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on the bill to establish an edncaiional

fund v 802

on sabject of the national educational

fund....** 812

on the bill to encoarage the planting of

trees on the public lands 2508, 2926

on the bill relative to the centennial

intemationiil exhibition 2888

on the bill in regard to Fort Steilacoom

mtlita^ reservation 2950

on the bill granting land for the use of a
reservoir at Cheyenne, Wyoming Terri-
tory 2950, 2951

on deficiency bill (B.H. No. 1654)...8094
on the bill to amend the laws relating to

pensions 8892

on tiie Army appropriation bill. 8822,

8828 8982
Lowry, Joseph, bill (H. R. No. 2120) granting
a pension to— [By Mr. Van Trump.]
referred, 2045.
Lowry, Robert, till (9. No. 929) for the relief
of| of Nashville, Tennessee,
recerred fVom Senate, 2802; referred, 8148.
Lucas, O'Brien, Dickinson, and other coun-
ties in the State of Iowa, bill<S. No. 688)
fot the relief of.
received from Senate, 997 ; passed, 1278 ;

enrolled, 1818.
bill (Q. H. No. 1887) for the relief of— [By
Mr. Palmer.]
referred, 830.
Luce, Lucy A., bill (H. R. No. 781) granting
a pension to — [By Mr. Frye.]
referred, 800.
>Liunber, bill (H. R. No. 1216) to admit pine
timber and, free— [By Mr. Smith, of
referred, 679.

bill (U. H. No. 2182) to modify the duties
on the various kinds of, and to provide
for a drawback on reexported— ^By Mr.
Smith, of Vermont.]
referred, 2072.
Lam her Company, Eau Claire, bill (S. No.
624) confirminff and extending a patent-
right to Len W. Pond and.
received from 'the Senate, 1054; referred,
1274 ; reported and passed, 4452 ; enrolled,
Lomdin, N. H., bill (H. R. No. 2066) for the
relief of U. C. Christopher, G. W. Beard,
C. A. Uber, Bdward Stiles, and— [By Mr.
reported and passed, 1898 ; passed Senate,
8899; enrolled, 8506; approved, 8788.
Lamphrey, Lieutenant Oliver, bill (U. K. No.
1661) to place, upon the retired list of the
Army— [By Mr. Sherwood.]
referred, 1118.

bUi (U. R. No. 166) to place, on the retired
list of Army officers, with like pay as
other officers of the same grade upon
the retired list
reported adversely and tabled, 8221.
Lanney, Thomas, bill (U. R. No. 21620) grant-
ing a pension to — [By Mr. Peck.]
reported and passed, 2762.
Luskey, Joanna, bill (H. R. No. 2642) grant-
ing a pension to— [By Mr. Wakeman.]
reported and passed, 2764.
liynch, Charles, bill (U. R. No. 2687) grant-
ing a pension to — [By Mr^ McJunkin.]
reported and passed, 2764.

Lynch, Lieutenant Colonel Frank, bill (H. R.

No. 468) for the relief of— [By Mr. Upson. ]
referred, 29.
Lynch, John, a Representative from Maine, 8

leave of absence granted to.. 1024,

1062, 2117, 8776

petitions presented by 43, 67,

156, 282, 804, 809, 679, 788, 946, 1126,
1223, 1814, 1566, 1699, 2866, 2458, 2957
bills introduced by —

No. 449 — to revive the navigation and
commereial interests of the United
States 11

No. 450 — to provide for the resumption of
specie payments 11

No 488 — authorizing the Commissioner
of Internal Revenue to remit and pay
back taxes assessed and collected on
yessels 66

No. 627 — imposinj^ tonnage duties 194

No. 783 — prohibiting the collection of
pilotage and harbor dues by State or
mnnicipal authorities 800

No. 784 — to provide against undue ex-
pansion and contraction of the cur-
rency.« 800

No. 1891 — to provide for the satisfaction
of claims due to certain American citi-
sens for spoliations committed on their
commerce prior to the year 1800. ..829

No. 1649— for the relief of Mrs. Harriet
Pendleton, widow of George H. Pen-
dleton, late of United States Navy, 1124

