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ment in the, of the Unitad States of
person s under the sge of 4wentj-OB6
jreara— [By Mr. Storm, j

referred, 56.

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Army— 'Omliiftieci*
but (H. H. No. 229) relsUnit to oerUin
oflBcere of the— [By Mr, Garfield, of
referred anew, 72.
bHl (H. R. No. 669) to amend tbe act of
April 8, 1871, 8o as to allow pay for rent
01 property used by the, of the United
States, and where used by contract to
pay without proof of loyalty — [By Mr.
Harris, of Virginia.]
referred, 195.
bill (H. U. No. 8S8) to provide that minors
•hall not be enlisted in the military
or naval service of tbe United States
without the consent of parents or
^aardiaoB-^[By Mr. Coburn.]
referred, 802; reported and recommitted,
1078^ reported, 1646; passed, 1646;
passed Senate with amendiD«nt, 2842 :
tefeired, 2401 ; reported and conourrea
in, 8224; enrolled, 8294.
bill (H. R. No. 907) toregalate brevets in
the— [By Mr. Butler, of MassiM^hasetts. ]
referred, 892.,
bill (H. R. No. 967) construing the joint res-
olution of Congress, approved July 26,
1866, for the relief ot certain officers
of tbe— [By Mr. Adams.]
referred, 894.
biU (U. R. No. 1181) to provide for the
establishment of a prison for the, of
the United States, and for its govern-
meirt— [By Mr. Coburn. 1
referred, 499; reported and recommitted,
bill (U. R. No. 1268) regulating the pay of
officers in Che United States, and Navy
when absent on leave — IBj Mr. SlcMS.]
referred, 680.
bill (H. R. No. 1447) to amend an act Bak-
ing appropriations for the support of
the, for the year ending June 80, 1872,
approved March 8, 1871, and to define
and extend tbe powers and duties con-
ferred upon the commissioners of claims
appointed under said act — [By Mr.
referred, 969.
bill (H. R. No. 1541) making appropriations
for the sopport of the, for tbe year end-
ing June 80, 1872— [By Mr. Dickey.]
reported, 1028; discussed, 1878, 1874,
1876, 1879, 2218, 2219; parsed, 2225;
passed Senate with amendments, 3650 ;
referred, 8650 ; reported, 8821; dis-
cussed, 8821, 8824 ; conference, 8834,
8842; conference report, 8980; agreed
to by House, (Fort Leaven worth amend-
ment left open,) 8976; Fort Leaven-
worth amendment discussed, 8981 ; new
conference, 8983; new report, no
agreement, 4126 ; Senate recedes, 4129 ;
enrolled, 4177; approved, 4425.
remarks by —

Mr. Banks „ « 2214

Mr. Beck 1876,

1877, 2215, 2216, 2217. 2218, 2219
Mr. Butler, ofMassachusetis, 2217, 2218

Mr. Ooborn ; 2213, 2216,

2220, 2221, 8822, 8981, 8982, 8988

Mr. Dawes 2218,

2214, 2215, 2216, 2217, 2219, 8650

Mr. Dickey 1873, 1874,

1878, 2218, 2214, 2215, 2216,
2220,2221, 8650, 8821, 8822,
8828, 8824, 8980, 3981, 3983

Mr. Famsworth ..8821, 8823, 8824

Mr. Garfield, of Ohio 1874, 1876,

1878, 2218, 2221, 3821,
^ • 8824, 8981, 8982, 8983

. Mm. Hale 8081

Mr. Uolman ...3821,

3822, 8824, 8981, 3982, 3983

Mr. Lowe. 3822, 8823, 3982

Mr. McCrary 2219, 2220

Mr. Merriam 8824

Mr. Morgan. 2217, 2218, 2219

Mr. Parker, of Missouri 8828

Amy, bill (H. R« No. 1541)— OhUmmmmI.

