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adjustment and satisfaction of, c^ Amer-
ican 9itizens for spotiaiiooa committed
by the French prior to the 81^t day of
July, 18Q1— [By Mr. L. Myers]

reported, 8665 ; po^pooed until Decem-
ber, 8666.
bill (S. No. 978) for adjusting the^ of the
StatOiOf New Hampshire.

received from Senate, 8077; read, 4820;
referred, 4321.
bill to regulate the coiqpensation of agents
and attorneys prosecuting, or demands
before Congress or the Exect^tive De-
partments of the Government — [By Mr.
Beck.] *•, :^

suspension of the rqlet disagreed to, 4180.
Claims of southern ciiisens discussea in Com-
mittee of the Whole by Mr. Hajrris, of

Vifginia .*..281

Clark, Ambrose J., 1^111 (H. R.'No. 2790) for

the relief 'of, paymaster in the Navy —

[By Mr. Blair, of Michigan.]
reported, 8624 ; discussed^' 8n24 ; rffcom-

mitted, ,8626.
remarks by —

8r., Blair, of Micti^gan^ 3624, 3626, 8626
r. Holmao.....,....^...3624, ^625, 8626

Mr. Storm ^....,..^.801^, 3626

Clark, Benjamin, bill (H. B. No. 2ii^) grant-
ing a pensiOn to — £By Mr. Bird.^ ,
reportea and passed, 2711. , . .

Clark, Maria, bill (H. R. No. ^86) Waiting a
pension to — [By Mr. Speer, or Pennsyl-
repoi^d wid passed, 2746. ^ . . ,

Clark, Mary M., bill (S. Ko, 2S0) fo? the relief
of, widiow of Leonard Ctark, dectfia>ed.
received from Senate. 1215 ; referred, 1606 ;
reported and passed, 3984 ; enroiled, 4104.

Digitized by V^OOQiC



Clark, Mlji bill (H. R. No. 2818) for reUtf of,
widow of Joseph L. Clark, deceased,
8oIdierofwarofl812— [ByMr. Bingbam.]
refarred, 8649.
Clark, William J., bill (H. R. No. 1887) for
the relief of> administrator of Gad £.
UpsoDf deceased — [Bj Mr. WaldeD.]
referred, 1899.

bill (H. R. No. 2791) for ibe reHef of,

adminisfrator of Gad E. Upson,

deceased— [By. Mr. Strong.]

reported and passed, 8629 ; passed Senate,

4202; enrolled, 4318; approved, 4460.

Clark, William T„ a Representaiive from

Texas— see ^^ton, Contested.

credentials of, pdretented 9

reeolution admiuing, aa HepreaentatiFe from
tbe third district of Texas, without pre-
judice, Ac. — [By Mr. Hoar, January 10,
reported, 199; discussed, 840, 842, 846;
•greed to, 849; Mr. Clark sworn in, 849.

leave of absence granted to» 1482, 1955

petitions presented by ...« 428,

bills introduced hj —
No. 1044— to refmbarse the State of Texas
for moneys expended in eprolling) equip-

S'ng, and provisioning tbe *^ ranger"
rces to aid the Government of the
United Slates in protecting tbe frontier
from incursions of hostile Indian tribes
from the republic of Mexico and the
Territories of the United Stales.. ...896

No. 1045— to divide the State of Texas
.into twp judicial districts., 896

No. 1075— to provide for payment to the
Statei of Texas for money disbursed by
said State for protection of the frontier
prior to the rebellion ...479

No. 1152— to appoint an appmieer for the
port of Galveston, Texas 499

No. 1?91— to indemnify W. A. Saylor, of
Texas, £oir internal revenue taxes ille-
gally assessed and collected during the
years 1867 and 1868... 682

No. 1884 — providing for a survey for a
ehip oanal from the waters of Galveston
bay to Sabine kke, Texas 880

No. 1885 — for the removal of tbe le^al and
political disabilities of certain cnizens
of the State of Texas 880