No. 1678 — regulating appointments and
removals in the civil service of the
United States 1210

No. 1674 — to enlarge the collection dis-
trict of Portland and Falmouth, and
to* change the name thereof 1210

No. 2045 — to facilitate commerce between
the United States and China, Japan,
and the countries of Asia 1868

No. 2318— to authorize the construction of
a bridge over the tide- water of Dun-
Bton river, in the State of Maine, 2442

No. 2814 — to revive the navigation and
commercial interests of the United

States 2442

resolutions submitted by —

instructing Committee on Expenditures
in the Treasury Department to inquire
into the expondiiures of the Treasury
Department, &c., and to Investigate the
recent defalcations in the Treasurer's
office— [December 11, 1871] 60

to ascertain the views of European Gov-
ernments in regard to cooperation for
the construction of a ship-canal between
the Ai Untie and Pacific oceans — [Jan-
uary 8, 1872] 804

calling for ceruin trade statistics — [Feb-
ruary 2, 1872] 784

to investigate sales of ordnance stores
made by the Government during the
war between France and Germany —
[February 26, 1872] 1217

authorizing the Committee on Expendi-
tures in the Treasury Department to
employ a clerk— [March 11, 1872], 1584

reports made by 1664,

1863. 2298, 2402, 2998, 3381

incidental remarks by 85, 118, 230,

804,419, 608, 884, 882, 1134, 1185, 1269,
1278, 1681, 1956, 2298, 2817, 2838, 2589,
8881, 8399, 8654, 3660, 3661, 3977, 4097
remarks on the legislative appropriation
bUl 601,602

on the bill for the retirement of mutilated
bank notes...... 1166

on the deficiency bill (Q. R. No.
1664).... 1249, 1250, 1251, 1252, 1338

on the bill to facilitate bank clearing-
house exchanges 1270, 1271

on the bill to amend the national currency
act 1509

on the bill for the encouragement of

foreign commerce 1554,

1581,8926, 3980,3981

on the order of business, 1862, 8007, 8926

Lynch, John, a Representative from Maine-—

' Continued,

remarks on the bill to facil'tete commerce

between the United States and China,

1863, 1864, 1866, 1866, 1867

on the bill to provide for the security of

life on board steamers 2058^2054

on the river and harbor appropriation

bill- 2446,2447

on the civil service reform bill (Q. R. No.

787) 2554, 2555, 2666

on the tariff and tax bill 2939,3402,

8405, 8449, 8451, 8452. 8458,

8455, 8566, 3569, 8570, 8671,

8572, (see Appendix,) 8662

on the bill relative to retired officers of

the Army 8222.8224

on the naval appropriation bill, 8896,8397
on the Post Office a(>propriation bill, 8680
on the civil appropriation bill, 8749, 8760


Macdongall, George, bill (H. R. No. 1614)
for the relief of— [By Mr. Coburn.]
referred, 1116.
Machinery, bill (H. R. No. 807) to allow the
Calcasieu Sulphur Mining Company to
import certain, frea of duty — [By Mr.
referred, 801; reported and tabled, 442;
bill (U. R. No. 1062) reported as substi-
tute, 442.
bill (H. R. No. 424) to permit the import-
ation without duty of, for polishing
and grinding plate glass — [By Mr.
reported and tabled, 442 ; bill (H. R. No.
1062) reported as substitute, 442.
bill (H. R. No. 1062) to admit certain, im-
ported from foreign countries free of
duty — [By Mr. Maynard.]
reported and discussed, 442 ; passed, 444 ;
passed Senate with amendment, 548;
conference, 648, 664, 699 ; conference
report, 746 ; agreed to by House, 745 ;
by Senate, 745 ; enrolled, 777.
remarks by —

