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and report on the practicability and cost
of the construction of a steamship-canal
from the southern portion of Lake Mi<dk-
igan to the Mississippi river at or near
the mouth of the river Ohio 197

No. 976 — for the relief of Armetave
Ooodloe ..894

No. 977— authorizing the Secretary of the
Interior to issue a patent to the Pres-
byterian Board of Missions for the reser-
vation of three hundred and twenty
acres of land set apart by Eickapoo
treaty, February 28, 1867, for mission
and school purposes 894

No. 1182— repealing acts and parts of
acts granting lands and certain privi-
leges in the Indian territory to railroad
companies ^ 499

No. 1469 — to authorize the Secretary of
the Interior to open negotiations with
Indian nations, tribes, or individuals,
for the purpose of commuting the an-
nuities now payable in kind, and to
report his doings to Congress for its
adoption 970

No. 1585 — to abolish the tribal relations
of the Miami Indians, and for other
purposes 1018

No. 1586 — for the relief of Miami In-
dians 1018

No. 1862 — authorisinff Secretary of Inte-
rior to make certain negotiations with
theUte Indians in Colorado 1588

No. 2204— establishing a United Stotes
district court in the Indian coun-
try « 2205

No. 2290 — regulating the mode of making
private contracts with Indians 2440

No. 2884— to confirm to the Great and
Little Osage Indians a reservation in
the Indian territory 2594

No. 2676— for the relief of Dr. Theodore
A. Tellkampf. 8084

No. 2828— relocating United States agency

for the Creek tribe of Indians 8649

joint resolution introduced by —

No. 103 — authorizing the President to
open nef^otiations with all civilized
nations m reference to captives in

war 975

resolutions submitted by —

to investigate the management of Indian
affairs with power, ftc. — [January 8,
1872] 808

calling for information in regard to the
recent difficulties in the Cherokee coun-
try in the Indian territory — [April 29,
1872] « 2886

to continue the investigation into frandi
against Indians during this Congres-* -
[June 1, 1872] 4138

to pay Committee on Indian Affairs cer-
tain expenses incurred during rece b —
[June 8, 1872] 4447

retaining the clerk of the Committee ^^.u
Indian Affairs in service — [June 8,

1872] 44.'^8

reports made by ..1018, 1538,

2045, 2101, 2942, 2948, 2944, 2998, 4447
incidental remarks by. ..201, 470, 975. 1117,
1548, 1555, 1580, 1588, 1866, 1961,
2074, 2448. 2880, 2942, 2948, 2944,
8468, 8568, 8617, 86^, 8774, 8989,
4022, 4089, 4095, 4188, 4175, 4176,
4208, 4817, 4445, 4447, 4449, 4458

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Shanks, John P. C, a Representative from

Indiana — Continued,
remarks on apportionment bill, 68, 64^ 116

on the bill relating to wages and hours of
labor 108, 266

on the Indian appropriation bill. ...».• 7 18,
721, 780. 781

on the bill to reimburse William and Mary

College for property destroyed ..786,

989, 948

on the bin to establish an educational
fund 860

on the resolution for printing extra copies
of the Ku Klux report...... 1122

on resolntion relating to ship-canal from
Lake Michigan to the Ohio...l201, 1208

on deficiency bill (H. R. No. 1654), 1252,
1342, 1408, 1409, 1434, 1435, 8155

on the St. Croix and Lake Superior rail-
road bill 1276, 1818. 1382

on the bill relating to the Central Pacific
Railroad Company 1470, 1471, 1620

on the bill in regard to reservation of the
Ute Indians 1688

on the bill to secure the public lands to
actual settlers 2171

on legislative appropriation bill, 2870, 2371

on Indian affairs 2412

on the river and harbor appropriation
bill 2462

on the order of business 2474,

2824, 2829, 2942, 8864, 4089, 4829

on the civil service reform bill (H. R.
No. 787) 2620

on the resolution providing for a final
adjournment 2828

on the bill to make partition of the reser-
vation to Me shin-go- me-sia, a Miami
Indian 2948

on the bill to consolidate the Indian tribes
under civil government.. 2964, 2965

on the bill to authorize the issue of arms
to the authorities of Montana 2994

on the bill to abolish the tribal relations
of the Miami Indians 2996, 2997

on the Army appropriation bill 8828

on the call of the House 8859, 8861

on the bill for the relief of certain tribes
of Indians 4098, 4094

on the bill for the relief of Mrs. Fanny
Kelly 4108

on the bill to provide for the sale of the
Round Valley Indian reservation. ..4180

on the bill for the relief <>f Elbridge
Gerry 4176, 4816

on the bill relating to the claims of the
Choctaw nation ^.4482

on the treatment oEprisoners of war,4461

(See Appendix.)
Sbarpshooters' festival at Highland, Illinois,
invitation to the, 1078; committee to

attend, 1079.
Shaw, Joanna L., bill (H. R. No. 2606) re-
pealing an act granting a pension to— [By

