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received from the Senate, j%8S6s iriierred,
4323. . ^

Deeksi'^resotntioA to inquire into the pmoli-
cability of a vearrapgeoieqt of mem-
bers* — [By Mr. Gobuvn, Janaaiy 22,
■ 1872,3
Diamond, Mary A., bill (H. R. No. 2426)
granting a pension to — [By Mje. Wallace. J
jr«BOited^} passed, 2^.
Dice, Jacob^ bill (E. R. No. .1826) for the
relief of, of Fountain oonnty^ lAfl^ana—
[By Mr. Manson.] »

ierredt 1399; reported aditersely and
tabledr 322^ #

Dickey, Oliver J., a Reprepeatative from

Pennsylvania ,•«-.». ,t...^^...« ...8

bili iotsaiduQAA b^
N^)^ 154Irninaking appropriations fi>r the
support of the £tmy for thii yeas ending

Jane 30, 1378 ^..,..,^..^....4028

^OnonrrentiJP^Bototigi^ submitted by^
fpr an a4jei^J9meAt of Congress on the 29th
of May, 1872— [April 26, 1872]^,.2819
resolution submitted by —
of inqiwr ail to what military posts mgy


be dispose^ of without inpry to the
. .! sei^ioe^rfiebcoaij
reports made by •:*—*••- ••^•*' ...;..849,

6, 1872.



1022, 1023, mi, ^^> ^^

Dickey, OlivM J., a Ropreaentative front

. PsBBsylvania — Catdinued,

. boi<fental remarks by....^66, 336, 337, 349,

398, 413, 447, 448, 469, 763, 787, 833,

835, 886, 904, UttS, 1061, 1060, 1089,

1118, ill^ aiJ$8, list, 18X1, 1812, 1331,

V . 133«, ieOB, 1B37, 1956, 1967^ 1961, 2189,

, . 2140y 8146» 22^%, S^74, 2483, 2669, 2592,

2698; 2744, 2745, 2829, 2887, 2897, 2899,

2949, 2994, 8054, 3Q66, 3231, 3244, 6298,

K 3386v 8636, 8,529, 3632, 3630, 3631, 3660,

. 3666) 8690, 3800, 8801, 8806, 8817, 8821,

3846, 8975* 4103, 4132, 418^, 4184, 4182

remarks on the order of business .1022,

: u 1023, 18Q6, 1898, 2006, 2140, 3211, 2740,
. ^819, 330Qy 3684, 3626, 8863« 3864, 3985
on l^e- naval apprcmriatioa bill, 102^,1059
on the consular and diplomatic appropria-
tion bill „., , 1142, 1143

