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2542 ; passed Senate, 8458 ; enrolled,
8571; approved, 8682.

Turner, Benjamin S., a Representative from
Alabama 8

Petitions presented by 1150, 1898
ills introduced by —

No. 678 — for the removal of the political
disabilities of J. A. Crook and James
B. Jones, citizens of the Stat« of

Alabama 196

No. 958— for relief of St. PauFs Epifi-

copal church of Selma, Alabam8.....898

No. 1112— for the relief of the heirs of

Henry Fulenwider ,.498

No. 1405 — for I he benefit of James S.

Wren and William A. Eelley 848

No. 1694— to amend an act for the re-
moval of certain cases from State courts,

approved July 27, 1866 1211

No 2277 — to authorize the United States
Land Commissioner to bid fur and to
purchase private land sold at public
auction, and to subdivide the same and
sell to tbe landed citizens of tbe Uniied
States in tbe immediate vicinity of such

lands 2489

No. 2278— for the construction of a public
building in the city of Selma, Alabama,
to be used for the custom-bouBe, post
office, revenue office, and other purposes

of the United States » 2489

No. 2279— for the removal of the political
disabilities of James D. Craig, A. D.
Braziel, G. W. Oogle, and J. P. Jones,

citizens of Alabama ...2489

No. 2470— granting a penbion to Robert ti.

Brown, of Adair coanty, Missouri, 2715

No. 2471— granting a pension to John

Heddinger «.. 2716

No 2546 - -graniing a pension to DHuiel

Wooden 2755

No. 2649 — to amena an act for tbe re-
moval of certain cauRes from Sate

courts, approved July 27, 1866 .8088

reporto msde by ......2715, 2747, 2755

incidental remarks by 2715, 2755, 4218

remarks on tbe river and harbor sppropri-

ation bill 2447, 2452

on the call of tbe House 8850, 8858

on the bill relative to tbe construction
of a public building at Selma, Ala-
bama. 4084, (see Apptndix,) 4104

(See Appendix,)

on the cotton taz..» 4104

(See Appendix ) .
Turner, Sarali A. , joint resolution (H. R. No.
121) authorizing the Secretary of War to
order to be jpaid the 6laim of, a loyal citi-
zen of tbe State of Tennessee — [By Mr.
referred, 2078.
Turner, Rear Admiral Thomas, bill (H.
R. No. 2827) for the relief of— [By Mr.
referred, 8649.
Turnpike Company, bill (H. R. No. 1989)
for the benefit of the Louisville aod Bards-
townH!^? Mr. Blair, of Michigan.]
reported, 1682; passed, 8626.
Tuscumbia, Alabama, bill (H. R. No. 471)
to vest tbe title to commons and streets
in, in the coi^porate authorities of said
city— [ByMr.Sloss.]
referred, 29.
Totbill. Joseph H., a Representative from New

York 8

leave of absence granted to .66,

423, 944, 1900, 2488, 8888, 4486

remarks on tbe call of tbe House 8861

Twichell, Ginery, a Representative from

Massachusetts ..8

leave of absence granted to 1879

petitions presented by...86. 84, 119, 157. 282,
518, 788, 802, 886, 976, 1126, 1628, 2757
bills introduced by —
No. 491^—10 provide for the payment of
p. B. Allen ft Co. for services in carry-
ing the United States mails 55

No. 2840— to change the name of the
pleasure-yacht Blue, of Boston, Massa-
cnnsetis **i. .«••»«.«••• !••••• M«.t«.*.4.«*t*4MOOv

Digitized by




Twichell, Qineiy, a BepresenUtiTe from

Massachasetta — Continued,
bills iotrodaced by —

No. 2714— for the relief of William M.
Henry 8876

No. 2772— to extend the time for the com-
•pletion of the Atchison, Topeka, and
Santa F6 railroad, and to secure lands

to actual settlers 8406

report made by 2274

incidental remarks by 470,

2182, 2274, 8888, 8880. 4104, 4820

remarks on the Post Office appropriation

bill 1614

on the Atchison and Santa F6 railroad

bill 8406

Tyler, Horace, bill (S. No. 686) for the

relief o£
receiTcd from Senate^ 2802 ; referred, 2848.
Tyner, James N., a RepresentatiTe from Indi-
ana... 8

petitions presented by ^ 400,

1175, 1446, 1782, 8017
bills introdaced—

No. 828 — to anfthorize the sorvey and sale
of lands reclaimed by the drainage of
BeaTer Idee, in the Stato of Indi
aaa.^ 802

