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General Assembly

Population Grovjrth and Economic Development. Re-
port of the Secretary-General. A/6466. October 14,
1966. 11 pp.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Develop-
ment. Report of the Trade and Development Board
(31 October 1965-24 September 1966). A/6315.
October 17, 1966. 205 pp.

Letter dated October 20 from the representative of
South Africa transmitting a memorandum in am-
plification of his statement on October 7 in the
General Assembly in right of reply during the
debate on South West Africa. A/6480. October 20,
1966. 33 pp.

Personnel Questions. Composition of the Secretariat.
Report of the Secretary-General. A/6487. October
26, 1966. 41 pp.

Technical Assistance to Promote the Teaching,
Study, Dissemination and Wider Appreciation of

International Law. Report of the Secretary-
General. A/6492. November 1, 1966. 42 pp.

Report of the Executive Director of the United Na-
tions Institute for Training and Research. A/6500.
November 8, 1966. 51 pp.

Activities in the Field of Industrial Development:
Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the United^
Nations Organization for Industrial Development.
Report of the Second Committee. A/6508. Novem-
ber 11, 1966. 26 pp.

Reports of the International Law Commission on
the second part of its seventeenth session and on
its eighteenth session. Report of the sixth com-
mittee. A/6516. November 21, 1966. 63 pp.

United Nations Trust Fund for South Africa. Re-
port by the Secretary-General. A/6494. December
1, 1966. 11 pp.

The Korean Question. Letter dated December 2 from
the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic
of Korea transmitting a memorandum of the Gov-
ernment of the Republic of Korea dated November
30. A/C.1/936. December 2, 1966. 12 pp.


Current Actions


United Nations

Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the
International Court of Justice. Sig^ned at San
Francisco June 26, 1945. Entered into force Octo-
ber 24, 1945. 59 Stat. 1031.

Admission to membership : Barbados, December 9,



Agreement relating to treaty obligations assumed
by Botswana upon its independence. Effected by
exchange of notes at Gaberones September 30,
1966. Entered into force September 30, 1966.

European Space Research Organization

Agreement relating to the establishment and opera-
tion of a satellite telemetry/telecommand station
near Fairbanks, Alaska. Effected by exchange of
notes at Paris November 28, 1966. Entered into
force November 28, 1966.


Agreement extending the cotton textiles agreement
of April 15, 1964, as amended (TIAS 5559, 5664).
Effected by exchange of notes at New Delhi Octo-
ber 21, 1966. Entered into force October 21, 1966.



Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Agreement extending- the agreement of November
18, 1964 (TIAS 5697), on cooperation in the field
of desalination, including the use of atomic
energ>'. Effected by exchange of notes at Moscow
November 18 and December 3, 1966. Entered into
force December 3, 1966.

United Kingdom

Agreement providing for the use by civil aircraft of
the airfield at Grand Turk Auxiliary Air Base on
Grand Turk Island. Effected by exchange of notes
at Washington December 2 and 8, 1966. Enters
into force on a date to be mutually agreed upon.


Recent Releases

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S.
Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.,
201)02. Address requests direct to the Superintendent
of Documents, except in the case of free publications,
which may be obtained from the Office of Media
Services, Department of State, Washington, D.C.,

Background Notes. Short, factual summaries which
describe the people, history, government, economy,
and foreign relations of each country. Each contains
a map, a list of principal government officials and
U.S. diplomatic and consular officers, and, in some
cases, a selected bibliography. Those listed below are
available at 5^ each.

Ceylon. Pub. 7757. 8 pp.
Chad. Pub. 7669. 8 pp.
Hong Kong. Pub. 8126. 4 pp.
South Africa. Pub. 8021. 8 pp.
Tunisia. Pub. 8142. 4 pp.

How Foreign Policy Is Made (Revised). Illustrated
pamphlet reviews, in the context of today's prob-
lems, the roles that the President, the Secretary of
State and other Presidential advisers, the Congress,
and the American people play in the vital policy-
making process. Includes a basic statement of the
five fundamental goals of U.S. foreign policy. Pub.
7707. General Foreign Policy Series 195. 24 pp. 30

Online LibraryUnited States. Dept. of State. Office of Public CoDepartment of State bulletin (Volume v. 56, Jan- Mar 1967) → online text (page 14 of 90)