remarks by —

Mr. Ritchie 2220, 2221

Mr. Sargent 3822, 3982

Mr. Shanks 8823

Mr. Slocum 1874,

1875, 2213, 2214, 2217, 2220
Mr. Whitthorne 1878, 2218

bill (H. R. No. 804) declaring the meaning
of the third section of the joint reso-
lution approved July 11, 1870, amend-
atory of the joint resolution for the
relief of oertain officers of the, approved
July 26, 1866— [By Mr. Packard.]
reported and recommitted, 1077 ; reported
and discussed, 8166 ; recommitted, 8168.

bill (H. R. No. 1599) in relation to appoint-
ments in the, under the act approved
July 28, 1866— [By Mr. Perry, of Ohio.]

' referrod, 1114.

bill (H. R. No. 1602) to repeal the sixth
section of an act making iLppropriations
f>r the support of the, for the year end-
ing June 80, 1870, approved March 8,
1869— [By Mr. Maynard.l
referred, 1114 ; reported and tabled, 8225.

bill (U. R. No. 1646) to repeal section three
of a joint resolution for the relief of cer-
tain officers of tbe — [By Mr« Chipman.]
referred, 1116.

resolution in regard to the reorganization of
the staff corps of the^[By Mr. Coghlaa,
February 21, 1872.]
agreed to, llda

bill (H. R. No. 1696) to extend tha pro-
visions of the twenty.fiflh section ot the
act making appropriations for the sup-
port of the, approved July 15, 1870, to
the relatives of deceased soldiers and
sailors— [By Mr. Beat^.]
referred, 1211.

bill (H. R. No. 1788) relative to the re
tirement of offioers-of the — [By Mr.
referred, 1897.

joint resolution (S. R. No. 112) to construe
a joint resolution for the relief of cer-
tain officers of the, approved July 26,
1866— [By Mr. Adams.]
referred, 1579.

bill (H. R. No. 1895) to amend section two
of an act making appropriations for the
support of the, for ttie year ending June
80, 1872, passed March 8, 1871— [By
Mr. Garrett.]
referred, 1579.

bill (H. R. No. 1909) to repeal section six
.of an act making appropriations for
the support of the, for the year end-
ing June 80, 1870, approved March 8,
1870— [By Mr. Dunnell.]
referred, 1579 ; reported and tabled, 8225.

bill (H. R. No. 2136) authorizing the nro-
motion of an officer of the Inspector Gen-
eral's department, United States — IBy
Mr. Slocum.]
referred, 2072; reported and passed, 3220;
passed Senate, 4315; enrolled, 4423;
approved. 4460.

bill (H. R. No. 2158) to repeal section six
of an act making Mpropriations for the
support of the, lor the year ending
June 80, 1870-[By Mr. Barry.]
referred, 2078.

bill (H. R. No. 2296) to amend an act making
appropriations tor the support of the, for
the year ending: June 80, 1872, approved
March 8, 1871-H;By Mr. Boles. J
referred, 2440.

bill (H. R. No. 2299} to reinstate. certain
officers in the— [By Mr. BIdredge.]
referred, 2440.

biU (Q. R. No. 2842) to repeal the sixth
section of the act approved June 21,
1860, making appropriations for the

- sopport of the, for the year ending

- tbe 80ih day of June, I860— [By Mr.
Hooper, of Massachusetts.]

referred, 2658.