No. 824 — to present the further sale of
the pnblio lands fit for tillage. 802

No. 1814^to aothorize the appointment
of a chief of dirision for mail depreda-
tions in the Post Office Department, 688

No. 1688 — for the constmction of an addi-
tion to the United States court- house
and post office building in Indianapolis,
Indiana, and for the purchase of addi-
tional grounds adjoining the site of said
building 1019

No. 1640— to audioriae the purchase of a
site for a public building at Cincinnati,
Ohio 1019

No. 2019— to exempt appropriatioms for
public buildings from the restrictions
imooeed by tbe pfOTisioos of an act
making appropriations for the legisla-
tiTe, exeeutiTe, and judicial expenses
of the OoTemment for the year ending
June 80, 1871 1776

No. 216^ - |[raotiog arrears of pension to
Mary A. King 2078

No. 2^82— authorising the construction of
a public building at Fall River, in the
State of MassacbuseUs 8086

No. 2948 — to provide for the erection of
a public bunding at NashTille, Tennes-
see 8976

No. 2987 — to authorize the erection of a
public building at Eiransville, Indi-
ana 4467

resolution submitted bf—

for printing report on the petition of cer-
tain envelope manufacturers — [March

19, 1872J 1811

reports made by, 1019, 1166, 1811, 1969, 8976

incidental remarks by 1019, 1107, 1811,

2272, 2842, 8086, 8760, 4096, 4100, 4462

remarks on the bill to provide for a public

building at Albany, New York 996

on the St. Croix and Lake Superior rail-
road bill 1881, 1689, 1717

on the Post Office appropriation bill,^ 1661

on the bill tojirovide for a publie bnildinf
at Utioa, New York 1682

on the bill to authorize a statue to the late
Admiral Farragut, 1969, 1960^ 2206,2206

on the bill to secure the public lands to
actual settlers 2170. 2171

on the bill to authorise the issue or post
cards 2802

on the bill relative to the centonnial inter-
national exhibition 2888

on the bill to make partition of the res-
ervstion to Me-shin-go-me-sia, a Miami
Indian ..2948

on the bill to provide for a public building
at Raleigh 4461

on the bill providing for a public building
al Bvansville, IndiMia. 4467

Type, biU (H. R. No. 1266) to repeal aU laws
imposing duties on priotisg, ink, and
reterred, 681.

bill (H. R. No. 1270) abolishing all duties
and imposts on imported printing, and

gacing the same oa the iree list — [By
r. Voorhees.]
referred, 681.
bill(H. R. No. 1869) to abolish aH duties
and imposts on, and other printing
material, and also to abolish aU duties
and imposts on all articles used in the
manu&cture of type and other printing
material, and to place the same on the
free list— [By Mr. Voorhees.]
referred, 829.
bill (H. R. No. 1474) to place printing, ink,
and other printing material on the fr«e
list in the tariff— [By Mr. Hay.]
referred, 970.
bill (H. R. No. 1682) to admit type metal
and, free of duty— [By Mr. Cotton.]
referred, 1116.
Tyson, Bryan, bill (H. R. No. 1107) for the
relief of, to indemnify him for moneys

J)aid as a deficit for certain mail service —
By Mr. Cobb.]
erred, 498.


Uber, C. A., bill (H. R. No. 2066) for the
relief of H. C. Christopher, O. W. Beard,
Edward Stiles, and N. H. Lnmdin— [By
Mr. Coghlan.]
reported and passed) 1898 ; passed Senato,
8899: enrolled, 8606; approved, 8788.
Umber, Eleanora, bill (H. B. No. 2662) for
the relief of— [By Mr. Merritt]
referred, 8088. .
Underbill, J. H., bill (H. R. No. 2060) for
the relief of— [By Mr: Starkweather.]
reported, 1896; passed, 8800; return re-
quested, 8876; returned, 8982, 8976;
passed Senate, 4446; enrolled, 4460;
approved, 4460.
Uniforms, bill (H. B. No. 1789) to permit
the importation, free of duty, of certain
Hi^land kilts and, for tiie seventy-ninth
regiment (Highlanders) of the National
Guard, Stato of New York— [By Mr. B.
H. Roberts.]
referred, 1897 ; reported, 1466, 1862 ; passed,
University, East Tennessee, bill (S. No. 490)
for the relief of the.
received from Senate, 2842.
bill (H. R. No. 1608) to confirm the pur-
chase by Uie exeeutive depattmeut of
three acres of land in the vicinity of
Nashville, and to donato the same to
the trustees of the Fisk, for educational
purposes— [By Mr. Maynard.]
referred, 1114.
bill (H. R. No. 2862) to confirm the pur-
chase, by the executive department, of
three acres of land in the vicinity of
Nashville, Tennessee, known as the sito
of Fort Houston, and to donato the same
to the trusteefi of the Fisk, for educa-
tional purposes — [By Mr. Towntend, of
reported and passed, 8778.
joint resolution (H. R. No. 68) instroeting^
the chief of engineers to supply the, ot
Missouri, and Uie Stato universities of
other States with the tbird volume and
atlas of Report on Qeological Explora-
tion of FortieUi Parallel, for the use
of said universities — [By Mr. Eling.]
referred, 198.
bin (H. R. No. 788) setting apart and reserv-
ing public lands for the purpose of
establishing and maintaining a na-
tional— [By Mr. McCrary.]
referred, 198.
Inll (H. R. No. 2889) to establish a na-
ttonal— By Mr. Perce.]
referred, 8661.

