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joint resolutions introduced by —

No. 101 — appointing Qommissionert to in-

?|aire into Indian depredations on the
rontier of Texas.... ^..... 1115

No. 186 — appointing commissioners to io-
qnire into depredations on the frontiers

of the State of Texas 2442

incidental remarks by 2079

remarks on the sul^ectof Texas poliiics,

1861, 1862
on the Baltimore and Potomac railroad

bill 2076

on the river and harbor appropriation

bill 2446, 2447, 2449, 2450

personal and explanatory 8744

on the call pf the House 3851

Handley, William A., a Representative from

Alabama , 8

(See Election, Contested )
resolution in favor of, in the contested-elec-
tion case of Norris 09. Handley — [By
Mr. McCrary, March 14, 1872]
reported, 1685 ; agreed to, 2172.

petitions presented by 282,

826, 1586, 1962, 2081

bills introduced by —

No. 687 — for the removal of the civil and

political disabilities of Eldridge Barker,

a citizen of Coosa county, Alabama, 196

No. 1249— to repeal all laws of the United

States imposing a tAx upon spirits made

exclusively of grapes, apples, peaches,

and other fruits 680

. No. 1250— for the relief of William Gar-
rett, G. W. Davis, Thompson S. Ste-
vens, and other oitiiens of Alabama,
from their civil and politieal disabili-
ties 680

No. 1251 — to regulate proposiUB or bids
for mail service under the Post Office
Department and their acceptance by ibe
Postmaster General of the United

Sutes • 680

No. 1860— anthorizing and instraoting the
Secretary of the Treaaary to pay Wil
liam A. Welch, deputy United States
marshalf $481 66 for aervices rendered
the Government in taking the eighth
oensos for Randolph oonnty, in the State

of Alabama 829

No* 1861 — to relieve innocent pnrchasers
of lands entered in accordanoe with ui
act of CongresB approved August .4,

1854, in the State ot Alabama 829

No. 2006— to relieve. Judge William H.
Thornton and forty-six others, citizens
of the State of Alabama^ therein named,
from the^ political diaabilitke imposed
bv the fourteenth amendment of the
Cfonttitation of the United S^tecr^??^

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Handlejy William A., a Representative from

bills introduced bj —
No. 2071— to aatborize the election of

postmasters by the people — ...1953

No. 2072— to reserve from sale or entry

Eublic lands npon which public school-
ouses ha?e 1>een erected 1958

No. 2078 — authorising the Secretary of
the Treasury to pay to the claimants
the proceeds of certain cotton seized in
▼iolatiou of instructions from the Treas-
ury Department, and which have been
covered into the Treasury 1958

No. 2074 — to erect a post office building
in the city of Opelika, Alabama.... 1958

No. 2219-^for the removal of the political
disabilities of certain citizens of the
SUte of Alabama..... 2269

No, 2220— for the relief of Jasper N.
Pittman 8269

No. 2603—10 grant to tlie State of Ala-
bama, all the public lands within the
State remaining undisposed of) for the
benefit of the free public-school fund

of said Stote , 2886

incidental remarks by 428«

467, 518, 1126, 1958, 2079y 2906
remarks on the bill to remove disabilities

(H. R. No. 2564) .8525

Hanks, James M., a Representative from Ark-
ansas ..8

leave of absence eranted to 8656

petition presented by .2057

bills introduced by —

No. 725 — to provide for the erection of a
marine hospital at or near the city of
Helena, Arkansas 198

No. 1005— granting the right of way
through the public lands of the United
States in Arkansas to the Missouri.
Arkansas, and Louisiana Railroad and
Telegraph Company .,..395

No. 1148 — to confirm certain entries of
land therein named 499

No. 1984 — to authorize the construction
of bridges across the Arkansas river,
and to prescribe the dimensions of the
same 1774

No. 1985 — for the removal of disabilities
imposed by the third section of the
fourteenth article of amendment of
the Oonstitution from L. L. Mack and
others, of Arkansas 1774

No. 2109 — to authorize the issuance of
agricultural college scrip to the State
of Arkansas 1955

No. 2281 — to provide for the admission
of books, maps, charts^ statuary, &c,
for Sottl6 University free of doty. ..2270

No. 2297— to extend the time of letters-

patei^t issued to David Hohe.. 2440

joint resolation introduced by —

No. 100 — to authorize the printing of a
further edition of Humphreys' and
Abbot'a report on the physics and
hydraulics of the Mississippi river and

its tributaries 1115

incidental remarks by ...1801, 1802,

1804, 1805, 1401, 2046, 2658, 4419, 4436

remarks on the deficiency bill (H. R. No.

