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Davis. LesUe Ammertoo.— Bora in Fort Jefferson. N. V„
April 99. 1876; home. Port Jefferson; gradui^ted from Comdl
University (Ph. B.). 189*; Columbian (now (George Washing-
ton) University (LL. B.), 2904. and took a one year's coarse
in international law at the New York University kw sdiool:
engaged in business. 2898-2902; engaged in the practice of law in
New York City. 2904-291*; appointed, after nraminstion (June
a7, 2p2e), Consul at Batum March 23. 292a: Consul at Harput
April S4. 2924: Consul of dass seven by act approved Febra-
sry 5, i9xs: appointed Consul of dass six July 6, 19x8; detailed
to Archaxigd December 32. 29x8; to Hdsingfors April 25. 29x9;
appointed Consul of dass five September 5, 2929; dass lour
June 4, X9ao.

Davis, Msrisnns.~Bora hi Ohio: educated hi public schools
of Jadcson. Ohio, a normal school, and the Bartktt Commercial
College of CinHnnati: stenographer and typewriter in Cincin-
nati; appointed derk class one in the Department of SUtt
July a, 2906. under the provisions of legislative act appmved
June sa. 2906; dass two July 2. 2908; dass three June as, to be
effective July x. 2926.

Davis, Monnett Bahi.— Bom in Greencastle, Ind., August
>3. 1^3: attended business college 2908-9; Argentine High
School Ka2isasCity. Kans.. 2909-29x3; Baker University. Bald-
win. Kans., X9xa-x924; University ^ Colorado. 2924-2927. (A. B.,
A.M.) . 29x7; employed in the exi>ort department of a commer-
cial concern. Peoria, HI.; derk in the American Consulate.
Cartegena. Colombia. 19x7; served in the National Guard of
Colorado. 2926; United States Army. August. 2927. to Decem-
ber. 2028; appointed, after examination (January 29. x9ao).
Consul of dass seven June 4. 2930; assigniHl to Port Elizabeth.
February 25. 29a2.

Davis, Nathaniel Penlstone.— Bom in Princeton. N. J..
May 2, 2895; attended LawrenoeviUe School 292a; graduated
from Princeton University (A. B.) 2926; post-graduate course
at the University of Pennsylvania, and at the University of
Neudiatd, Switzerland: graduated from the Air Service Radio
Officers' School, Coltunbia University. 2918; employed as a
derk by the Young Men's Christian Association 29x6-27; served
in the United States Army, retiring as second lieutenant,
December, 29x7, to January. X9X9; appointed a derk. tcm-
ix>rarily, at $1,800 in the Department of State. January ao. 2920;
appointed, after examination (May xa, 19x9). Vke-Consvd de
carri^reof dass three. February 17, 19a x; detailed to the Ameri-
can Commission at Berlin. July ax. 19a x; assigned to the Con-
sulate General at Berlin. November 13. X9a2.

Davis, Philip A. — Bom in Boulder. Cok>.. April a9. i88a;
graduate of the University of Colorado (M. D.) 2905; served in
the Medical Corps of the National Guard of Colorado, X9oa-X905:
physician and surgeon in Ecuador, x909-i92a; Honduras, 1923-
2917: api>ointed Vice-Consul at Tegucigalpa, September a9,

Davis, Raymond.— Bora in Portland. Me.. September 5, 2883;
home. Portland; graduated from Bowdoin College (A. B) 2905;
Yale Forest School (M. F.) 1007; employed in forestry work
1907-2922; in fruit ranching and road construction in Washing-
ton and Oregon 191 2-29x7; in railway frd^t sheds in San Fran-
cisco. X917; served in Uxiited States Army July. 19x7, to Nofvem*
ber, 2919, retiring as a first lieutenant; tranqjortation officer
for the Serbian Rdid Conmiission in Serbia and (Greece, loao;
api>ointed. after examination (June a7. 2932), Consul of dass
seven November a3> X9ax; detailed to Aden. December, 24, X9ax.