University— ConfiYitteei
bill (H. R. No. 2816) to endow Renau
Female, and five normal sehools in
Mississippi— [Bj Mr. Harris, of Mis-
referredL 8649.
bill (H. R. No. 2281) to provide for the
admission of books, maps, charts, stat-
uary, Ac, fbr 8oul6, free of duty — [By
Mr, Haoks.]
referred, 2270.
bill (H. R. No. 289) authoriiing die award
to- the Vinoennes, of eeriain vacant and
abandoned lands in Knox oouoty, Indi-
aoa-{ByMr. Nibladc.]
reportod' and passed, 2940.
Upton, William Hi, a Representativa from

Ohio 8

leave of absence mated to..... 4104

petitions presentM by 872,

644, 679, 606, 802, 1004, 1176, 1410,
1986, 2009, 2046, 2160, 2468, 9664
bills introduced by^
No. 468— for the relief of Lieutenant Col-
onel Frank Lvnch ..29

No. 2224 — in relation to Mexican titles to

land within Arisona. 2209

No. 2944— granting a penmon to Mrs.
Martha Tfllitson, widow of George W.

TiUitson 8977

resolutions dubraitted by—
in reference to election of poetmsters by
the people— [December 20, 1871]. ..260
in regard to appointments to the civil ser-
vice— [January 8, 1872] 806

calling for the corresponoence in relation
to the claim of Edward A. Barrett—

[April 6, 1872] ......2206

for printing extra copies of the report of
the board of Indian commissioners for

1871— [April 28, 1872] 2687

incidental remarks by 21

remarks in correction of the Journal 412

on deficiency bill (H. R. No. 1654), 1841
on Post Office appropriation bill, 1846, 1847

on the tariflTand tax bilL 8016,

(see Appendix,) 8468

on the civil appropriation bill. 8768

Upton, Frederick B., bill (H. R. No. 2870) to
authorise the President to appoint, of
Bath, Maine, a master in the Havy
of the United States— [By Mr. Stark-
reportod and passed, 8801.
Usurr laws, bill (H. R. No. 1646) to amend
the, of the District of Columbia— [By Mr.
referred, 1116.
Utah, the Territory of, bill (H. R. No. 688)
to provide for the irrigation of Bear River
valley, in — [By Mr. McCraiy.]
referreo, 68.

bill (H. R. No. 616) granting lands to aid
in the reclamation of deeert lands
in— [By Mr. Hooper, of Utah.]
referred, 101.
bill (H. R. No. 616) to incorporate the Bear
River and Cache Valley Canal Coni-
pany, and for a grant of land to aid
m the constmction of a canal for irriga-
tion in, and Idaho— [By Mr. Hooper,
of Utah.]
referred, 101.
bill (H. R. No. 617) to incorporate tiie Weber
River and Kay's Creek (^nal Company,
and for a grant of land to aid in the
construction of a canal ibr irrigation
in— [By Mr. Hoeper, of Utah.]
referred, 101.
bill (H. R. No. 618) granting lands te aid
in the reclamation of desert laoda
in — [By Mr. Hooper, of Utah.]
referred, 101.
bill (H. R. No. 721) to legalise polygamou
marriages in, and to dismiss aliiiroee*
cutions on account thereof in theoouito
of said Territory— [By Mr. Blair, of
referred, 197.