No. 1629 — to establish the tenth judicial
eircoit.,,*..,.,*.^..*.. 1115

No. 2789— for tbe relief of Mrs. Susan
G. Rhea, widow of Dr. J. Burrows

Gardner 8877

joint resolutions introduced by-
No. 82 — providing for a more eflective
system of quarantine on the southern
and Gulf coasts 499

No. 88— extending the time within which
the creditors ef the la^ republic of
t^exasmay file their claiins at tne Treas-
ury Department^ *,...... k ......499

Now 84 — 'praviding an appropriation for
the reimbursement of expenditures
made by tbe^ State of Texas in main-
taining frontier defenses 499

No. 9tO-rproviding for the cession by the
* Sti^e of Texas of certain territory in
that State to the United States for In-
dian ^aervations.... ,,^,082

Noi 118— providing for the resurvey of

Galyetton harbor. TextM* ........1586

refloli^joi^ submitted c^-^

calluDjg for information in. regard to the
claims ef Texas under the acts of March
8, 1869, and June 28, 1870— [January

A 167^3 ...« ... — ^.466

iDcidental remarks by ......1587, 8976

remarka pergonal and explanatory ^1829

on the subject of Texas politics ...... 1329,

\m, 1861, 1862, l371f 1878, 4388

on tbe civil service commission 1354

on the cession of certain territories by
Texas for Indian reservations 1854-

on tbe river and harbor appropriation
bill 2446

Clark, WilKam T., a Representative from
Tex as— Continued.

remarks on the tariff and tax bill 8159

on the Texas contested election— case of

Clark vs. Giddings .'.8884

(See Appendix.)
Clarke, Benjamin, bill (H. R. No. 460) grant-
ing a pension to — [By Mr. Towasend, of
referred, 28.
Clarke, Freeman, a Bepreseniative from New

Yoik .* 8

petitione presented by... 579, 782, 865

bills introduced by-
No. 687 — to provide for a Government
building in the city of Rochester, New

York 195

No. 917 — to provide a currency of coin
and paper of equal and uniform value

thtt>ughout the United States 892

No. 1071— taking approprtatione for the
payment of invalid and other pensions
of the United States for the year ending

June 80, 1878 469

No. 2895— to authorize the construction
of a railroad and draw-bridge across
tbe Genesee river in Monroe county,

New York 2687

No. 2669 — to authorise the extension of

p«tent8 in eertain cases 8084

reports made by / .....469

ineideDtal remarks by 469

Clarke, Robert, bill (H. R. No. 798) to reim-
burse, of Petersburg, Virginia, for rent
of stables by the United States— [By Mr.
referred, 801.
Claxton, Arthur B., resolution retainin|^, now
in charge of the folding-room, during the
recess— [By Mr. Coburn, June 8, 1872.]
agreed to, 4448 ; amended, 4450.
Clay, Joseph A., bill (M. R. No. 40) for the
relief of, of Philadelphia- [By Mr. L.
reported and passed, 8848 ; passed Senate,
4202: enrolled, 4818; approved. 4459.
Clayton, Powell, a Senator from Arkansas,
report of the joint select Committee to
Inquire into the Condition of the late
Insurrectionary States in reference to, 821
referred anew, 821.
Clearance, bill (S. No. 659) relative to the
entry and, of ferry-boats and of bonded
dars passing from one State to another
through contiguous foreign territory,
received from Senate, 1981 ; passed, 4097 ;
enrolled, 4189.
Clearing house exchanges, bill (H. R. No.
1668) to facilitate banking— [By Mr.
referred, 1174: substitute reported, 1241 ;

(see bill H. R. No. 1764.)
bill (H. R. No. 1764) to facifitate bank—
[By Mr. Merriam.]
reported, 1241 ; discussed, 1241, 1269.
remarks by —