Mr. Dawes 443, 648

Mr. Finkelnburg 442, 448

Mr. Kelley 443

Mr. Kerr 442

Mr. Maynard 442, 448, 444, 746

Mr. Sheldon 444

bill (H. R. No. 1097) authorizing tlie Sec-
retary of the Navy to dispose of ves-
sels, ordnance, and other materiaJs,
now at the navy-yards and naval sta-
tions, which may be sold without detri-
ment to the public service, and appro
priating the proceeds thereof to the
construction and equipment of other
vessels — [By Mr. Negley.]
referred, 497.
bill (H. R. No. 1171) to admit free of duty
certain, imported from foreign coun-
triefr-[By Mr. Slater.]
referred, 600.
resolution in reference to the free import*
ation of, for spinning cotton — [By Mr.
Buckley, February 21, 1872.]
agreed to, 1160.
Mack, L. L., bill (H. R. No. 1986) for tho
removal of disabilities from, and others,
of Arkansas— [By Mr. Hanks.]
referred, 1774.
Madrazo, Rafael, bill (H. R. No. 2972) for the
relief of— [By Mr. Marshall.]
reported and passed, 4212.
Magruder, Thomas C, bill (H. R. No. 2908)
to refund to, certain moneys stolen from
him in 1859— [By Mr. Smith, of New
reported and passed, 3840.
Mail contractors, bill (H. R. No. 1188) mak-
ing an appropriation to pay certain^ in
the States lately in rebellion, for services
tendered prior to May 81, 1861— [By Mr.
referred, 499.

Digitized by VnOOQiC



Mail contracts, resolution to inouirc into tbe,
recently made by the Post Office Depart:
meni-— [By Mr. Farnsf^orth, January 12,
agreed lo, 37G.
Mail depredations, bill (H. R. No. 1814) to
authorize the.appoiutment of a chief of
division for, iti ine Post O^ce Depart-
ment — [By Mr. Tyner.j
referred, 083.
Mail routes, resolution calling for information
in regard to certain — [By Mr. Veils, De-
cember 10, 1871.J
agreed to, 217.
Mail service, resolution calling for informa-
tion ill regard to— [By Mr. Van Trump,
December 20, 1871.J
read, 249.

bill (H. tt. No. 1107) for tbe relief of Bryan
Tyson, to indemnify him lor moneys
paid as a deficit for certain — [By Mr.
referred, 498.
bill (II. U. No. 1251) to regulate proposals
or bids for, under the Tost Office De-
partment and 'their acceptance by the
rostmaster Oeneral' af the United
plates— [By Mr. Han<}ley.]
referred, 'G80.
Mail steamsbip service, bill (H. R. No. 1188)
to authorize the establishment of ocean,
between the United States and Mexico —
[By Mr. Townsei^d, o| New York.]
referrecT, 543; reported and recommitted,

bill (H. R. No. 1393) aiithoriziiig the estab-
lishment of ocean, between the Uni-
ted States and Australia — £By Mr.
Dawes. 1
referred, 848.
bill (H. li. No. 1749) to authorize the con-
tinuance of, between the United States
and Cuba — [9y Mr. Brooks, of New
referred, 1214.
bill (H. U. No. 1967) authorizing a, between
the ports of New Orleans, Louisiana,
and Rio Janeiro, in the empire of Bra-
zil— [By Mr. Sheldon.]
referred, 1778.
bill (U. K. No. 6G) authorizing, in the Gulf
of Mexico between the port of New
Orleans, Louisiana, and certain ports
in the republic of Mexico — [By Mr.
reported, 1867.
bill (S. No. 57) authorizing, in the Gulf of
Mexico between the port of NewOrleans,
Louihiana, and certain ports of the
republic of Mexico,
received from Senate, 1981 ; called up,
Mails, bill (H. R. No. 609) relating to pro-
posals and contracts for the transportation
of the — [By Mr. tarnsworth.J
referred, 50 -, substitute reported, 217.
bill (H. U. No. 1106) to pay the Wilming-
top and Manchester Railroad Company
for carrying the United States — [By Mr.
referred, 498 ; referred anew, 1188.
resolutioti in reference to the interimptioii
of the Pacific— [By Mr. Ely.' February
28, 1872.]
referred, 1272.
bill {E. U. No. 192^) .to authori;sf the Post-
master General to accept new sureties
on contracts for carrying the — [By Mr.
referred, 1581.
bill (H. U. No. 1930) relating to jproposals
and contracts for transportation of
the— [By Mr Farnflworth.J
reported and passed, 1584 ; passed Senate
with amendments, 2302 ; printed. 2342 ;
conference, 2174, 2520; conterence
report, 2654 ; agreed to by House, 2654 ;
by the Senate, 2656; enrolled, 2745;
approved, 2892.

