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tMy ae deseribed, fw the purposes specified.

Ko. 49,244.— Samuel M. OaMNer, of Hew York, JT. T., and JoHsr C. Broww, of BrooWyB.
IL Ji'^MmpropemeiUim AfprnraHtefof Sizing mnd Fini$hin^ Skirt /firs.— Patent dated Octo*

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

b«r4.3, 188S.^T!io eortrad win Is passed under a rolkr In a slitbaUi, then op and b a t w t e u
two rollers, to remove superflaoos moisture, thence over the nearest eylhider, tnenee over the
polisUnr surface, and so on, describing the Figure 8, until it is passed off the machine, dried

C/aim.— First, the combination of the heated cylinders £ and F with the heated polisher I,
when the same are eenstmeted and ananeed to polish and finish both sides of toe skirl or
dtbsf wire, In the maiuwr substantiaUy as iierain specified.

Second, the combination of the adjustable rolls al a2 and a3 with a sizing bath, in the
manner and for the purpose spedfied.

Third, the adjustable polisher or finish«r, when the same is amnged to finish both sides
of the covered wire at one operation, substantially as herein specined.

Fourth, the grooved rolls, a3 and nS, when combined in the manner described, for thepur^
pose specified.

Fifth, the arr angem ent desaribed far taking ^ wire from the reel, sizing, finishing and
ie>4eelhigt at one and the same operataan.

No. 40,245.~ABaALOM Crane, of Altoona, Blair county, V^.— Improved Sau$age
Stuffer. — Patent dated October 13, 1663. — This machine is continuous in its delivery of sausage
meat when properly charffed, as it has a discharffiog spout at each end, and a piston which
traverses wider the Impulse of a screw back and forth in the cylindrical meat chamber^ one
end being emptied while the other is beio)^^ filled

CIstm. — The enpl(»yment of the two delivery tubes D D, in combination with a pbton B,
operated by means of a screw C in a sausage stufier, so that delivery will bo effected during
iKkth the forward and backward motions of the piston, substantially as described and set forth,
Dsr the pujrpeee specified, whether the a^iustable sheath £ be used or not.

No. 40,246.— Edgar CraPMAN, of New York, 1^,Y. ^Improved Wa$king Mackine.-^VattfA
dated October 13, 1863. — A semi-cylindrical suds-box is placed upon rockers, and from its
sides rise standards, to which are attached counterpoises so as to maintain more readily a
rocking motion. Within the box in journal bearings is a fluted roller, which rubs and presses
the clothes as they are dashed back and forth.

Claim, — ^Tho semi^cylindrical rocking suds-box A, in combination with the arms ^ g and
adjustable weights or counterpoises C C, arranged to operate in the manner substanti^ly as
and for the purpose herein set forth.

Also, the fluted roller D, hung or placed within the suds-box A, sons to rotate freely theivifi,
when said roller Is used in connexion with the counterpoised suds-box A, as set forth.

No. 40,1M7.— WlLUAM Crooks, of St Paul, Minnesota.— Jmi^ffvemMif in Oaugetfor RaU'
read Tfodrs.— Patent dated October 13, 1863. — ^The Instrument consists of a sill-piece with
two shoulders to set dovm between the tracks as a ffauge of distance ; up<m this is an upper
bar hinged to the sfll at one end, and the other working by a slot on an arc-shaped standard,
which is graduated in decrees; this forms a gauge for elevation of the outer tail in curves.

Claim. — ^The combination of the bar F, the arc a, and hinge d, in the manner and for the
pnrpose set forth.

No. 40,248.— Melancthon W. Dakks, of Fulton, Oswego county, N. Y,— Improved Hefid-
bloek9f9r Saio-aH^s.— Patwt dated October 13, 1^63. —This is a substitute for the ordinary
screw, and consists of a chain propelled by a lever and chain-wheel connected with the mova-
ble boxes. The coupling arrangement of the second claim is designed to connect two head-
blocks by means of a shaft.

