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(article), 218
China (Communist), friendship, alliance, and mutual
assistance, 468

Department of State Bulletin

Union of Soviet Sociaiist Republics (U.S.S.R.)— Con.
Treaties, agreements, etc. — Continued
Cliina (Communist), purported Moscow anil Harbin

agreements (article), 218
Friendship and alliance, China (1945), utilization for
penetration of northern provinces (article), and
Chinese charges of violations, 5, 218, 262
Manchuria, trade agreement (1049), article, 218
Montreux convention (1936), re Turkish Straits, re-
vision, attitude, 687
Sinkiaug, economic development (1950), agreement
with China (Communist), statement (Acheson),
Trie.ste, alleged U.S.-U.K.-French violations of Italian
peace treaty (1947), statement (Acheson), and
U.S. note, 701, 1054
Troops, maintenance in Mongolian People's Republic
(194»)). article. 218
U.N., exclusion from, statement (Austin), 795
U.S. citizens, exit permits denied, exchange of notes,

U.S. naval plane fired upon, exchanges of notes, and

statements (Acheson, McDermott), 667, 753
"Vietnam, Democratic Republic of," recognition, state-
ment (Acheson), 244, 487
War with capitalist countries, probability of, article

(Kennan), 267
Wartime and postwar objectives, misconceptions re, ad-
dress (Kennan), 748
United Kingdom (U.K.). See also Foreign Ministers,
Council of ; Foreign Ministers, Western.
Atomic energy, discussions with Belgium and U.S., 221
Atomic energy, information security, discussions with

Canada and U.S., 221
Austrian peace treaty, tripartite protest on U.S.S.R.

obstruction of, 162, 828
Canton and Enderbury Islands, joint administration

with U.S., discussions, 568
Commonwealth Conference and Consultative Commit-
tee, cited, 170
EGA, effect of, statement (Cripps), 99
Exehange-of -persons activities, 774, 861
German-looted gold, tripartite discussions on return of,

Petroleum, dollar imports cut, U.S. attitude, 30, 292, 555,

Protection of U.S. interests in China, 302
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Brussels pact (1948), supplemental agreement (1949)

signed (France, Benelux countries), 449, 499
Canada-U.S. boundary and boundary waters, historic

treaties listed, 765, 766
Consular convention with U.S. ( 1949 ) , report, 175
Germany, tripartite agreements. See Germany,

Montreaux convention (1936), revision, attitude, 687
Mutual defense assistance, signed, statements (Ache-
son, Truman, Munthe de Morgenstierne) , and
text, 16, 198, 263
Navigation, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, historic
treaties listed, 766

United Nations (for U.N. organs and specialized agencies,
see specific bodies, General Assembly, International
Court of Justice, etc.) :
Africa, role in, address (McGhee) , 1001
Assessment of, statements ( Rusk, Austin ) , 528, 795
Budget, 13
Charter, revisions of, statements (Rusk, Dulles), 532,

Collective security instrument, address (Gross), 372
Documents listed, 70, 032, 796, 917
Economic and social agencies, U.S. representatives on,

coordinating discussions held, 796
Flag, to be flown in trust territories, 11, 539
Italian colonies, former. See Italy, former colonies.
MDAP, relation to, address (Bruce), 228
Memberships, General Assembly resolutions and Inter-
national Court of Justice advisory opinion, 6, 34,
341, 418
Political resum6, address (Bancroft), 167
Secretary-General's visit to Moscow, statement (Ache-
son ) , and letter and memorandum to member states
(Lie), 1050, 1051
Technical assistance, role in American Republics, ad-
dress (Barber), 805
Telecommunications privileges, ITU discussion, 144
U.S. contribution to, 13

Weekly summary, 60, 105, 145, 178, 223, 262, 298, 340,
382, 418, 459, 501, 538, 573, 618, 654, 702, 743, 782,
822, 1020, 1063
United Nations Commission for Eritrea, 105, 501
United Nations Commission for Indonesia (UNCFI), U.S.

representative (Dow), appointment, 55 n.
United Nations Commission on Korea (UNCOK), sum-
mary of activities, 1021
United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine,

U.S. representative (Palmer), appointed, 300
United Nations Day, 481

United Nations Economic Survey Mission to the Middle
East, financial aid, recommendations, 55, 105, 173, 260,
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Or-
ganization (UNESCO) :
Committee on draft agreement for importation of edu-
cational, scientific, and cultural materials, and U.S.
delegation, 416, 979
General Conference, 5th session, background and U.S.

delegation, 876, 1023
Japanese officials to study activities, 593
Memberships, 298
Tasks, address (Barrett), 646
U.S. delegates, appointment, 1054
United Nations Palestine Relief and Works Agency
Advisory Commission, U.S. representative (Blandford)

appointed, 649
Enabling legislation for U.S. part in, 1042, 1043
Establishment, General Assembly resolution, 7
U.S. contribution, 260
United Nations Special Committee on the Balkans
(UNSCOB), 4, 307, 365, 1021