Mails — Contifwed^
Vll (H. R.' No. 1972) for tht benefijk of
Charled Cosby, compensating him for
distributing the, at Millstown, Grayson
county, Kentucky — [By Mr. Read.j
referred, 1774; referred anew, 2299.
Malloi^& Co., Charles H., bill (H. R. No.
9n() for the relief of— [Bf Mr. Stark-
referred, 392.

b\ll (H. R, No. J4180 for the relief of, of
Pew Yort— [By Mr. Strong.] .
reported and passed, 932.
Manifests, bill (H. R. No, 476) to relieve mas-
ters of coasting vessels, engageid in trade
upon the frontiers of the united States
from procuring and' presenting, of car-

foes, as now. required by law — [By Mr.
referred. 42.
Manson, Mahloo D., a Representative from

Indiana i 8

leave of absence granted to. 2905

petitions presented by 1 67,

470, 679, 1279, 1346, 1446, 1485,
1521, 1555, 1586, 1623, ,1782, 4461
billij introduced by —

No. 452 — tQ grant bounty lands to the sol-
diers who served in the late war to sup-
press the rebellion, and to the widows
and children of sucn as are deiid..^...ll

No. 712 — ^granting a pension to William
H. Bridges. .....T. 197

No. 1187— granting a pension to Wesley
M. Gerard and David M. Gerard, minor
children of William F. Gerard 499

No. 1201— granting a pension to Mary
Jane Stone, widow of William J,
Stone 626

No. 1202 — granting a pension to Adam
Correll « 625

No. 1273 — ^granting a nension to Margaret
Boyd, Sarah A. Mc I lvalue, Silas H.
Mcllvaiue, Rachel D. Mcllvaiae, and
William L. Mcllvaiue :....681

No. 1371 — ^granting a pension to Colonel
William C. Kise 829

iTo. 1522 — granting a pension to Lazarus
B. Wilson 973

No. 1616— granting a pension to Adam
Wallace, late a private in company I,
thirteenth regiment Kentucky volun-
teers 1115

No. 1716— for the relief of Asbury E.
Anderson, a private soldier ^...1212

No. 1716 — granting a pension to Cathe-
rine Carney 1212

No. 1825— for the relief of Enolds Lloyd,
of Montgomery county, Indiana. ...1899

No. 1826 — for the relief of Jacob Dice, of
Fountain county, Indiana 1399

No. 2160 — to incorporate tJie American
Law Times Company in the District of
Columbia ...2073

No. 2456— for the relief of Mary C.
GriflSn „ 2718

No. 2457 — ^granting a pension to Sarah S.
Cooper «.. 2718

No. 2458 — ^granting a pension to Margaret
Boyd, Rachel D. Mcllvaiue, and Wil-
liam L. Mcllvaiue «.2718

No. 2459 — restoring to the pension-roll
the name of Margaret L. Bybee 2714

No. 2460 — granting a pension to Samuel
B. Davis' 2714

No. 2461 — ^granting a pension Co Lorenzo
D. Hogle .,...2714

No. 2462— granting a pension to Deap A.
Wills, of Indiana 2714

No.' 2463 — granting a pension to Ellen
W. P.Carter 2714

No. 2464 — granting a pension to Evan
Johnson ..^..2714

No. 2465 — granting a pension to Hila A.
Cooksy 2714

No. 2466 — granting a pension to Angelica
Hammond 2714

No. 2467 — granting a pension to Ardy A.
Autiy ...2714

MaMo%M^bV>n D.»a Re^reaMati^ Ctpnt
Inaiana — Continued.
bills introduced by —
No. 2468— gsan ting a pension ,io Samuel

B. Davis ..f

.^ .*..2714

No. 2469 — granting a pension to Peter

Brewer ..: J2716

No. 2547 — ^granting ^ pension to Nancy

Mafon. .^ : 2756

No. 2615 — restoring Aaron Archer to the

pensionrolh ^. •.^..«.k...^2886

resolution submitted by — .
calling for information in refeienq^ to
Beaver lake, Indiana— [April 2, 1872],

