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for, par. 765, Tariff Act of 1930).

In accordance with an announcement issued on
January 27, 1950, the interdepartmental Commit-
tee on Reciprocity Information held public hear-
ings on March 9, 1950, concerninj^ such negotia-
tions.^ After appraising the information pre-
sented at the hearings, the Trade Agreements Com-
mittee reached the conclusion that no action
should be taken at this time. The Chilean Gov-
ernment has been notified of this decision. Under
the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the
United States tariff on dried red kidney beans en-
tered for consumption between April 30 and Sep-
tember 1 in any year, is 2 cents per pound and on
other dried beans II/2 cents per pound. During
the remainder of the year the rate is 3 cents per
pound on both types.

U. S.-Haiti Relations To Continue

The Department of State announced on June 5
that the United States took action on that date to
continue diplomatic relations with Haiti. This
action is in conformity with this Government's
policy with respect to recognition and after an
exchange of views with the other American

' For additional Information on U.S. Intention, see Bul-
letin of May 15, 1950, p. 762, and Bulletin of May 29,
1950, p. 866.

' Bulletin of Feb. 20, 1950, p. 297.

June 79, 7950


Analysis of Senator McCarthy's Public Statements


The Dcpartini;nt of State on Muil 2S innde piililic' tlie
fottowixg anali^nis of some of the faetual inaeeunieiea in
the speech delivered hy Senator Joseph R. MeCarthij at
Rochester, New York, on May 25, 1950, to the Xalional
Convention of the Catholic Press Association of the
United States:

1. SENATOR McCarthy said: . . . Kwp in mind
those tliree names — Dr. Cbi, Mr. Chew Honi;, and tlio
Hew China Daiiij News. Those names are the key to
this (the Lattiuiore-Barnes) letter" and the State De-
partment's fraudulent cover up ... 1 am therefore suh-
mitting to you the secret files on those two men . . .

The Facts: At Wheeliii":, West, Virjiiiiia. oit
Feliriiary 9, 19.")(), Senator IMcCartliy asserted in
a speed) :

. . . AVhiie I cannot tal^e the time to name all tlie men
in the Stale Department who have heen named as active
members of the Commimist I'arty and members of a spy
ring, I have here in my liand a list of 205 — a list of names
that were made known to tlie Secretary of State as being
members of tlie Connnunist I'ai'ly and who nevertheless
are still working and sliajiing jiolicy iiL the State Depart-

The next day, he said he liad the names of "57
card-carryinfr members of the Communist Party"
alletredly workintr in the Department. Lad'r. lie
talked in terms of 81 sectirity risks of various
sorts. Eventually, lie said he would stand or fall
on his al)ility to i)rove that there was one "top
Soviet es))ionaoe affent" in the State De])aitment.

To date. Senator McCarthy has utterly failed
to prove that there is a single Communist or pro-
Communist in the State Department, and he now
api)ears to be reduced (o an attem])t to divert at-
tention with two 7- and S-year-old memoranda,
dealiiijf wilh the Civil Service Commission clear-
ances for Oliice of War Information employmeiiL
of two Chinese.

L>. SIONATOK McCarthy said: . . . Edward Har-
relt. Mr. Acheson's publicily chief . . . was Mr. I.atli-
more's suiM>rior wlicn Imlli worlicd in llic ( Ulire of W'.ir

'Dcparlment of Slate press rcle.'isc .'"i.'iS.
'See linl-i.KliN of .luiie IL', I'.l.'iO. p. i"',i;, for reference to
l.all imore-Uarnes letter.

Thk F.\cts: In a letter to Senator Brewster, en-
tered in tlie CongressJonal Record of Mtiy •!, ]Mr.
Barrett, who is Assistant Secretary of State for
Public Affairs, stated :

... I was in charge of the Overseas Branch Office of
War Information during the last part of the war, and I
am proud of what I did toward helping to make that
agency an effective psychological warfare arm of the
Government. Owen Lattimore worked imder me for a
brief time during the war, but he left the Office of War
Information a few weeks after I became his superior. I
have not seen him since . . .


Online LibraryUnited States. Dept. of State. Office of Public CoDepartment of State bulletin (Volume v. 22, Apr- Jun 1950) → online text (page 100 of 116)