K rmf — (fffntifuudi

• bill (S. No. 996) to repeal ao avoh of sec-
tion six of an act making ftpprapiia-
tions for the support of the, for tbe year .
ending June 30, 1870, approved March
8, 1869, as prohibits promotion in the
several departments of the.
received from Senate, 2949;, referred,
3888 ; reported and passed with amend-
ments, 4179 ; conference, 4819 ; confer-
ence report, 4448 ; agreed to by House.
4445 ; by Senate, 4458 ; enroHad, 4447.
bill (H. R. Na 2691) to provide for the
establishment of a prison for the, of
the United States, and for Us f overn-
ment— [By Mr. Coburn.]
reported and discoised, 8162; passed,
bill <H. R. No. 2697) relaUve la retired
officers of the — [By Mr. Slocum.]
reported, 8221: discussed, 82tl; passed,
8224^ passed Senate with aaeadment,
4425; ooDonrred in, 4446; eacolled,
4450; approved, 4400.
bill (S. No. 1136) to aathorisa the adoption
of a system of genaral i^gakntions for
the use of the*
received from Senate, 4816; nlarred,
bill (H. R. No. 2988) extending tbe pro-
visions of the twea^'ifth section of die
act making i^proprialiou for tbe sup-
port of the, fte., approved Jaly 15,
1870, relating to deceased ofioera and
aoldiers— [By Mr. CoburaO
passed, 4460.
Army leave, bill (H. R. No. 1467) te amend
the thirty- first section of an aot for enroll-
ing and calling out the national militia,
approved March 8, 186d-*[By Blr.Cobum. J
referred, 970 ; reposted and passed, 9161.
Armv officer's record, joint resolution (H. R.
No. 116) authorizing the Seerstory of
War to correct an— [By Mr. ikurfielde,
of Washington.]
referred, 1954.

bill (S. No. 867) an^.horixitog the Secretary
of War to correct an.
received from Senate, 2689; referred,
2848: reported and passed, iS26; en-
rolled, 8294.
joint resolution (H. R. No. 164) aathor-
izing the Secretary of War to correct
an — [By Mr. Havens.]
referred, 8649.
Aroostook, resolntioa in rcfer e aoe to the
ekim of the owner of the steaaer — [By
Mr. Sargent, March 15, 1872.]
agreed to, 1718.
Arsenal, bill (H. R. No. 792) to anthoriie the
sale of the, at Rome, New York, and to
appropriate the proceeds^By Mr. £. H.
referred. 801 ; referred ane«» 849, 107&
Arsenals, bill (H. R. No. 610) autboriaing the
sale of eertaia, and other atopert? of the
United States— [By Mr. SkMmm.]
referred,. 60 ; sabeuuite reposted «ad recom-
mitted, 107^ f reported and passed, 1886;
reconsidered and reeemmitted, I6861.
bill (H. R. No. 18G8) aotboriaiaf tbe sale
of certain, and other property of the
United States— [By Mr. tfooom.]
reported and recommitted, 1640.
bill (H. R. No. 2610) to provide for tlie sale
of aseless, and tbe coostruotioa of an
arsenal for the manufacture of steel
guns for sea-coast defeaae [Bf Mr.
referred, 2886.
Arteeian well, bill (H. R. No. 1613) author-
izing the Secretary of* War to expend cer-
tain moneys for the porpose ef sinking
an, on the Fort D. H. Knssell military
reservation, in Wyoming Tenitoijr— [By
Mr. Jones.]
referred. 972; reported and pasaed, 8230;
passed Senate, 4315; enroUad, 4428;
approved, 4460.

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ArtesiaD wells, bill (H. R. Na 1508) to eA-

oouti^tbie sinking of, upon pa1>lic lands

io the State of Nevada — [By Mr. Kendall.]
referred, J971 ; referred anew, 1078.
Artbar, William £., a Representative from

Kentucky. - , ...8

petitions presented by 118,

202, 470, 544, 904, 1125, 1818,
1961, 1984, 2866, 2905, 2941, 8097
bills introduced by —

No. 468 — to amend sections sixty-one and
sixt^rtbree of ao act imposing taxes on
distilled spiritsand tobacco 29

No. 586 — to enable the President to pur-
chase a site and erect thereon a fire-
proof buiidinff for the accommodation
of the Unitea States courts and post
office in the city of Covington, Ken-
tueky^..,^. .1 M....- -67

No» 696^ta abolish export bonded ware-
JiovBea for the storage of manofiMtured
tobacco and snuff in bond 197

No. 697-t-to provide for the destruction of
tobacco legally forfeited and seized by
th«> Uaked States for fraud against the
Jaws for tbe raising and collection of
the internal revenue m 197