. 2117

reports made by , .,626,


incidental remarks by, 625, 2279, 2713, 3714,

2715, 2755, 3679, 3680, 8^6, 3881, 4026

remarks on the call of the Houfie.....^3849,


Manufacture^, the Committee on.......^.^ 9

instructions to «...^........^..^...685

Map, resolution for printiqg, shpwtn'g land
grants made to raIlrOa44-T-[Bl Mr^ Hoar,
March 7, 1872.]
referred, 1508, . ^.

Marden, Lucia, bill (H. R. No. 1950) ^to amend
an aet granting a pension |(:h*-[J^ Mr.
Hibbard.] * .

referred, 1773. ,,

Margaret and Amelia, biH (H. A N(J. «44)
authorizing the Secretary of the^reasniy
to change the nanie of tiro sloopr^Qy Mr.
Hazelton, of New J'^^s^.]
referred, 195.
Marine bri^e, bill fH. R. No., 2271} to
enable the light »attery 'Missis^ppi, to
collect the balance of $300 Governmeiit
bounty — [By Mr. MeJupkin.]
Marine corps^ bill (H. R. No. 519) t^ relate
tiie pensions^ m the I^avj iM:id-<-££(y 1^.
preferred, 56.
Marine hospital — see SospUalf \i

bill (H. R. No. 2764) ma)ung p^n.^ppro-
priatioii for ^e erection of a, ^ Saa
Francisco— [By Mr. Wells.]
reported, 3389; passed, 3390. ,
Maritime interests, bill (Q. R. No. 1515) in
aid of the, of the United States3-[By Mr.
referred, 972.
Market Company. NortWni Libertjesi bill (H.
R. No. 1516i) toincprporii^te the— [^y Mr.
referred, 972.
Marklein, Charles, bill (H.'R. No. 1481^ for
the relief of, sutler of the one^ haodred
fknd seventy- eighth regiment Neif York
volunteers— [By Mr. Bay.]
referred, 969.
Marks, S. F., bill (H. R. No. 277^) for the
relief of the sureties of, former post^aaster
at Neir Orleans— [By Mr. Bptlpr, of Mas-
reported and passed, 8413; passed the
Senate, 4438 ; enrolled, 4438 ; api>rOTed,
Marriage, joint resolution (H; R. No. 64) pro-
posing an amendment to thf Cpnatiuition
of the United States in regard tq ^^ and
education of ih» white fin4 ^olored^iahab*
itants of the United St^^p-rlBj^Mr.
referred, 58. .

bill (H. R. No, 2831) to disu9r9fe pertain
legislation in Was^iingto^', territory
relating to properU as aO^qted b7*T[Bj
Mr. Garfiplde) of WashiofltQn.j
referred, ^649«
Marsh, Captain Alonzo J., bill ^0. 1&. No.
882) restoring, to his po^iuoa in th^
Army, and providing that ne be honbrablr
mustered out the eervice as of the date of
the master out pf his reg imen^i — [Bj Mr«
referred, 805.

Digitized by


l^f^^^ mmpm >Pftpc«EDij^.Gs.


addmonai distri^jt Jtt3^^| ijist'i^ct ^Itorney,

and, for the State ol
Wbit£- ■
referred; m. ' ' ' "

bill (H. R. No. IStX) to grant :^^i^onal
co^ipensatiop 'to the, of the flistnct of
South Carolina for the ^ar eiidiojg Jaoe
30, 1872— [By Mr. BainejJ, ,
-referred. 1398./ ,' '
bill (g. R, No: 2683) to mnt ad4Uional
cotnpeiisatioB to th^^ oT the distpct of
5oulh parolioa for^the period offoar
nvbhths and ten days — jfpy Slr^ Peters.]
reported and passed, S08p ; passed Benate
wi^l^ aroendment, 413? ; agi;ee4 ^%i'}'^^ i
enrojled, 4l79; eprolliDent corrected,
43lo, 4316 ; approved, 4460. .
bill ^. Sq. ^9) fixing the salaries of the
United' States attorney and United
Stales, for th'^, district of Kebraslca.
, received from Senate^ 4133 ; passefji 4326 ;

enro,lled^ 4435. ^

Senate tcOncurrent reso^utign • to cor^^ct en-
rofte^ bid tS. R. No. 2683V to grant
^ additional compensation to tne, of the
i^istrict of Spuin Carolinay ^•
received from Senate, ^l^j conooiTedin,
«16.V ^ .. .

