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that the enteri»rise will be a
sourc*e of i»rofit to the Government.

Until the new buildings are completed the
Uoom Ilegistration Ollice. 1414 H Street, NW.,
widch Is conducted by the District of Columbia
Council of Defense, will undertake to provide
rooming and boarillng accommodations for the
new appointees. Those who arrive on late
trains at present may find accommodations for
tlie night by applying at the booth of the Dis-
trict Council of Defense which is prominently
situated in the Union Station. The usual
charge at the present time for i-ooming accom-
modations and board, that is. the two principal
meals of the day, is .$40 a montli. In order to
obtain this rate under present conditions it is
usually necessary for two persons to occupy one
room. Therefore, it would be well for new ap-
pointees to arrange for a roonnnate from among
their friends, if practicable, in case they are
appointeil before the (iovernmeut residence
halls are ready for occupancy.

Tlie Y. W. C. A., Fourteenth and G Streets,
is also able to render valuable service in the


matter of providing rooming and boarding ae»
coiumodatlons. Tills orguuization niuintuins a
list of carefully insi)ecte<l rooms wiiicli are
available for Government empioyees. At tlie
travelers' aid desk at tlie Union Station is a
Y. \V. C. A. secretary, who will give all neces-
sary assistance to strangers.

The Catholic Woman's War Relief Service
of Washington, organized shortly after the
United States entered the war, has opened for
the housing of young women war workers a
clubhouse at 2408 K Street NW., and another
at 1205 K Street NW. Other Catholic institu-
tions assisting the Government in the housing
problem are: Catholic Women's Club, 1725 S
Street NW. ; St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum,
E<.lgewood, D. C. ; Holy Cross Academy, 2035
Upton Street NW. ; St. Catherine's, 101 North
Carolina Avenue SE. ; and Immaculata Semi-
nary, Wisconsin Avenue NW. Any inquiry
concerning housinT facilities in any of the
above named jilaces sliould be addressetl to;
Itev. Lewis J. O'Hern, C. S. P., executive sec-
retary. Catholic Army and Navy Chaplain Bu-
i-eau. 5)30 14th Street NW., Washington, D. C.

The Y. W. H. A., conier New York Avenue
and Eleventh Street, also offers entertainment
and provides housing facilities. Further in-
formation may be had from Miss Dora Weiss,
3207 Mount Pleasant Street NW., telephone,
Columbia 397S.

War worlsers are urged to arrive at
Washington by an early train so that as
much of the day as possible may be avail-
able for the purpose of finding accommoda-
tions. The telephone numbers given be-
low are useless after office hours.

The Government departments which assist
employees in finding suitable housing accommo-
dations are:

Agriculture — Miss Olive C. Wadlln, Main

4050, Branch 2.
Food Administration — Miss Alida Uenrl-

•lues, Main 5720, Branch 1.
Ordnance Department — Mrs. L. H. Printup,
iMain 2570 Branch 121L

Post Office Department — Mr, R. S. Regar,
Malu 53G0. Branch 223.

Treasury Department — Mr. Taul S- Mey-
ers, Main 0400, Branch 1.

U. S. Employment Service — Miss Aline
Solomons, Main S4T4, Branch 170.

War College— Col. G. P. Ahern, War Col-
lege, Main 17U4, Branch 102.

War Risk Insui-ance — Miss Alice EL
Grady, Main 6GS0. Branch 635.

War Trade Board — Miss Florence Nadler,
Twentieth and C Streets, Main f>4S0.
Branch 153.



Government departments which maintain a
cafeteria for employees :

Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Bureau of Industrial Housing and Trans-

City Post Office (cafeteria and coffee club
at night).

Council of National Defense.

Food Administration.

Fuel Adujinistration.

Interior Department.

Military Intelligence BureaiL

Navy Department.

Ordnance Department. (This cafeteria Is
open to the employees of the Bureau of
Aircraft Production also.)

Post Othce Department.

Quarterma.ster's Department, Division of
Finance and Acct)unts,

Treasury Department.

War College.

War Department buildings, Seventh and B

War Labor Policies Board.

War Trade Board.