1654) 1408

on the Baltimore and Potomac railroad
bill 1958

on the bill to provide for the security of
life on boara steamers ...2052

do the civil appropriation bill ...3778, 3784

on bill to authorize the issuance of college
scrip to Arkansas ..8819, 4458, 4459

on the call of the House 3855, 8859

on the order of business .4436

Hanks, Dr. John F., bill (H. R. No. 1550) for

relief of the estate of— [By Mr. Holman. ]
reported, 1085; passed, 1086; passed Sen-
ate, 1689 ; enrolled, 1722 ; vetoed, 2057.
Hannay, John E., bill (H.R. No. 714) for the

relief of— [By Mr. Farwell.]
referred, 197; reported and withdrawn,


Harbor, bill (H. R. No. 989) raakin| appro-
priations for the preservation and improve-
ment of the, at Alton, lllioois— [By Mr.

referred, 894.

resolution reUting to the, of Baltimore — [By
Mr. Archer, December 12, 1871.]
agreed to, 70
bill (H. R. No. 1102) for the improvement
of the, of Baltimore, and to increase the
custom-house and revenue accommoda-
tions of said city — [By Mr. Swann.]
referred, 498.
resolution calling for information in regard
to the improvements in the, of Black
river, Ohio— [By Mr. Monroe, March
25, 1872]
agreed to, 1955.
bill (H. R. No. 1438) making an appropria-
tion for the improvement of the, at Buf-
felo, New York— [By Mr. Williams, of
New York.]
referred, 969.
resolution in regard to the Edgartown, Mas-
sachusetu— [By Mr. Buffinton, April 5,
agreed to, 2205.
joint resolution (H. R. No. 113) provid-
ing for the resurvey of Qalveston,
Texas— [By Mr. Clark, of Texas.]
referred, 1686.
bill (H. R. No. 1161) making an appropria-
tion to aid in completing the J^nosha,
Wisconsin— [By Mr. Mitchell.]
referred, 500.
bill{H. R. No. 978) making an appropria-
tion for a, of refuge at Michigan City,
Indiana— [By Mr. Packard.]
referred, 894.
resolution calling for information in regard
to the improvement of Mobile — [By Mr.
Sawver, March 7, 1872.]
agreed to, 1512.
resolution in reference to the improvement
of Mobile— [By Mr. Hays, April 5,
agreed to, 2205.
bill (H. R. No. 492) for contiaoing the im-
• provemeot of New Haven, Oonnecti-

cut— [By Mr. Kellogg.]
referred, 55.
> resolution calling for the reports of the en-
gineer in charge of the improvements
of the, and HoiMatonic river — [By Mr.
Kellogg, January S9, 1872.]
agreed to, 688.
bill (H. R. No. 1676) for the improvement
of narigation in the Newport, Rhode
Island— [By Mr. Eames.]
referred, 1210.
resolution relating to the New York — [By
Mr. Cox, March 26, 1872.
agreed to, 1980.
resolution for printing the report of the Coast
Survey Office as to the damages done to
the, of New York— [ByMr. Cox, April
referred, 25i85; reported and agreed to,
bill (H. R. No. 1228) for the improvement of
the Norwalk, Oonneeticat«-[By Mr.
Stark weather*]
referred, 679.
bill (H. R. No. 1879) providing for the sur-
vey of the, at the mouth of the Patuxent
river— [By Mr. Merrick.]
referred, 1578.
bill (H. R. No. 868> to authorize the survey
of the, of Port Orford, Oregon— [By
Mr. Slater.]
referred, 808.
resolution for the survey of the, of Salem,
Massachusetts — [By Mr. Buder, of
Massachusetts, January ^2, 1872]
referred, 508.
bill (H. R. No. 1294) making an appropria-
tion for the improvement of the, at San
Francisco — [By Mr. Houghton.]
referred, 682.