Mr. Burchard 1270

T. Cobnrn^. ^..1271

r. Garfield, of Ohio ,..1242,

1269, 1270, 1271

Mr. Hooper, of Massachusetts 1270

Mr. Lynch. .« , 1270, 1271

Mr. Merriam. ...1241, 1269, 1270, 1271

Mr. Monroe 1271

Mr. Potter ,. 1270, 1271

Mr. Roberts, W. R :i271

Mr. Scdfield ^270, 1271

bin (H. A. No. 1869) for the beuer security
of bank reserves, and to facilitate
bank — [By Mr. Merriam.]
reported' and recommitted, 1555 1 re-
ported, 8294; passed, 4094: passed
the Senate, 4815 ; enrolled, 4428 ;
approved, 4460.
Clegl^oru, John, bill (H. H. No, 13^6) (or the
relief of, late register of the lan4 office
at SioDx City, Iowa— [By Mr. Orf.]
referred, 830.

Clerical force, bill (H. R. No. 1790) to reor-
ganize the, of the General Land Office—
[By Mr. Ketcbam.]
referred, 1897.
Clerk, resolution authorizing Committee on
the Judiciary to appoint a — [By Mr. Bing-
ham, December 4, 1871.]
agreed to, 11.

resolution in reference to tbe pay of the, of
the Committee on Public Buildings and
Grounds — [By Mr. Dawes, December
20, 1871.]
agreed to, 249.
bill (H. R. No. 1120) to increase the com-
pensation of the chief, of the Dejpart-
ment of State — [By Mr. Monroe. J
referred, 498 ; re|>orted, 1161.
resolution authorizing the Committee on
Expenditures in the Treasury Depart-
ment to employ a — [By Mr. Lynch,
March 11, 1872.]
referred, 1584.
resolution authorizing the Committee on
Expenditures in the Treasury Depart-
ment to employ a-*-[By Mr. cuffinton,
April 18, 1872.]
reported and agreed to, 2542.
resolution to pay the, of the Committee
of Elections for preparing a digest of
contested- election cases — [By Mr.
McCrary, May 10, 1872.]
agreed te, 8298.
resolution to pay the, of the , Committee
of Claims for extra labor— [By Mr.
Blair, of Michigan, May 18, 1872.]
reported and agreed to, 8626.
resolution authorizing Committee on Re-
vision of the Laws of the United States
to employ a, in vacation — [By Mr,
Poland, May 24, 1872.]
agreed to, 8820.
resolution continuing the par of the, of
the Committee on Invalid Pensions dur-
ing tbe recees — [By Mr. Moore. June
1, 1872.]
reported and agreed to, 4181.
cesolution continuing the, of the Com-
mittee on Patents, and of Private Land
Claims, during the next recess — [By
Mr. L. Myers, June 8, 1872.]
agreed to, 4458.
resolution retaining the, of the Commit-
tee on Indian Affairs in service — [By
Mr. Shanks, June 8, 1872.]
agreed to, 4458.
Qerk of tbe House, instructions to the.... 441,
1033, 1216, 8974, 8975, 4432

communications from the 28, 309

Clerks — see Employ^.
resolution direcdng committee on civil
service to report a bill to provide by
law what standing commitieeis shall
be authorized to employ, &c. — [By
Mr. Garfield, of Ohio, December 6,
agreed to, 29.
resolution authorizing the employment of,
by certain committees — [By Mr. Kelley,
December 6, 1871.]
read, 81 ; discussed, 81 ; agreed to i^ith

amendment, 82.
remarks by —

Mr. Banks .« 82

Mr. Campbell 82

Mr. Cox 81,82

Mr. Dawes 81,82

., Mr. Kelley 81,82

Mr. Maynard 82

Mr. Peters 82

Mr. Randall 81, 82

Mr. Wilson, of Ohio 81

Mr. Wood 81

bill (H, £(. No. 1140) to distribute the
number and rank of Government em-
ployes among the several congressional
districts and Territoriee— [By Mr.

referred, 499.