The War Camp Community Service, throngh
the Girl Scouts and the Camp Fire Girls, sup-
plies motor-canteen service to the employees


of the State, War, and Navy, the Red Cross,

War Ilisk Insurance and the Shippinj; Itoard,
furnishing sandwiches, cake, and ice cream at
cost- Approximately 3,000 girls are served


Allies Inn. 4S9 Missouri Avenue NW. :
No breakfast. Closed on Sundays.
Luncheon. 11.30 to 2.30 p. m.— about 35 to

40 cents.
Dinner, 5.30 to 7 p. m. — A la carte or table

d'hote. Two-course diunor, 50 cents;

four courses, 75 cents.

Cafeteria, 1815 G Street NW. :
Breakfast. 7.30 to 9 a. m. —

Cafeteria plan.
Luncheon. 11.30 to 2.30 p. m.—

Cafeteria plan.
Dinner, 5.30 to 7.30 p. ra.—

A la carte, 75 cents.

Fife and Drum Cafetei-la, 822 Connectlcu.

No breakfast served. Closed on Sundays.
Luncheon, 11.30 to 2 p. m. — ■

Average. 45 cents.
Dinner, 5.30 to 7.45 p. m. —

A In carte or table d'hote plan.. Twa»
course dinner, 55 cents; four
courses, 75 cents.
Pood Administration Club Restaurant, 1708 I
Street NW. (open to all Government work-
ers) :

Breakfast, 7.45 to 9 a. m. (Sundays, to
10 a. m.) —
30 cents.
Luncheon, 12.30 to 2 p. m.—

45 cents.
Dinner, 5.30 to 7.15 p, m. —
70 cent.s.
For members of the Food Admlnlstra.
tlon Club there Is a special rate of $30
per month for three meals a day. For all
Government employees receiving a salary
of less than $130 per month there is a spe-


clal rate of $33. For all other persons a
rate of $40 per month is charged.
Government Restaurant, Henry Park, between
Buildings B and 0, Seventh and B streets
(for employees in War Department build-
ings at Seventh and B Streets only) :
Luncheon, cafeteria plan.
Dinner, four courses, 50 cents.
Y. W. C. A. Liberty Cafeteria, Massachusetts
Avenue NE., near Union Station :
No breakfast served. Closed on Sundays.
Luncheon, 11.30 to 2 p. m. —

Average cost, 30 cents.
Dinner, 4.30 to 6.45 p. m.—

Average cost, 50 to 60 cents.
Y. W. C. A. Cafeteria, Fourteenth and G
Streets NW. :
Rates and hours as above.

Y. W. C. A. Cafeteria, 626 E Street NW. :
Ratos and hours as above.


The Government Recreation League, organ-
ized in May, 1918, was formed by calling to-
gether representative employees of all Govern-
mental departments and of all agencies con-
trolling recreational facilities in the District of
Columbia. The league maintains an office at
719 Fifteenth Street NV7., Room 209, where
Information may be obtained as to facilities,
location of grounds and buildings, instruction
in the various sports, etc. The League also
issues weekly bulletins of such information, in-
cluding rythmic and social dancing and classes
in French and Spanish. Telephone Main 2570,
Branch 1904.

Affiliated with the Government Recreation
League are the following:


Agriculture Department — Miss Agnes Quirk,

Bureau of Plant Industry.
Food Administration — Miss Elizabeth

Interior Department — Mr. Lewis Lowe, Indian


86186»— 18 2


Interstnte Conimeroe Commission (Eighteenth
Street and Pennsylvania Avenue) — \V. M.
Navy Department — Mrs, L. B. Ernst, Hydro-

grapliic Oliiee. Navy Annex.
State Department — Mr. 11. C. Jones, Depart-
ment of State Clul).
U. s. ICmployment Service — Miss Marguerita

^Var Department:

Army War College— Lieut Col, G. P.

A hern.
Finance and Accounts Division — Mr. Mel-

vin Jones.
Ordnance Division —

Sui)ply Division — Dr. Kristine Mann.
Quartermaster General's Division — Mr.
Melvin Jones.
War Trade Board (Twentieth and C Streets)
— Miss Florence Nadler.


Agriculture Department :

Bureau of I'laiit Industry, Boom 328—
Miss Agnes Quirk, Main 4030, Branch
Civil Service Commission — I\Ir. M. J. McAulifEa
Interior Department:

Indian Bureau — Mr. Lewis Lowe, Main
Labor Department :

Bureau of I^ahor Statistics — Miss Anice L.