Ha»hatly Samuel S., a Representative from

Illinois.~....M ;•• f •r**M 8

bijls introduced by — , ' ^

No. 1661 — awaking appropriatiojis for the

support, of the Slilitary Academy for the

fiscalyeav^fiding June 30, IQ7S....1161

No. 2972— for the relief of Rafael Mad-

razo.„.., ;...; ., 4212

reports ma^e by..., ll6l, 3447, 8616

iociden;al remarks by. m*^^!, 1956

remarks on the apportionment bill »...63,

' . -l«r, 112

on tde JbiTl for the construction oi a public

buirding at| Chicago... p...f. ...151

on the bill authorizing a bridge pver the

Ohio river.,., , 4883

on FostO^eappropriklion bill, 1843,3676
(See Appends.)

on the Chicago relief bill...... ....1§70

on the, Military Academy appropriation

^ill., „...^....25i09, 2511, 3447, 3616

on^ the deficiency appropriation bill (H.

R..NO. 1664) ,,,.,...3152, 3l6S, 8154

oh thecivil appropriation bill. ..3787, 3795

op th^ order of business .........8985

on tbo bill for .the relief of RafacQ Mad-

razo..,. .7.. ...:.. 4212

Marsbals, bill (H. R. No. 1861) to authorize
and require the payment of, and assistant,
or tlieirleg^representatives, such amounts
of money as appear to be due upon the
books or records of the office for taking
the census of i860— [By Mr. McIntyre.J
referred, 1508.

Vi^l (S^ No. 527) to reimburse TjTnited States,
-jfor moneys necessarily ezpcQded by
them in taking the ninib.cen8up in ez-
oess of the compensation allowi^d them
under the Uw in force at the passage of
this acU ,
received from Senate, 4319: paa9iBd,. 4338 :
enrolled, 4435. ' '-^

Martial law, resolution in ireference ^. in Sonth
Carolina— tBy Mr. Beck, Dec. if,}Sll,]
referredf 10/"
Martin, J. E., bill (H. ft. No.' 620) for-the re-
lief of JamMC.^frtin.Emitia £;. Martin,
John G. Martin, ana Lepnor Martin,
children of, d^c^od— PBy Mr. Morgan.]
referred, tl8 ; reported, 2592 ; passed, 2598.
remarks by—

Mr. mnks ,...,•;.. „:....^^.:..:. 2593

Mr! ,Blair, of l|f^ichiganf,.^..,..t^-M.2593

ir. Hplman -....'.....2593

Ir. Morgan., .^:..,..„,^^«.2592, 2593

Martin, Samuel. bil| (fl. R.*No. 2927) foi; the
relief of, late deputy collector of internal
revenue for t|»e tbir<(di8trict of Kentucky —
[By Mr. Lewis.]
referred, 3871.

. P|^w#Jjune€|,187W

Mreied to, 4432. . .,

Maryland and Georgia, bill (H. R. N<p. 408)

. , to neiJiiact ^e aq^ aipprovcid March 1^,

rtOC^ ^ediari^g ^he assent of Copgress to

certain acts m the States of— [By Mr.