Digitized by




Ofe^ks — Cordinued.
bin (S. R.'Nt). 184l)'to regttlate tbe em-
ployment and <otnf>ensation' of, of the
committeea of the House of Repre-
sqntktiVea^CBylHKWilUrd.] ' •"
t^1oM^^in^'n»cotnttitted,t91;' t^poHed,
1049^ discnssed, 10«; prtoted,* 1061 ;
discussed, 1135; bill withdrawn; 1189.
bill (^. R. Nb. 175») tb ant!roii«e the *p-
pdintihent of deputies of, of isircuit and
dlWrict coutts-^By Mr. Wefls.]
referred, 1216; reported and passed,
2206; passed Senate, ' 4318 j ent<t>!led,
44^8 J 'approved, 44^0. • ^
resolutibn.tb pay the, df coriotnittees for the
full' iponth of June, 1?72— [By Mr.
Parker; of Missouri', June 6, 1872.]
agreed to, 4482.
resolutfon'lo pay'eabh 6f the, and other
'employes of the Hou$cf twenty p^r cent,
of their ordinary^ pa^ during the last
two months — PBy Mr. Maynard, June
- 8,1872.5" '

kg!%ed to, 4469. "' ' ' -
Cleveland, Daniel O., bill (H. R. N6. 2846)
for the relief of, postmaster kt Brbdalbin,
New Yotk-*[;By Mr. Carroll.]
referred, 26^; reported ^d passed, 4422.
Cliflford, ^MfeWbdli;blir(H. R. No. 1565) grant-
ing a pension to— [By Mr. Hibbard.]
referred, 1118;
Clinton, John, bill (H. R: No. 18^2) ibr the
reHefVif, of Brownsville, Teniie«8«e— [By
Mr- Smith, of N«W'Yoi*k. } ' >
reporlfed «Yid passed; 8888. •

Clothing, bilHH. R.No.eai} autborielng an
wm t>f,to menp in the Navy-*[By Mr.


refetred, 805. .

bill (S. No. 449> authoriziBg the iteuin of, to
certain enlisted men of compaay B,
fdlirteeiith.regtixieat of infantiy.
received from Senate, 898; referred, 714;
,. repoHed and' passed, 8225'; enrolled,
bill (S. Na 615) to reimburse certaiQ sol-
diers for loss of^ by fire at C^cago. .
receiv94 from Senate, 997 ; passed, 1278 ;
enrolled, 1313,
bill (H. R. No. 1563) providing for an outfit
and yearly allowance of, to enlisted
mei^ and boysiin the Navy — [By Mr. L.
referred, 1118.
bill (H. R. No. 1663) to amend an apt to
clothe the maimed an4 disabled sol-
diers, approved March 22, 18^7— [By
Mi^. Butlef, of Massachusetts.]
referi^d, 1124:'
bill (8. No. 647) to authorizb the Secretary
of War to issue, to enlisted men in
place of, d^stVoyed by accident.,
received from the Senate, 1477; referred,
<OIj .reported adversely ttnd tabled,

Cloud, Harry B., bill (8. No. 94$)tio temove

Hxe c)iai^e of desertion against, from the

records, an j to |;ive him an honoriible

discharge, , '

^^Pf^ • °^ \^^ jSeiiate, !^51 ; referred,

Cloud, Nancy, bill (H. R. No. 1248) to restore
to the pension-roll the name of, the widow
of WllHarti Cloud; K*Tevolu4onf^7 pen-
, Bidher— [By MV. Harriii, of VfrMhia. J
ref(enf6d,«80r; tepdftfed and passed, 3296.
Clou^, 8tf*fcliT::bilt(H. K. No,:589 grant-
ing arrears" w^eYiSfon to— [By Mt. Don-

ttSift.] "* . .,

r0ftri'ed,-68. ' ''

Clymef, Joseph, bill (H: R. Np. $26) .for the
rellfef orf - [By Mr. WflHamS, x)fl^idiana.]
referred, 802.- : ,