Index, January to June 1950


United Public Workers of America, State Department

withdraws recognition, 422
tINPRA. Sec United Nations Palestine Relief.
UNSCOB. See United Nations Special Committee on the

Uruguay :
Artigas statue, presented to U.S., 1056
Double taxation discussions, 448
Exchange-of-persons activities, 973

Friendship, commerce, and economic development,
treaty before Senate (Thorp, testimony) , 811
USIB and USIS. >S'f'e International Information and

Educational Exchange Program.
U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948

(P. L. 402, 80th Cong. ) , 97, 238, 283
U.S. Information Service (USIS). See International In-
formation and Educational Exchange Program.
U.S. Navy plane, fired upon by U.S.S.R., exchange of notes

and statements (Acheson, McDermott), 667, 753
U.S. Statute.^ at Large, publication transferred to GSA
under reorganization, 660

Valletta, U.S. Consulate reestablished, 179, 502
van den Brink, J. R. M., Netherlands Minister of Eco-
nomic Affairs, statement, Dutch reconstruction and
economic development, report to EGA, lOO
van Zeeland, Paul, chairman, OEBC, Belgian Foreign Min-
ister :
European reconstruction and development, report to

EGA, 99
Message to Secretary Acheson on NAT anniversary, 776
Vatican :
Cicognani, Most Rev. A. G., Apostolic Delegate, exchange

of letters with Secretary Acheson, 688
Taylor, Myron G., resignation as President's represent-
ative, exchange of letters with President Truman,
Vessels :
China :

Mortgaged to U.S., steps taken to pre\ent defection to

Communists, 173
Port closure, 23, 56, 525, 568, 630
Flying Arrow, Chinese naval attack on, 406
Flying Arrow, U.S. warning to, 28
Korea, transfer to, text of act, 405

Lend-leased to U.S.S.R., return requested, U.S. note, 818
NATO Planning Board for Ocean Shipping, established,

Registry, effect on arms-export control, article (Pome-

roy), 362
War, export of, article (Pomeroy ) , 360, 362
"Vietnam, Democratic Republic of," U.S.S.R. recognition,

statement (Acheson), 244, 487
Vietnam, State of : Dai, assumption of powers, message from Secretary

Acheson, 244
Economic aid program estalilished, U.S. note and state-
ments (Acheson), 821, 977
Exchango-of-persons activities, 978
Recognition by U.S., 291

Saigon, U.S. Consulate elevated to Legation, 292, 463
Sovereignty, transfer to, by France, 244


Vietnam, State of — Continued

U.S. policy, address (Henderson), 565
WHO, membership in, 1023
Visas. See Passports.
VOA. See Voice of America.
Vocational training of adults, ILO preparatory conference,

U.S. delegation, 261
Vogeler, Robert A., detention and trial by Hungai-y, ex-
changes of notes and statements (Acheson, Rakosi),
21, 95, 323, 326, 378, 398
Voice of America (VOA) :

Arabic-language broadcasts initiated, 65

Austria, two-way broadcasts initiated, 980

Czechoslovakia, operations in, statement (Acheson), 684

Indonesia, broadcasts initiated, 65

Iron Curtain, penetration of, address (Sargeant) and

article ( Kohler) , 330, 430
Mind.szenty broadcast (recorded) to Hungary, 333
Objectives, address (Barrett), 992
Report, 2d, U.S. Advisory Commission on Educational

Exchange, 283
Turkey, broadcasts inaugurated, 31
U.S.S.R., jams state of the Union message (Truman), 76

Wadsworth, George, Ambassador to Turkey, accomplish-
ments of Turkish military aid program (testimony),

Wainhouse, David W., and Philip A. Mangano, articles,
question of former Italian colonies in the General
Assembly, 832, 887

War, restrictions on, by arms embargoes, U.S. policy,
article ( Pomeroy ), 507

War criminals, Japanese, trial of, U.S.S.R. attitude and
FEC decision, 244

Warren, Avra M., appointment, U.S. Ambassador to Pak-
istan, 301

Waynick, Capus M., Ambassador to Nicaragua, to assist in
Point 4 Program, 1062

Weather stations, Arctic, joint Canada-U.S., 695

Webb, James E., Under Secretary (and Acting Secretary) :
Addresses, statements, etc. :

Austrian peace treaty, Soviet obstruction, 818, 921
Combating communism, 788
Congress, Departmental cooperation with, 1003
Freedom, definition of (over NBC) , 230
Human rights, draft covenant on, 878, 945
Rumania, Legation staff reduction and travel restric-
tions, 921
Schuman Plan, 828

Smith and Bender, release from Communist China, 868
Southeast Asia, technical and military assistance, 791,

State Department reorganization, 235
Surplus property transfer to NATO countries, 699
Trade policy and Point 4, 213
Turkish elections, 869