♦Davis, Robert Beale.— ♦ ♦ ♦ Secretary of Bmbassy or
Legation of dass three; assigned to Madrid July ax. 19x9; to
Guatemala April 8. x9k>; retired August, i9aa Register of

I>avis, Roy Tasoo.— Bom in Swing. Mo., June 34. 2889: home.
Columb^, Mo.;{n^tiated from La Grange College (A. B.) 2908;
Brown University (Ph. B.) 1910; served in the Missouri State
Bureau of the Census 29x2-23, and with the State Capitol Com-
mission of Missouri. 2023-2924; vice president and business
manager. Stephens College. 29X4-x9ax; appointed Bnvoy Bs-
traordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Guatemala, Oc-
tober 8, X9ax; Envoy Bxtraordinary and Minister Plenipo-
tentiary to Costa Rica. February 10, 1933.

Davis, Thomas Didc.— Bora hi Macedonia. Miss.. March 7.
2879; home. McAlester. Okla.; graduate of the University of
Mississippi (A. B.), 2899. (LL. B.) 2902; lawyer; police Judge
in McAlester. 1904-1906; derk, county court ch Pittdwrg
(bounty, 2908; dty attorney of McAlester, 2920-2025: appointed,
after examination (January 29. 20^4). Consul of dass nine
February »», 2925. and assigned to CSrenoble; appointed Consnl
of class d^t September x^ 291;; assigned to Calais May 37.
29x9; appmnted Consul of class six S^tember 5, 29x9.

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«3, 1877; home. Andenon. S. C; attended the graded schools
and Bastern High School. Washington, D. C. and studied one
year at the Georgetown University law achool; member of the
District o< Cohsmbia militia two years; sergeant. Company O.
First District cl Columbia Volunteers, May to November. 189S;
employed in various positions in the treasury department of
the insular government of Porto Rico, x899-z9a4; secretary of
tracdon company in South Carolina. 1904-1908; examiner in
Interstate Commerce Commission, x9o8r-x9io: api>ointed. after
rwnninatiffli (July 7. x9o8). Consul at Puerto Cortes June m.
19x0; Consul at Valeiida August aa, X9xa: Consul of class eight
by act approved February <, 19x5; appointed Consul of class
seven March t. 19x5; Consul of dius rix October x8. X9X5, and
assigned to Tampico; appointed Consul of class five September
K, X919: class three June 4, i9ap; Consul-Oeneral of class four
November 19, 1931; Consul-General Mexico City January z6.

DawMO, Laanard Oeedlng.— Bom at Staunton, Va.. Janu-
ary X9. xS8a; home. Staunton; educated in pubUc and business
s<iioo]s; bookkeeper in Staunton. x9oa-3; deputy provincial
tresMUier and provindal treasurer in the Philippines. 1903-
ifx6; qmointed. after examination (June x8. 19x7). a Consul <^
russ right Fd^ruary 5. xoi8; detailed to Barcelona October 8.
19x8: appointed Consul of dass six September 5. X919; assigned
to Madras September 8. 19x9; to Santander December 27. 19a i.

Dnwaon, Tbomaa Benjamin.— Bom in Providence. R. I.,
May 39, x8s6: attended high school, and lecture course in
Proicfa at Heidelberg; in export business; with American Com-
miwirni for Relief in Belgium and England and assisted the
Yottx&g Men's Christian Aasoctation in Army work in Europe;
appointed Vice-consul at Paris. July xa, x9ao.

• DawMD, Tbooiaa Ctoliuid.— Died in Washington. D. C,
May x, X9xa. while Resident Diplomatic Officer. Department
of State. Register of X9X3.

