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statement (Rusk), 242
Documents, lists of, 149, 437, 526, 609, 696, 738, 816
Member assessment for UNEF and ONUC operations.

See under International Court of Justice
Nuclear weapons, resolutions re transfer of, U.S. posi-
tion on, letter (Ball), 608
Resolutions :

Angolan situation, 391

China, representation of, an important question, 117
Colonial countries, establishment of Special Com-
mittee to further granting of independence to, 76
Outer .space, international cooperation in, 185
Test-ban negotiations at Geneva, resumption of, cited,
10th session :
Problems and achievements of, addresses, letter, and
statement: Ball, 636; Cleveland, 334; Rusk, 167;
Stevenson, 222
U.S. repre.sentatives to, confirmation of, 398
Geneva Accords of 195!,. 13. 14. 449, 450, 455
Geneva conference of experts on detection of nuclear tests :
Soviet repudiation of agreements of, U.K.-U.S. report

on, C4
Statement (Rusk). 572, 573
Geneva conference on the disiontinuam'e of nuclear
weapon tests :
Soviet rejection of controlled test-ban treaty, 205
U.K.-U.S. actions ro:

Draft test-ban treaty proposed, statement (Rusk),

Department oi Sfafe Bulletin

Geneva conference on the discontinuancce of nuclear
weapon tests — Continued
U.K.-U.S. actions re — Continued
Recess of proposed, 288
Reports on, G3, 409

Williuguess to continue test-ban negotiations in dis-
armament conference, 205
Geneva conventions (1949) on treatment of prisoners of
war, wounded and sick, and civilians in time of war,
398, 560
Geneva disarmament conference (1962). See Eighteen-

natlon disarmament committee, conference of
Gerhardsen, Einar, 470, 877
Germany :

Berlin. See Berlin
Kalmyk refugees in U.S., 17
Problem of :

Joint statement (Gromyko, Rusk), 625
NATO views, 51
Reunification of, U.S. position, address and remarks :
Bundy, 424 ; R. Kennedy, 763
Germany, East :
Berlin. See Berlin
Recognition of government of, U.S. position, statement

(Rusk), 457
Refugees from {see also Refugees), address (Cieplln-

Situation in, statement (Rusk), 241
Germany, Federal Republic of :
Berlin. See Berliu

French-German rapprochement through Common Mar-
ket, address (MacArthur), 711
IMF, German commitment to, 187
Refugees from East Zone, absorption by, address (Ciep-

Role in Western Europe, address (Bundy), 424
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Certificates of airworthiness for imported aircraft,
agreement with U.S. for application to land Berlin,

Compensatory concessions for certain tariff actions

taken by U.S., 512
Declaration giving effect to provisions of art. XVI :

4 of, 397
Rectifications and modifications to texts of sched-
ules, 8th protocol of, 3.50
NATO status-of-forces agreement, agreements sup-
plementing and Implementing, 106, 189
Safety of life at sea. International convention (1960)

on, 740
Wheat agreement. International, 926
Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economics to visit U.S.,

announcement, 130
Visits to, proposed :
Attorney General Kennedy, plans for, 99
White House Press Secretary, announcement, 846
Ghana :
Nuclear weapons tests, U.S. note to re resumption of,

Ghana — Continued
Refugees from, address (Brown), 102
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Copyright convention (1952), universal, and proto-
cols, 1, 2, and 3, 1002
Educational exchange, agreement with U.S., 293, 350
GATT, declarations on provisional accession of Argen-
tina and Tunisia to, 397
IAEA statute, amendment to art. VI.A.3 of, 610
Pollution of the sea by oil, international convention

(1954) , with annexes, for prevention of, 1041
Safety of life at sea. International convention (1960)
on, 854
, Scientific cooperation, agreement with U.S. for pro-

gr;nn in bloniedicine, 2.59
U.S. Ambassador, confirmation, 1041
Volta River project, U.S. aid, 30
Gibraltar, copyright convention (1952) , universal, 305
Glass, decision to Increase duty on imports, ($49, 650, 671
Glenn, John H., Jr., 411, 492, 577, 582
Goa, Indian use of force in, letter and statements : Rusk,