Coaches, bill (H. R. No. 1190) grantfng a
frapcbise fdr a line of^ ffbm the national
Capitol to the national ce^'^terV atArling-
ton, Virginia— [By Mr. Duelf.] '
referred, 579 ; reported adversely and tabled,

Coal', resolution ^ -ftlaee salt and, upon the
free list— [By Mr. Hale, Pebrufery 19,
' 1872.] '

motion to suspend the nkles- and pass the

resolution, 1117 ; disagreed to, 1118.
bill (S. No. 622J to provide for the sale of
the lands of the United €tlite« contahi-
iuy. '
received from Senate, 8580; discussed,
eon! kMds, bill iW. R, 9o, 754) tagtant the
righ4 of pretoptten to, on toe public
* " dotiain in the Pacific States and Terri-
tories — [By Mr. HoBghton.]
referred, 199; -referred aoew^ 532.
Goals, reeolcttioti oaUiog fen the report of ex-
' periments on the, of the Pacific coaft — [By

Mr. Sargent, Mar«h 22, 1&72.]
agreed to, 19Q0»
Coash, Flavia, biU (H. R. No. 36) granting a
pension to-^[By Mr. Rogers, of New
reported adversely and tabled, 467.
Coast Survey, resolution for printing^ extra
eopiee of the reporl of the — [By Mr.
Baaka, Febniary 9, 1872.]
referred, 929l

Senato concurrent resolution * for printing
report of the» for 1«71.
received from^SeaaAe, 978 $ r^esied, 992;
reported and agreed to, 8898.
Cout Survey office, retolutioo ibr printing the
report of the, fhs to the damage done to
the harbor of Now York— [By Mr. Cox,
April 19, 1872.] •
referred, 2585.
Coasting trade, bill (S. No. 799) to Amend an
act to resulato the foreign, on tlie north-
ern, norUieastern, and northwestorn fron-
• tiers of the United States^
received from the Senate, 8462 ; referred,
Coat& James, bill (H. R, No. 1425) for the
relief of— [By Mr. Mc^ee.]
referred, 938 ; referred anew^ 1898.
Cobb & Co., J. & 0. P., bill (H. R. No. 836)
for the relief of— [By Mr. Holman.]
referred, 802.
Cobb, Clinton L., -a Representative from

North Carolina « 8

leave of absence granted to, 872, 2402, 3686

petitioQS presented by, 67, 536, 722, 969,.1149

bills introduced by —

No. 6g2— for the relief of Jphn 0;K;elly,

of Camden county, North Carolina, 56

No. 528— for the relief of William B.

Bond, lato collector of internal revenue

of the first district of North Carolina, 56

No. 1107— for the relief of Bryad Tyson,

to indemnify him for moaeys paid as a

• deficit for certain mail service.., 498

No. 1187— for t^e relief of Jacob R. Davis,

of Richmond, county, Cleorgia..,.^ 535

No. 1244 — makiug an (^propriatV>n for
tiie croctioa Of a conrt-poase io Hert-
ford county. North Carolinai to ^^pply
the place or one destroyed by (he Fed-
eral fbr<je5 :.„ 680

' No. 1869^ftbolbihing the Bureau pf Ref-
ugees, Frfeedmeii,* and Abandoned
Lands, and providing for thafrefdmen's
hospital in the District Of Cqlumoia, 829
No*. 1446 — am€|ii4^tory of thfjact ;to pro-
vide a govermnent for the' Disfrict of

Columbia;..;.....;.:.; ....;'.. .'.^....969

i ' No.'l589-^mendatoryof ex1jfeiflj3)ounty

lawjs; afid"MUtiri|; boutity'to persons

c^ bolor irho were slaves previoM to

the 19th day of April, 1861, kdcflrtio

' enlisted and served in the Army of the

United aiates .:..• .'....1114

, No. 1692;^rithorifcifig the S^el-elaty of
the^Tyeasury to selUhe sit^ of the cus-
toin-hooBe bX PlymplJtb, North? Caro-