Whitney. Main 8474. Branch 51.
United States Housing Corporation. 013 Q
Street— Mrs. Cora I\. Corson. Main 0700.
U. S. Employment Service — Aliue
Solomons. Main &474, Branch 170.

Navy Department:

H.vdrogiaphic Office, Navy Annex — Mrs.

L. B. Ernst, Main 2700, Brancli 300.
Navy Yard :

Ordnance Drafting Room — Mr. D. H.

Oertley. Lincoln 1300, liranch 1.').
Planning Division — Miss M. B. Lueb<
kert, Lincoln 1300, Branch 12G.


Red Cross :

Welfare Department. National Headquar-
terss — Miss Charlotte Jaues Garrison,
Main 54U0. Braucli 159.
Treasury Department :
AVar Risk Bureau —

Claims on Compensation. Oeorgetown
University Law Scljool — Mrs. Green-
Disbursing OfTice, Olli D Street— Mrs.

Kli?.al)etli McKenzie.
Division of Accounts — Mrs. W. A. Mc-

Kenzie, Main G400, Branch 233.
Insurance Division —

Adanis Building, 1333 F Street-
Mrs. Moncure.
Elks Hall. H, between Ninth and
Tenth — Mrs. Haxton.
Legal Division, 1435 K Street — Mrs.

M. B. Harlow.
Marine ami Seamen's Division, Old
Emergency Hospital, Fifteenth and
Ohio Avenue — Miss L. V. Hess.
Internal Uevenue Division, Convention
Hall, Fifth and L Streets— Miss L. Ber-
rien, Main 6400. Branch 55.
Trea.sury Building, Boom 41 — Dr. Bur-
rltt. Main G400.

Unlte<l States Food Administration — Miss
Elizabeth Schrelner.

War Deiwirtment:

Military Intelligence Branch, 1330 P
Street— Miss Grace Griffith, Main 2570,
Branch 22.38.
Engineering Division — Mrs. L. H. Printup,

Main 2.'.70. Brancli 1211.
Oi'dnance Division —

Civilian Workers' Branch, Sixth

and B — Dr. Kristine Mann, Main

2.".70. Branch 1144. Miss Blanche

Clough. Main 2.J70, Branch 1144.

Procurement Division — Miss K. I. Johns,

Main 2.'>70, Branch 2170.
Quartermaster General's Office — Seven-
teenth atid F Streets — M. E. Murray,
Main 130G. Branch G.
Fifteenth and M Streets — Marie A.


Surgeon General's Office — Capt, Wm. O.

Deming, Main 7070, Branch 20.
War Trade Board — Miss Florence Nadler,

Main 5480, Branch 153.




If there Is a community center In your neigh-
borhood, you are cordially invited to enter into
activities there. If you will communicate with
the community ."secretary when you first visit
the center you will be introduced to the people
of the neighborhood and enrolled for the vari-
ous activities, such as dancing, swimming,
singing, tennis, etc, if you desire.

Plans are under way to open one of the
largest school buildings as a club house for the
war worlrers. Should these plans be approved
by the superintendent of schools and the board
of education, the club will contain rooms for
the large organizations working in cooi)eration
with the community center department ; also a
laundry, kitchen, sewing room, library, and
writing room, where for a small fee the war
workers may have the advantage of the use of
equipment and materials.

Dancing and other social activities will also
be provided in this building.

For any information telephone Miss Cecil
B. Norton, general secretary, Community
Centers. Main 6000.

The following is a list of the centers includ-
ing their location and the names and telephone
numbers of the community secretaries. Inter-
esting programs for the winter are being pre-

White Community Centebs.

Central High School, corner of Thirteenth and
Clifton Streets NW. :
Miss Cecil B. Norton, general secretary,
Community Centers, Main 6000, Frank-
lin School.