Claim, — First, the combination and arrangement of the chain C with the chain-wheel a
and the movable boxes K, when the whole is arranged^ constructed, and operated in the man-
ner substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

Second, the combination and arrangement of the female coupling P| sleeve ^, ears S, hand-
wheel r, groove I, and knuckle-joint, or their equivalent, oonstructod and arranged relativelj
with each other, to operate aa and^r the purpose described*

No. 40,249. — ^Hiram 8. Denison, of Coleraine, Franklin county, Mass.— /mprooeiiiefit tti
Shaping Wood for Ox-bows, — Patent dated October 13, 1863. — The bow blank is nlaced on
the carriage between the standards, so as to extend between the cutter cylinder and the roller ;
the carriage is then moved forward under the required acyustments by the operator, so as to
expose the wood to the action of (he revolving cutter.

Claim. — The roller, or its equival^it, and the broad phite standard or standards, as com-
bined with or used in connexion with the patterns, carnage, and the cutter- wheel, and con-
structed and made to operate therewith, substantially as described, in order that a crooked
piece of wood, or ox-bow blank, may have imparted to it, while being reduced, the forward
and lateral movements necessary to its propei* reduction, as hereinbefore specified.

No. 40,250.— John B. Dougherty, of Rochester, N. Y, —Improvement in Barrel Hoops. —
Patent dated October 13, 1863.— Explained by the chum.

Claim. — First, the mode herein described of forming the lock of a barrel hoop, aaid lock
eottsistlng of two notches cut actoss the entare width of the hoop, in the manner ^Mcvibad.

Digitized by CjOOQ IC

718 AnruAL bbpmt <w ns

Saeond, cntdiif the be#p spUMto ftom » bloek, or beiurd ha^iag the poeition of tiiftVodB
marked acroet ito faoe, in iiie manner described.

Third, leaving the outer end of the hoop the fall thickneM of the material used, and dm*
ing or nailing it to the other end of the hoop, in the manner and for the purpose set fortL

1^0. 40,2&1.— Dahiel a. Draper, of East Cambridge, Biass. — improvement t« S^At^
BotUe^toppers.'-P&ioiit dated October 13, 1863.~The stem is fastened into the spfaaiai
bottle-stopper by means of cement.

Claim, —As an improvement in bottle-stoppers, attaching the ball or valve A to its sternly
bj means oi fUsible metal, in the manner suDStantiallj as set forth.

No. 40,953.—Matthbw Easterbiiook, Jr., and £. A. Bronson, of Geneva, Ontirii
county, N. Y. — ImvrowmeM in Machine for Peeling Willow. — Patent dated Octobor U
1863. — The lower teed-rollers are driven b^ hand and a band, and the upper rollers bj tnc-
lion from the lower ; the willows are fed smglj by placing the tips in the mnnel-sb^ed kti
hole, which is hung below the bite of the rollers, and are then passed through the V-shftpd
notch of the scraper, and thence to the discharge rollers, which run a little faster fiisn tbe
feed-rollors which oruise and loosen the bark to be removed by the scraper.

Claim. — First, the combination of a scraper 8 in wlllow«peeling machines with feedtti
discharge rollers R and R', substantially in the manner spedfieo, when said rollere ham
yielding or elastic periphery, as set forth.

Second, the construction, arrangement, and operation of the * scraper 8, substantiAlly u
shown in figures 1 and 3, and for the purposes set forth.

Third, the construction of tbe feed and discharge rollers R and R' of willow-peding ■S'
chines, with a vacant space under the rubber-ring r, substantially in the manner and for tk
purpose described.

Fourth, the feeder-guide O, constructed, arranged, and operating substantially in the ott>
aer and for the purpose set forth.

Fifth, the relative arrangement of the feed and discharge rollers R R' with the scrsp^S,
the latter being below a direct line between the bite of tli^ front and that of the rear roUen,
Bubstantiallx as shown and for the purpose specified.