124 ; Stevenson, 145, 224
Goodneighbor policy, address and remarks (Kennedy),

Gorbach, Alfons, 832
Goulart, Joao Belchior, 259, 705

Government and relief in occupied areas, Japanese ac-
count, settlement of, 188
Grant, James P., 225
Greece :

Ambassador to U.S., 479

Economic development of, NATO members to assist

in. Council communiques, 52, 863
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Agricultural commodities, agreement with U.S., 482
Civil uses of atomic energy, agreement with U.S. for

cooperation re, 697
Diplomatic relations, Vienna convention (1961) on,

Double taxation, convention for avoidance of on in-
come, with U.S., 512
GATT, declaration on provisional accession of Switz-
erland, proc&s-verbal extending, 350
IDA articles of agreement, 654
Loan of vessels to, agreement with U.S. re, 890
Safety of life at sea, international convention (1960)
on, 740
U.S. Ambassador: appointment, 189; confirmation, 306
Green, Ronald W., 1040
Greenfield, James L., 698
Gromyko, Andrei A., 625
Guantanamo Naval Base, U.S. treaty rights to, statement

(Rusk), 287
Guatemala :

Agricultural trade, agreement with U.S., 1002
Continental shelf, convention on, 77
High seas, convention on, 77

Road traflic, convention (1949) on, with annexes, and
protocol re accession to of occupied countries or
territories, 610
U.S. Ambassador, confirmation, 306
Gudeman, Edward, 6

Index, January to June 1962


Guerrilla warfare in Latin America, Cuban inspired,

statement (Stevenson), 554
Guiana, British. See British Guiana
Guinea :
Agricultural commodities, agreement with U.S. re, 398,

Civil aviation convention (1944), international, protocol

(1061) to, 654
International telecommunication convention (1959),

with annexes, 77
Investment guaranty program, agreement with U.S. re,

Slavery convention (1926), as amended, 961
GulUon, Edmund, 11, 95

Haines-Fairbanks pipeline, agreements with Canada re,

740, 890
Haiti :

GATT, interim agreement, with U.S. re, 1041

Punta del Este conference, statement by, 283

Safety of life at sea, international convention (1960)

on, 740
U.S. Ambassador: appointment, 35; confirmation, 306
Ilallstein, Walter, 769
Hamaday, Dan R., 925
Hamilton, Fowler, 143
Ilandley, William J., 35, 306
Harrar, J. George, 543
Harriman, W. Averell, 174, 438, 953, 993
Hart, Parker T., 306
Hart, Thompson, 35
Haselton, Norris S., 1042
Heads of Government meeting, proposed :
Participation in Geneva disarmament conference. See
under Eighteen-nation disarmament committee, con-
ference of
U.K.-U.S. views, 802
Health and sanitation :
Afi-ica, problems of, addresses (Williams), 26, 27, 546
Foreipm aid i)rogram gains in, address (Tubby), 299, 301
Scientific cooperation in the field of biomedicine, gen-
eral agreement with Ghana for a program of, 259
Viet-Nam, program in, joint Viet-Nam-U.S. communi-
que on, 141
World Health Organization. See World Health Organ-
Herman, George, 464

High Commissioner for Refugees, U.N., 101, 102, 731, 732
High seas, convention on, 77, 225, 854
High seas, freedom of, U.S. position re proclamation of

danger areas, 839
Hill, .lohn Calvin, Jr., 129
Hoffmann, Harry G., 769
Holy Sec, The. .See Vatican City
Honduras, Cuban exclusion from GAS system, statement

ro position on, 282
Hong Kong :

Chinese refugee problem, statement (Harriman), 993
Cotton textiles, arrangements (1961) re international

trade in, 259
Cotton textiles, discu.ssions with U.S. oflJcials, 848

Hosiery and knitwear manufacturing equipment, new de-
preciation schedules for, 381
Houphouet-Boigny, Felix, 764, 952

Housing Committee (ECE), 23d session of, U.S. delega-
tion, 925
Housing project in Colombia, address and remarks

(Kennedy), 91, 93
Hughes, Thomas L., 977
Hull, Cordell, cited, 904
Human rights («ee also Racial equality) :