Eastern High School, Seventh Street, near
Pennsylvania Avenue SE. :
Mrs. L. W. Hardy, community secretary,
Lincoln 863.
E. V. Brown School, corner oi' Connecticut
Avenue and McKinley Street :

Mrs. M. B. Stone, community secretarj-.
Cleveland 358.
Park View School, corner of Newton and
Warder Streets NW. :
Mr. John G. McGrath, community secre-
tary, Columbia 2373.
Powell School, corner of Hiatt Place and La-
mont Street NW. :
Mrs. John A, Hunter, community secre-
tary, Columbia 3369.
Thomson School, corner of Twelfth and L
Streets NW. :
Mrs. A. C. Drlscoll, community secretary,
North 7290.
Toner School, corner of Twenty-fourth and F
Streets NW. :
Mrs. John E. Taylor, community secre-
tary, Franklin 1799-W.
Tyler School, corner of Eleventh and G Streets
Mrs. Allan Davis, community secretary,
Lincoln 4917.
Wilson Normal School, corner of Eleventh and
Harvard Streets NW. :
Mrs. Ida E. Kebler, community secretary,
Columbia 1762.

Colored Community Centers.

Blrney School, corner of Nichols and Howard
Avenues, Anaeostia, D. C. :
Miss E. V. Smith, community secretary,
Lincoln 1085.
Dunbar High School, corner of First and N
Streets NW. :
Mrs. M. A. Tapscott, community secretary.
North 7334.
Garnet School, U Street, near Tenth Street
Mrs. Annie Glllem Green, community secre-
tary, North 4141.


Lovejoy Rcliool, corner of Twelfth and
Streets. NE. :
Mrs. Uel)e(ca J. firay, community secre-
tiiry, Lincoln 224.
Miner Normal Sc-iiool. Georgia Avenue and
Fairmont Street NW. :

Mrs. Gabrieile I*elht.m, community secre-
tary, Nortli 4;*>1)4-.I.
Phillips Scliool. N Street, between Twenty -sev-
eutli and Twenty -ei;;litli Streets NW. :

Miss Sadie A. (Jasljins, acting cumruunlty
secretary. West 21S4-W.
Randall School. and I Streets SW. :

Mrs. Emma E. Ellis, community secretary,
HOG Third Street SE.



Cecil B. Nouton, Ooneral Secretary, Franklin

School, Main 6000.

Tuesday of each week :

State night — States to be taken in alpha-
betical order. The program Is to con-
sist of dramatic action and music de-
picting the work and industry of the
State, and also special features mirror-
ing forth the part the State is taking in
the world's constructive program. So-
cial hour, with dancing, to follow.
Last Thursday in each month:

Will he Americanization nights, when a
])rogram will be presented dealing with
the allied countries. This program will
also be followed by a social hour and
dancing. A small entrance fee will be
Seventh, near Pennsylvania Avrnue KE.
Mrs. L. W. IlABDX, Community Secretary, Thone 86S

Monday :

Social dancing, 8 to 10.30 p. m. Fee, 10
Tuesday :

Ikhythmic dancing lessons, 8 to 10.30 p. m.
A small fee is charged to cover cost of



Soc-inl dancing. Fee, 2.^ cents.

Soldiers, siiilors, marines, and yeowo-
men admitted free.


Connecticut Avenue and McKlnley Street, Chery


Mrs. G. W. Stone, Community Secretary, Cleyeland


Sunday :

Community sinking at 7.30 p. m. Free.

Other jiclivitie.<; for evening through the
week to be announced later.


Twelfth and L Streets NW.

Afrs. A. C. DttiscoLL, Community Secretary, North

Monday :

Social dancing, 7.30 to 10.30 p. m. Fee, 25
Tuesday :

Social dancing, 7.30 to 10.30 p. m. Fee, 25
Wednesday :

Moving pictures (free), followed by social
Thursday :

Social dancing. Arion Club of the Signal
Corps. Fee, 25 cents.
Friday :

lecture (free), followed by social dancing.
Saturday :

Socia' dancing. Fee. 2fy cents.

To all these activities the soldiers,
sailors, marines, and yeo women are
admitted tree.
Eleventh and Harvard Streets NW.
Mrs. Ida E. Keclee, Community Secretary, Columbia

Monday :

Community dancing, 8.30 to 10.30. Fee, 25
Thur.'vlay :

Lecture. 8 to 9 p. m.

Free entertainment, to 10 p. m.



Nichols and Howard Avenue, Anacostia, D. C.

Mrs. E. V. SmitHj Community Secretary, Lincoln

Thursday :

Social dancing, 7.30 to 10.30. Fee, 25 cents.
Saturday :

Motion pictures, 8 to 10 p. m.

Soldiers and sailors admitted free.


Tenth and U Streets NW.

