destroyed , 1 193,1 ir4

on the bill to prevent the circulation of
spurious bank notes.. 1240

on the resolution relating to Major G( n-
eral D. C. Buell 1334

oti bill in relation to bounties.... 1836. 1387

on the Chicago relief bill 1869, 1870

on the bill to secure the public lands to
actual t^ettlers 2140, 2170, 2171

Digitized by




Stoaffhton^ William L., a Representative from

& icbigan — Continued.

remarks on the bill amending the laws in

regard to assay offices, 2804, 2807, 2816

on legislative appropriation bill, 2845.2858

on the bill granting a pension to IraBnck-

man 2711, 2712

on the tariff and tax bill 8016

on the bill relating to the mtister-in of

officers ^8166

on the soldiers' hom«^8teAd bill 3168,


on the bill to enable the President to

appoint a Paymaster General, 8226,8227

Stoat, James, bill (H. R. No. 1642) for the

relief of, agent of the Treasary at Bois6

City, Idaho Territory— [By Mr. Merritt.]

referred, 1116.

Stowell, William H. H., a BepresentatiTe

from Virginia 8

leave of abronce granted to »1245, 2488

* petitions presented by 605, 1446

bills introduced by —

No. 667 — authorizing the construction of

a building at Danville, Virginia, for

post office and United States court... 195

No. 1517 — making an appropriation to

improve the channel of the Roanoke

river 972

No. 1808 - granting a pension to Tabitha
Taylor, widow of James Taylor, a sol-
dier ofthewar of 1812 1898

No. 2020— to remove legal and political
disabilities imposed by the third section
of the fourteenth amendment of the
Constitntion of the Uniied States from
certain persons therein named in the

Slate of Virginia 1776

No. 2108 — to remove the diitabi lilies im-
posed by the fourteenth amendment to
the Constitution from certain persons

named therein 1955

No. 2821 — to remove all disabilities im-
posed by the fourteenth article of
amendments to the Constitntion of the
United States from David Barber,
Philip Lockett, George C. Holt, Sam-
uel Thompson, John B. Allen, and

George £. Deneal 2448

No. 2818 — to remove all legal disabilities
imposed by the third section of the four-
teenth article of amendments to the
Constitution from William P. Flovd,

of Patrick county, Virginia 8648

incidental remarks by..... 722, 977, 1446

remarks on the financial condition of Vir-
ginia 8985

(See Appendix,)
Strong, Julius L., a Representative from Con-
necticut 8

leave of absence granted tc 28, 2795

petitions presented by 810,

876, 400. 579, 1084, K)61, 1126,
1224, 1846, 2279, 2817, 8098
bills introduced bv —
No. 447 — in alteration of an act grant-
ing pensions to soldiers and sailors of
ttie war of 1812, and the widows of

deceased soldiers 11

No. 1046— for the relief of Lucius F.

Wadsworth ....* 896

No. 1224 — for the improvement of navi-
gation at the mouth of the Connecticut

river 679

No. 1418— for the relief of Charles H.

Mallr.ry & Co., of New York ..932

No. 1544— for relief of Martin Watkins,

of East Windsor, Connecticut 1060

No. 1549— for the relief of Jacob U.

Kla 1085

No. 1786— for relief of Henry N. Galpin,
postmaster at Berlin, Cooneclicut, 1897
No. 1928 — to repeal an act to establish a
uniform system of bankruptcy through-
out the United States 1581

No. 1941— for the relief of Haas & Powell,

of Chicago, lllmois 1688

No. 1942— lor the relief of D. C. Farrell,
of Peoria, Illinois... 1688

Strong, Julius L., a Representative from Con-
necticut — Continued*
bills introduced by —
No. 1948— for the relief of Robert Wil-
liams, jr 1688

No. 1944— for the relief of Edward T.

Ga»e8 1688

No. 2805 — to provide means for carrying
out (he provisions of an act directing ,
the Secretary of the Treasury to erect
a building for the post office, &c., at

Hartford, Connecticut.. 2442

No. 2709— for the relief of the State of

Connecticut and other States 8294

No. 2791— for the relief of William J.
Clark, administrator of Gad E. Upson,

deceased 8629

No. 2792— for relief ol Galen E.Green,8629
No. 2798— for the relief of Spurck ft

Spier, of Peoria, Illinois. 8680

No. 2794— for the relief of Christopher

Green and Hugh C. Trainor 8680

No. 2795— for the relief of George F.
Tracy, postmaster at Bridgeport, Con-
necticut 8680

resolntion submitted by —
in reference to the publication of opinions
of the Supreme Court— [February 28,

1872J 1296

reports made by » 982, 1085.

