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to efforts to promote mutual understanding and
friendship between the people of Czechoslovakia
and the people of the United States. Such ac-
tivities have departed in no way from the legiti-
mate functions of diplomatic and consular estab-
lishments in the cultural and information fields.

The United States Government, therefore,
strongly rejects the allegations of the Czecho-
slovak Government made directly or indirectly
that Mr. Kolarek, other American official repre-
sentatives, or Czechoslovak employees were en-
gaged in any improper activities in the pursuit
of their duties. Mr. Kolai'ek concerned himself
only with his official functions relating to press,
information, and cultural affairs and never acted
in any way which might be legarded as abuse
of his diplomatic office. In view of the allegations
of the Czechoslovak authorities, the United States
Government can only conclude that the Czecho-
slovak Government does not adhere to the diplo-
matic practices normally observed by the com-
munity of nations.

The methods employed by the Czechoslovak au-
thorities to obtain a pretext for this provocative
action will themselves refute the charges before
the judgment of world opinion. Thus, the state-
ments of the Czechoslovak citizens, Ivan Elbl and
Ruzena Soumarova, against the United States In-
formation Service library in Praha were produced
and cited by the Czechoslovak authorities only
after these two former local employees of the
library were arrested on April 6 and subjected to
police pressure for 36 hours prior to their resigna-
tion. The Czechoslovak authorities also cited the
declarations of Lubomir Eisner and Dagmar
Kacerovska, two other Czechoslovak citizens
formerly employed by the library, who were con-
victed of espionage and plotting against the
Czechoslovak Republic in a so-called trial and
sentenced to 18 and 15 years of imprisonment
respectively. Such "confessions" as were ob-
tained from these unfortunate victims of police
action resulted only after they had been arrested


Departmenf of Sfate Bulletin

and processed for approximately one month prior

to the trial.

The complete wortlilessncss of such charges as
are contained in these statements is demonstrated
by the facts set forth in the affidavit of the director
of tlie XTnited States Information Service library
at Praha, Miss Katharine Kosinak, a copy of wliich
was enclosed in the Embassy's note of April 17.
Tliis affidavit makes abundantly clear how the
Czechslovak police tried to intimidate an Ameri-
can citizen in the official employ of the Embassy
and exploit a personal relationship in the effort
to build a propa

Online LibraryUnited States. Dept. of State. Office of Public CoDepartment of State bulletin (Volume v. 22, Apr- Jun 1950) → online text (page 36 of 116)