Sixth, driving the discharge rolfen R' faster than the feed-rollers R, so as to insure the
drawing of the willow up through the V-shaped notch of the scraper, as and for the pnrpoR

No. 40,253.— -A bram Fauckboner, of Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo county, MidL—ls^ww-
meni in Fences. ^Pskieni dated October 13, 1863. —This fence is made of boacds second
together by upright battens ; the panels are attached by arms which slip between the bsttsDi
in the intervals of the. boards, and are there pinned or nailed ; the fence is supported hjcnm-
stakes passed between the upper two boards and driven into the ground ; a transverse viokhd
piece lying on the lower board, and attached to the stakes.

Claim. — ^The rails A, battens B G and D, in combination with the arms £ and stakes?
F' and G G', the several parts bemg constructed and arranged as and for the purpose speci-

No. 40,254.— ACHILLE A. Feldtrappe and Remi Dutfoy, of Paris, empire of Fraoee.-
Improvement in Buttons. — Patent dated October 13, 1863. — Explained hj the claim.

Ctotm.r-A button of porcelain or other material, without either a protecting shank or aoj
hole in its face, but having a hole or tunnel extending transversely through the back part
of its body, substantially as herein spedfied.

No. 40,255.— Ltsander Flaug and George D. Briggs, of Pawtucket, Provideaes
county, R. l.^-lmprovement in Constmcting Top Watches, Lockets, ^c— Patent dated Octo-
ber 13, 1863.— The case of the toy watch and the ring handle are swaged in one piece, Uie
half ring is duplicated, and the upper half bent over the lewer and soldered.

Claim. — ^First, as a new article of manufacture, a toy watch or locket, the case A of whica
is made out of one piece, with the handle B in the manner herein shown and described.

Second, a handle B produced by folding one section a over the other section A, as aad Ar
the purpose set forth.

No. 40,256.— A. T. Garretson, of Mount Pleasant, Henry county, Iowa.— /m»rwe««<
tfi Sighting Smfltt-cirms.— Patent dated October 13, 1863.— The mirror is so attached to lie
stock of the gun that it may be in line with the sights, and set at such an angle that tk
beam of li^ht which passes fh>m the object over the sights of the gun may bo reflected to a
place of safety and the gun sighted from an unexposed position.

Claim. — ^The combination and arrangement of the adjustable mirror M with tbe firootaM
back sights a' b\ substantially as described, and for the purposes set forth.

No. 40,257.— Silas Grehell, of Mokena, Will county, 1^-^Improvement in Orsin J>i^
—Patent dated October 13, 1863.- This seeding machine is muanted upon wheels canTiog

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


jkMed-bex with a eUds operated hj a lerer and a projeetion on ilie shaft, the seed fatllng
npon an inclined distributing board, which b vibrated by means of an attachment with a
pinion driven bj a spur rim on the driving wheel.

Claim, — ^The combination and arrangement of the slide M, hole 0, m ihe bottom of the
feed-box or hopper L, lever N, attached to slide, the shaft H, with projection b attached,
spring p and the vibrating board or chute £, all applied to the moanted uame A, as aad for
foe purpose herein set fortn.

No. 40,258.— Stephen Harrison, of Saint Michaels, Talbot countjr, Md.— Potato Stpf
rotor, — Patent dated October 13, 1863. — ^This is for sorting potatoes into different lots m
respect of size, and delivering them at different spouts. The potatoes are placed in a revolv-
ing slat cylinder which is inclined on its a.^is, and those which pass the intervals are again
Sorted on an inclined sieve, which has a latt^ral vibratory motion, allowing the smallest sise
to fall throiKrh, while the middle size is delivered at the end.

Claim. — The revolving screen t, inclined in one direction, in combination with the vibrating
screen j, inclined in an opposite direction, constructed and operating snbstaatially as wid for
the purposes set forth.