Harbor— Cofi^'ntMd.
bill (H. R. No. 670) to reimburse the city
of Savannah for all expenditures made
in the improvement of the, of Savan-
nah, Georgia, since the late. war — [By
Mr. Mclniyre.]
referred, 196.
bill (H. R. No. 671) making appropriation
tor the improvement of the, of Savan-
nah, Georgia, and the improvement
of the navigation of the Savannah
river from the city to its month — [By
Mr. Mclntyre.]
referred, 196.
resolution calling for -the report in relation
to the survey of the, of Savannah, Geor-
gia— [By Mr. Mclntyre, January 25,
agreed to, 605.
bill (H. R. No. 1225) for the improvement
of the, of Southport, Connecticut— [By
Mr. Barnum.]
referred, 680.
bill (H. R. No. 1142) making appropriation
for the preservation and improvement
of the« of St. Louis, Missouri, and of
the Missouri river at its mouth — [By
Mr. Wells.]
referred, 499.
bill (H. R. No. 1430) for the improvement
of the, ofStonington, Connecticut — [By
Mr. Starkweather.]
referred, 969.
bill (H. R. No. 1074) providing for the
survev of the river and, at Washington,
District of Columbia— [By Mr. Stark-
reported and [mssed, 479; passed the
Senate with amendment, 1188; agreed
to, 1242; enrolled, 1^79; approved,
Harbor dues, bill (H. R. No. 516) prohibiting
that harbor, port, or pilotage lees, dues»
or other taxes or imposts be levied on
the tonnage, merchandise, trade, imports,
or cargoes of any vessel, or the vessel
itself, by virtue of the authority of any
State or mnnicipal government, except
wharfage» pierage, and dockage, and
enacting that the collection or attempt to
collect the same or any portion thereof
be a penal offense— [^y Mr. Negley.]
refer resa» 56.

bill (H. R. No. 783) prohibiting the collec-
tion of pilotage and, by State or
municipal authorities'— [By Mr. Lynch.]
referred, 800.
Harbors, bill (H. R. No. 914) for the improve-
ment of the, of Bridgeport and West-
port— [By Mr. Barnum.]
reterred, ^892.

bill (H. R. No. 1484) making appropria-
tions for certain, in Michigan — [By
Mr. Stoughton.]
referred, 970.
bill (H. R. No. 1725) making an appropria-
tion for certain, in Michigan— [By Mr.
Foster, of Michigan.]
referred, 1212.
resolution calling for the report of Captain
Gillfispie in regard to the improvement
of the, of Sandusky and Ashtabula, on
Lake Erie, and Waukegan, Illinois — [By
Mr. Gariield, of Ohio, February 1,
agreed to, 778.
bill(H. R. No. 1042) making appropriations
for the improvement of the, oi Sheboy-
gan and Port Washington, Wiscon-
sin— [By Mr. Eldredge.]
referred, 896.
Hardin, Martin P., bill (H. R. No. 1457) for
the relief of, of Pontotoc county, Missis-
sippi— [By Mr. Morphis.]
referred. 970; reported and passed, 4024;
passed Senate^ 4458; enroUedi 4450;
approved^ 4459.

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HardiDg, Blizabeth^ bill (H. B. No. 1946)
granting a pension to — [By Mr. Moore.)
reported and passed, 1686 ; passed Senate
with amenoment, 2580; concurred in,
2899 ; enrolled, 2998.
bill (H. R. No. 2768) for the relief of— [By
Mr. McJunkin.]
referred, 8878.
Harkness, H. D., bill (H. R. No. 2668) grant-
ing a ri|^ht of way to, through an &dian
reservation in Idaho Territory — [By Mr.
referred, 8088.
Harmer, Alfred C, a RepresentatiTe from

Pennsylvania , 8

leave of absence granted to ^42S, 4178

petitions presented by 617, 2278

Dills introduced by —
No. 1096— for the relief of Charles Ed-
wards . .- - 497

No. 1S52— for relief of Francis Moore, 829
No. 1868— for the relief of Jennie E. Sav-
age 829

No. 2811— for the relief of Adam Warth-

man « 8648

incidental remarks by 470. 976

Harper, James 0. , a Representative from North

Carolina • 8

petitions presented by..... 849, 1196,

1409, 1666, 1728, 1909, 2081, 2183, 2221
bills introduced by —
No. 1690— for relief of Mont Patton, of
Buncombe coanty, in the State of North