Mr. Moore.]
reported and passed, 2760.
Shaw, Rebecca Q., bill (H. R. No. 1867) for

the relief of, mother of John A. Shaw,

late a private in the eleventh re^ment of

Indiana volunteers — [By Mr. Voorhees.]
referred, 829.
Sheldon, Lionel A., a Representative from

Louisiana 8

petition presented by... 1664

Dills introduced by —

No. 442— to relinquish the title of the
United States to certain lands in the
State of Louisiana. 11

No. 448 — to authorize the Secretary of
the Treasury to pay to the owners the
proceeds of certain cotton . seized in
violation of instructions from the Treas*
uiy Department 11

No. 444 — to incorporate the Mississippi
Valley Levee Company 11

No. 651 — to confer jurisdiction upon the
United States circuit court for the fiflh
circuit in the district of Louisiana in a
certain case therein specified..,.^ ^.196

Sheldon, Lionel A., a Representative from

Louisiana— QmHnued.
bills introduced by —

No. 806 — to amend an act to provide a
national currency secured by a pledge
of United States bonds, and to provide
for the circulation and redemption
thereof, approved June 8, 1864 801

No, 807 — to allow the Calcasieu Sulphur
Mining Companv to import certain ma-
chinery free of duty 801

No. 1116-— for the relief of Harlow J.
Phelps & Co 498

No. 1266 — making provision for arming
and equipping the whole body of the
militia ot the United States 680

No. 1458 — to amend an act to provide a
national currency secured bv the pledge
of United States bonds, ana to provide
for the circulation and redemption
thereof, approved June 8, 1864 970

No. 1854 — to authorize Rev. Jeremiah
Moynihan, of New Orleans, Louisiana,
to import a set of marble altars free of
duty 1427

No. 1886— for the relief of Edward H.
Wilson 1678

No. 1967 — authorizing a mail steamship
service between the ports of New Or-
leans, Louisiana, ana Rio Janeiro, in
the empire of Brazil 1778

No. 2075 — for the relief of Henry
Ware 1968

No. 2118— for the relief of James F.
Casey, collector of customs for the port
of New Orleans .....2008

No. 2164 — requiring the Commissioner of
the General Land Office to investigate
and report upon the unconfirmed pri-
vate land claims in the State of Louis-
iana... 2078

No. 2282— for the relief of James Mc-
Quaid 2489

No. 2661 — relative to certificates of loca-
tion and patents to be issued upon pri-
vate lana claims confirmed under the

laws of the United States 8088

joint resolution introduced by —

No. 106— to authorize the Secretary of
the Treasury to sell certain revenue-
cutters « 1898

resolution submitted by —

in regard to printing the report on immi-
gration in the French language — [April

18, 1872] 2648

reports made by 1288,

1880, 1427, 1686, 1867, 2046, 2548

incidental remarks by 888,

1188, 1216, 1288, 1259, 1271, 1880,
1427, 1686, 1867, 2205, 2848, 2402, 2442,
8228, 8406, 8418, 8846, 4097, 4208, 4486
remarks on the bill to prescribe the time
for choosing electors in the State of
Louisiana 72

on the order of business... ..146, 861, 4488

on the levees of the Mississippi river, 288

on the bill to admit certain machinery
free of duty 444

on the resolution to inquire into the
Louisiana disturbances 611, 516

on the bill authorizio|; the appointment
of shipping commissioners 1887

on the bill to provide for the security of
life on boara steamers 2062, 2066

on the disability bill (H. R. No 2189),

2078, 2079

on the revival of commerce 2408

(See Appendix,)

on the river and harbor appropriation
bill..... 2444, 2446, 2447, 2460, 2461

on the bill to remove disabilities (H. R.
No. 2564) 8882

on the tariff and tax bill.^ 8564

on th«^ bill for the payment of claims
allowed by commissioners of olaims.8618

on the bill for the relief of J. Milton
Best 8628

on the bill relating to the district courts
in Louisiana 8885

Shellabarger, Samuel, a Representative from

Ohio « 8

leave of absence granted to...84, 1818, 2101

petitions presented by .". 849, 865

Dills introduced by —

No. 1268 — to compensate and suitably
recognize the services of Sergeant
Mijor John Champ 681