Una ..„...: ;...1211

No.' l6$3-^authoT^2ing the construction
Of Mfb; pteh^rviOg statibns between Cape
Hatteras, North Carolina, and Cape
Henry, Virginia mi

Cobby Qlinion L., a Roprosoutativo fVooof

North Carolina— Cbnfimfe(2.
bills introduced hj-^ *' " •

^o. 1771 — authorizing the Secretary of
€h^ Treasury to sell the oastom-honse
property at Plymouth, North Caro-
lina .V...-..W 1801

No. 1880— for therelief of Join ». Watts,
late poetmastor at Wilmington, North

Carolina 1578

reports made by ^ 585| 1545, 8295

incidental remarks by ;; ;l....2585,

1^1. 1545, 8295, 3981

•remiO^s On tiie legislative appropriation

bill : .a.^ 600

on the order of bu8nfeB& 116§, 1)66

Cobom, John, a R^rosoatalrro from Indi-
ana ..: «* ..: 8

leave of absenoiegrautod to...'i..;.. ..;j 281

petitions presented by 84, 156, 722,

076, 1195, 1279, 1409,1818, 1«T9,^1961,
2521, 2757, 2941. SOBti, 3097, 8229, 3244,
8850, 3414, 3469, 8972,^86, d096,'^d39
billfl iatrodaoed by —

No. 551— 4e provide for the erection of an
addition to the UnitOd Slates ooe^-
house and poSV o(Ble« At ladknapolis,
Indiana : ..../. ' 57

No. 837 — to ametid an acVto reg^kto the
diplomatic and consular syitom of the
United States, approve '^Aagjust 18,
1856 f. .........302

No. 888— to i>rovide that orinon ^lall not
be enlisted in the militaty 6f *fiav^l ser-
vice of the Uoited States wfthMl the
consent of parents of guat^iane^.. ...302

N6. 889-^01- the relief of 'Oalvift A.
BHiott, of ItfdianapotiiB, hidiliDal....802

No. 886— for the relief of Isaac V. D.
Reeve, of the tJnited States Arioj, 308

No; 978^to provide for th*e phy of the
election officers appointed by Cbff judges
of theoireuit cooits in citi^'-tiamg up-
ward 'oftwetity thousand JbfaaMtekits, 394

No. 978-H» provide that lio Oeiaion be
allowed for bounds or disibui^tfs )iere-
ifberinourred, excepl; in Oa^eo where
such wdundB or disabiKtieto wk-e con-
tracted in actuiil hostilO iervi^O against
Che i^hbfio enemy.;.!....? i ^..394

No. 1041-^to provide for the^use bf dupli-
O&te checks by disbursing offitieftr o/the
War DepAttment ; '..i.. ...396

No. 1180— 19 provide for thopttreha^e by
the Secretary Of Wa^ of lai}^ for the
tJnitedStoteS iri th^'Sttfto of T^as for
the sites of forts and nililavy biMts, 499

No. llSl-'^piwidefof thfee&abRsto
of ia prtsoto for thd Armylof 'ttielfcited
States, arid forits gov^iti^titu.\....499

No. 1272— to ai](iend atf act tb efltablish
and to t:)ro«e«'nift?owa! *rtneteriw, ap-
proved P!^bru«ryl2,n86T*..:l....'l....681

No. 1467—to feniend 'the thirt/' first sec-
tion- of aw act • for %nr(?llib^ "arfd^j^ling
out the liiifitia, atad ifoj'olhef pm^see,
approM March 8, 186i3'......,.::!l. ...970

"No. 1468— tb iBkiithbriie thi**'SH!fr^ttaryof
War to pUc«r We iMe ^\9phM ^'^ sol-
diers* dabuiidiientootoiaitlee iJfJGft^n-
castle, 'Indihjifei, ; certain .Obtiflemned