OBthA de&eienoy hill (H. R. Na 1664),

1221, 1246, 1248| 1262, 1263,

1838, 1342, 1344, 1440, 1478,

1479, 1484, 1485, 3461, 8462

^ on tbe Post Office appropriation bill,

. ', 1612, 1622, 1814, 1816, 1841,

. 1842, 1846» 1846, 3677, 3888

OB Army appropriation bill...Ml87ft, 1874,

., . 1878, 2J213, 2ai4» 2216, 2216,

2220, 2221, 8650, 8821» 3822,

8828, 8824, 8980, 3981, 3988

oii<tiiia Ba^Umote smI Potomac railroad

bill •..♦...•4^ - 1901, 1908,

1959, 1980^1988, 1984, 2006,

2007, 2008, 2009, 2046, 2047

On the bill. relating to the Reform School

, .oi Qm Diatriot of Goktoobia ..^ 2588

on the bill in regard to * new jail for the

District of Columbia. ..« 2592

OA the resolution aiaendinfi' the rule in

regard to privileged of the floor, 2671

on the resolution providing for a final

actjowmmsnt....^....^ 2819,

2820, 2821, 2828, 8628. 3624, 4136, 4186

on the toi^and Ux bili........^ 2829,

3012, 3301, 3306, 8311, 8348,

8850, 8400, 8401, 3404, 8457,

8460, 8461, 3622, 3623, 3650

on the biU to amend the laws relating to

pensions.^ 3296, 3891, 3392, 3396, 8396

on the Missouri Valley Railroad Cojnpany

bill „ « 3627

OD^thot biUfor the payment, of r^ets doe

to the Government of Japan, 3664, 8666

on the civil appropriation bili^....«^.8688,

3749, 8760, 8754, 3765, 3766, 8768,

3769^ 3776, 8786, 3787, 8783, 3794

OB the bill for thae appoiatfttent q£ B. J.

Draper an assistaiit surgeon in the

Navy ^i 3801,3802

on the^oaUof theHpnse^ «.. 3849,

3860, 3861, 3863, 8867, 8868,

8859, 8860, 8861, 3862, 8868

Dickins, Asbniy, joint resolation (£L R. No.

. 120) nelerriBg thei claim of, to the Qomt

of Clai|ns~[J^y Mc. M^aiacd.]
referred, 2073.
Diehl, Captain Edward A., bill (H. R. No.
1480) for the relief of^[By Mr, McCor-
. miok, of Missouri,
referred, 970.
Dillman, Andrew, bill (H. B. Na 2372) for
the extension of a patent to— [By Mr.
I^fecsedj. 268Q. . .

Dimpfel, Frederick P., bill (S. Na 166) for
the relief of. 4-

. feoeived (rem, SeBate» 1^278i ; refetted, 1427 ;
repoTtud^ 3935, 4179, 4436} passed, 4426;
enrolled, 4436.
Diossy, R. K., biU (Q. R. Ne. 20D^ author-
ing the apppiat meat of^ ohaphtm in the
Na?j^^[$y Mr. Slocum.]
referred, 1776.
Diplomatic and consular officers, bill (H. R.
. No. lli^l) to fsant a peeaniair allowanoe
to t^e fomilies o( who die abroad*-[By
Mr. Monroe.]
referred, 498 ; reported and passed, 3693.

Diplomatic and obnsAlar sysfcem of the United
Stater, bill (H. R. No. 887) to amend an
act to regulate the, approved Angnst 18,
1856— [By Mr. Cobum.]
referred, 802 ; reported and passed, 3666 ;
passod Senate^ 4174; enroUedi 4212;
; approved, 4469.

bill (S. No. 472) to amend an act In regu-
late the, passed August 18, 1866. ;
^eoer?ad from Senate. 1981 ; refenred,2212.
Disabilities, political, bill (H. R. No. 624)
t0 cstnove, from John B. Akzander, John
R. Wallace, and James MoGants~[By
Mr. Wallace.]
refbrped, 66u

bill (H. R. Na 626> to velieve froB^ Rich-
ard F. LyoB, Ginoinnatus Peoples, and
David Irtin, of Georgia— [By Mr.
referred, 67.
bill (H. R. No. 627) to ressove the, of cer-
tain parties ia Georgia— [By Mr. Speer,
of Georgia.]
leliaiMid 67*
bill (H. r!No. 529) to remove all leaal and,

selerred»67. .

bill (H. R. No. 680) for the xemoval of the,
of certidn citizens of MississipBi therein
tiamed^[By Mt. Harris, of Missis-
referred, 57.
bill (Hm R. No. 644) to relieve certain per-
sons therein named of legal aad— [^J
Ms. Garrett.}
referred, 67.
biU (Hj R. No. 680). to remove, fromaertain
citizens of Texas — [By Mr. Conner.]
referred, 68.
bill (H. R. No. 696) to remove, from all
the citizens of the United States— [By
Mr. Hereford.]
referred, 619.
bill (H. R. Na 696) to remove, from cer-
tain persons named theDein*^By Mr.
referred, 69.
bill (H. R. No. 673) to remove all iMal and,
from David Irwin, Louis Tomlen,
Warren Akiii; and James W. Harris,
of Georgia— [By Mr. Yonng.]
referred, 196.
bill (H. R. No. 676) to relieve from, certain
persons is the second congressional dis-
trict of Geoiigia— [By Mr. Whiteley.]
referred, 196.
bill (H. R. No. 677) to relieve certain per-
sons therein named from legal and —