Carolina 1114

No. 2722— for the relief of Cyrus P. Men-
denhall, of Greensboro, North Car-
olina 8877

incidental remarks by , 448,

644, 865, 1004, 1700, 1909, 2746, 2941
remarks on the Indiana contested elec-
tion — case of Gooding ot. Wilson... 2670

on the civil rights bill 8078

on condition of the South — see Appendix,
Harper's Ferry, bill (S. No. 67) for the relief
of purchasers of lots and house lots sold by
virtue of an act of Congress for the sale of
the lands, tenemenUf and water privileges
belonging to the United States at and near,
in the county of Jefferson, West Virginia,
approved December 16, 1868.
received from Seaate, 2008; referred, 8148.
Harris, Catherine, bill (H. R. No. 1846) for
the relief of— (By Mr. Sk>onm»]
referred, 829 ; reported adversely and tabled,
Harris, George E., a Representative from

Mississippi. 8

leave of absence granted to... 1482, 2796

petitions preseoM by 899, 617, 680

bills inttoduced by*—
No. 680— for the removal of the political
and civil disabilities of certain citizens

of Mississippi therein named 67

No. 688— to change the place of holding
the district court of the United States
for the northern district of Missis-
sippi 196

No. 1779— for the relief of Samuel Hitch-
cock 1886

No. 1780— for relief of Eliza Webb, 1886
No. 2106 — to remove the civil and polit-
ical disabilities of certain personsnamed

therein 1966

No. ^1— for the relief of the civil and
political disabilities of certain citizens

of Mississippi 2269

No. 2280 — to remove the political dis-
abilities of J. C. Davb, of Marshall

county, Mississippi 2489

No. 2816— to endow Renean Female
University and five normal schools in

the State of Mississippi 8649

reports made by 1188, 1189, 1886, 8984

incidental remarks by, 1188, 1189,1886,8984
remarks on the Texas contested election —

case of Clarke v$, Giddings 849

on the bill to establish an educational

fund 886

on the call of the Houm 8849, 8868

Harris, J. H., resolution to pay,contestant, his

expenses in the election case of Harris vs,

Rogers, from NorUi Carolina — [By Mr.

Hazelton, of Wisconsin, May 6, 1872.]
reported and agreed to, 3086.
Harris, John T., a Representative from Vir-

S^inia : 8

petitions presented by 84,

202, 617, 976, 1228, 1962
bills introduced by —

No. 621— to repeal the act of July 2, 1862,
prescribing an oath of office .....66

No. 669— to amend the act of April 8,
1871, so as to allow pay for rent otprop-
erty used by the Armv of the United
States, and where used bv contract to
pay without proof of loyalty., .196

No. 1061 — to chanffe the times for hold-
ing circuit and district courts of the
United States for the western district of
Virginia « 899

No. 1248 — to restore to the pension-roll
the name of Naney Cloud, the widow
of William Cloud, a revolutionaiy pen-
sioner ,.» 680

No. 1661— for the relief of S. B. Mitch-
ell, George W. Mitchell, and J. W.
Mitchell 1086

No. 1677— to grant to the State of Vir-
ginia public lands to assist her in paying
her public debL 1114

No. 1688 — to change the time for holding
the spring term of the United States
circuit and district courts at Harrison-
burg, Virginia ,....1114

No. 1768 — to authorize the extension of
the patent of James M. Lilley for an
improved instrument for surveying and
oalculatiuff areas » 1214

No. 1806— for the relief of the heirs of
James M. Baker... 1898

No. 1986 — to remove the disabilities im-
posed by fourteenth amendment to the
Constitution. of the United States from
Gilbert S. Meem and nine others, 1688

No. 1964 — to authorize the erectioa of a
court-house and post office at Harrison-
burg, Virginia 1778

No. 1966 — to authorize the erection of
a post office in the city of Staunton,
Virginia « .....1778

No, 2040— for the relief of Redick Mc-
Kee ..1811

No. 2041— for the relief of the children
of John M. Baker U811

No. 2042— for the relief of Fannie M.
Jackson, of the State of Tennessee, 1811

No. 2216 — to authorize the Postmaster
General to credit the postmasters in
the SMktes lately in rebellion with the
stamps and stamped envelopes taken
from them by paramount foroe, or lost
or destroyed without the lault of the
said postmaster, and to refund any
money since paid for the same so taken,
lost, or destroyed ...2269