Digitized by




{] ta h — ConHnued'
bill (H. B. No. 761) to enable the people
of, to form a constitatioo and State
government, and for the admission of
said State into the Union— [By Mr.
referred, 199.
bill (H. R. No. 1164) to soppress polygamy,
and to enable the people of, to &rm a
constitution and State government— [By
Mr. Sari^ent]
referred, 600.
bill (H. R. No. 1802) granting the right of
way through the public lands to the
Utah Southern Railroad Company — [By
Mr. Hooper, of Utah.]
referred, 682.
bill (H. R. No. 1475) for the relief of the
claimants of land in Salt Lake City,
in — [By Mr. Burchard.]
referred, 970.
bill (H. R. No. I486} relating to the district
courts of— [By Mr. Stoughton.]
referred, 970.
resolution calling for information in regard
to the criminal cases now pending
in— [By Mr. Sargent, February 21,
agreed to, 1160.
bill (H. R. No. 1783) granting to the Utah
Southern Railroad Company a right of
way through the public lauds for the
construction of a railroad and telegraph
line— [By Mr, Hooper, of Utah.]
referred. 1212.
bill (H. R. No. 1739) granting a charter
to the Utah Railroad and Mining and
Land Company — [By Mr. Chipman.]
referred, 1213 ; reported, 3974.
bill (H. R. No. 2168) to aid the enforcement
of the laws in — [By Mr. Yoorhees.]
referred, 2078.
bill (H. R. No. 2199) to incorporate the
Great Salt Lake and Colorado River
Railway Company, and to grant to said
company a I'igbt of way through the

Sublic lands of the United States — [By
[r. Duunell.]
reported, 2137; discussed, 2187, 2621,
2548; passed, 2647.
bill (H. R. No. 2198) to promote the purity
of elections in — [By Mr. Wheeler.]
referred, 2141.
bill (H. R. No 293) to secure to citizens of,
the right of suffrage without distinction
of race, sex,' color, or previous condi-
tion of servitude — [By Mr. Storm.]
reported adversely and tabled, 2950.
bill (fl. H. No. 2696) to aid the execution
of the laws in — [By Mr. Bingham.]
reported and recommitted, 3219.
Utley, William L., bill (S. No. 1090) for the
relief of.
received from Senate, 4202; referred, 4832.


Vacancies, bill (H. E. No. 2632) to provide
for filing, in certain offices in the several
Territ6rie»— [By Mr. Pr|ndle.]
reported and passed, 2961 ; passed the Sen*
ate with amendment, 4l78; concurred
in, 4204; enrolled, 4318; approved,

Vails, WilUam S., bill (H. B. No. 1276) for
the relier of, late a private of company
C, third regiment Lidiana volunteer cav-
alry — [By Mr. Qolman.l
referred, 681 ; reported aodpassed, 1684.

Vandersmith, p. B., bill'(H:R. No. 1877)
granting a pension to, late captain or
company C, twenty-first regiment Penn-
sylvania cavalry— [By Mr. L. Myers.]
referred, 1678,

Valentine, Thomas B., bill (H. R. No. 1024)
for the relief of— [By Mr. Houghton.]
referred, 396; reported, 1186; discn8sed«
1186 : passed, 1187; passed Seaate, 2008 ;
enrolled, 2101.

Valentine, Thomas B., bill (H. B. No. 1024)—
remarks by —

Mr. Bingham 1187

Mr. Coghlan 1186

Mr. Farnsworth 1187

Mr. Finkelnburg « 1186

Mr. Houghton 395

Mr. Sargent 1186, 1187

Mr. Ti^ 1186

Mr. Townsend, of Pennsylvania... 1185,
1186 1187
Van Campen, Heoty, bill (H. B. No. 'l670)
granting a pension to, of Steuben county,
New York— [By Mr. Smith, of New
referred, 1114.
Van Louvan, H. C, bill (H. R. No. 2742) for
the relief of-^[J3y Mr. Donnan.]
referred, 8877.
Vanniman, Beniamin, bill (H. R. No. 78) for
the relief of— [By Mr. Shellabarger. ]
reported and passed, 983; passed Senate,
1613; enrolled, 1660.
Van Rensselaer, Margaret, bill (H. R. No.
1226) for the relief of— [By Mr. Perry,
of New York.]
referred, 680.
Van Trumn, Philadelph, a Representatife

from Omo ..8

leave of absence granted to '. 3166

petitions present^ by 146,

249, 768, 1818, 1962, 2966
bills introduced by-
No. 1268— granting a pension to Garrett