[By Mr. Bigby.]

referred, 196.
bill (H. R. No. 678) for the removal ef the,
of J. A. Crook and James B. Jones,
citizens of Alabama — [By Mr. Turner.]
referred, 196.
bill (Ji. R. No. 682) naoiovingr the, of W.
. A. Vincent and T. J. Burgess, of the
county of Etowah, in Alabama— [By
Mr. Dox.]
referred, 196.
bill (H. R. No. 702) to jseaove, from cer-
tain persons therein named— [By Mr.
r^med, 197.
bill (H. R. No. 734] supplementary to an
act to protect all citizens of the United
Sta^ in thair eiviJ^ rights and. furnish
At Bfteoat ef their vindioatioQ, passed
April 9, 1866, and to remove aU legal
and— [By Mr. IWla.]
raforred, 198.
bill (H. R. No* 737) to remove, from eertain
citizens of Tez^Eis— [By Mr. Conner.]
referred, 198.
bill (H. R. N<v 808) for the reHef of the
civil and, of oertain oitiiQens of Missis-
sippi therein named — [By Mr. Bany.]
referred, 301.

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Di«abi]itiegy w)\\i\e9ji'^C(nUimud.
bill (H. H. No. 804) to relieTt e«rtain
cilijeD» iherfin named of tktir legal
aDd^[B/ Sir. Sjpber.]
riferred, |01.
blU (H. U. No. 885) to renore the, of cer-
ta'n citizens of MiasUfippiHCBj Mr.
. McKee }
passed. 80o.
^111(11. k No. 005) to remove tbe legal
and, incilrred doriaji ibe late rebel-
lion^£By Mr. Bvtier, of Massachu-
rcferrecf, 891.
bill (H. U. No. 951) to remove the legal
and, of 8. P. Tharmond, J. P. 8im-
noons, and other citiiens of tbe State
df Oeonpa— [By Mr. Price.]
referred, 898.
bill (H. U. No. 957) to remove the, of Sam-
. uel K. McSpadden and Bartlett Owens,

of Alabsma - -[Bj Mr. Dox.]
referred, 898.
bill (H. R. No. 1004) for the reBiovalof'-[By
Mr. Snyder.]
referred, 895.
bill to remove — [By Mr. Dawts.]
proposed, 898 ; motion .te snspeod the
roles and pass the bill, 898$ rules not
saqpended, 898.
bUl for tbe removal of legal and— [By Mr.

proposed, 898 ; motion to suspend tbe
rules and pass tbe bill disagreed to,
bUl (U. B. No. 1050) for the removal of
legal and—[By Mr. Hale.]
read, 898; passed, 899; rejected by Sen-
ate, 8300.
biU(U. H. No. 1105) for the removal of
all^FB? Mr. Porter.]
referred, 498.
bUl (U. U. No. 1125) to remoye the, of A.
if. Lish and three oiher citizens of Ken-
tucky— [By Mr. McHenry.]
ref^lrred, 498.
bill (H. H. No. 1188) to reliere certain per-
sons of Georgia from — [By Mr. White-