No. 2272— for the relief of Burke &
Kunkel, for pig iron taken by agent of
the Treasury of the United States, 2489

No. 2672— forthe relief of Thomas Burke,
of Virginia 8084

No. 2841— for relief of Perry Broyles,8661

No. 2842— for the relief of Georae W.
Taylor, late postmaster of Winchester,
Virginia.., ^....8661

No. 2848— for the relief of W. T.
Simms ^ 8661

No« 2989 — to remove the political disabili-
ties of the persons therein named, 2988

No. 2948— for the relief of Lucy A. Baker
and Mary A. Baker, children of John
M. Baker, deceased 4091

No. 2962— for the relief of Burke &

Kunkel 4182

joint reaolutioB introdaced by —

No. 181^-reIating to the commissioners
of claims appointed under act of Con-
gress approved March 8, 1871 2276 I

Harris, John T., a Representative f^m Vi^
ginia — ConHnued.
resolution submitted hf —
to pay the select Com mltteeou the Levees
of the Mississippi expenses incurred—

[June 8, 1872.] ^ 4460

reporu made by 1086,

1811, 8617, 4091, 4181, 4182

incidental remarks by 899, 1028,

1086, 1114, 1401, 1683, 1811, 1906,
2276, 8688, 8617, 8840, 8881, 8884,
8988, 4091, 4180, 4181, 4182, 4461
remaifa on the claims of southern citi-
zens 281

on the bill to establish an educational

fund , 866, 869

on the bill to abolish the franking privi-
lege 2841

on the legislative appropriation bill, 2878,

2891, 2898, 2!f^9

- on the bill relating to the Central Pacific

Railroad Company 2796

on the deficiency appropriation bill (H

R. No. 1664) 8168, 8164

on the tariff and tax bill. 3169, 8666, 8668
on the bill to remove disabilities (H. R.

No. 2664) 8882

on the civil appropriation bill 8778,

on the bill in refbreoceto lands sold for

direct taxes 8818

on the call of the House... .'. 8868,

8868, 8860, 8868

on tiie order of business 8864, 4026

Harrison, Priscilla, bill (H. R. No. 2488)
granting a pension^ to — [By Mr. McJun-
reported and passed, 2709 ; passed Senate,
8792: enrolled, 8873:
Hartwell, Lewis, bill (H. R. No. 1822) for
the relief of, of Jefferson county, Indi-
ana— [By Mr. Holman.]
referred, 1899.
Harvey, Benjamin and Jameson, bill (H. R.
No. 2021) for the relief of, heirs and legal
representatives of Benjamin Harvey, de-
ceased — [By Mr. Shoemaker.] .
referred, ifYO.
Haskell, Leonidaa, bill (H. R. No. 2829) for
the relief of— [By Mr. Cogblan»]
referred, 3649.
Haskell, Pbosbe, bill (B. R. No. 1069) gran^
ing a pension to, widow of Sidney Smith,
reportea and discussed, 438 ; passed^ 440.
remigrks by —

Mr. Archer ...... — .... « ♦ 439

Mr. Bird « ::.489

Mr. Famaworth »> ...489, 440

Mr. Garfield, of Ohio..... 488, 440

Mr. Kerr „ 480, 440

Mr. Moore ..498, 489. 440

Mr. Speer,.ofPeniHylvania,486,480,440

Mn Wheeler.. «• 488, 439

Mr. Wood 489

yeas and nays on the — 440

Haslam, Thomas, bill (H. R. No. 19«9) for
the relief of, lats second lieutenant
twenty^sixth regiment Pennsylvania vol-
unteers — [By Mr. L. Myers;]
referred, 1778.
Havens, Harrison B., a Representative from

Missouri 8

petitions presented by ; 722,

1126. 1223, 1409, 1446
bills introduced by —
No. 666— for the relief of William M.

Neece 68

No. 667 — granting a pension to Hugh

Wallace 7. 68

No. 668— for the relief of William S.

Johnson 68

No. 669— for the relief of Charles A.