1688, 1684, 2442. 8506. 8629, 8680, 8684

incidental remarks by, 888, 884, 982, 1085,

1174, 1688, 1684, 8629, 8680, 4882, 4888

remarks on the bill for the relief of Tinsley,

Van Horn ft Co..... 932

on the bill for the rem'ssion of taxes on
certain distilled spirits destroyed at

Chicajfo 1162

on the bill to reimburse William and Mary

College for property destroyed, 1 190, 1 191

on the bill relating to the Central Pacific

Railroad Company... ...1429, 1466, 1470

on the Post Office appropriation bill, 1615
on the St. Croix and Lake Sup«*rior rail-
road bill 1714, 1717

on the tariff and tax bill 8508, 8567

on the bill for the relief of J. C. Conner.
8680, 8631, 8682

on the civil appropriation bill 8792

Stnart, James F.,bill(H. R. No. 1123) grant
iog certain public lands to, and Charles
Patton— [By Mr. Ambler.]
referred, 498.
Students, medical, resolution calling for the
instructions to naval commauders in
Cuban waters and informaiion relating to
the recent execution of, in Havana, ftc. —
[By Mr. Banks, December 6, 1871.]
agreed to, 29.

resolution relating to the execution of,
in Cuba— (By Mr. W. R. RoberU,
December 20, 1871.]
referred, 250.
Stukey, Abigail, bill (H. R. No. 2452) grant-
ing apension to— [Bv Mr. Bird.]
reportea and passed, 2718.
Sturdevant, George W., bill (H. R. No. 1810)
for the relief of— [By Mr. Hazeltoo, of
referred. 682 ; reported and passed, 8845 ;
passed Senate, 4458 ; enrolled, 4450 ;
approved, 4459.
Snbsistence supplies, bill (H. R. No. 564) to
amend an act to restrict the jurisdiction
of the Court of Claims, and to provide for
the payment of certain demands for quar-
termaster stores and, furnished to the
Army, approved Julv 4, 1864.
referred, 58L; reportea and recommitted,
2848; reported and Ubled, 8168.
Suffrage, bill (H. R. No. 771) declaratory of
the right of^[By Mr. Butler, of Massa-
referred, 201.

biU (H. R No. 1277) to allow wossen to
vote and hold office in the Territories of
the United States— [By Mr. Pktfker, of
referred, 681.

Sufirage— Coftfintced.
resolution assi;;<ninga day for the hearing of
memorialists in reference to woman—
[By Mr. Kelley, February 12, 1872.]
motion to suspend the rules and pass the
resolution disagreed to, 978.
bill (H. R. No. 1706) to repeal the nine-
teenth section of an act to amend an act
approved May 81, 1870, to enforce tho
right of citizens of this Union to vote,
Ac, so far as said section of said act
requires the vote for Representatives
in Congress in Kenincky to be by bal-
lot— [By Mr. Crossland.J
referred, 1212.
bill(H. H. No. 298) to secure to eitisensof
the Territory of Utah the right of. with-
out distinction of race, sex, color, or
previous condition of serritude — [By
Mr. Storm.]
reported adversely and tabled, 2950.
Suits, bill (H. R. No. 2701) to faciliute the
control of, causes, and proceedings ; the
taking of depositions, testimony bonds ;
the issuing of processes and expediting the
proceedings in, at law or in equity in the
district court of the United States for the
southern district of New York — [By Mr.
referred, 8228.
Sumner, Mrs. Hannah W., bill (H. R. No.
1876) to increase the pension of, widow
of Major General Edwin V. Sumner, who
died March 21, 1868, while in command
of the department of the West— [By Mr.
referred, 1578.

bill (H. R. No. 2505) to increase the pem-
sion of, widow of Major General Eawia
V. Sumner, who died March 21, 1868,
while in command of the department of
the West— [By Mr. Moore.J
reported and passed, 2750.
Superior, bill (H. R. No. 2876) to restore the
waters of the bay of^ to their natural ont-
let— rBy Mr. Rusk.]
referred, 8686.
Supple, James, bill (H. R. No. 2428) grsntiog
a pension to — [By Mr. Wallace.]
reported and passed, 2708; passed Senate,
4025; enrolled, 4104 ; approved. 4181.
Sureties, bill (H. R. No. 1921) to anthorise
the Pof^tmaster General to accept new, on
contracts for carrying the mails — [By Mr.
referred, 1581.
Surfmeo, bill (H. R. No. 501) authorising aa
appropriation for employment of, at life-
saving stations on coast of New Jersey—
[By Mr. Haselton, of New Jersey.!
referred, 56; reported, 418; passecl, 414;
pasMed the Senate with amend mentSi
1981 ; concu-red in, 2897 ; enrolled, 2998;
approved, 8802.
remarks by —

Mr. Cox 414

Mr. Garfield, of Ohio 418, 414

Mr. Uttzelton, of New Jersey 66

Surge-reliever, bill (H. R. No. 2054) to author-
ize the Secretary of the Navy topurofaasefor
the United States the right to manufaeture
and use Emery & Cheney's patent elmaUft
chain stopper and— [By Air. CogUan.]
reported, 1898.