Mrs. Annib Q. GbbeNj Community Secretary, North

Thursday :

At Garnet School —
Red Cross club.
Crochet club.

Community band, 8 to 10.30 p. m.
Small fee charged.
Thursday :

Platform at Phelps School (Vermont Ave-
nue, near U Street NW.) —
Social dancing, 8 to 10.30 p. m.
Community singing.
Small fee charged.


Georgia Avenue, near Fairmont Street NW.
Mrs. Gabkibllb Pelham, Community Secretary, 1B3

T Street NW.
Friday :

Motion pictures, 8 p. m. Free.

Social dancing. Small fee Is charged.
Saturday :

Regular weekly soldiers' dance.
Freedman's Hospital nurses and men in

uniform special guests.



Thirteen clay courts and five grass courts In
public parks :
Permits may be secured from Col. Ridley,
1729 New York Avenue, Main 1460.


Bloomlngdale Playground, First and Bryant

Streets N\V.
Batliins Beach Playground, Seventeenth and B

Stret'ts N\V.
Garfield Park Plaj'ground, Second and F

Streets SE.
Georgetown Playground, Thirty-third Street

and Volta Place NW.
Rolniead Oturts, Thirteenth and Monroe

Streets NW. :
On Tuesday afternoons after office hours.
For full information cali League Olfice,
Slain 2570; branch 1904.
Wnrdman Courts, Fourteenth and Clifton

Streets NW. :
At 25 cents per hour per court.
Mount Pleasant Playground, Fourteenth Street

and Parl£ Road NW.
New York Avenue Playground, First Street

and New York Avenue NW.
Reno Reservoir Playground, Donaldson and

Ellicott NW.
Ro.sedale Playground, Seventeenth Street and

Kramer NE.
Virginia A%-enue Plaj-ground, Tenth and Vir-
ginia Avenue SE.
Wilcox Playground, Columbia Boad, near

Eighteenth Street NW.


Municipal Pool. Seventeenth and B Streets
NW. Open 6 a. m. to 8 p. m. :
6 to 9 a. in., mixed bathing every day.
Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays, wo-
men's days.
(F. J. Bruner. superintendent. Municipal
Bathing Beach.)
OMtral High School:

Tuesdays. Fridays, and Saturdays, wo-
men's days.
7.30 to 9.80 p. m.. one-half hour periods.
Georgetown Pool. Thirty-third and Volta Place
NW. Oi)en 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. :
Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays, wo-
Dieu's days.


For reservation for parties, apply to
C. \V. Donaldson. Inspector of Swimming
Pools, Wunicipal Building, Main 6U00,
Branch 192.
Rosedale Pool, Seventeenth and Kramer NE.
Oi)en 9 a. m. to 8 {). m. :
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, wo-
men's days.



Sylvan Theater (near Washintgon Monument),
Conjniunity Center Department :
Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday evenings,
7.30 p. m. For Club members only; $1
per month.

Leader. Gleuna Smith Tinnln.
Mondays: New York Avenue Playground,
New York Avenue and
First Street NW.
Virginia Avenue Playgi-ound,
Virginia Avenue and Tenth
Street (5 to 7 p. m.).
Tuesdays: Georgetown Playground, Thirty-
third ami Volta Place NW.
Wednesdays: Rosedale Playground. Seven-
teenth and Kramer NE.
Thursdays: Georgetown Playground, Thirty-
third and Volta Place NW.
Fridays: Dloomlngdale Playground, First

and Bryant NW.
Saturdays: Rosedale I'layground, Seven-
teenth and Kramer NE.


Central ITIgh School, Community Center Or-
ganlzation :
Tuesday. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
8.30 to 10.30 p. m.
Eastern High School, Wallach Pleasure Club:
Mondays, 8.30 to 11.30 p. m. Admission,
10 cents.
Eastern High School, Community Center:

Saturdays, 8.30 to 11 j . m. Admission, 25
National Woman's Suffrage Association (1620
Ilhode Island Avenue) :
Friday evening, 8 to 10 p. m.


Thomson School. Community Center (Twelfth
and L Streets) :

Every evening, 8.30. Admission 25 cents,
Tyler Community Center (Eleventh and G
Streets SE.) :
Wednesday evenings. Admission, 10 cents
Wilson Normal School :

Tuesdays and Fridays, 7.30 to 9 p. m
Admission, 2"» cents.