Dttwaon, Wllltem.— Bora in St. Paul. Mixm.. Augu^ xx,
x88s; educated at the University of Miimcsota and I'Ecole
Libre dca Sdencca PoUtiques. Paris; appointed Vice and
Deputy Consul-General at Petrograd March a8, X908; Vice
and Deputy Consul July x. 1908; Vice and Deputy Consul-
GcneraTat Barcekma August a4, 1908; Vice and Deputy Consul-
General at Frankfort Septeixiber a6. 19x0; appointed, alter
^>^a^wl«ofi/vtt (June 37, xoxo). Consul at Rosario November 34.
X9X3: Consul 01 dass eight by act approved February <. 19x5;
appointed Consul of dass six B<ardi a. X9X5; assigned to Monte-
video March ao. X9X7; appointed Consul of class five July 6,
19x8; designated as Ajmerican Commissioner at Danzig October
6, X9t9; assigned to Daxizig March 29, 1930; appointed Consul of
dasa thret June 4. xpao; detailed to Munich September 19. 19a x;
assigned to Mimi^ November xs. X9ax: appointed Consul-
General at Large November 19, 1931.

•Day, Brastus Shaldon.— Retired as Consul at Bradford,
England, August aa, X909. Register of X9X3*

* Deal, Chariea.— Retired as Coxisul at St. Johns, Quebec,
August X909. Register of X913.

Deana, Harold Merriman.— Bom in Waterbury. Coim..
October 34. x89x; home. Providence. R. I.; graduated from
Vale Uxixversity (A. B.) 1913; teacher in Robert College. Con-
stantinople. X9X3-X9X7: derk in Legation in Berae. June. X9X7.
to December, X918; with the Peace Commission, Paris. Decem-
ber. X9x8. to June. X919; appointed, after exaxxiination (May 76.
X9X9). Secretary oi Embassy or Legation of dass four, Septem-
ber 5. X9X9; ttm^gnmA to Berlin. October 39. 1919; to Quito,
August 3, i9ax; appointed Secretary of dass three. August

Pairing Fred Morris.— Bora in Columbia. Mo.. November
X9» XS79; ^adnata of the University of Missouri (A. B.); took
poat-fa«dnate course in jurisprudence and diploniacy in Co-
lumbian university L taught a district school in Missouri and
in a military academy in St. Louis; translator in Post Office
Depafftnwfnt and in the Departm^it of Agriculture. x9oa;
private secretary to the Envoy Extraordinary and Minister
Plenipotentiary to Cuba. June. X904; appointed, after examina-
tion. Second Secretary of the Legation at Habana July 30. X906:
Second Secretary of the Legation at Peking April 6. X907: Sec-
retary of the Lttation at Habana January 14, X909; Second
Secretary of the Embassy at London February x8. 19x0; Secre-
tary oi the E mb assy at Mexico City August xa. x9xo; Assistant
Chief of the Division of Latin-American Affairs December ax.
X9xx; Secretary of the Legation at Brussels July a. 19x3; Secre-
tary of the Embassy at Madrid February 11. 1914: Secretary
of Embassy or Legation of dass one by act approved February
5. X9xs: assigned to Petrograd February a. X9x6; desigxuted and


assigned as Couxisekir of the Embassy at Petrograd July 17.
X916; unassigned from November 7, X916; detached, tempora*
rUy, April x, 1917; retired April. 1919; With the Axnerican Inter-
national (Corporation X9z9-X9ax; appointed Assistant Secre-
tary of State. March zx. X9ai; Envoy Extraordinary and
Minister Plenipotentiary to Portugal February xo, X9aa.

Da BaUer, Frederic Ogdan.~Bora in New York City Decem-
ber x6. x8s7: home. Washington. D. C; graduate of Harvard
University (A. B.); engaged in cattle ranching and in the bank*-
ing burincss; appointed, after examination (May x, 1908),
Secretary of the Legation at Teheran June xo. X908; Secretary
of the Legation to Greece and Montenegro July a8. X9Z0; Secre-
tary of the Legation at La Paz May a3, X9i4> but did not proceed
there; on detail in Embassy at Rimie. October, x9X4-June,
X9xs: Secretary of Embassy or Legation of dass three by act
approved February s. 1915; assigned to Lima June xo, 1915; AP'
pointed Secretary of Embassy or Legation of dass two August
. X916; assigned to Buenos Aires August xo. X9x6: to Santligo
uly X3, 1917; to Cairo November 11. X9X9;*to Rome November
33. 1930.