Human Rights Week, 1961, proclamation, 08
Inter- American Commission on, revision of statute of:
Pimta del Este conference recommendation for, 282
Statement (Stevenson), 557
Hungary :
Refugees flight from, remarks (Stevenson), 211
Soviet occupation of, statement (Bingham), 74
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

IAEA statute, amendment to article VI.A.3, 925
Law of the sea, conventions on, 225
Safety of life at sea, international convention (1960)
on, 740
U. N. consideration of problem of, statement (Steven-
son), 320
Hutchinson, Edmond C, 398

IAEA. See Atomic Energy Agency, International
lA-ECOSOC. See Inter-American Economic and Social

IBRD. See International Bank for Reconstruction and

Iceland :

Agricultural commodities, agreement with U.S., 654
Industrial property, convention (1934) for protection of,

Oil, pollution of sea by, convention (1954) for preven-
tion of, 654
Safety of life at sea, international convention (1960)
on, 740
ICEM. See Intergovernmental Committee for European

ICJ. See International Court of Justice
IDA. See International Development Association
IPC. See International Finance Corporation
IJC. See International Joint Commission (U.S.-Canada)
Ikeda, Hayato, 498

IMF. See International Monetary Fund
Immigration :
Changes in U.S. laws governing, address (Cieplinski),

Quotas established for Cameroon, Kuwait, Nigeria, and
Syria, 25
Immigration and Nationality Act, admendment providing

for adjustment of quotas, 25
Imports («ee also Customs; Exports; Tariff policy, U.S.;
Tariffs and trade, general agreement on ; and Trade) :
Commercial sami)les and advertising material, inter-
national convention (1952) to facilitate importa-
tion of, 817
Road vehicles, customs convention on temporary im-
portation of, 566


Department of State Bulletin

Imports — Continued
United States:
Adjustment assistance to industries affected by im-
ports. See Trade adjustment assistance
Cotton textiles, discussions with Hong Kong officials

re restrictions on, 848
Cotton zipper tape, consultations with Japan re trade

in, 1037
Importance in U.S. economy, addresses : Coppock,

1029 ; Johnson, 990 ; Trezi.se, 296, 884
Oil imports program, congressional hearings on, state-
ment (Nichols), 31
Inconvertibility, guaranties against losses due to, agree-
ment with Panama re, 566
Independence movement. See Nationalism and Newly

independent nations
India :
Malaria control program, U.S. assistance in, address

(Tubby), 301
I'rogress in, addresses ; Bowles, 675 ; Johnson, 56
Treaties, agreements, etc. :
Agricultural commodities, agreements with U.S., 782,

890, 961
Civil aviation convention (1944), international, pro-
tocol ( 1961 ) to, 654
IAEA statute, amendment to article VI.A.3 of, 889
Road traffic, convention (1949) on, with annexes. 653
Safety of life at sea, international convention (1960)

on, 740
Wheat agreement, international, 926
U.S. aid to, 57

Use of force in Goa by, U.S. views on, letter and state-
ments ; Rusk, 124 ; Stevenson, 145, 224
West New Guinea, U.S. views on Indian proposal for
solution of problem of, statement (Bingham), 75
Indonesia :
Attorney General Kennedy's visit to, 99, 761, 762
Soviet arms buildup in, statement (Rusk), 866
Treaties, agreements, etc. :
Agricultural commodities, agreement with U.S., 512,

Civil aviation convention (1944), international, pro-
tocol (1961) to, 654
GATT, proces-verbal extending declaration on provi-
sional accession of Tunisia, 818
Landing rights for commercial aircraft, agreement

with U.S. extending arrangement for, 854
Universal postal convention (1957), 225
Wheat agreement, international, 926
West New Guinea, dispute with Netherlands re. See
West New Guinea
Industrial productivity, agreement with Mexico relating

to program of. 78
Industrial riroperty, convention (1883, as revised) for pro-
tection of, 106, 189, 817
Industrial revolution, effects on politics and society,

address (Mann), 500
Information activities and programs (see also Publica-
tions, United States Information Agency, anrl Voice
of America), need for TV and press coverage of, ad-
dress (Tubby), 16,17

