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visory Body: 34th Session; and Third Joint Session of Pcob and

Fifth Session, Commission on Narcotic Drugs Lake Success Aug. 21-

International Meeting of Tonnage Measurement Experts Stockholm June 2-

Who (World Health Organization) :

Executive Board: Si.xth Session Geneva June 2-

Pan American Sanitary Bureau and Inter-American Hospital Associa- Rio de Janeiro .... June 18-
tion: Third International Institute in Hospital Organization and

International Congress for Education of the Deaf and Dumb Groningen, Netherlands. June 5-

Fao (Food and Agriculture Organization) :

Latin American Nutrition Conference: Second Session Rio de Janeiro . . .

International Meeting on Dairy Technology Reading, England . .

Biennial Session of the International Committee on Weights and Measures Sfevres, France . . .
Ilo (International Labor Organization) :

33d Session of the International Labor Conference Geneva

Meeting of Ilo-Who Joint Committee on Industrial Hygiene .... Geneva

Conference of World Organization for Brotherhood Paris

Tenth International Ornithological Congress Upsala, Sweden . . .

Twenty-fourth Session of the Journ^es M6dicales Brussels

Third Bru.ssels Colonial Fair Brussels

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organiza-

Seminar on Adult Education Austria

Seminar on "The Teaching of Geography as a Means of Developing Montreal

International Understanding."

Seminar on "The Improvement of Textbooks, Particularly of History Brussels July 12-


June S, 1950 925

June 5-
July 10-
June 6-

June 7-
Aug. 28-
June 8
June 10-
June 10-
June 10-

June 18-
July 12-

Calendar of Meetings — Continued

Schedule June 1-August 31, 1950 — Continued

UNESCO — Continued

Seminar on the Role of Public and School Librarians in Adult Education Malmo, Sweden .... July 24-

Seminar on Libraries Stockholm Aug. 6-

Nineteenth General Assembly of the International Criminal Police Com- The Hague June 19-


Third Session, International Wheat Council London June 19-

International Sugar Council London June 26-

Tenth Meeting, Caribbean Commission Martinique June 26-

International Oil Shale Conference Glasgow June 26-

Meeting of Central Rhine Commission Strasbourg June 28-

International Conference on Large High Tension Electric Systems: 13th Paris June 29-

Biennial Session.

First International Congress on Cardiology Paris July 1-

General Assembly, International Union of Biological Sciences Stockholm J\ily 7-

Fourth World Power Conference London July 10-

Seventh International Botanical Congress Stockholm July 12-

Fifth International Congress of Scientific Research and Social Struggle Paris July 17-

Against Cancer.

World Organization of the Teaching Profession: Fourth Assembly .... Ottawa July 17-

Sixteenth International Congress of Ophthalmology London July 17-

Second Meeting of the International Commission for the Regulation of Oslo July 17-


Third International Conference of the Legal Profession London July 19-

Si.xth International Congress of Radiology London July 23-

Fourth International Congress of Soil Science Amsterdam July 24-

Eighth International Congress, International Institute of Administrative Florence July 25-


First United States International Trade Fair Chicago Aug. 7-

Radio and Television Exhibition Copenhagen Aug. 11-

Twelfth Congress of the International Penal and Penitentiary Commission. The Hague Aug. 13-

International Physiological Congress Copenhagen Aug. 15-

Fifth International Congress on Microbiology Rio de Janeiro .... Aug. 17-

Eleventh International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art Venice Aug. 20-

Izmir International Trade Fair Izmir Aug. 20-

Itu (International Telecommunication Union) : Fifth Session, Adminis-
trative Council Geneva Aug. 21-

First International Congress on Archives Paris Aug. 23-

Ninth International Congress of the Historical Sciences Paris Aug. 28-

International Federation for Housing and Town Planning: 20th Inter- Amsterdam Aug. 27-

national Congress.

International Conference on Alcohol and Traffic Stockholm Aug. 30-

U.S. Delegations to International Conferences

International Labor Conference (IL0>

The Department of State announced on May 24
that the President has designated the following
members of the United States delegation to the
33d session of the International Labor Conference
to be convened at Geneva on June 7, 1950 :

Government Representatives


Philip M. Kaiser, Assistant Secretary of Labor
Herbert R. O'Conor, United States Senate

Alternate Delegate's

Hubert H. Humphrey, United States Senate
Augustine B. Kelley, House of Representatives

Employers Representatives

Delegate 1

Charles P. McCormlek, president, McCormick and Com- '^
pany, Baltimore

Workers Representatives


George Philip Delaney, international representative,
American Federation of Labor, Washington, D.C.

The 33d session will, in accordance with an
agenda compiled by the Governing Body of the
International Labor Office, consider a report by
the Director-General of the International Labor
Office ; the budget of Ilo for the year 1951. as well
as otlier financial matters; reports on the appli- I


Department of State Bulletin

ation of Ilo conventions and recommendations;
industrial relations; the principle of equal pay
for men and women for work of equal value;
vocational training of adults, in particular, dis-
abled persons ; and minimum wages in agriculture.
The subject of industrial relations, encompassing
collective agreements, conciliation and arbitration,
and cooperation between public authorities and
employers and workers organizations had origi-
nally been scheduled for discussion at the 3'2d ses-
sion of the International Lalxir Conference held
at Geneva in June 1949; but, since that session
did not complete consideration of the matter, it
was referred to the 33d session.