Noi §9d— for the repeal of all acts and
parts of acts creating and imposing
a special tax on sales of dealers in
4obaccoi, manufacturers of tobacco, and
manai«bCUuFers of cigars^ 197

ISh. i690-rto remit the internal revenue
tax upoa five hundred, and forty-nine
barrels, containing twenty -three thou-
sand four hundred and sixty-six gallons,

. destroyed by fitt if bile in bond in a dis-
iiUerjr warehouse, on the 24th of June,
1369, in the county of Harrison, State
of ftefOUcky ...^ ^ M. 197

No. 821 — granting a pension to James
Carroll, of Campbell county, Kentucky,
crippled for life while in line of duty in
jSemflPimd of the United States dispatch
boat Sallie Woods, at Cairo, Illinois, 802

No. 822 — to amend the eighteenth seetion
of an act to provide for the l>etter secur-
ity of life on board of vessels pro-
pelled in whole or in part by steam,
and for other purposes, approved Feb-
ruary 28, 1871 802

No. 1971 - <o refund to Samuel Colcord
and .sixteen others, ciiizens of the
county of Pendleton, State of Ken-
tucky, $300 and interest thereon.... 1774

No. i2080^to promote uniform harmony,
fnaternity, and prosperity in all the

fovemments and people compooiBg the
'ederal Union wv.l964

coocurrcBt resolution submitted by —
fthat bill (H. R. No.. 2081) for ihe relief
oC Pedc, Van Horn & Co. be corrected
and enrolled for Peek, Van Hook &

Co.— [April 11, 1872] 2365

rMoimtion snbmitted by — '
declaring David S. Gooding duly elected
from the foorth district of ladiana —

[April 22, 1872] 2657

incidental remarks by 8881

remarks on the Texas contested election —

«aseof Clarke v$, Giddings 142,

848, 846, 847, 848
OA the Arkansas contested election — case

of Boles vs. Edwards...*. 937

, on the advaace of centraUbm....» 1863

oa ih» Pannsylvania contested election —

caee of Cessna tw. Meyers 1611

(See App€9idix.)

on the Indiana contested election — case

of Gooding V8. Wilson 2804,

2656, 2657, 2666, 2ti67, 2669, 2670
on the profligacy uf the Administra-
tion 8067

on the call of the House 3862

Articles of War, bill (H. R. No. 786) amend-
ing the Rules and, for tlie.governmeut of
the armies of. the United States - [By Mr.
Connor. ]
referred, 198.

Artificial limbs, bill (S. No. 471) to amend an
act supplementary to an act to provide
for furnishing, to disabled soldiers,
approved June 80, 1870.
received from the Senate, 471; referred,
714 ; reported and passed wiUi amend-
ment, 8229 ; agreed to, 4815 ; enrolled,
Arts and manufactures, resolution for printing
communication, of the Secretaiy of the
Treasury in reference to importations used
in ihe — [By Mr. Dawes, January 16,1872. ]
referred, 423 ; reported and agreed to,
Ash, James, bill (H. B. No. 1828). for the
relief of, of Sterling, Illinois — [By Mr.
referred, 1899.
Ashton, Frank M., joint resold tion (H. B.
No. 110) authorizing the President to
permit, late second assistant engines of
the Navy of the United States, to with-
draw his resignation of that office — [By
Mr. L. Myers.]
referred, 1578.

bill (H. R. No. 2878) aothorizing the Pres-
ident to permit, late second assistant
engineer in the Navj of the United
States, to withdraw his resignation of
that office — [By Mr. Coghlan.]
reported and passed, 8802.
Asiatic Commercial Company, bill (H. R. No.
2209) toincorporatethe~[By Mr. Peters.]
referred, 2269 ; reported and discussed, 8468 ;

passed* 8465,
remarks by —

Mr. Finkelnburg.... » 8464

Mr. Hoar 8464

Mr. Holman.. 8464, 8465

Mr. Peters. 8468, 8464 8465

Mr. Willard ....8468, 8464

yeas and nays on the 8465

Assay office, bill (H. R. No. 1305) supple-
mental to an act to establish an, in the
Territory of Idaho, approved February
19, 1869— [By Mr. Merritt.]
referred, 682.