Information Agency, U.S. See United States Information

Interagency Textile Administrative Committee, 219
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, statute of:
Revision of, Punta del Este conference recommendation

for, 282
Strengthening of, statement ( Stevenson ) , 557
Inter-American Defense Board, Cuban exclusion from
participation in :
Punta del Este resolution, text of, 281
Statements re: Rusk, 268, 275, 285; Stevenson, 557
Inter-American Development Bank :
Executive order re, 852
Report of, remarks (Kennedy), 541
Inter-American Economic and Social Council, August 1960

meeting, remarks (Kennedy) re, 539, 540
Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences, con-
vention (1944) and protocol of amendment to, 154, 397
Inter-American Peace Committee:

Investigation of violations of human rights in Cuba,

Report of:

Cited, 199, 281, 282
Statement (Stevenson) re, 687, 689
Inter- American system, Cuban incompatibility with, Amer-
ican Republics decision re, statement (Stevenson),
555, 557
Intergovernmental Committee (U.N./FAO), establish-
ment of, article (Phillips, Sohl), 393
Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration :
Constitution of, .511

Convention on, current actions, 697, 1002
U.S. support of. address (Cieplinski), 732
Interior, Department of :

Salinity of Colorado River water supplied to Mexico

under treaty of 1944, study of, 144
Secretary of, administration of Trust Territory of
Pacific Islands, Executive order, 887
International Access Authority (Berlin), U.S. proposal

for, 451, 463
International Atomic Energy Agency. See Atomic Energy

Agency, International
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development :
Articles of agreement, 77, 654
Financial statements, 435, 851
Leadership in aiding India and Pakistan, address

(Johnson), 56, 57
Loans in Africa, 172
International Boundary and Water Commission (Mexico-
U.S.) :
Activities of and U.S. Commissioner (Friedkin), 683
Scientists named for joint study of salinity problem,
International Commission for Northwest Atlantic Fisher-
ies, U.S. commissioner, appointment of, 1040
International Commission on Measures To Reduce the

Risk of War, proposal for. statement (Rusk), 620
International Court of Justice :

Cuban call for opinion on OAS action, statements
(Stevenson) and text of Soviet-sponsored draft
resolution, 684
Statute of, 398

Index, January to June 7962


International Court of Justice — C!ontlnued

U.N. assessment of member nations for emergency
operations, opinion requested of :
U.N. application to, i)7

U.S. views and position on, 222, 311, 315, 435, 851
International Development Association, articles of agree-
ment, 6.>4, 8.H 889
International Finance Corporation, articles of agreement,

International Joint Commission (U.S.-Canada) :
Niagara Falls, request for study by withdrawn, 728
Pembina River, study of development of resources of,

Role in U.S.-Canadian relations, statement (Kennedy),
International Labor Conference, 46th session, U.S. dele-
gation, 1040
International law :

Building of, address (Rusk), 935

Outer space, development of principles for guidance In
activities in, statement (Plimpton), 816
International Monetary Fund :
Articles of agreement, 77, 654

Role in compensatory financing for commodity trade

problems, proposed, statement (Blumenthal), 1000

Strengthening of, proposals for, report to Congress

(Kennedy), 240
Supplementary resources borrowing arrangements, 187
International organizations and conferences (see also
subject) :
Assistant Secretary Cleveland to visit European OflBce

of, 760
Calendar of International meetings, 36, 107, 220, 303,

383. 480, 605, 651, 780, 850, 924, 995
FY 1963, authorization request for U.S. contributions
for, message and statement : Kennedy, 551 ; Rusk,
U.S. participation in, remarks (Rusk), 18
U.S. Representative to the European Office of U.N. and
Other International Organizations, designation
(Tubby), 698
International Organizations Immunities Act (1945), pro-
visions of, 188
International Telecommunication Union:

Communication system of global satellites, development

of, statement (Plimpton), 811, 815
Outer space, conference on radio frequency bands for,
proposed :
Address and statement: Gardner, 590; Stevenson, 184
U.N. resolution re, 186
"Internationalism," proletarian. Communist definitions of

cited, 504
Inventions, agreement for safeguarding inventions relat-
ing to defense for vs-hich patent applications have been
filed, 740
Investment guaranty program :
Address (Ball), 914