IhU (H. H. No. 2625) appronriating money
for the use of Emery ft Cheners pateni
eYaBiic cha^n-stopper and, by the Navy-*

J [By Mr. Cogblan]
err-H. 2949,
Snrrey, United States, joint resolutioD (H«
R. No. 61) providing for priming Cba
final report of the, of Nebraski^— [By Mr.
referred, 197.
Surveyor, bill (H. R. No. 440) to aboliA tli*
oifice of, at the port of Chester, Penosyl-
yania— [By Mr. Townsend, of Pennqrl-


referred, 11 ; reported and passed, 8778.

Digitized by V^OOQLC



Soscal Ranch, bill (H. R. No. 1888) for the
relief of settlers on the, in the State of
California— [By Mr. Coghlan.]
referred. 1400.
Satherlana, JabezG., a Representative from

Michigan 8

leave of absence granted to. ...231, 2101,4486

petitions presented by 722.

945, 1061, 1814, 1410, 1782
bills introduced by —

No. 578 — to extend the time for the com-
pletion of the military road from Fort
Wilkin8,at Copper Harbor, in the State
of Michigan, to Fort Howard, at Green

Bay, in the State of Wisconsin 58

No. 726^10 authorize the Chicago and
Northwestern iiailway Company to
change their projected line of railway
in Michigan, and to extend the time

for the completion thereof. 198

No. 727 — to change the direction of the
road aa'honzifd by the act api>roved
Jane 8, 1856, from Ontonagon, in the
State of Michigan, to the Wisconsin

StHie line 198

No. 1289— to authorize the sale of Middle
Ground, or island, in the Saginaw

river, in the State of Michigan 682

No. 1882 — for the relief of Alexander
Mc Arthur, of the city of Corunna, in

the State of Michigan 880

No. 1488— for the payment of invalid
pensioners who were deprived ot their
pennions for drawing pay for actual
military, naval, or marine service dur
ing the war for the suppression of the

rebellion 971

No. 1988 — granting a pension to John

Parrish 1774

No. 1989 — granting a pension to Horace

B. Kn^ers 1774

No. 2051— for the relief of Samuel B.
Elliot, late acting parser of the United

8ta»esship Flirt 1896

No. 2052^to authorize the advancement

of Chief Engineer John W. Moore on

the lintof chief engineers in Navy, 1897

No. 2090— to authorize the sale of Middle

Ground or Island, in Saginaw river, in

the State of Michigan 1954

No. 2165— for the relief of TAnse and
Vieux Desert bands of Chippewa In-
dians, in the State of Michigan... ..2078
No. 2824— for the relief of Henry H.
Stafford, late receiver of public moneys

at Marquette, Michigan 8649

reporumade by 1896, 1897

inoidental remarks by 1217,


remarks on the Chicago relief bill ....1197

(See Appendix. )

on the bill fur the relief of Samuel B.

Elliot 1896, 1897

OD the St. Croix and Lake Superior rail-
road bill 2488

OD the tariff and tax bill 8o47,

{nee Appendix.) 8159,8288
on the order of business. ..8972, 8974, 4488
On the bill for the relief of the officers and

orew of the Vicksbnrg 8974, 4102

. on I be civil appropriation bill 4456

Sotheriand, Hot ert, bill (H. H. No. 687) fur
%he relief of— [By Mr. McCrary.]
referred, 59.
Sotro tunnel, bill (H. R. No. 1178) to aid in
the construction of the, from the proceeds
of the sale of mineral lands — [Bj Mr.
referred, 500; reported, 4179 ; (see bill H.

li. No. 2966.)
bill (H. U. No. ^966) to aid in the construc-
tion of the, from the proceeds of the sale
of mineral lauda— [By Mr. Kendall.]
reported and recommitted, 4179.
e«tton, A. Schuyler, bill (H. H. No. 2411)
granting a peubion to — [By Mr. Peck.]
ivported and irnssed, 2707 ; passed Senate
with amendment, 8888: concurred in,
4006$ MUroUed, 414a

Swamp lands, bill (H. R. No. 718) graatinff
certain i in Hoyt county, Missouri, to said
Hoy t county for school purposes — [By Mr.
Parker, of Missouri.]
referred, 197.

bill (H. R. No. 756) extending the time for
the selection of, and overflowed lands
in Orf*gon under the act of Congress
approved March 12, 1860~[By Mr.

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