Steinhard 68

No. 670— placing the officers of certain
Missouri troops upon an equal fooliug
with others as to tne three months' pay
proper authorized by an act approved
March 8, 1866 :.!7....68

Digitized by V^OOQiC



Hftvens, Hftrrison E. , a Representative from

Mietsonri — Continued.
bills introduc*»d by —

No. 1001— for the relief of James A. Mc-
Culloch, late collector of the fifteenth
district of Missoari 895

No. 1002— to cancel a bond 895

No 1146 — to grant a pension to Evan
JohnfHHi 499

No. 1280 — granting arrears of pension to
the heirs of James M. Smith 681

No. 1281— for relief of George Graves, 681

No. 1625 — to amend an act supplementary
to an act to allow the United States to
prosecute appeals and writs of error
witbout giving secnrity, and for other
purposes, approved July 27, 1868, 1116

No 1720 — to confirm title to John Bozer to
certain lands therein described 1212

No. 2067— fbr the relief of Josiah Cun-
ningham 1964

No. 2168— to confirm and legalize eevtain
entries of lands under the graduation
act 2073

No. 2298 — to legalize entries of puhlio
lands under the homestead laws in cer-
tain cases 2440

No. 2788 — ^to provide for the payment of
bounty to the fifteenth and sixt-eentb regi-
ments Missouri cavalry volunteers, 8877
joint resolations introduced by —

No. 89 — ^to construe section two of the act
approved February 26, 1858, to prevent
frauds upon the Treasury of the United
States 681

No. 154 — authorizing the Secretary of
War to correct an Army officer* s

record 8649

Incidental remarks b^r 2246, 8525

remarke on civil service reform 2244

(See Appendix. )

on the bill for the relief of certain home-

stead settlers 8528, 8529

Hawaii, bill (H. R. No. 2122) to authorize the

minister of the United Swtes at the Court

of Japan to represent the Government of,

at that Court— [By Mr. Kendall.]
Teferred, 2045; reported adversely and

tabled, 8660.
Bawkes, Miller & Co., bill (H. R. No. 2639)

for the relief of Bntler, Miller & Co.,

and— [By Mr. Van Trump.]
referred, 8008; referred anew, 8506.
Hawley, John B., a Representative from Illi-
nois 28

leave of absence granted to. ...28, 699, 2278

petitions presented by 904, 2906

Dills introduced by-
No. 990— granting a pension to Juliet E.
Hull .! 894

No. 1188 — to secure the public lands to
actual settlers 499

No. 1414— 'authorizing the construction of
a wa^^oH and railroad bridge across the
Mississippi river at Quincy, Illinois, 881

No. 1583 — supplementary to the several
acts relating to pensions 992

No. 1862 — to secnre the public lands to
actual settlers..^ 1427

No. -2026 — to authorize the constniction
of a wagon and railroad bridge across
the Mississippi river at Quincf, Illinois,
and to establish the same as a post
route.... «« 1805

No. 2117 — to secure the public lands to
actual settlers « ....1980

No. ^161 — to authorize the construction
and maintenance of a bridge over the
Mississippi river^ between the city of
Warsaw, in Hancock county, State of
IlKnois, and the city of Alexandria, in
Clark county. State of Missouri, and to
establish the same as a post route,2078

No. 2194— to amend the act in relation to
town-site lands of the United States,
and for the relief of the inhabitants of
the cities or towns of Black Hawk, Cen-
tral City, and Georgetown, in the Ter-
ritory of Colorado 2102

42d Conq. 2d Sess.— N.

Hawley, John 6., a Representative from till

nois — Continued,
bills introduced by —

No. 2202 — authorizing joint entry by pre
emption settlers 2205

No. 2230 — supplementary to an act to en-
able the State of Arkansas and other
State to reclaim swamp lands wiihin

. their limits, approved September 28,
1850, and the amendment thereof, ap-
proved March 2, 1855 2270

No. 2882 — for protection of owners of
saw-mills on the Mississippi river, 2G87

No. 2784— granting the right of way to the
Missouri valley Railroad Company, 8527

No. 2785^for the relief of certain home-
stead settlers on the public lands, 8527

No. 2868— to extend to the State of Ne-
vada the benefits of an act to enable the
State of Arkansas and other States to
reclaim the swamp lands within their

limits ....8774

joint resolution introduced by —

No. 128 — proposing an amendment to the

Constitution 2270

resolution submitted by —

for printing the soldiers' and sailors* home-
steads bill— [March 27, 1872] 2008

reports made by 1427,

1980, 2102, 2189, 2205, 8527, 8774

incidental remarks by 437,

478, 608, 908, 992, 1222, 1897, 1508,

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