Agreements with : Dominican Republic, 8.54 ; Guinea,
890, 926 ; Ivory Coast, 78 ; Niger, 926 ; Panama, 566 ;
Togo, 610
Authorization requests for FY 1963, message and state-
ment : Kennedy, iJSl ; Rusk, (MM

Investment of private capital abroad : Africa, U.S. views,
address (Williams), 546, 547
Brazil, transfer of public utilities to state ownership,
joint communique and statement: Goulart, Ken-
nedy, 706 ; Rusk, 460
Economic progress through, address (Mann), 508
Mining and petroleum, investment in, address (Mc-

Ghee), 72.5, 727
New forms of security for, address (Ball), 913
Philippine need for, address (Harriman), 177
Protection of. See Investment guaranty program
Tax incentives for, proposed elimination of, report
(Kennedy), 239
Iran :

Ambassador to U.S., credentials, 707

CENTO. See Central Treaty Organization

Economic development of, CENTO consideration of:

communique, 526; statement (Rostow), 522
Reform programs in, addresses (Bowles), 675, 767
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Agricultural commodities, agreements with U.S., .305,

Economic cooperation, agreement with U.S., 154
Visit of Attorney General Kennedy to Tehran, plans

for, 99
Visit of Shah of and Empress Farah to U.S., joint com-
munique (Kennedy, Pahlavi), 760
Iraq, Vienna convention (1961) and protocol on diplo-
matic relations, 817
Ireland :

Agricultural trade, agreement with U.S., 854

Bills of lading, convention (1931) for unification of

rules relating to, and protocol, 610
Civil aviation convention, international, protocol (1961)

to, 854
Safety of life at sea, international convention (1960)

on, 740
Wheat agreement, international, 926
Isle of Man :
Copyright convention (1952), universal, 305
NATO status of forces agreement, 305
Israel :

Development in, address (Bowles), 768

GATT decision on accession of, 8

Syrian-Israel observance of Armistice Agreement,

statement (Yost) and test of resolution re, 735
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Agricultural commodities, agreements with U.S., 78,

741, 854
Civil aviation convention (1944), international, pro-
tocol (1961) to, 0.54
GATT, declaration and protocol on accession to. 438,

696, 1041
GATT, interim agreements, with schedules, 511
IAEA statute, amendment to article VI.A.3 of. 889
Safety of life at sea, international convention (I960)

on, 740
Telegraph regulations (Geneva revision 1958), 305
Wheat agreement, international. 926
U.S. technical aid in, address (Tubby K 301


Departmenf of Stale Bulletin


IMF, Italian commitment to, 187
Treaties, agreements, etc. :
Diplomatic relations, Vienna convention (1061) and

protocol on, 817

Compensatory concessions under GATT for certain

tariff actions taken by U.S., 512
Declaration giving effect to provisions of art. XVI :

4 of, 3!)7
Proc6s-verbaux extending declarations on provi-
sional accession of : Switzerland, 817 ; Tunisia,
OECD, convention on, with supplementary protocols,

Safety of life at sea, international convention (1960)

on, 740
Sugar agreement (1958), international, 654
Wheat agreements, international, 259, 926
ITU. See International Telecommunication Union
Ivory Coast:
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Civil aviation convention (1944), international, pro-
tocol (1961) to, 654
Geneva conventions relative to treatment of prisoners

of war, wounded and sick, and civilians, 566
Investment guaranties, agreement with U.S. re, 78
Narcotic drugs :
Convention (1931) limiting maniifacture and regu-
lating distribution of, as amended, 397
Protocol (1948) bringing under international con-
trol drugs outside the scope of 1931 convention,
Opium, protocol (1953) regulating production, trade,

and use of, 350
Opium and other drug.s, convention (1912) relating to

suppression of abuse of, 350
Road traffic convention (1949), with annexes, 259
Slavery convention (1926) , as amended, 397
Visit of President Houphouet-Boigny to U.S., 764, 952