No. 1880 — to amend the thirty second sec-
tion of an act to reduce internal taxes,
and for other purposes, approved July
14, 1870 708

No. 1842 — supplementary to an act to pre-
vent the extermination of fur-bearing
animals in Alaska 881

No. 1748 — for encouragement of the foreign
commerce of the United States 1218

No. 1744 — to promote immigration to the
United States and for the protection of
immigrants ..1218

No. 2079— for the relief of F. W. Fee,
late lieutenant first Kentucky infantry

volunteers .....1968

resolutions submitted by —

in reference to the inspection of steam
vessels— [January 18, 1872] 470

in reference to common carriers, quar-
antine, restrictions on commerce, £c —
[January 24, 1872] 670

granting leave to file an amended notice
in the contested-election case of Schenck
v$, Campbell, from Ohio — [February 6,
1872] 849

for printing extra copies of a communica-
tion relating to the destruction of steam-
boat property— [Feb. 14, 1872]. ...1088

reporU made by 670, 708, 1244

incidental remarks by 875,

478, 608, 606,684. 570, 686, 714, 786,

786,849, 1028, 1188, 1222, 8840, 4097

remarks on apportionment bill, 86,64,81, 82

on the resolution in reference to certain
railroad subsidies. 807

on the bill to amend the act relating to
deposits of guano 860

on the bill granting a pension to Rosanna
Qoinn.. 878

on the bill to regulate the salary of the
consul at Tien-Tsin, China 416

on the Arkansas contested election— case
of Boles OS. Edwards 478

on the bill to relieve American-built steam-
ers, &c, from import duties 601

on the resolution to inquire into the
Louisiana disturbances .614, 515

OB the legislative appropriation bill.. ..629

on bill to amend the thirty-second seciion
of the internal revenue act 708, 709

on the bill relating to Alaska seal fish-
eries 778, 881

on the bill to establish an educational
fund 797, 861

on the bill to provide for a public build-
ing at Albany, New York 996

on the subject of civil service reform, 1104

on the resolution for printing extra copies
of the Ku Klux report 1128

on the consular and diplomatic appro-
priation bill 1178

on the bill to provide for the security of
life on board steamers... 2058, 2064

on the bill for the encouragement of for-
eign commerce 1218,

1244, 8926, 8929, 8980

on the tariff and tax bill..... 8622

(See Appwdix,)

on bill for the paj^ent of claims allowed
by the eommiBaioners of claims.... .8618

on the bill for the relief of J. Milion
Best 8621, 8622, 8624

on the Poet Office appropriation bill, 8676,
8676, 8881, 8884, 8880, 8881

on bill to regulate the admission of deaf and
dumb pupils into the Columbia Institu-
tion for the Deaf and Dumb, 8826, 8827

on the bill for the relief of Thomas B.
Wallace 8846, 8847, 8848

on the question of final adjournment, 8882

on the civil appropriation bilL ., 4464

Digitized by




ShehoD, Mary E., bill (H. R. No. 2770) grant-
ing a pension t<) — [B7 Mr. Bird.]
reported and passed, 8896.

Shepard, C. Otbill (8. No. 851) to empower,
charg6 d'affaires at Japan, to draw hia
salary as sach officer,
received from Senate, 2736 ; referred, 8684 ;
repored adversely and tabled, 8660.