^ ordbanc*... .'.J.....: .'^...ir..V.:;!....970

No. 1614— for the telitrftff <S€^tA. Mac-
• dougall..-..h>.i.J:...,!.V.'.\i..-i.J,.,5.?1115

No. 1665— tbWablehbnot^BiyTffisttMtfged
soldiers and^^ilors, ^^^Idim^d

\ ofp/han cfiildt^n; tb^dtfuit4 K^ipMeada
on th^ ^u^Wc"U<i^ '^df ^the TJnited


/ No. 1772— for the relief biP Iteffien H.

•BiAop ..;:,.... ....'. ...i.. :«..',:.. .^882

'No.im^folr the relief .flf"itttdWr^»J.

- j^mftpn..; 1^:.... "../..:;? .i*i..ii:i882

^No. 1774— for the feliJf'bf Jr. W. Holli-

' day .....0.': A:.?,9;. 1^.^388

' No. 1775— for thfi relief of Kitt^i^gftiith,
widotr of Thotoa^A. SAith';AW» Jamea
A. Stervens, of the IVbiuHll <^Bome
guards,- of Ohio county, Eentifoky, 1888

Digitized by V^OOQiC

HfDBX m maum psoobedings.


ana — Continued. : . < '*

bilis inkjToiiDced. to^ ^^ - ,11

jN^.(x l77^-r-4eo|l«ni^,(hei lands c^Miitot-

.. leg ihe Fpiti CoUinti militarji rej|em(-»

. tiqq, jkck the Ti^iii^y fof .Gplorad«, sub-

jievct , lip ^ ,prQflro||)tH)A, , ai^ biHQiBttead

T i.«l»tr^ iWt prpwdfiA ft)r in ejdffting

laws * ,«*»i<»*«> •/»«••>«< I* f«v««j4 ^888

No. 1898— to extend the time jbrpr^vid-

,. -^.{mg^r^ftlloge^Virieroim MPt j4on4t«ifi:

. /(Oobli^ Imifk to9^€^a(»ii0«^;Siales and

' Territories which may p««yid0 ^blleges

for the benefit of agiieQUM>QiAMi the

' /mjh^ 3t»tQ ^f Jndiaiai Ui March 1,


ri"***)**"**'**** .«i*—(.^*»t»^t«**i4<*i»<«


No. 2227-nHo.i!|Bgu^t«|ka^iB|^«0vent of

No. 2287 — to establish a port of idelivery

at the city of ludianapc^, in* tlw 6tate

.iflfr Jn?liapa#v»^-.H v..i.4.,. 4«44... 4/....2450

: tNi>»^§$*-rfb)» Ik* <»«6ti»qtion of an ad-

. . .dition tp tbe.post pf^oet anw^ coiirt- house

: iatIndiitD;»poIiS,.Jlad»fU[ift«**AUM4/»...2440

N.Qr 223.?— foT .th^ apiXiiiaflwHit.Of com-

. i H^ioBifinfrs .q« te.patt of the United

. States who, ,iD eontteoliAtf) wih com-

, ,ioi9Bio«eT8 that may be appointed on

"...th^ Pftrt of the RoininiwDK)f-<5anada,

. , .;ijb^ir w^pipe ^ndi^ep^xi as to the ex-

itpn^iqa aA#, .^qlaxg^mQoi Cf ilUe navi-

.ffabl^ wfiters^.of. tbe lake4/.aD4/ the St.