*De Castro, Hector.— Died in Rome. Italy. January 30, X909,
while Consul-General at Zurich. Register of X9X3*

^Deodmesrer, Frank.^Retired as Consul at Chenmitx Sep-
tember. X9X4. Register of X9X4.

Dalchman, Carl Fradarlck.— Bora in St. Joseph, Mo., Novem-
ber 33. x87x; home, St. Louis. Mo.; educated in the St. Louis
pubhc schools, business college, and by private tutors; em-
ployed by the Missouri Padfic Railway at St. Louis, the St.
Louis & New Orleans Andior Llxie. and in the Lahtyette
Brewery at St. Louis; employed under the United ^ates
Coast and Oodetic Survey, x899'i9o7: appoixited. after exami-
nation (March X4. X907), Consul at Maxizanillo March to, X907;
Consul atTansui May 4, 1908; Consul at Nagasaki May 31.
X909: Consul at Bombay December 39. X9X4; Consul of dass
five byact approved February 5, xpxs; assigned toSantos Octo-
ber 18. xpic; detailed to Valparaiso June 10, 1019; appointed
Consul of dass four September 5, X919; Consul-General of class
four June 4. 1930; assigned to Valparaiso June 33, X9sa

Deike, BftUdrad Viola.— Bora in Gudph, Ontario. Canada;
attended the public and high schools of Gudph and took
special work at tlie Washington Missionary Colliege, Takoma
Park, Md.. one year; employed by a pubUshixig association
x907-i9io;by a corre^xmdence sdxool 191X-X9X5; in a secretarial
capadty, X91S-19X7: appointed a derk. temporarily, at $900
in the Department of State October 3s, X9X7: at Ix.ooo December
I. 1917: at li.aoo March x. 19x8; at $1,000. under Civil Service
rules. January 6. X919; class one March x, 19x9; class two
August 6, X930.

De Lamater, Hany Irving.— Bom in Weedsport, N. Y.,
August 35. 1880; attended hi^ school, and Massachusetts In-
stitute of Technology one year; served in the United States
Aimy Juxie 39. X9x8, to February 39. 19x9; emi^oyed as account-
ant four years; resident maxiager. grun corporation. Wixmi*
peg. Maxiitoba. two years; xnarine draftsnum. Port Arthur,
Ontario, three years; app<^ted Vice-Consul at Port William
and Port Arthur, October 3. 1930.

da Laahfflutt, Rebekah Laitar.- Bom in Frederidc, Md.; at-
tended private, public, and business schools; two years politi-
cal sdence. George Washington University, X9t7-i8: teacher
1908-19 10; clerk and stenographerin lawyers'offices and business
houses 1910-1915; appointed a derk, temporarily, in the Depart-
ment of State January is, 1915: permanently, at $1,000. under
Executive order, June 3a. to be effective July i, 1916; class
one, temporarily. November i. 1916; permanently, March la,
1917: class two. May^ x. 1918; class three March x, 19x9.

De L07, Ftorence M.— Bom in New Haven. Conn.; attended
public schools and a busixiess college in New Haven; employed
as a stenographer by various compaxxies in New Haven and
Boston two years: stenographer in the War Department in
Boston and Washington one year; appointed a derk of class
oxie in the Department of SUte, under Civil Service rules, July
X9, 19x9.

« Demars, Pierre Psul.— Retired as Consul at Bahia October,
X909. Register of X9i3-

Daminc J. Frank.— Bom in Maysville. Mo.. Mardi X9. X900;
attended the University of Oklahoma; appointed Vice-Consul
at Venice November 3. i9ax.