Sbepard, Hoface B., bill (H. R. No. 857) for
the relief of, of Indiana — [By Mr. Nib-
reported, 1684; parsed, 2075; passed the
Senate, 4202 ; enrolled, 4818 ; approved,

Sherman, Roger, Senate concnrrentresolation

S resenting the thanks of Congress to the
Governor and people of Connecticut for
the statues of Jonathan Trumbull and,
and accepting them in the name of the
received from Senate, 1550; discussed, 2899;

concurred in, 2905.
remarks by —

Mr. Kellogg 2901

Mr. Starkweather 2899

Sherwood, Henry, a Representative from Penn-
sylvania 8

leave of absence granted to. ..599, 1612, 8830

petitions presented by 67, 84, 146. 1061,

1228, 1410. 1723, 2081, 2817, 2458, 8761
bills iniro lucea by —
No. 659— limiting the effect of the act
of July 27. 186^, and its supplements,
approved March 7, 1867, to such causes
as bave been commenced since the Ist

of April, 1861 195

No. 986 — to provide for the deposit of
one copy of all speciBcations and draw-
ings of patents issued subsequent to the
80 h of June, 1869, in the otfice of the
deputy clerk of the United States dis
trict court for the western district of

Pennsylvania, at Williainsport. 898

No. 1099 — to provide for the resuiiipuun
of specie paymeius and for the redac-
tion of the public debt.. 497

No. 1100 — reiaiing to removal of causes
from the State to the United States

courts 498

No. 1561 — to place Lieutenant Oliver
Lufuphrey upon the retired list of the

Army 1118

joint resolution introduced by —

No. 99 — for the relief of First Lieutenant

John F. Trout, UuitedStates Army, 1118

remarks on the tariff and tax bill ...2984, 8808

personal and ezplanat-ory in reference to

f>re8idential nominations 8380
dH, Michael, bill (H. R. No. 1818) for the
relief of— [By Mr. Hill.]
referred, 688.
Ship-building, American, subject of, discussed
in Committee of the Whole by Mr.

Mitchell 2241

bill ^H. R. No. 1898) for the promotion of
iron, in the United States— [By Mr.
referred, 848.
Ship-building yard, iron, bill (H. R. No.
2716) to establish an, on the waters fall-
ing into the Atlantic and an, on the Mis-
aiasippi or its tributaries, and to afford
facilities to the Navy — [By Mr. Brooks,
of New York.]
referred, 8877.
Shipcaaal, joint resolution (H. R. No. 48]
extending the time for the completion of
the Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan— [By
Mr. Sawyer.]
referred, 12.

refolution in reference to a, from the Mis-
sissippi river to Lake Michigan — [By
Mr. Suapp, December 6, 1871.]
agreed to, 28.
bill (H. R. No. 656) for the construction, of
a, for the passage of armed and naval
yesttels from the Mississippi river to
Lake Michigan— [By Mr. Snapp.]
referredi 68; referred anew, 859.

Shi p-csnal— Coniinved.
bill (S. No. 884) extending the time for the
completion of the Green Bay and Stur-
geon Bay and Lake Michigan, in the
State of Wisconsin,
received from Senate, 146 ; read, 1048 ;
parsed, 1248 ; enrolled, 1253 ; approved,
joint resolution (H. R. No. 69) extending
the time for the completion of the Port-
age Lake and Lake Superior — [By Mr.
McCormick, of Missouri.]
referred, 803.
resolution to ascertain the views of European
Governments in regard to tsoQperation
for the con.strnction of a, between the
Atlantic and Pacific oceans — [By Mr.
Lynch, January 8, 1872.]
referred, 304; reported adversely and
tabled, 3661.
resolution calling for the report of Major
D. C. Hou8ton of the survey of the
Stureeon Bay and Lake Michigan — [By
Mr. Sawyer, January 18, 1872.']
agreed to, 465.
bill (H. R. No. 1384) providing for a survey
for a, from the waters of Galveston bay
to Sabine lake, Texas — [By Mr. Clark,
of Texas.]
referred, 830.
subject of a, from Lake Michigan to the
Ohio discussed in Committee of the
Whole by-
Mr. Coburn 1201

Mr. Shanks 1201,1203

resolution calling for information on the
subject of a, to connect the waters of the
CheNipeake and Delaware bays — [By
Mr. Swann, March 11, 1872]
agreed to, 1588.
Shipping, bill (E, R. No. 2213) to protect,
on the Aflantic coast from destructive
easterly gales— [By Mr. Cox.]
referred, 2269.
Shipping commissioners, bill (H. R. No. 2044)
to authorize the appointment of, by the
several circuit conns of the United States,
to superintend the shipping .ind discharge
of seamen engaged m merchant ships
belonging to the United States, and for
the futther protection of seamen — [By
Mr. Conger.]
reported, 1836 ; discussed, 1836, 1838; made
special order, 1863; reprinted, 1900; dis-
cussed, 2172, 2180, 2206; passed, 2208;
passed Senate with amendment, 8568 ;
printed, 8634 ; conference, 3798, 8825 ;
•conference report, 3886; agreed to by
Senate, 3885; by House, 3886; enrolled,
8983 ; approved, 4425.
remarks by —