Western Foreign Ministers conference and NAC meet-
ing, 827
Record of, 711

West Indian Conference, 3d session, quadripartite state-
ment, 447

Westerling, Captain, insurrection in Indonesia, statement
(Acheson), 219

Department of State Bulletin

Western Samoa, discussion in Trusteeship Council, 956
WFTD ( World Federation of Trade Unions ) , 401
Wheeler, George S., loyalty case, 661, 903
Wheeler, Leslie A., address. Point 4, problems of imple-
mentation, 678

White, Ivan B., designation in State Department, 303
WHO. -See World Health Organization.
Wiley, John C, Ambassador to Iran :
Requirements of military aid program for Iran (testi-
mony), IMS
Resignation, 1062
Women, Commission on Status of, ECOSOC, 4th session
background and U.S. delegation, 782, 822, 878, 1022

Woodward, Stanley, appointment. Ambassador to Canada
1062 '

Wool, world situation and International Wool Study

Group, article (Evans), .32
World and Press, English-language newspaper for use in

German schools, initiation, 496
World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU),401
World Health Organization (WHO) :
Executive Board, 5th session, summary, 146, 262
Headquarters, Geneva, 14
3d assembly, 1023

World Meteorological Organization, established, 415

Wright, William Dlggs. designation in State Department,

Yalta Agreement (1945), 475
German demilitarization, provision on, 918
Mongolian People's Republic, provision on cited 218 n

Yarema [Jaremu], .Tohn, U.S. citizen, denied Soviet exit,
4.i6, 440

Yemen, recognition by U.S., and agreement of friendship

and commerce (1946), 326
Young, John Shaw, Commissioner to Haitian Bicentennial

Exposition, appointment, 104, 300
Yugoslavia :

Ambas.sador to U.S. (Popovic), credentials, 10.54
Export-Imiwrt Bank, loan to, 445

Greek problem, attitude in U.N., 307, 310, 312, 318 319
369, 371 . . , o±v,

Greek refugees in, 371
Passports, U.S. issuance resumed, 599
Security Council membership, elected to, 3
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Air transport agreement (1949), signed with US
(text), 63

Visas, exchange of notes, effective, 599
U.S. Ambassador (Allen), appointment, 301

Zook, George F., appointment, UNESCO delegate, 1054

Fo. .,e b. the ''^^T^^^VL%-^:''^^-y;^,g^l!Sir''^ ^^'-'-n^ Office

ndex, January to June 1950


Corrections in Volume XXII

Tlie Kditor of tlie Bulletin wishes to call atteutiun
til the fnliowing errors:

■1(1)111(1111 111: page 102, left-hand column, the italic
hi-ading lieneath tlie heading, "U.S.S.R. Ur,i;ed To Sup-
ply Information on Detention and Repatriation of
Japanese." should read:

Tl(c 1)( jiarltiicnt of Sttilc stnt the joJIok'ukj note to
tl(c Socict Enihiisaij in ^\'ll>!hillgto^l on Janiiiinj S. The
tc.ri of the iiotr icas also prfxinled to « xprrinl session
of the Allied Council ivliirli nict in Tol;iio the niorniiiii
of Dereinlier 30.

■JdniKirii ,.'.'.■ |)age 12.", riglit-liand column, final line
of tlie second paragraph should read: Labor, Treas-
iir.v. State, and Federal Security Agency.^

page 142. right-hand column, under
heading. "Letters of Oredeuce," ,3d line should read:
(!uatem;ila. Senor Don Antonio Gouh.-iud t'arrt'ra, jire-

!•'( hnKirii I.S: page 22s. I'ight-haiid c(jlunin, last .sen-
tence of third jiaragrajih slimilil reail : Congress can
lerniinate the assistance liy a concurrent resolution
w liieh does not re(|uire rresideutial signature.

I'clirdcrii HI: iiag(> 27!l. under tile heading, "Cases
III' Haiti and the Dominican Republic r.efore the OAS,"
riglit-liand column, 1st line should read: provisionally
.■IS Organ of Consultalion and that a

Fihruanj 20: page 297, right-hand column, fifth
paragraph, 2d line should read : Cuba began, in Wash-
ington, February tj, renegotiations

Miiieh 13: page 300, left-hand column, fourth i^ara-
graph, 7tli line should read : concluded between the two
countries in 1025 and

ilareli 20: jiage 4G3, right-hand column, by-line un-
der heading, "Loyalty Security Board of High Compe-
tency," should read: Statement h;/ Deiiiity Under Sec-
retdrii P( iirifoii

Ajiril 3: page 510, ri.ght-hand column, 5th line
should read : the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928." The

page 524, left-hand column, under head-
ing, "General License Concerning Assets in Balkans
Kevoked," last line of .second paragraph should read:
lie ai/ijuired in the future by such nationals.

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