bill (H. R. No. 1807) to locate and establish
an, in the Territory of Montana — [By
Mr. Clagelt.]
referred, 682 ; Journal corrected, 707.
bill (H. R. No. 2056) to establish an, at
Helena, in the Territory of Mon-
Una— [By Mr. Waldroa.]
reported and recommitted, 1900*
Assav offices, bill (H. R. No. 5) revising the
laws relative to the mints, and coinage of
the United States— [By Mr Eelley.]
reported, 822 ; discussed, 822, 824, 826, 386 ;

recommitted, 340. .,

bill (H. R. No. 1427) revising and amend-
ing the laws of the United States rel-
ative to the mints, and coinage of the
United States— [By Mr. Hooper, of
reported and recommitted, 948; made
special order, 994; corrected and
printed, 1004: discussed, 2804, 2807;
substitute read, 3882; passed, 8888.
remarks by —

Mr. Beck , ^ 2315

Mr. Brooks, of New York- 2815,

2816, 2817, 8882

Mr. Garfield, of Ohio 8888

Mr. Holman -..^..8882, 3388

Mr. Hooper, of Mass ..2804, 2310,

2811, 2215, 2316, 2817, 8882, 3883

Mr. Kelley 2311,2812, 2316

Mr. McCormick, of Missouri 3888

Mr. McNeely 2812, 8888

Mr. Potter, 2810, 2811, 2812. 2815, 2816

Mr. Randall 2316, 2317, 3882

Mr. Sargent 2814, 2315, 2816, 8888

Mr. Sioughton .2304, 2807, 2316

Mr. Wood 2312, 2814, 2815, 2816

bill (H. R. No. 2084) revising and amending
the laws relative to, and coinage — [By
Mr. Hooper, of Massachusetts. J
passed, 8882.

Asylum, bill (H. R. No. aS30) to donate tbe
military reservation at Fort Steilacoom to
the Territory of Washington for the use
of the insane — [By Mr. Lowe.]
reported and passed, 2950.
bill (H. R. No. 2800) to authorize the board
of managers of the National, for dis-
abled Volunteer Soldiers to convey cer-
tain real estate to the State of Wisconsin
for the purpose therein mentioned —
[By Mr. Mitchell.]
referred 2440.
bill (H. r! No. i952) to amend an act<enti-
tied *'An act to amend an act to incor-
porate a national military and naval, for
the relief of the totally disabled officers
and men of the volunteer forces of the
United States, '' approved March 21,
1866— [By Mr. BuUer, of Massachn-
referred, 1778 ; reported and pasted, 4457.
Asylums, bill (S. No. 829) graoung the Fort
Kearney military reservation to the State
of Nebraska for the use and benefit of
the Nebraska State Deaf, Dnmb, and
received from the Senale, 2008 ; referred,
Attorney, district, bill (H. B. No. 675) to pro-
vide an additional district judse, and mar-
shal for the Stote of Georgia— [By Mr.
referred, 196.

bill (3. No. 699) fixing the salary of the
United States, and united States mar-
shal for the district of Nebraska,
reeeived from Senate, 4188 ; passed,
4326; enrolled, 4485.
Attorney General, calls for information upon

the 1100, 1289,2594

communications from the 250,

412, 448, 1611, 1874, 2402, 2745
in reference to appropriations for the ex-
penses of the United States courts ,1476
joint resolution (H. R. No. 95) relating to
heads of Departments or bureaus call-
ing u|)on their solicitohs or aa assistant,
for written opinions — [ByMr.Bingham.J
referred, 829.
bill (H. R. No. 2268) to direct the, of the
United States to collect certain funds in
the custody of the authorities of the
State of Wisconsin .belonging Io the
Governm cut of the United Stales— {By
Mr.' Randall.]
refbrred, 2489.
Attorneys, bill (H. R. No. 1926) io regulate
the compensation of agents and, prosecut-
ing claims or demands before Congress
and the Executive Depart menta of the
Government — {By Mr, Beck.]
referred, 1581.