Mr. Bird 1887, 1838

Mr. Butler, of Mussachusetts 2175,

2176, 2179, 2180, 2181, 2206, 2208

Mr. Conger 1836, 1887, 1838,

1868, 1900, 2172, 2178, 2176. 2177,

2178, 2179, 2180, 2181, 2182,2183,
2206, 2207, 2208, 3644, 3798, 8886

Mr. Cox 1886, 2179, 2182

Mr. Finkelnburg 1887

Mr. Garfield, of Ohio 1836,

1837, 1868, 2181, 2182. 2206, 2208
Mr. Hale 2178, 2178,

2179, 2180, 2182, 2206, 2207, 2208
Mr. Hooper, of Mas8achu8etts.....l838,

1868, 2178, 2181, 2182, 2207

Mr. Kerr 1886, 1887, 1888

Mr. Peters 1837, 1863

Mr. Potter, 1886, 1837, 1838, 2182.2208

Mr. Roberu, W. R 2178, 2182

Mr. Sargent 1837

Mr. Sheldon 1837

Mr. Slocum 2183

Mr. Starkweather 2182

Mr. Wood..; 1868, 2178,

2174, 2175, 2176, 2177, 2178, 2179,

2180, 2181, 2182, 2206, 2207, 2208
jeas and oays oa the „ 2182

Shipping facilities, bill (H. R. No. 2251) ia
prohibit railroad companies from dis-
criminating among shippers in, and
freightage — [By Mr. Scofield.]
referred, 229a
Ships — see Vesnli.
Shober, Francis E., a RepresentatiTe from

North Carolina 8

leave of absence granted to 2906

petitions presented by 517, 694

bills introduced by —
No. 2067 — relieving certain citizens of
North Carolina therein named from

political disabilities 1958

No. 2316 — to refer the case of Lepage
Brothers to the Court of Claims for

adjustment and settlement.. 2442

incidental remarks by 1034, 2076

remarks on the legislative appropriation

bill „ 599

on the disabilities of Z. B. Vance, of

North Carolina 1608

on the St. Croix and Lake Superior rail-
road bill 2483

on the Indiana contested-election — cai«e

of Oooding V8, Wilson 2670

on the bill relating to the Central Pacific

Railroad Company 2739

Shoemaker, Lazarus D., a Representative

from Pennsylvania 195

leave of absence granted to 2101. 4182

petitions presented by 438, 544

694, 783, 1061, 1126, 1224, 1410, 1587

bills introduced by —

No. 660 — granting bounty lands to certain

persons engaged in the military and

naval service of the United States from

and after the 4th day of March, A. D..

1861 196

No. 1685 — regulating the payment of post-
age on newspapers printed wholly or in

part 1211

No. 1797— authorizing the President of
the United States to remove Commander
John C. Beaumont from the retired
list, and to restore him to the active list

in the Navy 1898

No. 2021— for the relief of Benjamin Har-
vey and Jameson Harvey, heirs and
legal representatives of Benjamin Har- '

vey. deceased.. 1776

No. 2634 — to incorporate the Helena and
Northern Utah Railroad Company, and
to grant to the same the right of way

through the public lands 2951

No. 2796— granting the right of way
through the public landu for the con-
struction of a railroad and telegraph line
to the Utah, Idaho, and Montana Rail-
road Company 3617

reports made by 2951, 8008

incidental remarks by 3008,8931

remarks on the Helena and Nnnhern Utah

railroad bill 2951,2952,2953

on the order of business 8008

on the call of the Houne 8858

Shoemaker, Mrs. Mary A., bill (H. R. No.
1284) granting an increased pension to —
[By Mr. Burdett.]
rererred, 681.

bill (H. R. No. 2409) granting a pension
to— [By Mr. Moorer)
reported and passed, 2706.
Showalter, Bphraim P., bill (H. R. No. 1611)
for the relief of— [By Mr. WilsoD, of In-
referred, 1115.
Shreyeport, Louisiana, bill (H. R. No. 1596)
to grant a certain tract of land to the city
of— [By Mr. Sypher.]
referred, 1114; reported adTeraely and

tabled, 8465.
bill (H. R. No. 2155) to donate certain
property of the United Sta*ea to the
city of, for educationai purposes— [By
Mr. Morey.]
refeiredi 2078.