Damoreat. Alfredo L.— Bom in Santiago, Chile. February xs.
1881; attexxded Colegio "Ygnado Domeyko" x888^x89o: Insu-
tute Inglea 1891-1895; University of Santiago 1896-1899 (B. A.);

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Uaiveraity^ of California 1901-a: author and illustrator;
asaiatant riuartermaster for a powder company. New Jersey;
served in the United States Army July 23, 1918. to October

I. 1919. JB first lieutenant: Assistant Military Attadi<F. Rio de
Janeird; Brazil: appointed Vice-Consul at Trinidad March
9. 192 I.

^Denby* Charles.— Retired as Consul-General at Vienna
March. i9i5- Register of 1914-

Denby, James Orr.— Bom in Pekinc, China, of American
parents, August .^o. 1896: home, Washington. D. C: graduated
from Princeton University (A. B.) 1920: attended Graduate
College of George Washington University 1920-21; served as
sergeant in the United States Army 1917-19x0; appointed,
after examination (July ix, X931), Secretary of Embassy or
Legation of class four August 24, 1921: assigned to the Depart-
ment of ^ate Septembers. X9ai: designated for duty in con-
nection with the Conference on the Limitation of Armament
September 30, 1921; Third Secretary of Embassy at Tokyo
January 3, 1923.

Denby, Wiley McMaster.— Bom in Missouri; employed as
field accountant for the Sinclair Panama Oil Corporation near
Bocas del Toro since 1913: api>ointed Consular Agent at Bocas
del Toro November 35, 192X.

De Neale, Albert Stanley.— Bom in Washington. D. C,
Febmary a8. 1898: high-sdiool graduate; business school 1921:
law student: apppointed a clerk, at $840 in the Department of
State, under Civil Service mles. January 12. 1922.

Denlson, Frank C— Bora in Rutland County, Vt., June 20,
1850: home. Pittsford. Vt.; educated at Middlebury. Vt.; en-

Kged in mercantile business in 187 1 ; member of Vermont state
iislature in 1886: postmaster for seventeen years; appointed,
after examination (June 15, 1897). Consul at Woodstock June a8.
1897; Consul at Pernie June 10. 1908; Consul at Presoott January

II. 191 5; Consul of class eight by act approved February s. 1915.

*Dennle, Hany Wheeler.— Retired as Marshal at Chefoo.
March, 1912. Register of X914.

Denning. Joseph M. — Bom in Cincinnati. Ohio, April 19.
1866; graduate of St. Xavier College (A. M.); attended
St. Mary of the West; pastor in Cincini^ati. Oxford. Hillsboro.
and Marion; appointed Agent and Consul-General at Tangier
February xo. 1922.

Dennis, Lawrence.— Bom in Atlanta. C^a.. December 2^.
1893; home, Cambridge, Mass.; graduated from Harvard Um-
versity (A. B.) 1919; served in the United States Army, lieu-
tenant, August. i9i7> to March. 1919: clerk in the Legation at
Port au Prince October. 1920, to July. 192 1; appointed, after
examination (July 11. 1921). Secretary df Embassy or Legation
of class four August 24, 1921 ; assigned to the Department of
State September x. 1921: to Bucharest. October 22, 1921.

Dennlson, Bdwtn Haldeman.— Born in Columbus. Ohio. Oc-
tober 28. X872: home. Columbus: educated in the Harcourt
School. Gambler. Ohio. St. Paul's School. Concord. N. H.. and
Yale Colfege; employed in the Indian Service and under the
Department of the Interior; appointed, after examination (No-
vember 4, 1903). Commercial Agent at Rimouski November 7.
X903; Consul at Bombay June 22. 1906; Consul at Dundee De-
cember 19, X910; Consul of class five by act approved February
S. 1915; appointed Consul-General of class five October x8, 1915,
and assigned to Christiania; appointed Consul of class four
April 16. 1917. and assigned to Birmingham; assigned to Que-
bec March 15, 1919; appointed Consul of class three, April 13.