As the supreme policy-making body of the Inter-
national Liibor Organization (Ilo), one of the
oldest specialized agencies of the United Nations,
the International Labor Conference is composed
of national delegations from the 60 member gov-
cinments of the organization. Meetings are gen-
eralh' held annually. Eepresentation at the
sessions of the Conference, as in other bodies of
the Ilo, is tripartite in nature, with two of the
four delegates from each member state serving
as representatives of the government and one
each representing the eraployei-s and the workers.
The wide area of agi'eement, in the past, between
governments, workers, and employers, indicates
that this unique approach to problems facing the
organization is effective.

In its 30 years of existence, the Ilo, through the
Conference, has adopted 87 recommendations,
which serve as guides for national or local legis-
lation and administration, and 98 conventions.
Of the latter, 58 have been brought into force.

These cover a wide range of subjects including
wages and hours of work ; social security ; indus-
trial safety ; maritime, agricultural, and industrial
labor problems; working conditions in non-self-
governing territories; and the right of workers
and employers to organize into associations of
their own choosing.

Governing Body C'l-O)

The Department of State announced on ^lay 2-1
that Philip M. Kaiser, Assistant Secretary of La-
bor and United States Government representative
on the International Labor Organization (Ilo)
Governing Body, will attend the 112th session of
this group at Geneva beginning June 1. Other
members of the United States delegation are :

Substitute Representative

Arnold L. Zempel, executive director, Office of Interna-
tional Labor Affairs, Department of State


L. Wendell Hayes, Office of United Nations Economic and
Social .\ffairs. Department of State

Edward B. Persons, chief, Ilo Division, Office of Inter-
national Labor Affairs, Department of Labor

Cleon O. Swayzee, labor adviser. Office of the Assistant
Secretary for Economic Affairs, Department of State

Among the subjects for consideration at the
forthcoming session of the Governing Body are
the Direct or-GeneraTs report; fornnihition of the
agenda for the 1952 session of the International
Labor Conference; a program of work in the field
of industrial safety and health; draft allocations
of assessments among member states; and a pro-
gram of regional and committee meetings. The
date and place of the 113th session of the Gov-
erning Body will be decided at this meeting.

Nutrition in Latin America (FAO)

The Department of State annoimced on May 22
that the United States Government will be repre-
sented at the Food and Agi-iculture Organization
(Fao) Conference on Problems of Nutrition in
Latin America, to be convened at Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil, on June 5-13 by the following delegation :


Dr. Hazel K. Stiebeling, chief. Bureau of Human Nutri-
tion and Home Economics, Department of Agriculture


Marjorie Heseltine, nutritionist, Children's Bureau, Fed-
eral .Security Agency

Sue Taylor, home management specialist, American Inter-
national Association, Caracas, Venezuela

The Fao is convening this Conference for the
purpose of reviewing the progress achieved in im-
plementing the recommendations of the first Fao
Conference on Nutrition Problems in Latin
America, held at Montevideo, Uruguay, July
18-28, 1948. Twenty Fao member governments
in the Americas and those countries responsible
for the administration of territories in this region
have been invited to send delegates. Argentina,
the Vatican City, and a number of international
organizations have been invited to send observers.

The forthcoming Conference will consider
methods of surveying the nutritional status and
food habits of populations of the area and will
examine the possibility of improving nutrition
by means of supplementary feeding (through
school lunch programs, feeding of expectant and
nursing mothers and infants, and the feeding of
industrial workers) and by nutrition programs in
Public Health Departments and National Insti-
tutes of Nutrition. Some discussion will be de-
voted to foods of special importance in correcting
dietary deficiencies, to the training of nuti'ition
workers, and to teaching people better habits of
diet. Endemic goiter, which is a serious health
and nutrition problem in American countries, and
the assistance in the field of nutrition, which may
be rendered to American countries under the
United Nations Technical Assistance Program, are
other subjects that are expected to be discussed at
this meeting.

June 5, 1950



General Policy p^ge

Tripartite Declaration Regarding Security in
the Near East:

Three-Power Statement 886

Statement by the President 886

Rumanian Staff Reduced and Travel Re-
Statement by Acting Secretary Webb . . . 921
U.S. Note of May 25, 1950 921

Military Aid to Iran Established:

U.S. Note of May 23, 1950 922

Iranian Note of May 23, 1950 923

The United Nations and
Specialized Agencies

The Problem of the Former Italian Colonies
at the Fourth Session of the General
Assembly. (Part II). By David W.
Wainhouse and Philip A. Mangano . . . 887

U.N. Documents: A Selected Bibliography . 917

Treaty information

Four- Year Effort for Austrian Treaty Delayed
by Soviets. Statement by Acting Secre-
tary Webb 921

Military Aid to Iran Established:

U. S. Note of May 23, 1950 922

Iranian Note of May 23, 1950 923

Occupation Matters Page

U.S. Asks U.S.S.R. To Cooperate in Unifying
Germany With Proposal for Free, All-
German Elections 884

U.S. Protests East German Remilitarization:

U.S. Note of May 23, 1950 918

Data on East German Paramilitary

Police 919

National Security

Nac and Foreign Ministers Take Concerted
Action for Peace. Statement by Secre-
tary Acheson

The Congress

Procedures of Senate and House Foreign
Affairs Committees. Letter From Re-
presentative Kee

International Organizations
and Conferences

Calendar of International Meetings ....
U.S. Delegations:

International Labor Conference (Ilo) . .

Governing Body (Ilo)

Nutrition in Latin America (Fag) ....







David W. Wainlwuse and Philip A. Mangano, authors of the
article on the former Italian colonies, are Deputy Director,
Office of United Nations Political and Security Affairs, and
specialist on International Security Affairs, respectively.



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