Digitized by




Sbuman, S. S., bill (H. R. No. 2287J to
relieve, late of the Drgt Iowa cavalry, irom
the charge of desertion , and to aothorize
the payment to him of pay, allowance,
and bounty for the whole tinoe he was
in the military service of the United
Srareb— [By Mr. Bosk.]
referred, 2270.
Shumate, ^ William, bill (H. R. No. 1881)
granting a pension to, a soldier of the
war of 1812— [By Mr. Blair, of Missouri.]
referred, 880.
Sibley, T. T., bill (H. R. No. 801) for the
removal of political disabilities of, and
others therein named, citizens of Franklin
county, Alabama — [By Mr. Sloss.j
referred, 801.
Signald, resolution to inquire into the value
ana expediency of purchasing the right
to make fog and storm — [By Mr. Peck,
February 14, 1872.]
agreed to, 1018.

bUl (H. K. No. 1783) to test a plan of storm
and flood— [By Mr. Hibbard.]
referred, 1897 ; reported and recommitted,
Simms, Thomas, bill (H. R. No. 918) for the
relief of, late a lieutenant in the seventv-
sixth regiment New York volunteers — [By
Mr. DueiL]
referred, 892.
Simmf, William P., bill (H. R. No. 2416)

frnnting iucrease of pension to— [By Mr.
reported and passed, 2708.
Simms, W. T., bill m. R. No. 2843) for the
relief of— [By Mr. Harris, of Virginia.]
referred, 8661.
Siupkins, Jesse J., bill (H. R. No. 1890) for
the relief of the sureties of the late,
deceased — [By Mr. Butler, of Massachu-
reported and recommitted, 888; reported
and passed, 1427; passed Senate with
amendment, 8778 ; conference, 8798, 8870;
conference report, 8988; agreed to by
Bouse, 8988; by Senate, 8978 ; enrolled,
Sirups, bill (H. R. No. 1229) to repeal so
much of the internal revenue act as im-
poses a stamp tax upon, fruits, and vege-
tables— [By Mr. DueU.j
referred, 680.

bill (H. H. No. 1760) to repeal the para-
graphs of schedule G of the internal
revenue acts imposing taxes ou canned
meats, fish, and certain other articles —
[By Mr, Brooks, of New York.]
reported and passed, 1216 ; passed Senate
with ameadment, 1807 ; agreed to, 1880 ;
enrolled, 1846; approved, 1682.
Skinner, Halcyon, bill (H. R. No. 1840) for
the relief of Alexauder Smith and — [By
Mr. Kellogg.]
reported and passed, 787 ; passed Senate,
982; enrolled, 1004: approved, 1140.
Slack water Navigpation Company, bill (H. R.
No. 1986) to incorporate the Ouachita —
[By Mr. Snyder.]
referred, 1774.
Slater, Jamea H., a Representative from

Oregon 8

petitions presented by...„167, 810, 448, 1782
bills introduced by —
No. 766 — extending the time for the selec-
tion of swamp and overflowed lands
in Oregon under the act of Congress

approved March 12,1860 199

No. 866— to indemnilv Abial Morrison for
property destroyed by hostile Indians in
Washington Territory in the years 1866

and 1866 i 808

No. 867 — to provide for the payment of
certain claims against the provisional

govemmeuiof Oregon ......808

No. 868-^to authorize the survey of the

harbor of Port Orford, Oregon 803

No. 869— graining a pension to Ira May-
field, of Oregon ••• ,..,... 808

Slater, James E., a Representative from

Oregon — Continued,
bills introduced by —

No. 870 — to provide for the removal of
obstructions to the navigation of the
Colombia river 808

No. 871 — to provide' for the removal of
obstructions to the navigation of the
Columbia and Willamette rivers at St.
Helen's bar, Oregon 808

No. 1171 — to admit free of duty certain
mHcbinery imported from foreign coun-
tries 600

No. 1297 — amendatory of an act donating
public lands to the several States and

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