read and passed, 506.
bill (H. H. Now 1185) to remove, from cer-
tain citizens of South Garoliaa therein
named — [By Mr. Wallace.]
read and psssed, 507.
bill (3. No. 524) to correct a elerieal error
in the enrollment of an act approved
March 7, 1870, to relieve certain per-
sons therein named from their legal
received from Senate» 573 ; passed, 599 ;
enrolled, 627.
biU (H. E. No. 1246) to remoye the legal
and, of Martin J. Crawford, of Mus-
cogee, Georgia — [By Mr. Dn Bose.]
referred, 680.
bill (H. H. No. 1246) to relieve G. B. Dou-
tbit, Samuel K. McSpadden, and Jack-
son Millsops, of tbe State of AUbama,
of their— [By Mr. Doz.]
referred, 680.
bUl (U. R. No. 1250) for the relief of Wil-
iiam Garrett, G. W. Davis, Thompson
8. Stevens, and other citizens of Ala-
bama, from their civil and— -[By Mr.
referred, 680.
bUl (H. \L No. 1821) to relieve the person
therein named from legal attd — [By Mr.
read and passed, 688.
bill (H. H. No. 1822) to relieve eerUin
citizens of Georgia from — [By Mr.
Speer, of Geoi^a. j
read and passed, 684.
bill {d. R. No. 1825) to remove the, of
certs in persons therein Bamed-*-[By
Mr. Young.]
read and passed, 685.

Disabilities, jpolitical—Cba^tiitMd.
bill (H. U. No. 1826) to remove the,
from persons therein named — [By Mr.
read and passed. 691.
biU (H. R. No. 1829) removing tbe, of L.
A. Svpert, Luke W. Trafton, A. J. Sisk,
and John Couch, of KenMieky— [% Mr.
•read andpaaBed, 698.
biU (H. R. No. 1885) for the removal of
the legal and, of certain eitisens of
Texas^By Mr. Clark, of Texas.]
referred, 880.
bill (H. R. No. 1889) to remove the, of all
persons included by the olasses of per-
sons therein designated*— [^ Mr* Uui-
read, 8d0j passed, 881,
bill (H. R. No. 1426) to relieve certain citi-
zens of Georgia from their — [By Mr.
Speer, of Georgia.]
referred, 988.
bUl (H. R. No. 1449) to remov^e tbe, of
William Ezzard, of Fulton county,
David J. Bailey, of Spalding county,
and Philip M. Russell, of Chatham
oountjFf Georgia— [By Mr. Speer, of
referred, 969.
bill (H. R. No. 1458) for tht renoval of
the, of certain citizens therein
named — [By Mr. Morphis.]
referred, 969.
bill (B. R. No. 1489) to remoTe the legal
. and| of certain persons therein named —

[By Mr. ELaocock.]
bUl (H. R. No. 880) for tbe removal of
legal and— [By Mr. Hale.]
reie^ed by Senate, 978.
resolution instmctiog Judiciaiy Commit-
tee to report a bill for the removal
of, of ail who may have applied for
relief— [By Mr. Tonng, February 12,
agreed to, 974.
bill (H. R. No. 1588) to remove the, im-
posed upon certain persons in Geor-
gia— FBy Mr. Du Bose.]
read and passed, 992.
bill (H. R. No. 1604) to remeve all, ef cer-
tain citizens of Tennessee— [By Mr.
referred, 1114.
biU (H. R. No. 1680) to remove tho legal
and, imposed on certain persons there-
in named — [By Mr. Hemdon.]
referred, 1115.
bill (H. R. No. 1650) to relieve certain per-
sons therein named from— [By Mr.
referred, 1124.
bUl (H. R. No. 1705) to remove tbe, of
certain citiains therein named — [By Mr.
referred, 1211.
bill (H. R. No. 1780) to remove, from cer-
tain persons therein named— [By Mr.
referred, 1212.
bill (H. R. No. 1750) for the removal of,
from John J. Morgan, of St. Landrj
i)arish, in tbe State of Louisiana — [By
tor. DarraO.]
referred, 1214.
bOI (H. R. No. 1757) to relieve from, certain
persons therein named— [By Mr. White-

rea^'l215; passed, 1216.
bill (H. R. No. 1759) to relieve certain per-
sons therein named from their legal
and — [^y Mr. Young.]
passed, 1216.
resolution calling for an alpbabetieal list of
applieania for tbe removal of— [By Mr.
Bingham, February 26, 1872.]
agreed to, 1216.