XawffenoQ riv«r»«;.4.Mo^.^.».,>44 ...2440

Kc. $^78— for thQ relief of Edifaw}^. Gar-

: . iiok.<ii-<..,4*#.^*W..*^*>-. - *i 2686

No* 3(59?— to provide for <bft««M>ltehment
Q.f a pcisoiw Sot ti]e Ari^f jO^ thf^United
Sti^^eo^ and fo;: its ^ove^ne^men.t;/. ... 8162
^Q4 2851 — to DrQ7idei>for jib^, r^Uoration
, of fyQ recorq^ of .the pcooe«di99 of the
court pf jjiqair; oom»9r«VC U»AiDper-
Atipop 9^ tJ^i#c«a^»n4#r^iQ, o^mmdnd
fA ftftiwrt Po» C^Um W»el(l, tin Ken-
tucky and Tennessee.. v.i.>Mi*«>u3658

'No. .?98^T-ext^ncUDg' tJi© pipvilions of
. . ^h^.iwejotyrpfth^ ^^ption ^ >be 4«t mak-
ing appropriations /foe 4^^ ^vtibort of
ihe ArwTt ^Qtt •fpwved ^aly.U, 1870,
relating to dec^^^d l^fficers 4U|d sol-
4i.e(ni •v«fi ^.^-^ .m ..j.kv>>o«; •-••«. J4..»4450
resoKitUoiif, #^l>f»it|^d bjj-— -
to inquire into the practipabilitj^ 0/ a re-
i|sr9f^9ieQ»V of meaibert! dfipki^[ J4n-

. -wy 22> 1872}...^ „,.-*. .m,».... 607

letuning <^thDr B. ClfuUpn.M «ow in
(UMixg^illf /^e foddiqgnrooiii, do^ng the

recess— [Jowe 8,.xa7?]M.^.». «4448

»pOrt»}»iBde by»^»^..^^...^^ .M...M87.&,<ild|

. ,1 .lQ77,ia78,iaMl^fl388,|888,

1646, 2998, 3086, 81^4^, S16U«162,

. .„ . •a.i^j^ii^ ;m6,, 8QfiB, 4179, 4448

incidentdi r4ii)apk8;)|y^».»,^»«^, ...1.^^508,
iKJ?,, lj978,.iaB7, urn/ Ul^i J332,
.1289,' . im, , 1832, , 4833, 1536„ 1510,
'l6J8,.*58|5,l€^, 1^11, 180^3^74,^2076,
2im, WU J244p,.86^ ^20^, 2886, 8149y

, ^mi^ 4P^i)3Pi imaWf 44^/4457
remarks on the apportionment bilU Ud> 116
on the bill granting paymQiitof iboi^nti^s,
4c> \90l»vy firamal0iit i^dopMNpeqU of*
itttogpeya*t»i^ *♦»»».»» •.•y«**^...«».4.4*».875
_0^ ibe .rfspAutipi^io »i:<^gm)d tOt,tilie.f •ar-
rangement of member?) d9ftk8t>.«.i«»*.507
r'QDtt^ ordv Q£'bt}|ii|#9s*..f. .v«*i.»«...^.714p
.; .1 1^83| ,2348, ^28^, .2809, ^99,
. .^24(a,5TWr2Wa,3^96,'?086.;8166,
3898^^^^9^1,,897% ^7<l, 48^9
.♦nJbiiibM .tP»e|t4%Uisbii»o^ e|l«ca^onal

fund ^.W4.§54,.ai^-aW, 886

CD the bill to reimburse WiUi^#iA4 J^^WT

- .^0V^4brprpp«ny..dj»llno|led>y...ll92

0A^QXf8plutifta.r,eU^»g.tat^f sklj^canal

[. ibiDLpke.Mic;big»ntptJbeiOU0^.l2Ol

. jon tb^ . biU to .pr9y.^Al. tb* . i^icctUMion of

. i^nripue hwi . nptcft*< ^.M>-:i. 1*10, 1241

on ih^ Oioficieocy bill (E. 4.-^04' 1664),

, }262> 1268^ 1888,1344, 184^, 1476

Coborn, John, a RepresMltAm from Iiidi>

Mii|ir]il«nibebiU to£ft#ilitele ba&H clearing-

4H ^Jk^smt !eKeJkiikiftis..u«.«»M^.,.« ..;;.«.... 1271

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