Fleming 681

No. 2078— for the relief of William Moore,
late a private in company K, seventy-
third regiment Ohio infantry volun

teers 1968

Ko. 2120— granting a pension to Joseph

Lowiy 2046

No. 2lil — granting a pension to George

W. Schwartz 2046

No. 2638— granting a pension to John

Gibbs 8008

No. 2639— for the relief of Butler, Miller
^ Co., andHawkes, Miller k Co., 3008
resolutions submitted by —
to amend a certain rule of the House —

[I)ecemberll,1871] 67

calling for information in regard to mail

service— [December 20, 1871].. 249

report made by. 2687

incidental remarks by 19,

230, 267, 268, 321, 467. 832. 1143,
1276, 1908, 2007, 2274, 2481, 3628, 4442
remarks on the resolution relating to dis-
orders in the South. 696, 696, 697

on resolution. to draw for seats...88^, 836
on tbe resolution for printing extra copies

of the Ku Klux report 1119,

1121, 1122, 1128
on bill relating to Central Pacific Railroad

Compapy..^ 1470, 1471, 1621, 2697

on the disabUitiea of Z. J^. Vance, of

North Carolina.... 1609

on the bill for the removal of certain
causes to the United States courts, 1648
eo the Post Office appropriation bill, 3881
personal and explanatorjr in reference to
the Ru Kiux investigadoain South Car-
olina 4022, 4028, 4024

on the order of business i.^.. 4429

Vao^ William L., bill (H. R. No. ^79) for
the relief of Robertson Topp and-^[By
Mr. Bright.]
referred, 2686 : referred ane^w* 8606.
Vance, Z. B., of^ North Carolipa, removal of

the disabilities of, discussed 1608, 1610

remarks by —

Mr. Farnsworth.. 1608

Mr. Leach «. 1610

Mr, Potter «....16Q6

Mr. Shober — ♦. 1608

r. Van Trump ., 1609

r. Wa^deU ^*. •...1#09

r.Wpodi « ..,^-.1609


Vaughan, William W., a Bepresentative from

Tennessee 67

leave of absence granted to, 1612,2483,4436

petitions presented by 84,

400, 448, 618, 1126, 1224
bills introduced by —
No. 646 — to provide for a building suited
to the use of the custom-house, post
office, and pension and revenue offices,
and the judicial officers of the United
States in the city of Memphis, Tennes-
see 67

No. 969 — to authorize the construction of
a bridge across the Mississippi river at

Memphis, Tennessee 394

No. 1127 — to better secure the enforce-
ment of the laws of the United

States 498

No. 1269 — to authorize the redemntion of
real estate bid in by the United States

Government at tax sales 681

No. 1607— for the relief of Thomas E.

Neal ....1114

No. 2111 — for the removal of political dis-
abilities from persons in the State of

Tennessee 1966

No. 2619 — to relieve certain persons
against sales of their lands for direct
taxes in the insurrectionary dis-
tricts 2906

No. 2822 — to reimbu^e Lagrange Col-
lege, in the State of Tennesbee 11649

report made by 2958

remarks on the bill to provide oapitol build-
ings in the Tenritories 2968, 2954

en the necessity of a public building at

Memphis, Tennessee 8339

(See Aj^endix.)
Venezuela, bill (H. R. No. 1859) relative
to the convention with— [By Mr. Pack-
reported and recommitted, 1607.
Ventilation, resolution for a select committee
to consider what changes can be made in
the construction of the Hall of Bepresent-
atives so as to give better light and — [By
Mr. Butler, of Massachusetto, Ubj 30,
read, 4089 ; agreed to, 4090 ; explanation,
Venus, bill (S. No. 968) making an appro-
priation for instruments to be usea in
observations upon the transit of, in
received from Senate, 2521 ; referred, 2648;
leave to report asked, 2585.
Verdery, M. S., bill (H. R. No. 2216) to
relieve from political disabilities, of
Chatham county, Georgia — [By Mr. Mc-
referred, 2269.
Vesser, bill (H. R. No. 616) prohibiting that
harbor, port, or piloisige fees, dues, or
other taxes or imposts be levied or pre-
tended to be levied 6b the tonnage, mer-
chandise, trjsde, imports, or ci^goes of
any, or the vessel itself, by virtue of the
authority of a^y State or municipal gov-
ernment, except j^harfage, pierage, and
dockage, and enacting that the collection
or attempt to collect dv9 si^me or any

Sortion tnereof be a p^nal offense — [By
Lr. Negli^O
referred, 66.
Vessels, bill (H. R. No. 476) to relieve mas-
ters of col^lting2 engaged in trade upon
t|he frontiecs it the .United States from
procuring and' presenting .manifests of

Sjrgees, as now requicea by laiW-*[By
E. Hale.]
referred, 42.

bill (H. R. No. 483) authorising the Com-
missioner of lotemalBevefaae to remit
and pay back taxes assess^ smd col-
Jeated on— [By Mr. Lynok.]
r^erred, 66.