Disabilities, poUtieal— CMtentcL
bUl (fi. R. No. 1858) for Uie remevia of the,
of sundry personsr^By Mr. Bright.]
referred, 1427.
biU (H. R. No. 1866) to relieve eertain elti-
zens therein named of aU legaland«-[By
Mr. Garrett]
referred, 1427.
Mil <H« R. No. 1857) to roliovo eartein citi-
zens of Georgia therein named from
their— [By Mr. Speer, of Geofgia.]
read and passed. 1428.
bUl (H. R. No. 1858) for the relief of eertain
persons therein named from— '[By Mr.
read and passed, 1428.
biU (H. R. No. 1938) for the lemoval of the,
of certain persona— [By Mr. Bright.]
referred. 1581.
bill (H. R. No. 1966) fot the removal
of-[By Mr. Leaoh.]
referred, 1778.
bill (H. R. No. 19^) to rtmere ftbe legal
and, of certain pereone therein nftmed—
[By Mr. Hemdon.]
iferred, 1774.
biU (H. R. No. 2010) to relieve eetlain citi-
zens of Mississippi of 4heir— [By Mr.
referred 1775.
biU (H. R.' No. 2020) to remove legal and,
from certain persons therein sMMd in
Virginia— [By Mr. BtoweU.]
referred, 1776.
bill (H. R. No. 2022) for the reKef ef eer-
tain persons therein named from legal
and— [By Mr. Critcber.]
referred, 1776^
bill ( H. R. No. 2024) for tbe removal of the,
of sundry persons therein n a sse d [ By
Mr. Bright]
referred, 1776.
biU(H. R. No. 2067) relieving eertain citi-
zens of North Carolina therein named
from— [By Mr. Shober.]
reforred, 1958.
biU (H. R. No. 2070) to relieve freah John
Bilbo, of Chatham conaiy, Daniel U.
NoNeill, of Brooks county, Arthur P.
Wrighty of Thomas oomn^j^ and other
citizens of Georgia — [By Mr. Molntyre.]
referred, 1958.
bill (H. R. No. 2088) to remove the, of
eertain eitizenaef Tennessee— ^Bj Mr.
referred, 1954.
bill (H. R. No. 2084) to remove the, of
ceriain citizens of Tenn es s ee [By Mr.
referred, 1964.
bill (H. R. No. 2086) for the removal
of-[By Mr. Bardett.]
referred 1954
bill (H. r! No. 2103) to remore the, from
certain persons named thMeia**-[By
Mr. Stowell.]
referred 1955.
bill (H. R.' No. 2105) to remove the civil
and, of certain persons named therein-—
[By Mr. Harrie, of Mississippi.]
referred, 1955.
bill (H. R. No. 2108) to remove the, of
certain persons in Yirgiaia-— [By Mr.
raferred 1955«
bill(H. R. No. 2111) for the removal of,
from persons in the State of Tennes-
see— [By Mr. Vanghan.]
refiMTed, 1955.
bUi (H. R. No. 2112) for the removal of the,
of the persons therein named — IBf -Mr.
referred, 1955.
bUl (H. R. No. 2118) to reliev>e John A.
Simonton, Robert T. C. Tucker, and
Jesse PartHdffe from*— [By Mr. Oar*
field, of Ohio.}
referred, 1957.