Derrick, Marvin A.— Bom in Mangum. Okla.. October 21,
1897; graduated from high school; derk in the Interstate Com-
merce Commission September x, 1917. to August 15, X918; ap-
pointed a clerk in the diplomatic service August 12. 19x8:
asngned to the Legation at The Hague September 7, X918: to
the mission at Vienna January 26, 1920; resigned March 19,
1920; clerk in connection with the Conference on the Limitation
of Armament November 14 to December 15. X93x: appointed
a clerk at $1,000 in the Department of State, under Civil Service
rules. December x6, 1921.

Demlle, DeslrA.— Citizen of Luxemburg, bora February xo,
1876; employed in a general insurance, banking, and steamship
office; appointed Ccmsular Agent at Luxemburg January n.

*De Ssulles, John Lenger— Retired as Mhiisterto Uruguay
May. X914. without having proceeded to his post. Died at
Roslyn. N. V.. August 3, 1917. Register of 19x4.

Da Ssflfiiy, William Heiads.— Bora in Quebec. Canada,
September 24. i860; naturalized in Ramsey County, Minn..
December 10, 1802; educated in the public sdiools of Canada;
coffee grower and manager; appointed Consular Agent at Mata-
galpa January a4, 1905; resigned July 3, 1914; reappointed
December 4. 1916.

De Soto, Hernando.— Bora in Jena, Germany, of American
parents, August 9, 1866; educated by private instructors in
Rome. 1874-1879. and at College in Paris and Jena, 1879-1S84:
appointed Deputy Consul at Chemnitz June 20, 1889; Deputy
Consul at Dresden July 3. 1891 : Deputy Consul-General October
90. 1892: appointed. after examination (February 6. 1902). Consu-
br Ckrk February 7, 1902 ; also Vice and Deputy Coosul-Ckiieral
at Petrograd April x8. 1902: Vice-Consul at Warsaw Novem-
ber XX. X902; Vice and Deputy Consul-General at Petrograd
July 17, X903: retired as Vice and Deputy Consul-General at
Petrograd November, 1003: appointed Vice« and Deputy
Consul-Oneral at St. Gall December 15, 1903: detailed to the
Consubite-General at Paris December, X905: mipc^uted Deputy
Consul-General at Paris November 23. 1906: Vice-Consul-
Gencral at St. Gall May 22, 1907; Consul at Warsaw August
15, X907; Consul at Riga June xo, 1908; Consul at Palermo
June 24. X9X0: Consul at Warsaw April 27. 19x4: Consul of ckss
five by act aiH>roved February 5, 19x5; detail^ to the Depart-
ment of State July 21, X917; appointed Consul of class four
September s, X919: dass three June 4. 1920; detailed to Berlin
July 12, 1921: assigned to I<eipzig November 15, 1921.

De Tar, Marion DavkL— Bora in Winslow. Ind., January
30. 1896; graduate of Rockport (Ind.) High School; took teach-
er's course at Oakland C^ity (Ind.) College, summer of 19x2. and
at Valparaiso (Ind.) University, summer of 19x3; attended
Indiana Uxiiversity X9X4-15; Gewge Washington University.
X916-X7; teacher in the public schpob of Inmana. 1912-19x5;
cleric in the War Department. 19x6-17; in the State Depart-
ment, X9X7-X8: in the United States Army, 1918-19; appomted
clerk in the Uxiited States Passport Bureau. Paris. March 5.
19x9; Vice-Consul at Paris. May 9. 19x9; at Havre, November
9, 19x9; at Paris. November 13. X919; at Palermo. March 2.