No. 40,259.— J. W. Hjerpe, of Stockholm, Sweden.— /iii;>«w«m«iit in the Manwfmtimre qf
fVietion Matches, — Patent dated October 13, 1863. — ^This invention consists in the prepara-
tion of a match compound of chlorate of potassa, chromaie of potassa, seeqnioxide of Iron,
(or an equivalent,) glue, and pounded glass, and a rubber compound of sulphuret of anti-
mony, cnromate or potassa, oxide of iron, sulphate of iron, glue, and pounded glass. The
latter compound being spread on a surface for a rubber, will i^te the former by frietion
without being itself ignited ; the former compound is not ignited by ordinary friction, nor by
friction on itself or its own kind.

Claim, — First, the application of certain inffredionts, substantially such as herein specified,
for the purpose to obviate the employment of phosphorus or other dangerous substances in
the preparation of friction matches.

Second, the method of so preparing friction matches as to require a spedaUy prepared rub*

ber substantially as herein described.


No. 40,260.— Lewis Hetl, of Columbus, Ohio.^Adhesive Tags for FUing Pavers,^
Patent dated October 13, 1863. — ^A strip of fabric with an adhesive surface is appliea to the
paper, and the fold of the former has a loop connected to it by which the paper is retained in
the folio or cover.

CKotm. — Aa a new article of manufacture, paper files consisting of strips of tape or other
miMi>le material, having one or both surfaces coated with gum or other aohesive substance,
and having loops or rii^;8, woven or otherwise, introduced with the edge or fold, as and for
the purpose specified.

No. 40,261.— Theodore Heermans, of HxtchelviUe, Sumner eonnty, Tenn.— liiMrroos-
VMwt in Granaries, — ^Patent dated October 13, 1863.— This consists of horisontal ana verti-
cal troughs placed in a granary, in Qonnexion with exterior openings, to admit of the venti-
lation of the grain. The troughs are laid with the open side downward, and the holes
through their sides are upward and inward.

Claim. — ^First, the horisontal troughs, with or withont holes, constructed and used sub-
stantially as set forth.

Second, in combination with the hoiiaontal troughs, the vertical troughs, as described.

Third, inclining the holes or openings in the troughs upwards and inwards, as and for the
purposes recited.

No. 40,262.— Otto Hoeppner and Chas. Schnepf, of Philadelphia, Pa.— /mprovsif
Apparatus for Cooling Malt Liauors, — ^Patent dated October 13, 1863. — ^The invention, con-
sists of an arrangement by which a blast of air from a fan case is conducted to a covered
yessel or beer cooler.

Claim. — ^The arrangement and combhiation of an enclosed fan, with a covaied cooler, ar-
longed and combined as herein described, and for the purposes set forth.

Ko. 40,263.— Manlet Hoytb and Henry B. Stevens, of Boston, Mass.— /mpf^vemeiu
In the Manufacture of D^ Colors, — ^Patent dated October 13, 1863.— ^The invention consists
in incorporating dye colors with the requisite quantity and quality of mordants, to fix the
colors npon fabrics or fibres, the object being to enable the uninitiated to practice the art.

Claim, — First, as a new article of manufacture, dye colors in powder, having incorporated
with them the mordants in kind and quantity requisite, substantially as hereiuMfore set forth.

Second, combining with dye colors in powder mordants reducea to powder, substantially
«0 set forth.

Third, mixing d^e colors and mordants, when either or both of them are in a liquid condi-
tioQ, and then aryuif; and aflterwards reducing the same to powder, substantially as set forth.

Fourth, the combination with dye colors and mordants, when mixed in a liquid or pasty
stata^ of starch or other similar absorbent, substantially as hereinbefore set forth.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

T2D inrtJiL ftEPOst or tob

Vo. IO,i54.— SictlAKO O. Httht, of Kew Toilc, N. T.— fmtproveaieBt i« Woo4i$m. Smmi
/<»• Oo* jPvrf/ltrff.— Patent dated October 13, 1863.— The solid wood is slotted so aa to iin
a ^tififif for the sapport of the lime, and is strengthened bjr means of portions of weed
whieh are left to brace the slats transrerselj of their length.

dam.— In a slotted wood sieve snitable for gas pnrifiers, the combination of two or more
setsiNr series of slots and bars seevred and combined together hj solid wood connackins in
the middle part of the sieye, substantially as described.