bill (H. R. No. 2655) to amend the various
acts relating to agents and, prosecuting
claims or demands before Oongrees and
the Executive Departments of the Gov-
ernment— [By Mr. Snydeh]
referred, 8088.
bill (H. R. No. 2774) to prevent oertMQ
officers of the United States and Terri-
tories from pnwstieing as, or solicitor!
in the courts of the United States in
certaia cases — [By Mr. Butler, of
reported and passed, 8411.
Andureid, James E., biU (H. R. No. 1284)
for the relief of, late of company E, inde-
pendent BimnsQrlvania oavalty^By Mr.
L. Mvers.]
referred, 680.
Authors — see Copyright •
bill (H. R. No. 470) for securing to, in cer-
tain cases the benefit of international
copyright, advancing the development
of American literature, and promoting
' the interests of publishers and book-
buyers in the United States— {By Mr.
referred, 29; extra copies printed, 881.

Digitized by




Atilry, Aidr A., bill (H. R. No. 1708) 9>rtlie
reliefof— [ByMr. Lewis.]
referred, 1212.

bill (H. H. No. 2467) granting a pension
to — [By Mr. Manson:]
reported and passed, 2714.
Averill, John T., a Uepresentative from Min-
nesota 8

petitions presented by 782,

886, 944, 1174, 1212, 1279, 1879, 1955
bills introduced by —
No. 469 — to establish the collection dis-
trict of Duhith, and to create St. Paul,
in the collection district of Minnesota,

a port of delivery 29

No. 1169— for the relief of Helen M.
Stansbary, widow of Major Howard

Stansbury, deceased 500

No. 1170— 4br the relief of Francis B, De
Coster, of LitchSeld, Meeker coanty,

Minnesota „. .'. 500

No. 1824 - to create an additional land

district in the State of Minnesota ...685

No^ 1729 — restoring homestead rights to

cartain soldieta and sailors of the late

war of vbe rebellion 1212

No. 1889— for the relief of SamtTel Dun-
nell, late a second lieutenant in com-
pany C, twenty-seventh regiment Maine

volunteers 1400

No. 1996 — to authorize the construction
of a draw-bridge over the Misnssippi
river at Ued Wing, Minnesota.. .....1775

No. 2612 — for the relief of Antoine

' BroBsa, of company f, eighty- third

regiment New York volunteers...., .2886

No. 2859— for the relief of Amherst H.

Wilder « .....8088

No. 2765— for the relief of Henry Clay
Wood, major and assistant a(^tant

general United States Army.... 8878

No. 2981 — restoring th^ right of home-
stead entry to certain soldiers and sail-
ors of the late war of the rebellion, 4423

reporu made by 1188, 1718, 2997

incidental remarks by .' 685,

1681, 2080, 2271, 2997, 8616, 4176, 4423

remarks on the order of business 2081

Award, resolution calling for information in

reference to the pavment of an, to the

PngetSoand Agricultural Company — [By

Mr. Garfielde, of Washington, May 24,

> 1872.]

read, 8820.
Ayree, Tread well S., bill (H. R. No. 2891)
for the relief of— [By Mr. Holmon.]
reported and recommitted, 8888 ; motion to
reconsider, 8888.
AMlea, bill (H.tt. N«. 2711) granting an
American register to the American-built
bark— [By Mr. Butlet-, of Massachnsetts.]
referred, 8294.