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Disabilities, ^^m^ti^'eonHifmtd.
biU.(n. It. Ne. 2t47K for the remMa
referrecJ, 2078.
bai (H. It. -Ni>. St«) to relier* eerUin
i>eif«>iif^ef«itt Dftlned from-^fBy Mr.
wr*Tred, 2078.
bitt (U. H: Nd. n8t)'to ftemo^ie fhe,. of N.
' hi 0»bom; >A. J. 01etiii, O«orge D.
WifM, and mhtera, of QtOtgrnh^lBy Mr.
'r«f»rMd, S0T8.
biU<&:-H:^N& tlM).tareliove John Blaine,
6M)i»ge W.Oox, and Bdward 8trong,
of Kenrncky, from— [By Mr. Beck.]
referred, 2078.
biU <(ti.>U. 'No. 2166) to Te«K>ve the» of
cenato oitisens of the State of TezM —

f Bj Ur. Cmner.}

referwd, 2078.

bill (U. H No. 2177) for the reoKml of

'■ ■'■ tki^rofiSOTtifin peHone named tbere»^

f By ilr. Mc<»t«ir.]

refeired, 20T4. ' . * .

bill (U. It. No. 2189) to relieve certain ciri-

««nt therein named ^ from their-^rBy

• ^Mt.*6iwii)oft.] ^

tetA mnd dieenoted, 2078; paesad, 2079.

bill (U. U. No.d201)fortbermoti4of the,

of Miiidry i^reona— [By Mr. Brigbft.]

reMfttck,^ fiiaa *

bill (ii. It. Noi 2217)4o relier^cevtahi per-

eons therein named from lego^Mid— [By

* Mr/B^?;^) -^ -

bill { il. n. No. 2219) for tbe remc^l of
ine, of certain citizeneof the BCBCe of
Al»bMni«^f By Mr. Baadley.]
»reffirMd9 2269:
bUl (H. R. No. 2221) for the relief of the
civil and, of certain citizens of Missis-
' fYp0^[By*Mr. Uarri«,of Miflsiesippi.]
referred, 22(39.
bUl {iL it. No. tt22) 10^ remo^ Hw eiYil
and, from certain ckisens therein
xMimed-«^By M#. Morphis.]
referred, 11269.
biU <H. it; Ha; 2884) to remoTc^e legal
> Mid^ of oevtatn ciiiMns of the State of

Texas— [By Mr. Conner.]
referred, 227a
bill (H. it. No. 2274) to reKeve certain citi-
swifs of tteof)^ fh>m— [By Mr. White-
ley.] '

referred, 2489.
^11 (H. H. 'No. 2279) for the remoral of
ih«, f^ Raines i>. Crarg, A. D. Brasiel,
&. \V. Oogle, aod J. P. Jonetf, oiitizeas
of Alabama— [By Mr. Turner.]
*^9el«^e«, ^89.

bill (H. It. No. S806)lo -remold the, of N.
it. Eaves, of Chester county, and J. N.
McBlTce, sen., of York county, South
€«r#HaK-[% Mr. Wallace.]
ref^'rred, 2442.
bill (H. ii. Na 2811) to relieve certain per-
. 'sciti tb^eln nateed of— [By Mr. Ferce. ]
bill (U. It. No. 2821) to AMiove all, im-
posed by ihe fourteenth article of
aurcndmellls to the<k>«etitDflion of the
Uoiied States from David' Ibrber,
Philip Locket, George C. H0H4 Samuel
Thompson, John B. Allen,- and Oeoree
M. i)«n<^«i^[B^ Mr. Stowell.]
>«ef€Tred^2«46. •
bill (U. It. No. 2356) to remove tile, of
eertabi persons therein iiamet-*{By
referred, 26d8.
biU (U. It: No. 2857) t<yrelieTe «rom, cer-
tain perfions therein named— (By Mr.
Mclntyr^.} . ■'
referred, 2C&I.
. biU ( U. it. No. 9900) to remove the, trf cer-
tuin cifeizens theretia Bamed^fBy Mr.
referred, 2654,