Also, the bevelled shape of the solid wood connexion a between the bacs, sabtitantitiUj as

No. 40,065.— Jomr F. JoifES, of Rochester, K. ^.—Mtuikinefor tumking Pufer mmi Fmt
Hoart^.— Patent dated October 13, 1863.— Bj this arrangement of cylinder moalds ttof
deliver their webs of pnlp one npon another for the purpose of being pressed together is
form a board, which is passed contmnoudlv throuffh the dryinf and calendering appaatns
to the place where it is cat into sheets, or delivered at intermemate points in several sheets
of lesser thickness. Each of the vats has an arrangement of troughs, spouts, and valves,
by which the supply of pnlp is regulated and the oack-water carried off; the palp in ths
latter is collected in a save-all with a reticulated revolving cylinder, a eoncher for receivinff
^ it from the cylinder, and a scraper to deposit it in a receptacle. Further devioes are desoibsi
In the olalm.

Claim, — ^Ffrst, the arrangement and combination of two or more cylinder nioulda, rats,
felts and press rolls, substantially as heroin described, whereby, in the same machuie, any
desired number of continuous webs of piflp of indefinite length may be either depoeited ens
upon another for the continnoos manufacture of boards, or may be kept separate Ixom each
other for the nianofiicture of several continuous distinct sheets of paper.

Second, the combination with such a system of cylinder moulds, vats, felts and passs
rolls, of a series of guide rolls a « for separating the several webs of pulp as tb^ are d^
Uvered from the press rolls, substantially as herein specified, in the manu/acture of paper.

Third, the combination of such a system of cylinder moulds as herein above specinea, mA
a contisiioiis series of drying cvlinders and calendering rolls, in such manner that the maao-
facture of boards or of several w.ebs of paper may m carried on by a continnoos process,
substantially as herein described.

Fourth, the arran^ment of the several spouts G E J, pipes c m wadj, Tslve i2» and asif
acting feed*gate d, in combination with eoeh other asd with the eeveial yafts, enhaliirtiriiy
as and for the purpose herein specified.

Fifth, the save-all, composed of a yat, a cylinder menldt a oeadier aad a acrapar, eom-
bincd and applied in connexion with one or nM>re paper-iaaksng maehinas, ■nhttaatially as
herein specified.

Sixth, the combination of press rolls, illustrated by M7 M7 M7, in fignie 1, to obtaia ttn
pressures from three rolls, as herein described.

Serenth, the employment of calender rolls on the top of drying e^inden, snbstantiallv
as herein described, to equaUxe the water Sa the board and mnke i^of nnifimn dryness aa »
Basses over the dryers, and partially offset the glaiing and ddeadedng procaas while tbs
board is being dried.

No. 40,966.— H. H. and J. F. O. EftOMSCiiROBDn, of Prkieess Terraoe, Regent's Pari;;
Middlesex, London, subjects of the King of Hanover. — Improvement in Oat Meters, — ^Paiact
dated October 13, 1863; patented in England October^ 1863.— The measuring dram is
formed of two concentric cylindera, and the annular space between is dlvidad into a a er i se of
similarly measuring compartments by partitions ; the water-line in the meter is belaw the
upper part of the inner cylinder, and gas is admitted into said cylinder above the watar-Iiae;
throuffli this cylinder the gas is admitted into the compartments throng openinij^ immedi-
ately below the junctions of the partitions with the cylinder; in the outer cytinder is an
outlet above each partition. The iimer cylinder is buoyed up by a float in its interior.

Claim. — ^The combination, in a gas meier, of an annular measuring drum with an interaal
float to buoy up the dram \n the liquid with which the meter is filled, eubetantiaUy as ds^

Also, the combination of an annular measuring drum and float, coaititntiag a floatiig
measuring drum, with a lever fiame connecting the axis of the drum with flxoid necks or
axes whidi are in line with the axis of one of the wheels of the coonting apparatos, aathat
the floating measuring drum acts uniformly upon the counting aj^emtus notwithstaodiag
its rise or tall, substantially as described.