. , A.rohsrO

.repdrtea ^veiwelyand tableid, 171$.
Mason, Nancy, bill' (H. K. No, 21^47) grant-
ing a pension to — [By Mr. Jfiuison. J
Tfp^^i^d«n^P|wed,2755, J
Masonic Jodge of G^rff^tpfrn, South Caro-
lina, lillXH. R. No..l245ifor the relief of
, ,|be-T[P4%.ftlin«y,l
reffrred, 680, , ' '

Masons, Cypress Lodge of Free and Accepted,
, biH (tt. B. No. 11|4) for thv relief of, al
, ,^o;^epce» Alabama— [By Mr. Slosi.]
■ referred, 498 ; referred anew, 1124.
. biU (H. Ri JH: 1365) for tb^ relief of
* Fi:iends^ip Lodge^ No. 22, of Trenton,
., ., ' Teunessee^By Mr, CaldweU.)
referred, B29^
Matc'bes, l)ill f H. R. No. 794) to define % gross
. o^tBsMr. Meifrianp.]
referred/801. '

)hU (H. R. No. 810) to repeal the stamp tax
*. wipon lycifer and friction — [By Mr.
. ■ * Monroe.]

referred, 301,
bill (H. R. No. 909) to repeal the stamp
duty or tax on — [By Mr. Kellogg.]
referred, 892.
Mainev, John, bill (H. B. No. 7X9) for the
relief of, of St J<

? private in the tl ^
eer infantry— [By' Mr. Parker, of Mis
■ souri.]
referred, 197.
MaU|s, Up, Harriet, bill (fi. R. No.

L Joseph, Missbari^ late a
thirty- nfth Missouri volun-

fiantipg a pension to, 'widow of Isaac
attis, a pnvate in tiie ^ne hundred and
. , nineteenth Pennsylvania voliHiteers — [By
' Mr. Kelley.]
refemdk 3084.
Maziner, Ruth A., bill (H. R. No. 2025) for
the relief of— [By Mr. Wheeler.]
read and passed, 1804.
Afay, Charles, bill (H. B. No. 2182) for the
relief of— [By Mr. Merritt.]
referred. 2074.
Mayfield, Ir^^biH (H. R. No. 869} granting a
. pension to, of Oregon— [By Mr. Slater.]
referred, 808.
Mi^nard, George L,, bill (H. R.. No. 1667)
for the relief oi, and Edward L. Gris-
wold— [By Mr. DUelL]
referred^ 114.
Maynard, Mbraccta Representatiye from Ten-
nessee ^ 8

petitions presented by «... 119, 232«

849, 423, 448, 479, 517*, 605, 634, 694,

1150, 1279; 1846, 1909, 2057, 2172, 2453,

, 254^ 2;i5, m^» 2866, 2906, 8244, 8760

Bills introduced by-—

Nor46tf— for the better security of agri-

onlturf^ college fund* ••••;•*•*<• 12

tio. 971 — to amend certain aq^ therein

^j J named ».,.., .4..«...*fVM..| 894

No. 1062 — to admit certain macbinery
' from foreign couutnQs'Tr^e o^duty, 442
N|>. lO^^t o' aj neua (tv jot granting' a
pension to willii^iii Jj. Ficli^eAS«....444
JJo.. 153^% the relief Qf Liquten^t J.



Sicotf Piay^je.*r,,TV-v ., ,,

5fo, !l60S~to repeftl.ijhe.sizi^ section of
)an act niakii^ ivpmrojpriauons for tho
si^port of tbQ Army wr tne year end-
ing ^une BQt^ 18(70; ^ff^^ for othi^r pur-
poses, approved Marc)^ 9, ^8Q9..^..1114

JJo.,il"ft08— to co^fir^ the burqbwo V ***«
executive dep£^ii]c)!ent of th^ee acres of
land in tlie vicinity of NasbviHe, and
to donate the ei^me to the tf asteee of
^e Fiik University for educational par



Majnard, Honce, a Representative from Ten-
nessee — ConHnuecL
bills introduced by— ^
No. 2017 — granting a pension to Virginia

LoT^l Farragut.. 1776

No. 2253— for the relief of Cathron k
l^gnirt, bankers and brokers of the

dty of Bom«. Gnorgia....* -2299

No. 2828— to Uirtber the reduction of
tieLxes and the enconragemeofe of com-
merce ^-.^ ^.........2474

K<h 2368 — to amend the internal revenue

laws. ••••.•••••«• ..••••••i«*»«****»«. •«••«. «»*j6004

No. 2389 — for the promotion of Commo-
dore John P. Qilliii, ITnited States Navy,
to the g|ra4e of rear admiral on the

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