Disabilities, poUtioAl^CbfiMiMMii*
bill (ti. R. No. 2861) to remore tbe legal
and, of certain ekiseifs> e€ ih/$ Btate of
Alabama— [By Mr. Sloes.]
referred 2654
biU (H. R. »o. 2MI) lor the relief of certain
cirisens from — [By Mr. Hkys.] •

bill (a. h! No. £564) to reHevc vertahi per-
sons therein named from' the legal
and— [By Mr. Butler, of Masaachn-
' setts.]
reported att6Mcomm{tted,2824; reported,

8882; passed, 8888; amended, 8525.
• remarbs by-
Mr. Bingham 8888^ 8388

Mr; Backtey 8888

Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts, 8882, 8888

Mr. Coghlan .......8882

Mr. Famsworth 8888

Mr.Kldredge. 8882

Mr. Elliott 1888

Mr, Handle^ 8625

Mr. Harris, of Virginia 8882

Mr. Perry, of Ohio....« 8882

Mr. Ralney. : ., ..; ...88B2

Mr. Slielde»iv * 8882

bill (U. H. No. 2578) to retiCTS Janfes H.
B. Gundiff, lieuben Kav, and 4ames
Carbry, of St. Joseph, Missouri, iVom—
[BfMr. Parker, of MiseoarL]
referred, 2684.
bill (H. R. Noi 2989) to remove the legal
and, of the persons herein named*— [By
Mr. Harris, of Viiiglnia.]
yas»ed, 2988; passed the - Sefiatv, 4174 ;
enrolled, 4212; approved, 4425.
bill.(H. R. No. 2644) to remove the l^gal
reported aivd recommitted, 8058.
bitt (H. R. No. 2647) to relieve cettein citi-
zens of Creorgia from — [By Mr. White-
' referred,' 8688.
bill (H. R. No4 9666) to remove the legal
and, from certain persons therein
named — [By Mr. HenMion.]
reforred 8(^B8*
bill (H. R.* No. ^71) to remove the, of cer-
tain persons therein named— [By Mr.
referred, 8084.
bill (H. R. No. 2679) to relieve certain oer-
sons therein named from — [By Mr.
referred, 8064.
biU (U. R. No. 2696) to remove— [By Mr.
referred, 8219.
bill (H. R. No. 2721) to remove the, of F.
Johnson, James H. Loran, And R. H.
Logan — [By Mr. Terry .J
referred. 8877.
bill (H. it. No. 2728) to remove Ibe, of
Hosea C. Qiddens, William J. Wyley,
and Richard Martin, citizens ofGeorgia,
and William R. McConneU— [By Mr.
rieferred, 887f .'
bill (H. R. No. 2724) to remove the, of
Corry W. Styles, of Georgia— [By Mr.
referred, 8877.
bill (H. R. No. 2f26) to temov^ the, of
Isaac M. Downs, J. B. Cot, and Dan-
iel Benson, of Franklin county', Ala-
bamar— [By Mr. Sloss.]
referred, 8877. *

bill (H. R. No. 2726) to remove the, of per-
sons therein named — [By Mr..Morjy.]
referred, 8877.
bitt (U. R. No. 2752) to relive- froita legal
and, the persons named therein-^[By
Mr. Wallace.]
Wferrcd, 8878. ■
biU'(H. R. No. 2756) to remove, fir6m cer-
t tain citizens of Mississippi — [By Mr.
refers ed| 8878,

Disabilities, politfc>ii^6bfv^nue«t.'
bill (H.R. No. 2761) to remcve— [By Mr.
Butler, of Massachusetts. ]
reported, 8881; passed, 8882; parsed
Senate,8748 ; discuitsioo,'8744 ; enrolled ,
87^ ; approved, 8788.
remarks by— -