Also, the combination of an annular maasurini^ dram and float, eanstitetlng a floatlag
measuring drum, with the lever fitune and with an adjustable inverted vessel and pipe asa-
nected with the supply chamber, so that the position of the measuring drum is controlled by
the pressure of the gas in the supply chamber, substantially as described.
' Aiso^ the annular measuring dbambers of the annular meaenring dnim, <
•tantially as described.

Digitized byCjOOQlC


No. 40,267.-^. KuEWKE, J. N. Colb» and D. F. Bath, of Fond da Lac, Wi8.-^/jfi-
provemetU in Horst-Powera, — ^Patent dated October 13, 1863. — ^The teeth on the lower face
of the horizontal master wheel ^^r into a pinion on a shaft which has a screw gpearing into
two worm wheels wliich have each two sets of teeth, one, the radial, gearing into tlic screw,
and the other on their lower faces gearing into pinions on a shaft which runs through the
machine and from which the power is taken.

Claim. — ^The combination of the master or driving wheel B, screw E, and pinion c, on
shaft D, wheels F F, provided with two sets of teeth d e, and the pinions G on the shaft '
H, and with or without the wheel I and puiion g, for communicating motion to shaft J, all
arranged substantiallj as and for the purpose herein set forth.

No. 40,268.— Taylor D. Lakin, of Hancock, HUlsboro* county, N. IS.—hnproved WtOtr \
Wh$d,'-V9,i/&Di dated October 13, 1863.-~The wheel is formed of two annular plates, one (
directly oy«r the other, and with tangential buckets placed between them, A central vertical
^ gate is placed loosely on the wheel and within the circle of buckets ; this gate has vertical
^plates which conespond with the openings between the buckets, and the gate is operated by
tbe governor so as to regulate the water supply orifices.

claim, — ^The construction and a r r angem ent of the plates o and the inner ends of the
buckets i in the manner herein shown and described, so that the said plates, when open,
will form inward continuations of the buckets, all as set forth.

No. 40,269— Henry A. Lee, of Worcester, Mass.— /mprovem«iit in Moulding Maehines,-^
Patent dated October 13, 1863.— The stuff is fed by rollers to the rotating cutters ; the vari-
ous adjustments are detailed in the claim. ^

Cl(um. — ^First, securing the adjustable journal box a of the feed-rollen shaft F to the
stirrup / and spring g, for the puipose of making said feed-roller yielding to the unequal
thickness of the lumoer, substantially in the manner herein described.

Also, in combination with the adjustable rests C the spirally-gprooved feed-roller D, for the

Surpose of pressing the lumber against said rests while it is fed forward, substantially as
erein set forth.

Also, in combination with the vertical cutter heads R the boxes m o, hanger «, shafts p 6
and 7, adjusting and set screws 8 9, for the purpose of acQusting said cutter heads horizon*
tally and vertically, without arresting the motion of the machine, substantially as herein ^et

Also, in coinbination with the yielding cross-bar S, press-shoe to, and its rollers 14, sub-
stantially in the manner and for the purposes set forth.

Also, securing the press-bars 8 and x, in front and to the rear of the horizontal cutting
cylinder T, to the adjustable frame S of said catting cylinder, so as to enable the operator
to adjust them simnltaneouslv, substantially as herein described.

Also, the concave g* in the bed-plate B, and under the cutter cylinder T, to prevent the
cutters from striking the bed-plate while operating on the edges of the lumber.

Also, the a^ustable hanger U, secured to the press-bar z, and when constructed and ope-
rated substantially in the manner and for the purpose set forth.

Also, the arrangement of the pulleys z and z' with the belts for driving the shaft ^ of the
cutter heads R R, by means of which I am enabled to throw off either of the two belts with-
out interrupting the motion of the machine, and whereby said pulleys and belts are so ar-

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