De Vault, Charies L.— Bom in Columbia City. Ind.. Octo-
ber 22, X874: attended public schools of Indiana; Churubusco
(Ind.) High School; University of Michigan (L. L. B.), 1895;
employed as teacher and school sui>erintendent, Indiana, iBSgr-
X896: engaged in the practice of law, X896-Z9P9; roll clerk. Indi-
ana House of Representatives, 1903; apixnnted derk in the
American Embassy at Paris. February \, 1918; Vice-Consul at
Paris, April 15. 1919: at London, Novembers. 1920; appointed,
after examination (June 27. X921). Vice-Consul de carri^re of
class three October 26. 192 1; assigned to Londm November
14. 192 1.

de VerteuU, Marc.— British subject, bora m Trinidad March
xo. 18^.^: graduated from St. Marys College; served in various
capaaUes with the Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co. (Ltd.), Brigh-
ton, eight years; appointed Consular Agent at Brighton March
23. 1921.

Dexter, Fletcher.— Bora in Brookline, Mass.. Febrtiary 15.
X885; attended Kaiser Friedrich Withebn Gymnasium, Berlin,
three years. La Villa. Lausaime. Switzerland, three years, and
Harvard University two years; professor of languages in Lau-
sanne, Switzerland, four years; appointed Consular AJgent at
Vevey June 9. 19x5; (Consular Agent at Lausanne January 4.
X916; Vice-Consul at Lausanne July x. 19x8.

* Dexter, Lewis.— Retired as Consul at Leeds August, 1909.
Register of 19x3.

*D'Hautevllle, Paul Grand.— Retired as SecreUry of the
Legation at Berne August, X908. Register of X9X3.

Dkk, Hasell Hutchison.— Bora in Rodk Hill, S. C, June 29.
18S8; home, Sumter. S. C; educated in public schools of Sum*
ter, and spent two and a half years at the United States Naval
Academy; member of the National Guard. South CaroUna;
appointed, after examination (January 30. xpii). Consular
Assistant Mardi xo. 1911; Deputy Consul-General at Yokohama
May x7, X911; Vice and Deputy Consul-General at Yokohama
June xf, 19x2: on detail in the Department of State January 25
to August 3, 1915: appointed VicesConsul at Jerusalem July 19.
19x5; Vice-Consul at Basel July 13, X917; Consul of class eight
September 14. 19x7; detailed to Basel June. 1917: appointed
Cotisul of dass six September 5. 1919; detailed, temporarily, to N
Geneva October 33. 1919: detailed to the Department of State
May 21, 1920: appointed Consul of class five June 4, 1920.

Dickey, Caroline.— Bom in London, England; completed
course in a private school; operator for Western Uniou Tde-

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graph Co.. Buffalo. N. Y.. two years; operator and assistant
chief. Bell Telephone Co.. Buffalo, five years; appointed an
assistant telephone operator, temporarily, at $730 in the Depart-
ment of State November 18. 1918; telephone switchboard
operator at $720, under Civil rules, August 3, 1920.

'DkUnion, Charles M.— Retired asConsul-General at Large,
October, 1907. Register of 1913.

*Dlcldnton, Oeorge W.— Retired as Consul at Acapulco June,
1908. Register of 1913.

Dicklnaon, Horace Jewell.— Bom in Arkansas City. Ark., Oc-
tober a6. 1885: attended the public schools of Arkansas and the
University 01 Arkansas three years; stenographer and type-
writer. Bureau of Customs and Immigration. Philippine Is-
lands, 1905-1909; appointed Marshal of the Consular Court at
Canton July 6. 1909; appointed, after examination (March 15.
191 5). Consul ci dass nine April 10, 1917; assigned to Padang
July 31. 1917; appointed Consul of class eight September 14,
1917; in charge of the American Consulate at Batavia Janu-
ary 9 to July 9. 1918; detailed to Singapore June 18. 19 18; as-
signed to Penang. March 5. 1^20; did not go to Penang; re-
mained at Singapore on detail; Counsul Antilla, Cuba. Feb-

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