Mr. Ambler 8745

Mr. Beck .....8744, 8745

' Mr. Bingham „8882, 8744, 3745

Mr. Brooks 8744

Mr. Butler, of MaHRochufM^te. 8381 8882

Mr. Cox 8881. 8882.8744.8745

Mr. Dawes.. 8882, 8744, 8745

Mr. Bldredgis 8882

Mr. Farnsworth 8745

Mr. HiUe..... ;....8882

Mr. Hoar 8882

Mr. Perce 8882

Mr. Randall.... «8744, 8745

Mr. Whiuhome / ^ .. 8382

Mr. Y<tog 8882, 8745

bill (H. R. No. 2816) for the removal
oif— fBy Mr. BanyO
referred, 8649.
bUl (H. R. No. 2965) to ramove the, of
eertaii^ pstsoor therein nttmed^[By
passed, 4174. '

bill (H. R. No. 2967) to remove the, of
Oeorg% 8. Hension, Joseph WUce^,
JohnA. Campbell, James L. Pugh, and
John R. Bartwell, of Alabama— [By
Mr. Sloss.]
read and passed, 4179.
biiM^'^Vp* 1168) to reliere certain persons
therein unned from legal and.
received li^m Senate^ 4457 ; passed, 4457 ;
enrolled, 4459. '

Disbursing officers, bill (H. R. No. 868) to
authorize the payment 4>f duplicate checks
of— [By Mr. Rusk.]
referred, 808.

bill (H. R. No. 1041) tp provide for the
use of duplicate checks by, of the War
Department — [By ^r. Coburn.]
referred, 896.
bill (H. R. No. 1061) to authorize the pay-
ment of duplicate checks of— [By Mr.
. reported, 440; passed, 441; passed Sen-
ate with amendment, 572; concurred
in, 628 : enrolled, 686.
Discharge, bUl (H, R. No. 2808) to authorise
the Secretary of War to turnish a dupli-
cate certiGoate of, where the same has
been lost— [By Mr. Duell.]
referred, 2442.
Discharges, soldiers', bill (S. No. 809) to pro-
hibit the retention of, oy claim agents and
received from Senate, 846; referred, 714;
reported and passed with amendment,
8225; amended, 8226; agreed t0| 8818;
eoroUed, 8888*
Disorders in tbe southern States, resolu-
tion calling for information in reference
to— [By Mr. Poland, January 25, 1872]
reported and discussed, 594; agreed to,
Distillers, bill (H. R. No. 1256) for the relief
of, of spirits by the refunding and repay-
ment of moneys expended or paid and
* deposited by them for Tice meters — [Bj

Mr. Stevenson.]
referred, 680.
Distillerr Company;. Oswego, bill (H. R. No.
686} for the reliefof the— :[By Mr. Lan-
referredi 195.
District' of Columbia, the Committee for the,

9,117, 116

instructions to ^ 1218

reports from 117,

- 476i 479, 1087, 1901. 2211,

2276, 2586, 2587. 2588, 8389,


adverse report from...'. ,.. 25S7

dischscrged Drom tafajects.. 2567, 2588


Digitized by V^OOQLC



District of CjAwaMMn^ Comi i n ui d .
bill (H. R. No. 478) to grsot (ireiity-fi7e
handred thoasaod acret of the pablic
Undt for the beoefil of public aohooU
in the— [BjMr. Chipomo.]
referred, 29.
bill (H. R. No. 783) to repeal aa Mi to
' revise, with ameodiaentt, an Itct to
incorporate the Medical Soeiflty of
the, approved July 7, l«88^[^y Mr.
referred, 198.
bill (a. R. No» 766) to amend aaactto
provide for the creation oC corporations
10 thCf by general lav— [By Mr. Chip-
referred^ 199; reported adverse^ and
tabled, 2587*
bill (H. R. No» 767) to amend eertain acts
herein named— [By Mr. Chipman.]
referred, 199*
bill {ja.. R..|^o. 768) relating to moortgagee
m the — [By Mr. Ohipman.]
referred, 199; reported adiravtely and
tabled, 2587.
bill (H. R. Ne. 875)tiQi •meodandcoosolid-
s^te the seveval acts establishing and
relatioff to a Metropoli^W' pelice of

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