Jamaica, agreement with U.S. re establishment of Peace

Corps program, 482
Janow, Seymour, 35, 398
Japan :
Attorney General Kennedy's visit to, 50, 99, 761
Cotton textiles, bilateral trade arrangement with U.S.

on, statement (Martin), 219
Cotton zipper tape exports to U.S., consultations re,

Cultural and educational exchanges with, discussions

on, 99, 142
GATT, discussion of full participation by, 8
Economic progress in, addresses : Johnson, 55 ; Rusk,

87 ; Trezise, 594, 595
IMP, Japan's commitment to, 187
Role in aiding le.ss developed areas, address (McGhee),

Trade relations with U.S., addresses: Kennedy, 826;
MacArthur, 710 ; Trezise, 294

Japan — Continued

Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Diplomatic relations, Vienna convention (1961) and

protocol on, 817
Economic assistance, po.stwar, agreement with U.S.

for settlement of debts resulting from, 188, 305

Compensatory concessions under GATT for certain

tariff actions taken by U.S., 512
Declarations on provisional accession of : Switzer-
land, 818 ; Tunisia, 350, 397
Interim agreements, with schedules, 511
High seas fisheries of North Pucific Ocean, interna-
tional convention (1952) on, 740
Safety of life at sea, international convention (1960)

on, 740
Typewriter-ribbon cloth, understanding with U.S. re

export of, 697
Wheat agreement, international, 926
U.S.-Japan Committee on Scientific Cooperation :
1st meeting, remarks (Rusk), 425; text of joint com-
munique, 66
2d meeting, announcement, joint communique, and
remarks (Harriman), 953
U.S. relations with, addresses: Bowles, 253, 256; Ros-

tow, 627
U.S. resumption of nuclear weapon tests, exchange of
messages (Ikeda, Kennedy) and U.S. note re, 497,
Johnson, G. Griffith, 926, 988
Johnson, U. Alexis, 53, 245

Joint Commission (U.S.-Canada), International. See In-
ternational Joint Commission
Jordan :

Civil aviation convention (1944), international, proto-
col (1961) to, 654
Development in, address (Bowles), 766, 767

Kalmyk people, commemoration of 10th anniversary of

arrival in U.S., 17
Karachi Plan, 696
Katanga, secession from Republic of the Congo. See under

Congo situation
Kearney, Richard D., 565
Kekkonen, Urho K., 418
KeUy, Harry C, 425
Kelly, John M., 8."i2
Kennedy, John F. :
Addresses, statements, etc. :

Alliance for Progress, 539

Berlin, mission of General Clay to, 168, 708

Brazil, greetings to members of trade unions in, 470

Disarmament, U.S. outline of treaty on, 747

Dominican Republic, U.S. position re, 128, 258

Education, role of the university in, 615

IJC, role in U.S. -Canadian relations, 729

Nuclear weapons :

Nuclear Testing and Disarmament, 443
Test-ban treaty, U.S. position, 624

Philippines, U.S. relations with, 911

Sino-Soviet bloc, 379

State of the Union (excerpts), l.TO

Index, January to June 1962


Kennedy, John F. — Continued
Addresses, statements, etc. — Continued
Tariff classification system, 1038
Thailand, dispatch of U.S. forces to, 904
Trade of the U.S., relationship to Atlantic partner-
ship, 823, 906
Correspondence and messages :
Brazil :
Alliance for Progress program, letter to President

Goulart re, 778
Greeting to war veterans on VE-Day, 878
Ceylon, congratulations to Governor General of, 644
18-nation disarmament conference :

Objectives of, letter read by Secretary Rusk at open-
ing session, 531
Proposals for, exchanges of messages veith Mr.
Khrushchev, 355 (Joint message with Prime Min-
ister Macmillan ) , 358, 4G5, 494
Finland, congratulations to President Kekkonen upon

reelection, 418
Kenya, exchange of letters with President of, 244
New Year's greeting to Soviet leaders, 164
Nuclear weapons testing, U.S. plan for, message to

Japanese Prime Minister re, 497
Outer space, exchange of messages with Chairman
Khrushchev re cooperation in exploration of, 411,
Philippines, message to President Macapagal on

Bataan Day, 729
Refugees, U.S. concern for, letter cited, 104

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