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this double standard of judgment, serious con-
sequences for world peace, and for the United
Nations itself, are inevitable. Specifically if the
use of force against territories under the control
of other states is to be condoned for anticolonial
reasons, it can also be condoned for other reasons —
and we will have opened Pandora's box.

This is not a matter of colonialism or anti-
colonialism. The United States delegation in
this General Assembly has made clear on many
occasions the anticolonial views of the United
States. This was a question of the use of force in
violation of the charter in the opinion of a large
majority of the Security Council.

It is evident that neither the United Nations it-
self nor some of its members have used as well or
as often as they might the procedures for peaceful
settlement laid down in the charter, and the peace-
keeping machinery of the United Nations. Nor
have we paid enough attention to improving and
expanding that machinery.

But we are by no means disheartened. The
United Nations in this year has achieved notable
and life-giving successes. As for the failures, our
only permissible reaction to them is a new dedica-
tion to success. If our present methods are inade-
quate to the task, we must repair and improve
them. The task remains what it was : not the facile
choice between peace and justice, but peace with
justice — for only in justice can real peace be

In concluding, let me express my appreciation
to all the members of the delegation for their de-
voted and tireless efforts, which contributed so
greatly toward the success of our labore. We had

a strong delegation and we have worked closely
and harmoniously together.

I would also like to express the appreciation of
the entire delegation for the effective and vigorous
support and giiidance which we received in all
aspects of our work from you, from Secretary
Rusk, from Assistant Secretary Harlan Cleveland
and his able staff in the State Department.
Sincerely your^,

Adlai E. Stevenson

United States Delegations
to International Conferences

OAS Ministerial Meeting

Secretary Rusk amiounced on January 17 (press
release 39) the delegation ^ which woidd accom-
pany him to Punta del Este, Uruguay, for the
meeting of the foreign ministers of the American
states opening January 22.

The i^rincipal adviser to the Secretary will be
Roberta F. AVoodward, Assistant Secretary of State
for Inter-American Affairs. The delegation in-
cludes the following congressional advisei-s : Sena-
tor Wayne Morse, Senator Bourke B. Hicken-
looper. Representative Armistead I. Selden, Jr.,
and Representative Chester E. Merrow.

This meeting, the Eighth Meeting of Consulta-
tion of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of American
States, was convoked by the Council of the OAS
on December 4, 1961, following a request for such
action by the Government of Colombia.^

The resolution of the Council calls upon the
ministers to serve as the Organ of Consultation in
accordance with articles 6 and 11 of the Inter-
American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, "in
order to consider the threats to the peace and to
the political independence of the American States
. . . and particularly to point out the various
types of threats to the peace or certain acts that,
in the event they occur, justify the application of
measures for the maintenance of the peace and
security pui'suant to chapter V of the charter of
the Organization of American States and the pro-
visions of the Inter- Ajnerican Treaty of Recipro-

' For the members of tlie U.S. delegation, see Depart-
ment of State press release 3S> dated .Tan. 17.

^ For background, see Bulixtin of Deo. 25, 1961, p. 1069,
and Jan. 22, 1962, p. 129, footnote 5.


Department of State Bulletin

cal Assistance, and to determine the measures that
it is advisable to take for tlie maintenance of the
peace and security of the continent."

This resohition constitutes the single item on the
agenda for the forthcoming meeting, which will
be attended by foreign ministers of all the Ameri-
can states.


United States and Cyprus Conclude
Educational Exchange Agreement

Press release 41 dated January 18

The United States and Cyprus concluded on
January 18 an agreement for the establishment of
a program of educational exchange between the
two countries. The agreement was signed at
Nicosia by Foreign Minister Spyros Kyprianou
for Cyprus and by American Ambassador Fraser
Wilkins. The United States now has active ed-
ucational excliange agreements with 42 countries
throughout the world.

The agreement with Cyprus authorizes the two-
way exchange of students, trainees, teachers, re-
search scholars, and professors in all fields. It
also authorizes the establishment of a binational
commission to plan and administer the program
in Cyprus. The equivalent of $300,000 in foreign
currency is made available for the initial 3 years
of the program.

The agreement was concluded under the recently
enacted Fulbright-Hays Act (P.L. 256-87). The
new act broadens the scope of previous legislation
and provides more liberal terms for the participat-
ing country.

Current Actions


Cultural Property

Convention for protection of cultural property in event of
armed conflict, and regulations of execution ;

Protocol for protection of cultural property in event of
armed conflict.

Done at The Hague May 14, 1054. Entered into force

August 7, 1956.'
Accessions deposited: Cameroon, October 12, 1961;

Madagascar, November 3, 1961.

Economic Cooperation

Convention on the Organization for Economic Coopera-
tion and Development and supplementary protocols
Nos. 1 and 2. Signed at Paris December 14, 1960.
Entered into force September 30, 19C1.
Ratification deposited: Luxembourg, December 7, 1961.

Law of the Sea

Convention on the territorial sea and contiguous zone.

Done at Geneva April 29, 19.58.'

Ratifications deposited: Hungary, December 6, 1961;'
Rumania, December 12, 1961.°
Convention on the high seas. Done at Geneva April 29,


Ratifications deposited: Hungary, December 6, 1961;*
Rumania, December 12, 1961.*
Convention on the continental shelf. Done at Geneva

April 29, 1958.'

Accession deposited: Rumania, December 12, 1961.

Postal Services

Universal postal convention with final protocol, annex,
regulations of execution, and provisions regarding air-
mail with final protocol. Done at Ottawa October 3,
1957. Entered into force April 1, 1959. TIAS 4202.
Ratifications deposited: El Salvador, November 1, 1961 ;
Indonesia, November 30, 1961.



Agreement relating to a weapons production program.
Effected by exchange of notes at The Hague March 24,
1960. TIAS 4692.
Entered into force definitively: January 2, 1962.

Sierra Leone

Agreement relating to the establishment of a Peace
Corps program In Sierra Leone. Effected by exchange
of notes at Freetown December 29, 1961. Entered into
force December 29, 1961.



James P. Grant as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near
Eastern and South Asian Affairs, effective January 15.
(For biographic details, see Department of State press
release 30 dated January 15.)

Katie Louchheim as Deputy Assistant Secretary for
Public Affairs, effective January 21. (For biographic
details, see Department of State press release 46 dated
January 20.)

' Not in force for the United States.
' Not in force.

' With reservations made at the time of signing.
* With reservations and declaration made at the time
of signing.

February 5, 1962



Recent Releases


For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Gov-
ernment I'rintiny Office, Wii.tltinulon 4o, U.C. Address
requests direct to the Superintend ent of Documents, ex-
cept in the case of free publications, which map be ob-
tained from the Department of State.

Joint United States-Japan Committee on Trade and Eco-
nomic Affairs. TIAS 4776. 3 pp. 50.
Agreement witb Japau. Excbauge of uotes — Signed at
\Va.sUiugtuu June 22, 1961. KutereU into force Juue 22,

Radio Broadcasting in the Standard Broadcast Band.

TIAS 4777. 49 pp. 40

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