Digitized by




bill (H. U. No. 515) to Amend an act to
provide for the better seearity of life
on board of, propelled in whole or in
part hf steam I approved Febmary 28,
1871— [By Mr. Negley.]

refrrred, 56.
bill (H. U. No. 654) to amend an act to
provide for the better security of life
on board of, propelled in whole or in
pHrl by steam, approved February 28,
1871— [Bv Mr. NegleyJ

referred, 196; (^ee bill fiu R. No. 1850.)
bill (Q. R. No. 705) to provide for the bet-
ter secariry of life on board of, ftc,
in relation to licensing pilots — [By Mr.

referred, 801.
bill(H. R. No. 822) to amend the eighteenth
section of an act to provide for the bet-
ter secnriiy of life on board of, propelled
in whole or in part by steam, approved
February 28, 1871— [By Mr. Arthur.]

referred, 802.
bill (U. U. No. 878) to relieve American-
built steamers and, from import duties
laid upon materials and articles enter-
ing into iheir construction, repair, and
use— [By Mr. Hale.]

read and reference discussed, 804, 500 ;
referred, 501.
bill (II. li. No. 888) to authorize sale of un-
serviceable, and materials in the Navy,
and to provide for the constmciion of
twenty iron sea going stcamshipa— [By
Mr. Townsend, of New York.]

referred, 840.
bill (H R. No. 1088) to allow American
«^ registry to foreign-built, &c — IBj Mr.

referred, 896.
bill (El. R.. No. 1069) to exempt the iron
steam ice- boats constructed by the city
of Philadelphia from ihe inspection re-
quired by the act of February 28, 1871,
to provide for the better security of life,
Ac— [By Mr. L. Myers.]

referred, 469.
bill (H. R. No. 1097) anthoriEing the Secre-
tary of the Navy to dispose of, machin-
ery, ordnance, and other materials now
at the aavv-yards and naval stations
which may be sold without detriment to
the public serrtee, and appropriating
the proceeds thereof to the construction
and equipment of other — [By Mr. Neg-

referred, 4^7.
bill (B. R. No. 1218) to define the rights
of part owners of, in certain oaaee— [^7
Mr. Petern.]

referred, 679 ; reported and passed, 1184 ;
passed Senate, 1907 ; enrol led, 2045.
bill (H. R. No. 1219) to authorize the con-
struotion of ten or more steam, of
war— [Bv Mr. Banks.]

referred, 679.
bill (H. R. No. 1698) for the relief of cer-
tain contractors for the construct ion of,
of war and steam machinery— [By Mr.
Perry, of Ohio.]

referred, 1211 ; reported, 8841.
bill (H. R. No. 1850) to amend an act to
provide for the better security of life
on board of, propelled in whole or in
part by steam, approved February 28,
1871— [By Mr. Negley.l

reported and recommitted, 1400: motion
to reconsider, 1482; discasned, 1960;
(nee subatituce bill, M. R. No. 2116.)
bill (H. R. No. 1032) providing for the
transit of merchant, of heaTy drauffht
across the bar at the mouth of the Mi8-
tsippi river— [By Mr. Negley.]

referred, 1586.
bUl ( H. R. No. 2015) to abolish the tonnage
tax on AmerioM' [By Mr. Peek.]

referred^ 1776.

Vessels— Con/inuei.
bill (H. R. No. 2116) to amend an act to
provide for the better security of life on
board of, propelled in whole on in part
by steam— [By Mr. Negley.]

substituted for bill H. R. No. 1850, 1961;
discussed. 2050, 2052, 2054, 2112, 2141,
2148,2168; passed, 2169 ; passed Sen-
ate with amendment, 8617 ; conference,

remarks by —

Mr. Bird 2051,2052, 2145

Mr, Butler, of Massachusetts 2054,

2056. 2114. 2116. 2141. 2142.
2148, 2144, 2145, 2148, 2149

Mr. Conger 1961,

2054. 2110. 2141. 2142. 2143,
2144, 2145, 2147, 2150, 2169

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