Bacon, Augnstine, bill (H. R: No* 528) forthe
relief of-[By Mr. Price.]
reforred, 67; reported and passed, 1086;
passed Senate, 2802 ; approved, 2892.
Baggage, «xtra, bill (Hi H. No. 1153) reg-
ulating fares for passengers nad enlarges
for, on all railways or stage lines- «arrying
•be United States mails- [By Mb. Con-
reforred 499
Bnly, Amy, bill (H. R* No. 2441) granting a
pefision to— [By Mr. Wakeman.]
reported and passed. 2710.
Bagot, Abigail, bill (H. «. Ifo. 1571) for the
relief of— [By Mr. Williams, of New
York.] -

referred, 1114.
Bailey, Annie Marie, bill (H> R. No. 2479)
granting a pension to— [By Mr. Speer, of
reported and passed, 2746.
Baiifey, a C, bill (H. R, No. 2088) for the
rehef of— [By Mr. Prye.}
reported and passed, 1808^

Bailey, Slnman S., bill (H. R. No. 1288) for
the reliefof, collector of internal revenue
for the fourth district of Michigan — [By
Mr. Foster, of Michigan. }
referred, 682; reported and passed, 1810;
passed Senate, 2302.
Baird, Sarah, bill (H. R. No. 2478) granting
a pension to — [By Mr. Speer, of Penn-
reported and passed, 2745.
Baker, Edward Dickinson, bill (H. R. No.
2586) providing for a life-size marble
statue of the late Senator, from the marble
model in possession of the family of Uie
deeeased Senator — [Bv Mr. Sargent.]
referred, 2885 ; reported, 8294.
bill (H. R. No. 2762) providing for a Hfe-
size marble statue of the late Sena-
tor— [By Mr. Sargent.]
proposed, 3383; read and passed, 3386.
Baker, Q. S., bill (H. R. No. 112) for the
reliefof, of Mavyville, Missouri — [ByMr.
Parker, of Missouri.]
reported and pas^d, 933 ; PMsed the Sen-
ate with amendment, z302; concnrred
in, 2897 1 enrolled, 2998; approved,
Baleer. i. Morgan, bill (H. R. No. 658) for the
relief of, and William H. Beatty, trading
as Baker ft Beatty — \fij Mr. Townsend, of
referred, 195 ; reported adversely and tabled,
Baker, John M.. bill (H. R. No. 2040) for
the relief or the children of— [By Mr.
Harris, of Virginia.]
reported and paased, 1811 ; passed Senate,
2052; enrolled, 2101 ; vetoed, 2402 ; veto
reforred, 24(»
bill (H. R. No. 1806) for the relief of the
heirs of— [By Mr. Harris, of Virginia.]
referred, 1398.
bill (H. R. No. 2948) for the relief of Lucy
A. Baker and Mary A. Baker, children
of, deceased— [By Mr. Harris, of Vir-
reported and pa8fled,4091 ; passed the Sen-
Ate, 4202; ettfoHed, 4818; approved,
Balear, bill (S. No. 1099) to grant an Ameri-
can register to the British brig,
received from Senate, 3462; passed, 4326;
enrolled, 4485.
Balloch, Brevet Brigadier Oeneral George W.,
resolution calling for information m re-
gard to the mustering out of— [By Mr.
McNeely, December 12, 1871.] '
objected to, 78 ) agreed to, 200.
Ballots, resolniion icy obtain the originali cast
in certain counties in Alabama at the
eleetion held November 8, 1870— [By Mr.
Hoar, January 17, 1872 ]
reforred, 440.

bill (H. R.'No. 1110) to preserve the, cast
at and all papers connected #ith elec-
tions held tbr Representatives and
Delegates to Congress — [By Mr. White-
reforred, 498.
bill (H. R. No. 1706) to repeal the' nine-
teenth section of an act lo amend an
act approved May 31, 1870, to etiforce
the righi of citizens of this Union to
Yote-in the several States, &c., approved
February 28, 1871, so far as said section
of said act requires the vote forRepre-
seotalivee vh Congress in the State of
Kentucky to be by written or printed —

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