A self-governing and cooperative camp for
girls in war service in Washington, conducted
hy the District of Columbia War Camp Com-
munity Service. The camp is used as a sum-
mer home until October 1. Members of the
aimp go out to camp after office hours in the
evening and return to work in the morning.
Tjocation. — Located on Conduit Road, at the
District Line, 35 minutes' ride from the
city ; 5 cents car fare only.
Equipment. — Outdoor tent colony, with large
mess hall, recreation hall with stage and
piano, shower baths, trunk room, laun-
dry tent, etc. Large garden provides
£i*esh vegetables.

All tents are large size with floor
bottoms, equipped with dressing shelf,
iron cots with and pillows,
chairs, and tables.

The camp is situated on high ground,
well drained, and strictly supervised as
to sanitation.

An emergency relief station Is located
on the grounds with physician in attend-
ance. No extras for service or medicine.
Organization. — The girls of Camp Columbia
have formed a seminsilitary oi'ganiza-
tlon, with four military companies,
commanded by lieutenants, sergeants,
etc. Military drill and uniform are not
required, but the majority of camp mem-
bers are seeking simplicity In dress while
in service In Wasliington, and are avail-
ing themselves of the opportunity to


lenrn military tactics In order to pre-
I>are tlieiti for service al)r()ail. All rejiu-
latioiis and rules have beeu uiade by Ibe
pirls themselves.
Routine. —

G.I0 Pieveille.

C.20 Settiny-up exercises.

7.10 Colors.

7.1") Breakfast.

8 rsoard cars for city.

C.30 Uetreat.

6.4n Dinner.

7.30 to 8 Military drill.

8 to y Classes in French, first

aid, reconstruction
work, telegraphy.

9 to 10 Tlecreatiou.

10 Taps.

Activities. — Resides the above classes, tennis
and volley hall are enjoyed. Many girls
have canoes on the canal and many
groups enjoy swimming in the river each
day. Camp Coluinhia is also the starting
point of many delightful hikes.

()utd(K»r plays, masques, are given
during the summer, and the camp is
continually receiving as honored guests
distinguished lecturers, artists, and mu-

Hates. — Thirty-five dollars per month, including
two meals per day week days, and three
n»eals on Sunday. No extra fees are
charged for classes, doctors' services, or


[Within half hour of WashlnKton ; limited stay of
two wefk«5.]

information. — Headquarters T. W. C. A., Fotir-
teenth and G Streets.

Rates. —

Board per week without lunch $7. 00

Board per week with lunch 8.00

Week ends 2.50

Dinner . 50

Lunch . 35



For information n|)pl.v to Mrs. Nourse;
phone, Sandy Springs 23-J.


Two new Y. W, C A. vacation homes, one at
Silver Springs, Md.. and one on tlie Iloclcville
Road, will be open during the winter. Un-
limited stay. Kates: $.'5.") and $4{J per uiontli
for lodging and two meals per day.



Leave Serenth Street Wharf : Arrive Monut Vernoa :
10. 00 a. m. 11.10 a. m.

2.30 p. m. 8.40 p. m,

Marshall Hall only.
6.30 p. m. 7.30 p. m.


Leave Mount Vernon : Arrive Washingtoa :
1.00 p. m. 2.00 p. m.

5.00 p. m. 6.00 p. m.

Leave Marshall Hall :

10.00 p. m. 10.45 p. m.

Mount Vernon Is closed on Sundays.


Red Triangle Club. Y. M. C. A, Mr. TTngo
Wailenfels, president; telei)hone, Main L'570,
Branch KkJ.
Trips to places of scenic interest, combin-
ing car and steanser. with added attrac-
tion of picnic sujipers and dancing.

Catholic Women's War Service Club, 2408 K
Street NAY.; telephone. Main ItilU.


The Analostan Boat Club lias been turned over
to the Government Recreation League for
tise of Government employees. The clnl>-
house provides dressing room with showers,
B dance hall with veranda, and a (liano.

A c«)mmittee representing the various Gov-
ernment departments Is in charge, and has


direct control of the use of the club, regula-
tions, nml restrictions.

Mr. Sydnor Falconer, Bureau of Light-
houses. Commerce Department, Nine*
teenth Street and Pennsylvania Ave-
nue; phone Main 50G0, branch 63,


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